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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon everyone. we are getting breaking news out of boston this afternoon. this is a live picture right outside the courthouse. the jury in the boston marathon bombing trial reached a verdict on whether dzhokhar tsarnaev should be sentence today die or spend life in prison. the court is set to reconvene
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in boston at this hour. we'll monitor this breaking news and bring you the very latest as soon as it comes in. now to morgan hill where a bus driver was threatened by a passenger. near by workers came to his rescue. we have an exclusive firsthand account of what happened. >> hi has the bus driver by his shirt and punching him. >> reporter: the bus was stopped on monterey street near 2nd right there front of the restaurant. he and his workers ran to the bus worried about the driver and passengers.
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>> you're call 911 right now. >> i'm panicking. my grandchildren are in there. >> reporter: they try to coax the man off. she screaming. >> they are trying to kill me. the doors were open. he could have ran out. >> reporter: the object was a tool used to unlatch windows. the driver was being threatened with a ball pint pin and the driver grabbed the tool when he jumped off the bus. no one was injured but it is reviewing security procedures. >> incidents are rare. compare today all of the transit systems it is one of the safest systems in the country. >> reporter: they ended up arrested the man. he is grateful that the plan was caught and she staying humble about the part that he plays. >> i was trying to help the
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guy. we don't want him to get hurt. some guy is trying to attack him. looking out for his community. ktvu channel 2 news. 17-year-old max risk was rusk was shot yesterday. they say he was a month away from graduation and looking forbard to his graduation. they can't understand why someone would target the teen. police have not said what the motive may have been. >> i just want to pay my respects for him. i can't believe he is really gone. he was always kind and respectful. it is kind of ward he is one of the people at his hardest.
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he was always proud to say he was from vallejo. >> his father says he was planning the attend college. they have not announced any arrests in connection with this homicide. it has been three days where three high school students were killed. tonight hundreds will gather to remember their lives. 18-year-old pena and hernandez and williams were passengers in a car. the driver is suspected of being you should the influence. he survived the crash. a memorial service will be held at 7:30 tonight. a vigil for williams will be held at christopher high school on monday night. there are reports that fresh drinking water is being used in the demolition of candle stick park. they say crews sprayed thousands of gallons of fresh
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drinking water onto this site. the paper says the contractor could have gotten free recycled water from the city. they say they misinterpreted the e-mail. they will clarify to crews to use recycled water when ever they can for the rest of the project. kevin johnson accused of session yule harassment. a woman claims johnson took her into his private city hall library and pressed his body against her. the mayor asked her to start a sexual relationship. the woman says johnson harassed her three more times last year. >> i understand that even though this is an allegation, one that has absolute no merit it will generate headlines and it will wound me, my family and the city. >> the woman is seeking
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$200,000 in damages. mayor johnson said they had investigated the and found them to be unsubstantiated. a hidden camera found in a bathroom, one that was used to secretly record dozens of women. a staffer thought it seemed out of place and alerted authorities. it is in the lower level of unit one central building. they say they have a person of interest. police tell us she an alarm technician who no longer works at the university. they believe he lured women to a rarely used staff locker room by posting an out of order locker sign. the camera was disguised as an outlet. >> it was surprising to us the availability of these devices on the internet. this particular one looked like
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an electrical outlet. they also come like a clock, a fire alarm or smoke detector- type device. >> they say it was dry opening to them. they going through the suspect's commute and counted at least 50 women. police also believe the camera was in place for two weeks starting in late april. an east bay man arrest for possession of child pornography. he was arrested at his home in concord. according to his web site he is the former chairman of the chamber of commerce and once served as the concord deablo
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rotary club. cast per was booked at the concord jail for depicting minors of sexual acts. he was released after posting bail. after months of negotiations the city of san jose cleared the way for the use of body cameras on police officers. yesterday they announced an agreement on how they will be used to protect the privacy of officers and the public. they say cameras will not be used during free speech demonstrations or at hospitals. the department says it will be testing several cameras before it picks a vendor. they expect officers will be fully outfitted by june of next year. >> we like to think we are very progressive. we have seen it as a model nationally. i think that our policy will be seen as a model nationally. >> in oakland police say they have seen a dramatic decrease in the use of force. they have arrested a second
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teenager that was caught on surveillance cameras. it happened last friday afternoon. video seen here shows the suspects arming themselves with kitchen knives. two women and a young child were hiding in a bedroom the whole time. luckily they were not hurt. the 17-year-olds surrendered to police on wednesday. police later arrested a 16-year- old boy yesterday as well. they are both being held at santa clara juvenile hall. six marines and two soldiers were on board when it crashed. david piper has more on the fate of the chopper and the crew. >> reporter: days of searching over in nepal. the helicopter has been found. the chopper carrying six marines and two soldiers vanished tuesday while delivering humanitarian aid.
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>> it is unlikely there are any survivors at this time. the wreckage was found at approximately 11,000 feet in extremely dense forest and rugged terrain. >> reporter: the country is still reeling from two powerful earthquakes in less than a month. many remain homeless and terrified another quake will hit soon. this woman says she doesn't know how her family will ever rebuild. >> reporter: there is no money. there is no earning member in the february. my husband is too old and i don't have a job. >> reporter: they say the country's overwhelmed in the wake of the quakes which is killed more than 8000. these children studying. the group setting up three such locations but is hoping to open 100 more. >> we'll keep these running for longer as long as they are needed. i think once they are back it will be a need for children
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outside of schools. >> reporter: the cause of the helicopter is still unknown. it points to a possible fuel problem. it came to california. david piper, fox news. coming up we are still waiting for the decision. the jury in the boston marathon bombing trial. as soon as they announce any decision we'll go live coming up. clouds are clear. snow in the sierras. we'll tell you how we can expect the weather to be this weekend. [ music ] >> and blues legend who thrilled and entertained us for nearly seven decades is gone. coming up how b. b. king is being remembered today.
