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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a curfew in baltimore, mornings on 2 continues. from ktvu's fox 10 news. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning, it is thursday april 30th, i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark. i have to ask steve for you does pam need some extra sun block today? >> i would say so. >> bring out the flip-flops? why not. >> who am i to say no. it will be warm today. by the coast, without that fog and any on shore breeze it is cool 45 at half-moon bay and pacifica at 46. look at fairfield, 65 degrees. a lot of 50s here. it won't take long to start warming up here. a little component of easterly breeze around hayward. for us it will be sunny and warm as high pressure builds in.
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that gives us a northerly breeze. sunshine warm to hot today. a little breeze here and high elevations off to the valleys as well and 70s and 80s and 90s way above average. we'll have more on when it is going to cool down. now, here is an update on your traffic. >> we are looking at a decent commute, although things are becoming slow at some of the points around the bay area. as we look here on the golden gate bridge, no major problems heading down to the toll plaza there. toll plaza traffic is going to be okay. san matoe bridge not bad here. there are no major problems sitting out there you are driving there, 208 is looking good so you may have
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time to jump out of that crowd. let's go back to the desk. a woman was sexually assaulted there earlier this week. ktvu alex salviggde is out there. >> reporter: yes this type of incident happens before. there is been a total of four attacks here along the trail in just the past three years. the latest happened on tuesday night. it was about 6:00 at a busy time here along the trail. police say the victim was walking alone when a man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. it happened along the trail close to royal road where we are this morning. the 29-year-old woman was treated for her injuries and now after this latest attack here, police are stepping up patrols along the trail. they're hoping that there are witnesses
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out there. they hope someone saw what happened earlier this week. >> we would hope that somebody that was out there may have seen something that they di realized that they saw it now. >> reporter: now here is a description of the attacker who carried out the assault this week. he's described as a white man early to mid-30s. he's about six feet tall or a couple inches shorter than that. he was last seen wearing dark sweatshirt and pants. he had dark features and described as dirty and unshaving. a total of four women have been groped police are not sure if it is the same guy behind that attack. pam, police are looking for him out there.
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time now developing news out of fresno this morning. this is near highway 99. this is a video from earlier this morning. the fresno fire department says a power of fire poles the smoke can be seen from miles. it is causing some traffic problems on highway 99. the cause of that fire is under investigation. we are going to continue to follow this story as firefighters trying to let this burn out and we'll see bhaps. see what happens. that fire started at 2:15 this morning. firefighters found two large rooms filled with marijuana plants and lighting equipment. it appears the equipment from the pot grove may have started that fire. time now is 6:04. police are searching for a third home invasion suspects
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stimon the loose this morning. he's one of three people who broke into the home in fremont last night and opened fire. police chased the suspect across the bridge and into moreno park. the suspect fired shots at the police and hitting one of the patrol cars. we have checked in with the police, they're not commenting on a report that a homeowner was shot during that break in. well today ed lee is expected to announce a proposal that gives city police officers their body cameras. ktvu is joining us live tell us how this idea is raising some questions. >> reporter: police chief and the payer says this is a great idea to have body cameras if anyone does anything wrong we'll know about it. others feel
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it is an invasion of privacy especially during cases of domestic violence. several bay area departments already used cameras including san jose and hayward police and alameda count san francisco's sheriff's deputies. they'll make the department the largest in the nation to use them. the mayor says the city need to do everything it can to build trust between officers and the community. officers apparently conducted warrant less searches of residential hotel rooms and stealing property. corruption charges were filed against the officer. now the cameras have raised several questions how should the footage be stored and show who you would see it. in seattle videos
