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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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welcome. fire along a joint on the eastern span of the bridge is causing safety concerns. this is the 2nd fire on the bridge this week. >> let's give you a live look outside and show you some traffic and the down area of san francisco. we can see behind us it's very sluggish and i want to give you another perspective. i believe we have our traffic camera from emeryville looking where that spanned his. it's not bad on both directions on interstate 80. >> let's go live with christina. what happened
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>>reporter: that's exactly what fire officials and caltrans are trying to figure out. this fire broke out in the exact same location broke out in monday night this is a big cause for concern. we weren't driving on that portion of the bay bridge and we're told this happened right where you are coming out of the tunnel and the fire broke out on a great that is protected by rubber that protects it from any debris or water and that rubber caught fire so they had to come in and they shut down two lanes of traffic. fire fisher's were able to extinguish the fire immediately and caltrans sent their structural team in their to try
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to figure out what went wrong. this happened on monday night in the same exact spot. they initially speculated that monday's fire was caused by a cigarette butt now because of the 2nd fire they're saying they're going to rule that out and they don't know how this once started. obviously something is wrong in different . this is the 2nd fire within the past two days. these two lanes or shut down for about two hours today today. chip obviously doing damage control and making sure the cars didn't have any type of backup. obviously coming out of the city into oakland there were some delays. looking back here live we're told that caltrans will replace the portion of the great that caught fire. the big question is when. they have to out how soon they can get it replaced and when they are going to do it because they have to shut down a portion of the bridge to make sure it happens. right now the question is where did and how did the fire start
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and what is causing it. it's obviously some kind of rubber material but they're not sure how they are starting >> certainly cause for concern. this is wednesday and it's happened twice this week. what is the next step. what will they do to prevent this from happening again. how can they make sure motorists are safe. we asked the same question and they said they have engineering crews looking at it and the big question is when can they have it replaced. if they can get it replaced soon than the probability of another fire happening goes down. but right now they don't know how fast they can get it replaced. another thing we can talk about is the safety of people. they said we cannot -- they say safety is their priority but they couldn't guarantee or rule out that a 3rd fire will happen and that is cause for concern. we need answers to prevent this from happening and it -- again.
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christina live. a portion of the highway remains closed after big rig crashed to one person and left three others hurt. it happened at 4:45 this morning between vineyard avenue and lessee just wrote. traffic was slowing and the big rig driver did not react in time and crashed into three cars from behind. the truck then flipped onto its side and the trailer split open spilling its load of bottled water. the road is expected to be closed until around 6:00 tonight . >> planned parenthood is disputing claims after a video shows a doctor shows how planned parenthood provides fetal part to researchers. a center for medical progress is responsible for this undercover
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video. the group claims it two actors that set up a lunch with senior director. the woman from planned parenthood is heard talking about people wanting certain body parts the price of selling fetal remains is then allegedly discussed. planned parenthood has released a statement saying a well- funded group established for the purpose of damaging planned parenthood has promoted a heavily edited secretly recorded videotape that falsely portrays programs that contain life- saving research. for decades these groups have widely discredited and their claims fall apart on close examination just as they do in this case. louisiana governor bobby jindal has called for an
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investigation into planned parenthood and its practices in his state. he says he is quite concerned. the video looks like systematic harvesting and tracking. >> the city of -- the city of berkeley city council is requiring any inspections every three years. council voted to form a task force of structural engineers to further analyze city building codes. city inspectors say they believe dry rot caused the deadly balcony klatt -- crash. a family of one of the victim says the changes do not go far enough and the inspections are required annually >> the donahoe family wants you to enjoy everything that you can from prevent something like this happening again. >> the city manager included many benefits and certification
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of exterior structures within six months after code changes. also requiring ventilation to breathe -- prevent moisture buildup and prevent other outside structures to be made of durable wood or corrosion resistant steal recommendations have not been implemented or adopted by the city council. there was a whole lot of buildup and now amazon prime day and it appears that all of that hype has created some backlash. amazon promised black friday like he deals just for prime members and they said new ones will be posted every 10 minutes . that prompted walmart to jump in and offer rollback savings exclusively online for everyone . the one-day sale extravaganza has sparked bash/-- backlash on twitter. one woman wrote prime days, killing it today going to head to big lots.
