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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday, august 11th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson is all over our forecast for today. >> cooler. i think there will be more clouds in the north bay. sun to the south but a system coming back. a little too far off the coast to do too much but it is increasing the low cloud deck and high clouds beginning to spin in as well and that will equal a cooler pattern. it's been a little bit of drizzle reported. but i think also this system is chewing up the low cloud deck a little bit and that will allow for a little bit more sun coast
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and bay. there is our system coming down the coast. it was over here and we would get a little rain out of there. not bad for august. end result will be even though it's sunny it will be cooler and breezy for most. 50s and 60s on your temps. over all west, southwest or a westerly component. it's west southerly for some. i doubt anything reaches the ground. 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s by the water. all right sal you have a crash you want to talk about. sal. >> yes, sir fremont. southbound 880 pretty serious crash blocking several lanes. southbound 880 at north fremont boulevard which is just north of dakota road. driving north will be super, super slow and the speeds will down. it will take you a lot longer. it's down to four miles an hour. i mean that is -- you would laugh but you would also cry if this is your commute.
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southbound 880. it's very, very slow because of that accident that is blocking several lanes just north of dakota road. please give yourself extra time or use an alternate route. if you are halfway between the two or choosing. if you can choose 680 down to sunol grade that would be a decent alternate for you. all the freeways are doing well. also -- pardon me. westbound bay bridge you can see traffic is backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. no major problems. starting today drivers in san francisco have new rules to follow along a five block stretch of market street. alex savidge is live at third street where drivers face big fines for making a simple turn. alex. >> reporter: well sal, good morning to you. if drivers are not careful here in san francisco today, they could find themselves with a ticket. you want to pay close attention to the signs. this sign behind us
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imparticular. there you see it. it's pretty explicit. no turns on to market it says here. we are close to the intersection of third street and market this morning. the signs have been put up here. today is the day here in san francisco. you can no longer turn on to market street anywhere between third street and eighth street. if you're in a private car. transportation officials and city leaders say safety is the goal behind this rule change. they point to a high number of accidents along this stretch of market street. including crashes involving bicycles and pedestrians. transportation officials say one way to reduce crashes is to reduce traffic volumes all together on market which is why private cars are now being pushed off of the busy thorough fair. >> we are focusing on the intersections with some of the highest rate where is drivers aren't yielding to pedestrians
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and cyclists and this will divert close to 30-50% of vehicles off of market street. >> and the hope is less congestion will speed up muni routes and it will be good news for taxi drivers as well that can still travel along this stretch of market street. but the change however not good for those ride sharing services. uber and lift drivers will not be allowed to make turns along this stretch of market street. these restrictions all part of san francisco's vision zero program. that is a part of trying to eliminate traffic deaths. we do expect there will be parking control officers from the city of san francisco station at all of the various intersections here along this stretch of market street trying to help drivers through this process. help them learn the new rules of the road here and make sure they don't make a turn they are not supposed to make. >> yeah as we talked about i think a lot of people me
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included i'm sure we will forget. >> and hopefully they will cut you a break. >> i hope they cut a lot of people a break. thank you alex. 6:04 is the time. more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the latest growing wild fire in lake county. the jerusalem fire which started sunday night near middletown has grown to 6,000 acres. it is 0% contained and 150 people have been evacuated. now many of the firefighters battling that fire just been on that huge fire the rocky fire to the north. >> getting the necessary resources we need. we are using everything. helicopters, hand crews, bulldozers. >> this fire started just as firefighters were getting control of the rocky fire. a 49-year-old man who says he was trying to protect his home from the jerusalem fire has been arrested. accused of starting a backfire.
