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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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developing news tonight involving a tense police stand off. a man barricaded himself inside an apartment has just released the baby he was holding and surrendered.
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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that police stand off lasted three hours ending peacefully just about 30 minutes ago. the 27-year-old man had barricaded himself inside an apartment off sycamore street inside the apartment. and the police strategy to wait it out paid off today, paul chambers has the story. >> reporter: since there was a baby involve, police said they wanted to wait and see and figure it out. police stood behind us for three hours. and it ended with a mother with her child. >> reporter: police arrived to sycamore with a copy of her
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paper work. >> >> low and behold the suspect was there. he has not done anything to harm the child. >> reporter: family separated due to the stand off were reunited. the suspect said he would give himself up and then changed his mind, saying he wanted to spend more time with his son. finally the suspect turned himself in at 7:15 tonight. >> there was no struggle, no incident at all. he turned the child over to our officers then he gave up himself. >> reporter: now police say the name of the suspect is 37-year- old rudy soto. he is a newark resident. he's now in custody and facing several domestic charges. >> it came to a peaceful end for all. paul chambers in newark, thank you. police say a serial
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pickpocket has been targeting disabled and elderly passengers. karen sellers says she was one of the victims. she was robbed while riding the five fulton line last saturday. the i -- the incident was caught on this surveillance video. when the bus stopped the pickpocket pretended he was falling and pinned her to her scooter. >> i yelled right away because as soon as he the came down the front door i looked down and saw the purse was wide open. >> reporter: the suspect uses his jacket to cover the person's purses while he steals them. now to oakland where one person is dead after a crash involving three cars late this afternoon. oakland police say a passenger in this white pickup truck died. another passenger is in critical condition. and the driver also had to be taken to the hospital. the crash happened at 14th and adeline just after 5:00.
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a woman driving this black audi was also injured. the driver of the light colored saab on the right ran away from the accident scene but at this point it's not totally clear exactly what role the saab played in the crash. >> some oakland police officers were not wearing body cameras as required by last weekend's protests. they made several arrests for failure to disperse. major libby schaaf ordered the crack down earlier this month. noel gallo told us eight to 10 officers were not wearing their body camera during a very tense night. >> the policy is very clear, we must wear body cameras every day. >> reporter: some officers said their body cameras fell off
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during a struggle. the man who ran the under ground website silk road was sentenced to life in prison. he is a criminal even though he doesn't fit the typical profile. six-people died from an overdose from drugs bought on the website. silk road sold millions of the dollars of drugs on is the so called dark net. he was holding pictures of the p people who died of the over dozes and he apologized to his family. and there's a new indictment against dennis hastert and they involve sexual misconduct. a person familiar with the investigation says an unnamed
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male accused hastert of molestic him when he was a high school coach and teacher. he retired from congress after eight years as speaker. new at 10:00, the rush for warriors tickets as fans gear up for game one of the finals next thursday. tickets and gear are going at break away speeds, jana. >> reporter: that's right julie. some of the a's fans are coming out right now from the coliseum. there were a's fans who were lined up here trying to see the warriors and get tickets but game one, two and five sold out so quickly even the standing room seats. you could really feel the disappointment from people who didn't get a ticket. there was still though a lot of pride in the blue and gold. if you measure warriors fans by if length they'll go, george dean is a slam dunk.
