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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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conditions making it possible for crews to catch up. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. the rocky fire spread to three counties and scored 65,000 acres. it destroyed 24 homes and several other outbuildings. i want to give you a live look at the scene from sky fox 2. the good news from cal fire tonight containment is now 12%. >> get a sense of how big the fire is. this is day 7 of the fire fight. it is the best day yet for firefighters. at least as far as the weather is concerned. ktvu's john sasaki is in lake county now. what is the weather like up there today? >> much needed break for firefighters from the horrible
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weather. super hot, windy and very low humidity but today it has been much better. mother nature seems to be cooperating. today the temperatures have been cooler. 20 plus degrees cooler than it was and it has been humid. there has been cloud cover all day long and that is causing the fire to settle down. highway 20 we saw lots of burned ground but never saw flames. almost appeared this is just a mopping up phase. that is good. officials say the fire is far from being detained. once the temperatures rise the flames will take up again. spring valley is still in harm's way after the fire jumped highway 20 yesterday. >> i was devastated. i knew -- i know the outlay of the valley. and there is vegetation all the way, except for a few spots, and we have a lot of vegetation
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around our place. so -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we have some, yes. >> the winds are changing and shifting because of the topography, the hills, the canyons. all those take part in a piece of the puzzle of why the fire is capable of growing so quickly. >> reporter: middle town high school continues to serve as one of two evacuation centers and they have evacuated 13,000 people. although it seems many people found family or friends to stay with because most people are not at the evacuation centers. >> you feel for those people who have been evacuated. i don't know if you talked to firefighters on the line but they must be exhausted fighting the fire. >> reporter: because the weather has been good today and cool, and not much spread of the fire today, it gave the firefighters a chance to sit and relax a little bit. we saw some working on the lines and we saw some getting a
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breather. that gives them the chance to get back at it again tomorrow. >> john sasaki at the rocky fire, thank you. we have been talking about the change in weather conditions. let's check in now with our chief meteorologist bill martin. you have been tracking the conditions there. as john mentioned cooler and more humid. >> huge difference. it was hot when it started, 104 degrees last week. last wednesday. today looking at temperatures cooler and humidities higher. a live camera shot. what a day and a half -- what a difference you can have. better atmosphere. moisture, less wind and cooler day time highs. it is still a giant fire. here is the reason for the cooler weather, this area here. showers in parts of the fire area today.
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as the system slides through it drops the humidity. temperature right now, 63 degrees. 75% humidity. that is huge. that is great news. as we look at the forecast into the evening hours it will get better. usually firefighters wait till over night, late night, when the humidities come up, temperatures drop, that is when you make progress. they have last night, they had today and they have tonight. they are getting a nice handle on the fire. short lived. we go into the next 24 hours, temperatures ramp up again. when i come back we will dial in the forecast, see you back here. >> thank you very much. the rocky fire is raising concerns about the risk of such a fire here. dozens of cities are designated as high risk or high fire hazard zones. ktvu's tom vacar is live with cal fire's assessment of the dangers here. tom? >> well, it used to be the rule of thumb, if you are on the hill you were that greatest
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risk. with this drought everyone is at risk. >> reporter: the reason the rocky fire burning near clear lake hasn't been a history maker yet is because the fuel does not hold towns and communities. according to cal fire, that is just the luck of the draw. >> wild land fire doesn't care about jurisdiction, a city, or rural part of california. for example, the oakland hills. today the fire risk meter is half way up the scale. that is extreme danger. because it was here 24 years ago we had one of the worse urban fires in u.s. history. and many people don't even know it. >> absolutely. i have firefighters on the engine that don't know what the tunnel fire was. >> reporter: he helped develop severe fire hazard maps to assist in coordination of efforts and they are used now
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to set rules and regulations because people insist on living in severe hazard areas. >> adopting fire codes and having buildings that are in the wild land that have fire resistant materials. >> the map shows where the responsibilities end as seen here. the city's responsibilities begin. for alameda county cities that extends from berkeley to oakland, san leandro. 34 bay area cities and towns have the problem where the fuel to defend their wildfires would be homes, schools, churches and businesses. >> wild land fire could go a distance into a city if the conditions exist correctly. >> reporter: that see rocky fire proves, flying embers can spread the fire much, much further. >> those areas can be anywhere in the bay area. that could occur.
