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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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museum in washington, d.c. >> he has not said what he plans to do next but he took time off to direct a movie. some people are speculating he might make a run for public office. now to frank and heather. good news from cal fire tonight. >> certainly is. containment growing on the fire near clear lake. some people are being allowed to go home and governor jerry brown toured the fire area and warned this is only just the beginning of what could be a bad fire season. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am heather g in for jewel -- heather holmes in for julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. the containment grows on the rocky fire. 40%. at the same time the fire burned 70,000 acres. it has destroyed 43 homes. another 6,000 homes are still threatened but cal fire said today they plan to start allowing some of the thousands
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of evacuees to go home soon. the governor toured the rocky fire today and ktvu's tom vacar is back from the area and is in the news room. >> reporter: 60% of the massive fire remained uncontrolled. >> reporter: governor jerry brown came to the fire to assess the damage, lend support to the residents and praise to the 3635 firefighters including 1200 inmates working the fire lines. he also came to warn of what lies ahead. >> yeah, we have a challenge in california because august and september are more threatening than july. fasten your seatbelts.
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>> reporter: he is set on getting the climate change message out. >> we have had droughts in the past. we haven't had drought with this elevated temperature. more devastating fires. more to come. >> reporter: worried about flood should el nino deliver a wet winter. >> go from one thing to another and the climate is unstable and the word people use is extreme weather events. now we are in an extreme weather event. >> reporter: because this fire is still far from over that could come right now. [ indiscernible ] >> the moisture with the lightning, doesn't help at all. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 p.m. more from the governor and why
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the fire poses a long term financial threat. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i am wondering, what were your observations and what did you take away? >> reporter: i think what was interesting, most was a grass fire. a fast fire. that is why it blew up quickly. many of the tree canpies were un-- canopies were untouched. it didn't seem to be the kind of fire where it ripped out -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in other areas it has done that and the danger is this thing is not a done deal by a long shot and you could see that in all of the equipment up there. not in use at the moment. equipment ready to go. heavy equipment that would
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fight the fires face to face. >> tom vacar, thank you. now we want to check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. we know the weather helped the firefighters over the last couple days. today was no exception. >> today helped. humidity up. the big story today is the red flag warning that is going into effect tonight through tomorrow morning for the bay area. entire bay area. what is going on? a chance of thundershowers moving up from the south. 5:00 p.m., now, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a chance for dry lightning. we will hear thunder out there. there will be patches of it. with a four year drought this isn't good. look that moisture. whenever you see clouds coming up from the south like this, right, working their way up, those clouds are subtropical and unstable. sprinkles in the north bay. after midnight tonight we have a shot at thundershowers.
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that red flag warning in effect. that is a big deal for the state, when i come back, more about that and the cool down that is coming your way. >> thank you. we are just now an hour from the first gop debate. a live look at quicken loans arena in cleveland. the top 10 republican candidates are set to take the stage inside this arena in a few minutes at 6:00 p.m. and experts are predicting that it will be one of the most watched debates of all time. >> joining us now is our newest member, ross pulumbow. carly fiorina is getting good reviews. >> she is doing well. she was the most searched after the first debate. doing very well. there are two debates. the first was the lower polling candidates. viewership at 6:00 p.m. will be sky high.
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carly fiorina was the strongest voice of the first round, now all eyes are on trump for the second. >> with a field this large candidates need to stand out. to poke out from the crowd. >> facing off tonight. the 7 lower tear polling candidates are battling it out. >> america is back in the leadership business. when america does not lead the world is a dangerous and trackage place. >> reporter: and coming up the top 10 featuring donald trump, jeb bush, scott walker, mike huckaby -- former florida governor jeb bush; wisconsin governor scott walker; former arkansas governor mike huckabee; retired neurosurgeon ben carson; texas senator ted cruz; florida senator marco rubio; kentucky senator rand paul; new jersey governor chris christie; and ohio governor john kasich. trump is front and center as leader and as the most likely target. . >> they will try knock down donald trump because you don't get to the stage where walker, bush and rubio compete for support till donald trump is out of the picture.
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>> reporter: some of the candidates have their game plan, aimed at earning voter support. >> you will hear me talk about my tax proposal, balancing the budget in 5 years. i have a federal plan. >> i try to work on being authentic. that is what people are looking for. someone they can trust. someone who knows who they are and what they want to do. >> reporter: what they are looking for is an attack of president obama's policies. the white house says they expect that to be the focus of the debate at sick p.m. staff says -- sick p.m. staff says -- 6:00 p.m. staff says they will be watching but wouldn't say if the president will be watching. >> i think he will be,yeah. do you think we are going going to get subsstance or will it be the -- substance or will it be the one liners?
