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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 14, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a cop races after a black challenger and makes the stop. but, that is not the same car that went speeding by. the story behind the video that got an innocent driver off the hook. it's a campaign in japan aimed at people -- >> having a goo time tin message on the posters could have one sobering affect. who is going to try a triple back flip on a scooter? >> this suspension is nothing. >> see if he can stick the trick two years in the making. plus the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini.
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>> why this little boy might sound familiar. and handing out samples of mystery meat. >> there's more protein in it. >> it's scary. >> why it's free but people aren't biting. >> face it you put something in your mouth, you want to know what it is. >> or sometimes you don't. >> you don't want to be behind the hv in this video. this is from a dashcam on a big rig going 65 miles an hour. it is tapped by an rv pulling a truck. watch what happens. >> no no no no no. >> holy moly. oh! >> what happened? >> a blowout? >> the tire failure. the rv was going westbound, ended up in the eastbound lane and did not hit other cars. >> that is an expensive vehicle. that is awful. >> the driver is 69. they sustained only minor
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injuries in this incident. >> in michigan it's raining on this freeway. look at the car ahead. see the lights? see the breaks? bends out of control toward the median. >> a head-on collision with the wall too. >> this last one, this is the i-8 in san diego, california. you got this woman with a dashcam. she says the person behind her in a white truck is tailgating. she throws on her windshield wipers and sprays to tell them to back up. they are not happy with her speed. she does move over and the car passes her. watch what he does. he's out for revenge. first, he turns on the wipers for her to get a spray on her windshield. >> are you kidding me? >> that's not enough for him. the window on the cap is opening and that right there, my friends is a full moon. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute. the next part turns down right
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scary. the person in the white truck has gone. watch what happens ahead. there is somebody running across the freeway. that person made it to the other side. incredibly dangerous. >> a dramatic day on the freeway, this lady. >> what are you doing? >> japan is an amazing country, one of the safest in the world. behind closed doors, there is something going wrong. >> this is alcohol consumption. a rapid rise in domestic violence. >> they have created a campaign to raise awareness. >> we designed a series of coasters using portraits of japanese women. >> it got ink in it. when you put your glass down on it, it lowers the temperature of the coaster. when you lift up the drink afterwards what's happened is suddenly on the faces of these women, bruises and cuts appear.
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>> this way, every time drinkers raise their cup, they have a shocking image completed by the line end domestic violence. >> i'm all for this. seriously, it seems gruesome to have it out while you are out trying to be social but the truth is this is happening so much. quite frankly, i'm all for any reminders that this is happening. >> it's a good idea. is it enough to make an impact to stop this kind of violence? it seems like this is a great starting point. it seems they need to do come pains that put more information there that people can think through that maybe they just aren't aware enough. >> it's a good conversation starter. at least they are talking. this is hopefully the beginning of more vacation. really looked into this story. watch closely. in the right hand lane.
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see that? that is a black, dodge challenger whipping by the driver at 100 miles per hour. they bend it up. 20 seconds later, an allen park police chevy tahoe. the driver got into heavy traffic. the police caught up to the black dodge challenger and pulled it over. the guy who owned the dashcam uploaded the video. people noticed, that is not the same car that went speeding by. >> the wheels are different. >> they are both black dodge challengers, but you are different, the car the police officer pulled over with the silver rt stripes, chrome wheels and gas cap. they called police saying i have this dashcam video. you need to see it. he claims the police were not interested in seeing it. the man in that challenger that was pulled over was arrested for this. >> they have to listen.
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you have to make them listen. >> they eventually did listen. they are now using this video to try to track down the original alleged speeder. >> good credit for the guy with the dashcam for not letting that drop. >> the uploader of the video got an apology in fr the arresting officer for not taking it seriously. the charges were dropped against the driver that was pulled over and he was reimbursed for his towing. >> this is a sad case of police thinking all black cars lookalike. >> oh! it is just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. you are going to need wednesday's buzz word be 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. the buzz word coming up in a bit. stand by for the rtm ipad mini give away. you are going to really love this video. it is captured on a vgi samsung
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two. >> very popular drone. >> totally fun. watch this guy fly his into an -- >> it came out of nowhere. >> that's the new, expensive one, too. >> very expensive. thousands dollars. not doable. the poster of this video says he was out 4,000 bucks. he ruined the other. now to birmingham england, where this poor pilot is trying to land this airbus a321. huge passenger plane. this flight coming in. as you can see, it is windy. >> imagine the people on that plane. >> going down for the landing. take off. he does not touch down at all. >> go around go around.
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go around. >> the plane goes back up. here is the two. in this one you are going to use an approach. he's going down. twisting a little bit. and it's not going to happen this day. >> they have to do it again? they have to go around again? >> no they give up. we'll go to manchester. that's what they did. they got diverted. >> wow. >> it's an intense rescue. >> the family's lab was still in the house. >> see the impressive technique used by these firefighters. plus a machine with massive horsepower. >> greatest vehicle ever. that is the greatest vehicle ever.
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a sad mother's day for a family of four in new jersey. you can see here a lovely two-story house up in smoke. a family with two small children
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lost everything except one important thing. you can see the ladder's extended up to the second floor. why? because the family's lab was still in the house. firefighters went into this house to rescue their dog. >> ahh, this is beautiful. >> i have never gotten out of the house this way before. i like the technique they used. side by side. must be a big dog to carry him down with two guys. >> the fire truck is outfitted with an oxygen mask for dogs. animals need a different one than we do. they are giving him oxygen. then somebody is breaking out a water bottle. the dog is breathing and shaking it out. they had to carry the dog away. it was transported to a hospital for smoke inhilation. the dog was alert and moving around. >> ten people helping the dog.
