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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  May 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. good morning. i am pam cook. rosemary is in for steve. he has been off the entire week. >> it is nice being here >> i will sleep in next week. >> the sleeping in the good! well, we have another nice day in store. today will be a lot like yesterday. here is a look at the winds. they remain on shore? fairfield at 23 miles per hour, gusting. we have that low cloud cover out there, as well. pushing all the way through the delta into portions of the sacramento valley. the pattern not changing a
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whole lot. we are waking one overcast skys in the north bay, east bay, south bay and also along the coast. concord 50, 53 in oakland. along the peninsula 54 at sfo, low 50s over santa rosa, novato and napa.
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thousand commute, sal? we are doing well when it comes to the commute. look at the drive on the bay bridge. we will start there and traffic is moving along pretty well. getting into san francisco, no major problems getting into the city and the traffic looks good as you drive on the freeway once you get there. also looking at the san mateyo bridge. that traffic looks good. the road work eastbound near the toll plaza the traffic looks good all the way through. the westbound traffic looks nice driving out in. if you are driving in the south bay, 101, 280 an 205 are all off to a good start. back to the desk. thank you, sal. a plan to address our state's ongoing drought is drawing criticism in frustrated residents in the silicon valley. now more live from san jose to tell us about the plan and why
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some are questioning it. janine de la vega has more year yes. the san jose water company is asking people to cut their water usage by 30% at home. if they don't they will face penalties. last night there was a meeting where at least 300 people turned out and the san jose water company would limit each home to a monthly allocation of water. it takes the average residential home use from 2013 as a base rather than using each individual home's usage. there are financial penalties for customers that use more than their limit and aren't able to cut use by 30%. many voice concerns saying others have bigger family and yards and it isn't fair and apartments and businesses aren't part of the plan.
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>> one issue is convenience. the water company has -- the san jose water customers have done a great job conserving over the past 20 years. we are using about the same amount amount of water today as we did 20 years ago. >> the san jose water company provides 80% of water to the silicon valley. the new rules are expected to go into affect june 15 but the people who spoke out last night are hoping what they said resonated with the san jose water company and that change will be made. >> janine, thank you. we will have to see what happens there. for more information on the water use rules, go to and click on weapon links on the home page. california regulators are going to be vote ongoing water limits for new lawns in resistance to the drought, considering landscaping
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ordinants for new, wrenn it is ad homes, office building, schools and hospitals, in response to governor brown's order to cut back on water news our state by as much as 25%. outdoor irrigation accounts for roughly half of all residential water use. a search is on for the missing 16-year-old sacramento girl in larson. she was last seen on thursday at her home. she was with her caretaker who had a medical emergency during the day. when her parents returned at home they discovered the caretaker but the daughter was missing. if you have information about the whereabouts, calm the sachs county sheriff's department. pregnant singer sarah blackwood demanding an apology from united airlines after she was kicked off a flight in san francisco because of her flying son. the singer, seven months pregnant with her second child, posted this picture on her
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facebook page. she said it started when her 2- year-old son started crying loudly while waiting for a flight from vancouver. after taxiing they returned to the boarding area to refuel but by that time the child was asleep and she was kicked off the plane. after several hours she was put on another flight. sanford university is one of 18 laboratories around the country that may have mechanically received a shipment of live anthrax from the u.s. army. the university received notice this week that a single vile of anthrax shipped last summer my contain a small amount of the bacteria. the university says there is no safety threat and only two individuals handled the sample, following boy hazard guidelines. the vile is being sent to the cdc for evaluation. the military said no one reported symptoms and the anthrax shipments are now being investigated by authorities.
