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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 31, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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daddy! >> a former marine goes home to find his wife daughter and somebody else who was he claims kissing his wife. see the viral video confrontation leading to a military investigation. >> what's your name man? [ bleep ]. >> you got no fear absolutely no fear. >> neither does a boater who happens to be right above. >> a great white shark. >> meet the man who is a big fan of the fin. >> right on the surface, the tip of his fin is going to come out of the water. why would anybody live stream a burglary. >> it's fame they want fame. >> see the bold criminal's
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periscope moment. and some problem solvers. >> ready? >> who could really do math at that speed? it's impossible. >> learn the secret handshake from the math whiz kids club. you've never seen this kid do math. the only thing i could do with a calculator was write "boobs." >> periscope is a game changing app. for those thaton't know what it is it turns your phone into a mobile broadcast van. you press that button you are broadcasting live to the world. when are we going to see the first live crime? if this video is to be believed you are bea to see it. >> no way. >> a home invasion this also two popular blogs, this person wanted to get the attention. you watch the video go aening lo they're finding things on top of the cupboards, they're opening up things and finding wallets or even finding a mac book which they unplug put into the bag and then they're off. i'm interested to hear your
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opinion. >> i'mly little suspicious. they knew exactly where to find some of the stuff. >> like they knew where it was. >> a lot of people are saying that. i suppose the argument on the other side maybe they know the people in this house or knew where the things were. >> it could be fake because they went straight to the popular sites. why, why would you? your channel is not about fake robberies. i've had all of the arguments in my head and can't quite figure it out. >> i find it difficult to believe that something like this could actually have happened. >> what do the police think? have they gotten involved? >> information is sketchy. >> they want fame and they're getting it but not the good attention. >> the police could get involved. >> this is the first time you could be seeing a crime committed on periscope. we'll stick the video up on our facebook page tell us what you think. i got a sort of homecoming to show you but not because it's making you go oh. but because it makes you go oh. this former marine walking back into his home in hawaii after spending some time in florida. >> daddy!
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daddy! >> he goes right upstairs to find his wife find his wife he did, and somebody else. >> what is going on? >> what's up? >> you're [ bleep ]. >> wait no. is that a lover? >> he claims he walked into the master suite, found a man leaning over he claims kissing his wife. >> what are you doing here? >> what are you doing here cheating on me had hey, get the [ bleep ] out of my house. go on. you're lucky i don't beat your [ bleep ]. >> he walks this guy out of the house. >> look at the camera. look at the [ bleep ] camera. yeah [ bleep ] dude say good-bye to your [ bleep ]. >> we did put a call into the public information officer that handles communications for the marine base here in hawaii. they did confirm for us that the woman is active military. they also confirmed that the man with the camera is a former marine and they do say that this
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case is under investigation. now it's getting a ton of attention online because the guy also created a go fund me page to help with his legal fees. in just a few days he's already raised thousands of dollars in this long story on go fund me he says that they have separated, that his wife was filing for divorce. >> there's a lot more to this story. if she had already filed for divorce, i mean come on dude! >> we reached out to the wife through her attorney who told us they want "no involvement with this story in the court of public opinion." prefer to see it play out through the proper legal channels. >> you're lucky i don't beat your [ bleep ]. >> the guys encountered this beautiful gorgeous what they say is a great white shark. >> where is he? >> oh cool. >> way out on the bow of that boat. >> the poster of the video it's about 22 1/2 feet over the watt per. >> got no fear, absolutely no fear. >> it's a shark. >> it's an apex predator in his
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play ground. >> they estimated that the shark was about four feet wide at the body and maybe nine feet from one tip of one fin to the other. >> which means in fishing parlance it was actually this big. it was a monster! we believe it. >> look at it it's gliding. >> it was hanging out with them for ten minutes before it got bored and flanked back into the water. this other encounter in alaska this group fishing for hall butte. this guy caught his but instead of bringing it up on the boat and taking the mandatory picture of your catch, he decided he was going to get in the water and take that picture in the water with his jaigigantic halibut they estimated to be about 150 pounds. >> what? >> lovely in here. >> he swims about for a little bit. he is wearing a dry suit it
