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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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debate of the presidential election. a rather than warning for the bay area -- red flag warning for the bay area and progress against the rocky fire. the four on 2 starts now. >> welcome to the four on 2. >> a show down in ohio. the top 10 republican candidates will share the stage in the first debate. it is hosted by fox news and will air at 6:00 p.m. right now we are breaking down everything you need to know on ktvu fox 2 news. this is a live look. you see it inside the quicken loans arena where it will happen two hours from now. fox news channel hosting the debate with facebook.
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>> you see the stage set there. the participates were chosen on tuesday after the latest polls came out. the top 10 were selected and the remaining candidates were invited to a debate that just ended on fox news channel. let's bring in now the newest member of ktvu, ross. we will anchor mornings on 2 with claudine wong. . >> i have been here before. good to be back. used to work at another station in the bay area. recently in miami. >> this could be a circus, one of the greatest debates we have seen. your thoughts? >> you are absolutely right. we have never seen anything like this before. 17 candidates. two separate events. one big one starring donald trump. untried in this arena. not just about what he will do
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but what the others do to respond. >> no one would have seen this coming. you know, two, three, months ago. >> reporter: donald trump front in center in prime time and they are not sure what he will reveal. >> they consider donald trump the ultimate wildcard on the debate stage. no one knows what he will say and do. >> reporter: he might start out low key. once anybody takes a shot at him he can unload. >> reporter: it is not just about hiss action, it is the reaction from the other candidates that will be in the spotlight. >> what does he do? do people go after him? >> reporter: those who have not been ignored, those with name recognition like jeb bush or marco rubio have less to gain than john kasich. >> for ohio governor john casick, most voters don't know who he is.
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! there is a thought folks like him need to make a splash. . >> reporter: big splashes for one candidate in this one moment is unlikely. >> monday that happens will be -- nothing that happens will be a game changer. >> reporter: now the question is, how many and who will be watching. the white house will pay attention but there will be no war room it respond to criticism. they will not say whether the president will be watching. >> i expect that he like many americans will find the values and priorities in that debate to be illuminating. >> of course, the president's staff expects most of the debate will focus on him, immigration, terrorism, the economy and his deal with iran. >> a lot of talk about trump,
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another big name, jeb bush, well known across the country. tuesday night, new hampshire, a round table forum discussion. according to most people he didn't do well. appeared nervous, stumbled over his words. what can we expect tonight? >> that was his second stumble of the week. he made the comment about planned parenthood. hillary clinton pounced on that. i covered jeb bush up florida. he is the anti-trump. he is not someone to go out there and be loud and not someone that it is all about personality. he is about the facts, being direct and he doesn't like personal attacks. so i wouldn't expect to see jeb bush attack trump directly. i would expected for him to stay focused mainly on the issues and, of course, he is probably hoping he doesn't have a oops moment -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he will have to respond if
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trump comes after him. >> he will antagonize him back, jeb bush is a cool customer. he doesn't play games and he knows how to get out of those situations. he has more experience when it comes to debating. i think he will rise above and won't get muddled down. >> all this talk about going 9 on one, going after donald trump, is it better for them to talk about hillary clinton? the president of the united states, would they come out gaining more support if they don't attack donald trump, and stick to the democrats? >> you know, that is a tough call. they are mixed on this. if they go after hillary clinton and the president as expected, that will unite them, really as a party. that is what we expect but it won't single any of them out. we expect some of the candidates that are polling less than donald trump, that they will get into the fray and
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attack him directly. >> frank somerville, he is in the news room. we were watching the first debate that happened, the bottom 7 candidates, we will be watch the debate at sick p.m. the next couple hours. >> i think it is safe to say this will be one of the most watched debates in some time. so much interest in this. in large part because of donald trump. the real wildcard here. tonight at 10:00 p.m. we will have expanded coverage on this debate. we will have the best moments. we will look at who did well, who didn't do well and we will look at donald trump and how well he did. he has been trying to lower expectations. saying i am not a debater. we will see how well he did coming up on the 10:00 p.m. news and analysis with a professional from u sf. he will talk about the debate and we will have a reporter at the watch party in the city. there is so much interest they don't have room for everyone. so much response from people,