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>> reporter: the oakland hills firestorm killed 25. injured 150 and consumed 3,280 homes. and many people don't know it happened. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you very much. our coverage of the wildfires continue online. you will find more pictures from the fires and raw video captured by sky fox 2. a new twist in the legal drama surrounding the racketeering case against raymond chow. they filed a motion to dismiss the charges alleging tainted selective prosecution. in the documentation claim leaders from state, local and federal government are part of a corrupt political elite in san francisco that contributed to him wrongfully being targeted. his defense attorney accuse
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mayor ed lee of taking $20,000 in bribes. mayor ed lee said there is absolutely nothing in today's filing by his attorneys that suggest that mayor ed lee or his 2011 campaign did anything wrong or inappropriate. we have reached out to chow's attorney for details on the accusations but have yet to hear back. police say a man who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun on himself used a homemade gun. he killed the 19-year-old at her home last month. investigators say they found two weapons at the scene and they say he ordered parts online for both guns and built them himself. it is legal to buy gun parts online. an investigation is underway in oakland after an inspector from the district attorney's office shot and critically wounded a man about 10:30 p.m. last night in the parking lot
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of the oakland airport hilton. the district attorney's office said inspectors served a subpoena on a man with several warrants and he is a witness in an attempted murder case. as they were trying to arrest the man there was a struggle and the man pulled out a gun. one of the inspectors opened fire wounding the man. a deputy district attorney said they tried several times in the past to serve him with subpoenas. a confrontation on a street led to gunfire and the death of a teenager. the 17-year-old was walking with a friend when they came across a group of men. ktvu's cristina rendon with more on the search for the shooter and more on the young victim. >> reporter: there is a growing memorial for the 17-year-old. police released his identity yet but friends say they can't stop talking about how nice of a man he was. these pictures are being shared on social media of a 17-year-
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old who died tuesday. police say it was around 1:00 a.m. the teen was walking with a friend in hayward when three men started a confrontation with them. the 17-year-old was shot and killed the three men fled in a cray or silver suv. the -- gray or silver suv. >> i lost a great friend. one of the only friends i have. >> he was always filled with joy. always happy. he knew how to make you laugh. if you were feeling down. never -- shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: friends tell us he had just graduated from high school. they say he was a football player and a wrestler and was in the process of joining the armed forces. >> getting ready for the marines. >> reporter: the u.s. marine confirmed he was trying to join but hadn't finished testing. he had a positive personality
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and a passion to help others. qualities representative of a marine. >> somebody as good hearted and positive as this person was, this is a horrible travesty, tragedy in my opinion. >> reporter: police don't have strong descriptions of the suspects only that they are three hispanic men from 17 to 18-year-old and they drove off in a gray or silver suv. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. in an hour friends of the victim will be gathered here for a vigil tonight. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. lunchtime at a well known bay area barbecue restaurant wasn't the same today. coming up, how a community is trying to help the family of the police officer who was killed in the line of duty. >> and the top 10 list finalized for the gop debate. coming up, the big names who
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will not be taking the stage. >> plus -- >> at that point it is instincts that kick in. you don't have time to analyze the situation. >> video shows the rescue of a man before a train smashes into his car. coming up next we talk to the man who yanked the person from the car, literally with seconds to spare.
