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tv   KTVU News at 5PM  FOX  June 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a teenager watching a stress race ends up dead. the bizarre accident and the reno one found her body until hours later.
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good evening, i'm ken wayne >> and i'm heather homes. >> >> kristina randone is live -- >> reporter: the woman said she started to record video of the scene because she didn't see any news crews around and she cared about what was happening. she told me officers diligently tried to get the man out of his car, even being patient with him before shots were fired. >> reporter: this video belongs to sioux an mcnabb who said officers did everything they could to get the man out of her car peacefully on saturday morning. >> i feel so sad for them. that's hard for anybody when you know it will come to a climax and you don't know which way it will go. >> reporter: susan was inside of this salon recording video on her cell phone across the
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street from where the scene was unfolding. >> they tried to get the man out. he did fight to not get out. tug of war and it took a couple of police officers to try to get him out of the vehicle. >> reporter: after finally breaking the car's passenger window and getting into a confrontation with the man, one officer used a taser, the other used a firearm and shot him. >> he shot. >> we are still actively interviewing the officers involved as well as the body cameras officers are wearing. >> reporter: you can see the man is carried away on a stretcher. he later died at highland hospital. mcnabb said she feels for the victim's families. and wishes the story had a different ending. >> i would like to wish you guy as speedy recovery and keep the good memories alive. >> reporter: authorities have not released the identity of
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that victim. meanwhile, the officers that fired the weapon is on administrative leave. >> >> thank you very much, christine that. >> >> four people on a small plane walked away from a small plane during an emergency landing. the pilot said his engine quit and he needed to place to land fast. he managed to touchdown on the shoulder near the golf creek off ramp. highway patrol shut down the highway for awhile because one of the plane's wings extended into a traffic lane. >> the pilot told us he whats heading for the san martin airport a few miles away. the plane was taken off the road and the preh freeway reopened before 3:00 this morning. >> >> a crash in fairfield that killed three people and seriously injured another. a happened after 12:30 on westbound highway 860.
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chp said the car veered off the road and rolled over. >> we are still investigating. as far as i can tell, it looks like the vehicle ran off the roadway. >> right now, it's still not clear what lead up to that crash. >> >> chp said alcohol does appear to be a factor in another crash in fairfield that two people injured. a car and collided at a traffic light at 11:45 last night on highway 12 and beck avenue. two people were taken to the hospital. authorities have not released their condition. >> >> it warmed up around much of the bay area and it will heat up even more. mark tomeo is here with a look at the warm temperatures. >> tomorrow, we could be talking about spot around 101 degrees. we start the warming process away from the coastline. you see the climates we talked about. early resurfacing, san francisco only 63 degrees.
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out towards inland spots. hot spots you can't see. it's 94 in livermore. fairfield, 29 degrees. most of the bay area warming up tomorrow. here's our live camera. this looks like a typical summer weather pattern with the fog being compressed near the golden gate bridge. the warm air squashing the marine layer. as a result, we do have this, a heat advisory posted away from the coastline so out towards the peninsula. east bay as well and parts of the north bay. around the bay, temperatures in the 80s to lower 90s, inland neighborhoods heating up 95-100 degrees. coming up, we'll let you know how long the warmup will last. a few showers to talk about. big change in the official forecast. >> >> bart said they finished work earlier than expected.
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back to normal system wide. >> >> the next scheduled closure is next weekend, set for all day on saturday june 13th until sunday, the 14th at noon. >> >> there is hope, today, for an 11-year-old santa rosa girl looking for a bone mario donor. sophia has needed monthly blood transfusions since she was born. today, the asian american donor program held a bone marrow drive to help the fifth grader. the group said there is a shortage of ethnic donors and encouraged people to sign up. >> >> texas company whose pipeline caused the largest oil spill in 25 years told the government it's monitoring could quickly detect any leaks and alert operators. the 24-inch pipeline owned --
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ruptured last month in santa barbara county, spilling 100 thousand gallons of crude oil. 121,000 of those gallons reached the ocean. the company told the state spills were extremely unlikely. the company said it would be inappropriate to comment while the investigation is ongoing. new york state officials are offering $100 thousand reward for information that leads to the arrest of two escaped inmates from clinton correctional in upstate new york. >> the new york governor said this is the first time in the history of the clinton
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correction facility that anyone has escaped. this was not just an -- >> we went back and pieced together what they did. it was elaborate, it was sophist indicated. drilling through steel walls and steel pipes. >> prison officials say during a morning check, they found the inmates were missing. authorities believe they escaped through a hole cut out of the back of a scale, walked down a catwalk, climbed down and used power tools to eggs scape to tunnel. matt was sentenced to 25 years to in prison for kidnapping and robbery and murder of a business man, sweet is serving life without parole for the killing of a sheriff. at least 150 leads are being investigated. more than 250 corrections an
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law enforcement officers are involved in the search. >> i will assure you that no stone will be unturned. >> >> reporter: officials are investigating how this escape could have happened, including how the prisoners were able to get power tools. the only note the men behind was a yellow square paper showing a smiley face and the words "have a nice day." thousands of elite athletes from all around the world jumped into the bay, today. the grueling race known as the escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> >> drought is changing the way many apartment residents pay for their water.
