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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 6, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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it's a white knuckle rescue of a woman stuck on the rocks in the rapids holding their dog. see why they're both a slip away from death. >> i need help! >> this guy has a serious issue. why mr. crankypants has his underies in a bunch. that is one relaxed pig. getting one heck of a belly rub. the story behind a full service farm sankt tear. sanctuary. >> can he pick up girls in australia in polish? >> see who's game for his game and who is like -- here's my
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number 1-800-555 -- >> go away. two different water rescues caught on camera in two different parts of the world. sal mob river in central id hoe a woman stuck out on that rock in some whitewater, holding her dog. as the rescuer gets closer the dog is first to be rescued. >> ooh. >> oh! [ bleep ]. >> the dog is safe but look at the woman, she is being dragged by the current of the water and she is underwater. and it is terrifying. you hear this rescuer screaming for help. >> i need help! >> look at her hands, holding on. he gets her head just slightly above water. >> get a breath get a breath. are you okay? holy smokes. hes' able to pull her on board
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the boat stuck up on the rocks. i guess it was a good thing she actually held on right? didn't allow the water to drag her down the way and they were able to pull her up. >> the most startling thing in the video is just that grasp when her head is under the water. >> that's what they mean for holding on for dear life. >> you can't breathe yourself because you're so scared. everybody is okay including the dog. the next video from the royal national lifeboat institution we're headed to black pool in the uk. they're headed out to rescue a woman who ended up being trapped on a sand war because of the tide coming in. she tried to swim to safety and now she is exhausted. you see her head just barely above water as the boat approaches. also suffering the effects of the cold water but they get her in the boat just in the knick of time. she was taken to a local hospital for observation.
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these three videos are just crazy. this video comes to us from bogota in colombia. this fellow has a serious issue with the bus next to him. he's taken out every window on the side of it. what could have caused this? he was trying to sleep and the driver turned on the heaters in the bus to warm it up earlier during the night or early in the morning, the engine had been running outside his apartment when he came outside, that's the bus that kept me awake? he decided to take revenge. >> some people are really xwrumpy if they don't get their eight hours. this guy might be one of them. this next video comes to us from thailand where tempers are also frayed. you see people shouting two ladies the ladies with the motorbike helmet and lady in the car. apparently the car hit the back of the bike that's the rumor going around. she's not done. she's just getting started.
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get the hand inside and start attacking the driver of the red car. unfortunately for her it causes the car to move forward, knocks over her bike but she's too angry to care. the poceman lets themontinue sta couple of pictures slowly starts to calm down. even we get on attack. the video recorded in the food court in malaysia. [ bleep ]. >> whoa! >> is this a love triangle? >> this is a cheating husband and that girl right there, that's the wife and her sister this guy her husband at lunch with a new girl. it escalates to this point here, she throws the drirveg, the husband jumps up to stop her. >> i will kill you. >> we have found a blog post which is also going viral
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basically outing him, outing her, putting the whole thing out there and just washing her hands of him. >> this is all other. >> not in an elevator, in a food court. nick i think you're going to want to book your next vacation here. >> yes! i totally do. >> it's nick heaven. fox sanctuary, 200 foxes you can hang out and interact with. they have a fox nursery, a fox hospital a fox hotel. >> it's almost like walking into a village full of puppies. >> what does the fox say?
