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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 8, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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fantastic negrito and others were excited for scalping today. that is cost than the chance to perform. >> i came for the festival and ended up in handcuffs.>> fantastic negrito and two people with his band were detained by officers and sighted for trying to sell nontransferable wristbands for the festival. after that, the promoter canceled their set. >> i didn't think it was fair
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at all. a lot of people wanted to see us. we didn't get to play.>> yesterday, we profiled fantastic negrito, whose star is rising. he and his band played black roots music playing -- catching the attention of lots of fans. today show meant a lot. >> it's kind of like a nightmare. i think we received the ultimate price.>> reporter: an intern with the band admitted to officers was the one who posted a craigslist ad for the wristbands. police say this wasn't just one nonmember of the band acting alone. >> we are 100% certain about all three.>> reporter: officers got a tip about this online ad for wristbands which are given to performance and not allowed to be resold.>> we had no knowledge of the people involved. it wasn't until we identified the subject that we found out
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who was involved. >> reporter: fantastic negrito believes he is being punished for the actions of one on person associated with the band. >> very disappointed that something like that would happen.>> reporter: he is hoping the organizers will give him another chance. fantastic negrito and his band tell me they are trying to work with the promoter to reschedule their performance. i did reach out today to a pr firm representing another planet entertainment. i was told they would send me a statement about the situation today, but we never did get that statement.>> we will wait to hear what happens next it. thank you, alex. the fans had police busy around golden gate park. san francisco police say they wrote a couple of dozen traffic citations and handed out
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trespassing tickets. there are a handful of people sighted for selling items without a permit outside of the gates. a mild day in the city, but what about tomorrow? let's check in with mark tamayo.>> a little warmer compared to today. this afternoon, we started out with lots of gray skies. into the afternoon hours, the clouds lifted. the fog is regrouping. take a look at the satellites -- satellite of the fog. we have a pretty good onshore breeze that will help transport dog into the bay as we head into overnight. here's a closer look at that five. even though not showing up him to san francisco, i.n.c patches on live cameras for developing. him here is our lives lookout towards the bay bridge. the forecast for tomorrow for outside leanne todd day three is the final day, starting out some patchy cloud it 10:00. scottex becoming partly cloudy
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throughout the afternoon. temperatures mainly in the 60s, right around 66. by the evening, the clouds will regroup once again. a little warmer in the seven- day forecast. that's the biggest change into the second half of the weekend him, we'll take a closer look at your by day and let you know about anyone else. him him fall vegetation fires him him as the border of contra costa cash. cal fire called in choppers to double around fire building your him him -- pinehurst. less than an acre burn. one witness tells us pg&e was called in and that the fire may have started from an arcing wire. the rocky fire is now 70% contained. today, almost all of the evacuees were allowed to return to their homes. for some, there was no home to
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return to. this is what is left of several homes on morgan valley road today. it all, 43 homes were destroyed in 10 days. no word on what caused the fire. let's look at this message of thanks today for the firefighters. volunteers posted this 94 foot long banner in front of the moose lodge. it was part of a community celebration and a barbecue. here's what the mad river complex fire looks like from space. the 17,000 acre fire is a series of seven lightning fires that started burning in six river national forest. right now, the fire is only about 30% contained and burning mostly around ruth lake. firefighters are keeping a close eye on the weather is is expected to get windy in the area in the next few days. in other news, conservatives meeting for the red state gathering today focused on the man who was not there, donald
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trump. as nicole sf-5 reports, chump was uninvited by organizers after he insulted fox news anchor megan kelly, one of the monitors -- moderators. >> reporter: day two brought out hundreds of people from several states.>> i came for trump.>> reporter: many were disappointed that ericsson rescinded his invitation. the reason, according to ericsson, was this comment during an interview in reference to megan kelly's question during the debate. he said, you can see that she had blood coming out of her eyes , blood coming out of her wherever. donald trump clarified the statement saying, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever, nose. donna tucker tells us she agrees with the decision. >> i agree. i tell my husband trump is not nice to women.>> reporter: she
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says no matter what your interpretation of the statement is, other comments make this conservative wary of what might come.>> we need people with a little more wisdom than that.>> reporter: -- >> are they trying to make a third party?>> reporter: trump reached out to follow are saying, i miss you all and thank you for your support. political correctness is killing our country. the big question, who replaced donald trump? megan kelly was invited, but she declined. i am nicole sf-5 reporting for fox 2news. the trump campaign announced that a top advisor was fired. the advisor since he quit. the first family has begun its annual summer vacation in martha's vineyard after arriving last night.
