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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and snow in july despite severe drought conditions. >> the steps to find out if crumb rubber is making athletes sick. >> san francisco's sheriff on the fense about the release of an undocumented immigrant now charged with the murder in the pier 14 shooting. >> ktvu at four starts now. >> hello and welcome to the 4. sheriff ross mirkarimi lashed out because of the mexican immigrant accused of killing kate spineley. >> we turn live to the city. hey, john. >> reporter: i have to tell you this press conference was one of the more packed press conferences and it had to be 50 members of the media jammed in this mall room and ross
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mirkarimi talked about 45 minutes and 20 that he gave a prepared statement and he talked about the history of the case and what happened to get francisco sanchez in custody and they followed protocols to get francisco sanchez here and after the judge dismissed the charge of marijuana possession, that they released him without informing the ice that they were doing it because that is not their protocol, that the sanctuary city law prevents them from doing that unless there's a warrant or a court order in place. mayor ed lee said that sheriff could have done a courtesy call to let ice know he was being released and ross mirkarimi disagrees. >> the mayor's story's law under the buzz simply trying to walk away from the ordinance he
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signed into effect because if, in fact, that he is looking for some ambiguity in the law in order to cover his position, then it really defeats the whole purpose of the law in the first place. if you look very clearly in the declarative sense of the law if you follow his theory or logic, they are out for a subjective barometer that would then eventually conflict with the constitutional concerns that motivated the birth of the law in the first place. i really do think that's the mayor playing politics with public safety and i really think it is disingenuous the way he is going about it. >> and, of course, the sanctuary city law has come under fire locally and nationally and it has been debated as well as the whole
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immigration debate. it sounds like the sheriff is doubling down. did he say there is anything his office could have done taking some blame saying maybe we could have done this or nothing at all? >> i specifically asked him was he or his office could have done to prevent or lead to the prevention of the killing of kate stineley and he said maybe they could have worked harder to get ice more on the ball and doing their job to get them in place to receive mr. sanchez when he was released. >> and john, we know that sheriff was once a member of the board of supervisors, did he say what the current board do, maybe changes the policies. >> he referred to the fact he was on the board for a while but the purpose of the law is
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to prevent immigrants and maybe illegal immigrants in town in cases where they go to the police because if they say the police are used as a federal official and federal immigrations official the people to report a crime or witness a crime or a victim of a crime, they would no longer do that because of the fact that they would be worried about their own immigration status and worried that the police would just go to immigration officials. now, this law does have exception when it comes to violent felons. mr. sanchez did not have a violent history. >> a lot of finger pointing. ice officials would not speak on camera about the sheriff's comments but they did issue a statement saying that he strongly disappeared. >> saying it was a tragic situation and we must not engage in finger pointing and
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work together it is not repeated. in fact despite a request from ice to the sheriff's department seeking notification of his impending release the individual was released without notifying ice. had ice been notified, the agency would have taken the individual into custody and removed him from the country as dictated by isis authority. >> mayor ed lee's office released a statement saying that mayor lee stands behind what he has stated from the very beginning, this is a tragic incident. there is law with felons communicating with agencies. we reached out for more comments but we have not heard
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anything back. we are in the middle of a severe drought. it was raining this morning and some know in yosemite. rosemary joining us what is going on. >> a bit unusual but this system that brought us drizzle and showers and thunderstorms for some areas and some sierra snow beginning to push out. take a look at storm tracker two, late in the afternoon, we begin to see clearing and blue skies as we speak over parts of the north bay. we do have mostly dry conditions and the clouds continuing from santa rosa and the canyon. as we shift in the south bay, a few showers in the santa cruz mountain, and over to gil roy and this system moving to the east over the sierra and we do continue to see the thunderstorms. you can see a little bit of lightning along the california, nevada border. showers in the forecast through areas of lake tahoe and the sierra but for the sierra as well as for us, this system
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will be pushing off to the east as we get into tonight and tomorrow and we do have dry weather in the forecast for your bay area week. we will have a look at the numbers and what you can expect coming up. another top story we are following, a car slams into a south bay home killing one person and sending another to the hospital. it happened at 10:30 on ruby drive in east san jose. a witness says a truck lost control. the truck slams into a brick wall and went to a neighbor's backyard hitting the two-story home and the loud noise alerted a man working nearby. he jumped into act when he saw the driver and passenger were trapped in the mangled truck. >> i went to the rescue and tried to get the guy out of the car and he was stuck. i tried my best and i used shovels and forks and nothing
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was working and so that's when the fire department came. >> the passenger inside the truck was killed. the driver was taken to the hospital. now a family was inside the home at the time of the accident. they were not injured. a historic moment in charleston south carolina as the confederate flag is lowered and removed from the grounds of the state house. a political debate ignited after the mass shooting where nine people were killed including the state senator. that is being investigated as a hate crime. crowds cheered as the confederate flag was removed and there were some that jeered and waved their own flags, the ku klux klan has promised to demonstrate. >> it is not hate.