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are put on youtube and face being blurred out. critics say some officers have failed to turn on the body cams during critical moments. most big cities like la, new york and chicago are testing out these cameras. they will not be worn until a year from now. the next step is to have the board of supervisors approve the idea. live in san francisco, back to you. we turn now to baltimore the city on edge. the city's daily curfew ended early this morning while a group of demonstrators tried to block traffic. no reports of major problems. they did arrest 16 people yesterday . half the people were released without ever being charged and more demonstrations are planned in the baltimore area this weekend. protests across the country are growing. thousands o f people yesterday marched from new york city union city to
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times square. police arrested more than 100 demonstrators . that scene was calmer during a rally last night outside the white house. some held signs that reads "black lives matter". there is a new report suggesting a baltimore police may not have directly killed freddie gray whose suspicious death while in police custody sparked the riots. officers transported him to jail, a fellow prisoner in the police van with gray says he was banging his head against the wall of the van and intentionally injured himself. he died of injuries. for the first time in major league baseball, a game was played without fans in
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the stadium. [ cheering ] cheers from teammates as heard from the home run of chris davis. baltimore teammates cheered him on. there were a few dozen fans outside the stadium. the orioles beat the chicago sox 8-2. the orioles's weekend series against the tampa bay rays have been moved to florida. time now is 6:09. today, students enrolled in heald college they're told on sunday that the campus were closed down. a lot of the students were couple of weeks away from getting their degrees. at 1:00 this afternoon heald students can go to their school and pick up transcripts. that could help with some of the
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classes they have already taken to get their credits. that's some good news. >> yeah, at least a little bit. another amazing story of survivor. a teenager pulled from the rubble in nepal five days after that massive earthquake. the one thing that prevented concrete floors from fallen on top of him. >> the search for two men police say comm an attack at a store in pleasanton mall. >> good morning, you ca traffic is busy. yesterday, we did not have a good day we are checking it for you today. >> everyone will have sunshine today, we'll show you how warm.
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time now is 6:13. police are asking for your help this morning they're trying to catch two men attacked at abercrombie and fithcch attacking female employee. she's not seriously hurt, if you
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have any information, call the police. a 4 month old is back home after her family's car is stolen. police made an arrest and the child was reunited with her mother. police say someone kicked the side of the car as he was waiting at the stoplight. >> the male pulled over to the side to see if the car was damaged. at that point the suspect jumped into the driver's side of the car. >> police put out a city wide bulletin within 20 minutes and officer spotted th parked at the car at the public defender's office. time now is 6:14. nurses are walking off the job in northern california.
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it is a one day strike, 2500 nurses are expected to take part. the regular nurses won't be allowed to come back because the hospital have hired replacement nurses. hospitals involved in today's strike are in santa rosa, roseville and auburn. there will be information at california's pacific center in san francisco. the grizzlies beat the trailblazers last night. this is the third time in five years that the grizzlies have reached the western conference in the finals. the warriors were 2-1 against the grizzlies in the regular season. game one on
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sunday 12:30. game two is at 7:30 also in oakland and the series moves to memphis for game three and four on saturday may 9th and monday may 11th. if necessary, game five will be back in oakland on wednesday may 13th. police in savannah jazz says georgia says team work and some cheetos a witness came up with an idea, give them a bag of cheetos and they used that to lure the goats in an animal control vehicle. the goats ate the cheetos. the goats began to a man who's listen recently cited. the goats will be put up for adoption in a couple of days. >> cheetos? >> it does it every time. >> and they'll eat anything.
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they'll eat poison oaks or poison ivy. >> sounds like me a little bit. just a little bit with certain modificationses. . >> exactly . >> yesterday we had bad commute on the east shore. i want to show you the traffic time here. this is good and this is what it should be. it is better than normal right now. yesterday that time at 8:30 it was 50 minutes. that's terrible. sometimes it doubles until 35 minutes. we can deal with it. we'll keep you posted on long it will take here. contra costa county has been very pleasant, 680 is still looking good. and in san jose t same thing goes as santa clara traffic. it is getting busy but things are doing well so far. the wear is going to be nice.