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there they go, organizers say more than 2,000 people jumped into the bay as part of the escape from alcatraz
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triathlon. the race is considered one of the most difficult in the world. two newcomers took first place in the professional division. thousands are celebrating the great weather at the union street festival. organizers say each of the six blocks features of mix of exhibits including fashion, technology, arts and crafts and health and fitness. they also can continuous live music, alot of fun, alot of fun things for the kids to do. >> beautiful street fair. you have to kick off the summer. >> hang out with friends, beautiful day. >> organizers say it's one of san francisco's largest free
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events. >> >> many california renters are reportedly seeing new charges for water. according to mercury news, landlords have started to divide the water bill among tenants. most complexes have one common meter for all of the apartments and tenants say they shouldn't have to pay for their tenants long showers. since tenants started to pay a year ago, he has seen water usage drop 12%. >> >> water restrictions set to go into effect. consums cut by 27% over the past two years. the new rules are being introduced to meet state requirements. the use of potable waters and features will be banned, irrigation between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and landscape watering will be limited to once a week.
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the new restrictions are set to take effect on thursday. >> >> finally, it starts to feel like summer out there. >> what a is nice day in the city. you were out >> i was out for my dog. i won't give you the long winded story i gave ken. it was really nice out there. let's check in with mark. >> a lot of sunshine, today, except away -- right near the shoreline, some areas of fog out there. climates, we celebrate here in the bay area making a comeback. the main source of the cooling for one small slice of the region toward the golden gate bridge looking out toward alcatraz. the marine layer, that's a good sign that you know it will be warming up away from this area. a few neighborhoods will be approaching triple digit territory as we head into the monday forecast. beautiful look out towards san francisco bay. current numbers in the 90s. san jose, 78 degrees. we warmed up inland for today.
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right now, 68, san raff-year- old, and santa rosa, 81 degrees. the key difference today, not much in the way of thunderstorm activity. there is the fog bank coming in closer. this will impact your visibility. first thing tomorrow morning, the golden gate bridge. shallow marine layer. talking about microclimates for monday. beaches in the upper 60s to near 70s degrees. we don't have that off shore flow to really clear out the fog as yet. san francisco downtown on track to reach the mid-70s. as you work your way inland, more 90s showing up toward concorde. danville. warmest locations, hottest will be 100 degrees for monday afternoon by 3:00 or 4:00. this is basically a one-day deal four tomorrow. extreme heat, cooling things off beginning tuesday. here's the plan for monday,
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fair skies, areas of fog near the coast. temperature time line throughout the day, 7:00 am. 12:00 p.m. temperature range begins to widen, at 4:00. 68 to 70s, to 80s to 90s, warmest locations, 100 degrees dense fog tomorrow morning. we could have visibility less tan a quarter multured half moon bay, pacificka. fog is scooting underneath the deck of the golden gate bridge. you will see all sorts of colors here, green showing you 60s, red in the 90s, triple digits beginning to work their way close tore the bay area. >> >> an update on the tropical storm, winds 70-miles an hour, some of the moisture will be moving into california and this could be the source, tuesday into wednesday of the chance of a few showers forecast model
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wednesday we'll talk more about this coming up with the 5:45 forecast. tomorrow, completely dry and it will be heating up. 100 degrees toward santa rosa, 90, more neighborhoods, oakland, warming up there, mid- 80s, upper 90 to near 100. 100 in antioch, brentwood. san francisco, downtown in the mid-70s toward ocean beach, closer to the upper 60s with some patchy fog into the afternoon hours. a look ahead to your five-day forecast, heat advisory in place. we'll cool things off, tuesday, slight chance of a shower tuesday, we'll bump up the chances first thing wednesday morning, could be warming back up once again, repeating later in the week for thursday and into friday. your weekend forecast coming up at 5:45. >> >> a quick correction, i mentioned the union street fair continues in san francisco. it actually wraps up today, to
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be clear. >> >> a 2 1/2-year-old polar bear made a big splash in his debut. nine feet tall and 850-pounds. she was orphaned in alaska. cally was spent special delivery to missouri by a fedex flight from his last home at the buffalo zoo. >> it's pretty awesome to have a polar bear back at the zoo. >> it was very awesome. this is my first time ever seeing a polar bear. >> reporter: cally lives in the zoo asia new $16 million polar bear exhibit. the 40,000 square foot facility features a 24-foot window and as you can see, they get right up close to cally and say, "hi,." president obama arrives in germany for the g7 summit.