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the ncaa has towed that line long enough until they have convinced people. it is not a flag of hate. the klan carried the american flag, if the confederate flag is a hate crime so is the american flag down. >> this has come down given to the african-american that could have not worked here and to think about what it took, it is a bad bargain for us. i would rather work 40 more years to keep reverend pinckney alive and the loved ones alive. >> the flag will go to the relic room in charleston a few blocks away from the state house. meanwhile in washington d.c., the house of representatives is canceling a vote on whether to allow the confederate flag to be flown in cemeteries run by the national park service. >> a beautiful island of san
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francisco bay. a processing center for people seeking a new life in america. coming up, the difficult history of angel island. >> and let's give you give you a live look like. sluggish in both directions. you are watching the 4.
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while it's the largest natural island in san francisco bay. really a tourist attraction and
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a nice place to go camping. for 75 years ago i should say it was a processing center for immigrants hoping for a better life. this weekend angel island will honor its legacy and joining us is the executive director of the angel island immigration foundation and the community relations director. grant. thank you for co in. it is the next place next to sam's and timberron. from 1910 to 1940 it was a place that is not today. >> it is not. it is a beautiful island and great recreational area but it has a particular history and it is very symbolic. the station was set up to enforce the 1882 chinese inclusion act to disallow people from a different race to
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come to the country and unlike ellis island that was welcoming. >> there was exclusion comes to mind and some sent back across the pacific. >> there was attempts to do that. it was enforcement of the law to keep people from coming to the united states from the pacific. >> your thoughts and memories from 1910 to 1940? >> there were some loop holes that you could enter. a lot of chinese would say they had family that were born here and especially after the earthquake and fire destroyed the records and the chinese claim that they had family that were legally here and so they came over themselves and the reason why angel island has the poetry and the carvings because maybe their answers did not match. >> they were sent back simply because they were undesirable to be here in california and the united states? >> it was not quite so direct
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as that. they didn't answer the questions right for example, how many stairs went to your uncle's room and maybe they hadn't seen their uncle or his room for a long time, how would they remember? >> right. >> so they would match the answers with others and the other thing was held. they would try to turn them back for health reasons. >> the family day tomorrow, explain what is going on, if people can go. i know you can get out there through timber ron and the ferry and pier 41. what is it exactly? >> besides the chinese that came in, people from 80 countries came here and not known as well as it should be. we will have descendents that came here that are filipino and jewish and russian and they include jeffrey cline whose mother came here in 1940, whose
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family escaped nazi control to austria and went to shanghai and she was going to get married to a man in new york but we will find out tomorrow what the real story was. and a son found out more about the mother's story because we took it from the national archives and read about it and we ended it saying if rosa ever met her boyfriend in new york. if anyone knows tell us. jeffrey found the article online and contacted us and he says i'm rosa's son and they got married. just one of many stories and a great day and i'm wishing you both success. i want to tell the viewers, ferry service starting at 9:45 a.m. and speakers begin at 11:15 followed by a time to explore the immigration there. you can find more about angel island and the immigrants at and look under the web links on our home page. mike, thank you, we are
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talking weather. i'm with rosemary and it is summer. it is july. >> check. >> we are gets moisture and rain but is it measurable rain, is it just fun to see. >> it won't make a dentin the drought but it does put a damper on fire weather and waters the grass and clean out the air. all plus, plus. but we are drying out in time for the bay area weekend. take a look at san jose where the clouds have cleared nicely and partly cloudy as we get through the second half of the day and as we get in the evening, the clouds will roll back in giving you a live look at mount diablo. a few one hundredths reported in the last 24 hours, measurable for a few areas giving you one last look here across the bay towards the east, wow, what a beautiful day and actually shaped up to be. as we get to storm tracker two and dry and not working as hard as it was over the last couple of days and picking up a few
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scattered showers around morgan hill and gil roy and a few here lingering as it continues to push to the east. the system responsible for the west weather will be moving off to the east over portions of the great basin and by tomorrow we are looking at partly cloudy skies and mild weather. so in a nutshell partly to mostly cloudy skies and the showers coming to an end with a westerly breeze and light to moderate and for the weekend, partly cloudy skies and temperatures a little cool for this time of year but not bad and a lot of 60s and 70s and 80s for our warmer spots inland. temperatures right now, 78 degrees in liver more and 77 in fairfield and along the peninsula. 67 in san francisco and 70 redwood city and portions of the east bay. and tomorrow morning we will wake up with the low clouds back and patchy fog i do expect along the coast and just inside the bay and 59 degrees to start
