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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 29, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. a parachute coming in for a landing but now he goes from soaring to snagging. due to the precious possession he lost. >> 39 years ago. >> the story behind is very treasured. >> a fast one on good old grandma. now. >> the police have been called. >> the prank that land her in cuffs. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> but we've got the buzz word you need for a shot to win an ipad mini and a cheerleader's ready to show off her skills.
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see the tumble she won't be walking off. a nice celebration in st. petersburg petersburg russia. they got a spectacular stage set up. >> he's trying to come in to land on that spectacular stage but instead he's hanging and dangling from that light post. >> that's embarrassing. >> he had to waet there for the rest of the show to be over
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right. >> he releases himself. they're saying this guy is quote unquote not the best parachuter. this handsome fellow in the sun glasses is former proworld champion. he is heading to accomplish one of his biggest dreams. he wants to kite surf in the fountain in front of the eiffel tower. particularly illegal and there are police officers. we see them right there as he's walking through. it doesn't seem to phase him. he sets up his kite and then sets out to accomplish his
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goals. police were paying a lot of attention when they were waiting on the edge of the fountain to escort him away. no word on whether or not he'll face charges. >> i wish i could be in the security next time this. when you see a dude with a kite that's your cue. >> reunions are special. this reunion is about a man and something he lost 39 years ago. he went and got it and got his camera so he can repeal what he found in his yard with his metal detector. >> i didn't bring my camera with
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me. something i lost 39 years ago and it's the best find i've ever had. it's my class ring. >> what? >> no it's in his backyard. >> in his yard. it's been there for so long. this video shot back in 2013 just getting attention. >> you talk about bringing tears to my eyes. >> i love the emotion you can hear in this guy's voice. you hear him describe why this is emotional for him. >> i worked really hard to get that. my momma helped me. it made my day. made my whole week. >> i wish i could see it shined up now. >> i'm so glad he didn't move.
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>> car accidents completely unexpected. you never know when they're going to happen. here's the worst example. >> is that a grocery store? >> that is a grocery store and a car just plows right through. >> for which you natalie, nobody was in the store. so close nobody was injured and the damage is basically what you see here. >> wow, there was one worker that looked like he had a security vest like a stock boy. >> this is a delivery. >> what am i suppose to do with this? >> there's other unfortunate accidents. the woman driving is paying attention but notices there's a pedestrian crossing the street. the conditions are just horrible. she tries to
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maneuver. you can see the expression on her face. >> she was quiet chill. >> i think this might happen a lot. he didn't even take his handout of his pocket. he calmly goes on about his day. this is crazy. no one's reacting. this is bizarre. >> hey everybody. it's just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. tuesday's buzz word you need to be 1 years of age and a legal resident. it's coming up in a bit. stand by everybody for the rtm ipad mini give away. >> there's nothing like odd animal friendship that makes you take notice and say hey, that's
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interesting. you have two huskies playing with a deer and the dad catching the video is surprised this is happening. the kids go outside because they want to see what's happening. >> two dogs and a couple of kids. >> now it's definitely plain. i'm thinking the only reason we stopped chasing it was because the deer stopped. >> after letting his kids go out first decided it's okay i'll go out there. you see a lot of deer husky loving. i love they're all getting along and i'm hope the is healthy and happy. the kids can't wait to feed him. >> he's purring like a puppy. >> i specifically say sandwich.
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this one lived in an abandoned town. according to the journalist they said these animals have not learned their human kind because they're living in an abandoned place. they're deciding hey, let's toss out food and see the little fellow. >> picking up all the bread to go with the meat. >> this dude knows if you want to jump off a mountain, first you have to climb to the top. find out at the end. >> see the youtube funny man who wants to be tough enough to wrestle with the wwe. so far, still not a contestant. see why his newest video could change that. with t thehe c cololgagatete o optic white toothbrush plplusus w whihiteteniningng p penen.
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like us on stay in touch all day long. >> going to videos guys. like he says there will be marks he's walking up now. the going is okay. it could be worse and then it gets worse. he tries to get action in his legs and arms and puts such effort in going a little way. >> look at this.