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obama hit the links first time today and play golf with larry david. the family has no public scheduled appearances, but previous trips have included beach time bike rides and private dinners. the president returns to washington dc on august 23. two bay area football legends were inducted into the nfl hall of fame today. scott reiss is here with representatives. >> immortality not an easy thing to achieve. today, eight nfl greats had bestowed upon them. an incredible array of football talent in the pro football hall of fame in canton. a couple of headliners, the bay area ties, former raider stars ken brown and 49er great charles haley, the only player in a few nfl -- nfl history to be part of five super bowl wins. great player, golf not his
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forte. he recounted a pebble beach experience. >> i am driving a golf cart around, and i drive the golf cart up on the green. they go, hey, you can drive up on the green. i said, hey, all this [ expletive ] is great. -- green.>> the most emotional enshrinement of the day, a posthumous one. junior saia took his own life in 2012. his four children were on stage to pay tribute to their father. sydney spoke for the group.>> you are more than just number 55. you are a life. and i want nothing more than to see you come on stage, give the speech you were meant to give, give me a hug, and tell me love one last time. dad, i love you and miss you. congratulations, you made it.>> this was an epic ceremony, both the quality and quantity of inductees was impressive.
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we will hear more coming up.>> -- today, the french army released photographs of the ongoing search for debris from flight 370. the search is focused on reunion island, west of that island in the indian ocean. the hills show fresh soldiers looking at the surface of the ocean from an open door of a military plane. part of a wing that from the crash was found on that island last week. it was traveling from kuala lumpur to beijing when it banished and was -- banished from radar and was never heard from again. the taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing in afghanistan. at least 44 people were killed in a trio of bombings yesterday. among the dead, at least 20 children as well as an american soldier. this newest wave of violence is showing hopes that the taliban
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might be weekend after their longtime leader's death. pretty ill in the middle of the night. and i couldn't keep anything down.>> a 30 miles when almost coming to an end prematurely. see how a woman overcame adversity on the way to making history. a summer boot camp, part of a program for youth, now the focus of criminal investigation. here the allegations of campers that led to the rest of four police officers. heavy-metal running through the colorado river. why the agency responsible may surprise you. the news continues and 90 seconds.
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a large spill in the colorado river is turning it orange. the epa accidentally spilled wastewater from my into the river. epa officials say a cleanup crew triggered the spill while investigating a leak at a mind. authorities advised residents to conserve water and avoid contact with the river. a major push for endorsement of the year and nuclear deal as 29 top scientists come out in favor of it. they call it innovative. the two page letter praising the deal comes after chuck schumer announced he would oppose it. kristin fisher has more>>
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reporter: the top two men on democrats -- two democrats have come out against the deal. sen. schumer's vote really matter. is the most influential jewish voice and is also in line to become the next democratic leader. former officials in the obama in ministration are questioning if schumer should get the drop -- job. >> here is how john kerry responded yesterday.>> i
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profoundly disagree with the judgment made. i would respectfully suggest that rejecting it is not a policy for the future. it does not offer any alternative. >> reporter: republicans are bracing schumer's decision. today mike huckabee called the democratic defection huge and significant. >> this is an example of statements ship -- statesmanship, of partnership. we know schumer a sincere round of applause for standing up and putting america first, putting piece first, and saying no to the deal.>> reporter: the white house is downplaying the defection, saying it won't impact the decision of other democrats. magnet a mistake -- make no mistake, this is not the news the president wanted. kristin fisher, fox news. a prosecutor in santa maria is weighing whether or not an undocumented worker accused of sexual assault should face
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additional charges. victor arlie onaro martinez ramirez, in the country illegally, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, burglary, and assault on friday. police say he attacked 64-year- old marilyn farris with a hammer and her home eight days ago. she died in the hospital this morning. law enforcement lays blame for this attack on all levels of government.>> i believe there's a blood trail from washington dc to sacramento into the bedroom of marilyn. we see time after time that this administration shows -- those buckets of nails in front of ice. our state has been dumping thousands of visitors under eb 109.>> officials say is too mac early to know whether they will seek the death penalty. this attack comes weeks after an undocumented immigrant allegedly killed steinle in san francisco. that question -- called into
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question policies allowing immigrants to stay in the country as well as policies dealing with undocumented immigrants. a juror in the movie theater trial in colorado discusses how it came to the decision of life instead of the death penalty. three years ago, james holmes killed 12 people in a movie theater, and yesterday, a jury refused to sentence him to death.>> the issue of mental illness was everything. for the ones that did not want to impose the death penalty. holmes stood expressionless as the sentence was read. family members and survivors cried hearing that he would not be sentenced to death. the district attorney said he was disappointed by that sentence.