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another wrote amazon prime day said -- reminds them of what their parents had a not mad we're just disappointed. my dreams came true for owning this doorknob. one last one is a fight -- if i open up my garage and sell all my junk i can call it prime day to >> amazon did say that the one- day sale has surpassed >> as from walmart, many people are tweeting go check out walmart steals. meantime walmart has received negative attention about labor practices. the company says it is making a change. pam cook explains in today's money business. >>reporter: the company accused of putting small businesses out of business is now committed bringing --
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committed to bringing more jobs back. the company has been criticized -- criticized by business owners to save their drive for low-cost goods was undermining american jobs. made in the usa is what walmart customers will see more of going forward. we're marked -- walmart just wrapped up its us manufacturing summit at its headquarters in arkansas. thousands have made their products here in the us and they we're invited to show off their products to walmart buyers >> there is nothing else like it. i think it is critical. what walmart is doing is very important to the entrepreneur. >> we appreciate what walmart is doing especially for small businesses like ours. >> i love walmart, they are the largest employer in the commonwealth of virginia. >>reporter: many factories and jobs have moved out of the country and in fact there are about 5 million fewer factory
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jobs in the us in just 15 years ago. walmart school to buy more made in america products means not just assembled here but made from components and parts that are manufactured in the us.. some companies attending the summit say they have to rely on imported parts or materials because their us-based suppliers have been put out of business by foreign rivals. the challenge, making things in the west cost more in terms of materials and labor labor costs have improved. chinese labor costs are now 61% of us levels compared to 17% 15 years ago. >>reporter: is the american consumer willing to pay more knowing more americans are back to work? walmart is making the investment. it plans to spend $250 billion on american-made trucks by 2023.
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beautiful summer day out there. >> let's say hello to chief meteorologist bill martin. >> temperatures on the warm up here. how warm is going to get and you can look outside it's beautiful out there a little bit of fog hanging off shore. that fog will stick around at least for the next couple of days and that will stay mainly along the coast. let's take a look at the live camera shot. when we come back i'll talk about the forecast. today we are asking, does the price at the pump impact how much you drive? it is our question of the day and we are also digging deeper to what is behind the price-. that's coming up in just 3 minutes. there's a live picture on interstate 80. if you're heading eastbound it's a rough ride. time now is for 11:00.
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in southern california there's a dramatic price-and some officials our calling it unprecedented. the price is expected to come up by the end of the week. some stations selling gasoline for $5 a gallon already. analysts are saying it's the
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perfect storm of supply problems. right now the average price is $3.52 in oakland versus $3.33 three months ago. the national average is $2.78. san francisco $3.73 in san jose the average price is $3.51 compared to $3.36. join us now to explain what is behind the surge, allison mack. allison, thanks for joining us. >> i wish i was joining you under happier circumstances. >> california we're running out of water and gas? what is the reason for the spike basically economics 101. very little supply and high demand during the summer season. we have been suffering from refinery issues throughout the year. we've been hearing about
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explosions, maintenance issues, labor strikes, so all of this is catching up to us. it is hurting our supply. >> here in california we have a summer blend. it's a special blend, it's supposed to be environmentally healthy for air quality. apparently the summer blend is low in reserves. how to refineries, allison, get it to the point that they are so low on the summer blend? >> actually, summer blend is used throughout the nation. you do have one thing right. california uses a completely different blend of gasoline. because of california we have higher regulations and stricter rules in regards to what type of fuel we use. this blend of gas limits us from our supplies because when we do have an inventory issue we cannot easily turn to our neighbors in texas or go to idaho and ask them for
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gasoline, which is one of the problems that we're seeing right now >> the state senator asked to stop the requirement. you think that's the answer? >> gas buddy we issued a petition to the governor as well. we sent them a petition and ask to lift the regulation temporarily. we understand that there are environmental issues and that was one of the reasons why this gasoline was implemented in the 1st place but looking at the gas prices especially since i'm living here in los angeles, it's very painful form -- for all of the drivers is averaging $4.30 and the prices are continuing to take up until we get some relief. that won't happen anytime soon >> one last question. what about trader panic. does that have anything to do with the spike? >> that has everything to do with the spike. when the