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they will have to turn some away and we will go to cleveland to get analysis, post debate analysis as well. that is the debate that is going on tonight. earlier you mentioned the other debate, the second tear. and one of those was carly fiorina, she did pretty well. we want to play a clip of what carly fiorina said earlier this afternoon. >> here is the thing i would ask donald trump, he is the party's frontrunner. good for him. i think he tapped into an anger that people feel. they are sick of politics as usual. wherve your issue -- whatever your issue, the cause, the problem you hoped would be resolved, the political class failed you. that is a fact and that is what donald trump taps into. i would say this: since he changed his mind on amnesty, healthcare and abortion, what are the principals by which he
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will govern. >> hot are we going to -- what are we going to get out of it? it doesn't leave a lot of time give thoughts. i hope it doesn't turn into who has the best sound bite, who comes up with the snappiest line. i hope we get real substance with the answers. because again, you have 10 people, all trying to get the focus on them, all trying to stand out. and sometimes when that happens you just get a lot of snappy sound bites. >> shows, too, the spotlight will be on the moderators and see how they control the candidates. i had a conversation with gavin newsom, i said do you consider yourself more politics or businessman. he said i am a businessman. and now he is lieutenant governor, running for governor. do you think a business man, that is what donald trump is,
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do you think a businessman can win the oval office? . >> i think that is a great question. arnold schwarzenegger was a businessman, movie star, governor of california. donald trump is a smart guy. you don't become a billionaire without being a smart guy. my question would be, he is used to giving orders, used to being the ceo. what i say goes. he is not used to compromising. when you become president, that is what you have to do, compromise with people who disagree with you. that will be the big -- my big concern. if he becomes president, you know, can he compromise? can he lead by discussing things with the opposite party. >> interesting to see. >> yeah. thank you. he is exactly right. all these question about donald trump. interesting to note that in the
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happy hour debate that what they were focused on were attacking trump even though he wasn't with them there. the social media exploded especially during carly fiorina. >> i wrote down notes. he picked her as number one for that debate. she appeared sharp, intelligence, precise in answers. fluid, yet strong and combative. it is interesting to see, our only female republican candidate didn't make the top 10 but did very well in her own debate. >> donald trump wasn't in this race carly fiorina would have had more pessage points and been there late -- percentage points and been there later tonight. >> we talk the top 10 people that were -- candidates. these are the most talked
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about. good or bad. that didn't matter. these were the people that were most talked about. donald trump, jeb bush. scott walker. ted cruz. people are talking about them on social media. >> the reality tv poll. donald trump's name is out there. his own product, show. jeb bush the son and brother of a president. and then others that have been making a name for themselves. sexual assault walker, controversial, and -- scott walker, controversial and ted cruz -- >> mike huckaby as well. polling high. social media driven by maybe theyuer voters? -- the younger voters? >> good point. that is what we think is happening. >> bottom line, who is going to vote? who is going to vote? >> another graph with regards to social media. talking about the number one
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man in the polls. that is donald trump. this is a poll of tweets about donald trump and just the last 30 minutes what the lines mean. yellow represents positive tweets. 252. the red line represents negative tweets -- >> spike there. [ talking at the same time ] >> early debate they were attacking him already. interesting to see at 6:00 p.m. when several candidates go after him one more time, what it will look like. >> noticed he has been trying to play it down low, play it cool? i am not a debater. how many times have we heard him say that? >> lowering the expectations and he will come out of the gate. >> think he is nervous? >> i don't think he is nervous. never been never a day in his life. he loves this. he will be -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he will be ignoring the candidates and doing what he
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wants to do. >> when the camera is on, he -- [ talking at the same time ] >> lowering of the bar. i am not a debater. he will be there tonight. i bet he will be debating. >> you are right. great having you. welcome to the team. >> thank you. stay with us on ktvu. coming up, we will have a live report from cleveland, ohio as the candidates prepare to take the stage. >> reporter: also ahead -- also ahead firefighters making progress against the robby wildfire. the governor visited the -- rocky wildfire, the governor visited the scene to visit with the firefighters. >> and high clouds approaching the bay area in advance of a system that could produce thunderstorms and a boost in fire danger and a red flag warning. >> another live look outside. that is the junction right there. not too bad on this thursday afternoon. time now is 4:13 p.m. you are watching the four on 2. hey foster farms!