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he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken, you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... so look closely at this video. that is a man being pulled to safety a split second before a cal train smashed into his car. that man would have been killed if not for the people who pulled him to safety. it was two deputies who saved
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his life. one said his instincts kicked in and that drove him to pull the driver to safety. ktvu's azenith smith spoke with the deputies. >> reporter: you know, right time, right place. that is an understatement given their right actions. they sprung into actions. he is proud of what he did. his family is proud of what he did. you can imagine how scary it was. let's show you the youtube video. you can see why the deputies are hailed as heroes. you can hear the horns as the deputies rescue a driver from this car seconds before a train crashes into it. the driver has been identified as a 20-year-old, nelson gomez. they were at the crossing just after 6:30 p.m. last night. they saw the car skidding
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through the intersection. crashed into the crossing gates before coming to rest on the tracks. a train was heading north bound. 45 miles per hour. it was not far away. and the deputy waved to slow the train down but the engineer was past the mark needed to stop. >> i mean, it unfolded in front of us. we had to do something. you don't think about whether it is heroic. >> i can't say why i did it, it is -- at that point it is just instincts that kicken. -- kicken. my job is to preserve life and that is what i did. >> reporter: well, the deputy grabbed the deputy and dragged
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him 10 feet away from the train. he said that moment of clarity didn't come till after he watched the video and realized he and the driver could have been killed. that driver we are told was -- hit a parked car and a bike moments before this crash happened. he was arrested. and he was booked for driving under the influence, hit and run, driving without a license and probation violation. >> what happened to the driver, was he pinned inside the car. his air bag went off, did that pin him inside the car? >> reporter: he was seated and couldn't move because of the impact of the crash. he was responsive but couldn't talk. so he couldn't get from his seat -- we don't know if he had a seatbelt on but the door was open and so that is when that deputy just pulled him out and dragged him. he was worried about the debris from the car when the crash
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happened. that is why he pulled him 10 feet away, making sure they were out of harm's way. >> remarkable when you look at the video. there were seconds to go before the train hit that car. the deputy, if he hadn't gotten out of the way could have been hurt as well. >> reporter: exactly. they were pretty modest. i guess they didn't -- you know, it is still sinking in, the intensity of this. we asked him, everyone says you are a hero and they said this is what their job entails, preserve life. >> they always say that. just doing our job but real heroic action from the deputies. thank you. a restaurant has been packed all day with police officers, firefighters and people from the community. they same to support the family of sergeant scott lunger who was shot to death during a
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traffic stop. ktvu's rob roth tells us, they also came to help each other heal. >> reporter: lunchtime at famous daves barbecue, but this was no ordinary lunchtime. >> we are here it support sergeant scott lunger's family. >> reporter: they agreed to donate 35% of the day and evening proceeds to a fund established for the wife and two daughters of sergeant scott lunger, killed july 22 in the line of duty. hundreds of people, police officers, firefighters and law enforcement officers packed into the restaurant. they hope to raise thousands of dollars to the restaurant. >> we feel as a community we need to step up and do something. >> reporter: to give you a sense of hobbing turn out this is -- big a turn out this is
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here, they have more people here for lunch than they usually do for lunch and dinner combined. >> there is no words that can say better than thank you. >> reporter: this sheriff's deputy came with her husband and boy. the boy is filled with emotion as she spoke of law enforcement officers. >> it is important so that the family can see we are all family. we support them. they are not alone and that nobody should feel that way. >> reporter: not everyone who came was connected to the police department. >> you know, we are part of the community and we feel that is in a way being respectful to someone who went a lot for us. for the police department the grieving continues. but so does the job. >> we have to carry on. it is what we chose to do. >> reporter: a community in pain, a community trying to