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government issue report came out saying california, you are way below what you need to be to be at a comfortable level with the amount of drivers and people you have in this state, that's when it happened. the market panicked which is what sent the spikes going up. 15 cents, 13 cents, take over date increases >> thank you for taking the time to join us today. telis if you are driving differently. it's our question of the day >> it doesn't change how i drive. i still have to get to and from . it's a nice day but it is summer >> it is. there's no's -- there is no fires in the new cat -- in the newscast. this is the time of year they start to pop off. it is not unusual to have three or four fires a weak in the area. you
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can see that from the mound hill -- from the hills and mount diablo. were in this historic drought and these are typically our high fire danger seasons. you can see the fog down below that there. let's go back home here. you see the fog along the coast to. that become closer. fog was extended all day. you see it plugged in here. look at ocean beach, you are clear. you might see the sunset. but by 8:00 the fog is feeling back in to the beaches and when you wake up there will be a good dose of it. let's look at the national forecast if we can. remember when we get this pressure to keep the schools -- cool and it moves off to the planes. it's bringing moisture up from the gulf of california up to minneapolis come down to the washington area even though it's a ridge of high pressure here, these areas over the top
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of get hammered with heavy rain falls over the next couple of days. i bring it up because if you're traveling to chicago, st. louis, there could be issues with travel delays because of the rain. it's just been one of those years. as i show you the right now temperatures, 17 miles in napa out of the south, 12 miles in hour west wind out of their field and blowing at 14 miles per hour. interesting forecast slightly warmer today and tomorrow and then they come back down. there's no big changes, right? no big bump in temperatures either way but that's unfortunate -- that is -- that is fortunate. the weather is almost just right. if it was hotter there would be red flags. it's not happening. the heat is out there in the central valley keeping us high and dry.
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you look at the forecast for san francisco which can be beautiful when the fog isn't there. it's going to be one of those days tomorrow. oakland good -- oakland looks good too. oakland is really coming along >> it's not >> i've been hear since the 70s in oakland is really coming on. they have restaurants and bars. and san jose us 77. 84 degrees for daytime degrees pictures the five day forecast. i've been an oakland a long time and i've seen changes. just seeing the changes in these neighborhoods. the day -- a day like today you see people out >> and this weekend they are having their 1st ever wine event here >> you have to pay to get in. >> it's just another reason >> thanks, bill
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>> it's a program that helps people with dementia and alzheimer's >> but now the program itself needs some help and there is a simple way you can get involved. details straight ahead.
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dementia and alzheimer's construct the life from those who suffer from it. a program is helping those patients reconnect. now that same program needs your help >> we got closer look. tom i
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know this story hits home for you >> it does indeed, even when she had advanced alzheimer's shortly before my mother's death , she could still sing elvis presley's now our number word for word -- presley's song word for word. you can help patients reconnect with reality. we begin with clips from michael rosado bennetts called alive inside. >>reporter: henry, wracked by dementia it was isolated and alone in his all world -- in his own world, far different from the man he was >> he was always fun-loving and singing. he says -- he used to walk us and stop and sing in the rain and need to have as jumping and swinging around poles
4:26 pm
>> let's try your music. >>reporter: then a modern-day miracle. >> [music] >> and immediately he lights up. his eyes open wide >> he's always on the unit with his head like this >> the miracle continues when he's asked questions including do you like music? >> i am crazy about music. yes. i went to be dances and things. camp holloway was the number one band i like. >>reporter: even with brains degraded music very deep in our souls can provide relief and rehabilitation and awaking >> the emotional power of it surprised me
4:27 pm
>> catherine madison's medical director of the health center at california pacific medical center >> gave me goosebumps and made me feel good to see that there was still a way to tap into those individuals and connect with them and pull them out of isolation. >> the music project uses ipods to let those with dementia and alzheimer's listen to the music of their era or anything else they might enjoy. music truly special >> the music connects to so many regions of the brain that it is hard to remove it. but i can tell that it's almost as if music comes in and it spreads tentacles to all the different areas of the brain and it lights up >> i love it. i love the bands >> now at least one 4th of alzheimer's and dementia patients have no money for an ipod. they need 500 used ipods
