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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 8, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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from foster farms. simply better.
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it looks like magic, but takes years of training to wing it upside down. >> perfect unison. >> now yucky summer reveals what it's like to free fly and what it is that freaks him out. >> animals and bugs and stuff. a dude dances on a florida sheriff's car claiming he needs -- >> a sheriff of knottingham to help him with, quote, a woman with fangs. >> why he has all the right moves for a court date. >> he ought to have a hospital date. >> an update on the rescue kitty who is now -- what happens when sauerkraut summer road tour makes a stop at "rtm."
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>> a husband does a secret make-over for his wife. >> he spent $60,000. >> why her reaction to the big reveal is priceless. >> that's exactly what i was worried about. >> nothing more exciting than seeing amazing extreme athletes getting their gear get up in the sky and just jump. like the three amazing athletes in this video. yucky summer pj johnson and alex amart. ♪ this particular jump happened in switzerland. look at the way they choose to fly. head down, flying in essentially perfect unison while alex records them. these guys spent two years training intensely for this stunt. it turns out this is merely preparation for a bigger project that he is working on. i can try explaining what it is they're doing, but i think it's better if an expert does it. joining us via skype right this
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minute all the way from norway is yucky. explain what it is you're gearing up for free fly of the world. >> it's a new concept i've just recently thought of. pretty much travel around the world and do nice free flying routines in amazing landscape and create a little bit more our style on the flying. >> tell is howus how you do this upside down head first at velocity. >> we use the wind tunnel to train our bodies. we train on specific skills in the tunnel and then we adapt that. >> this was switzerland and it's amazing. what else is on your wish list? >> we want to pass by the statute in rio with similar style of flying. we want to film all of this stuff in virtual reality as well. and then going to be one of the stops, the dream after that is
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the himalayas. >> does stuff like this still give you a rush? >> i love it as much as the wings of fly siesy siesing or surfing. i do a lot of sports. free fly the world stuff has paid for what i'm usedo doing. uhe of danger? what could go wrong? >> in this case the only danger is if we hit each other and pass out. doesn't have an emergency opener that would open your parachute before we hit the ground. we have been training so much we should not hit each other. >> you look completely fearless. what scares you? >> animals and bugs and stuff, you know. >> little spiders scare you? >> yeah. spiders definitely scary. new orleans police releasing this security camera footage that captures this man right here walking down the street. keep your eye on the car to the
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left. see the puff of smoke? >> what happened? >> the police say that that man shot at that car, striking two people inside injuring them. the suspect comes wheeling around the corner and takes off. police are looking for that guy. >> was it completely random? >> new orleans pd not releasing those details, but it doesn't look totally random to me. something completely different, also captured our security camera footage, see the car put into the driveway right behind that sheriff's department vehicle. the man climbing up on to the roof and just continues to break it on down. >> what's going on? >> according to wptv this is 44-year-old christian ra decki. he claimed he needed the sheriff of knottingham to help with, quote, a woman with fangs who demanded a human sacrifice. yeah. it's bizarre. he continues to dance, he slides down the front of the car when
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police fintsly catch up with him and arrest him. that's when he tells them the vampire story. the real kicker after that he tells police he had not taken any recreational drugs and has no history of mental disorder. >> i don't believe that! ♪ >> i don't believe that. what sane person climbs on the top of a police car? and the sheriff of knottingham, he's not even in the right country. >> this video, a little bit older but just now getting out there because mr. radecki has a court date coming up soon. >> he ought to have a hospital date and he can wear that straight jacket. the beautiful tranquil scene of otago university in new zealand. beautiful and green, that nice
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little stream flowing through campus. this was it the other day. >> whoa. >> completely different. >> yes, completely different. they've had quite a bit of rain and ten kayakers nine guys one girl from the otago university canoe club decided let's give it a go and only the advanced members were sent a cryptic message on-line that said hey, you want to try it. they had on safety gear and helmets and went for it. >> look at that. these guys are getting air like on a trampoline one big wave poof off they go. >> they were warned by university officials and said the officials probably didn't say anything because they had on safety jackets and helmets. i say good on them for trying that out. if you're a kayaker maybe this is a college you want to consider going to. >> wow. >> they will be so disappointed next week, though when it's back the other way. >> oh. hi.
