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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 13, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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new stores set to open at the outlet mall in livermore. could be a shopper's dream and a commuter's nightmare depending on traffic. good morning. these are live pictures from downtown oakland. you can see businesses are now boarded up. that's after the protests and reaction to a deadly officer-involved shooting. coming up, the events that led up to police opening fire and the reaction from the witnesses and the protests last night where it definitely got heated and affected a lot of people. thank you for joining us thursday morning, august 13th. i'm pam cook. we're also talking about
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your weather. >> looks like today a almost the transition day. it will still be mild to cool, but the lows good ten degrees warmer than yesterday. a little bit of a breeze, expect that to pick up slightly, much more than yesterday. mainly yesterday was only on the north bay, today it's up down the coast and the water temps are warm. 60s for many, 50s for some. monterey bay, half-moon bay, byproduct of that is this south breeze coming around. but the low is on the move and as it does, it keeps us in the fog for some and on a cooler pattern for others. morning clouds, it will be nice to mild to warm even with the fog. 80s through the interior,
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slightly below average. 70s around the bay. this crash is going to be blocking several lanes, although they're letting some traffic through. but it is going to be slow northbound 80 at 237, pretty serious injury accident. 880 north and southbound past the kol see um, traffic -- coliseum, traffic moving well. no major problem. westbound bay bridge, traffic is light. we have breaking news coming in from the south bay. police in san jose investigating a homicide reported about 1:00 this morning. police say a man was shot and killed at a business park on lundy avenue. he was shot inside one of the businesses in the complex of 1885 lundy. and police are saying there may be more than one suspect and
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they are believed to still have weapons. police say this is the 19th homicide in san jose this year. we have a crew on the way to that area. we'll bring you more details in the next hour. protest against a deadly police shooting in oakland erupted into violence last night. a small group of demonstrators splinted off and went on a vandalism spree. they lit trash cans on fire and shattered a starbucks window. burned both american and confederate flags. demonstrators also blocked the off ramps to interstate 580 and 980 last night. time is 5:03. also learning more about the shooting that led to last night's unrest. at 2:40 yesterday afternoon, police spotted a car believed to be connected to an armed robbery in east oakland.
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they chased the suspect to west oakland where he crashed at 27 t street and martin luther king way. the police soon arrived and he ran away. three police officers tracked him down a block away. >> the suspect advanced towards the officers while holding a pistol in his hand. officers then discharged their firearms, striking the suspect. >> police say they recovered this stolen gun at the scene. it was loaded, but the suspect had not fired the weapon. one man who asked us not to identify them told us he heard all the commotion. >> he was doing my work and heard three shots. and i just ran out to go see what it was and there was a bunch of cops outside, gentleman on the ground. >> one of the officers gai that suspect -- gave that suspect emergency aid. he was pronounced dead at the
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hospital. police not told us his him, but demonstrators tell us he was 24-year-old joe bart. 22 i phones stolen in a matter of seconds from the flag stiff apple store in palo alto store. four young men came into the store and grabbed the phones which were all on display. >> the phone is tethered to a desk and the suspects physically ripped the phone off the tether and made away with them. >> estimated value of $16,000. there is surveillance video, but does not show any identifying information for us to pass along. hundreds of people expected to head to livermore today, the outlet mall expanding, including dozens of new stores. >>reporter: 30 additional stores, extra thousand or so
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parking spots. and if it's anything like the way it was when this place had opened three years ago, you might want to count on extra traffic, not just off 580, but possibly on to the freeway itself at 10 when this opens. that's what happened back in november 2012 the premium outlets first opened. backlog, bottleneck of people trying to get to the new stores and it impacted the morning commute. three years later, livermore police don't expect the same alt of traffic the mall has been open for a few years and the 30 additional stores are what's opening today. they're encouraging carpool, bus stop that drops people off in front of the mall. police are having a heavy presence in the area, not to direct traffic, but to keep an eye on the parking lot. car burglaries have been a problem here in the past. one of the things that's changed is the name. it's now called the san
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francisco premium outlets instead of livermore outlets and company representatives did that in an effort to attract more international shopping crowd, get the attention of tourists coming into san francisco of. so the name is san francisco premium outlets, even though, as we know, we're about 45 miles away from san francisco out here in livermore. >> what stores are in? an taylor, bloomingdale's, forever 21, old navy. one of the things i wanted to point out, it looks like they have a playground out here. that is very convenient for moms. as a mom, i'm always looking for a mall that has a playground and something for my kids to do. you can see this front loader driving by, putting some of the finishing touches on the construction here. but everything is set to be open, ready for the public at 10:00 this morning. >> you're not alone. we'll send pam cook out
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there to check things out. alley rasmussen, livermore. the fire has now spread into napa county. now threatened 50 homes. hundreds of people have been ordered out of the area. others have been warned that they should evacuate, but not being forced to leave. the fire has burned 20,000 acres, 16% contained, up from 6% yesterday. one fire coordinator says it appears sometimes the fire is everywhere. >> fire to our east on the eastern side here and also on the western side there is a lot of un burned fuel in here and up in hereby these dozer lines. >> that dc-10 tanker plane was called in to drop lone lines of fire retardant. used to protect property along a ridge line. the flames are moving deeper into the backcountry, making it
