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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  May 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ow as they get. nothing. sierra, nevada all quiet right now. wi weather advisory. some of that will filter in. cloudy to mostly cloudy. >> staying below average. more likely later tonight and into tomorrow morning. 60s for most coast bay and even inland. very cool pattern. what do you have for us at 4:30. >> we don't have a lot of crashes, steve. we already have -- we've been looking at all the bridges now. take a look at traffic here. westbound as you drive into san francisco. not a bad commute if you're driving westbound. a little bit of a backup in some of those outside lanes. as you take a look at 80 traffic is looking good in both directions here. no major issues heading south. all the way down to highway 92. we had an earlier accident. that's gone. it's a good time to drive in
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san jose. stay this way for a while. no need to run out of the house but right now traffic does look good in the santa kara value. >> a sixth person has died from last night's train derain l rail m. 65 others were juried and rush to the hospital. now the train was headed from washington, d.c. to new york city when it went off the tracks. some passengers say the train may have been going too fast as it was heading into a curve. we are following this derailment. we're going to have updates and live reports from philadelphia throughout the morning. >> time now is 4:31. san francisco is asking for a popular mcdonalds rest truant clean up its act or face legal action. there are ongoing drug problems and other issues at the mcdonalds. the franchise owner hasn't done anything about it. in the past three years police
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received more than 1100 calls to that particular restaurant. he's warning a potential legal action. they would like to improve security measures. happying today the city council is expected to get a premotor expand rent control laws. the city already has rent control but only applies to apartments bill before 1979. that covers 43,000 and landlords cannot raise rent more than 8% a year. san jose city councilmen wants to cap rent increases at 4%. they oppose that idea. >> rent control will not bring the cost of housing down. all it will do is create more competition for housing because individuals may stay in units
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longer. >> state law bans rent control since 1979. he says that's why new affordable housing projects are so important. individuals a place to live in silicon valley. >> children who received vaccinations may need to be revaccinated. the medical foundation is sending out about 4300 letters to parents. a faulty refrigerator was used to store the vaccine theaism refrigerator kept them too cold and the low temperature may have reduced the effectiveness. >> what that has done has put into question the effectiveness. not the safety. there's no safety concern here whatsoever. >> now the vac sheens were given to children between february of last year and march of this year. the clinic says it set up for a hot line for parents with
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questions. >> restrictions on blood donations from bay -- gay and bisexual men could be used. the food and drug administration is recommending donations be accepted from bisexual and gay men. that's a big change from the current lifetime ban and it comes after advancing in testing. the human rights campaign is a w one but stigmatized men. >> the traffic collision investigation unit of the san francisco police department is now looking into a crash that left a bicyclist will life- threatening injuries. it happened around 8:15 last night. two vehicles collided which caused one of them to hit a nearby cyclist. counselors are being provided for at class mait of a middle school student who was hit and killed by a rail car. it happened just before 8:30 yesterday morning along side
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interstate 28 #. police say 12- year-old andrew with oo was rushing to catch the train when he ran across a crosswalk. he pivoted to avoiding with hit by a can car but fell into the path of train. his parents quickly ave road on scene and tried to pull the body from under the train. >> she was hysterical. trying to move the train. trying to pull the kid out from under the train. she just lost it. >> well the train had to be lifted to remove the body's body. the driver was taken off duty as standard procedure and testing for drugs and alcohol and offered counseling. they were taken off and interviewed. they've long complained that the intersection is unsafe. transportation agency says it was working to install a yellow light beacon there to make the crossing safer. >> family of a navy seal is in talks to get survivor benefits
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following his death. one of the four americans killed in benghazi. his mother has sued the cia to receive those benefits. he was sing with no children and the standard federal insurance policy provides faiments only to contract force with spouses or dependents. women in the navy will be in line for more health and benefits. they include double maternity leave to 12 week longer child care hours and updated policies for couples who serve together. the initiatives are meant to improve the quality of life for is a loran marines an keep them in the surpass. >> the warriors hope to regain the lead ton. fox 2 -- joins us live from a quiet arena. it's going to be loud later on. looking good in warriors yellow. >> thank you. i know you gave me a lot of grief this morning when i
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walked in because i had an old shirt on. that's so last season. okay. but i got the new stuff right here. you can see. >> there it is. >> if you take a look around the stadium, strength in numbers. the warriors spent last night getting it ready. the yellow t-shirts on every seat. they tied up series with a whoaout win in memphis. how did they do it? the wariest gathered at 11:30 for film. the warriors usually watch a happenedful of clips but this time coach steve kerr surprised them by telling them to get comfortable. they were going to watch their game three loss in its entirety. so they learned from those mistakes, got back on their game. an amazing game four and we talked to kerr about what his teams need to do now for game five. >> we have a really competitive
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group. and i told them that, you know, before the game that this is -- this is what i expected. an elevated sense of urgency and composure and execution. i thought for the most part we got that but we can still get better. >> you can still get tickets for tonight's game. prices from $167 to $1700 and we also know the most expensive is $4200. if you got some change maybe you want to get a really prime seat. starts at 7:30 doors open at 6:00. we got some. right here. so i don't know if i'm putting these on right but i called them hand warmers but that was wrong. here we go. i'm all already. get these on. okay. go warriors. back it you guys. >> all right. tara, is there a basketball nearby you?