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help. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a historic and controversial move in southern california. two illegal immigrants appointed to city commissions. the los angeles times reports he won an appointment to the health and education committee and she joining the parks and recreation department. he is 21-year-old and dime california when he -- came to california when he was 13. he is a college student and volunteered to the red cross. one person said we are sending the wrong message here, you can be illegal and come and work. golden gate park getting ready for the lands festival. it opens on friday. sky fox 2 flew over the park today. crews were putting the finishing touches on the stages there. the line up features 70 different musical acts headlined by elton john. police say people who live in the area as in the past should
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expect a lot of noise, crowds and a few road closers. our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin. it felt like -- i thought it was going to rain. >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> humid and cloud cover -- >> some areas had sprinkles. sprinkles in concord, walnut creek. light stuff. in the fire zones, the best thing that could happen. triple the humidity. got a handle on the fire. more of a handle. they will get a break tonight and tomorrow morning early. the reason for the cooling, a low-pressure system to the north of us. as the low-pressure system comes in the marine layer stretches out and you get the fog and low clouds inland. that is what we are seeing. the fog and low clouds continue to be around. you can see the showers hanging to the north in this area. light showers. nothing big. enough certainly that we weren't, you know, we were --
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you know, windshield wipers going. 74 right now fairfield. how cool is that? used to be 90s. we are in august and we have temperatures today, fairfield 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. we bottomed out in temperatures today. great news for firefighters and air quality. clear along the coast. sunset at the beaches will be nice. few more clouds tonight. tomorrow morning. low clouds. by afternoon, the burn off. sunny tomorrow and slightly warmer. still not bad. keep looking that fire zones. 80s up there. mid-80s. not 100. not 99. lower temperatures, higher humidities. for firefighters. tropical storm. as it works its way across, north of the islands. we talked about this last night. great news. swells on the islands, and cloud cover, but if you have
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vacation plans, not a direct hit. less plywood goes up as the system tracked to the north. [ indiscernible ] >> 85 pittsburg tomorrow. 85 concord. 86 brentwood. these high-rise warmer than today but still not bad. 78 fremont. 78 milpitas. down here, along the coast, fog free. patchy fog, mid-60s. the five-day forecast, firefighters liking right now. they got a break yesterday. they got a break last night. a break today and a break tonight and the reason is it will be cooler. humidity gets higher and the winds go light again. a nice jump on it. amazing what progress they made. >> we will talk to someone from cal fire to get an update. thank you. it started as a kidnapping and now the man is wanted for
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shooting a deputy. the california county taking extra precaution and we are talking with cal fire about the improving conditions on the rocky fire as they are starting to make progress in containment.
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a man hunt is underway in kern county for a man wanted for homiciding and kidnapping and the wounding of two sheriff's deputies. three men were held at gun
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point by a man north of edwards air force base. the next day a body was found in a cabin. people are taking extra care. >> my land and my barn, i have dogs and horses. when i go out to feed now i have my gun at my side now. >> on saturday a man opened fire on two sheriff's deputies. both deputies are expected to recover. authorities released this sketch. so far they haven't identified him or confirmed that he is the one responsible for all three of the incidents. shares of twitter opened at an all time low this morning after closing at a record low, below $30 yesterday. the stock gained today but stayed below the $30 mark. the stock fell 20% over the past week. one cause for the drop is that
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twitter reported disappointing quarterly user growth. the fight over a couple's frozen embryos was back in court today. the ex-wife said it is her last chance to have kids and her ex- husband doesn't want a baby. >> plus fire forced them to evacuate. many people returned to find their homes still standing. that didn't last long. the surprise waiting for them. >> and coming up next an update on the biggest fire burning in california. we will talk live with cal fire and find out how much the weather is helping and what kind of progress they are making in the massive rocky fire.
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back now to the huge wildfire burning north of the bay area near clear lake. today had weather cooperate and the weather cooperated and crews made head ways. you can see from sky fox 2 the amount of smoke diminished. the rocky fire has been burning for a week and grown to 65,000 acres and containment is still at only 12%. >> 12%, that is an increase from yesterday, which was just 6%. we will go thrive sacramento right now and speak with daniel, the cal fire spokesman.