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firefighters made significant progress against the rocky fire in lake county, colusa county, and yuba counties. 40% cub tained. but there is a new threat that -- contained. but there is new threat. lightning. ktvu's tom vacar, governor jerry brown met with the firefighters, thanking them for what they are doing. >> reporter: i was there. the governor spoke with firefighters and authorities. the governor did not take a
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victory lap. instead he warned of what was still to come since this week has been only the start of the california fire season. >> beginning and it is acting like it is the end. so, yeah, we have a challenge in california because unfortunately august and september are more threatening usually than july. so, you know, fasten your seatbelts. there will be a rough ride here. >> reporter: he tried to assure fire victims, many who did not have home insurance he will push for aid as hard as he can. >> often after a few weeks there is a lot of discontent. i will be on this carefully to see what is available. get it through. because you have to document. sometimes the federal government can take a while. >> reporter: his greatest concern goes beyond the fire and the fire season.
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>> the climate is unstable. and the word people use is extreme weather events. now we are in an extreme weather event and there will be more. >> reporter: considering this: with 40% of the fire area contained, the other 60% is still running wild. more on this at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i saw it, tom, the governor wrote a letter to the republicans, saying california is burning, what are you going to do about it, hoping climate change will be a topic in the debate. thank you tom vacar. mark tamayo now. >> high clouds. an added threat to firefighters. that will be the potential for lightning. unsettled weather system approaches the bay area. you can see high clouds moving into this camera over san francisco. you can see the fog. higher clouds, 20,000 feet above our heads. moving back into the picture. also in san jose, we have
4:19 pm
mostly cloudy skies here. cloud cover. moving in from the south, central and southern california. walnut creek, cloudy skies. already the clouds pushing into the region. the next few hours could be talking about showers and possibly some thunderstorms as well. on the satellite and radar. circulation off shore. lots of clouds for the southern half of the state. you can see right now with the clouds. there is a circulation, you can see right now, 140 miles per hour to the southwest of the bay area. that will be approaching the shoreline. an area of low pressure. this area of low pressure will scoot closer to the bay area and that will be the source of potential thunderstorms. right now we have cloudy skies out there. maybe a few sprinkles, light showers. most of this not reaching the ground. there is a chance as the first bands of moisture works their wane into the region.
4:20 pm
clouds and pop up showers. current temperatures, warm inland. livermore 86 degrees. san jose upper 70s. san francisco downtown mid-60s. with the potential for lightning we have this: a red flag warning. this begins at 5:00 p.m. this is in place for the bay area, 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. friday. the dern is the initial -- concern is the initial thunderstorms could be dry and that could generate more fire across the state. the track of the area of low pressure tonight and friday morning, between now and 10:00 a.m. friday morning, the chance of thunderstorms. we will scale back on the chances throughout the day friday. probably partly sunny skies. this is not widespread but the threat exists as the system marches closer to the shoreline. a few showers, 10:00 p.m. tonight. you can see the circulation here into friday morning.