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make some shots later this morning? >> are you trying to make me look bag? i think he wants to make me look bad. i heard you made all your baskets. throwing hoops this morning, that's not going to be very entertaining for anyone. >> i think it would be very entertaining. >> i'll give it a go. >> sounds good. thank you. >> my hoop earrings. how about in a? >> thank you so much. >> it's a good look. a little rally -- it's going to be a little warm for those in the arena. >> all right. >> 4:39 is the time. boy, a mother and her who 2002 young children alone when a suspected burglar broke in. the unthinkable decision and how her 4-year-old helped save the days. >> a mother's day surprise one california woman won't soon forget. how she ended up a million- dollar richer. what she plans to do all that
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money. >> traffic is doing very well. if you're coming around the corner, we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. >> we may have hit the jackpot with cooler temperatures. that's in place. but what about rain? it's close. a lot of cloud cover but where's that rain? take a closer look coming up.
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4:42. san francisco police are investigating a violent brawl between some art vendors and skateboarders. this happened last friday. a woman who sells t-shirt shot video of the mayhem. people were using hammers, skate boards and easels as weapons. we spoke with one witnesses who says it looked like a riot. four people were hurt.
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two were taken away by ambulance. it's not clear how it started but there are reports that some skateboarders were fighting and the situation escalated. a family is going pbility about a frightening home invasion. it happened last friday and was caught on the home security cameras. take a look. two men entering the home. arming themselves with knives from the kitchen and then dissecting the phone. all the while two women and a 1- year-old boy was hiding upstairs. men then go upstairs going room it room until they find them. desperate them, they kick a hole in the door. >> start kicking the door and start attacking with the knife. of the knife was just beside her. >> not a regular burglary. i don't know what they're intention was until they get caught. they are very dangerous. they are armed. they're dangerous. boy, certainly frightening for the family. the intruders gave up and took off after one of the woman got
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a i hold of the cell phone and called for help no. one was physically hurt but the couple says it they wonder if they'll ever feel safe in their home again fsm anyone recognizes the men they're you canned to call police. >> another scary story. a mother and her young children had a frightening encounter. she took this photo of the stranger standing inside her back door monday night. when she asked the man what he was doing. he said it was his house. the man went upstair where his -- he called 9-1-1 and police told her to take her baby and get out even though her 4-year- old was still inside. >> my response was i know what to do but i have the police with me and they're telling me don't go upstairs. don't do this and do don't that. i was following instructions from the police. >> she didn't even panic. when police arrived her 4- year-old pointed to her closet to show them.
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the man has been identified as 21-year-old lopez. >> well time now is 4:44. who will be the next american idol? but only two will be in tonight's season finale. >> the person who has to leave tonight is jacks. >> and then there were two. a battle between the boys, they will find out tonight who america has chosen to be the next american idol. >> i think diana everything i could and i sang and played the way i wanted how i wanted and the way i wanted them felt and i did my best. >> hopefully if i win f. yobt win, then american idol has a great winner in clark. whatever happens is going to happen. >> he'll win. he just said. pointing out voters had be
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picking between two very different but very talented young men. and, of course, you can find out who wins tonight on the 2- hour finale starting at 8:00 right here. this past mother's day will be a day one california woman will never forget. every year on mother's day the boys take their mom to the thunder valley casino. this year was no different. until mom put a $20 bill and hit the jackpot. >> what are you going to do with a million dollars? >> i want to buy a house. >> she's just wonderful and she has such a caring heart. and it could not have happened to a better mom. >> scary. >> one a million dollars playing nickel slot. she wants to buy a house. >> not bad. that's something that i would do with my mom. >> that's -- >> in san diego. >> moms really like the casino. >> they live in san diego.