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ron ramos silver was arrested sunday night. they discovered a marijuana grow at his home and deputies believe they started that backfire to protect his marijuana plants from the fire. cal fire says it's illegal for nonfirefighters to start backfires event to if protect their own homes. now back to the rocky fire, cal fire says it could be fully contained by thursday. right now it is 85% contained. it has burned more than 69,000 acres and destroyed more than 33 homes. a warning from police in alameda about a prowler who climbed through a girl's bedroom window and assaulted the little girl. >> reporter: the assault of that girl happened on sunday after police say this man cut open the window screen in her bedroom window and climbed
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inside. alameda police believe the same man is connected to five other break thats. now their concern is this man may becoming a bit more bold when it comes to breaking and entering. that assault happened on sunday. prior to that police believe the same man was connected to a car theft that happened shortly after breaking and entering and police say in some instances he doesn't seem to be taken back while confronting some of the people who live inside the residents he breaks into. this is a picture of a man they are look for. described of being in his late teens or early 20s with a dark complex. about 150 pounds with a hair that is curly on top and short on the sides. many of them told us they and their neighbors are aware of this. some got the alert text alert from alameda police about this yesterday. others say it's definitely a topic of concern in their neighborhoods. >> very troubling because what may happen one of these days he will break into somebody's
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house and somebody might get injured or killed. or he himself might break into the wrong house and the homeowner might be armed. >> we get two weeks out of the summer where it gets up into the 90s and people have a tendency to leave their doors open or windows open just to let any breeze float through the house to cool it off. and i think that is when you really have to be careful. >> reporter: here's another look at the photo of that burglary suspect. so far the break ins appear to be happening on the west end of the island. alameda police say they do have persons of interest. they have under cover officers on this case an have increased patrols but they are urging all residents out there to keep their doors and windows locked. especially over night. kind of echoing the concern that alameda resident we talked to said when the weather gets warm, the temptation is to leave your window open to let in a breeze but with this prowler out and about, it's not a good idea right now. dave, back to you.
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>> allie rasmus in alameda, thank you. meantime the san mateo county sheriffs department warning people there be on alert after a man sexually assaulted a woman in her own home. it happened sunday night around 10:30 on chestnut street. a man knocked on the woman's door, she let him in. the man then sexually assaulted that woman and he escaped. today the san jose city council will consider a six month ban on closing down mobile home parks. san jose has 59 mobile home parks but as that value of land goes up, so does the number of park owners that want to sell their properties to developers. the proposed moratorium would give the city time to review an existing ordnance that outlines the process of closing a mobile home park. that decision comes a week after the announced closure of the winchester mobile home community. it would force about 100 people to move out unless the city intervenes. >> it's a plan to have it
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closed in two years. and that caused more fear, more panic because of course we are not ready to move in two years and had never planned to move. >> san jose city officials are scheduled to talk about how to help those displaced residents. ideas include increasing the relocation compensation. it's ten minutes after 6:00. there is a potential link between mady middleton the murder suspect in her murder and last years mass shooting threat at a santa cruz high school. coming up at 6:30, the two words at the center of the investigation. >> this is ferguson, missouri and protestors and police clashed again. the chaos that happened over night that led to dozens of arrests. >> good morning. we are looking at a the morning commute and we have a big
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problem on the nimitz freeway but at the bay bridge it is just normal. >> unseasonably cool little system is off the coast but it is ushering in a cooler pattern today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 6:13. police in san francisco investigating a shooting last night where two people were hurt. it happened at 24th and bart let in the mission district
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about 10:15. both of the shooting victims were treated for life threatening injuries. so far no arrests have been made. there is more chaos in ferguson, missouri over night and more arrests as the protests continue. more than 20 people were taken into custody as a large crowd blocked traffic on a highway. the latest protest comes more than 24 hours after a demonstration was interrupted by gunfire and the police shooting that left an 18-year- old critically injured. county officials have issued a state of emergency in hopes of preventing any other disturbances. >> we do a state of emergency in a situation in where individuals are trying to protest. it's probably an over reaction. we have emergencies happen on a regular basis in the city and the mayor hasn't called for state of emergency there is. it shows that it's an over reaction. >> in the meantime police say
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the 18-year-old shot by officers fired first. it has been one year since robin williams died. he's been remembered by family, friends, and fans. actress sara michelle gellar posted a picture of this bench. he sot sat on that -- he sat on that bench in good will hunting. it starts by saying to laugh often and much. she continues on with leaving the world a bit better. she ended her post by saying you succeeded rw. robin williams' name will not be forgotten here in the bay area. the state renamed the waldo tunnel. the tunnel that links marin county where he grew up and san francisco where he became famous. also the san francisco giants included robin williams' children. and williams was also honored with a special emmy's salute by