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>> for that cocktail hour debate, 7 people on the stage, as you saw from carly fiorina, we got good detailed answers. i just that will be the case tonight and surprise many people. i don't think everyone will be attacking donald trump. i think people like jeb bush will stick to the issues and stick to substance. >> how many of those candidates are going to delve into donald trump? >> most of them will try to create waves and build a name for themselves. they need it. jeb bush is close to trump. the closest. he doesn't have to do that. having covered him in florida, he is not the type of person to go into a personal attack. he likes to stay on the issues and keep it above board. >> the thing is with trump, you don't know what he is going to say. >> with trump being the frond runner he has the most --
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frontrunner he has the most to lose, do you think he will be donald trump or will he tone things down a little bit? he has been trying to lower expectations. >> saying even he doesn't know how he will perform. donald trump performs at every appearance. he has been doing this for decades and he is always trump and that is what we will see. >> thank you. welcome. >> thank you. we posted highlights from the earlier debate on youtube. we will post more videos as the next debate begins. if you have fox news channel watch the debate live on your computer, we set up a link on hillary clinton is in los angeles after wrapping up her visit to the barrulettier today. she had -- bay area earlier today. she had no public event today before leaving for southern california. we caught her as she left san francisco this morning. the event was hosted by mayor
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ed lee. tickets were $2,700 per person. people who attended the event said she gave a powerful speech outlining her priorities. >> made me more excited about the election and about the momentum behind her. >> last night hillary clinton attended a fundraiser. during her visit to los angeles she will attend a fundraiser of justin bieber's manager. uber drivers want to be considered employees and now they want to file a lawsuit against the san francisco based ride sharing company. today arguments were heard in a san francisco courtroom and ktvu's rob roth was there to tell us about the developments. >> reporter: the issue here in federal court is whether uber will be forced to change the way they deal with drivers and the way it does business. >> reporter: when mark is not
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at his primary job. >> i work for the san francisco giants. >> reporter: he is also a driver for uber. he like all drivers is a contract worker, not an employee. he likes it that way. >> i am able to go on vacation when i want. i had relatives in town for two weeks and took two weeks off and didn't have to get an okay. >> some drivers want to become employees. three drivers have filed a lawsuit. today their attorney is asking a judge to allow that case to expand into a class action lawsuit that could effect tens of thousands of drivers and they could then be eligible for health, retirement and other benefits. >> this challenges the business model. uber will continue to succeed and thrive no matter how the case goes forward and do its best to come up with a system. no question this lawsuit is challenging. >> reporter: the cost to uber
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could be huge. it gives the plaintiffs more reverend to negotiate. -- leverage to negotiate. >> there would not be the ability to pick your own schedule. you would have a set schedule. fixed income. >> no word on a decision. either side can appeal so it is unlikely this will get resolved soon. >> thank you very much. a police officer who was injuredane shoot out with an attempted murder suspect is doing well today. . he was also shot several times but his injuries are not life-threatening injury. happened 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning. the officer spotted a man who was wanted for attempted murder. the man took off running and the officer the cased after him and that is when the suspect
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pointed a gun at the officer and fired. the officer was hit in the leg. the officer returned fire hitting the suspect. the video of a police officer pulling a gun on someone has gone viral. coming up, the unarmed man holding the camera responds. details about the lawsuit he filed. and hackers announced they took over another car. this time it is a tesla. the vulnerabilities they took advantage of and the quick response from the car maker. >> a plan to make it safer for people walking and biking in downtown san francisco. details about the plan that has an expensive price tag if you break the law starting next week. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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coast guard crew seized 16,000 pounds of cocaine from a self-propelled submarine-like vessel in the eastern pacific ocean. a navy aircraft detected the vessel 200 miles south of mexico and alerted the coast guard. on july 18 members of the coast guard apprehended four smugglers and seized 275 bails of cocaine worth $181 million. 2 bay area cyber security experts announced they have hacked a tesla. they say they took control of the car while a driver was behind it wheel. they say they exploited vulnerabilities that allowed them to shut down the car. tesla is sending out a patch to
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fix the problem. an expert we spoke with this morning in las vegas says the buzz today was about a hack of a jeep while it was on the road. >> hacker was able to take control of a friend's jeep, and drive it off into a ditch. these types of threats are very interesting. they are futuristic. we thought it only happened inscience fiction but they are -- science fiction but they are more real. >> tesla stock dropped 8% today, it is a reaction to an announcement they are cutting its outlook for model s deliveries. our bay area weather, we are under a red flag warning. our chief meteorologist bill martin to find out more. >> the red flag warning a big deal. fire season. four years of drought. the red flag warning in effect now through tomorrow morning. best shot at a thunderstorm,
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dry thunderstorm, lightning storm would be after midnight into the morning hours. that is what we will be tracking. you see the moisture, check it out. see it, comes from the southwest. this is unstable air. you see the bumps. pause it. you see these bumpy areas? that is the area, those are the areas that could explode as the low-pressure system gets closer to the coast. we have clouds to the north of us. heading towards the north. clouds from the south. showers trying to show up here. light. when you try to read these maps. that is a cloud there. tecture on the cloud. -- texture on the cloud. more of this stuff. it will move our way in the next few hours and a thunderstorm is a possibility.