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very difficult for them to contain that fire. if weather conditions don't change much, they could contain it by early next week, but steve says it is going to heat up for the weekend. for the first time in two years, firefighters across the country are rating the risk of wildfires the highest possible level. top federal and state firefighters officials say major commitments of fire fighting teams and difficult weather conditions are likely to continue for several days. more than 39,000 burned 10,000 square miles across the country, twice the size of marin county, just to give you an idea. p firefighters managers are setting priorities and then help each other protect lives and properties. 5:09. we have an update on yesterday morning's breaking news story of a woman who fell or jumped off the bay bridge. chp is searching for that woman. she was driving a stolen car
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when she crashed into a barrier near the toll plaza. >> i do know that the vehicle that she was driving was confirmed to be stolen, reported several weeks ago out of los angeles through the lapd. >> investigators said she fell about 70 feet from the bridge and that the fall was survivable. we also told you several drivers said they saw a woman who was soaking wet wearing a long, black dress near the toll plaza. also a truck driver says he gave a ride to a woman who matches that description. they know the woman's name, but hasn't released it yet. in her 20s and lives in the east bay. and we have an update on a grocery store that was damaged monday. coming up in 20 minutes, why police now think an arsonist
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started that fire. first, the ring link brothers, barnum and bailey circus is in town. it's the last year elephants will be part of the show. what happens to the elephants once they are final show is over. we're looking at the east bay commute and right now as we take a live look at 680, it doesn't look bad. but they're clearing an accident in this part of the bay. overnight lows running much warmer than yesterday, but fog bank keeps us warming up. we'll have the forecast coming up. a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪
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. the ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus is back in the bay area. the family friendly circus playing at oracle arena starting today through monday, august se tenth. tickets start -- 17th. tickets start at $20. it then moves to the sa p p center and cow palace in san francisco. the elephants will soon be leaving the circus. the circus is retiring its elephants by the year 2018. after their last show, the elephants will live at the 200-acre conservation area in florida. it follows several complaints about having elephants in the show. the coast guard cutter stratton and its crew are hope in alameda this morning after capturing more than $1 billion
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of cocaine from smugglers. spent 114 days patrolling the pacific ocean for drugs. in one of their bust south of mexico, the crew seized so much cocaine it nearly filled the flight deck. >> we're very proud and have a great crew. i think everybody is happy to know that we're able to take that much raw cocaine over the street and make it work. the drug cartels feel this. we know they feel this. >> after being gone for nearly four months, you can see very happy reunions on the deck in alameda. the crew will be for a few months for maintenance, then back out on the water. as we get closer to the
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tenth anniversary of hurricane katrina, a bay area firefighter is reflecting on the disaster and how his life has changed since. menlo park fire chaf was part of the team that pulled people off waters and handed them to waiting helicopters. he's been to ground zero in new york, the space shuttle crash in texas and oklahoma city bombing. but he said he never saw anything like hurricane katrina. >> suddenly we're in new orleans and pulling people out of attics, out of buildings, people that would have died had we not come in and found them. >> he basement chief of men low -- became chief of menlo park fire department in 2007 and 6 years later his life changed. in 2013 he fell off a 16 foot ladder while trimming bushes in his backyard and broke his neck. he may never walk again.
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>> when you're a guy like that ask you used to do everything and you to do ask for help, it's tough. it's a very humbling injury. it's not an easy life. >> the chief says despite his injury, he is moving forward with his life and that includes remaining on duty as the menlo park fire chief. 5:16 is the time. i want to check in with sal, i know you were reporting a bad accident in milpitas. >> yes. they're making progress, opening one lane at a time, traffic is still slow. northbound 880 at 237. is this affecting southbound? no, it is not. southbound 880 looks good and westbound 237. that's the typical commute direction, but we're always careful to say that's not the commute direction because i'm
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sure that's the commute direction for someone. let's look at interstate at 880 north and southbound. traffic is moving well in both directions here. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, light delay, if any, driving into san francisco. 5:17. let's go to steve. steve, i just stepped outside. >> yes, and you dave? >> we do that a lot. and it's very mild out there. >> it is indeed mild, sal. in fact, about ten degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. there is a lot going on, very warm ocean temps. by the way, the montana erey buoy hit 69, the warmest ever recorded since it was put in the water. i used to live in pacific grove and you see a lot of people diving around in the monterey area and it's cold. that's not the case this year. it is running very warm. the entire pacific is run
5:19 am
ning warm. there are only a few spots in the 50s. we had 40s and 50s yesterday. napa running nine degrees warmer than 24 hours ago, livermore 6, san jose 7. oakland airport 9 degrees warmer. we had a big jump in sea surface temps. monterey 66, cooled off three from yesterday's record setting. look at the pacific, there is a lot of very warm water, all the way up to british columbia. that's part of the blob, this is part of el nino. the water temperature in july in hawaii was the warmest it's been since 1948. >> so what is it now? >> it's in the 80s. >> nice. >> nice, but yeah, we have a tropical storm very slowly moving west at 5 miles per hour,
5:20 am
hilda. it will take a dive way to the south, but maui looks okay. a lot more cloud cover, but guillermo went to the north, hilda going to the south. low spinning for august, very impressive, came out of the north, not out of the south. it's giving us more in the way of low clouds this morning because it's beginning to move and as it does, that's enhancing that fog bank. 80s through the interior, 60s, 70s coast and bay. and temperatures look like they are going to pop up after tomorrow. tomorrow could be a little warmer, but then it looks a lot warmer saturday and sunday. next week showing signs of being cool. the pacific, there are also two super typhoons forming again. >> really? >> yes. the pacific has been nonstop. the atlantic is crick its. and that's an he will nino
5:21 am
signature. >> that's -- el nino signature. the amount of hurricanes and typhoons in the pacific is comparable to 97, 98, 82/83, which were very strong he willel nino years. 5:21 is the time. chelsea manning, the convicted national security leaker facing solitary confinement. the items she's accused of having and the reason caitlyn jenner is involved. the games could be coming back to the u.s., but not here in the bay area. up next, the city now considered the u.s. front runner to bid on the 2024 summer olympics. same plan. new phone.