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>> they're very quiet. never mind they're not. not at all. >> and should you want to interact with pigs and cows and chickens and emus this is sasha farm and this is the pig and it is a big pig, getting one heck of a belly rub. >> that is a good life that pig is living. >> yep. >> all the animals at sasha farm are rescued animals so they've been brought here to live happily ever after. >> look at the smile on that pig's face. that big nose. i am about to show you two videos that could have been avoided. had the driver done what they're supposed to do, we start in malaysia at a caltech petrol
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station. the person working at the station, plenty of room to maneuver so what you're about to see next is mystifying. watch this driver. how the heck does that happen? exactly. that worker pushed about ten feet. >> stop! he's trying to roll back other. he doesn't get up but seems to be aware of what's going on. moves the car back stops and gets out. she renders a how did this happen? >> you're supposed to look both ways that's why they say you can't just trust and turn one way and look at the other. >> the guy was there the entire time. this could have been avoided, this is in russia a car chase. why are police chasing that white kia? because they nauld man over because they said he nearly hit some people in a crosswalk, wanted to do a dui alcohol check. he didn't want to do it jumped in his car and a chase ensued. something bad happens because web you run from police under
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the influence of alcohol you don't have all of your faculties about you. watch what happens here? he passes this orange bus, and then he loses control. the side of his car hits the back of that bus, they say people were getting on that bus, you don't see them in the video, but you see the impact. >> he was going far too fast for the handling of his car. >> hopefully nobody was injured. from there are no reports of injuries and this guy in custody of police that one side of the car completely smashed in from broadsiding the back of that bus. inspired by another social experiment they got a court board of dloor bills and headed out to mission beach in san diego and they hupgng it up. find out how people react to this idea. at the tender age of 6. i think this is the youngest rescuer we've seen on "right this minute." she whoat he rescued next. e one today.
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i know what you're thinking when you're looking at the beginning of this video. they're pulling this little boy out of the storm drain. no they are not. that 6-year-old boy is the hero in this video, because he is rescuing a duckling that would be a baby duck and this is out of a storm drain in key west, florida, and the woman who posted this video said her husband picked the 6-year-old up held him upside down and from there the little boy executed an excellent duck rescue. >> everyone needed him. he was the one that was needed he did it, he manned up and rescued the little chick. >> the little duckling safe and sound. the woman is pointing out where he needs to take it. mom's been worried. watch these two kids walking around a turtle pond with their dad. noticed something stuck down in the storm drain. dad gets a net, uses his brute strength to pick up the grate and then he uses the net, dad
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got the turtle out quickly. >> does it know martial arts? >> no. >> oh my god, it showed, is that the ooze? >> exactly. >> that is a logical question. >> i thought so. >> this turtle not a ninja, but awfully quick. the turtle close to the pond. and then jumps into the pond and swims away. a beautiful video put together by the art project and bc serna. >> take what you need give what you can. >> a video not long ago similar, just a simple idea a cork board and some $1 bills. >> we're hoping that some people take some and we're hoping that some people think it's awesome and put another $1 up there, $5. we hope it lasts a long time >> these folks started with 20
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$1 bills hen hung it up and the first five minutes the number of $1 bills doubled. people just wanted to give. they loved the idea. you can see the smiles on people's faces. they ended up keeping the board up for hours, because it was going so well and we hear from some of the people affected by what's going on. >> it's actually makes your brain think how many people are out here doing the right thing. >> we hear so many negative stories now. it's so refreshing to see people affected by the amazing people who are out there. there are so many of them. >> i come to work every day. >> this guy says i work every single day and i can't pay bills. so they head over to the board and get him exactly the money that he needs. >> hey, man, here's rent brother. >> and the man is so moved by this act of kindness. >> all you got to do is love
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people and have good conversations, man. >> great. great. great. >> this is so beautiful. that moment that hug between strangers, and this man's life was changed. let's see if you can figure out who dun it. it's not very hard. >> did you do th? did you do that right there? >> guilty. >> and that is exactly what guilty looks like. >> oh. >> did you do that? >> and then this dog is so embarrassed at the atrocious nature of its attack i don't know what all that stuff is, groceries? >> garbage. >> it dies of embarrassment. >> ohthen they worry about the
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dog's health. >> it's smart. it's a little weasel. the dog in this viral video uk i think you can tell what its favorite treat is. >> look at the size of its eyes. >> how do dogs not get brain freeze. we've seen so many videos of dogs taking a whole ice cream cone and they don't get that way for you. even if they get it it doesn't matter because they start eating through it. >> they just give zero you-know-whats. >> it's time for some real or fake and as max would say -- >> you can get real or go ahead and get out of here. >> starting with the dude at the driving range and the sling that sends his ego flying. and the unexpected strength at an arm wrestling match that will make you cringe. watch and decide.