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your day and vallejo and 60 for livermore and 60 for san mateo. not a bad start. the clouds will clear out and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and 77 in na vayo and richmond in the afternoon, walnut creek to 80 and 80 for danville and 70 for san leandro and the south bay, 78 san jose and mid-80s for gilroy and one of the warmer spots tomorrow. a nice 77 with partly cloudy skies in santa cruz and the peninsula 78 and 76 in san francisco. giants will play this evening low 60s and with a breeze 5 to 20 and partly cloudy skies for your evening and the extended forecast for your bay weekend temperatures warming slightly for saturday. it will be warmer because we will have more sunshine and sunday a tad warmer and the
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warming trend for monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's beautiful. thank you, rosemary. >> the most comprehensive study on the danger of crumb rubber arc story that ktvu has been investigating. allegations from athletes that play in synthetic fields and we will examine that in our 4 by 4 egment. couch surfing, the unique ways you can travel this summer if you are willing. that and more coming up.
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>> it is summertime and vacation is on many people's minds and we talked about how web site and apps are changing the way we travel. let's talk to veronica on how are you. >> great, how are you. >> good, thank you. you have been talking about some of the unexpected ways people are traveling now. let's start with high camp. what is that? >> that's actually hip camp and it is basically what it sounds like. it is alternative to renting a house or condo you can rent camp grounds. people can post the land on the web site and you can go and stay in a cabin on their land or bring your own tent with you. it is a lot cheaper and a lot of different options and it is a cool alternative way to spend time in the area.
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great places in san francisco, oakland, all over the bay area and country. i think it is a really kind of different and neat way to travel. >> hip camp. so you can rent out your land and go camping and use cabins. it is something different. what about hotel tonight. >> hotel tonight is great because a lot of different hotels have extra inventory at the end of the week and using this app you can look for hotels available in a week's time. either you need something that night or that week maybe you have unexpected trip coming up and looking for rooms to be less expensive than if you booked them in advance. >> it sound for someone not into that long term future planning and you have to be spontaneous. >> i like the spontaneity factor, you can save money but it does have a mobile app it is great if you are on the road and no web interface that may
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be an issue. >> i have one that may be an issue. >> what about couch surfing. >> it is old and it is a way to search for locals willing to share their couch. it makes me nervous. you can work with people that have only verified accounts that is a great way to start. but if you are willing to just take a risk and go around the world and stay with locals that know the area very well. it might be interesting to save money. and also be spontaneous as well. >> what about for the ladies can you say that the people have to qualify and in their network but it seems risky you don't know them. >> it is an issue but the smart thing to do is tell friends and family in the area or wherever they happen to be where you are standing and what nights and make sure you check in with people you know and probably the safest way. >> or travel with groups.
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>> okay. >> all good ideas and interesting hosts of inver conca. thank you. >> possible links between cancer and crumb rubber. we dig deeper into a new study looking at health concerns about the fields. coming up on ktvu at five and six, eric radmustsen was talking about a dealership with rolled back odometers.
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more on ktvu tonight. welcome back. after months of debate the state of california is launching a study to look at whether synthetic playing fields made of crumb rubber are making athletes sick. >> we have been investigating this for months and we are taking four minutes at 4:00 to take a look at this next step and try to find out once and for all if crumb rubber is safe. joining us is senator hill that is pushing for research on the impact of crumb rubber. thank you for coming in. sb47, what is it and where is
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it right now in sacramento? >> the bill was designed to conduct and require the state government to do a study, a comprehensive study, there hasn't been a study to look at the health risks of using crumb rubber in artificial fields. studies have been done and some of them have determined that there is a heavy level of lead and others have said there is toxic chemicals but none of them conclusive. so we wanted the state to do that and they started doing that looking at the health risks related to whether you injesuit or if you are a goalie and you hit the ground and you ingest it and you bring it home in your uniform and socks and you are living living with it for a while. there are studies that looked at the air quality when that gets hot and emits it in the air, whether the compounds are getting larger and greater but not the health risks. >> there have been studies.