4:21 pm
with that it is unsettled. enough instability to generate thunderstorms. by the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., the action will be to the north and east. saturday morning, clouds. and then probably patchy drizzle as well. highs for tomorrow, in the 80s for the warmest locations, fairfield and vacaville. mid-70s around the bay, oakland and hayward. livermore 66 degrees. not talking extreme heat and the clouds in the morning, the chance of a shower or thunderstorm. might wake you up tonight into tomorrow morning. san francisco 70 degrees. your five-day forecast, tomorrow that threat lasts till friday morning and into the weekend, a low clouds and fog, clearing back to the shoreline. gnomonner heat in the forecast. no triple digits. -- no heat in the forecast. no triple digits. coming up we will talk live to cal fire for an update on the status of the rocky fire and the concern with the
4:22 pm
thunderstorm threat increasing. >> thank you. computer threats, right now some of the top minds in security are gathering in las vegas. the advice experts have for you. >> the most watched debate ever. live in ohio tonight as the top 10 republican candidates prepare to take the stage. female announcer: right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money. happy anniversary to me right now with your club card usda choice ribeye steak is $7.99 a pound
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cyber threats are happening moran. right now the lead -- often. right now the leading minds are in las vegas. today ktvu's gasia mikaelian sat down with the founder and coo. >> first of all, talk to us about what you are seeing in the realm of malware that could effect us. >> thank you for having me. i am at black hat today, and it is a cyber security conference. professionals get together and talk about the most advanced threats. there are hackers, security officers from huge organizations world wide, top of mind and research presented yesterday and today was the g pack. a hacker was able to take control of a friend's jeep. and drive it off into a ditch.
4:26 pm
these threats are very interesting because they are futuristic. we thought they were threats that only happened in science fiction. they are becoming more real. you never know when you will think maybe my car is going to drive me off a cliff. >> we saw a jeep respond to that video. does it seem the hackers are always one step ahead? >> yeah. the nature of security is cat- and-mouse. the providers are also chasing the hackers. conferences bring these two types of people together to discuss security and the future. the security threats, that is a small sliver of threats a consumer would face. i am not going to tell my mom to stop driving her car but i will tell her her computer is
4:27 pm
very vulnerable. ransom wear, a yours gets infected and all their files are encrypted. pictures, resume. important files they no longer have access to and the criminal says pay me $500 and maybe i will give you back access to the files. in 9% of the files you don't get the files back. these the threats that effect users. >> what can we do to protect ourselves? >> great question. this is what i tell my family. i have them run a free antevirus. -- anti-virus. it is a good baseline. i have them run malware bites that provides an advanced layer of security. we need to think really much more ahead of hackers than many
4:28 pm
organizations do. one less commonly -- under utilized technique is really keep your software and operating system up to date. there is a reason they release patches. it is because they are fixing vulnerabilities and reducing the attacks that you may be vulnerable. common sense will get you far. this is easier said than done. common sense and being careful where you click and where you give your information will take you much further. >> old fashion advice that still works today. thank you so much for joining us helping us keep safe. there eyes on the gop debate, especially on donald trump. trump is leading the polls and he will become a target tonight. a live report from ohio is straight ahead. >> you probably seen this graphic here. getting passed around on social
4:29 pm
media. coming up the message behind this about what a can of coke can do to your bodies. >> paul chambers tweeting leaders say there are two investigations into the police officer who pulled his gun on a unarmed man and eric rasmussen tweeting, seized 830 plus marijuana plants ammunition, cash and packages found. busy day out there. live to cleveland next right here on the four on 2.