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he stood hours in line with other fans on the long shot that they could buy a golden ticket to see the golden state war where ares -- warriors play in the nba finals. a disappointment for fan who is left empty-handed. >> super bombed. got one, two and five no standing room. >> kind of got to see the game in play. down at the bar. >> reporter: what is left are ticket that are expected to sore. >> you can buy a cleveland and fly back here for about the same price. >> reporter: for much less fan k-s wear their blue and gold hearts on their sleeves. steph curry shirts and other warriors gear the hottest in history as fans get decked out, head. >> i got a warriors hat, warriors shirt and it has all the players on the back with
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their numbers. >> reporter: to toe. >> i have the curry ones with blue and yellow. >> reporter: the warriors had the most coveted gear in history. but it isn't the strong sales numbers it's the strength in numbers. that's the true blue measure of how historic this moment is for the team and their hometown. >> i have a lot of confidence in them that they can take it all away. even if they don't, they're still a great team, i'm still a fan, no matter what. >> reporter: i think that sums up the feeling of a lot of fans. if you did want a t-shirt and you missedded out today. warriors say their team stores will be open every day from now until the end of the finals. >> a lot of people wanted to get their hands on it, jana thanks very much. >> there's new information about warriors guard thompson and his head injury. an update on his diagnosis and whether he'll be ready for next
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week. >> there's a saying in sports and life that a strong defense is a strong offense. that certainly relates to our next story. jana katsuyama talked to the new police chief of benicia. and he found that having a -- >> reporter: it's clear why the small town made a recent list of top cities. >> there's a strong sense of community. >> reporter: just how strong? look at three cases now under investigation. three attempted burglaries all in chief upton's first month at this town's top cop. in each case before police got there, residents were on the job. >> they definitely don't look like our neighbors. >> reporter: three suspects ran
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after the arrival of police. >> and in three cases, benicia residents helped us in the cases. either calling police or going around the block around and around. >> the neighbor came and blocked the car in the driveway so they couldn't get out. >> reporter: they got away but police say they came back the following night. >> they're at the park right now. >> reporter: once again residents stepped in. >> can you tell me if you drive away. which way they go. >> reporter: they didn't go any where except into custody. police say all were on probation. >> correct. >> police says benicia has the same problems as other cities. but in the small suburb things
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are different, when people call 911 here. >> we are expected to be there. >> we have an officer arriving right now. >> reporter: when they get there they will likely get some help. >> absolutely, no doubt. >> reporter: in benicia, ktvu news. bottlerock rocks wine country. and we'll let you know which cities will be the warmest. >> i've never seen what we're experiencing right now. >> up first the red hot real estate market that has homeowners pulling up stakes, selling their homes and moving out of town.
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>> new at 10:00, cashing out and moving out. we've learned the bay area's robust housing market has people considering their options. some homeowners have decided it's time to take advantage of that even if it means moving away. >> reporter: out in walnut creek movers are moving. >> do we still need the beige -- >> stagers are staging. >> we're still moving. >> reporter: and so busy it's turning business away. >> the reality is staging a house is going to really help buyers invision themselves in the space. >> reporter: buyers are buying, and the sellers are making
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money. according to a recent report, home prices across the majority of the bay area up 10.3% in march compared to the same month last year. 37 years, from one real estate agent right here in walnut creek she say that's how long she's been in this business and during that time never before has she seen a market the way it is today. >> the officer prices are so much higher than the asking prices. i've never seen what we're experiencing right now. >> reporter: broker karen ranger says with prices so high some of the sellers in her region are taking the money then taking off. >> my last two listings have been sellers who have had to relocate because of the cost of living here in the bay area. one of them went to nevada and one of them possibly oregon. >> qualifying is more difficult. we look at everything. >> reporter: celeste anderson says despite tighting lending she and her team have turned on average 27 residential deals a month this year in the past she
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says she would usually turn on average 10 a month. >> even though the prices are being driven up still with competition and multiple offers, people have money in the game. so they are less likely to walk away. so i don't think it will be a bubble burst. >> reporter: spring 2015 agents calling it a sellers market and they expect it to roll right into summer. mike mibach, ktvu. the state of california is adopting new water rules for developers during the drought. the state building standard commission voted unanimously to limit how much water can be used on new and renovated homes and buildings. it says developers can meet in new requirements by using local plants and drip irrigation systems. a new strain of dog flu from asian is showing up in california but in limited numbers. nationwide more than 1,000 dogs have gotten the flu. six deaths have been reported.
