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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 11, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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the water is clearly winning against the kayaker who's not in control at all. what it's like to be caught in nature's washing machine. a turtle's in trouble, so a woman tries to help. >> she's pretty darned handy. >> how she put her skills to good use. a race car driver has one little problem. >> just couldn't stop. >> what had him going over the hills and through the woods. and a video that's going viral because -- >> messing with people's heads. >> see if you can spot what's driving people crazy. >> oh, i didn't even see them. >> they call them extreme sports
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for a reason. you could get hurt. this guy sky diving, his parachute is deployed, seems to be doing fbi but suddenly takes a hard left-hander and just starts coming in hot. >> is he all right? >> wow. >> he's not all right. not at all. he has an open compound fracture to his left leg. >> that's like the bone sticking out. >> you're right and internal bleeding, a 53-year-old entrepreneur in the icu. they expect him to recover and survive, but it's going to be a while. that landing was extremely difficult. not quite sure what caused him to lose control of that but you can see he didn't have a ton of altitude to correct after he started taking that big swoop. he's not an amateur either. he's been jumping for quite some time. he has experience. so just an unfortunate incident. this next video of a kayaker getting caught in this tumbler. we've seen kayakers get into a roller for fun, they'll have a good time, practice some moves. looks like this girl is not in
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control at all. she's getting tossed about like a fishing lure and the folks on the side don't seem to be concerned about this girl. >> should they be? >> i think so, because in my opinion, it doesn't look like she has any control over the boat. she's just getting tossed about. >> it's upside down and starts going somewhere. if i was watching i would be like i don't think it's supposed to do that. >> it looks like her first go. eventually she'll wash down the river is a plan. >> there is a point of view angle on the kayaker. she pops out of her boat and gets flushed down a little bit. she's safe and fine but looks like a scary moment here. it's nice to see that humans did the right thing since what caused these animals distress, port aranasa, texas, the turtle is in distress. the turtle is caught in fishing line but this woman here with the glove, she's pretty darned handy and reeling this little creature in. once she's able to get a hold of that turtle, a friend of hers comes with a very big knife and
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they proceed to start cutting that fishing line off the turtle. >> oh, man, that thing is really tangled up. look at that. >> they've got their work ahead of them but that turtle kind of quits moving around and let these people were able to help this turtle out and they did it fairly quickly. >> when you see how they put it back in the water it's like the ocean is saying, give me my turtle back. now this dumpster definitely man made because we humans have a lot of garbage and that proves to be cryptonite for the raccoon. >> you know this whole time we may be wrong. they may not want to be rescued. they may be in heaven. >> what i love about this is that the guy when he first looked at the raccoon it's over to the side and doesn't want to see him, doesn't want to be observed and then he backs up, gives it some space and then you see the slow reveal. it slowly picks its head up.
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you know what? this human is not going to leave me alone. >> that is priceless! >> so finally the raccoon is like all right, fine. once it gets up there, it's still amusing how it finds its balance. >> it's huge and definitely not hungry anymore. with the rise of technology and these awesome devices come people trying to take them using a five finger discount. at this electronics store you see one man and two women, now keep an eye on how they're trying to pull off this theft. the man starts asking questions to distract the clerk, meanwhile the woman in the middle gets right in between the man and the third woman to block the view of the sales clerk, and then -- >> boom. >> did you see that? she waits for the exact moment to grab a tablet computer and smoothly or so she thinks puts it right inside her jacket, but the clerk actually spots her, and then watch this.