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>> yes. >> but not like one where the state got 2. $2.58 millions for a new study and we have a slide to break it down and let's talk about the ingestion of it. when you inhale it but what about if you digest it. >> that is true and we want to get at that. when you ingest it, it gets in your system and there's a reason, high concentrations of lead have been found in the crumb rubber and the los angeles school district and as well as the new york park and recreation department abandoned it and won't use artificial turf because of the high concentration of lead. >> and heat simulates it and rubber in cuts or scrapes if you get it in your skin. >> absolutely. if you look at the u.s. world
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soccer team, this he were complaining that their shoes were so hot they were melting because they were playing on crumb rubber. >> we were at morin county and they put a stop to it. as part of your bill, you won't all school districts to stop putting in these fields. >> that was my goal to have a moratorium. but the industry spent $250,000 lobbying the bill and i had to take that out initially before the bill would move because they were fighting so hard and they didn't want a moratorium and what we will do is introduce the bill and stuck in the appropriatations committee and reintroduce it to require school districts and cities if they are going to install the artificial turf, they have to get a second opinion other than
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crumb rubber and there are alternatives. and in the end and long run as cheap as artificial turf with crumb rubber. >> because we haven't seen such a comprehensive study are you convinced are the u.s. soccer coach that said athletes were diagnosed with cancer, are you convinced that crumb rubber is connected to possibly cancer? >> i amount not a scientist. there is strong evidence. when you look at the athletes getting testicular cancer and the lymphomas and the one connection they have all been goalies and played soccer on crumb rubber artificial turf. >> two or three times a week playing on it. >> yes. >> and there is one study in 2010 that said it did not pose a serious health risk for inhaling harmful material and it did not study, the health
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risks. >> if you look at the federal government and the epa. they have created a warning because they said there is no risk and they are saying we don't know yet and we need more studies. if you look at the studies now none as comprehensive as california will do. >> and how long will it take and we still have people playing on crumb rubber. >> fortunately with all of our efforts there is enough awareness at school districts and cities when they look at options will make a different choice and i think it is irresponsible to go forward with crumb rubber, with artificial turf with crumb rubber with what we know and the study will be completed in 2018. >> 2018. >> so if you were to tell a school district in bay area that is having a debate, would you say to stick with grass? >> no, i would suggest an artificial turf but with an organic compound. >> that's right.
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this has cork and as well as corn husks and coconut fiber. people will say it is cheaper to use crumb rubber because we want to get rid of the tires. it is cheaper out front but in the end, 8 years when you have to dismantle the systems and dispose of it, it is hazardous waste and you have to pay to get rid of it so the alternative is there and we want to promote is that look at it and make the choice today and until we find the study and then move forward. >> senator jerry hill will be following sb47 and thank you for your time. thank you, senator and you can find out more about crumb rubber and the safety concerns at and click on web links and you will find the past investigations and can look at the contracts for the new health study. greece makes progress in its efforts to stop the
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financial crisis and we will tell you what has been done and what needs to happen. the last few showers moving out and more dry weather just in time for your bay area week. what is going on and what you can expect coming up. >> another live look for you on this friday commute, 246 in walnut creek looking pretty good actually for this friday. time now is 4: 36. you are watching the 4. plush
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>> greece has met a deadline to meet a plan. but there is concern among the people. take a look. they lined outside of banks and trying to get money. greece's bailout plan includes raising the sales tax and the proposals will be analyzed with leaders in brussels to make a decision on aid. >> money problems in china are creating global concerns and today's money business ktvu's pam cook explains how the problems there could impact us here. >> there is strong business relationship between china and the united states particularly silicon valley but the chinese stock market has loss more than $3 trillion in the past three weeks. there is wild swings and the
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question is how will it affect our economy in the area. chinese investment has been going in the bay for years and real estate is a big recipient of money from china. the chinese are the biggest foreign buyers of u.s. housing investing near $29 billion into properties in the past year. according to the national association of realtors, they are looking for an american education and better health care and fresh air. we also see a lot of chinese tourists and their dollars and chinese investments in startups in silicon valley as they look for a safer place to put their money during uncertain economic times in china. now some of our well-known retailers in technology have taken a hit with the drop in the stock market such as apple. china is a strong market but in march it was surging 71% and u.s. sales rose 12% for that
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period. the chinese stock market has dropped about 30% in the last three weeks however traders point out that chinese stock market gained about five times that amount in the past three years. actually analysts say with the chinese market crashing we may see a trend of more chinese investments as the u.s. becomes a safer place to put their money. >> all right. thank you very much. pam, let's turn to rosemary, wild 48 hours in the bay area. >> and it is winding down and improving weather in time for your weekend and in time for the 6th annual salsa festival happening today in san francisco and we find motel mark tamayo. it looks quite nice. are we going to get to see some salsa moves? >> there will be some salsa dancing with the help of some instructors that will be coming by and we are live in san
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francisco. we are live at the fillmor center and taking a look and setting up the stage and the band will be showing up but i guarantee you in a couple of hours this will be filled with lots of salsa dancers and the band just playing great tunes. now thankfully this did not happen last night as we look to the sky, remember yesterday we had rain clouds paying us a visit but not the case today. the clouds are clearing up and a relatively nice night with a bit of a breeze with mostly clear skies and it will last until 10:00 and tonight and tomorrow night and the key, three salsa lessons can if you want to come by, you don't have to check in, we are at the fillmor center in san francisco and at 5:00, we will talk to the organizer and have salsa dancers and tonight i will attempt a salsa dance class and me with minimal dance skills and we will see how it goes at five and 6:00. >> good to hear.