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one expert said this particular strain of canine flu may come from dogs rescued from south korea where they were raised more meat. vets say there's no need for panic. and those in boarding kennels, doggy day care are most susceptible. and day one of bottle neck is wrapping up today. a lot of different food and wine, of course. and christina rendon tells us how day one went. >> i'm pretty impressed. i think it's amazing. the weather is fantastic, the decorations are food. >> reporter: there's music, food and dancing. of course there's wine, wine
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and more wine. >> best of the best. they have a bunch of wineries and they give you these glasses so i got two glasses of wine. i'm going to go sit out and listen to some music. >> i feel good about the festival, you get a taste of everything where you might not just go to see one band. >> reporter: but getting to bottlerock is causing a bottleneck into napa. george got caught in traffic last year. >> i have no idea what to expect so i stayed home. there's like i said they're trying something different with the traffic management and the cars, so you know, we'll see. >> reporter: his landlord is offering up spots near by for $100. since most residential areas are off limits. >> we car pooled. we all came from l.a. and car pooled here. >> many say after the past few years the festival is now finding its roots. >> everybody has that is here
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respects napa. that's kind of a cool event. >> reporter: one day tickets are still available. it's going to cost you $150. in napa, cristina rendon. >> temperatures will warm. you can see the clouds looming. they will push inland but not as extreme as they have in the last few nights. here's the high clouds. you can see those moving independently of the topography. if you look close you will see the fog which doesn't float freely over the topography. it gets caught up in point rays. there's fog out here now because the model is not -- the satellite images is not showing it. shooting it up across san francisco. that fog will be there tomorrow morning when you wake up. being driven in on pretty strong winds. that's a big gust. in san francisco, 50 degrees right now. 52 in napa.
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still warm up in the valley. and see the heat being retained. they had 60s up there and close to 70s. so tomorrow they start off it's going to start off a bit warmer. that heat is going to start to work its way toward us. tomorrow low clouds an drizzle. by the end of the day some cities could easily make it into the low and mid-80s in warmest spots. there's the fog footprint for tomorrow morning. less than we saw this morning. those are 90s showing up. the heat is back. at least for tomorrow. and it's starting to work its way west. warmer tomorrow by a few degrees. as we head into sunday some changes coming our way which will actually trend temperatures the other way. tomorrow is going to be a nice day. i will see you back here after a couple of breaks. >> bill, thank you. gym lockers broken into over and over. >> tests confirm a concussion
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for the warriors clay thompson. up next how coach steve kerr answered questions about whether thompson will be able to play over the summer. [♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪
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okay so the key question for warrior fans tonight. is clay thompson going to be able to play when the warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers next week in the nba finals. >> scott reiss is here now with more information from doctors on that head injury clay thompson injured. >> i wish i had your answer, but not doctors or anyone can answer that quite yet. everybody is going to be keeping their eyes. he does have a concussion. he will not return to the court until he's completely symptom free and is cleared under the league's concussion protocall guidelines. clay suffered the injury in the second half of the western conference finals against houston. got kneed in the head by trevor ariza.
10:23 pm
we saw blood trickling down the side of his face. scary sight. he'll be reevaluated daily. the warriors will be optimistic but as i mentioned really nobody knows for sure. >> i just, do what the doctors say we should do. and obviously you know we want to be as careful as possible, an make sure that our players are safe and sound and healthy and so, you know we'll follow this protocall that the league provides and we'll, we'll have clay out here winning plays. >> i'm sure they want to be cautious and make sure he get it is recovery time he needs to get ready. and hopefully by next thursday he'll be ready to go. that's the good news in all of this is at least we have this big gap before the nba finals and it gives them more time to recover. >> they have this injury what
10:24 pm
about the cavs they are not without injury too right. >> kevin love won't play in the series regardless. he's out. by this time in the season i guess everybody is just kind of dragging but it's the nba finals and we'll see who can suit up. >> if by chance clay thompson cannot play how big a wound is that to the warriors. >> huge. he's one of their stars. they have guys who can con treu -- contribute and we've seen a lot of iguodala but neither one is clay thompson. it's a big loss. >> scott, thank you. one person has been arrested in connection with a series of thefts in a gym. police released this survey listens video of the wanted
10:25 pm