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let's go to steve. >> it is. >> i listen to you. >> well, it is. thank you. there is a little chills in the morning. i believe there is a little east chill i breeze coming off. it would not surprise me and there is a rather good breeze towards vacaville and fairfield and that's giving them temperatures in the 60s. half-moon bay is 45 degrees and not a problem for sunshine today we'll have severe clear is what we like to say. temperatures anywhere from 45 to 60. there is the 45 half-moon bay and pacifica is at 46. fairfield at 65. a couple reports o f low 60s and north wind at 14. that'll do it at fairfield.
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. last time i looked at hayward it is not that strong and hardly any breeze at all. a few high clouds in southern california. look at the water temperatures at 48. 49 at half-moon bay. it is clear on the coast they have been so warm for the longest time now with the water temperatures there. it goes to 45 degrees. it will be sunny for everybody here nationally. i want to show you a couple things going on here. this is kind of been the pattern here for what seems two years now. it is cold and you get the rain and the severe weather and the sunshine state has been anything but there is been some copius rain. that's going to give us some sunny and warm hot days and high pressure here and here. the highs does not like that little guy so it fills with northeast breeze.
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we are going to get what's called a southerly surge. by saturday, it will start to make its way in and we'll go in a cooling trend by sunday. sunshine today for you and me and pam and even tim over there. [ laughter ] >> tim, too? >> all right. breezy for some, and 90s for many and 80s for many in santa rosa and saluda. low 90s for many out in the valley. berkeley at 84 degrees and 86 in san jose and morgan hill and gil looks like a beautiful day. palo pinto at it will be warm and a cooler pattern for the week. >> okay, you are going to like this. you probably remember the story we told you
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of a texas state trooper who was reprimanded taking that photo with >> dog. now, he's suing his boss, the reasons he believe they were trying to retaliate against him. >> plus, we'll tell you which city that applied fore their top jobs. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic.
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time now is 6:23. the san francisco department says the chief is considering the information from london but has not made a decision. chief says she's very honored to be approached as the potential candidate. right now she's focusing on leading the san francisco 's fire department. she became testimony fire chief in 2004 and she has worked in every single fire station in the city during her 25 years. i head the chance to talk with her of her career and what is really close to her heart.
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>> i call this faith and family. to know that in the moment that i am being asked to perform my job which is sometimes to have to make tough, unpopular decisions but have the 42 to be courageous to make the decision and standby it and move on because you know next week there will be more decisions. the best part is being a mom to three wonderful boys. i love work at different fire houses. i think i am one of the tenth first of ten women hired in the department and now we have over 52% of our department are women and minorities which i cannot think of any other urban department that give you those specifics. it valuable
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then you can look and say hey this is something that maybe i can do when i get older. this is a career option for me. i didn't have a roll model role model growing up. it will be tough to leave this job. i still come to work even though you have odd hours with a lot of enthusiasm and pride. that time will come. i want to make sure this department is left in very good shape. >> had a great time talking the fire chief. she told me progress is being made to improve ambulance response time. 19 new ambulance have been delivered and 40 new emts are in the middle of training. we'll watch to see what happens.
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you can see more of my interview with fire chief joanne hayes. >> good job, that was interesting. >> well, it is a day to celebrate working people typically organizers are taking up their cause this year. how activists are preparing for the may day protest. tesla is making a big announcement today and it is suppose to help the environment and it is not a car. we'll tell you what it is expected to be. >> good morning we are looking at the south bay commute, looking at 27 west boun. we'll tell you about this morning commute coming up. >> that means temperatures will be warming up today. we'll tell you how long.
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good morning welcome back. thank yo joining us on mornings at 2. >> it is pretty warm today. it is going to be warm today. the koes will be beautiful. bay side and inlands at 80s and 90s. those north winds and east winds will certainly help today. 49 in napa and 45 at half-moon bay. those colder ocean temperatures have really dropped below the coast. north of 14 at travis. it is out of the north and out of the east. you are getting good breeze.