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the key issues the seven nations plan to focus on during these meetings. >> reaction from washington on the massive cyber breach and why officials are pointing their fingers at china. >> >> a woman left japan on her way to san francisco, but it will take her five months to get here. the record she's trying to break.
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my name is rene guerrero. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. president obama and other world leaders are in germany for the annual g7 summit. the president arrived 7:00 am
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local time ahead of the summit and met with the german chancellor. the two celebrated u.s./german ties. had breakfast where the summit is being held. >> so, this morning as we celebrate one of the strongest alliances the world has ever known, my message to the german people is simple. we are grateful for your friendship, leadership, we stand together as inseparable allies in europe and around the world. >> the two world leaders joining those from britain, france, itty, canada and japan to tackle several key issues including what should be done about russia's advance in ukraine. >> >> the leaders fay a crowded agenda. russia and ukraine are at the top of the discussions b it will include free trade and global warming. britain's prime minister said he wants to discuss what he calls the taboo topic of
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corruption. >> corruption is a cancer at the heart of so many of the challenges we face. we have seen this in football, but corruption is what stops so many countries from succeeding. it brings about the challenges to our security. i'm putting it on the table saying this is something we must not turn a blind eye to >> reporter: protesters making demand. wide range of causes from cause -- >> new reaction to the data breach involving four million u.s. government workers. the chairman of the house homeland security division said he believes all signs point to china being behind the attack. more from washington. >> reporter: as millions of federal workers double check their accounts and passports, political reaction growing in response to a massive cyber
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attack reportedly carried out by hackers in china. critics say the administration should go on the offense. the attack carried out on the office of management of opm. a gold mine of personal information. at least four million people could be affected. some experts as well as politicians say this may not be an isolated event, but rather a trend of espionage. representative of the intelligence committee said this is alarming because federal networks are supposed to be uninpenetratable. >> reporter: while a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry is fighting back against the accusations saying it is unproven and irresponsible. lawmakers are not holding back when it comes to placing blame.
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>> it has not been confirmed but i believe in my judgment, all indicators point to the fact that it is china sponsored because of the way it was done. >> security experts fear a large data base full of stolen personal information could be created. the administration has not commented on the hack's source but says it is aware of the threat imnating from china. >> >> a florida woman set off from japan on her way to the bay area, one stroke at a time. the 29-year-old plans to row a 24-foot boat all the way from sochi japan to san francisco, more than 5700-miles it is expected to take more than five months. along the way, she will have to contain with freighters, rough seas and bad weather. >> it's the weather, probably the worst and the weather that and the fact that you can't control it. it will always be the most
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exhostaging part. >> reporter: the 29-year-old is no strange tore long distance rowing in 2011, she was the only woman on a four person team that ran across that rowed across. >> >> a bizarre accident to tell you about in sonoma county leaving a teen dead. the question surrounding the girl's death and the investigation into how it happened >> apple is getting ready for the big developer's conference, the new systems apple is likely to reveal >> an amazing discovery behind the walls of a high school. chalkboards with lessons still written on them almost 100 years ago. ñ
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>> highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash that killed a teen-age girl. show was apparently watching a drag race and was hit when one of the cars went out of control, but no one knew that until the next morning. noel has more on the driver. >> >> reporter: chp said it seems every time this year there is a tragedy behind the wheel when teens get so little taste of freedom without the life experience to think about the consequences. at the banks of the rug river, the endless summer is over before it even got started. >> that's her, right there.