suspect. they say he stole cell phones. laptop computers, and iphones from the lockers at the 24 hour fitness. ryan cobb was arrested seen there on the right of the screen. he's from livermore. if you recognize the suspect on the left side of the screen, call pleasanton police. authorities say the locker thefts happened over a two month period. >> a construction worker is hospitalized tonight after falling 20 feet down an elevator shaft at the san francisco museum of modern art. the man was working on scaffolding when it gave way. he fell from the seventh floor to the sixth floor. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with two broken legs and a broken pelvis. cal osha is investigating why the scaffolding collapsed. the museum is closed for renovation and expansion projects. at 10:45 the new program
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that's taking students to a national wildlife refuge in a little explored corner of the bay. >> coming up, riding the rails in search of a middle class. one reporters unique look at an area in need of a hand up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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northern california is a long way from the northeast corner where some of america's once great cities have eroded to decate and jobs can be hard to come about. >> richard mckay recently road the train from washington to new york and found the difference between the haves and have notes. >> reporter: new york, the beautiful towers where money is
10:29 pm
literally manufactured. there's a business train departing hourly that connects them. two of the wealthiest centers in america, along the way the train makes for a shortstop. philadelphia pennsylvania, and newark new jersey. these cities, the largest in the respective states used to be rich. now they are among the poorest and most violent in the country. the corridor of pain. >> nobody getting off. >> baltimore. >> and baltimore is on fire. and everything is peaceful all day until about 20 minutes ago. it's all about respect. >> let's go, let's go. you want to film. go down there to the corner not up here okay. >> but why? >> because i said so sir. >> but it's the first amendment
10:30 pm
i can do it. >> okay, okay. i'm protecting you, okay. if you get shot, robbed or something, get multiple drug calls here, on person calls. i'm trying to help you out okay. >> thank you. >> be careful in this area. >> let me ask you this. >> these guys i just cleared them out. and then you bring them back here and they're all standing right here with you. >> okay, you didn't come from a rich place do you? >> no. >> you're not a rich man. >> no. >> but you're the guy we pay to keep order. >> exactly. >> you guys aren't rich, right. we're in a weird place. there's no money left in the country. they're cutting your pension. >> right. >> be forwarned. if i can get assault calls, drug calls. somebody is going to go to jail eventually. >> what is the name of this neighborhood? >> yes. >> west baltimore. >> 17th. all right. >> west baltimore. >> all right, we're out. >> you only have east, north,
10:31 pm
west and south. where do you want to live at? >> reporter: if newspapers tell us unemployment in america is down to 5-1/2%. nobody believe that is in wilmington. they used to make real stuff here. those jobs have been replaced with burger flippers. >> there's no such thing as a middle class anymore. either you have it or you don't. if you don't have it, you have to go to this guy or that guy but there's no middle player. >> in between washington and new york city there's no middle class. >> none, none. it doesn't exist. >> but i can use big shiny banks on the other side of town. >> who's working in them. >> people. >> yeah but there's no black people in them. >> how's the bottom line today? >> still moving. >> still moving. it doesn't matter, up or down.
10:32 pm
volatility is our friend. >> we didn't put all the guilty on the white man. we had something to do with it too. we all have to get together, work together and that's it, man. >> i'm looking at the ride of the american core of the middle class now and it breaks my heart to look at it. >> hello, philly. >> taxes suck, the roads suck. i'm paying freebie for everybody to live here but me. where's my hand out? they have me paying for everything. they're paying for everybody else but you and me. >> reporter: corruption and mismanagement it's like that all over america. just four days after we arrived in philly on the very same
10:33 pm
tracks a commuter train flipped over killing eight. our infrastructure is antiquated and falling apart. you have to ask where did all the money go? it's no different with the public schools. >> the schools told they're not allowed to bring the books home. they have to have special permission or stay after school or come early in the morning. they used the same book for my daughter now that they used for my 21 son when he went there. 17 years ago. >> reporter: if students in philadelphia don't have enough money for new books, why are there thousands of books rotting in a warehouse. school officials would not let us see. we saw it any way. >> we need to come together.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: next up newark, you can literally see the gleaming towers of wall street but they might as well be a million miles away. this shopkeeper says things are rough in newark but when he calls the police oftentimes they don't respond for hours. his goal in the mornings is to get home at night. in this corner of america, it's dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. >> in moments we'll be arriving in our next station. >> reporter: something is not right in regular america. no money, no jobs, bad schools, crumbling infrastructure. so whether you ride first class or coach, the bus or a bicycle. it's worth remembering, as one goes, we all go. i'll be tracking the
10:35 pm
holiday or the weekend weather as we go into the next few days. >> a major development today that helped pave the way with cuba.