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all right. the stage set. the candidates have been selected and the first debate of the presidential election season is 90 minutes away. a live look inside quicken loans arena. this debate is anticipated because of the candidates in the field, 10 and the star power of donald trump. today we are taking 4 minutes at 4:00 p.m. to break down what you need to know. let's bring in joel in ohio with the latest. joel? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. the gloves are off. the lower tear candidates squaring off earlier this evening and they are doing their part to climb their way up in the polls.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: the so-called happy hour debate was anything but with the candidates targeting one another on a wide range of topics. each touting their knowledge and expertise pointing out what would make them a good president. >> united states is moving into decline. i want to reverse that decline. >> our country is tired of the politicians. the american people are looking for real leadership. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry is looking to redeem himself after his last debate debacle. >> i think americans want someone that have a track record of showing them how to get the country back obrecord. someone that will -- on record. someone that will project that best days of america are in front of us. i am ready to be that individual. >> reporter: as the only woman in the field carly fiorina holds her ground. >> i know personally how unique
4:34 pm
the nation is. i think to be commander and chief requires someone who understands how it economy works. >> reporter: rick santorum who ran second to mitt romney in 2012 made his case. >> americans are tired of democrats who are interested in just politics and power and they are looking looking for someone who will fight for them. >> reporter: those were the lower 7. next up the top 10 candidates in the polls. s they square off at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> experts talking, who do people say won the first debate? >> reporter: word here among political watchers is she did a phenomenal job along with rick perry. carly fiorina came out, attacked donald trump. she called hillary clinton a
4:35 pm
liar in regards to benghazi. also interesting to note there are reports that the most googled person was carly fiorina. so that bodes well for her in terms of her climb up the ranks. we will see how it turns out. >> the next debate. the man of the hour, donald trump. is the talk that the 9 other candidates come out of the gate hard at donald trump and poke him heart and attack him or is it better they pull back and go after hillary clinton, after the president of the united states in hopes of gaining support? >> reporter: there are two schools of thought on this. no one knows till the debate arrives. donald trump is the man to beat right now. last week he leads in the last 7 national polls. i happened to talk to -- there are a million people from the
4:36 pm
media here. i talked to an independent radio talk show host. he says his callers call in 25- 1 in favor of donald trump. he says we in the main stream media are out of our gorge if we don't think trumptrism will get the donald trump will get the nomination. political watchers say he has a small shot at gaining the nomination. right now it is anyone's game. one thing that a lot of people are predicting across the board, this will be one of the highest rated debates possibly in the history of the debates. >> with the 10 candidates up there, how important for the three moderators to keep them on track and be the time monitor. if one person gets an extra 20 seconds that could change everything. >> the way it works, if they get their opening statements and questions and they get a 30 second response, if they invoke
4:37 pm
another candidate's name that candidate gets 30 seconds to respond. time can widdle down. the moderators from fox news come out in the press and said they have had sleepness lights. trump -- sleepless nights. donald trump says he wants a civil debate but if he is attacked he likes to attack back. >> we have time for one more, if you throw donald trump out of the mix, sitting there at the top of the polls, number one spot is republican presidential candidate jeb bush. is this an important debate for him compared to the other candidates, not including donald trump? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. jeb bush along with scott walker. there are concerns sometimes jeb bush is not all that
4:38 pm
interesting, and people who follow politics, regarding funding for women's health issues, conservatives and people who back jeb bush concerned he needs to be on top of his game. needs to come in with energy. next to trump will be jeb bush and scott walker. don't forget governor chris christie and john kasich and rand paul. >> let's hope for an educational evening in ohio. joe woldman, thank you for taking the time with us. two shootings in movie theaters in recent weeks. people are wondering if more security is needed. more on that coming up when the four on 2 returns. >> high clouds moving in. could be bumping up the thunderstorm chances. when the thunderstorms roll through the bay area and talking to cal fire with the added threats to fight fires.
4:39 pm
>> a live look, interstate 80. a nightmare last night. no better on this thursday afternoon. four on 2 is back in a bit. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money.
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happy anniversary to me right now with your club card usda choice ribeye steak is $7.99 a pound 32-ounce gatorade is 69 cents and select quaker cereal is $1.49 happy anniversary to me. safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better.
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the violence in tennessee and the deadly shooting in louisiana have people asking if
4:42 pm
movie theaters should increase security. 3/4 say they feel extremely or very safe in a theater. we are asking you, do you think there needs to be more security at movie theaters. our question of the day on facebook. i haven't seen any security at movie theaters. yes, we need security there. >> she says i think every movie theater should be able to protect themselves how they want. i don't think it should be business owners and people. some places choose armed guards, other places let every person that has concealed weapon permit bring in their own weapon. let us decide. >> marcia wrote in saying more funding for mental health services nationwide would be better than more security in movie theaters.