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for those patients. i hit the 1% market by use -- by ordering five. if you ever used ipods or iphones or ipads send it to us with your good wishes and we will send it on wipe off your information or we will get that done for you. we need your help, thank you. >> it's phenomenal to see the reaction >> it's not that this is for very few people. sometimes it has a salutary effect in a huge salutary effect on many people and it lays the groundwork for some of the keys to understand the brain and to understand and do something about this so we can keep people much more mentally alert and maybe forgo the worst parts of alzheimer's >> there are times just driving
4:29 pm
in the car and it sparks a memory i haven't had in 15 or 20 years and i always wondered why a song would do that >> is something about humans and music that makes it happened. >> again to donate your ipod, here is the address on your screen. we have this for you on our website at doug they can be used ipods -- at doug you can also find the link to the documentary on our site >> technology is ever present. and the four by four we will spend 4 minutes at four explain the complicated relationship between that and children. >> a new push to make cities cooperate with immigration we are working on stories and they are tweeting on
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. china is classified as a clinic disorder -- has classified internet addiction >> it's the focus of the documentary which aired on pbs and has a lot of people talking about the complicated role of technology and our society we're taking 4 minutes at 4:00 4:00 to explain the complicated relationship between small screens and your century -- and your children. krista, thanks for being here. let's talk about web junkie. it did not see it and it is
4:33 pm
startling i am not a parent but as a parent i could see that would make you feel guilty and make you want to throw away all of the devices. >> that was a worst-case scenario, definitely what we have to talk about now is finding the balance. that really did present a very stark picture that we have to embrace technology. it has so much benefit in our lives and it has transformed our lives we can't blame technology. we have to talk about the behavior and understand the role it plays in our lives and our children's lives >> one thing that caught me was a question was asked of do have friends in the real world and the answer is no and the real world everyone is fake. here in the us there's a lot of parenting advice going on about limiting screen time. have a 5-year-old in 2-year-old and i never want my child to see the real world is fake. what advice are you giving now and what research are you seeing
4:34 pm
in the states? >> common sense media has a study and we focused on children 28. in the fall we will have research for kids from 818. from now -- for now we know that mobile media use is changing childhood. 72% of children are using mobile media in that age group. 38% of kids under two are using mobile media. what is the value here and we need to think about that time. not all screen time is created equal. when you have to screen time let's make it mean something expect with my daughter who is two years old, i've had this conversation with my wife and i said maybe not for the 1st two or three years. to agree with the way i'm handling that or do you think she should, someone one a two result should get screen time? >> there can be benefits to an
4:35 pm
engaging app or game and the key is for you to participate. it's not realistic for you to be always involved in their are times you need to engage the child to get something done but the benefits are augmented when you can participate those little hands and minds engaging with you can be a benefit >> some say before the age of two it says it should be nothing. is that all the research? >> that was the aap and they we're recommending no screen time and they we're focusing on passive media. but there are benefits, as we say. mostly keep the media diet balanced. if you're going to have some screen time don't make it the predominant exercise. keep it balanced and when you are engaged make it count. common sense media has ratings or reviews and you can determine
4:36 pm
whether it's mindless unmindful entertainment >> we made a list and we want to put it up on the screen. number one, what would you say to expect that is that all screen time is not equal. you have to go for the quality. it's picking the good stuff. once you have with that worked out, find a balance. don't spend all your time in front of the screen. get involved in your kids lives . >> you jumped right to it. this is really what the conversation has been about. it's about parents. i will get to you later. i'm busy so you've really got to model the behavior you want your children to have. >> let's go back, we have not all screen time is equal, model behavior you really want to make sure that your children
4:37 pm
are having those face-to-face conversations. you want to make sure you are engaged in their lives. you want to set the time and you can't subsist on junk food and soda or if you do it's not a long life. you really want to participate in set the world -- rules early and model behavior >> how do you determine? if its candy crash it's not okay? what about angry birds? >> i think every now and then angry birds can't hurt anybody. what is the game teaching? what is the skill? what is the subject matter lacks this is where common sense media weighs in. really what is the messaging. is it violence? is their sexual content? what is the language. what is the messaging. it's stuff that you should get
4:38 pm
from the maker. >> a little girl brand the phone to her mom. and she said no honey i will get it later. at all impacted us like wow, kids are paying attention >> you think you're having that conversation and someone says what is the meaning? do you really need to involve the phone in your conversation. put it on vibrate and figured out later. i think it's important to get my kids out. >> you can find out more information about how to manage your child's screen time. we posted a link for you at >> we can't get enough of pluto.