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a major hospital moved from the sacramento to midtown. the two i'll move for senate memorial took years to plan. christenson moses at the new hospital today as patients arrived. >> reporter: imagine moving day with a 250 room home. staff at sacramento's memorial hospital after three years of planning made a carefully choreographed commute. >> there are people taking the patients to the ambulance, change him, and that another group will receive them at our facility. there are thousands of people involved today. >> reporter: after midnight, patients were transferred since at a time six- a time 6-10 minutes the nurse along for the ride. it's not some danielle bortz hello expected when her daughter was admitted into the old center. >> we were not from sacramento and had no idea.
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they informed the saturday. >> reporter: isabel jane, 13 weeks early, was the first patient transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit. is a move these new parents say was easier than they expected.>> they were really good at informing us of the process, so we knew what was going to happen, how it was going to happen. it's still him to go from and comfort zone to a new environment. >> reporter: the hospital has long been known as the region's baby hospital. today, you could say the baby they have been anxiously expecting for years was safely delivered.>> once the old hospital is closed, the building will be demolished and a residential community will be built in its place. you have one no more day to get to the fair. what you can expect on the final day of the sonoma county fair and beyond. next, a
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heartwarming reunion. a soldier keeping his promise to a service dog that the two would be together again. a bit cooler across the bay area. right now, tracking system to the north. we will let you know if you have any thunderstorm chances this week. we are tracking patchy fog. coming up, how much in your sunday forecast.
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a former u.s. army contractor is fulfilling a promise to a service dog he worked alongside in afghanistan. it took years, but now the two are finally reunited. >> reporter: sheldon holland has spent nearly $8000 and two years trying to be reunited with his hero, who he worked with and shared a room with an afghanistan as a contract worker. his hero is a german shepherd
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dog, number a.m. k-9. as a team, the two potentially saved hundreds of us serviceman's lives searching for explosives around operating base walton in kandahar province. when he got injured, the inseparable were separated.>> an hour before he was taken away, i said i am going to fill the promises made to you along the whole journey. i'm going to bring home, and we're going to be together.>> reporter: it's not easy to get a dog out of afghanistan. pollen was finally told he could select the animal from quarantine.>> i am overwhelmed. i'm extremely emotional at the moment. i have been waiting a long time for this.
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him >> reporter: after a journey of more than 4000 miles, this war hero has been reunited with his handler. but today, sheldon holland has only fulfilled half of his promise to his best friend. back in the afghan desert, holland promised the dogs were taken to see the ocean for the first time. so the dog caught known as the glory hound, and his handler left for the golden beaches of south africa's south coast. pull tools, fox news.>> that is a happy ending. will the show go on? the ruling is in. we will tell you whether the burning man festival will take place this year. a 30 mile swim ended at the golden gate. we will hear from the first woman ever to make the journey and why she says she almost quit.
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while you were sleeping last night, a woman was swimming. she was swimming at breakfast time. she was still swimming after lunch. she swam for more than 30 miles and did something no other woman has ever done. ann rubin was there as she passed and the golden gate bridge.>> reporter: kemberly chambers brave shark, icy waters, and 17 hours of agony to get your.. -- here. >> i'm overwhelmed. i wanted this so long. i cannot believe i did it.>> reporter: she is the first woman who has. the swim to the golden gate bridge is one chambers considers to be the toughest in the world.>> water is basically your living room in the middle of the night. you hope the sharks are not offended. >> reporter: sharks were not the biggest issue chambers
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faced. err i was pretty ill in the middle of the night and couldn't keep anything down. >> reporter: she thought about giving up, but the new zealand native is no stranger to a challenge. she took up swimming in 2007 after a serious accident caused her to lose her leg. she is one of six love completed the ocean seven series of marathon swims around the world. and now this. her mother says she couldn't be more proud. chambers hope she will be an inspiration to others, especially young women. she says with this one she proves you can it be afraid to chase dreams.>> i had to dig really deep. it will take a long time to take and what occurred. i was also not going to do this swim all over again.>> reporter: only one woman ever attempted to swim back in the 1950s, and she was unsuccessful. ann rubin, ktvu news.
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a man was accused of killing a young girl this week. police responded to a call on thursday afternoon after reports of a 60 -- 16 month old that was not breathing. she later died at the hospital. four people from los angeles, police officers, were arrested on suspicion of child abuse following accusations from children that -- parents that she -- debuted up children at a boot camp. do they were hitting them in the head. i said, one of those hits could've caused them to not wake up. is hard to hear what happened to them.>> more than a dozen childrenla


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