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>> that's 16-year-old -- still smiling. >> no one didn't like her of >> reporter: as if nothing is wrong, but everything. >> i don't know how they didn't know she was hit that night. i don't understand that part. >> reporter: one bad decision. >> i was supposed to hang out with her friday after graduation. >> >> reporter: changed everything. >> but they came here to watch the street race. >> reporter: a teenager's decision to race on this road. she was hit and thrown 150 feet to the river's edge. >> if you are going to do things like that, you at least better know what you are doing. >> reporter: he made the decision not to race >> i turned it down. >> reporter: no one thought that decision would end like there. >> no one knew to look for her because no one knew she got hit. >> reporter: a passerby found her body under the bridge eight hours after the crash. friends thought she had run
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away. >> if they cared that much about her, they would have looked for her more and not just left her here in the dark all night. >> had any of the people on the scene spoken up saying "this person is missing" why would have been looking around. it seems every year at graduation time, we have a high school student killed in a car crash. >> decisions made by teens that think they have nothing but time. >> it hurt a lot more people than to just have 15 minutes for a drag race. >> reporter: until there is no time left to say good-bye. >> we all love her. >> reporter: so the chp is still investigating this crash, but because this is now more than a car crash, because there is a death involved, those drivers could potentially face vehicular manslaughter charges. that will ultimately be up to
5:32 pm
the sonoma county district attorney's office. >> >> noelle, thank you. >> >> it took emergency crews a day to locate a body after a car was found hundreds of feet down a bluff area. it was spotted 400 feet down a bluff on highway 1. no one was in side. firefighters, chp and sheriff's department started to search. heavy hampered their efforts. the body was finally located yesterday 100-yards away from the vehicle. the identity of the victim has not been released. >> >> san francisco sheriff set to roll out a new policy for children visiting their parents who were locked up. currently, you must be 18 years old to visit the facility without an adult. details on the changes set to
5:33 pm
be released tomorrow. apple's conference set to get underway tomorrow. giving tech developers a chance to check out apple's newest hardware and software. the company could also announce a new streaming music service and reveal new features for the apple watch. a just released survey reveals the median income for 220 of the university presidents were more than $409,000 a year. top earner former president of penn state who made almost $1.5 million the former president of texas a and m in the number two spot with $1.9 million,
5:34 pm
including $850,000 in severance pay >> a california teen made a clean sweep of thal ivy league colleges. he graduated from fullerton high school applied to all of the prestigious schools hoping to get into one of them. i severed acceptance letters from all of them, harvard, prince ton and six other ivy league schools. he decided to go to yale, $64,000 a year. scholarships and grant also pick up all but $6,000 a year. stanford accepted rojas but he said the campus is too big and overwhelming.
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delicate pieces of history found hiding in the walls of emmer son high school. >> kitchen saw 24-cents. >> the school is being renovated. contractors planned to find a number of problems inside of the walls, but they didn't plan to find treasures. >> first of all, i got goose bumps and tears in my eyes and then i sat here an stared. it was like walking into a time capsule. >> reporter: behind the walls, lessons from decades passed. >> we had the ship and the rock 1620 and we have the log cabin. >> they had been discussing thanksgiving. >> reporter: teachers used exquisite colorful drawings and beautiful penmanship using chalk. >> when you walk into these rooms, it's like they left the lesson and they are expected to come back and start again.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: it's a look that most of us have never seen, a time nearly 100 years ago. >> you walk the end and you see 1917 in front of you, the way they taught lessons then. it was very emotional for me. >> a looking glass into the teachings of 1917 anderson it's so amazing how we will preserved it is. >> reporter: there is no definitive proof -- it's hard to argue with. it says "i live my life and heart to god with one nation with justice for all. >> the laws have seen so much change, it's time something remains the same. >> it shows them how far we have come and what teaching is all about. >> school officials say some of
5:37 pm
the chalkboard shows complex multiplication lessons, drawing as well as rules about hygiene. >> they had some nice penmanship >> rescuing die yugoslavia sea lion pups. >> this animal has not had a meal in a very long time. >> the effort to save hundreds of sea lions appearing on california shores. >> get ready for a big warmup. mark tomeo is here with a look at how warm it is expected to get around the bay area. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
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the sportier utility vehicle.