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>> they ask to make sure. >> the good thing is a family member started a gofundme page for the family because two kids under 5 years old. you know how expensive that is. plus, the house is burned down. i showed you these very first triple back flips on a motorcycle. >> yes. >> at the time we said we are going to see more of this. well here goes ryan williams part of the nitrocircus live practicing triple back flips on a scooter for two years. he's wrecked countless times and pulled it out of. here he goes down the megaramp. >> on a razor scooter. how do you land that? >> it's a perfect line. no suspension. it was just perfect. >> his spine is jammed up into
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the back of his head. nitrocircus live crew. >> i am not showing this to my children. >> this video is pure monstrosity. >> greatest vehicle ever. >> it is. they were on discovery channel for a while. this has 1,000 horsepower. you can get to a top speed of 72 miles per hour. you may look at this and say that looks like it belongs in mad max. you are right. this is footage they shot to film mad max. so many movie cars are all show and no go. this car, called the peacemaker it is a monster that belongs in the new mad max. moms deserve a big thank you. >> what is on your face?
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>> no matter where they are, they have their hands full. >> oh you think he's back. no this is not mateo, this is his little brother, kevin. mateo from the linda, linda look. mateo's little brother seems to be very similar. >> you don't need water. >> they sound alike. >> kevin was at a football game and thought it was necessary to water the grass. saying kevin, look you cannot water the grass. >> no you don't have to. >> i need to. >> poor linda. >> kevin. i love you. >> i love you. >> this next video posted to facebook by one of our awesome viewers. >> two little ones entertained at the same time.
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>> cuteness. >> an infectious child laugh. this last video, mom is already dealing with a little girl who wants to wear make up. this little girl is only 21 months old. >> a little young. >> she knows she's in trouble. she's wearing the make up. mom says whose make up. she thinks about it. >> it's your make up? >> she says it's make up. let's hope it's not permanent magic marker or sharpy that's going to be there a few days. >> you can't get mad, she's cute. >> i know. on a mission to find his mother a better house. >> single and she's been looking for love. >> see the brilliant idea behind his project. >> can i have her number? plus the wednesday buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini.
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3:50 pm
not, help me find the love of her life. >> she's got a beautiful smile. >> ava is looking for her adam. >> a good place to start is someone who likes the things she likes. what does she like? >> she likes to play tennis go swimming loves nature. look at her go downhill. yoga sunbathing. beer. bikes. it looks daunting. last but not least, as they say, looking after her sister mother and her whole family. >> can i have her number? she seems pretty cool. >> she's awesome. >> if you are watching this video and think ava is the kind of girl for you, she loves all thgshave a way you can get in contact with her.
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mom, i hope love is in the air. if you are the lucky man, then i guess we'll be in touch. >> that's cool man. way to go. >> what a beautiful sentiment. so self-less and so loving. >> my gosh. what do you want to do with this? >> on the internet. hopefully people spread it around and we'll find you a good man. >> summertime is almost here. how about a delicious fruit smooth smoothie? watch. oh tiny coconuts. >> why is she doing that? >> you are about to get really really excited. >> because she's making a lua party. we have the tiki bar set up made of crayons and a pill box.
3:52 pm
they are enjoying drinks with tiny umbrellas. >> i can't handle it. this is adorable. >> actual blades of grass. >> the best part possibly although watching this hamster shell food in his mouth is awesome. watch this he's had too much to drink. the tiny hamster needs a bathroom break. uh-oh, the bathroom is out of order. >> oh no. >> oh my gosh this is too cute. >> if you are interested the tiny hamster has a book available for preorder. tiny hamster is a giant monster. all right everybody. it's that time. time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head to and hit the ipad button.
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people love free samples, anything. they will say free sample sure i'll eat it. it's dog? >> yeah it is dog. [ bleep ]. >> dog! oh my god! >> yeah you ate dog.
3:57 pm
>> whoa! dog. >> it's a prank. >> dog. >> dog? for real? >> yeah. >> ahh. >> it's a dog? >> yeah it's dog. dog jerkey. >> people have to ask twice. they want to make sure they didn't miss it. he didn't say hot dog, he said dog. >> i think it's the surprise faomn your mouth, you want to know what it is. >> you like dogs? >> oh yeah. >> you know what i have eaten dog. i have eaten real dog. >> this really turns kind of dark which you kind of expect in a stunt like this. >> it's dog. >> thanks for saying that first. >> yeah, that was teriyaki ter yor. >> you feel like you can't breathe, your skin is burning. it's only going to feel like i'm
3:58 pm
kicking you until i'm too tired to kick you anymore. i could go to jail for that and i'm willing to do so. i will inflict so much physical damage on you, it will make me okay with going to jail. think i'm [ bleep ] joking? >> he did not like the stunt at all. >> it's plain old beef jerkey. >> the kind ou get from the grocery store. >> we'll give you a free pound of jerky. >> that's going to do it for us here on "right this minute." thanks for joining us. see you an ex time female announcer: it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: melissa rivers comes out swinging. it's amazing that she did. not if you're kathy griffin. she deserved this i think. this is melissa rivers last night with hoda from the "today show" where melissa was interviewed about her book. you know this famous story now that melissa's mom joan, who ran "fashion police," was the star of


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