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at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day.
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are a celebration tonight honoring local merchants making a difference in oak ran. beneficial state bank and oakland indy awards were held at the market building. businesses and artists were nominated by their peers. >> ever since i moved to oakland and started my business i felt really lucky and i felt good from 75 different makers in oakland and beyond oakland. >> beneficial state bank says there's more than 700 nominations for the seven awards categories. treasure island may soon be home to one of san francisco's biggest treasure island developers. that means the new developers can start their new phase. the new phase of construction
10:39 pm
is expected in 2018. the development includes a ferry building plus plans for 8,000 housing buildings. google is not giving up on its mission. today they filed a new proposal for a new giant dome. this time google's plan involves property that it already has the rights to. the site overlooks charleston park and is located at north shoreline drive. california has reclaimed the top spot when it comes to film production. according to the nonprofit film l.a. studios released 106 feature films last year. of those 22 were primarily shot in california more than any other state. the project has generated an average of 7.7 million. u.s. stock markets ended
10:40 pm
the week on the downside. the dow was up 115 points the nasdaq dropped 27 and the s & p500 dropped 13. the losses came in part because of the economy report that showed the committee drank because of the harsh winter. the u.s. removed cuba as a communist nation. today a 45 hour period ended to challenge obama's decision to take cuba off the list and congress did not take any action. all those some republican leaders continue to criticize the move. some pops pop -- pups in need of new homes strutted the cat walk. the cats on the cat is put on by the city's spca. today's events was the kick off for maddy's adoption days. shelters and rescues around the area will be waving adoption
10:41 pm
fees through this sunday. there's a special guest at the giant's game tonight. and it's someone that just about everyone in the city would recognize. >> yeah, there he is. >> scott reiss is here with the sports report. >> and bill martin's forecast takes us right into june. >> up next broadening horizons by taking students on a tour of an often overlook part of the bay.
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♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪
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sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) a group of school children explored a part of the bay that's often overlooked. they took a new boat tour of the alviza wetlands. >> reporter: tucked away among the tech giants of silicon valley lies the bay in the south bay. home to saltwater ponds and a national wildlife refuge where it explored before now.
10:44 pm
it's an adventure for these students. many grew up here not knowing this was in their backyard. >> my heart dropped in my stomach. >> welcome on board. >> reporter: they're taking advantage of a pilot plan. >> we like to talk about national wildlife refuges as america's best kept secret. >> reporter: you can see these, harbor seals, you don't have to go to san francisco, in fact, we're in the san francisco bay. >> i didn't know there were seals here in the harbor. >> reporter: for now, they provide the boats and the deputies give the tours. >> awesome, i love the boat
10:45 pm
rides and how we learned about nature. >> reporter: dave cortezi hopes to spark interest. putting alviso on the map and hopefully spurring development in the future. >> this could be a crowned jewel. and could be for san jose. it could be our own little salsolito. >> for now they're letting the bay be an outdoor classroom on the water. >> this is definitely the best trip i've ever been on. >> azenith smith, ktvu news. 7 miles in los angeles area beaches are back open after being covered in tar balls. health officials declared the water safe for swimming. crews removed about 40 cubic yards of oilty tar balls from the beaches. investigators are trying to determine if they came from the beaches or some where else. and tracking the bay area weekend temperatures warmed up today. it'll warm up more tomorrow. sunday it cools off a little
10:46 pm
bit. tomorrow's temperatures these were highs from today. tomorrows will be a couple of degrees warmer. 84 in fairfield. 83 in antioch. but i have to tell you we've had upper 80s and low 90s up here in the sacramento valley. i suspect tomorrow some of this heat is going to leave this way. we'll be in the mid-80s and temperatures like vallejo in the low 70s we'll be in the upper 70s. there's the bay bridge with the fog coming in right now. high clouds over head. you see those as we mentioned earlier streaming over top. the high pressure set sort of signature arch there the clouds. that's the jet stream and that's a ridge pattern. it's not pronounced really but enough we know is there and it's producing the fog right at the coast. and keeping it from making it well inland and that's what's going to warm up tomorrow that basic idea. the wind is blowing. gusting to 25 right now. calm in nevato.