6:31 am
skies are clear, there are your cold water temperatures. it won't be until friday night . for us, temperatures even though they're a little cool now they're on their way up. that's giving us an offshore breeze. sunshine warm to hot today. breezy for some and not for all. it is a component of offshore breeze temperatures are way above average. here he is for updated of your traffic. >> all right we are looking at commute where traffic is doing okay in some areas. a little slow in others. starting off with the bay bridge toll micro plaza before you make it onto the span. southbound 680 there is an non i resistant off to the right hand side. we have slow traffic
6:32 am
that's associated with this crash. westbound is not too bad. south bay the freeway is looking good. a live shot at 280 san jose, through downtown it is off to a good start. at 6:21. let's go back to the desk . a shooting yesterday afternoon by a sheriff deputy. it happened at an apartment complex. the deputy respond to a man acted irrationally and threatened a neighbor with a knife. deputies negotiating with 46-year-old man, singleton. his injuries are not life-threatening. singleton's two children were in the apartment during that incident. yesterday organizers were busy painting signs
6:33 am
and making banners. however, some are raising for possible vandalism with boarded up windows. several businesses reported damages following two marches over the death of friday dui gray in police custody of baltimore. >> we understand that frustration and we are hoping that may day event we'll get peaceful ones. ed lee is expected to announce a proposal to give body cameras to police officers. terra is joining us live. >> reporter: well, most city officials will tell you that these cameras are a great idea because they create transparency and basically builds a layer of trust with the public.
6:34 am
others say they are an invasion of privacy especially in cases of domestic violence. several bay area departments already used cameras including san j estimated cameras 1600 of them are expected to cost $1 million. the mayor says they need to do everything they can to build trust between the officers and the community. showing officers of conducting warrant less searches of residential and hotel rooms. now, how should footage be stored and who should see it? in seattle videos are posted on youtube with faces blurred out.
6:35 am
some say they'll support the technology if it is used correctly. some say officers failed to turn on body cameras during incidents. here in san francisco there is no time line yet, we know the next step is for the board of supervisors to approve this idea. coming up hear what hillary clinton has to say about body cameras. live in san francisco, terra, back to you. well, tesla is promising a new product announcement tonight. there are several reports this morning that it is not a car. ktvu's janine is joining us live. there is a lot of speculations of what this maybe, janine. >> reporter: this product is really about home energy. tesla is expected to unveil a battery that you charge and then you use to power your home or a
6:36 am
business. tesla's ceo tweeted this yesterday teasing people what its announcement would be. it says quote for the future to be good, we need electric transport and solar power and of course, he posted a picture of a white object entitled the missing piece. media outlets believe this is what the new battery is going to look like. that energy could be used instead of tapping into the power grid. other companies' launched the program for these batteries a couple of years ago. it is expected to be this new battery. so it is unclear if these batteries are revamped, we are supposed to be finding out at 8:00 tonight they're making the announcement at tesla's
6:37 am
facility. >> do you have any idea how much this battery might cost? >> reporter: when tesla was doing this under solar city they reportedly offer those batteries for $13, 000. pg&e was offering a 50% rebate so that's about $650. no word of what this product will cost. if it is true, it is a bargain compare to how much tesla's cars is as to hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars as to compare to what these batteries would be. a magnitude of 6. 7 quake it hit the island of new britain about 3:45 this morning our time. there is no word of damage or injuries from the quake. it was 27 miles deep according t
6:38 am
usgs. there is no danger of a tsunami. quakes happen a lot in that area it is on a system of fault known as the ring of fire. the united nation says at least $415 million is needed to help the country rebuild. amazing stories though, this morning rescue crews pulled a teen by from a wreckage of a seven story building. only a few twisted rope of field presenting the concrete floors from fallen down on him. the funds will go to food shelter and much needed water in the affected areas. >> more release of supplies including shelter and water and sanitation and food are obviously needed. the response has been encour but