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an unprecedented number of sea lions washing up on california shore and no one knows how. how experts are rescuing these pups back to health. >> it's common for california
5:40 pm
residents to spot sea lions. but not when they look like this. thousands of hup gray sea lion pupped have rushed up on the shores. the best way to solve a problem is to find it's source, animal experts say the research could take years. they are rescuing, rehabbing an releasing as many as possible in the meantime. >> we have two years of what we normally rescue on site. >> thousands have participated, but has never seen a season like this. >> the rescue team takes me along on a sea lion distress call at the national monument. >> you can see his ribs, very lethargic. he is on the edge of a cliff. we don't want him to dive over. >> what's your game plan? >> we want to be a little
5:41 pm
sneaky. my kids will go behind the animal so he can't see them coming. they will get one of the nets over him and him up to you and i >> he is so shin. >> you see his skin hanging off him like a pair of loose pajamas? that shows you how skinny he is. this animal has not had meal in a very long time. caretakers initially feed the pups a specially kid system until their system strengthens and they can go to fish. >> one of the things they need to prove to us before they return to the wild is is that they can eat and competitively, in order to survive in the wild you have to do that. after six weeks of rehabilitation.
5:42 pm
they are given a clean bill of health. >> you can see a change in behavior it's almost like they can smell the salt water in the sea and they are ready to go home. >> all right, ladies, very nice rehabilitating you, ready in >> they look so happy. we have done our part. now it's all on them. >> jody said the release is the most rewarding. i'm getting emotional. this is why we do it, we put alot of time, energy and passion into giving these animals that second chance at life without us, without sea world. these animals would have perished on the beach. they would not have made it. >> >> in san diego, "fox news." >> >> it's worth pointing out,
5:43 pm
marine mammal center in sausalito are doing the same things. it costs a lot of money to feed the fish. they are rawls hoping for donations. >> when you see the pictures of the sea lions stranded and malnourished, that helps out >> two weeks ago marine mammal center. they are very busy. warm waters off shore, good news, majority are sent back out into the sea, healthy. they are very busy, and doing great work. >> >> starting to warm up, 10-212 degrees away from the shore line. you can see the temperatures in pacificka. only 58 degrees. san francisco, 64, but the other temperature, look at all of the 90s,lymore, antioch. santa rosa, 83. it will be warmer on monday, as
5:44 pm
a result, heat advisory for tomorrow. near the bay, temperatures in the 80s to 90 degrees. all of the areas shaded in red here, not for san francisco, not for the coast, but targeting inland neighborhoods, readings back up upper 90s to 100. live "stormtracker," there is the fog bank developing. here's the live cameraing looking toward the golden gate bridge. one of the towers, fog trying to mask it. current numbers, santa rosa -- oakland in the upper 60s, san jose checking in 787 the warm air is setting up shop over head, caressing the marine layer. as a result, we have dense fog at the coast. keep that in mind. away from that, we are really warming up the numbers, you heard about what is happening.
5:45 pm
high pressure is sinking. as a result. bay warming up testimony, inland, 90s to around 100 degrees. this high will weaken quite a bit. we'll cool things off tuesday and into wednesday. we are tracking shower chances as well. you can see tomorrow morning. dense fog near the coast and parts of the bay, look at what happens tuesday. this is rapid moisture from what is tropical storm blanca. basically high clouds and sweep into the bay area. wednesday, we might bump up those numbers. it will feel humid out there as well. tuesday, wednesday, we'll keep it on those two days especially for the wednesday forecast. meantime, tomorrow is hot, 100 degrees. u degrees. fairfield, upper 90s. oakland, 84 and a triple digits toward livermore sunnyveil 87
5:46 pm
degrees.zation downtown -- why are going to cool things off tuesday, slight lance could have a shower, hottest on wednesday, temperatures cooling off, warming back up for thursday and friday with the weekend coming up for saturday and sunday, looks like the typical low clouds and fog. temperature spike, you will really notice it, starting to feel it today, even more so for tomorrow. >> >> joins go for weekend sweep of the phillies. sports wrap is coming up, next.