4:39 pm
we have new pictures, mike >> just flying by pluto, another day for nasa. i will have specifics on the traffic tomorrow after the break. another live look for you, this is 280/80 interchange in san jose, not too bad this wednesday. we are back in just a bit.
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♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... will
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-- the deadly. 14 shooting in san francisco has brought renewed focus to san francisco's being a sanctuary city. yesterday house republicans approved two amendments amendments. one blocks federal funding and grants for sanctuary cities, just like san francisco, the other present immigration and customs enforcement agency from releasing immigrants were in the country illegally if they have a criminal record. this is all in the wake of the killing of kate steinle. francesco sanchez is in the country and he was deported five times. he was held with the federal prison system and then handed over to san francisco sheriff's department who soon after released him from custody. they did so without notifying federal officials. today i spoke with the state
4:43 pm
senator who is trying to close the loophole to prevent other families from suffering like kate steinle's family >> it was a senseless murder that did not have to happen. my billable put new restrictions , if you will on police chiefs and sheriffs to ensure that the senseless murder that we witnessed with mrs. steinle never happens again in the state of california. what this legislation does -- done is basically two things. it will require a sheriff or police chief prior to the release of an undocumented -- undocumented immigrant with the follow -- with the felonious background ice and it will require that the police chief or sheriff detained the criminal for 40 hours to give the federal agencies, such as ice, the opportunity to come pick up the convict for either federal prosecution or potential
4:44 pm
deportation. i want to make it very clear, this does not go after undocumented immigrants that are here in seeking to have a better life for themselves, that are following the laws. . reporter: senator stone how would this work and a sanctuary city like san francisco? what it trump san francisco law when it comes to sanctuary cities in but that again great conflict? >> federal law trumps state law and state law trumps local laws. this law will require cities to adapt to the new state legislation. and we are going to make it punitive that if a city or a county does not follow the rules, then there will be sanctions, namely financial sanctions. >>reporter: if this bill was already law would it have saved kate steinle's life? >> i would have to believe so.
4:45 pm
it would require the san francisco sheriff not to disregard authorities. i think what the sheriff did even in the absence was an abdication of his public safety authority. what this will do is foster better relationship between local government and the federal government and our combined synergistic efforts to make our community safer. >> are they mining up outside his door for support? >> he is a republican out of riverside. 10 republican co-authors. he wants to present it to the democrats. he says it's vital to have bipartisan support. nasa unveiled new high- resolution photographs of pluto's back from the new horizons spacecraft. these are the 1st ever close-up photos of pluto. the images show surprising
4:46 pm
diversity of activity on pluto, among other things. a range of mountains the size of the leventhal -- thousand feet above pluto's surface. it took it almost 10 years to get there. the spacecraft will continue to transmit data for the next 16 months and a scientist show -- soaking it all in >> pluto, pluto. people are tweeting about pluto . >> you guys are kids but when i was a kid, pluto was it. you couldn't see it and now you are getting close-up images >> 3 billion miles away. >> 9.5 years to get there. what a trip our weather will take a little bit less time than that. temperatures up a couple more degrees look at the east bay. that is up by lafayette and you are looking back towards the
4:47 pm
grizzly peak area. there is another live camera. the estuary. the most beautiful city in the world, for my money and for other people's money too. i think we have won more live camera to show you. there is san francisco and we will show you the clouds. the clouds have been there all day. we are getting a little back eddie here. the ocean beach is cleared off. you have fog up in salinas and it would typically share ross there's a little bit of it here. but ocean beach would be more fog been. this pattern would create clear patterns at the sunset district . we are seeing the fog push in here into the golden gate bridge. so you know it's coming back, right? it's july and you need a
4:48 pm
jacket in san francisco. 91 in fairfield, 91 in livermore. the hotspots and our area? mid- 90s. not really hot but nice. walking through the microclimates, here come the low 90s, down by south of morgan hill. the weather story as we low pressure, week high pressure and the temperatures are just in flux it's a slow was not hear temperatures would source. if this high was not hear temperatures would plummet but they are just doing this. tomorrow it's slightly warmer. 91 and vacaville, 91 in antioch . 93, it just depends. at the airport near antioch maybe 91.