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some of us will hear thunder and see lightning tonight. the concerns are for the fire zones. the system i am tracking. problem is, as it moves closer to us, right now it is slowing up subtropical. as it gets closer the air starts to rise. now you have the moist, unstable air and lift from the low. that happens after midnight. late tonight, tomorrow morning, keep that in the forecast. yeah. i don't know what else to say. these events could be nothing or significant. whenever a low tracks over the bay area like this one, i have seen it go both ways. i have seen nothing and seen it explode. late tonight moisture fills in. the model never goes off. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, this would be
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4:00, 5:00, 6:00. the special there. i think the model is missing out. i think we will see thunderstorms. i think they could be numerous. we will track that for you. 10:00 p.m. news. the highs tomorrow. the five-day forecast. the concern is, again, lightning strikes, 4th year of a drought, not good. that is the concern. i think we will get something. >> thank you. it is one of the most popular streets in san francisco and also one of the most dangerous. especially if you are walking or riding a bike. today city crews installed new signs on market street try oo curve to curve -- to curve the accidents. ktvu's tara moriarty got a look at what is being called vision
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zero. . >> reporter: vision zero, the goal of zero traffic fatalities. one of the signs went up yesterday. the idea is to keep drivers from turning on to market street. >> reporter: it could be frustrating. driving on market street. but it could be dangerous to walk it. that is why they are installing the first of these signs that prevent drivers from turning on to market between third and 8 8th street. the exception, commercial vehicles, buses, bikes and taxies. >> that sucks. that is going to be -- yeah, worse. >> reporter: ktvu was allowed where the signs are still being rolled out. they will be unveiled monday. officers on the streets tuesday
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reminding drivers of the changes. >> the blocks where we are talking about, third oo 8th street -- to 8th street, they are responsible for 80% of the injury collisions along market street. >> reporter: 100% of the deadly accidents. part of vision zero includes painting crosswalks or pedestrians are more visible to drivers. >> i am excited. almost got hit on a bike right here and as a pedestrian. >> reporter: some drivers are taking it in stride. >> starting next week? >> reporter: yeah. >> okay. now we have to just our path. >> reporter: taxis are not restricted but companies like uber and lift are. >> i don't mind it at all. we really don't use market anyway. >> reporter: it includes 8 new
5:23 pm
loading zones and handicap parking. while private cars can't enter they are not banned. you can enter market east of third. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you. this is something that will be rolling out. officers will give drivers a leeway? >> reporter: no. they are not. they will be handing out tickets come tuesday. so they are $238 each. you do not want to turn illegally. if you forget or haven't seen the signs, the lucky part is parking control officers are going to be out guiding you. >> no grace period. thank you very much. for the first time in a decade a human case -- a case of human plague in california. where the child was infected. >> new at 6:00 p.m. a big bust in santa cruz.
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the operation that led authorities to $1.6 million worth of marijuana plants. >> it was damaged in last year's earthquake, new developments for nasa's post office as officials decide whether or not to demolish the building. attention america. get yourself a free half gallon of dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken, there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good. happy anniversary to me it's safeway's anniversary... happy anniversary to me but you're the one who's gonna save some serious money.
