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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  May 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning everybody. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday, back at it again may 18th i'm brian flores. >> that was kind of fast. the weekend. >> yeah. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 4:30 is the time. i guess it depends on how busy your weekend is or how relaxing. i feel like mine was pretty
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busy. >> usually they go quicker when you are busy. we have a busy weather week it looks like. i better get busy then. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. a cool pattern. i would tend to favor north bay over this. this pattern something we have seen february or march. and then the beat goes on. i think we go through most of the month with no signs of that changing. 40s own 50s. it's cooler if it wasn't for the cloud cover. right out west. some sun breaks here but a mostly cloudy breezy pattern. 50s and 60s and very, very few
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70s. all right sal, how are we doing at 4:41? >> we are doing okay. traffic is doing well on the bay bridge approach. westbound at the toll plaza. traffic continues to look very good. also looking at the east bay. 880 traffic is moving along very nicely. and on 80 westbound we had an earlier accident. that continues to move along very nicely. 4:32 let's go back to the desk. police are searching for a driver suspected of stealing a car in concord. i want to go to lye pictures from berkeley where police are still on the scene of that crash. they are in facing right now. chp says a stolen car was seen
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going the wrong way. the stolen car went on to university avenue. the driver crashed on herself between sacramento and california street causing another car to flip over. the driver of the stolen car ran off. the driver of the other car suffered minor injuries. ktvu tara moriarty is there this morning. she'll have another live report coming up at 5:00. amtrak is back in service between new york and philadelphia for the first time since that deadly derailment in philadelphia last week. this weekend over the weekend amtrak was ordered to expand the use of a speed control system near the crash site. federal investigators say the train was speeding at 106 miles an hour as it headed into a curve and detrailed last tuesday. eight people were killed. more than 200 were hurt. authorities are trying to figure out if some kind of
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flying object that left a hole in the ever engines win shield has something to do with the derailment. >> we are looking at everything. we have not ruled anything out. nor have we ruled anything in. >> his lawyers say he does not remember the accident itself. he was married, father of two. he worked at wells fargo as an executive in their new york commercial real estate office. police in the south bay are looking far man who tried to grab a ten-year-old girl off a quiet street in campbell. janine de la vega is also live in campbell where the new
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photos of the car the suspect was driving. janine, good morning. >> reporter: this has really shaken up the community. a lot of people here are very worried about what happened. campbell is the city that is known to be safe. there is a lot of families living here and now a lot of people are on edge and they are worried and hoping that police catch this suspect. let's go to a peckture of a suspects sketch. this is the man that police say grabbed a ten-year-old girl as she was walking her dog. shyish described as asian -- he is described as asian or latino. >> he was showing her a piece of paper and asking for directions. when she got close enough that is is when he grabbed her from
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the front. she started screaming and he pushed her to the ground. >> reporter: a neighbor and the girl's father came running and the man drove away. besides the still photographs, police have also released this surveillance video showing the suspects car driving by. they want everyone to be on the lookout for the suspect who was at the time wearing a black and white beanie and distinctive white coat with fur cuffs. >> a lot of people hoping this man gets caught. investigators are looking for the cause of a grass fire that burned for nearly three hours. it started in the center divide on interstate 980 about 2:30 in the afternoon. 508 firefighters from several different fire departments helped put out the flames. the fire jumped to the nearby hillside. you can see where 75 acres of dry grass burned quickly.
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smoke from the fire slowed traffic on the freeway. the twitter user posted photos showing how much smoke there wisconsin. officials say some -- how much smoke there was. >> we did have three minor accidents. people running into the back of each other. but they were all minor injuries. >> fire crews say no one was hurt in the fire and the flames never threatened any buildings. vallejo boy hit by a stray bullet last month is slowly recovering. >> reporter: a month ago dew mar okay was an active -- kumar polk was an active seven-year- old.