4:43 pm
in weather tracking more high clouds today in addition to the fog and more thunderstorms as well. that will be an added concern for firefighters out there. fire season really ramping up. and standing by on the phone, cal fire to talk about an increased fire activity. thank you for joining us. >> good afternoon. making continued good progress today with the weather cooperating. >> so far the fire last check was 40% containment, the rocky fire? >> correct. yeah. 40% containment this morning. we expect by this evening we will tone to see -- continue to see the numbers go up. fire activity has been significantly less the last couple days. tuesday we had over cast and rain, that allowed us to make good progress. we continued continued the
4:44 pm
progress. >> tuesday was the big transition day to fight this wildfire. 40% contained, what is the rest, 60% contained, is that still growing or slowed down as well? give you a better chance to corral it. >> in the 40% that is an area of the fire where we do not expect the fire will grow at all. the remaining 60% doesn't mean the fire is growing, we haven't put a line in that portion of it where we feel confident it will not grow. the fire has really slowed down. significantly from the weekend and several days ago. 60% that is still left doesn't mean it is still burning. >> great news. over the weekend i heard a statement saying in 20 years of fighting the fires they have never seen the behavior of a fire like this, have you heard
4:45 pm
the same things? >> absolutely. this is a historical rate of spread for a fire to grow. 20,000 acres over the weekend in 5 hours. that shows how dry our conditioning are. as we continue over the next couple months we will continue to see very dry conditions. the fire potential still remains high. our risk over the next couple days, we are seeing thunderstorms moving up through the central coast, through the bay area, north coast, northern part of california, those thunderstorms will have little rainfall and with that could mean the potential of dry lightning sparking more fires. >> the added element of danger with the lightning and the red flag warning, for northern california, with that, how do you plan for that? the thunderstorms can develop rapidly and produce multiple lightning strikes, how can you
4:46 pm
track them? >> we have to increase staffing, making sure we have extra resources. our goal continues to be a very aggressive initial attack. we want to put as many resources on the fires because we don't want more large fires. we are battling 19 active fires. we continue to bring in more resources, including fire equipment from out of state so we have the equipment available to us if we have more fires sparked. >> hopefully the lightning impact will be minimal. thank you so much for all your updates throughout the past few weeks and thank you to the crews out there keeping life and property safe. >> thank you. >> as far as weather, thunderstorm chances increasing and high clouds as well. we have the fog, high clouds as well. you heard about the danger with lightning out there. as a result the red flag warning begins at 5:00 p.m. you see the bay area covered.
4:47 pm
5:00 p.m. today till 11:00 p.m. friday. the time of concern will be 9:00 p.m. tonight till 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with the possibility of dry lightning that could produce more fires out there. you can see clouds out there and activity on the radar. not all is reaching the ground. cloudy skies, especially for the southern half of the bay area and one ban approaching the north bay, towards novato and napa. light showers pushing into the bay area. chances will be ramping up in the next few hours. san jose right now 77 degrees. santa rosa 83. san francisco 67. and oakland 72 degrees. our live camera showing you cloudy skies. chance of isolated thunderstorms tonight. the weekend, we will pull back
4:48 pm
on the thunderstorm chance with partly sunny skies. area of low pressure to the south and west. this is the track for tonight and friday morning. high clouds. and the chance of thunderstorms into friday morning. by the afternoon hours probably skies becoming partly cloudy. forecast showing you this, clouds out there and the chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms. this might wake you up tonight and tomorrow morning. friday, partly cloudy skies. main action for the afternoon hours to the north and east. this model keeps a chance of a sprinkle into saturday morning. here is the plan for tomorrow. chance for the morning hours. the temperature spread by 4:00 p.m. 64 to 86 degrees. friday, santa rosa 83. fairfield 85 degrees. rim of the bay, 70s. livermore 86 degrees. san jose 80. cupertino upper 70s and san francisco forecast high of 70
4:49 pm
and in san francisco, lands, day one -- >> i have been to outside lands. >> i have not. >> exciting. that will happen tomorrow. day one, friday, saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon hours. we will track the radar through friday morning and then a sun- cloud mix for the weekend and no major heat. >> sounds like a good show. >> always a great line up. >> thank you. frank somerville live in the news room with the story we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. the story of the day and a big story in the north bay. >> the police officer who pulled out his gun on an unarmed man, the video is getting a lot of attention. the attorney for the man announced they are suing the city of rohnert park.