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this has been a long several days for all of you. when we talk about containment and 12%, what does mean for the thousands who been the line of fire. >> today was a good window of opportunity with the cooler temperatures and the higher humidity. 12% this morning, within the next hour we will know how much progress we have made over the last 12 hours or so. but again the weather working in our favor allowing us to build containment lines around the fire. the last several days the fire burned at an explosive rate, it is been challenging to get the containment. [ indiscernible ] >> protect homes and structures as the fire continues to grow. [ indiscernible ] >> what would you tell them about the fire and the progress
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and are there homes that are imminent danger or just threatened? >> we know for many residents they have been evacuated for almost a week now. we want it get them back in their homes but we don't want anyone to become complaisant. with temperatures on the rise, the likelihood of activity picking up is very high but again we are hoping today's progress will have allowed it to slow down and get the containment. there are homes that are in the immediate path of the fire and that are all around where the fire is burning. crews have done a great job making sure the homes are safe. this has been a destructive fire. 2 dozen homes and several outbuildings have been destroyed by the fire. crews continue to do structure protection and we are working hard to make sure the homes are safe. >> i know that is priority number one for you in addition
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to getting full containment. long hours for firefighters. given the fact you have made progress, what does this mean for firefighters there on the ground. still bringing in additional resources or will the firefighters be able to take a break. >> no. weir not going to put our guard down till it is 100% contained. we are bringing more resources in. this is just one fire of two dozen fires burning up and down the state. even when we get good containment on this fire we may reassign resources to other fires that are burning. right now we are increasing staff on the fire, 3200 firefighters tonight on the front lines battling the fire. taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. we have a lot more -- several days before we turn the corner. >> we appreciate you taking the time. a lot of people watching this and listening to every word. the fire massive and only 12%
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contained but progress is being made. thank you. the home coming isn't all pleasant for hundreds of people who were reacted because of a wildfire -- evacuate because of a wildfire. ransacked homes east of merced in the bass lake area. some people say the burglars took advantage of the emergency evacuations. and made off with ammunition, knives, jewelry, liquor and even a child's piggy bank. >> they took suit cases and filled them with our things and then left. >> we had deputies and law enforcement patrolling 24 hours a day, proceed blocks. so that leads us to believe that whoever did this was on foot. >> the fire burned 5700 acres. it is 80% contained. the evacuation orders will be lifted sometime today.
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closing arguments in the battlal over -- battle over frozen embryos. the ex-wife is a cancer survivor. the frozen embryos are her last chance to have a child. her ex-husband wants the frozen embryos destroyed. ktvu's tara moriarty is live in san francisco to tell us what happened today. >> reporter: this is the case that is not being decided by a jury but a judge. she is accepting documents from both sides by august 28 and then prom that point forward it could take her three months to make a decision. and today's closing arguments were full of emotions and drama and a lot of at stake. she is a doctor and she came into court looking head strong. she fighting for the 5 frozen embryos that he and then husband froze together before she underwent treatment for breast cancer and after they
5:38 pm
got married. the lawyer for her ex-husband wants the testimony regarding her battle with breast cancer stricken from the record. >> the cancer tells us why they talked into the office in 2010. the cancer itself doesn't hold any rel san francisco the outcome of the da-- relevance to the outcome of the case. all the testimony is a ploy. to get the court's sympathy. >> reporter: he filed for divorce says the couple signed agreements to discard the frozen embryos if they divorce. ucsf says the contract is binding. lee's lawyer who wrapped up arguments says the contract was between ucsf and the couple. lee says this is her last chance to have children and she says she is not looking for
5:39 pm
parental or financial support but he says he shouldn't be forced to have a child with his ex. back to you. >> such a fascinating case. you can see both sides here. is there any indication of what the outcome might be? >> reporter: you know the judge was tough on both sides today. she asked a lot of questions. typically they will side with the person who doesn't want to be a parent. but there are two recent cases nat are similar to lee's -- that are similar to lee's where the person in her situation who had cancer and wanted to use the frozen embryos and the father didn't ended up winning. we will have to wait and find out. >> tara moriarty in san francisco, thank you. the city of san jose honored that white house. how the city plans to turn that recognition into high tech jobs for the unemployed. >> the top 10 gop presidential candidates receive their
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invitation to the first debate and big names were left out. >> a woman was found dead in her jail cell in texas, the step her family took today against had officer who -- the officer who arrested her.