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today we learned what caused harrison ford's plane crash in march. there was a problem with the carburetor. the national transportation
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safety board says a part came loose causing the engine to quit. the problem happened after he took off, he tried to return but hit a tree on a golf course and crashed. he has recovered from his injuries but the ntsb says the injuries were made worse because of a shoulder harness. the health department and officials announced they are looking into the case of a child infected with plague. the child and his family has been camping in yosemite. the child is recovering. it could be carried by flees and it is important to avoid squirrels or other rodents. the last reported human case was in 2006. there are a few cases of human plague in the u.s. every year and most of them are in the western united states. i want to show you this map.
5:28 pm
it showalize the cases reported between 1970 and 2012. as you can see most of them are in new mexico, arizona, colorado, and california. it was 70 years ago today the united states dropped an atomic bomb in japan. colored lanterns floated today for the 140,000 people who died. a tourist who was there today said she tried to imagine what it must have been like in the hours before the attack. >> i was wondering how they must have felt. yeah. i know i could never feel the way they felt. >> the bombs caused japan to surrender and adopt a constitution but the current prime minister is campaigning for policy changes that would allow the government to send troops into battle for the first time since world war ii.
5:29 pm
perhaps you have seen the vid. a police officer pulling a gun on an unarmed man. coming up next, details about the lawsuit filed against the city. >> the grateful dead are about to tour against and they are adding a new musician to their band. >> it is going to be a great weekend of music in golden gate park. it starts tomorrow. a look at the top artists and the hard work underway to get ready for outside lands.
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. he says he was unarmed when a police officer pulled a gun on him. now he is suing rohnert park and his cell phone video of the officer drying his gun is central to the case. ktvu's paul chambers is live in the north bay where we learned it lawsuit. >> the attorney representing him just wrapped up a press conference. he said the officer was abusing his power who he drew his gun on his client. his client wants justice. >> he thought he was going to die. he thought he was going to be shot. he thought there is nobody around, no one can see this. >> reporter: he is talking about his client who captured
5:33 pm
this video and posted it. since this incident hundreds of thousands of people viewed the 5 minute video that shows the officer leaving his car and drawing his gun and telling him to remove his hands from his pocket. according to his attorney he complied with the officer, although some say he sounds confrontational. because of this he is receiving medical care. in the video he says he has done nothing wrong and go away. he said you have done enough to my family. he declined to talk about his client's past. leaders say they are aware of the video and plan to conduct two investigations into the incident even though there hasn't been a formal complaint. >> we are familiar with the video. we are concerned about what we have seen and we are taking a look at this during a review. that will include a review of the interactions and our
5:34 pm
policies and procedures to make sure they are strong. >> reporter: the officer involved in the incident is on vacation which was scheduled before the incident happened. also today they had a coffee with a cop that they canceled because they heard from social media that there was a threat to their event and to the community. >> was the person involved in this, the one who took out the video and said the officer pointed the gun at him, were charges filed against him? >> reporter: no. nothing has been called into play. they said was there any kind of report filed, as of right now, nothing has been filed. they say there is enough concern in the community to take a look at the tape and investigate it. >> thank you very much. we have developing news right now from palo alto.
5:35 pm
live pictures here from sky fox 2. a couple of world war ii era grenades have been found at a home on webster street, not far from middle field road. the bomb squad is there investigating. three homes have been evacuated. other people in the area just out of caution are told to shelter in place. we are working to get more information. the headline, a nice residential area, a couple of world war ii era grenades found in a home on webster street. not far from middle field road. as we get more information we will bring it to you. >> reporter: charges are expected to be filed against a man suspect odstarting 30 fires in -- suspected of starting 30 fires in contra costa county. he was arrested yesterday. investigators say in april they began noticing a pattern of
5:36 pm
fires. by late spring the pattern was seen in other areas. along highways 4, 24 and marsh creek road. the district attorney's office tells ktvu he will be arraigned on monday. the outside lands is set to begin tomorrow in golden gate park in san francisco. ktvu's keba arnold is here with a look at the last minute touches. >> reporter: it takes an army of workers to set up the stages, the food booths and other support systems. organizers say last year 200,000 people turned out for the event on the western end of golden gate park. managers say the concert rolled out in 45 minutes. it is produced by planet entertainment. started in 200068 the crowds have been building ever since. >> went from not selling out to selling out a month in advance to two months in advance and last year took a couple of
5:37 pm