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>> in north hampton in the uk counting their blessing after a close call while they were out there using an atm when all of a sudden this happens. >> was that the atm? >> it wasn't no but it was a manhole cover. >> any reports of any kind of warning? did they hear anything smell anything? was it a sewer gas explosion? >> they believe it was an electrical volt that set it off. there was no warning whatsoever. really lucky escape by them. they were treated for minor injuries but apart from that they were find. >> how crazy they weren't standing over it when it happened. injures could have been much worse. >> the scary part being clearly this is a young child right there as well. lucky escape for them. another video similar to it from may. this is on a highway from mumbai. what happened was two trucks collided. one carrying iron bars the other 300 lpg cylinders. it is loaded. one of shem shoot up into the area a spark there, taking down
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the power lines. what happened is just dozens of explosions and everybody tries to get away. the driver of the lpg truck who had burns 40% of his body had been taken to the hospital of the treatment. the other driver fled the scene and police are looking for him. mechanics take special care to get something that's stuck in the car. >> you can already hear there's some movement in there. >> the cute little stowaway that decided to hitch a ride. >> oh. >> and. >> this isn't going to end well. >> why this handglider calls himself a crash test dummy. "right this minute" is brought to you by one a day men's and women's. .. key nutrients from fofoodod a alolonene. . lelet't's s do more. adadd d onone e a a daday y wowomemen's. cocompmpleletete w witith h kekey y nutrients we may need. plplusus b bonone e hehealalthth s supuppoport
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john griswold the owner of this has seen a paw two days earlier and thought oh, no i've hit a cat. he's in the shop the mechanics are here working to pull away the underbelly of this tesla and you can already hear there's some movement in there. >> yeah. >> he's moving. he's on the move. >> they're concerned that yes, there is a cat inside. they're concerned this little guy might fall once the panel examines off. >> it has nine lives. >> who knows how many it's used
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up already. >> yeah. >> this is the rear end of the car. that's where the motors and the drive train of the car is, so they're a little concerned is the cat hurt. >> here it comes. here goes the plastic. oh. our lie our little guy. >> what are you doing in there. >> it is a kitten. >> it is a kitten. john says it's to the his cat. it's apparently a neighborhood stray, a farrell cat. they pull the kitty out, put him in a container. he got to this point because he seen a paw sticking out earlier. they tried to put food out. the cat did come out for the food and ran into the car. they weren't able to get it themselves and that's how they wound up in the shop here. >> probably warm and cozy. probably liked the rpms. >> quiet. >> john says he has found somebody to adopt the cat and it will get a tesla themed name perhaps elon. >> caesar is not feeling bath
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time. >> want a bath? want to take a bath? come on. let's take a bath. come on. want to take a bath? come on. come on. we got to take a bath caesar. come on. let's take a bath. get in. okay. take him in. >> want to lay down. >> take your bath. okay. . if anyone out there in the universe is asked the question what could possibly go wrong? i have a whole bunch of videos to show what will. the first one is a hand gliding compolation video brought to us by andre. i think andre needs to maybe find another sport because the compilation of not even winds, the first one takes to the air, doesn't stay in the air long mayday losing altitude going down. >> ouch. >> i feel like that's all that could happen there. he didn't jump from a high place. is this a practice flight? it may have been practice for crashing. in the second video he leaves an
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andre shaped hole in the ground when he hits. >> oh. >> that one -- >> literally just the shape of him there in the middle. there is one more as well at the end, this time decides he's going to mix it up and try landing in some trees. >> oh. did he ever have control? >> i have no idea. >> for all we know he's still stuck in the tree. >> we have more. long boarding individuals. this long boarder going in front. trying to get video in the car which is good as long as you're sticking to your lane because a couple minutes into the video he approaches this right-hand turn but he starts drifting to the left-hand side and that's a bad thing because -- >> oh! >> fortunately everyone okay in that one. the last one, an epic bike jump. maybe not that epic. one of that moment where dads should be careful where your children are watching, i'll have a go i'm sure it will be fine. >> here he goes. ready? >> yeah. >> oh! >> it happens off camera but
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it's more the sound. >> i heard a crunch. >> roger. >> then you hear breathing. >> roger. >> oh, my god. >> call 911. >> you get a quick look at the blood. he's not out. 20 stitches and a broken nose going over a jump that must be about 6 inches high. last day at work and he high fives the camera. >> because he's about to embark on a worldwide trip to high five the world. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> sauerkraut blew up the web with her cuteness but the cat is cruising the country. >> sauerkraut summer tour 2015. >> what happens when she makes a pit stop at "rtm." >> she's a total diva. >> the nba inspired etch a sketch that will leave you in awe. >> what?