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the trial of the gunman who massacred 12 people inside a
5:43 pm
movie theater in colorado entered its final phase. james holmes has been convicted. jurors heard from victim's families about the effects of the massacre. while james holmes' defense attorney made a final plea for mercy. >> you convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that death is the appropriate sentence for this man who suffered a psychotic break. >> jurors could recommend a life sentence or one could be imposed if they all can't agree on the death penalty. the family of sandra bland filed a lawsuit claiming her civil rights were violated by the state trooper who arrested her and the state department of public health. it comes three weeks after she was found dead inside her jail cell in texas. officials say she killed herself. the family says since her death they have gotten what they call
5:44 pm
inconsistent information from law enforcement. >> this family needs an answer to the principal question, what happened to sandra bland. and that is what we are looking to do. >> among the records the sheriff's office received, is an affidavit in which she said she tried to commit suicide after she lost a baby. the lawsuit claims that jail personnel were inned aicately trained. the list is finalized for the first republican presidential debate. who made the cut as we preview thursday's debate and the 10 candidates vying for the white house. >> and tracking the cooling trend that helped firefighters so much. what does it mean for your bay area wednesday? i will let you know. or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken, there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good.
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barbara boxer barbara boxer will support the iran's nuclear deal. barbara boxer who is a member of the foreign relations committee said it is based on an inspections process. iran will allow inspections. barbara boxer said shared shared shared the mistrust of iran. congress has till september 17 to approve or disapproving the pact. the line up is set for the first republican presidential
5:48 pm
debate. fox news is hosting thursday's gop debate but only selected 10 candidates out of the field of 17. ktvu's keba arnold with more on who made it cut and the biggest issue. >> the line up is the first prime time republican presidential debate. you are not surprised by who is at number one but you might be surprised on who didn't make the list. donald trump snagged the top spot followed by republican presidential candidate jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker. mike huckaby followed by ben carson. ted cruz. marco rubio. rand paul, governor chris christie and john caic. the question is, how will they stand out. each will have a minute to
5:49 pm
answer questions. al one of the largest issues is the committee. . >> i am a new fresh face, someone from outside of washington. >> it is important to help people in the shadows. our purpose has to be to give everybody a sense the american dream is alive. that we all can rise. >> the american people -- >> surprise names missing the cut. rick perry, rick santorum and carly fiorina. catch the debate on fox news thursday night, 6:00 p.m. and we will have coverage and reaction thursday night on the 10:00 p.m. news and it will be very interesting to see how this turns out. you have trump saying i am not a debater and then you have those who don't want it to become the trump show. >> i am sure it will be
5:50 pm
interesting. thank you. firefighters battling the rocky fire managed to gain ground on the flames today. the fire has been raging out of control for several days. charred 65,000 acres. 24 homes have been destroyed and thousands of others threatened. today smoke replaced flames giving firefighters a break and that comes as comfort to residents who were forced out of their homes. >> they feel comfortable. they can keep an eye first hand and we are getting first hand information. >> crews are working to use this break that mother nature gave them and build a bigger and better box around the rocky fire before the fire takes off again. our chief meteorologist bill martin once again. feel for the firefighters. it is hot, they have all the equipment on. they must be exhausted. >> and then you add into that,
5:51 pm
a lot of rattlesnakes. the terrain brutal. it was hot first few days of the fire. 90s and low 100s during the fire. today we talk about the break but it illustrates clearly how important weather is to fighting fires. right? as soon as the weather dropped off we got good. in terms of containing the fire. making ground on it. these were the high temperatures today. 72 santa rosa. 78 napa. these high temperatures basically, you know, about 5, 6, 8 degrees cooler than you expect for this time of year. satellite and radar. you can see the spinning. the radar. what i want you to notice is, notice the cloud cover in here. this is the system that slid through. as it slides through, the clouds start to clear from west to east and we will dry out. the humidity, not just the rain, the humidities will drop. when the humidities drop the
5:52 pm
firefighters will be more concerned. they have tonight and tomorrow morning and humidities drop and temperatures come up. the highs right now, 74 fairfield. temperatures that will be warmer tomorrow. and then significant warmer as we head into your bay area thursday. 28 miles per hour winds at fairfield. gusting out there at the delta, typical. showing the winds. just variable. west 21 miles per hour, gusts sfo. what you expect. boom! sunset. avenues tonight. you will see it. sunshine. fog, not an issue. the fog tries to come back tomorrow morning and the fog and cloud foot print looks like this. that is a good foot print. high humidity. right? clouds. humidity. cool flow. warmer tomorrow. but not much. 90s pop up. we will see 89.