days. this year under an hour. >> reporter: elton john is the headliner. and more than 60 other groups and performers. it starts tomorrow at noon, runs through sunday and the negative side of this, neighbors complain about the traffic and noise and sometimes misbehaving but for the most part crowds are peaceful and there are few arrests. >> thank you. the grateful dead's trip isn't quite over yet. [ music ] >> three of the original members formed a new band. they just played at levi stadium, you remember that, soldiers field in chicago as part of a farewell tour. the first show for the new band
5:38 pm
dead and company is halloween at madison square garden. it is a thought provoking picture exploding on social media. we will hear from the woman behind the i look like an engineer post and what she said about one sexist comment. >> and the search on after a boat capacious -- cap sizes. -- capsizes. female announcer: right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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16 hour man hunt is over tonight with the arrest of a suspect in a deadly shooting of a police officer in louisiana. it happened last night as police responded to a call of a suspicious person inside a home. investigators say the officer confronted the suspect who opened fire killing the officer. the suspect got away but eventually was arrested not far from the scene. the 27-year-old is now facing first degree murder charges. >> he is nothing to be but a cowered. who would shoot an officer and ride. >> he was a four year veteran. rescue crews are searching the waters for survivors after
5:42 pm
a ship filled with migrants capsized yesterday. within the first few hours 400 people were saved. 25 bodies were found. doctors without boarders worry imaginey people bound -- many people drowned because they were trapped in the lower deck of the boat. [ indiscernible ] >> officials reports suggest 600 burr on board. if that holds through that means 200 migrants were inside the boat drowned. search for more debris at reunion island. >> learning more about the man whew tacked people at a -- who attacked people at a movie theater yesterday. what police learned about his mental health and where he has
5:43 pm
been. >> tracking the warm up through the afternoon hours today and a cool down around the corner. how much cooler will it be for your friday, saturday and sunday? i will let you know. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. and kitchens where every meal is get yourself a free half gallon of attention america. dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken, there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. we are learning more about the man who was shot dead after carrying out an attack in tennessee yesterday. investigators say vincente david montano had a long history of mental illness.
5:46 pm
police say he was carrying a pellet gun and was armed with a hatchet and pepper spray when he stormed the movie theater yesterday. investigators say vincente david montano pepper sprayed two women and injured a man. a s.w.a.t. team arrived on scene and he was shot dead. the incident comes two weeks after a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater in louisiana killing two people and wounding 9 others. the recent shootings have people asking if movie theaters should increase security. some say they don't want to worry about security. >> you shouldn't have to have your bags checked to go to the movies. bad enough go to concerts. i get that and everything but to go to the movies? >> a california firm conducted a survey after the shooting in
5:47 pm
louisiana and found 3/4 say they feel safe in a movie theater. they said the safety of guests and employees is the highest priority but so far they have not weighed in on whether movie theaters should make security changes. the prime minister of militia confirmed the wreckage that washed up is from missing malaysia airlines flight 370 but officials still can't say for sure whether that piece of wing is in fact from the plane. while family members of those on the flight are calling the development promising they are still demanding more answers. >> reporter: h a really difficult -- >> a really difficult time for all of us. the search for more debris from malaysia airlines flight 370 will intensify after officials confirm a wing fragment found
5:48 pm
is indeed from the missing plane. >> it is my thought this confirmation however tragic and painful would at least bring certainty to the families and loved ones of the 239 people on board malaysia airlines flight 370. >> the wing fragment washed up on reunion island and sent to france. authorities will do more testing to figure out how the piece separated and how fast the plane was going. they will also examine barnacles that attached to the debris as a possible indicator of where the plane went down. >> concentrating in the southerly part of the search area. >> reporter: the boeing 777 was heading to beijing in march 2014 when it disappeared. family members of those killed say they hope this kovry will
5:49 pm
lead to others. >> that would -- discovery will lead to others. >> it would be key. >> i believe they know more than they are telling us. >> reporter: authorities say they will seek help to search for more debris. fox news. the latest picture to take the internet by storm. a woman posted a photo of herself with #i am an engineer. since then a movement has been created. hundreds of woman uploaded their pictures with #i look looker like an engineer -- #i look like an engineer. ktvu's gasia mikaelian has more. she said one man wrote this. >> can she build me a sandwich. >> reporter: seeksest? >> yeah. yeah. -- sexist? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: what did that make you think? >> i would be surprised if a
5:50 pm
person was not able to build a sandwich. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> you can hear more of the interview tomorrow morning on mornings on 2 at 8:00 a.m. okay. back to our chief meteorologist, more about the weather. muggier today. >> yeah. you could feel it. it was that way last night. today it got sticky. houston feel to it. san diego. we don't do well with humidity up here because we don't get a lot of it. we have had a lot of it this year. 91 santa rosa and humid. 91 and humid in santa rosa. 86 fairfield. humidity is way up. as we look at the story tonight, the tonight, the red flag warning, a good chance of a thunderstorm through the next 12 hours or so and been concern because of fire danger.