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his close friend billy christian. doctors are trying to an experimental treatment to have children of their own when they are older. the cancer treatments can cause infertility they will remove her ovaries and preserve them. the tissue will be replanted when she is older in hopes of allowing her to have children in the future. >> it seems very anew and pretty amazing that we can do something like this and help her in a bigger way. >> the treatment is being studied on little boys with cancer. kind of a strange story. a man paragliding over a jail triggered a bizarre midair chase in los angeles county. they started chasing that paraglider because deputies thought they may have been dropping contraband down into the jail. at first the paraglider didn't
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obey orders to stop but he eventually land nearby. investigators say the 67-year- old man was very apologetic. he also said the wind carried him near the jail and he never heard the orders to stop because of the loud motor on his fan. the man was eventually released. it is 6:16. sal has been covering one accident. >> it's in fremont. southbound 880. this crash taking away lanes and traffic will be slow. very, very slow as you drive down from hayward. near 238 is where the backup begins and it stays very slow throughout even after they clear the crash. you will see a lot of slow traffic remaining. the other freeways not bad. if you can get on after for -- so if you get on the freeway in
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milpitas, you will notice it's a little bit lighter than it normally is. san mateo bridge nearby not bad. bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up metering lights are on about a 10-15 minute wait. today's weather, let's go to steve. the reports of drizzle are beginning to filter in here. a system offshore pretty decent for august. now it's a little bit too far away. if it was closer toward the coast, we might get more than drizzle but there has been measurable amounts on the coast. i just heard from michael polanski who said the rain gauge about to click on. i will show you a picture in a second. this is one of my favorites on twitter. we built this city. the original. so misty in glen park today. the streets are hot. roller here says loving this weather so the cooler pattern is here as advertised. if you like it, you will enjoy the next couple of days. there is the low.
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if we take it over here, we can get a little bit more than just drizzle. nice little signature on that low. as it goes down the coast, it will bring in out of the west and enhance that cloud deck. we also have a hurricane still another one. remember guillermo went north and fell apart. we got moisture out of that and thunderstorms. hill da looks like it will take a different past. mix of some high clouds and more to the north than to the south. i think almostly sunny, partly sunny to the south but mostly cloudy. 50 and 60s on your temps. we have an on shore push. there is high based echoes.
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the drizzle has been enhanced. partly cloudy to partly sunny forecast along with that morning low cloud deck it all means a cooler pattern. 60s and 70s coast and bay. upper 70s and very low 80s inland. the low kicks out thursday. it will be warmer saturday and into the weekend. probably saturday the warmest. >> >> this is perfect. >> we are running the story on the astronauts growing salad. there is a movie from 1972 called sealant running. >> now here it is. >> it's happening. time is 6:20. the river turned orange. three million gallons of toxic
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chemicals spilled. we'll tell you the disaster in colorado. >> but first san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi gets his driver's license suspended and he said he didn't even know.
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collected the endorsement of a national nurses union at an event in oakland. >> let me introduce our endorsed candidate the president of the united states and don't let anyone tell you that can't happen. >> behave to change. boldly and fundamental the priorities of this nation so that every american can experience the right to live with dignity and so that not almost all of our wealth and income is going to the top 1%. >> sandra says he has more
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individual campaign contributions with the average amount $31. it looks like donald trump and fox news have buried the hatchet. roger ails released a statement saying he and trump have cleared the air. roger ails also said he told trump that he supports anchor megan kelly 100%. donald trump complained that kelly treated him unfairly during the republican debate. last night megan kelly told her audience she would not apologize for doing good journalism. trump keeps rising in the republican presidential polls despite his many store remarks. >> i think i'm going to have to turn into my opponents license because someone will revoke it. >> there are new reports rick perry's campaign can't pay his campaign staffers because it's running out of money. the former texas governor has struggled in that crowded field of 17 gop candidates.
6:26 am
and former first lady nancy reagan is inviting 16 of the republican candidates. it will take place at the reagan library. it will be moderated by cnn. the cnn debate will be broken into two back to back debates. ross mirkarimi license has been suspended but he didn't know. now under california law drivers have to file a report if someone is hurt or if the damage is $750 or more. the other car involved in the accident was damaged and
6:27 am
mirkarimi is restricted to driving to and from work until he faldages report and provides other information. mirkarimi's spokeswoman says the sheriff only learned of this from a press inquiry and says his insurance company told him everything was in order. he is running for reelection against vicki hennish. strange story from santa clara. somebody is stealing water meters down there. there have more than a dozen thefts in recent weeks. police may have a new eye in the sky to help them in critical situations. we'll tell you what the new proposed rules on when it comes to flying a police drone and what people think. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. we are talking about weather first. it's almost 6:30. >> it is. >> our weather person is talking about traffic as well. >> at times. we have pretty clouded coastal. streets are wet for a few. up above or out to the south or east maybe you don't have any cloud cover but there are high and mid level clouds as well. those will help the firefighters in lake county. no doubt about it. there are partly to mostly cloudy skies. it will be cooler all because of that guy right there. dynamics are too far away for us. if we move it closer, we could have rain out of this. it will give us a cooler pattern and a mix of sun and clouds. and also some local drizzle. 50s and 60s on your temps.