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uh-ah, you put it right back where you found it and they do. >> she pulls it out with a smile on her face, like, oh, this thing? you caught me. just testing how slim it is. well, look, it slips right under my arm just like i thought it might. >> the guys did get away empty-handed. unfortunately the guys in the video didn't, they walk into this verizon store guns drawn, immediately intimidate the clerks and take them into the back room, where you know they keep a lot of their equipment, their tablets, their other phones, and later in the video you see that one of the guys is carrying a box, you see another employee putting stuff in it. it's not clear exactly what they were automobile to put in the box, but you know they took lots of money worth of equipment. fortunately nobody seemed to have gotten hurt in either of these two incidents. every year here in the u.s. people are talking about hurricane season but on the
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other side of the world in asia where i'm from we have typhoons, basically exactly the same thing. if you haven't heard, typhoon soudelor just went through taiwan and just made landfall in china and recently posted to the shanghai's facebook page is some crazy, crazy footage. it's the kind of stuff you usually see from disaster movies like "twister" or things like that. the first part of the video you can see the extreme kind of winds but watch here as a whole side of a road just separates. cars and erg go flying into the water. this next part i mentioned twister, you remember that part with the flying cow? well not so unlikely you see this as a mow ped swirling up into the air like it's absolutely nothing. here as well check this out, this bus crash, almost like either the back end got caught in water or the wind took it around as it was crossing. >> oh my gosh, people are out riding bikes and stuff and that tree just fell on her head. >> the video at the end as well got some serious attention,
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comes to us from an airport, a massive plane but watch as it the wind starts blowing it starts having a lifting effect. >> look at that. that is crazy. >> he's got all that wind going over the wings, you guys, giving it some kind of lift. >> that gives you an idea of just how fast those winds are. >> i think that flight was delayed. these guys are fighting for a good time. so they decide -- >> they want to crowd surf. >> but do it backwards. see what happens when one of them tries to get the party jumping. >> oh! and prepare to be blown away. >> oh, the dog is my favorite. >> the funny faces that make for a windy masterpiece. kids as they grow strong and healthy for generations. and today's flintstones are specially formulated wiwithth k keyey a antntioioxp support kids immune health.
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i'm a big fan of auto racing. i think by now you all know
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that, but i love the amateur, because i feel like these guys let it hang out there a little bit more. derick hustead coming around, huge field, right away a little rubbing and bumping and then -- >> oh! >> oh. >> there's nothing amateur about that crash. >> that thing is up and over so fast, even though these are more amateur race cars you can clearly see all the different roll cage and safety devices built into these cars. no injuries reported to that. look the at crowd, everybody is up on their feet. >> it's 90% of the reason they're, let's be honest, as long as no one is getting hurt everyone is happy. going down the back straight about 130 miles per hour when suddenly -- >> oh, no! >> hang on, hang on, hang on, here comes all those dead soldisold
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i tires. what happened? catastrophic engine failure. when the engine quit, pblt, puked its guts, oil got on the tires and he couldn't stop. >> i don't think he should feel too bad. if you back it up to the moment he leaves the track this has happened many, many, many times before. >> definitely not the first guy to blow that corner right there. but the safety devices worked fine. he said he was uninjured. once he reaches the tire wall, relatively gentle bounce. in a world where you don't know what lurks at the backyard barbecue, i give you the latest feature from scott d.w., what could be lurking at this backyard barbecue? >> a helicopter? >> it could be a helicopter, but what's really cool is in this video, we see people in super slow motion with a high power
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compressor blowing at their faces. >> the dog is my favorite! >> the dog is like i'm going to get in the car, this is great. >> crazy. >> that looks so weird. >> just wait until you see the hotdog. that hotdog had no chance to be eaten. >> it looks really good. >> if you look at the behind the scenes video he was inspired by a picture of a guy with wind blowing in his face and he was just thinking that's just a picture. why don't we make a video? you see at the very end who was actually causing all that drama. >> this is so stupid and wildly entertaining. >> it's fascinating. >> from the looks of this posted to twitter you know that things are going to get a little bit
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crazy. there are thousands of people packed into this yard. you can see a drone going up in the air. music is playing, everyone is having a good time. >> and the parents have no idea what's happening with their house right now. >> a couple of guys dressed up like crusaders are on a crusade that they want to crowd surf, but they're going to do it backwards, kind of like one of the trust exercises. i wonder if everybody trusts them? >> nope. >> i wonder if everybody's paying attention. >> oh! >> oh my gosh! >> we have a second angle, this is posted by nick. >> he has a cape on, he should fly. >> this is going to be so epic! >> it was an epic fail. >> they did not catch him. >> that's what it was. another one from the gym, this guy wanted some attention, he's about to scorch everything. let's hope it goes well. >> yeah.
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nailed it. you're that guy in the gym now. call him the line demon. >> that's why you just run. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, a couple is feeling the music and the love at this concert. >> you see in his hand in this shot right here, there is a box, there can only be one thing in that box. >> see how a country music star makes their special moment even more memorable. plus it's an amazing vacation video through thailand, and every frame of it just makes you go, oh! the breathtaking adventure, next. new car. nonobobodydy's's h hururt,t,bl still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o s to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s su, drive three-quarters of a car?