6:39 am
more is needed. coming up at 7:45, i am going to talk live with the cofounders with the non-profit group here in the bay area is raising money for nepal. they're planning to head to the country to offer aid in person. japan holding the flag at nepal attended the event for those victims. >> i am worried for my family, they don't have water or food because they don't have anything to cook with. >> that was a silent march yesterday with candles meant to raise awareness here in the bay area about hue they're struggling in nepal. students sap it is a third world country in nepal, they really need help to recover from a devastated earthquake. >> we don't have resources or money. our government is not able to help the people right now. >> earlier in the day a prayer
6:40 am
circle was held at saint's mary college in morocco. one student came back from spending two months in nepal and before the quake that country needed help of basic things like food and water and now the need is greater. students are urging anyone to donate to the red cross or doctors on the borders. it will take place at the fremont hindu temple on delaware drive from 7:00 to 9 p.m.. it is organized by the fed trags of indo american federation. we have more information on our website go to it at the top of the home page. an attack on an abercrombie
6:41 am
employee inside the mall. we are live today, boy it is going to be a beautiful day for golf. we are talking about the championship match play tournament. coming up, we'll tell you what this tournament means for future tournaments here in san francisco. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on westbound highway 4. we'll tell you more straight ahead. it is going to be warm today, it is a little cool for some temperatures are with an east breeze and no fog so warmer in the coast we'll show you how long.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today for day two golf championship. there is a buzz that more tournaments could be headed here brian. >> reporter: good morning to you, boy, what a beautiful day it is going to be and not just today but for the weekend. for this tournament, match play tournaments that's starting tee off at 9:30 this morning. you mentioned it ma'am this tournament could lead to more tournament in the future. some of the world's golfers are
6:45 am
here master champions jordan spieth and jason day here and bubba. tiger woods did not qualify for this event. only the top 60 golfers made it. it is weird to say that for woods' case. and also this weekend is the us amateur championship at the olympic cleanup. looks like we'll have more tournaments coming up. >> all and all i think that this area, the square mileage here with these four great courses is one of the best spots, you know, of golf in the world. >> reporter: back the pg&e liked it so much that they plan to hold a championship
6:46 am
at h five years from now. the golfers pair with each other and battle it out to win each hole and getting low score there. it is going to be a great day for golf here. steve mentioned it and temperatures are going to be here in san francisco roughly in the mid-70s or so. tickets range anywhere from $35 and $100 depending on what ticket package you want to go to so not so bad. we are here in players' parking lot. hopefully we'll be able to talk to some of the players, back to you. >> that's good, you are on players watch. >> we'll see. >> the draft starts tonight the raiders have the fourth pick. the 49ers have the 15th pick. the 49ers will host the draft party right next door to levi's stadium. the 49ers will unveil new
6:47 am
uniform. raiders fans will gather for their draft party. special tickets are required for both of those events. time now is 6:46. let's check now with torrey campbell . >> coming up in our next hour, giants' manager dusty bake is getting special attention on this. his role of inventing the high fives. and why his son had to convince him for the part. the exciting building for the prize. what was so different when the two held their fights faceoff in las vegas. you guys were talking about the draft and the warriors on sunday. boy, it is a super sports weekend coming up. >> i did not know about the high five either. >> yes, it played a big part.
6:48 am
>> yeah, a lot of great events coming up this weekend. >> well, you will have to skip your knitting and your big club and all. >> i and my nice walk among the woods. >> i think i have you have some sports to watch. >> right. >> let's go out and take a look at some things. in san francisco there is a sea lion rep at the corn other f marina. if you are in a hurry you may want to avoid that area. okay, let's do that. no? >> i love it. there you go. >> on the east shore freeway. westbound 80 as you drive between the macarthur mesa, 29 minutes delay. delays are creeping up here. today, we are hoping for a little better.