6:31 am
san francisco starting off at 59 which is rare for august. they've only had a couple occasions. we'll go for a high of 68 degrees. west, southwest 22 at fairfield. and you can see our system inching closer here. combination of the low clouds and the higher clouds. some sun mixed in but breezy and cooler. windy for some especially for the usual suspects. 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s coast and bay. >> the first one is in fremont we are still following that crash. southbound 880 and the damage is done to the nimitz freeway. let's go right to the map. traffic is still very, very low. the sig alert has been lifted. it was there for 45 minutes as some lanes are blocked. i would still recommend giving yourself plenty of extra time. we're going to see things
6:32 am
improve thousand that all the lanes are open. let's move along and take a look at the commute on 880 north and southbound. you can see traffic is moving along okay passing the oakland coliseum. as you drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. i don't see a lot of major crashes. the last one was in fremont. we had a couple of minor things but hopefully things will settle down. as people all over the country remember the tragic death of 8-year-old madyson middleton some new details are emerging about the teenager that killed her. >> reporter: this threat was directed toward santa cruz high school last year. the information we're hearing is that investigators are reportedly trying to connect whether the threat to the school is from the same person
6:33 am
who killed madyson middleton. he wrote he had crippling anxiety. that phrase is what is raising red flags for investigators. that someone e-mailed the principal and saying he was racked with guilt and he had crippling anxiety. we also reported on this back in november. he received more than 100 messages from this person. the person apparently told the reporter he was 16 years old and also interested in technology. gonzalez is 13 years old. santa cruz police tell us set that they are aware of the -- setal they are aware -- sental they aware of the similarities.
6:34 am
dave, back to you. >> all right, brian, thank you. time is 6:33. oakland police busy searching for two gunman who kidnapped and robbed another man last night. the man was in front of a store on 96th avenue and international boulevard when two men wearing ski masks forced them into a car. that man was not hurt. police in san jose have be eager to get a grown drone in the sky to help them in critical situations. public concern has stalled that from happening but today the department may get closer to having its wish granted. janine de la vega is joining us now. some members of the community were worried about invasion of the privacy when it comes to police using this drone. well later today the police department is going to go before the city council to explain how it is going to use this new tool. the drone is similar to this
6:35 am
one that you are seeing that is the kind that san jose police department purchased it for $7,000. in the last six months, the san jose neighbor commission helped six meetings to get public input. neighbors used that to credit new rules on how the drone would operate. many people who we spoke to thought the rules were appropriate. >> i would rather have a drone chasing a criminal. >> for the better of the city it kind of always the concern for a protection. >> the city council will take up the issue this afternoon. we are hearing it's likely to get signed off on but the city
6:36 am
still will need to get approval from the faa before this one year pilot program gets under way. pam. all right, thank you. 6:35 is the time. santa clara county supervisors will hear a proposal to get state money to help replace one of the county's jails. the main jail is more than 50 years old and houses nearly 7,000 inmates. critics say it's unsanity and out of date. they would also limit the indoor cultivation. growers would have to be qualified medical marijuana patients. they would also have to limit their grow to only one room indoors or up to 12 plants outdoors that are hidden from view.
6:37 am
supporters say the new rules could reduce criminal activity and limit frisks. time is 6:36. another bike prom test over a crack down on bicyclists who run stop signs. now almost two weeks ago hundreds of cyclists made a point they came to complete stops all along that popular bike route called the wiggle. california law requires cyclists to stop at a stop sign just like cars. the cyclist said they want to show if they follow that law it ties up traffic and cars. today nfl owners will hear from the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers on the status of a proposed shared stadium south of los angeles. mark davis and chargers president dean met with the nfl's l.a. committee yesterday preponderate nfl said the team or teams that end up in los angeles will be determined by a vote of the ordinary reasons. they will also hear a second
6:38 am
l.a. area stadium proposal and relocation by the st. louis rams. no vote of the owners scheduled and no major announcement is expected at this meeting. time is 6:37. there is new player in a tech industry and it's made out of all kind of enterprises from a to z. it's called alphabet. it's google's new parent company under a corporate restructuring plan. alphabet will be for not only google but several other holdings called alphabet companies. they include research heavy ventures like driverless cars. and drone delivery arm. google ceo says alphabet will let the company tackle more ambitious projects that can run independent of google. they include the nest brand of internet connected thermostats, google's efforts to extend human life and smart contact lenses. another tech company will give its employees more paid baby time off.