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are you ready to get this monday started in the best way possible? with matt from ebomb. >> what up, guys? you know the name it's mac dradle. get real or go ahead and get the fake out of here. >> here we go. >> if we are supposed to believe he completely annihilated a soccer ball with a kick, no. >> it's one two of things in my head. either they're pranking him or it's a commercial for those football boots. >> right. and the fact they pan down to look at the football boot makes me think this is a commercial. >> fake. >> i think it's a commercial. >> i looked into this closely, slowed it down and actually found what really makes this video fake you look at the shoe here there's actually some kind
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of metal piece on his left boot that pops the ball but it's real because he actually did pop the ball. >> it's a trick. >> next video. >> oh! he was really embarrassed. >> the way he walked. >> looking around to see if anybody saw it like tripping in the cafeteria. >> real. everybody says real. >> i want to say that it's fake but you guys make a good argument that it's real. >> when you're at the driving range especially when it's grass you try to find a fresh piece of grass so you move the ball around. to the right it's all divoted. it's more like he picked a part that looks nice didn't think about this. >> now i'm convinced that thing is real. >> last video. this video from viral video uk. >> oh!
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>> just the snap alone makes this real. i didn't have to see it. knees people need to drink more filling. >> it keeps playing. he almost pops it back in. like he's had it happen before. it's still real gross. >> no denying. also this guy's reaction who breaks it that is a genuine freak out. >> i didn't even notice that. he didn't expect it of himself. >> these are tough to watch, definitely real. i didn't know that being a bike acrobat was a thing. but apparently it is it and you can also be a world champ. david schnauble and sonya colingford. this is like a little bike ballet.
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this video put together by irmay, showcases and showing us what their bikes can do which you can own for roughly $12,000. he's a guy with a plan. >> he's going out, see if can he pick girls up in australia in polish. >> find out if his language barrier technique works. >> if that happened to me i'd probably give him the wrong number.
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there's no more taste. luke luke there's no more treats. >> ladies when a guy is coming up trying to pick you up think back before you were married. what was it like? what impressed you? >> confidence. >> thank you very much. that's exactly what i wanted you to say. they say that all the time it's all about confidence so much so almost doesn't matter what they're saying as long as they do it confidently. check this video out. from adrian g. he's going out to see if can he pick girls up in australia in polish. >> so they don't speak his language but it's really just
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about how he does it. >> it's the language of love. >> or the language of -- >> something else. >> i want to get in your pants. >> that too. straight out of the gate he's picking up numbers. >> picking up numbers but do they lead to anybody? >> here you go my number 1-800-555 -- >> go away. >> talking to her for a while, getting her number and then he goes back to speaking english. >> australia, yes i'm from australia. >> there's all kinds of these videos. he just holds his phone out and says give me your number in polish. >> it's weird. >> this is weird. there's no conversation preceding this. >> if that happened to me i'd give him the wrong number. there is nothing leading up to the asking of the number and no you're not just going to hand out your number to a random person that just asks for that
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without striking up some kind of conversation trying to find out where you're from. >> nick you made a point, maybe the numbers aren't real and that's what happens with this girl >> check the number and try again. >> towards the end he does admit -- >> there was a lot of rejection. don't think it was easy because it was not easy. >> it took a lot of rejections to get a few people to hand the number over. it was an interesting video. there again confidence. >> you're not going to get anywhere if you don't try. >> there you go. >> that's our show. we'll see you for the next "rtm."
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today it's a hot monday and we're keeping the fireworks going with a super sized dose of super juicy "hot topics." then, we're not done yet. diana madison is here with a shocking revelation from kim kardashian's new interview. plus setting out all of this year's beach essentials to have fun in the sun and hit the shore in style. now, here's wendy! ♪


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