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looks like. >> thank god, it's alaska. >> very icy water. >> yes, oh! >> look at the size of it! >> it's huge and beautiful. the guy got his photo. >> that's the one. beautiful. >> it's no surprise that this man, this older gentleman is getting a sobriety check at a dui checkpoint. it wasn't because he drove up to police and they smelled something in the car and got suspicious. it's because he crashed into the dui checkpoint. >> ooh thaftst was bad. >> there's a sign. >> the freelance photographer explains what happened. >> this white car driven by that elderly man right there rear-ended a few cars and sent that one into oncoming traffic and then also rear-ended a vehicle right there. >> sadly, one man had to be transported to the hospital. >> do we know if this guy was in
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fact zplunk. >> he was not drunk. police did not arrest the man. he was interviewed on the scene. >> did you not realize? >> he doesn't know. >> you've driven down that road a thousand times, suddenly out of nowhere they put a new stop sign you didn't know was there. i can see how this may have happened. >> alcohol definitely involved in this car chase. police were near the airport saw this audi got suspicious of the driver. told the driver to pull over he didn't and you will not believe the car chase that ensued about 18 miles. everybody is waiting for the arms to go back up he doesn't care he goes around them and cuts everybody off. now after he's in the roadway, what do you think is going to happen here? >> rules of international car chases in movies he's got to go underneath the 18-wheeler. >> as you can see the left turn so now he's on a dirt road. at one point he went through a farm in this chase, you see him drifting on the dirt roads. >> this is exactly the chase
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with smokey and the bandit. he jumps across a bridge that'sg >> you watch too many movies. prepare to wimper just a little. >> this is great, i mean terrible but great! >> at the end, the chase is over. >> does he have a cowboy hat and a mustache? >> no but he does have some legal problems because they said that he was driving when he was banned from it and he tested positive for alcohol in his system. >> he forgot to get sally field in the car. that's how it works. dude perfect is on a mission to do some incredible trick shots. this time with some cables. find out if they hit the bull's eye or if it's one big splatter. >> plus what do you do when kangaroos take over your yard? >> you feed them a two-course al. >> see what these happy campers devoured. .... anyone have occasiononalal constipation, diarrhea... .....g.gasas, , blbloaoatitingng?? yeyes!s! onone e phphilillilips' colon health probiotic cap each day hehelplps s dedefefendnd a agagaininstst
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this next video, dude perfect. quite literally the guys from dude perfect and they've been sent a mission, a mission that's impossible to see july 31st. ? oh boy. >> this mission should you choose to accept it makes the greatest paint ball trick shot video ever. >> they set the mission to go out and do some incredible trick shots with some paint ball guns. they start shooting bottles and do it from utv, they start doing it from the water all kinds of trick shots. >> these guys have good aim. >> they play paint ball pixionary. >> it's a shark. >> they're having fun and then this is dude perfect you need some epic stuff. like for example this one, the pond skipping bell ringing in the pond up to his neck and on the other side is a tiny little target. >> wow. >> no! no i don't believe it. this is too much. >> how about this one, i like this one putting out a candle but with style. >> i could totally do that.
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>> but this one a golf trick shot one of the guys got himself a pitching wedge going to hit that golf ball into the air and shoot it. could you do that one? >> yeah totally. >> if you want to enjoy the entire thing head to and click on "tv show" or use our mobile app. >> i could do that too. >> you could. what do you do with six wet kangaroos in the front yard you feed them bread, and the second course biscuits. we jump to australia where the warbles on the youtube channel posted this he calls this six wet kangaroos because there are six wet kangaroos. he gets his coffee made they're still waiting for their biscuit. >> that's a bit rude. >> i love that he adopted them kind of. they probably have a really nice relationship where the kangaroos know they can get bread when they can't find something else
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to eat. >> this guy started this blog because he's all about solar power and started to be about these animals because they're on his property. >> he wanted to get back to nature nature came back to him. >> you had bread and biscuits, you don't need any more. >> kevin harken has a cool youtube channel where he talks all things reptiles but it turns out that in his down time he's kind of a pain in the butt. >> ready, this is a good one. >> to his poor girlfriend paola. ♪ desire she's the candle burning in my room ♪ >> this is right after their gym workout, she apparently trains him and was particularly hard on him so this was his payback. she's trying to ignore whole time. he's singing "desire" by u2. >> she's texting her ex-boyfriend ex-boyfriend everything i did
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was bad, i'm coming back this guy is driving me crazy. >> her daughter alex falls victim as well. ♪ rescue me before i fall into despair, oh ♪ ♪ i'll send an sos to the world ♪ >> >> he's singing "message in a bottle" by the police and she's covering her ears make it stuff. >> sing it with me alex. web you're in the car, that's what you do. >> in this third video getting ready to sing "wicked game" but things take a turn. >> singing dude enjoy the ride. "i never -- ♪ son of a [ bleep ]. >> aparentally the phone playing the music had lost connection with the car's blue tooth so the music stopped and he loses his mind. >> misrecognition. >> ahhh! >> even the car, even the car is against him. nobody wants to hear him. we are your fans, buddy, keep it up.