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kumar was with a crowd to mourn a neighbor who died in his sleep. >> one came up the back. >> reporter: the boy had plastic surgery on his hands opinion the bullet in his abdomen caused injuries to his spinal cord. he is now confined to a wheelchair. >> he has sensation in his right thigh in his left toot. social security sensation but nonmovement. >> reporter: he knows he has been shot but it's still hard for him to comprehend. >> when he first came out of icu we were telling him he was crying and screaming why me? why me? i'm a six-year-old. >> reporter: kumar's family say there is are good days and there are bad days but what keeps him in food spirits is watching the warriors play. >> steph curry is his favorite player. so he has been watching
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faithfully. >> reporter: there is one place he never wants to go again fifth street in vallejo. >> i don't know when or how it's going to stop, but it's going to stop. >> the family set up a go fund me account to help pay for medical bills and make kumar's home wheelchair accessible. on friday they celebrated a milestone. >> i was just calling to say happy birthday and i love you. >> reporter: kumar turned eight with family and friends by his side and they have not given up hope that one day he will walk again. >> no arrests have been made in the case inveigh lay hoe police -- and vallejo police have not released a motive. they are known as microbeads and they are meant to be rinsed down the beads but
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they are too tiny to be captured by filters. they are being found by huge numbers in oceans and bay where is fish an animals eat them. if approved california would ban microbeads starting january 1st of 2020. first lady michelle obama will present a special award to tech museum. the museum will be honored. richy says the award is given on the basis of community impact and that the relationship the museum has with the schools in the area an important part in its mission. tighter restrictions for the way some people light up. the proposal in the south bay today that could raise the legal age limit to buy tobacco products. >> renowned extreme athlete known for his risky base jumps
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has died. what we have learned about the accident that happened over the weekend. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing very well on highway 24 westbound as you drive through the tunnel. we'll tell you more coming up. >> if you like a cool pattern this week looks like another one. we'll see what is in store for monday's high temps.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. extreme athlete dean potter was one of two men killed while attempting a winged flight in yosemite. he made films about his feats including one called when dogs fly. >> the joy we have is off the charts and we love it up there.
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>> that film was released earlier this year. a parks spokesman says the 33- year-old potter and climbing partner graham hunt jumped from a 7500-foot rocky cliff on saturday. someone called for help after losing contact with the men. their bodies were found yesterday morning. more severe weather is bringing heavy rain and tornadoes to the midwest and storm chasers captured the child weather on camera. huge hail shattered their windshield. they were following tornadoes. and in texas rising rivers. >> it looks like a water bed. >> his car is totaled. left the bed. not sleeping on that anymore. >> in kansas a possible tornado left behind a trail of damage.
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fortunately no one was hurt. more severe weather is in the forecast for minnesota, wisconsin, and illinois. if you are planning to fly somewhere this morning you should expect a record number of passengers. airlines for america forecasting 222 million travelers will fly in and around domestic airports. and that is two million more than the previous record. the group says the rebounding economy is spurring people to travel more and u.s. airlines are adding more seats to accommodate the additional passengers. going 6,000 miles in only a row boat. ha is what a woman from washington hopes to accomplish day when she sets off from japan to san francisco. she packed her boat with 1200 pounds of freeze-dried food. and she's also gained 40 pounds
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in preparation for this trip. she is planning to row 16 hours per day which will burn 10,000- calories. her team will help her via satellite phone and she will be tracked by gps but she will not have a support vessel. with about three weeks to go the women's soccer team is gearing up. key bee bryant and his family was present. it was 1-1 at the half and the u.s. went on a scoring spry. they won by a final 5-1. now you can watch most of the world cup matches right here with us. the u.s. opens against australia on june 8th. and face off against sweden on june 12th. and nigeria on june 16th. 4:46 is the time. also pretty good in his own way
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is sal castaneda. >> thank you brian. >> and on a mission. >> i'm on a mission to save you time. and seriously right now you don't have to run out of the house. hang out with us for a little bit because i will show you. let's go to the live pictures. we almost start off with highway 4. traffic is is doing very well. i wouldn't advise you to linger too long but in case you don't want to be starting your monday off in a very phrase led sense. it looks good on highway 24. if you are going to the toll plaza, we have had a -- and it looks good across the richmond san rafael bridge as well. let's go to steve in the weather center. i want it to linger for
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three more hours this morning when the alarm went off. >> i know what you mean. >> another cool day and weak looks to be on the forecast menu. we have a lot of low clouds. possibility of a few showers popping up in the north bay. mostly cloudy. breezy, cool. lots of clouds. a few shower to the north. this week a lot of showers and turned cooler. you can see the place rotating around. possibility some of the showers maybe if we get a little bit of a break in the clouds. we are past the midpoint of may so the days are longer and the angle of the sun is higher. 50s for most. but there are a few upper 40s. a little bit of a breeze.