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to just get away, get away from work and home for a while, take a nice vacation like this, will garrett sent us his video of a vacation in thailand, and every frame of it just makes you go, oh! >> why am i not there? >> you know what's crazy, everyone complains about visiting their parents. this is where my parents live. james bond island they shot the man with the golden gun. you can see it looks like they're walking around at night, you can go out and there's music and fighting and also some of those dodgy shows you heard about. >> i want to eat everything they're making here. everything looks so delicious. that is really cool! >> it looks like will did not miss a thing during his tour through thailand, and the elephant park here he got to experience as well. the water around these islands is stunning, a little kayaking. >> this is just around the south of the island, if i had to guess. the amazing thing about thailand there are great things to see,
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so much culture and the background and stuff i could not more highly recommend. trust me, check out thailand. everything all right there? >> ollie? >> are you okay? >> sorry, i was concentrating. that's the point of this commercial. when you make a commercial you want something people will talk about, something that people will share that does your work for you. this commercial from japan has been shared millions of times because it's messing with people's heads. >> it's very simple. now the japanese voice is talking right now is basically saying how observe ant are you? so we're saying how many people are wearing lab coats including the two people in your shot. keep watching, tell me your answer. [ speaking in japanese ]
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>> tada! what is your answer? >> 24? >> i counted 25. >> wrong, wrong, i got 24, i was wrong. 25, also wrong. you want to know how they do it? head on over to and click on tv show and see the actual answer and how it's explained. chris young, winner of nashville star and the winner of many country music awards also we learn in this video that he is a total hopeless romantic. this is at one of his concerts. he is in the middle of singing his song "who i am with you" and you see that the camera is focused on this couple here, they're hugging each other, singing to each other, loving each other. ♪ who i am with you is who i really want to be ♪ >> you see in his hand there is a box, there can only be one
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thing in that box. >> it better be a couple of carats. >> it's definitely a ring. the crowd is tuning in to what's happening and you can see the girls around them are like we know what's going to happen, they're cheering. they bring their cell phones out to start recording and taking pictures. he lifts his hand up and shows everybody the ring box. >> it's like almost, is this their song? >> if it wasn't their song before, it's definitely their song now. she obviously says yes but chris actually spots the action from stage and kind of stops the concert. >> you know what, this is the makings of another country song. >> y'all. >> i i. ♪ i proposed at a concert, yeah ♪ ♪
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corgi escape artist. ♪
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♪ >> you guys know me i would never, ever challenge you guys to some obnoxious challenge. >> what is the challenge? >> i would like to challenge you to try this. >> it's a weird sensation. oh just got in my eye a little bit. >> another cool buzzfeed video that challenges men to try on liquid eye liner. >> is now a bad time to tell you i have a phobia of being stabbed in the eye? >> these are your tools. you can use the pencils or this liquid liner with a brush. there are two looks the guys will try to pull off, one of them is a classic, a clean line over your eyelid, very nice, very clean, the other one is a fishtail look which is the same thing as a classic but it has another line that fishtails at
9:27 am
the end. >> oh, man, this is not going good. >> oh, this is [ bleep ] terrifying, man. >> hold on, he has a fine tipped pen. >> it's the same thing, just a different tool. >> my girlfriend does this in the car in the mirror while i was bumping around in traffic. i can't believe she does this, amazing. >> i have the fishtail and turns into blue tears. >> what is the final product, what it looks like. >> that's war paint that that guy put on. he put on war paint. >> i'm thinking of "braveheart." >> this guy looks like he got in a fight. >> looked like he stepped out of a pub fight. >> here is the mirror and a mirror for you. >> here we go. just stabbed myself in the eye. >> he's doing good. >> i'm feeling beautiful. >> looks like you got something in your eye. >> it's clee opatra-esque. >> it's the fishtail. >> i nailed it, brother.
9:28 am
>> close your eye. wow, that is really good. >> should i do the other eye? >> absolutely, you have to do the other eye. >> try the fishtail on the other eye. good idea. >> this isn't easy. >> uh-oh. i botched this stuff up. >> hold on, i spoke too soon. this stuff is the devil, really hard to use, liquidy stuff. >> your eyes stand out by the way. they look beautiful. >> as if i needed any more help. >> that's it, that's all. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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a rally driver misses a turn, but finds an amazing shortcut to get him back on the road. >> why it doesn't get him back in the race. a guy walks toward another man at a gas station. >> look at this, immediately puts a gun to the guy's chest. >> the reason he fought back and took a bullet. it's a flawless operation to remove a steeple, but -- >> is the steeple wood or sewn? >> you're about to see why gayle is asking. he's supposed to carry the ring, she is the flower girl. see the race down the aisle and the gracious winner.


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