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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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breaking news out of the east bay. a grass fire burns within inches of homes and major interstating sending residents fleeing and firefighters scrambling. let's begin with the breaking news in sun nome. a fast-moving gas fire was just con-- grass -- sun nome. a fast-moving grass fire was just contained. upbrian flores is on the scene.
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it looks live fire crews saved upwards of a dozen crews this morning . >> reporter: yeah, they can quick work. we're south of the sunol exit on the northbound side of 680. you can see several hand crews doing their work, clearing the defensible space, this is a home that came so close, the fire came so cloeles to burning this fire. but -- so close to burning this fire. this was two fires. this was the smaller of two. this was a five-acre fire. that was another 15 or so acre north of here. that was along the 500 block of happy valley road. if you can go to shots. that's still -- if that's available, you can see that crews are on scene trying to make care of any shot spos. when we were on -- hot spots. when we were on northbound 680, we saw several hot spots along the freeway.
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luckily, it's not -- the wind is not blowing so hard right now. there is a light breeze. luckily, the fire didn't jump the freeway. but these crews and other crews from other jurisdictions did a really good job in terms serms of saving these homes. this was a three-alarm fire. we were setting up for a live shot because 680, this whole corridor has been a mess from an earlier caltrans incident involving a paver. we'll talk about that. but now the northbound side remains closed. fire crews are ahong the side of the freeway if you are heading down this direction. let's take it back pout here live. you can see some of that traffic coming northbound on 680 from the side of the fire. it looks like fire crews were able to get this contained. but very hot conditions out here. the wind is starting to pick up now but buckley crews were payable to get it under croat.
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you can see the bull -- under chrome. you can see the bulldozer. they are -- it looks like the be fire is contained. traffic here is starting to build up northbound 680, we'll breck you updates throughout -- we'll bring you updates throughout the noon news was as well -- news as well. >> the smell of smoke is still in the area where you are. >> reporter: very lightly. it was worse when we arrived heerd, crews were able to get a good handle on this. there was a lot of smoke. we were just -- i guesser north of their -- i guess north of there. we were setting up the story. that's when we saw a thick plume of smoke and that's when we decided to move toward that location. but in terms of smoke. it's not -- we're not smelling any smoke. but as you can see, the fire
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did come very close, at least to this home. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you. to steve paulson in the weather center, you've been tracking how heat, humidity and wind all factored into in firefight. >> the wind is picking up. it's more of a wellly breeze. it looks like firefighters got control of things rapidly. the breeze is more out of the west. about 90 degrees. 43% humidity. wind northwest 4, 8 miles an hour. temperatures are updated for the noon hour. livermore 92. concord, 91. fremont, 8 a. hayward, 9 but the key is the breeze. it's almost out of the west. livermore west 10, gusting to 18. there are signs of a cooler direction here. concord most, fairfield out of the west-southwest, oakland out of the west. we did not see that this morning and some fog is trying
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to form on the coast. the good news for firefighters, they got it. it's more of a breeze. that's good. we'll talk about the cooling trend on the way. >> thank you. we'll have continuing coverage on the fire as well asom through our mobile app and the family of a modesto man accused of killing five people is speaking out after caught in san jose over et -- over the weekend. japg explains the man -- janine de la vega explains the man's ties to san jose. >> reporter: police say the man is here at the santa clara county jail. he's expected to get transferred to the stanislaus county jail later this week. investigators in modesto believe that martinez carried out the murder on saturday at the home of his foif, amman due -- of his girlfriend, amanda crews. they say he killed her, another adult female and three girls. crews was a family care
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physician and apparently had met martinez when he worked for health services. police new martinez was in san jose and was in a red, lincoln navigator. they don't his father's -- went to his father's left. he left. they tracked him down in the mall parking lot. >> he had a good job, he worked. he was -- eb was a good person -- he was a good person. that's all i know. >> there's two sides of the story. now is the time to get that out. so it's not looking like he's this monster that everybody is saying he is he's not. >> reporter: the other victim were crews's 6-year-old daughter from another relationship. it's unanother who the other adult female victim was and her connection to the family. this isn't the first time tragedy has struck for the first time of amanda crews. family members say the boy died
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under mysterious circumstances after being in martinez's care. reporting from san jose. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police have now released surveillance video showing an arsonist setting fire to a gay pride mural in the mission district. you see a man walk up to the mural june 29th. empowers some sort of fluid on the wall and sets it on fire. you see that here. this is the fourth time that mural has been vandalized. the mural depicts two gay couples and a transjendzer man. it -- transgender man. it was defaced. if you have any information, call police. starting today, some police officers in the city of san jose will be wearing body cameras. three different types will be tested. under the current policy video will be released under the discretion of the police chief if there is a lot of public