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18 gusting to 24 at oakland. 30 up in truckee. 50s for most although there are areas warmer than that. we do get a few breaks here. somewhere down the road we have to balance that out. but let's face it we were warm for a long time until we got to may. 60s on the temps. much, much below normal. fairfield, concord, morgan hill these are way below where they should be this time of year. a lot of cloud cover off and on. that one might have a little
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more. >> pretty cool week. >> it does. >> great report by the way. >> yeah. >> i was going to say it's on the website if you missed it. >> we used to call it the pine a ex-- the pine pineapple express. >> and you have to stay for this story because it's very cute. babies first steps very important moment of course. some lucky bystanders in alaska got to witness the first steps of two baby moose. they were born on the side of the road. it caused a big backup for drivers but people were fine pulling over. you can see the first steps. it's not easy standing up on those legs. people watching say they cannot believe how lucky they were to
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get to pull over and see that. poor little guy. brother or sister there saying come on stand up. we're going to replay that video over and over again just for us. no new stadium for the raiders. that is what a new report is claiming. in 20 minutes the new reason for plans to build one in oakland. up next how the contagious virus is impacting people.
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this morning concerns are growing over the deadly bird flu outbreak in the united states. one of the largest egg producers in minnesota says they have to kill two million egg laying hens because of the outbreak. it is the largest bird flu outbreak in u.s. history. medical experts say the virus poses little risk to people. >> eat poultry products, eat egg products it's not a problem.
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>> one day your flock is good and the next day they come out and say you have been infected. >> grocery stores are raising prices on eggs because of the dwindling supply and researchers are working on the vaccine that they hope will stop the virus from spreading. just a horrible story. a dog that was found severely abused and injured in san francisco last week has died. animal care and control officers say the dog was euthanized after its kidneys failed. the pit bull terrier mix was one or two years old. his owner says the dog was stolen from him early last week. animal care and control officers say they are searching for the person responsible for the severe injuries. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea. speaking at a news conference, kerry says north korea has not even come close to taking the step needed to reign in the
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nuclear program. >> it continues to show flagrant disregard. >> south carolina's spy agent i have reports that kim judge on it's shot from behind as he
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prepares to walk on stage as he delivers one of his key speeches. pitch perfect 2 grabbed the top spot at this weekend's box office bringing in $70.3 million. this makes it the highest for the musical. avengers age of ultron, top pursuit, and furious 7. a surprise announcement from the president this morning. >> but first the deadly bike gang shootout in a crowded central texas restaurant. after the weak an eye answer account and the issues that may have triggered it.
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>> it still looks very good as we take a live look at the picture of the san mateo bridge heading out to foster city. >> we have another cool week. another cool morning and it will probably be a cool afternoon.
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we're live in berkeley where the chp has called off its search. >> we are live in campbell where an attempted child kidnapping has a community on edge. we will show you pictures of the suspect and his car that police have shared. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. we are live in north berkeley this morning. police cleaning up the scene now. they have called off the search for the man suspected of leading the chp on a chase in a stolen car. this happened in the neighborhoods just moments ago. tara moriarty is out there at the scene as well. she is going to have more on the man that police have been looking for


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