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5:48 pm
scott reese with your sunday sports wrap, phillies, a
5:49 pm
cure for what ails you. giants into the city of brotherly love, having dropped five in a row. today, playing for a sweep. we go to the land of cheese steaks. still a spectator, giants hope to have him back this week. codey knocks one into the left. phils take a 2-1 lead. third inning, giants would answer, angel. 1st and down the line. joe scores on a double. ties the game at two, giants going 3-2, but bottom of the third. h eric kirschner rrera, hits really, really hard. second major league homer solo shot and ties the game at three inning,ever frankore back on his team for a second straight day. here comes ben revere, play at
5:50 pm
the plate. slightly unorthodox, but the sliding points still count. phillies beat the giants. rays bull pen a mess in early april and may. big time aggression on both fronts. get away day in boston. guy catches ball doesn't spill the beer, give it is to a kid. no regard for the property. 4th inning, josh belley playing pepper with a monster. mark canon scores, and then the 8th inning, castillo, solo shot, make it is 4-1. on comes the bull pen and it was a disaster. ramirez, rbi single. big papa sack fly. and then castillo second at
5:51 pm
bat. homers, this time a single. scores another run. red sox get a touchdown in the 8th. come from behind and win 7-4. >> >> weird stuff in toronto check out the astros an john givens bluejays. luke pitching. jose pops it up. reyes is the base runner. he is allowed to stand on the base even if it impedes the shortstop from making the catch. everybody is safe. jonathan can't squeeze it, so after a double steal, chris wouldn't you know it, two-run walk off single. a weird way for the jays to win a game, but they will take it 7- 6 over houston. >> >> serena williams won the french open. on the men's side, playing for a history himself, career grand slam. he has won wimbledon,
5:52 pm
australian open, french open u third set, up 5-2, they split the first two sets how about that? crafty. he wins the third set 6-3, so championship point in set number four. back hand winner steals the deal. women's world cup action as we await the u.s. versus australia tomorrow germany, ivory coast, not much of a match. 1-0 germany. 14th minute. again, second in the game. 31st minute, sausage. are you kidding me? the fastest hat tricks in women's world cup history. 31 minutes. look at the final score 10-0. >> >> thailand and norway.
5:53 pm
norwegians -- 34th minute, 2-0 norway norway wins 4-0. >> >> breakthrough performance on the nascar circuit for the guy who hadn't won in two years. >> what happened to this guy. how would it effect the outdumb of the memorial. it had all make sense -- coming up. pwhrapb.
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for over 60,000 california foster children it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter.
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the golf gods work in mysterious ways. golf players have mysterious gifts. what a sequence of events in the final round of the memorial. jack's tournament, a lot of bizarre history. san jose -- back in 1976 in a playoff third hole of the playoff, he shangs it, but goes off onto the green, wound up winning the tournament. back to today, here's justin rose. needs a par to force a playoff. this second shot from a bunker
5:56 pm
shangs it, but he hits the guy in the head. check it out. spectator takes one of the head, so rose obviously goes and checks on the man. he checks out okay. once he made sure the guy had all of his faculties, he had to make sure to force the playoff role and justin rose does this. seriously. unbelievable approach. >> so, we play on. par of the second playoff, we go to the third playoff hole, hole number 10. rose, 147-yards and this time, i don't know if he was aiming for somebody's head, but he missed everything and unfortunately could not come
5:57 pm
back from that. leaving the door open. what a day at the memorial. >> >> martin truex junior used to leading. it's winning that has escaped him. he has lead more than any other driver, but this was the first in which he was able to actually seal the deal. to the race, 20 laps to go. aj makes contact with ryan newman. both cars in the top 10 at that juncture, but newman spins into the wall, and then it was all about martin truex junior, dominating, lead 97 laps. first victory since -- jimmy
5:58 pm
johnson -- gran prix. -- it's how you start in f1 more than how you finish. see bassian attempts to pass niko. that doesn't work. it's all hamilton, cruises to victory. hamilton remains at the top of the formula 1 standings. >> and there is a little basketball game going on. >> we'll have a thing or two to say about that. special blowout sports wrap. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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