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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. another wildfire as explode in size. the new evacuation orders in place. we're following news in ferguson, missouri where protests is marred by violence. good morning, thank you for joining us, i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian 34ez. we'll get to -- flores. fire crews are battling a four alarm structure fire in san leandro. this is just south of the oakland airport. flames are visible, they can smell smoke from 80 a 880. this is just into the newsroom, the building on fire is the
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marina supermarket, as a precaution an apartment building has been evacuated. so far no reports of injuries, no word on a cause, extensive flames. several roads are closed in the area as the crews work on the fire. we'll check in with sal on traffic, we have a news crew on the way to the scene, we'll bring you more as they come in. hand doory -- mandatory evacuations. the jerusalem fire is south of where the rocky fire is burning. it started yesterday afternoon. so far it's burned 3,000 acres. >> it's being hit by multiple airstrikes, helicopter and bombers. it's turning out to be a ugly
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fire. >> mandatory evacuations east of spruce grove road. there's a center at middle tonight high school. firefighters are doing everything they can to stop the fire from spreading. >> we don't have an estimate for the potential grout but it is moving to the southeast corner of the rocky fire. >> resources are sent from the rocky fire to the jerusalem fire. firefighters battling the rocky fire are making progress. the fire is 85% contained. it's burned more than describe how the fires and 43 homes. the cause of the fire is under investigation. another firefighters has died while fighting a wildfire
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in northern. he was killed saturday night when a tree fell on him. another firefighters was injured. flags at the stat capitol will be flown at half-staff. the governor released this statement: . >> he is the second firefighters to die in a week. david role was killed near the oregon border. his funeral will be today in rapid city south dakota. the deaths is a reminder of the dangers that firefighters face.
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>> firefighting is a dangerous job. we work hard to train and prepare for the threats. with drought conditions it's challenging. >> and there are more than a dozen fires burning across the state of california. keeping an eye on the weather is important. rose manny is in for -- rosemary is in for steve. >> we have a cooling trend, that's good news. the weather hasn't been bad for august. it's so dry, and that's the issue going on out there. all the fuel and tender dry conditions, weather wise looking good for the firefighters. we have low clouds, midand high- level clouds, that's moving over california. it will move out of here,
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partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies, look at the onshore breeze, stronger than yesterday, yesterday it was 15 miles an hour, back up to 20 and gusting to 30, that delta breeze. as a result the temperature cooling off by a few degrees as we get into your afternoon. we have 63 in livermore, 59 in napa fine in novato, the clouds will pull away, by noontime seeing into the east bay, partly cloudy over the north bay, the clouds will hole tough over the coastline. 60s along the coast. 60s around the east bay, as we go inland temperature in the 70s and 80s. when i come back i'll have a look at the numbers and talk about how long the cooling trend will last. good morning, we have a crash in san jose i want to tell you about, that's our
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first item. all the lanes are blocked. chp is taking traffic off at actually, it's -- tully. it's a serious crash. and sounds like it will be there for a bit. we have a crew on the way to this crash. we'll find out more details. we're looking at a couple other things, off to a decent start to the east bay freeway, when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it's moving nicely. 4:06. let's go back do the desk. >> we're following developing news out of ferguson, missouri where -- shots were fired.
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an officer came under heavy gunfire and forced to fire back. the suspect shot by police is in critical condition. last year brown was shot and killed by a police officer. he was unarmed. san jose police shot and killed a man suspected in a stabbing. that happened last night. the police were called to virginia avenue and south 34th street where another man was stabbed. the man believed to be the suspect ran off when police arrived. he was soon found with the knife. >> officers fired striking the suspect. the suspect went down and was pronounced deceased. >> police say the officers who shot the man feared for their lives. the person who was stabbed is
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still in the hospital. big changes are coming to market street in san francisco. a five block stretch of market will be off limits to private cars. the goal is to have zero traffic far at thes. the only exceptions are for commercial vehicle, buses, pikes and tax's -- bikes. >> from third to 8th street, lot private vehicles are a small amount of the traffic, they are responsible for 80% of the injury collisions on market street. >> more signs will be unveiled today and tomorrow officers will be handing out 238-dollar tickets who don't obey the no turn signs. >> a river in downtown san jose is the latest casualty of the
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drought. a large section of the guadalupe river has dried up. the drought hit when the river was recuperating. part of the river has tried up before but this year is worse. carly fiorina is attending a fundraiser in the bay area. she did not make the cut to get invited to the primetime debate but republican voters feel she had the best performance of any candidate. 22% say she was the clear winner followed by donald trump. on the sunday talk shows she took aim at trump. >> i firmly believe we need a different leadership in the oval office that will challenge the status quo. >> why are you the better person than trump.
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>> i don't think you get things done by insulting anyone. >> true to form trump responded to her remarks tweeting. if you listen to carly fiorina more than 10 minutes straight you get a headache. she has zero chance. hillary clinton will unail vail -- unveil her chance to make college more affordable. she wants instate university without taking out a loan. federal grants will reduce the gap what families can pay and the tcu fission -- tuition cost. it would be paid for by closing tax loopholes on higher earnings. this issue is a major issue in the presidential campaign. bay area students are
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heading back to school this week. but some school districts are scrambling for teachers. there's several reasons for the problem. older teachers retiring, fewer people going into the field of teaching and reducing class sizes. more than 8400 positions available. in the last year 49,000 jobs posted in the last 12 months. experts say the problem is likely to get worse in the next two years. drama at the outside lands festival. and the injury to the officer. violence outside the u.s. consulate in turkey. the person who's been taken into custody.