4:49 pm
84 and low pedis and 94 in gilroy park along the coast it clears up, mid-60s low 70s today. i think there will be clearing at the coast and we continue with this pattern was just keeping active fires off the front page which is good. i tell you, at this time of year, especially with this traffic, the 1st segment of the newscast is doing fire somewhere in california and we're not having that situation >> thanks, bill >> straight ahead we're going to show you more of this video from east coast. a sunny afternoon turns into the rescue of a stranded white white we will tell you what else is grabbing attention on social media .
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we're now getting to look at video when the exact moment guzman escaped. take a look. it shows him walking around and then he put on his shoes and disappeared. he was able to escape right through this of one mile long tunnel connecting his shower to an abandoned home. it's 5 feet high with light and ventilation in el chapo is still missing >> still amazing. let's talk about what stories our getting attention on social media. have you seen this shark lacks it's a 7-foot great white shark. got stranded yesterday in massachusetts >> there was a group about 40 people they started pouring buckets of water and eventually, look at this technique. they grabbed a rope and put it around the sharp but -- around
4:53 pm
the shark and then they pulled it into the ocean by boat >> the shark is said to be doing well >> they had a follow-up with the shark. >> i guess so. barry bonds is back in the news and he posted a selfie on instagram. right next to them willie mays asleep . at least that's what bonds said. yes he's asleep. and yes he's asleep and i sleep next to him and i'm so proud to have the best godfather in the world. i love you and everything that you have done for me and my family, willie >> okay, no pictures while i'm sleeping >> at the same time, he's his father. donald trump and headlines getting unwanted attention. 's official twitter the count posted this image. make america big -- great
4:54 pm
again. let's put the us back into business business. but twitter users quickly pointed out that the soldier seen are not americans. they are german soldiers during world war ii. twitter users track the image back to a stock image of world war ii reenactments and the actors are wearing uniforms meant to depict german troops. trumps presidential campaign deleted the tweet and said the intern did it. james homes his attorney say he was not in his right mind >> now his fate is in the hands of a jury. that story after this.
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lip gloss... book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at after 11 weeks of testimony jury deliberations began in the colorado theater shooting trial. the massacre left 12 dead. james holmes is charged with opening fire at an colorado movie theater in july 2012. his defense attorneys admit he was behind the attack but claim he was legally insane at the time of the shooting. >> the mental illness is the reason this crime took place. >> this guy, this guy was sane
4:58 pm
when he pulled the trigger over 70 times into human beings. >> if the jury finds him not guilty he will be sent to a state mental hospital. there is a chance he could be set free if he is ever declared sane is. and jurors will then need decide if he will receive the death penalty. >> there are 12 jurors seated and they will be offered counseling once a verdict is reached. now to frank and julie and the spotlight is on the new eastern span. >> what a strange case this is on the bay bridge. the fire on the eastern span of the bay bridge, two lanes were closed for a few hours this afternoon while caltrans investigated the fire and that caused a traffic back up from san francisco to oakland. today's fire is the second fire on the bridge this week.
4:59 pm
ktvu's ktvu fox 2 -- ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> a rubber expansion joint caught fire east of treasure island around noon. this is the second fire on the bridge since monday. both in the same location. tonight chp is changing the theory on what caused the first fire because of the second fire. ktvu's criss tina r is speaking -- cristina rendon is speaking with caltrans. two in one week, what is going on here? >> reporter: they admit this is an unusual set of circumstances and they say it is concerning. you are right, the fire broke out in the same spot another fire broke out on monday night and that is why teams are now looking a thet area to figure out -- that area to figure out what is going on. they said one of the engineers spotted thefire around noon today and they -- the fire around noon today and they
5:00 pm
called emergency crews. this fire broke out on the tunnel that connects the eastbound portion of the bay bridge. this seal caught fire and it is also made out of rubber so that rubber expansion joint protects it from debris and salt water on the bridge. the question is, how did the fire start. on monday night they initially speculated someone may have threw outlet a


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