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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 30, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a warehouse here in oakland goes up in flames early this morning. we will tell you about the operation crews found inside that may have led to the fire. assaulted on a popular east bay hiking trail. the precautions being taken after a disturbing attack out -- on a woman out for a talk. walk. good morning, thank you for joining us, we are live in oakland. you can see firefighters are there on the scene, they just finished putting out a big fire at a business. coming up in two minutes ktvu alex is out there as well, he just learned what type of business this is, and what may have caused this fire. again, we will go back out to oakland in a couple minutes. it's thursday, april 30, i'm pam cook. >> on brian force. let's get your morning started with weather and traffic. on this friday eve. steve is here, there's this weatherman i know he says he is the best in the biz. he says
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it's going to be pretty hot out there. he never says that. >> we say >> we say it. he's too humble. >> it's going to be hot. >> avails hot already. >> it could cool down in the studio. it will be a sunny day we start off with cloudy skies. the fog is not an issue here. temperatures actually the lows are kind of cool but we are getting a north breeze or an offshore breeze up in the hills. that is going to translate into a much warmer day and a beautiful day on the coast area 45 degrees, clear skies we talked about. there is not much of a breeze. it was pretty good yesterday and then tailed off. very cold ocean towns san francisco 49 bodega bay 48. i looks like it will come flying back in by the time we get to friday night and saturday. but today all signs point toward sunshine and warm to hot near 90. nice along the coast with lots of 70s there.
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we will go from upper 60s -- 70s to 80s around the bay. around 90 inland. i will call you dumb by the weekend. >> thank you very much. by the way, the warm weather is something that i'm not going to suffer that much. let's put it that way. but well take a look at the commute now. the traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on the east shore freeway. no need to rush out of the house right now. unless you have an appointment or something. the traffic is not making you leave early. it looks good heading out to the macarthur maze. also, if you are driving on the san mateo bridge right now or any of the bridges, traffic is smooth across the span over to the other side. no major problems there. the traffic continues to look at. we are looking at parts of the east bay here westbound five 80 80402 let's go back to the desk. we begin this morning with
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a developing story in the east bay. a business caught fire early this morning, in oakland. ktvu alex savage arrived on the scene a short time ago. what are we learning so far? >>reporter: good morning, according to the battalion chief here at the scene this business is a marijuana dispensary. a legal marijuana dispensary with a pretty good side grow operation inside. it does appear this a grow may have caused the business to catch fire this morning. take a look. this fire was going good when the crews got here around 2:15 a.m. his is a warehouse on 89th avenue next to g street. flames were shooting from the roof of the building and crews worked their way inside to put water on the fire. and knock it down. once firefighters got inside, they found two large rooms filled with marijuana plants that were being grown using lights and other equipment. the battalion chief here says it's possible the equipment from that grow operation triggered the fire. >> a lot of lights and electricity, probably on a
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timer so probably comes on different times at night. maybe came in and some wires shorted out or something. it probably was going a couple of hours and it blew through the roof and that's when we got called. >>reporter: you heard the battalion chiefs say the fire was likely burning for a number of hours before the crews finally got here. that's why the flames broke through the roof. the good news is this as they is they cinderblock building so that didn't allow the fire to spread to any neighboring businesses. an arson investigator was called out here. that person is now collecting evidence at the scene of the fire trying to pinpoint the exact cause. just standard protocol to have an arson investigator called out here. it doesn't indicate there's anything suspicious about this fire. they do not believe it was intentional. thank you in the meantime, police are adding extra patrols to a popular trail in livermore after a woman out for a walk with sexually assaulted there. the attack happened about 6:00 o'clock tuesday night on the arroyo trail, on the south side
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of livermore. police say the 29-year-old woman was walking by herself when a man grabbed her from behind, assaulted her, then ran off. the woman is now recovering and investigators are asking anyone who may have seen something unusual to come forward. >> we would hope that somebody that was out there may have seen something. they didn't even realize they saw something until now they find out about this crime that occurred, and they say oh, i did see this. >> police are working on a sketch of the suspect. he is described as a white man in his early to mid 30s, with a stocky build. he has dark eyebrows and was wearing a dark longsleeved hooded sweatshirt, and sweatpants at the time. the victim also described him as dirty, and scruffy and appearance. investigators say in the past three years, three other women have been groped or sexually battered on that same trail. they can't save those -- save those cases are connected to the most recent attack. are looking for a third home invasion suspect still on
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the loose this morning. investigators say he is part of a three person crew that is wanted in the east bay. yesterday evening they left -- led newark and fremont police and the chase over the dumbarton bridge and into menlo park. police say the suspect has been bashed shot at the officers. they were able to track down and arrest two suspects the other one got away. officers recovered to guns at the scene. time now is 4:05 a.m. and returned to baltimore now. the city's daily curfew ended two hours ago. demonstrators tried to block traffic, police reported no major problems. they did arrest 16 people yesterday on various charges. police have made about 250 arrest since monday's riots. half of the people were released without being charged. more demonstrations planned in the trenton area this weekend. and protest in other cities across the nation are growing. thousands of people yesterday marched from new york city's union square to time square. they closed down streets and the entrance to the hall and tunnel. police arrested more than 100 demonstrators there.