6:49 am
also looking at the commute here on the bay bridge approaching traffic is going to be busy as you drive to it. there is been some slow traffic spot on the span itself. there is going to be a break once you actually bake it onto the bridge. southbound 85 at the express way. it could affect traffic on the northbound. that's an injury reported in san jose . 6:49, let's go to steve. >> where is that? >> marina, in the marina strict district. >> all right, we have clear skies, it is going to be nice on the coast and won't bow hot hot. the lows are very cool by the water water temperatures are finally turning it up. with clear skies that allow temperatures to take a tumble in inland. in inland there is some warm temperatures already. a couple reports of upper 50s and
6:50 am
low 60s. the approach westbound of the bay bridge reported at 50 degrees. temperatures difference from 24 hours ago. 12 degrees warmer in fairfield. most locations running a little cooler just because there is no fog here. santa rosa says plus 5 on their temperatures. if you get a little bit of a breeze that'll do it. that's the direction where the winds are coming from. we take those temperatures and warm it up today and friday. they'll come right back down as we friday and saturday. 51 that's cold about a year's time. we'll see if that'll continue to hold into may. if it does, that's a sure sign of a foggy pattern. look at that, monterey at 4 5. that's cool for them as well. high pressure winds is out. it is a big one and it will be with us for two days. a little low here and high
6:51 am
pressure there. sunshin warming hot to breezy near 90s for some well inlands. low 70s for the coast. 70s and 80s to near 9 0 degrees for some. and nevada at 88. livermore and 80s. berkeley and alameda d scan droe san leandro. an cruz are looking good. 80s for many along the mrens the peninsula. >> so you won't need a sweater or jacket at all today. >> unless you are sitting at half-moon bay at 45. >> yes time is 51. run away goats on the loose
6:52 am
coming up in 5 minutes. the popular snack that used to lure them back home to safety. >> the major glitch that maybe getting a second consideration in buying that apple watch.
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6:54 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. japan's prime minister comes to the bay area
6:55 am
today on a u.s. visit to join a session of congress today. scheduled to speak at stanford at noon. later today the prime minister is meeting with governor jerry brown in san francisco where he will reportedly trying to introduce the high rail project. bernie sanders plan to announce he's running for president today. the senator from vermont will be running as a democratic. says he's a liberal alternative to hillary clinton. he want to fight but he calls the obscene level in income prosperity has eliminated the middle class. he calls the campaign finance system is a real disgrace. a youth soccer league scored over a win in the
6:56 am
san francisco 49ers. that land is worth thousands of kids practice during the first half of the nfl season. the team is looking for suggestions that could make both football and soccer fans happy. >> what's going to happen is we'll have open discussions with the community and the council and the staff around possible solutions that may or may not work. >> the simple solution is move the soccer park and work with the council and move the soccer park and have a turnkey operations. >> now some santa clara council members say the 49ers should pay the cost of the field. the council plans to hold a special steady session and believes the 49ers should be included inside that discussion. he was reprimanded over a photo he took with
6:57 am
rap star >> >> dog. he got in trouble be >> got been convicted with drugs. the troop seeking un specified damages and is asking for a jury trial. the new apple watch maybe losing some of its luster for particularly people having tattoos. they cannot sense next to your skin if you have a tattoo in our arm. the watch will lock up because it cannot tell you are wearing it. >> every time i look at my watch, i should be seeing my time of the day. once it is unlocked, it should stay that way. it should not be locked in every single time. >> we are told that to get around that glitch, you
6:58 am
can turn off wrist detection but you won't be able to get call or use apple pay. there is no official response from apple. >> so there is a few things that you don't test completely. >> coming up next with our 7:00 hour another sexually assault on the popular hiking trail in the east bay. what the community is being done of the latest attack in livermore. >> the investigation of the threat in school, what administrators are saying about the rumor of the east bay.
6:59 am
7:00 am
people who walk and jog on this popular trail a woman is attacked. we'll tell you how liver moore police are responding. >> a fire and the reason that may have caused the fire. batteries for cars. we'll tell you about the big announcement that could change the way you power your home. çç:çww=w hthtytktktnxnxnx


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