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winnebago. >> comfortable in a hoodie. >> famous now, she has to sometimes cover up her identity. >> this is awesome. better than watching this, getting to pet sauerkraut who is right here. >> no. >> really? >> yes. >> you got to be kidding. >> she's wearing her television dress too. fancy tv dress. >> oh, baby. she's so tiny. >> hi sweetie. >> you guys are not just doing this blog for fun. this is a charity reason why you're on tour. tell us about that. >> sure. we have several stops that we're making along the way and each place that we're stopping as we make this loop through the western u.s., we're going to be meeting with different animal organizations helping them raise money and awareness about special needs adoption issues of animal welfare and care and anything we can do to help out. >> it blows my mind that a cat has gotten so much attention.
3:21 pm
are you just as surprised? >> we had no idea. you know we started her web stuff to find her a permanent home because she was a foster kitten. as her medical issues starting added we will keep her because nobody can do it as well as we can. but she had an on-line presence at that point and it's gone crazy. >> yes. >> she's a total diva. >> why we give patrick a second before he gets to shreds. >> sauerkraut cracked a smile at all on the road trip? >> never. i don't think i've ever seen her smile. she might laugh now and then but doesn't smile a whole lot. it's like having the one grouchy friend you kind of like anyway. >> whales ist else is in the plans? kitty sauerkraut calendars? >> he's working on a sauerkraut calendar right now and we have some things for you guys. >> oh. >> here. you want them? >> she's like i really want to get in my pink car.
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>> cool. >> put her head -- >> sauerkraut -- >> oh. >> love that. >> oh, man. >> that is too awesome. we already know etch a sketches are really cool. you can do really cool things. this guy. >> some people can do really cool things. >> i can't even do a split. >> that is true. this guy takes it to a whole different level. this is george. he is an amazing etch a sketch artist. look at the detail he can put into his creations. >> what? >> this particular creation is an etch a sketch of you can guess where this is going. >> lebron james. >> lebron james. yep. he is doing it kind offage ajn homage he is from cleveland himself so he wanted to do something fitting for the occasion. >> looks like a pen drawing. how do you do this? do you have to start and know
3:23 pm
where you're going to go? all i ever left was a light ghost trail. >> it's amazing. the detail is remarkable. especially because it's so limiting considering you can only go back and forth in the same place and he does it so seamlessly. >> most artists would have a sketch pad. does he have a box of etch a sketches and how do you lock that? >> apparently there's a way to keep it forever so no one will mess up with it. the worst thing you need is is someone to come up and go my bad. a guy decides to surprise his wife with a full kitchen make-over. >> everything she always wanted. >> but is it the way she wanted it? >> let's find out. >> that's a big risk. >> see why the big reveal gets a bit awkward. >> surprise! >> what do you think? w atat c chihilili's's nenew w totop p shshelelf f rarancnchehero chicken tacos. ststopop i in n fofor r luluncnchh and tap, swipe, and go.
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that thing is powerful. we love homecoming videos on the show. this one is a bit of a homecoming with a twist. >> everything she always wanted. >> darren wilson has remodeled the family's kitchen. >> i worked all week for this. i hope she loves it. >> spent $60,000. darren's got a bunch of family and friends there because his wife was gone for a week while he did the remodel. here comes the surprise. she's on her way. >> surprise! >> what do you think? >> i don't like the colors.
3:27 pm
>> what? >> no i don't like the colors. >> what color? >> like puke yellow. >> oh. >> that's exactly what i was worried about. it's the elements she wants, but is it the way she wanted it? >> let's find out. >> that's a big risk. >> i got you your two stoves. >> two stoves. i said that i really wanted something nice. like wow! >> it's a bit of an awkward moment here. >> seriously? >> seriously? >> she's not happy. >> that's not the reaction i was hoping for. >> she's legitimately mad. walks out. listen. >> dude -- >> what a [ bleep ]. >> this video a couple years old getting a wild amount of attention. we like to get the stories behind the videos. >> what happened? >> is it called divorce? >> it's called fake.
3:28 pm
>> yeah. >> seriously? >> seriously? >> i thought it was a well done acting job. the house they were in was a vacation home. it wasn't even their home. >> she did a great job being the disappointed angry -- >> high maintenance. >> about to kill you wife. >> yep. >> i just apologize for them to the people who actually own that home who think that yellow is very nice. >> wow. >> oh, my god. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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after video of a driver with anger issues goes viral people started saying -- >> i recognize that woman. >> why it's not the first time she's flipped out.
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a guy with a good heart is about to learn -- >> snapping turtles not exactly friendly. >> the rescue that could cost him a finger. >> we don't want it to be a printer. we want it to be magic, right? now it is. >> as master showman on comedy central and youtube. >> when i walked in the restaurant looks good i know i'm a magician. >> now justin is blowing into "rtm" with a trick to blow our


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