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interest. they hope it will increase police accountability as well as community trust. police hope to outfit every officer with a body camera by next year. two rescues at land's end. here's more. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters responded to deadman's cliff. two men were hiking in thary -- in the area. when rescuers first arrived on scene, they say the man wouldn't or couldn't respond when any called out to him. >> he's pretty banged up. but he was alive. and we brought him down to the water and rescuers came out and packaged him up and took him out on the rescue boat. >> reporter: rescuers used a boat to take the man to marina
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green where he was taken to the hospital. at the time he was conscious and talking. hours before a san francisco heavy rescue team responded to the same area of hand's end -- land's end. they were trying to hike from baker beach and decided to climb the cliff. the man maped it all the wait up tonight trail. the woman was caught 75 feet short. if she had fallen, she would have been hurt, maimed or killed because of the fact nearbs's nothing but -- there's nothing but rocks below. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for people to get stranded but any have a lot of questions about how they got stranded. >> what is someone doing out here at 1:00 a.m.? i see people and they are not obeying the signage. they are going under it where it says do not enter and -- so i'm wonder if the people falling or going over the cliff
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are just not following the trail. >> reporter: in san francisco, christien kafton, back to you. more along the fire in sun nome. let's bring in fire chief mike martin on the phone. i would like to start with the acreage that was bushed. the latest information on -- that was burned. the latest information? >> one fire was 30 acres which was closer to plan none. the other one was -- plan fon. the other one was -- -- pleasanton, the other was closer to sunol. 20 engines, two helicopters and three bulldozers took action. there were several homes threatened. none were damaged. the fire's contained a dash
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the fire is -- the fire is contained at this time. >> any possibility that a lit scbret may have started this fire -- cigarette may have started this fire because it was so close to the highway? >> all of the highways are hot materials -- have hot materials with the exhaust, and then the smoking material because the relative humidity is probably not the cause. but any will look at it. >> -- but any will look at it. >> when you get reports of a fire -- it's so dry out. how much of an alert is that? it's much different than five years, i bet? >> it's dry. we did get a little bit of relief in several parts of the state. we're dry.
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it's that time of year. everyone should use caution when any are in and around the -- when they are around the station. >> the fire is out around sun -- sunol? >> both are contained probably be controlled sometime tonight. thank you for your help and information. >> you are welcome. >> good work to the crews getting a handle on the fires. a broken down paving machine is responsible for making a mess of the commute this morning. there's even little relief. the machine breck down at 68 -- broke down at the 580/680. traffic backed up for hours as crews scrambled to replace it. one said the commute normally thaks 20 -- takes 20 minutes, this took two hours.
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>> they got the one lane closed for now. we don't know when the drive paver is coming. they will have to close the two lanes again to pave that number two lane. >> chp says that a new paving machine is in place. finishing up the roadwork. no estimated time for reopening the lanes. that means traffic could stay bad for the rest of the day. still to come, today marks the day some 50 years in the making. cuba spheabed the u.s. emba say in -- establishled the u.s. embassy in washington. and this by lucky to be alive. caught on camera. a surfer fights off a shark and swims away without a scratch. what he's saying about about the fight of his life.
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today marks the beat gypping of a new era in washington. at midnight the united states and cuba officially began diplomats relations. in washington, there was celebration and a lot of emotion. as cuba raised the flag over the embassy for the first time in 54 years. doug luzader has more from what will become the cuban embassy. >> reporter: this building has been known as the cuban
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interest section. today it becomes a full-fledged embassy. a country that's been locked in time since 1960 makes a big leap forward today. as this building in washington becomes the new cuban embassy, decades of animosity will begin. there's advocates of renewed relations thinking it will be a win-win. the hope is freedoms for the cuban people will follow. >> the question is not whether they open the embassy. it's how they use it and how they use the government in cuba to represent the people. >> reporter: john kerry will travel to cuba to open the embassy in havana. but that's the start. >> we're going to have now a normal dialogue between one another. but the embargo is still in
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place. and we won't have normal relations so long as it is. >> reporter: and lifting the embargo is up to congress where there's wariness about the castro brothers. so there are still some unresolved issues. there's no he indication -- no indication that that trade embargo will be lifted any time soon. in washington, doug luzader fox news. a surfing competition in south africa was canceled after a shark attack. that's fick fanning. he's knocked off his board. he anyone punches the shark in the back. >> started getting pulled under water and then the thing came up and i was on my board and it was like right here. i saw the whole thing splashing around. >> he was not hurt.