4:50 pm
>> and uber? >> this is a big case involving uber in san francisco. whether uber may have to change the way it deals with its drivers and potentially changep the way it does business. we will look at this case and what happened in court today and what happens next. >> thank you. see you soon. you probably saw this on facebook or twitter, what a can of coke can do to your body in one hour. talking to the pharmacist behind the message.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
a graphic that has gone viral this summer. the title, what happens one
4:53 pm
hour after drinking a can of coke. a look at the points. first 10 minutes, sugar hits your system. 20 minutes in your blood sugar spikes. 40 minutes in caffeine absorghos is complete. your blood pressure rises. mike spoke to a man who agrees with this, what endangers of -- the dangers can do to your body. >> you highlight it in your blog, it takes off on social media. my first question is, do you think this is absolutely brilliant, it tells the story battering a coke? >> i think -- drinking a coke? >> i think it tells the truth in an interesting way. the main problem is the sugar. the sugar. very high. >> one of the highlights for me
4:54 pm
is that 45 minute mark. it says at 45 minutes your body ups your dopamine production, simulating your brain. this is the same way heroin works. by the way, is that the sensationalism people are disagreeing with? >> caffeine has a similar effect. it is a stimulation, it causes an effect of -- [ indiscernible ] >> anything you do that is very pleasurable will release endorphins. the chemistry of coke is designed in a special way that it creates addiction. >> in the end, it is not going to kill you, right, as long as you get the balance of calories -- if i drink coke every day and work out and exercise, i
4:55 pm
can still have a coke. >> yeah. of course. one can is not going to do really that much harm. it is when it is a chronic -- [ indiscernible ] >> my main point is -- [ indiscernible ] >> children are much more likely to develop things of addiction if they are forced -- [ indiscernible ] >> thank you for taking the time to talk about this issue. >> no problem. thank you. >> moderation, that is key. can't have six cans a day. >> one or two is not bad. i don't think soda but i drink coffee and it is the same thing. caffeine. maybe i should cut back -- >> little bit. find out more on we posted a link to his blog.
4:56 pm
click on web links. jon stewart prepares to say good-bye to the daily show and now we are hearing how his role in politics will be remembered.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
tonight jon stewart will sign off for the last time after hosting for 18 years. he is getting praise for his show's razer sharp whit. fans were lined up outside the studio in new york hoping to snag a sneak for the final -- seat for the final show. it was their most trusted source of news and his style having a major influence. the first to laugh at the idea he is an icon. >> i think he figured out a way to make it interesting. >> he got me interested in people and the world and wanting to know, like, what is going on and not just know, like, what i hear something is about but actually understand a story or a situation. >> he will take over next month. the old set will live on. it will go on display at the
5:00 pm
museum in washington, d.c. >> he has not said what he plans to do next but he took time off to direct a movie. some people are speculating he might make a run for public office. now to frank and heather. good news from cal fire tonight. >> certainly is. containment growing on the fire near clear lake. some people are being allowed to go home and governor jerry brown toured the fire area and warned this is only just the beginning of what could be a bad fire season. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am heather g in for jewel -- heather holmes in for julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. the containment grows on the rocky fire. 40%. at the same time the fire burned 70,000 acres. it has destroyed 43 homes. another 6,000 homes are still threatened but cal fire said today they plan to start allowing


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