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the scene was much calmer during the rally last night outside the white house. about 150 people took part in the demonstration. some held signs that read, black lives matter. police were on hand to manager the protests would stay peaceful. baltimore police may not have directly killed freddy gray whose suspicious death while in police custody sparked monday's riots. the washington post reports officers arrested great and were transporting him to jail. in the police van -- says gray banged his head against the wall of the van was intentionally trying to injure himself. graygray was later found unconscious and died of spinal injuries the next week. trenton police do plan to turn over their investigation to prosecutors tomorrow. for the first time in major league baseball history a game was played without fans in the stadium. those weren't fans cheering those are from the teammates of chris davis as he had a home run for the baltimore orioles.
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there were a few dozen fans outside the stadium peering and three gates behind left centerfield. the orioles beat the chicago white sox eight -- two. the game was closed to the public to allow police resources to be deployed where they were needed most. the orioles weekend series begins in tampa pay has been moved to florida. the death of freddie gray is also expected to be one of the causes taken up by mayday protesters here in the bay area tomorrow. talked to mayday rally organizers and business owners in oakland to see how they are preparing. >>reporter: a group of people come together for a common cause. their spray painting signs. and making banners for friday's a day of demonstrations. mayday rallies were meant as a way to honor international movements. but it revolves some human rights protest. >> whether it's facing bullets from other police, whether it's
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facing security. those same forces are working it hand-in-hand -- hand-in-hand and collaboration. >> people here say they are spending in solidarity with those in baltimore after freddy gray died after an unexplained spinal cord and just -- industry -- injury in police custody. we understand, we hope this mayday event will be a peaceful and. >>reporter: business owners are hoping kingsland a peaceful friday. they are not taking any chances. some places have protective gates surrounding their establishments. whereas others have to board of their buildings. the manager at this bar says people broke their window earlier this week. he decided to board them up just in case. many owners declined to go on camera for fear of retaliation. others say it will be business as usual they are willing to shut down early if things get out of hand.
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>> we are organizing something positive. >>reporter: city officials say this will remain the same although there will be increase of officers on the street. other businesses in the area say they are doing all they can to make sure things go well friday night. >> their well-trained. we all look out for each other. knock on wood nothing but positive vibes and good experiences down here. >> ellis paul chambers reporting. there's also a first friday event planned for tomorrow. oakland city officials tell us they are planning to cancel it because of the plan to protest. we now know the warriors will face the grizzlies this sunday area the next round of the nba playoffs. the grizzlies beat the portland trail blazers last night. to win that series in five games. this is the third time in five years the grizzlies have reached the western conference semifinals. the worry -- worriers have been able to rest and practice now.
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during the regular season the warriors beat the grizzlies twice. lost to them wants. here's the schedule. game one sunday 12:30 p.m. in oakland. game two, tuesday at 730 also in oakland. then the series moves to memphis for games three and four which are saturday may 9, and monday may 11 i'm glad it's on mother's day. if necessary game five will be back in oakland on wednesday may 13. >> we need to focus on moms on mother's day. >> we also need to focus on the warriors. >> yes, we do. >> time now is 4:11 a.m. punched and nearly pepper sprayed in an attack on an abercrombie fitch employee inside a mall. after the break. the video right here police just released and they are tracking down the suspect. a car stolen with a baby inside. how it happened. the suspect, car and baby were found. good morning, right now
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traffic is moving along pretty well on the bridges. although there is a little bit of construction going on eastbound san mateo bridge but it's not causing a big delay their. we will keep an eye on it for you. the almost full moon once befallen to sunday, but it's responding in the sky because we have clear skies temperatures in the 50s. we will talk about a warm thursday.