6:39 am
san jose based adobe systems announced it would offer its parents 16 weeks of paid leave. that is in addition to ten weeks of paid medical leave. so new parents can get total of 26 week off. this will take effect november 1st. a string of break ins and a sexual assault. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you about a dangerous suspect ons loose in alameda and police think he may be getting bolder. >> and up next a new photo from the mars rover. a lot of people talking. have you seen it? well, what it captured that has everyone saying there may be life on that planet. >> good morning. right now traffic is actually doing pretty well in the east bay. we see highway 4. it's beginning to slow down on the way into concord. >> we have an eerie shot here from san rafael. some of the low clouds and high clouds. we have good news for the
6:40 am
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investigations continue in two officer involved shootings. we first told you about shootings yesterday. the first incident started about 6:20 sunday night. when officers were called to virginia avenue and south 34th street for a reported stabbing. officers say the suspect confronted them with a knife.
6:43 am
fearing for their lives they say they opened fire. suspect died at the scene. police say the suspect was a man who was on parole for a second degree murder conviction. now the second incident happened just after midnight. police say a man with a shotgun was outside of a relatives home and threatened the officers. they fired at him but missed. he bearcatted himself inside the home. police eventually gained access. they found the man dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> what has really increased and what is alarming is the amount of individuals that are willing to take on the police. not just in this city but nationally. that is something we are very concerned about. >> there have been six officer involved shootings in san jose this year.
6:44 am
a $5,000 reward. they were stolen recently. possibly to be sold as scrap metal. investigators say the suspects have been turning off the water valves and use a pipe cutter to steal the meters. 1-5 controllers told the researchers that they had been involved in serious errors in the previous year. most of which controllers blamed on fatigue. more than three quarters of the controllers worked schedules that led to ongoing fatigue. that is according to the study as well. that study was done in 2012 but only released yesterday. the faa says it has changed controller schedules since the report was done and that chronic fatigue is less of a problem now. it's 6:44. you have to help me here. somebody at nasa very carefully
6:45 am
going over all of those photos. this photo we're going to show you shows a wide shot of the martian landscape and in all of that rock there is an unusual shape right in the middle of your screen. it appears to be a woman wearing a cape. be a ufo sightings website calls it quote an alien woman but nasa -- no comment from nasa but it's getting a lot of buzz from social media. pam. >> i like the range of what it could be. dirt or it looks like a spirit of a woman when i first saw it. let's take a look at what is coming up. >> if you guys hadn't said thinking i wouldn't have seen
6:46 am
it. but you put the idea, you plant the seed. >> i saw the picture before i said anything. i said it looks weird. and then i read it. >> so now of course it's there. >> yes. >> we have a lot of news going on. of course we all know the niners just released aldon smith but he may not be an employee for long. some teams seem to be interested in signing him and why it's hinging on a test that is in the police department's hands. >> also remember this? the ice bucket challenge. that social medial craze raised about $100 million. the advances scientists now say they have made thanks to all of that money. i will join you in a few. . time is 6:46. sal is is joining us now. everybody behaving on the san mateo bridge? >> i think so. i think so. we're look agent the commute there and in the middle of the bay because that is where the traffic has been the busiest. we are looking at that san
6:47 am
mateo bridge and traffic is going to be a little bit slow which is normal. it gets better once you make it a little farther on the bridge but definitely slow traffic westbound on highway 92. i'm just looking to make sure i don't see anything on that bridge. just scanning here. i don't see anything reported. it doesn't mean there is nothing there. something hasn't been reported just yet. we had an earlier accident at north fremont boulevard. those are out of the lanes but it will be a little slower than you usually see it on the nimitz freeway. bay bridge it is backed up now from the mccarthur maze about a 10-15 minute delay. let's go to steve. we have a mix of low clouds and higher clouds. it will be a cooler pattern. mostly cloudy to the north. i think most liaisonnies to the
6:48 am
south. the system is lifting up. it has increased the drizzle on the coast. first measurable precipitation for san francisco in august. .01. hey it counts. it's in the books. and reports of glen park and wet streets. there is our system. the low right there. it's a little too far away. as it increases the low cloud deck and enhances the fog bank and gives us drizzle as well. we have a hurricane. another one fell apart to the north. we have hilldon now. they just keep marching along. hurricane hillda90 miles an hour. the good news it will move instead of north it is moving toward the big island but it will weaken rapidly. it will turn tropical storm and move south of the other islands and weaken considerably. steve said why do hurricanes