5:51 pm
pardon me. the moisture flow. there it is. i said this earlier, vertical development. that is what people like to see. these are big clouds moving in. what happens, it is already unstable, as the moisture streams, the low pressure will come in. it will come in and lift that up and create more instability. tonight, tomorrow morning we have a shot at thundershower. why not now? the denammics are off shore. when they get -- dynamics are off shore. when they get in here, it could be a good deal. lightning show. if it transpires. some people may not hear or see anything. depends. a lot has to happen. we are ready for it. national weather service is ready for it. four year drought, last thing
5:52 pm
you need is lightning. that starts things brewing. we will track it for you. i will be here tonight at 10:00 p.m. and keeping an eye on this all night. if something hapbs we will break -- happens we will breakp. there is the mugginess. looks like -- break in. there is the mugginess. looks like dallas. morning commute too. afternoon commute. 83 sonoma tomorrow. cooler. okay? humidity around. 86 livermore. hazy sunshine. along the coast, mid-60s. 70 degrees san francisco for a high. the five-day forecast. it is interesting. live picture. does not feel like august in the bay area. does not. not at all. maybe april in houston. well -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it feels like houston. >> thank you. get verified. >> i don't do well with
5:53 pm
humidity. >> i don't think any of us -- [ talking at the same time ] >> my hair doesn't like it. >> for people who are not clear, difference between lightning and dry lightning. >> lightning is lightning. dry lightning, you won't see as much moisture. you knew this. the chances of a fire starting and being put out by rain, not going to happen. >> thank you. their first gop debate is in cleveland. coming up next, the significance to the gop push to win ohio. >> and in minutes new at 6:00 p.m. hundreds of -- [ indiscernible ] $1.6million discovered in the mountains of santa cruz. >> precise grow. unique. structured. they be tubing tubing and water lines. >> why authorities say this bust highlights a bigger problem.
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5:56 pm
the first republican presidential debate will start in minutes in cleveland ohio and features the top 10 hopefuls including donald trump. the gop will spend a lot of time in cleveland, holding the convention there later this summer. why cleveland? >> reporter: cleveland, ohio,
5:57 pm
the blue collared city ridiculed as the mistake on the lake. the republicans are parachuting in because no republican ever won the white house without winning ohio. romney lost it to president obama in 2012. the strategy this time around? convince enough working class whites to switch to the gop. >> the republican party is the party of the working middle class. democrats will spin all kinds of things. >> reporter: it might work. >> who did you vote for? >> obama. >> reporter: joe the plumber. you remember him. [ indiscernible ] >> he is angry about jobs. he is now joe the blogger. >> he difference. almost like insuing wwe.
5:58 pm
they go to dinner at night. >> reporter: the guy who speaks to them is the guy who is standing center stage tonight. >> donald trump if he makes it. he is a business man. he don't need no money. he will fix the country. >> talking about closing the borders. he will build a wall so high nobody can get over it. he is about taking care of america first. >> reporter: there is the problem. working class white guys might love trump's talk -- >> you don't like trump? >> no. i don't like him. i think he is a -- ego maniac. >> he has easy answers to difficult problems. it will be important that one of our other candidates can pick up on what he is doing and say look, i feel the same way
5:59 pm
but i know how to do a better job of getting it done. >> reporter: that is the trick in cleveland and beyond. they have to talk about the things trump is talking about without sounding like trump and they have to do it without sounding like empty suits. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> governor jerry brown getting a tour of the damage done by the devastating rocky fire and as firefighters continue to make progress he had this to say to officials. >> message real clear, california is burning. what are you going to do about it? >> the warning from the governor that fire season is far from over. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. the warning all too real tonight in the bay area. a live look at the dry, brown hills of contra costa county. and tonight a red flag warning is in place because of the
6:00 pm
threat of a thunderstorm and possible dry lightning. take a look at this map from cal fire. those red flams are the active fires in california being worked on right now. the with yellow are the fires started by lightning. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. the question, how is it looking? >> for the fire zones it has been good. temperatures down. as the subtropical moves in, national weather service forced to issue a red flag warning for the bay area from right now, till tomorrow morning and that is a good opportunity to see a dry lightning strike. lightning is not a good thing anytime when you have a four year drought. but dry lightning is worse. it is stroll. as it move -- subtropical, as it


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