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they like going. >> nice. >> the casinos out there. something my mom hopes to win is a million dollars. >> wouldn't it be fun? have the slot machine go crazy. >> i'd retire, pam. >> yeah? >> no, i wouldn't. a million dollars doesn't get you requirement. >> it barely buys you a house. >> if you're driving from your house to work any time soon, if you're in -- so far. not a bad commute on 680 for the bridge down to highway 24 and then on highway 24 westbound we are off to a good start here from lafayette. it looks good. all the way down to the maze. when you get to the bay bridge it is still light. usually we don't see a back up here until 5:30 or so. 5:45 between those two times. a little bit of time before tough rush out of the house. let's go to steve in the
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weather center. >> i have been watching idol this season. nick will win. he's the most polished. >> you told me that before. they really like him a lot. >> yeah. >> i mean, they're both good but that's my pick. >> all right. >> he's just -- he plays the gir tar. he's very slick on stage. a lot of cloud cover us and i'm rate bathing. to the north but we're waiting on a system for tomorrow. the mere fact that it's here is really impressive. it's may and we're way below average on the temps. there goes the system from yesterday. the wind has tailed off completely. there's not a lot of moisture with this yet. keep an eye on it. could be some dry. begins to work its way in. at the airport. still a breeze around but nothing compared to what we had yesterday. the water temps are still
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cold. our pattern did too. 30s up in the mountains. bakersfield 52 is really good. 43 degrees. up in the sierra all quiet right now. a winter-weather advisory. could be borderline if everything really kicks in but that could be about -- anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow. maybe more than that. this is thursday not today. around 5500. that's a bonus for this time of year. even with the higher clouds some lower clouds there. i doubt much develops. that's the system that will swing it's in. could be some to the north and lake county but more likely we have to wait until tomorrow morning as that whole system begins rotate in. a lot of it is heading south. tomorrow morning. i mean, it could move a little farther north. by the afternoon things start to pop up here. bands of moisture. we will get some of this. could be a few thundershowers.
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so much parameters are not too bad. central and southern california. all the way thursday into friday. mostly cloudy. breezy at times. not as bad as yesterday. below average temperatures. way below here. 60s, #s, 60s then upper 60s. a very low 70s but they should be much warmer than this. cloudy to most cloudy. some rain in here. i think more to the valley and into early friday but the weekend stays cool. do you have a favorite one? >> no. innerve really watched until this year. >> really? >> well, i watched some but it's been on for how long? >> 16? >> 15 years. >> a lot of talented people have come back. >> back in the day. >> different judges and yeah it's been fun. >> i like them this year. it's been good. >> some good talent. >> yeah, a couple. >> we'll see if you're right. that's my pick. >> all right. thanks. well, coming up a horrible crash in the south bay left
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four people dead. coming up, what police suspect they have caused over the edge of a cliff. >> century crews off the centrallian coast looking for the missing malaysian plane. the ship wreck they're investigating.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:53 and search cruise hunting for malaysian airlines flight have made an unexpected find. a shipwreck. it came when sonar equipment detected a cluster of options two and a half miles below the surface. the camera took this picture of the ships anchor. there's still this sign of debris. it vanished last year with 239 people on board. >> the san francisco medical has released its firing in the mission district. the four-alarm fire started in the third floor hallway of a building on mission and 22nd. the medical examiner says fire firefighters spent two 20 minutes trying to pull the victim. his body was first discovered face down. the 40-year-old died of smoke
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inhalation. it faced 8.5 million in damage. life in prison if convicted. 1-year-old mohammed appeared in court yesterday but did not enter a plea to sexual assault during a burglary, false imprisonment. police say he followed a 13- year-old girl home from school last week and seen on surveillance video forcing her way into the home. she fought him off. police say he tried to attack a woman in a public restroom last month. he was arrested last friday after his landlord saw the video. he's due back in court next week. >> a wild police chase came to an a dramatic end after a homeowner caught the suspect. police say the chase started on highway 4 early yesterday morning. the suspect drove on to a regional trail. his car got stuck so he took off. he could not find him.
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that's when a homeowner got an uneasy feeling. he found the suspect hiding. he says the spotlight attacked him with a tool from a workbench and put him in a choke hold. his son came to the rescue. together to the were able to gain the upper hand until they arrived and arrested the suspect. show police activity in the city and information is loaded top this map. it calls -- as calls come if into the department you can see what police are dealing with. by clicking on a crime the map will zoom into the location and give information about the call. there's a throng street view which will show previously -- some calls are not listed such as domestic violence, rape and child abuse. that's to protect sprcts. a new survey indicates the economic recovery is still going strong. 64% execs say they plan to hire
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new workers this year. 69% of those same executives plan to add to the work forces. the economy of the region that includes santa clara county and the peninsula is likely to continue growing one more year. they worn it'll add to traffic and house housing issues in the region. >> coming up next, a 6th person now reported dead in the amtrak train crash. they continue to sift through the debris. >> a lot of blood and a lot of folks got banged up, hurt bad. >> we are following the very latest developments from philadelphia. we'll also get a live report from there. >> also aletterring cell phone user about potential health risk. voted to require warntion on cell phone even though they already come with us. one. >> the san francisco commute right now. northbound 101 look good. we'll tell you more about how the traffic is on 101 and the
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peninsula. >> plenty of clouds out there this morning. no rain yet. probably on tap for later this morning. but temperatures way below average for it time of year. take a look coming up.
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good morning, now at least six people have been killed, more than 150 after an amtrak train deraild in philadelphia. >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. i have never seen anything like this in my life. >> what investigators are doing to determine how this happen. and we are live in gilroy as we look into a crash that killed four people and injured one. . good morning. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, may 13th. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is already looking ahead to tonight and tomorrow. >> tonight and tomorrow, yes. probably rain getting in here, likely more south, but we have a lot of cloud cover over us. mostly cloudy. you can still


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