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welcome back to mornings on two. it's 4:14 a.m. plus about police need your help to track down two men they say attacked an abercrombie and fitch employee after she caught them stealing more than 700 dollars worth of merchandise. this video shows the men inside the store at the stoneridge mall on march 15. take a look. they are accused of punching and threatening to pepper spray the female employee before running out of the store. she was not seriously injured but one suspect is described as black, 5 feet 10 inches tall 150 pounds in his early 20s. take a look again at the surveillance video. the other described as black, 5- foot 9 inches tall 200 pounds about 18 years old. anyone who may have seen anything at the stoneridge mall or with information about the suspect is urged to cause -- contact pleasant bill police. nurses at six hospitals will walk out the job. the 500 nurses are expected to take part in the one-day strike.
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the hospital administrators say they hired replacement nurses for five days, so the regular nurses won't be allowed to return until tuesday. the nurses have protested staffing levels with strikes during the past few years. the hospitals involved in today's strike are in early -- san mateo, santa rosa, roseville tracy, and auburn. there will be ticketing at a medical center in san francisco. must fayette -- bay area hospitals received good grades, the group called leap frog rated hospitals on 28 topics including patient care practices and patient outcomes. consumer group says in general california hospitals have terrible patient safety records. nearly 40% of the state's hospitals earned grades of see, d, or f. but no bay area hospitals received a failing grade. that ktvu -- we post information about how each hospital scored. today's students who are enrolled at heald colleges will get some help to figure out
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what they will do next. as we reported heald college told students on sunday they were closing down. many students were just weeks away from earning degrees. at 10:00 o'clock this morning, and then again at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon heald students can go to their school and pick up the transcripts area that could help them get credits for some of the classes that they've already taken, city college of san francisco is inviting affected students to come talk with its counselors about which classes could earn some transfer credit. some students in richmond are learning what it takes to plan and run a business. >> you have responsibilities. vps of sales and marketing, vps of design. >> this week the sixth grade students at fort elementary school are learning all the elements of starting a business. in this case, a movie production company. they have to come up with a company name, secure some
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financing, and produce an animated movie. it's all courtesy of the business world, a san francisco nonprofit focused on helping students develop skills that matter in today's marketplace. >> we want them too be leaders. we want them too know how to work as a team. we want them to use critical thinking. how too problem solve. these are skills that are going to serve them in any way they decide to go. >> a corporate donation cover the cost of the program at ford. the school fort. the school is in a low income neighborhood were 94% of the students received free breakfast and lunch. they wrapped up with box office day on friday. an audience will be there to screen each company's movie. >> that's a great program. a four -month-old baby girl is back home in san francisco this morning. after her family's car was stolen, and she sat in the backseat. ktvu fox to have the only news camera on the scene as police made an arrest and the child was reunited with her mother. the car was stolen shortly before 11 yesterday morning. as the girls father drove through the tenderloin district.
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someone kicked in the side of the car as he was waiting as a stoplight that -- at a stoplight. >> the suspect jumped into the driver side of the car. >> the father tracked down police and the put out a citywide bulletin. within 20 minutes an officer spotted the car parked at the public defender's office. he arrested the suspect, found the baby in the backseat unharmed. police eventually but to 33- year-old solomon on felony kim -- kidnapping, child endangerment, stolen vehicle and probation violation charges. he parked at the public defender's office. >> it's a great place to park and leave the car. 4:19 a.m. is the time. so, hopefully not as crazy today as it was yesterday. it was bad yesterday. we were off -- we are off to a good start today. good morning everyone. let's go outside and take a look at what we have with these live pictures.