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. welcome back, want to check back to breaking news, these are live pictures as fire crews from alameda county battling a four alarm blaze at a supermarket, on marina and could little -- could little drive. fire drews getting a handle on
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the four alarm blaze. they are mopping up. a nearby apartment complex has been evacuated as a precaution. new this morning the u.s. consul at building in turkey came under fire. one was a woman injured in the crossfire and was captured that attack came hours after a suicide car bomb attack on a police station. they come as turkey is increasing cooperation with the u.s. in the fight against the islamic state terror group. this is a big week on the g.o.p presidential race. >> we're waiting for the first
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set of polls to give us an idea on how the debate may have moved the needle. there's little question it was a blockbuster. it's tough to over state the importance of the presidential debate. watched by 24 million people. donald trump tapingelled with megyn kelly. he phoned in to sunday shows. >> a number of the candidates said you were questioned unfairly. i'm fine with it. i think it's good. every poll said i won the debate. >> it cost trump a spot in red state over the weekend. among his critics kenneth faried -- carly fiorina.
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can he capitalize. >> i think for many people this is the first time they saw there's another woman running for president, we've seen an uptick in financial support and in support generally. it's exciting. >> i believe our success isn't measured -- among democrats hillary clinton released this. it's tough for the clinton team toic -- ignore bernie sanders. he drew a crowd of 28,000 supporters in portland. >> it's important to remember you look at the politics average of polls bernie sanders is 35 points behind hillary clinton. clintons lines are heading down and sanders are heading up.
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>> 4:17 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> some of the leads are closed for the fire. >> in san leandro but not on the freeway. that's good news i guess when it comes to the freeway. let's talk about southbound 101. lanes are closed. because of a very serious accident. it will be there for a while. the crew is on the scene, i saw they tweet at a picture of being stuck in traffic. northbound lanes are open but you may get a back up in the area. moving along and looking at highway 4 westbound east bay. this is a nice looking commute on the way to continue cort -- concord. we've a nice day coming our way. we have a cooling trend,
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especially for the inland community. that will last for a a few days. toward san francisco, you can see the low clouds in the distance. we have midand high level clouds, a system associated with that moving through. it will continue to push through and partly cloudy to clear skies. let's look at the system, you can see it spinning into california, it will continue north and east and that's it. bringing back the onshore breeze and the marine layer. we have a system that will be dropping down along the coastline tomorrow into wednesday. that will keep our temperature status quo. i see a warmup in the extented forecast. 56 in napa. 60 in san francisco. hayward 62 in san jose. for the afternoon, 83 for
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sonoma, as we head to east bay. a nice day along the east bayshore line. hay wardlow 70s -- hayward low 70s. 83 for livermore. we'll have the onshore breeze for the next couple days. 77 in san jose. it may be tough to tell the far inland communities 3 to 6 degrees. 77 in head wood city -- redwood city. along the coastline, low to mid-60s in the coastline. affecta -- pacifica partly cloudy. let's get into the extended forecast. look at what's going. tomorrow morning the
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possibility of a little bit of drizzle. the mix of sun and clouds on the partly cloudy skies for tomorrow afternoon. cool for some, not by much. wednesday a slightly warmer day. things start to take off. into the bay area weekend. temperature in the mid-80s on thursday and climbing into the low 90s on friday, and we don't stop there. look at the weekend in with inland communities in the upper 90s. 80s around the bay, 70s along the coastline. the heat is coming back in a big way. >> pushing 90, 95. anything past 95 is hot. >> maybe 90 for me. >> 75 for me. scary moments for the giants, up next the play that
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had nori aoki leaving the game early. we'll have an update on his condition this morning. >> a touching tribute. how the a's honored one of their biggest fans.
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wed like to honor the memory of our fan. >> they remembered scott lunger. lunger's father threw out the first pitch to rickey henderson. the a's gave his family personalized jersey. >> we know dad is looking down happy. it's awesome. to a for ricky do this for us. >> sergeant lunger was shot and killed last month. he was 48-year-old. there's hence moments in chicago before yesterday's giant field that forced wrigley field to be evacuated. someone called in a bomb threat. several fans posted photos of a heavy police presence of the police found no threat and fans were allowed back inside. scary moments for giant fans
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after nori aoki is hit hard with a ball in the head. he is expected to be evaluated today. tough to see there. the giants lost with a time of 2-0. if you take the richmond bridge the traffic has increased. last month almost 1.3 million cars crossed the bridge. transportation officials say it's due to the improving economy. more cars on the road means more people are working and more traffic delays. there's some relief on the way. plans for a third lane of traffic but that's two years away. that's surprising bought they have the shoulder blocked off. there's more traffic. >> i believe it. coming up the outside lands
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festival in the books, coming up the bad behavior, including an assault on a police officer. firefighters working here in san leandro to colonel a huge fire -- control a huge fire at a business. why some had to be evacuated. we're looking at highway 24 best wound -- westbound, traffic is doing well. >> afternoon highs are coming down, what you can expect for the afternoon, temperatures are slightly warmer, i'll explain why, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 everybody monday, august 10th i'm brian flores. >> good morning i'm pam cook.
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firefighters continue to work on an early morning fire. the fire has taken over the marina super market. alex savidge is joining us now in san leandro with the very latest. it's an active scene out there. >> yeah a very active scene. firefighters here at alameda county firefighters working to control this very large fire. they have the ladder truck there. putting water on the fire from above. what we have burning here is a market right here on the corner and we also have medical supply business that burned as well. i want to bring in battalion chief david. what weather do we stand right now? >> the fire is contained to the building. firefighters will be coming in to put out the hot spots and then coming in to do the fire investigation. >> reporter: i understand there


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