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>> you get up there for a few minutes and come down. >> then a few more hours where he's trying to find a place to jump. >> only then do we finally get the two minutes. >> exactly two minutes. >> once he's airborne it's all worth it. to feel that much better you put in the work and effort. you know what the ground looks like beneath you. it's jagged and sharp. you beat it and win with flying over. >> let's see if i can land this thing. there it goes. >> cat goes
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fishing. >> today's my grandma's 78th birthday. she's been wanting to take a ride in the car for a long time now. >> they're out in a ride in this super fancy car. apparently she's been wanting to get a ride. can you feel the power of this vehicle. >> that car is known for how fast it gets up to speed. >> she gets to that point quiet quickly. >> what was that? you have this on this thing? >> she's having a great time enjoying this very fast powerful drive. comes to a stop and he asks grandma to get in the drivers seat so he can take cool pictures but we have problems because the police have been called. there's a car that's been
3:15 pm
reported stolen and they spotted it burning some rubber on the road. >> oh my god. >> excuse me are we under arrest? >> yes at this point you're both under arrest. did you know this car is stole snn. >> it's not stolen. >> yes, it is. >> this is too much. >> no it's not. >> it's perfect. >> she is one really cool gram. >> looks like she's been there before. >> i've never been there in my life. >> everything you say can be used against you in a court of law. you have the right to an attorney. do you understand your rights? >> yes, i do. >> okay. i have one more right to read to you. >> happy birthday. >> very funny. this is my favorite part though. at the very end they pose with
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the cake. >> blind date disaster. >> that dude looks like he just stepped out of his mother's basement. >> still to come the lights are out but there's lots of people in this woman's new home. find out whose behind this emotional moment. plus a tuesday buzz word you need if you want a shot at winning a new ipad minute i. ny.
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house to show it off. she has people lerking in the room. she's about to get the biggest surprise of her life. roses on the floor, candles. somebody's going to propose. >> hopefully the boy friend she bought the house with. >> it is. >> hands over her face. she's so excited. he drops on one knee and proposes. she says yes, puts the ring on and they hug and kiss. >> she's showing off the ring
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and dancing and screaming and she said yes. i think they will live happy ever after. >> best week ever. you guys this video, our friend nathan creating this video that is laugh out loud funny because he wants to be on the u.s.a. show tough enough. we have an update. the w.w.e. reached out to him. they are actually going to feature his video on their net wovrk. they also want to hire him to shoot more videos. so far, he's still not a contestant on tough enough but he believes it's because they didn't think this was real. remember how he told us he would do a video for tough
3:22 pm
enough. >> i've got the ability. >> he slid. >> i would watch. >> absolutely. >> he's also created a website. this is what it says. welcome to being here. this is it the website. thank you for your interest in him. if you think you have what it takes to hire he and his body to be a w.w.e. super star then please do it inside this website. >> i like the
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of the golf board. >> awesome.
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>> they're on the stage at the u.s. cheer leading world championship. i'm sure before they went on stage someone said break a leg. we're going to pause it right there. i've already seen the video. i'm going to be under the desk. enjoy this. she falls down and immediately tries to get up and you see her leg bending away and it's not suppose to. >> she twisted it in the air. i think she's starting to feel the pain and shock. she's lying on the floor and they said let's throw a towel over her. she broke her fibula and tibia. you can see on an instagram from her cousin. look at the clean break there. there's more pictures with her teammates gathered around her. >> i have to give it to her. she got back up and looked like she was attempting to finish the
3:28 pm
program. >> in this older video, these two may or may not know what he's doing. maybe next time they'll wear socks if you want to polish a floor. >> that's it for us here at right this minute. thanks for joining us everybody. we'll see you next time.
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thrchlts hot air balloon ride in trouble. see a balloon trip that doesn't fly. he's on the bike and about to learn to slow down. >> yeah that's number one. >> see how he'll always remember lesson number one. hit by a car and shot at. this guy has had a tough time on the street. see how he recovers and cleans up. plus the buzz word coming up for a chance to win an ipad


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