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i expect to see some moves later on. thanks a lot, mark. it looks nice and we will check back with you at 5:00. let's take a look at what is happening outside in and around the bay area. isn't that a beautiful view? we woke up to mostly cloudy skies and isolated showers and drizzle and at this hour all of that moving out of the area. santa rosa 70s and san francisco 67 and oakland 72 and livermore 78 and san jose 72 and the numbers five to ten degrees above we had at this hour and it feels warmer especially for most and it could feel muggy because we are not completely finished with a system that will bring us wet weather and we slide to the south and we could see scattered showers in the santa cruz mountains as well as perhaps morgan hill and gilmor and some of it could be verga and may not hit the ground but again you get the idea. still a little bit of moisture lingering around the bay area and in the sierra, thunderstorms will be a possibility for today over portions of lake tahoe and then
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as we get in the week, lake tahoe drying out but areas over yosemite. we start out with the low clouds along the coastline and take a look at tahoe, yosemite as well and for saturday afternoon we are still mostly sunny and if you are going to the sierra expect a few showers over the higher elevations of yosemite. lake tahoe nice weather and mostly sunny skies and 60s on saturday and low 60s on sunday so very enjoyable. tomorrow morning as we get out the door, 60s in liver more and along the peninsula upper 60s and the residual moisture
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lingering but for the afternoon partly to mostly sunny skies and 75 for napa and 70s along the east shoreline and 72 for east leandro and 80 for livermore and 58 for gilroy, that's a warm day and 78 redwood city and 66 in the city of san francisco and the extended forecast with your bay weekend in view, temperatures climbing and a subtle warmup for the second part of the weekend with mostly sunny skies and next week temperatures warming. >> will the humidity go away. >> you can feel it if you are not used to it. >> it is pulling out. >> it's out of here. >> it will be improving. >> rosemary. >> thank you. >> we turn to ken wayne with a look at the stories at five. >> a restaurant hit by thieves twice in one week and the second time they brought tools with them. we will show you the surveillance video that shows you how they made off with a
4:46 pm
safe that had been bolted to the ground. and one spot in the bay area that just can't seem to shake the algae. >> it is still there and they are working on it, a toxic algae bloom. it is proving to be tricky to get rid of. crews were working on that lake earlier. today back there in the algae is bad, if you swallow some of that and it could cause liver damage. we will have more on that coming up at five. we will see you and julie in a bit. thank you. people just can't get enough of the british royals. the family photos making the
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rounds online. morin county supervisors have made a deal with the
4:49 pm
national park service that will require vehicle reservations to visit mirror woods to reduce the number of people parking on nearby roadways. the reservation system will slash the number of daily visitors for more than 6000 to about 4500 during the peak period from april to october and 2800 a day the rest of the year. the reservation system will go in effect in two years with parking restrictions on mirror woods road to take effect five years after that. >> let's take a look at what people are talking about on social media. this one story people are loving. the little boy spotted doing his home run by mcdonald's. >> you can see him here on the sidewalk and the student passing by took the photo and posted it to facebook june 23rd. >> it went viral. the boy is a third grader named daniel carobba, his mom is a widow and she and her other
4:50 pm
child work at the restaurant and struggling to make ends meet and living at the restauranten a makes an equivalent of $1.77 a day and daniel was doing his homework because he had no place to go and using the light from the shop there. well a phillipines news station found the boy and the family and the boy says he wants to be a police officer in the story and he likes his father that passed away and was an officer. now people are donating to the family and a local politician has actually offered to give him a scholarship for school. so people are trying to help. >> what about the royal family? have you seen these pictures. >> new ones? >> they are everywhere. people are loving them. the british royal family are tweeting out portraits from princess charlotte's christening and there is one of the whole family and the middleton and the duchess of cam bridge and princess
4:51 pm