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another police shooting, this time in georgia, left a man dead. it happend in carrollton, georgia, about 20 mills west of atlanta. an officer here responded to the call of a man with a gun at a gas station around 9:15 last night. a crowd of 100 people gathered peacefulfully after the shooting. we are waiting for more information but more details on the circumstances of the shooting has not yet been released by authorities. carrollton police asked the georgia bureau of investigation to take over in this case. tensions remain high in baltimore where some people now accuse the police of holding back information following the death of a black man in police custody. there have been 38 homicides in baltimore this month, the deadliest in 15 years but arrests dropped 15% in the city since the last same time last year. after the indictment of baltimore police officer in the death of freddie gray, the union says officers are more afraid of going to jail for
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doing their jobs properly than they are following through properly with crime. >> are police doing less? is that the reason? >> we are examining it. >> arrests are down 15%. >> the death of freddie gray sparked protests and rioting and the department is conducting a civil rights investigation into the baltimore police department. the former speaker of the house dennis hastor has been indicted for paying $3.5 million to someone to keep quiet about what is only being called prior misconduct. one in hsstor's home -- hastor's hometown of illinois
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and everybody liked him. he was a teacher before getting into politics. he is accused of structuring bank withdrawals before triggering a $10,000 withdrawal requirement and then lying about it. fifa will be reporting more of the soccer fedration charges. 14 people leaked with fifa were indicted on bribery and influencing world cup tournament locations. critiques say if he win as 5th term they may consider boycotting the 2028 team in russia. a big deal. for bart riders, pick up pass cars during the busy commute hour, the relief, we are sorry to say is still years away. the timeline to fix the growing
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problem and the massive amount of money it is expected to take . >> and it happened again. the surprising ending to the scripps howard spelling bee that left two students with the victory. >> and we are on the northbound 580 interchange here looking good. we will tell you more about traffic coming up. >> our day time highs will continue to climb as we get into the second half. the warm east spots are going into the -- warmer spots are going into the 80s this morning. we are talking clouds and drizzle and we will check on your current conditions coming up.
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venkatachalam,. welcome back. we learned the bart changes will be delayed. many are waiting, letting jam packed trains go by, no more room to squeeze in. these days commuters have the same complaints. >> i think they need to have more trains running. >> people are coming to board in record numbers. >> since a recent state audit bart needs to spend roughly $9.6 billion on various improvement projects. one under way is to replace all the existing rail cars and expand the fleet from 659 to 775 cars but those new cars won't roll out until 2017. >> we have to wait a little while for those.
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newly elected state senator steve grader now at work in his new -- glazer now at work in his new job, the former mayor of morinda. he won a battle against his contender and now wants to put all the squabbling aside and work to solve problems. >> i want to make sure the schools and roads and every tax dollar is spent efficiently. it is a balancing act. i want to be a good listener to the community and a good chain rater. >> 's long time political strategist and worked on governor jerry brown's campaign. parts of texas remain on alert at rivers continue to rise following days of heavy rain. in houston the san jacinto river has been flooding under roads, cutting off neighborhoods completely, some
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places only accessible by boat. in wharton the river will be peaking late toll plaza or early tomorrow, leaving many people -- late tomorrow or -- late today or early tomorrow, leaving people to only wait and worry. >> we feel the pain as first responders. it drives us day in and day out. >> all this rain has take an toll on the roads, of course . part of a truck fell into a sink hole that hoped up in -- opened up in oklahoma. evacuations are under way on a small mild japan where a volcano is erupting. mount shin tacky started spewing black and gray smoke up in the sky without any warning today. the island is off the coast of japan and popular with tourists and fisherman. everybody will be evacuated by
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ferry later on today. the u.s.s. memorial at pearl harbor and hawaii will be remaining closed for another week. the tug boat or hospital ship wit us pulling hit the dock outside -- it was pulling hit the dock on wednesday and the anchor came lose. it damaged the ramp and handrails but the ship itself was not damaged. nearly 1,200 sailors and marines died on the u.s.s. arizona during the attack on pearl harbor. if repairs all go according to plan, tours will resume next thursday. >> get ready to learn a little something. the scripps howard smash spelling bee has crowned co- champs for a second straight year. have you ever heard of the words they spell? >> never! >> their names are almost as difficult at the words they are
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spelling -- vanya shivashankar and gokul venkatachalam. vanya's final word means paper cutting. she is from kansas. the lower student, gokul, is from missouri. he wants to go to stanford and become a entrepreneur or stockbroker. >> all right. i am sure whatever they decide in life they will have their chase of schools, career, whatever they want to do. >> yes! >> smart young people there. okay. sal? we got you? good morning.