10:47 pm
sfo was blowing pretty hard. san francisco 50 degrees right now. 52 in napa. typical night on par for what we've been seeing. notice less fog. so it just burns off quicker. your saturday ends up warmer. and i'm not going to call it hot but upper 70s, mid- and maybe we have mid-80s. maybe out toward antioch and brentwood. then you will see the 90s showing up in the sacramento valley. a little cooler on sunday. the reason for that is, this how familiar is this guy right not going to show up actually. this is a little low pressure system. it's going to cool us down a couple of degrees. sunday is a nice day just not as nice as tomorrow. both days on the weekend are money. these are the forecast highs for saturday. forecast highs for sunday slightly cooler. you will see in the five day forecast next week. kind of lines up a little cooler on sunday. and then cooler on monday. and then it comes back up on
10:48 pm
tuesday and wednesday. and the upside is fire, we have been doing fire stories which is great. we're not you know we're not seeing as much warmth as typical. no records or spare the air days but that will come soon enough. in the meantime, there's your high temperature. >> there's a lot of summer ahead. the fifa meetings this week started with raids, arrests and accusations of bribes. the meetings ended with the same man being elected president. seth blatter was voted president for the second time. 14 people tied to fifa were indicted this week in bribery games. despite the allegations, blatter remains very popular with developing countries because he always delivers consistent funding. more charges are all but certain. scott reiss is in now and he's here to tell us how those giants did today. >> they're playing really,
10:49 pm
really well. sort of overshadowed here against the warriors but man oh man they've been terrific here over the last month. and tonight, huddies worlds collided as he faced his former team for the first time. guess who was in the house at at&t. yes steph and the family and they saw a good one. bottom one, another super star buster. going yard. two-run shot his eighth of the season and the giants are off and running. second inning, huddy getting some help. a.j. persinsky. made it look easy. steph liked that. posey this one will stay in the yard. long enough to make it over the wall. posey hitting 3-1. he liked
10:50 pm
that too. they had like 22 cut aways of curry and that was good. the a's are starting to figure it out. winners of six out of nine. sunny gray looking to continue that trend against the yankees. bottom three, 1-0 oakland and billy butler. double scores marcus semien it is 2-0. green and gold. and it continues. inside first. another double, butler in, it is 4-0 athletics. and with sunny on the hill you had to like your chances. greg cruising right along faces chase headly got it. a little insurance, courtesy of bret laurie as he hammers this.
10:51 pm
second straight game. and look at the a's. yeah they've won five out of seven. 6-2 your score tonight at at&t. can't overlook college baseball. the cal bears beginning what they hope will be a lengthy postseason run against carolina. one of my favorite college names. this is the college station regional and it was all good for mitchell clanson had a big day for the bears. single homes paul here. he would later have an rbi double. seven strong innings on the mound and cal cruises 9-3. we have one contestant for the finals. who got there and how. plus more on the nba finals. what lebron had to say about the slash brothers.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
lebron james is to cleveland as steph curry is to the bay area. the most popular guy in town and the guy most responsible for getting his team to the nba finals. they don't call him king james for nothing. he was sensational in the eastern conference finals sweep of the hawks. most notably in game three where he went for 37 point, 18 rebounds and 13 assists before
10:55 pm
nearly collapsing from exhaustion. so what does the king think about a match up with the splash brothers? >> two of the greatest shooters probably this game has ever seen in steph and clay and the other guys in the team. three point line as well. for us we start our hand on the defensive end. and it's going to be very challenging for this the team. >> few spectacles in sports rival a game seven especially when they play it at the arena. alex colon puts on the breaks on an individual effort. back hand, five hole on linquist. they are in the stanley cup finals for the second time in franchise history. and of course, out west you have the blackhawks and the ducks ducks game seven tomorrow, i know you'll be
10:56 pm
watching. >> i can't wait. but at what point would you think you had a california team against a florida team in the stanley cub. >> it has been kind of cold in california so we can do ice hockey right. >> scott, thank you. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. our next newscast mornings on 2 begins tomorrow morning. >> you can find us online on twitter, facebook, and the ktvu app. have a good weekend. good night. >> see you later.
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