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[ music ] [ music ] >> i'm sure going to miss him. b. b. king is being remembered as someone who changed people forever. he died at his home in las
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vegas. he had recently fallen ill and was under home hospice care. we have a look back at king's life and legacy. >> reporter: he was the king of blues. he was born september 16th, 1925 in mississippi. he came from a family of sharecroppers. after his parents separated he lived with his grandmother. in 1946 after wrecking a tractor on the job he decide today head to memphis and pursue his future. b. b. found himself on street corners playing what he loved, the blues. >> about 12 years old when i decided that i want today try and play. i -- wanted to try to play. i didn't get serious until i came out of service when i was 18. >> reporter: he became a disk jockey. in 1949 he cut -- b. b.'s 3:00
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blues went to number one on the r and b charts. from there the hits kept coming. king along with his guitar formed a record breaking 340 nights. he was becoming a star touring with acts like the rolling stones. in 1970 b. b. became the first blues singer to appear on the tonight show. as he got older king stopped touring as much but his fans stayed loyal. b. b. also gave back. he used his 70s birthday party in memphis to raise money for research for sickle cell anemia. b. b. king, when rock and roll was king, making him more than just a star. he was a legend. >> he certainly was. well, we are learning more about the piece of bart track
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that broke away in an under ground tunnel near civic center station last thursday. they say the track had been determined as an anomaly last year. they say excess material should have been ground down. they are looking at all of the rail associated with that batch. there is a proposal on the table to help solve the probable of traffic on the bay bridge. they are considering creating a wrong-way bus lane. the idea is to turn an eastbound lane to a westbound lane just for buses. it would allow them to run more buses into san francisco. it would be the fastest way to fix the problem and could cost $177 million. a typhoon took aim of guam today. it shows typhoon dolphin. the eye of the storm just
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missed the island. it was packing winds of 110 miles per hour. the 160,000 residents have been bracing for land. what will the weekend be like? >> it will be cool to mild. cloud wills slowly clearing. take a look at what's going on. these clouds will continue to pull out of the way and we'll be left with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures were a little bit cool. let's get a look at rain and thunderstorms. snow to the sierra. in our area any where from a few traces and amounts to about an inch reported in sunnyvale and a few other spots. you can see southern california continuing to get some of that rain. as you squeeze in a little bit
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closer you have partly sunny skies. the snow continues to fall. take a look at this. isn't that beautiful? about an hour or so ago he says it is still falling. with that there is an advisory that will remain in place this evening. 6500 feet is right about the snow level. if you're traveling up to the sierra expect it along the west slope. you'll need chains or your snow tires. partly cloudy, cool, the afternoon sea breeze with winds picking up 10 to 20 miles per hour for the second half of your day. 58 in oakland, low 60s in santa rosa. 58 s. f. o. how about the south bay? 63 in san jose. 63 with partly cloudy skies in
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livermore. closer to the bay it's a little cooler. mid-60s. low 60s in san francisco. upper 60s to nearen 0 santa rosa . notice for your bay area weekend not a lot of change going on. we'll wake up with morning clouds. by the afternoon partly cloudy skies expected. low 60s at the coast. we have mid-60s around the bay. monday into tuesday more of the same. we do have a weak system that want to bring us the opportunity, maybe a few more scattered showers. >> i can't believe it's snowing right now. >> amazing. >> 3 to 6 inches, right? >> yeah. we have been running cool the entire month of may. >> all right. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. coming up we are still
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waiting the penalty charges for boston marathon bombing. a mother and police officer who rescued both her and her son.
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welcome back everybody. stocks are trading low as investors are looking at manufacturing and corporate earnings. stocks are down at the new york stock exchange. the nasdaq is down 6.
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a start up entrepreneur is claiming a car sharing idea was stolen from him. uber stole his idea from a cellular. he says in 2006 he discussed his ideas with the men who would later develop uber which launched in 2008. it could increase the value to $50 billion. he posted a you tube video previously sued two other tech companies claiming that he helped get them started. one case was dismissed and the other he received a quarter million dollars settlement. an emotional reunion between a police officer and two people he rescued. there were hugs and tears yesterday as tonya and her son met the officer since the ordeal. on april 22nd the mother and
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son were trapped inside their second floor apartment by a raging fire. the officer ran through the fire to pull them to safety. >> you walked through flames and smoke so you could save two lives that are here in front of you today. >> they were hanging out the window calling for help. i immediately ran up the stairs and started kicking their door to force entry inside to help them. >> segura brought a step stool to give him a proper hug there. they are waiting to move into a new rental next month. the events to celebrate bay to breakers. it started picking up about an hour ago. it starts at 8:00 on sunday morning and ends at ocean beach. this is the 103rd running to
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bay to breakers. 50,000 runners are expected to participate this year. participate quotation marks. we'll be following breaking news for a verdict in the boston marathon bombing. we'll have more tonight and perhaps this afternoon as well at ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. follow us on and on facebook and twitter. it is friday. enjoy the day. [ music ]
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