5:53 pm
88 in the fire zones. again, the last 36, 42 hours have been helpful for firefighters and they will get tonight and tomorrow morning. 81 sonoma. 80 napa. imagine if we were doing spare the air days right now and heat advisories and fighting the fire at the same time. big fire. 60,000 acres. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. also folks in the valley getting a break on air quality. it has been bad in lake county. they are getting a break with the pattern. >> thank you. the capital of silken valley honored that white house. details about the program, the money and the people who will be helped finding jobs in the tech industry.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. a special recognition from the white house today. the capical of silicon valley -- capital of the silicon valley named as a tech hire city. ktvu's azenith smith tells us it is part of an initiative to help the unemployed get a chance to work at big tech companies. >> the city of san jose can now compete for federal grant money, the money the mayor is hoping will employ a thousand people. >> what we are doing is solving
5:57 pm
the problem. the >> reporter: president obama making the announcement san jose a tech hire city at the white house today. it gives san jose a shot at $100 million in federal grats to help with program -- grants to help with programs. $1.2million in city and state funds. there will be a shorten of 1 million trained tech workers by 2020. >> we are seeing the gap in the city, throughout the valley and seeing among employers a large unmet need for talent. >> the city plans to work closely with agencies that helps further job training. she didn't exactly grow up on the right side of the tracks but through initiatives luxe this he works for ebay. -- like this he works for ebay. >> i am a productive member of
5:58 pm
society now. before i was taking what i could get and taking from others so i could make ends meet and continue on. now my opportunities are endless. >> reporter: other tech giants including facebook, are supporting the effort. san francisco and oakland are also tech hire cities. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. los angeles is having a hard time lining up potential stadium sites to bring in new nfl teams to the city. [ audio difficulties ] >> as of today only the coliseum has made progress in hosting a team. the raiders and charges discussed a shared concept. the league says the august 5 deadline is more of a suggestion and that it will accept plans after tomorrow. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00
5:59 pm
p.m. starts now. allegations of corruption and baby aimed at san francisco -- bribery aimed at san francisco mayor ed lee. defense lawyers for raymond shrimp boy chow claimed mayor ed lee accepted bribes. good evening. i am heather holmes in for julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. raymond shrimp boy chow is accused of heading a gang involved in bribery, money laundry and trafficking. new developments from ktvu fox 2 news paul chambers. >> reporter: -- paul chambers. attorneys representing raymond shrimp boy chow are asking the indictment be dismissed. in the documents they claim people from state, local and federal government are part of a click of california politicians. >> reporter: the attorneys referred to a crowd that raymond shrimp boy chow isn't part of, that is why he is
6:00 pm
being targeted. there are claims attacking several leaders, including u.s. attorney general and mayor ed lee. said says they are part of the political in crowd. all individuals connected and associated with them. his attorney made claims mayor ed lee took bribes and got away with it because of his position. in the documents, it says he took $20,000 from federal agencies in his first 4th months in office and had gifts including paid trips across the world. they released this statement. there is nothing in today's filing that suggest that mayor ed lee or his 2011 campaign did anything wrong or inappropriate. if and when the campaign receives information from the government about any ques


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