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we are going to start off with highly for, westbound, it's a nice drive so far. with a little bit of crowding already in antioch, but it looks good if you are on 680 it's going to be fine. highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland we have a nice looking to meet there. there is no problem this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. it's lights, and no metering lights, they will come on at about 5:40 a.m. or so. as you're driving off the golden gate bridge southbound 101 traffic looks good. it's lights, as a matter fact in marin county heading to san francisco. we do have clear skies. there's a high cloud or two drifting by. easy to see. the almost full moon it will not be full until sunday. 8:46 p.m. it's clear. you can't find any file, there's a little bit of an off shore breeze. higher elevations, and it looks like it will sweep in and give us temperatures that will be pretty warm today.
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in fact, this will be the warmest day. sunny and warmer for all today. that's your starts today. it will carry off and the temperature will drop straight- backed on as we go into the weekend. fiftys on thames. forty-five at the bay. forget mountain view, there's something wrong with it. they been running way too long for the last two days. this is mr. martinez he says good morning. martinez is clear and calm on the portion of a colorful moment also. we do have hardly nearly a breeze. east south west for napa. everything is less than 5 miles an hour. water temps are very cold. lowest i've seen in about a year. it turned at last june and then stay there till about this week. it's been a long time since we've had upper 40s. they been in the upper 50s -- 60s. the fall just needs a little bit of help. they won't get it today. by late friday into saturday we will get a southerly surge the fog will come roaring up the coach -- coat --
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coast. ninetys made a quick jump up here. upper '80s and 90s for some. even 70s on the coast. that's a beautiful shot, by the way, where's that over the city? yes, thank you. can, are you directing? no, he's not. he has his feet up on the desk. there it is. >> how about that? >> that's beautiful. that looks fake. >> it is. it's right here in the studio. >> we just hung a big moon -- wow. >> we had some folks come in and put that on the first. just kidding. it disappears fast. take a look. it probably won't be here in 20 minutes. >> are right, thank you so much. time now is 4:22 a.m. and the trial of the colorado theater massacre continues as victims recount of the horror and the aftermath. >> i grabbed caleb's hand and he actually squeezed my hand
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and i told him that i loved him. >> coming up in 20 minutes what we are learning from court testimony about the lives that were shattered on that fateful night. and it turns out, tattoos on the new apple watch don't exactly mix. the major glitch that may have some people reconsidering buying the latest tech gadget.
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welcome back everyone it is 4:25 a.m. and a section of beach on the
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island of maui is closed following a fatal shark attack. a 65-year-old woman snorkeling in the waters off the beach got separated from her group yesterday, and then a short time later she was found floating face down about 200 yards offshore. officials say injuries to her body suggest she was attacked by a shark. this is the first fatal shark attack in hawaii this year. two young sharks were spotted near a beach in southern california they appear to be about five -- 6 feet long. officials say the sharks did not appear to be aggressive. however, signs were put up warning beachgoers of possible danger. san francisco is trying out a new service but only in new york city. the company is working on an ad that would have its drivers deliver products. ted reports about 400 businesses that seem to be aimed at high- end retailers including neiman marcus, tiffany's, and louis vuitton. they wouldn't let them list which items they could sell them would be delivered same day.
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it's not clear yet when the delivery service could start. the new apple watch may be losing some of its customers with people with tattoos on their wrist. it appears that it sticks to your skin if there's a heavy dark tattoo. that means the watch will lock up the cousin can't tell that you're wearing it. it also won't provide notifications. they can turn off wrist the detection to get around the issue, but that disabled apple pay. no response yet from apple. interesting. >> coming up new body cameras being proposed for officers in san francisco. the reason, the mayor says they are needed. a small celebration and -- as the earthquake ravaged in the call -- nepal. an amazing rescue that is providing a small glimmer of hope.
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good morning everybody, we are live here with the firefighters. it is thursday, april 30th. i am brian flores. >> almost may. >> good morning, i cannot believe it. >> thank you for joining us. our weather, here is steve. >> it does feel like may. >> april and may we do get some wind and warm and cool temperatures. >> it has been warm since january. >> now, we are in for it. >> true, it will be warm to hot. once you get to the end of april, boy you can move up pretty fast here and we will. >> there is a low spinning off in san francisco with high pressure inlands that's giving us a little bit of an


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