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the traffic is looking good around the area. you can see the bay area bridge, traffic looking good there over the span. rosemary, what are we looking at for weather? all right. as we get into friday afternoon, look at the satellite view, a snapshot here from up above. the low clouds are back up with us this morning. the marine layer is a little more shallow than yesterday. as the ridge of high pressure continues to compress the ma lean layer we squeeze out a little drizzle. patchy drizzle is a possibility through the morning hours. it is not widespread but you may be find hail out there. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies along the coast, upper 50s, low 60s -- not a lot of
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changing in your neighborhood but our inland communities around the bay and inland areas will warm up a few degrees. are now liver more is 55, had livermore is 55, afternoon highs 73. mid 60s for sausalito. for east bay folks we have 82 for walnut creek. 83 in livermore and 83 in antioch. 67 in hayward and 64 in alameda. the santa clara valley, 74 in san jose, 71 in sunnyvale and along the peninsula 73 for redwood city, 66 in san bruno and low 60s in san francisco, similar to how we were yesterday in san francisco with mostly cloudy skies, partly cloudy for the afternoon and if you are headed up to at&t park later today for the giants game we will have upper 50s in the forecast with a southwesterly breeze and partly cloudy skies.
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temperatures continuing to cool off in the evening hours. the bay area weekend always in view with the extended forecast here, today and tomorrow low to mid 08s in the forecast inland. mid to upper 60s at the bay. cool at the coast. into sunday we have partly cloudy skies, an increase? clouds coming our way. we may have a chance for a light sprinkle over the edge of the north bay. temperatures will remain mild sunday, monday and a rebound on tuesday. >> i am glad we broke free from all this gray stuff we have had. >> it took a while. >> boy, it did! >> i am even more tired when it is gray. i need a little sun. >> yes. >> we need rain, but -- . >> rain would be good, but gray is kind of boring. >> thank you, rosemary. well is your car one of them? the new vehicles just added to the list for the massive recall linked to potentially deadly
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air bags. >> and motorcyclists weaving between cars. up next, california could become the first state to officially allow it. why riders in uc berkeley research consider it safer.
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. welcome back. how do you like earth wind and fire? i like it. seth is our shining star. well, california is the first state in the nation to allow lane splitting by motorcyclists. they can weave between cars as long as they don't go faster than 50 miles per hour. right now there is no law in california that deals with lane splitting, although as you probably have seen officers allow the practice for decades. motorcyclists we talked to said the law would make the practice
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safer. >> i am sure if they advertise lane splitting is legal it will make people think twice about changing lanes so drastically. >> some drivers consider lane splitting unsafe but studies show otherwise. uc berkeley researchers found lane splitting is safer for motorcyclists than being stopd in traffic because they can often get rear-ended. the bill heads to the state senate. more vehicles are being added to the list for the huge takata air bag recall you heard about. the air bags can send out shards of metal when deflated and have been linked to more than six deaths and 100 injuries. ford, fiat and honor do put more vehicles on the -- honda put more vehicles on their list of recalls yesterday. congress is planning a hearing next tuesday on the takata air bags. we have posted a list of all the vehicles that have been added to this recall.
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you can find that and see if your car is on the list. go to our website at the giants host the atlanta braves again tonight looking to improve their 20-7 record in the month of may. it was scoreless until the 7th inning last night when brandon belt gave the giants a 1-0 lead, the 6th home run for them of the season. then they broke the game open in the 8th. the 6 run inning included two single, three doubles and a triple and won by 7-0. the as are hosting the new york yankees. c.c. sabathia gave up this long time home run. the yankees attempted to come back but the as got away with the 5-4 win. >> good to see the as get another one. they need them right now. >> yes! no doubt about it. they are the hottest tickets in town right now. how much you may have to pay if
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you want to watch the warriors and the nba finals next week and the impact the tickets are having on oakland's economy. >> and an antioch gas station owner held hostage. talking about his ordeal, how he tried to win the gunman over and the charges he is now facing. >> in gillman you can see the accident there. you can see the flashing lights at the top of the screen. so far traffic accident is light, flowing a little bit past the scene. we will keep watching this for you. >> and another gray start for the day and mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. temperatures will be coming up by a few degrees for friday. we will have a look at the current conditions and details for the weekend, coming up.
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am. good morning. happy friday. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> it is warmer inland with rosemary in for alex. >> yes. happy to be here. it is friday! i survived. you can see the picture of the deck there. a little fog and drizzle and the clouds are closer to the ground. it helps to squeeze out some of the moisture. again, we may have a little mist and drizzle to star


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