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he and his fell low surfer were pulled out of the -- fellow surfer were pulled out of the water. >> i went over to the television and it's almost as if i could pull him out of the television. i wanted to save him. but there was nothing i could do. >> the rest the competition was called off fafning and wilson split that prize money. a bay area weather. a lot of people relief from the heat. >> i have good news, the fog is moving down the coast. the west wind has picked up. but not before the 90s. we -- i think by this afternoon, even that west wind will start to be felt. it's already dropping in folks. mostly sunny, the tropical moisture just does not look like it's going to make if. it's split. fell apart. record rain, southern california, central california, also around san joaquin valley, up to monterey. but it just department make it.
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70s for some. i saw 67 for san francisco. 9 or for livermore, concord, brentwood, 94. many locations pushing the upper 80s. 24 hours ago, for most locations, most, it's oning ramp -- it's running warmer. a few locations near the coast are starting to inch cooler. northwest 16. northwest san jose at 10. northwest 10 at livermore. gusting to 16. that will do it. west-southwest, west at oakland, south at napa and west- southwest up at santa rosa but novato has a wellly breeze. in is all right there. i know it's not a lot but it's a sure sign it's developing fast. we'll have cooler weather. hurricane dolores gave tremendous amounts of rain. san diego, one of the locations along with l.a., you name it had tremendous amounts of rain. records forup. we got the -- records for july. we got the humidity. there goes part of it. there's another band right
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there. there's some to the west- southwest of monterey. i think this stays south of it. water themes went up. a -- temps went up. on the warm side. all of the cloud cover and moisture looks like it's staying south. better conditions in southern california as well. still up in the sierra things are active. sun, clouds, hot, muggy. the wind is picking up. it's already cooling down there. 78 os, 90s for -- highs today, 80s, 90s for some. we'll start a cooling trend tomorrow and it will kick in as we head toward tuesday afternoon also into wednesday. then we see temperatures drop a good, 15, 20 degrees. we get rid of the tropical clouds. back to normal. >> thank goodness. >> last night was horrible. >> it was a little tough. >> i think it's so rare for us to have that. that's why we're all whining about it. >> pea had it in june, the -- we had it in june, the
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beginning of july. this summer as been a muggy, holt month -- hot -- this summer has been a muggy, hot month. i'm getting did out of here. up next the price that greece will have to pay now that they've agreed to a payout.
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about half an hour ahead of the close, the dow jones is up by 29 points. s&p 500 and knack also up. but just -- and nasdaq also up. but just by a fraction. banks in greece are open. but the greek people still face restrictions. they are limited to a cash withdrawal daily of $65. they will be paying higher taxes. the greek parliament last week increased the 13% tax on some meats, cooking oil and other products up to 23%. that was one of the bailout conditions improsed by the creditors. nine bay area counties have lower unemployment than the
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state average. according to the development department, california has a 6.2% jobless rates. it says the highest rate is in solano county. that's where it's 5.9. the lowest is 3.3% and we find that in san mateo county. today's the latest deadline for the coliseum city proposal. last week, city and county leaders met with the developer, $4.2 billion plan has driven criticism. after officials respond today the developer has a few weeks to produce a final development plan. interesting video. it's of a coyote in san francisco spotted by one of our crews this morning. our crew at land's end came across this coyote, trotting along while covering the cliff rescue story. the coyote you can see it did get kind of lows.
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there have been other sightings. in general, they are becoming a more common site. if you see one, leave it alone. we've been following the firefight for you at noon. the grass fire came within inches of noon as well as 680. we're talking to fire officials on the ground making sure that fire is completely out. monitoring the fire danger on this very hot day. the latest on that today coming up on the 4 right here on ktvu fox 2 with mike mibach and keba arnold. thanks for making ktvu your choice for news. always here for you. we hope you follow us on twitter, like us on football and stay cool out there. thanks for watching.
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