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[ laughter ] ♪ i don't want to fall in love ♪ >> drop me off, please. >> yeah i'll drop you off. in this era of selfie sticks it's almost a little sad, everybody looking into the selfie stick camera instead of looking out to the harbor what happens next that has us feeling skeptical. and these kids are about to receive the biggest gift ever. >> they got the barbie corvette and townhouse? >> no, better. >> see the huge surprise next. l litittltle e guguy y isis a aboboutut to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanksks t to o momom m and dad and their safe drdrivivining g bobonunus check from allstate. ohoh. . lolookok a at t ththisis. . safe driving bonus. are yoyou u a a sasafefe d dririvever? luluckcky y lilittttlele fella. ononlyly a allllststatate gives you two safe driving bobonunus s chchececksks a a y year for driving safe. sesee e hohow w mumuchch more an allstate agent can do for you. cacallll 8 87777-6-64444-3-3100. lilikeke i in n momostst families, dad's always the last to know. ththatat's's w whyhy a accccididenent t foforgrgiviveness wawas s ththe e fifirsrst t ththining
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closed captioning provided by -- wiwithth p plalaquque e guguarardd™ hehelplps s prprevevenent t plplaqaque and gingivititisis kikilllls s 9999% % ofof b bacacteteria for a 12 houour r shshieield ofof p prorotetectctioion.n. nenew w acactt® a advdvananced. [ [ fefemamalele a annnnououncer ] helping your kids get fewer cavities can take enthusiasm. or just act kids scooby-doo rinse. it tastes grgreat and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. soso i it't's s aall good. aactct k kidids.s. fresh off his win at nathan's hotdog champ over the fourth of july weekend, now he's back to food challenges and he's got one in the mail. >> from paul. paul says in the mean time this is for lunch, lunch is on him. >> this is just training. >> it is. >> he's training for the
9:50 am
competition. what a great job. i hope he gave him a lot of money because we know lunch with this guy is you know. >> i got a $50 gift card. how many chicken fries can i get for that? >> he took that $50 in gift cards to burger king and going to order chicken fries. >> but how many chicken fries? >> 160. >> okay. >> does he ever sit down to just have dinner? >> he's shoving it in his mouth. >> i want to see him double fisting it though. >> this is just fun for him, not a crazy chicken sweats nothing going on. he can put anything in his mouth. >> none of these food challenge guys are huge. they're pretty fit. >> ugh. >> 8.022. >> there is no denying this selfie stick i think is here to stay. >> here we are, i'm on the wolf
9:51 am
of wall street and check out that that's all you. daniel blinko, this is you, sydney harbor. >> shout out to his buddies. >> sydney harbor bridge, everyone seems to be having lots of fun. >> wow, they're ger where. >> it's almost a little sad. everybody looking into the selfie stick camera instead of looking out to the harbor. >> this one is for you, photo bomb. wait mate, watch it. take it easy mate. >> no. >> we're having a laugh mate. >> get out of my shot [ bleep ]. >> there's a fight going on. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> mate i'm only having a [ bleep ] laugh. >> stop! oh my god! stop it! >> he's actually going in the water. man overboard! man erboard!ete just [ bleep ]!
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>> oh my gosh this is so funny. >> this is so fake. >> i'm with you guys. i think it's totally fake. >> man overboard! man overboard! >> nothing more amazing than getting the best gift ever for these kids. >> look at what they're writing on the door of their home welcome back. >> is someone coming home? >> someone is coming home anticipating the arrival of their dad who has been gone for 364 days. >> oh, man. >> such a long time. >> they miss him, they're eager and know he's coming home so they're getting the house ready for dad. >> i love their door. they put that chalk paint on their front door that's neat. >> it's really cool and they have to head out to the back to infish their decorating but then there's a gift. they're like oh what's in this thing. dad is in that thing. >> daddy! >> i can only imagine what it's
9:53 am
like. those kids 364 days for them is forever. >> now this other girl also received a gift but you only heard the audio from the video, you'd think something really bad was happening. [ screaming ] >> or something incredible. >> something really incredible for her birthday her parents gauf her gave her tickets to see one direction and that was her reaction. [ screaming ] >> i believe what she said was i'm going to get to see one direction but it came out -- >> five eight nine six three, ready? >> these students will blow your mind with their math solving skills. they can do any arithmetic calculation up to six digits in their head. the insane strategy that will leave you baffled. >> what? no!
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9:55 am
e to be perfect graumtically and everything. >> time to do some math here at
9:56 am
"right this minute." i got my epics '90s calculator. eight plus six equals? >> 14. >> see, well done. that's pretty good. plus 65 plus 85 plus 45 plus 23. >> 48558258963, ready? >> what? no. >> i thought maybe one might get it but the whole class? >> let's keep going. >> 824? >> oh my goodness these girls are awesome. >> it's pretty incredible isn't it? this video actually lighting up on the internet a little bit but it is an example of what they call matrix abacus and all kinds of it. this is some guy going through a whole page of math problems watch how fast they answer them. it's just literally i can write my name over and over again and
9:57 am
these are huge multiplications and gets more complicated. this isn't sped up. this is just how quickly they can do math. the way it works is matrix abacus trains kids and they take them up and start them with an abacus. you remember the abacus how people used to count before calculators back in the day. they start taking the abacus away so what you're seeing with those kids is they're flipping an invisible abacus in their head. what they've done is they can do any arithmetic calculation up to six digits in their head. >> that is amazing. but i guess if you are trained to do this you would be able to it it. i bet we could dit as well. if we did you don't trust yourself. >> you've never seen this kid do math. the ohm thing i could do with a calculator was write "boobs." >> plus 36 plus 58 plus 74 74 85 96 53 21.
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>> 541. >> thanks for watching "right this minute." we'll see you next time. hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. well do we get points for trying?! fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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