6:49 am
always sweep to the east? that is a very good question. it has to deal with the global trade winds. i tweeted this out. so you see that coming off of africa in the atlantic. eventually they get caught around the bermuda high. and start 20 to resurvey it -- and start to recurve it. but generally they flow east to west before they get caught up. our high clouds will give way to low clouds and partly sunny skies. 50s and 60s on your temps today. we will kick that low out to
6:50 am
the northeast which will allow high pressure to build in for a couple of days. friday and saturday for sure and cooler again next week. >> all right. >> is that okay with you? >> it's perfect. i love it. >> it's been nice so far. 6:49 is the time right now. dismembered body found inside of a suitcase. it was a case that shocked san francisco you might remember back in january. coming up in 20 minutes the autopsy results just released that may prom side answers about this still unsolved case. >> but first over coming adversity. how a bray area woman is using her very inspiring story to help others.
6:51 am
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welcome back if mornings on 2. dozens of people gathered in arlington, texas outside the police headquarters. they were protesting the shooting of an unarmed college football player. last friday 19-year-old christian taylor were shot and killed by police. surveillance video shows taylor breaking into a car dealers lot and later crashing his suv into the showroom. police rushed to the scene. they say taylor was shot after some kind of altercation. these protestors question whether deadly force was necessary. >> we need more information. we hear the audio from the dispatch call. we seen the video outside. we just want to know what
6:54 am
happened. >> taylor was a football player. he played defensive back at angelo state university. the fbi released a statement saying it has no plans to assist the arlington police department in its investigation of that shooting. police in southern california are searching for the men behind a shooting prank that injured three people. on saturday night newport police say two or three men scared movie goers as they were watching the gift. the men came into the movie theater a leaf blower and people thought it was a chain saw. when people tried to get out of the theater, some were hurt in that rush. also today colorado's governor will visit a contaminated area of the animas river where three million gallons of toxic waste water spilled. their own workers triggered the spill when a crew investigating a mine accidentally breach adam. toxic chemicals were released turning the water orange. they closed river access and
6:55 am
stopped diverting drinking water from the river. but there is even more concern because the river flows into the colorado river which then supplies water to western states including california. federal officials are still testing the water. so far it does not appear to be any danger to fish or wildlife. time is 6:54. los angeles close to reaching an agreement to make a formal pitch to host the 2024 summer olympics. the u.s. olympic committee chose boston. boston pulled out of the negotiations because of the financial risk. now l.a. organizers propose the budget of $4.1 billion plus a $400 million contingency fund for any unexpected expenses. the u.s. olympic committee faces a september deadline to enter a bid. the international olympic committee is paying a visit to brazil. a year early ahead of the 2016 summer games. the chairwoman praised rio's success in getting brazilian
6:56 am
companies to support the olympics. >> this is an great opportunity for brazil to showcase what you can do and the level of readiness that you have achieved with less than 365 days to go. >> there is no word whether the ioc addressed the pollution problem that the olympic water venues independent tests found very unsafe levels of bacteria and viruses from untreated sewage. this past weekend in fact 1478 u.s. rowers competed at the olympic trials in rio. it came down with stomach problems believed to be from water pollution. a walnut creek woman is the newly crowned miss wheelchair america. alett won the pageant on august 1st in des moines, iowa. she says she will be using her new role to advocate to others
6:57 am
with disability. she has cerebral palsy. she hopes being miss wheelchair america will help to break down some stereotypes. >> that is adorable. she is is a psychology professor and evaluate tort for the california patrol board. she will start making public appearances across the country next week. >> bravo to her. driving down san francisco's busy market street yust got a bit more challenging. the ban that went into effect today. and the fines for people who breath new rules. >> in an unprecedented move by the city of san jose. the ban being considered today
6:58 am
to save affordable housing.
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girl's room. in two minutes we'll bring back alex sae


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