charlotte. the duke of cambridge holding prince george as well as the duke and duchess with their children charlotte and prince george. >> the current crop of people who know how to restore classic cars are starting to retire. and experts worry the skills may be lost unless young people join the field of pennsylvania college. >> fox 2 ken wayne shows us how a new program is addressing the need. >> new hands and old cars. when pennsylvania college of technology revved up its vintage vehicle restoration it was a handful of degree programs nationwide. >> i saw all of the types of cars and i was sol. i knew exactly what i wanted to do. >> with so many restoration experts starting to hit retirement age there is worry that vital skills may be lost unless a new generation is enticed in the field. >> there is a generation of
4:52 pm
missed opportunity. for some reason we didn't do well with our kids and grandkids to got them interested in this career path and we have a huge void to keep it going. >> they learn up holsterry and painting and welding and graduates usually have a job waiting at a shop or museum or private collection. >> i see a lot more people making money in this industry, a hot growing industry. >> museums supply the antiques from the 1935 rolls-royce to a chevy muscle car. >> we allow our students to work on unique cars. >> including the century old scripps booth. it hadn't been driven since 1959. >> after weeks of trial and error the students got it running and their work so good they won an invitation to the
4:53 pm
elegance, a prestigious gathering of antique automobiles. >> we are amongst the top cars in the entire world at this event. we are here with the top restoration facilities. >> the car earned a participation award. >> it is nice to see somebody under one hundred that likes cars. ken wayne, fox two news. the head of the federal government office here quit. >> right in the middle of a security breach that compromised millions of
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people's social security numbers. a big resignation from the chief of the government agency at the center of what is believed to be the biggest federal data breach in u.s. history. >> the director of the office of personnel management katherine archa letta stepped down after the recent data breach was bigger than disclosed. affected 21 million people. >> she had no intention of leaving but then she said she was moving beyond the challenges. officials had said that breach affected about 4 million people. >> it is only in the last couple of days that those who
4:57 pm
are responsible for leading this investigation reached this final conclusion about the scope of the intrusion. investigators now say hackers downloaded personal information from more than 21 million people that have worked for the government over the last 15 years. now that information was social security numbers and health history submitted obtain some type of security clearance. >> and the office of personal management director beth cover. >> and more on the sacramento sheriff speaking out. >> the finger pointing continued after a mexican immigrant shot and killed a young woman. >> the sheriff defended his department's decision to release sanchez and took aim at ice and the mayor.
4:58 pm
>> it is exactly what we have been state that ice should have deported him. >> i think the mayor is playing politics with public safety. ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. >> san francisco sheriff wanted to set the record straight but he laid the blame in what has been a game of finger pointing. >> and we have team coverage, ktvu has the response from ice and the mayor's office but we begin with the sheriff. >> julie, he did continue the finger pointing at federal officials and the mayor. sheriff mirkarimi reflected the tight spot he has been in. >> there is a significant
4:59 pm
amount of distortion or misinformation. >> the sheriff gave a long statement about the history of the case involving murder suspect sanchez in which he blamed federal authorities. sanchez was in federal prison until march 26th at which point he was transferred to san francisco on an old warrant. >> this is the only time we have record that the federal authorities sought to clear the felony washington or possession for sale of marijuana. >> that despite sanchez being deported multiple times with the warrant. >> federal authorities could have repeated the process numerous times and deported him without responding to the 1995 warrant. >> but why not make sure custom enforcement gets sanchez back after the city released him on the 15th. he said it was up to the feds. >> i would go to the office and
5:00 pm
say do your job. we have been telling them that. do your job. >> mirkarimi went after mayor lee. >> i think that the mayor is playing politics with public safety. >> lee had previously said there is nothing in the sanctuary city policy that would have prevented the sheriff from calling immigration officials. >> the mayor is throwing his own law under the bus simply trying to walk away or runaway from the ordinance he signed into effect. >> throughout all of this, no one here or at the federal level has said yes, we should have done things differently so the blame game continues. >> but did the sheriff say mirkarimi should have done differently to prevent the death of kate stinely? >> i asked him and he said work harder to convince ice


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