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you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . good morning to you. welcome back. it's 5:24. a former elementary school teacher accused of child molestation is now in jail. he was arrested in los angeles after a tip to the fbi. he's been wanted by fremont police for the alleged sexual abuse of two elementary school students 14 years ago. expected to be transferred to alameda county this week for an arraignment. police in alameda arrested a
5:25 am
teenager accused of breaking into an apartment and sexual assaulting a girl while the girl's mother was asleep in the same apartment. the 17-year-old boy cut open a window screen to get into her room. police linked hirm to as many as -- him to as many as five burglaries in alameda. it was surveillance video at the roadway inn that was key to his arrest. people who know hem recognized him -- him recognized him immediately and he turned himself in, booked on charges of sexual assault and burglary. . looking like the bay area is officially out of the running to host the summer olympics if in 2024. the committee said it was optimistic to work out a plan to make los angeles a bidder. it came back into the running off first place boston dropped out because of financial kerpz.
5:26 am
usoc needs to make a decision by december 15th. los angeles would join paris, rome, bud pest and hamburg, germany in that contest. winner decided in 2017. us not hosted summer olympics since 1996 in atlanta. battle over books in berkeley. up next the issue being debated and why city leaders are getting involved. the investigation goes on in deflategate. up next even though it has nothing to do with these pictures, we'll tell you the fallout from a court sketch that people say did not do the handsome quarterback justice. good morning. people are driving on bay area bridges and there is fog on the golden gate bridge and fog on some of these
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some of these commutes. we'll tell you more about that. . good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. >> it's just about 5:30 and i guess we have just today that's cool. let's check in with steve. heating up starting tomorrow? >> starting tomorrow, but more so on the weekend. >> and the beach clear or foggy? >> fine on the weekend. today there is a lot of low
5:30 am
clouds. it's san diego cold. hard pressed to get to about 60. huge warm up on the ocean temps, low is moving and that's increasing the fog bank. so we have a good low cloud deck and mild temps compared to 24 hours ago. there are a few 40s, 49 at cobb and annmarie said because it's clear, a beautiful and spectacular perseid meteor shower, yes, i believe that. by the way, the best viewing is right about at sunrise. 60s for most here compared to the 40s and low 50s yesterday. napa airport is running ten degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. monterey 66, hit record setting 69 yesterday, the warmest that buy -- buoy measured since it
5:31 am
was put in the water. high pressure moving back in, large and in charge this weekend. 80s for the interior, 70s around the bay. sal, you still with milpitas? >> yeah, gotten a little better, but still watching the commute, steve, because the traffic is a little slow. we're going to start off this time with a look at the bay bridge and traffic is getting busier here. all of a sudden there is a crowd at the toll plaza, no major problems on the bridge. metering lights should be going on pretty soon judging on this crowd. also looking at the commute on the san mat bridge, it is getting heavy heading to the high-rise. northbound 88 oe0 at 237, not affecting southbound 880, a little slow down at 237 as normal, but all the lanes are open northbound, but there could be activity on the right shoulder causing slow downs. sal, big story to tell you
5:32 am
about. oakland homicide detectives and the internal affairs and alameda county district attorney's office are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. yesterday afternoon police chased an armed robbery suspect across the city. police say three officers confronted the suspect who had a loaded gun. at least one of those officers then opened fire. that deadly shooting parked a protest last night right in downtown oakland. alex savage joining us now with more details and showing us some of the damage. >>reporter: dave, good morning to you. the protest was at certain times destructive. we're in front of the starbucks in downtown oakland. you can see the windows are boarded up after vandals targeted this particular store. let me show you what it looked like late night night after vandals came through and smashed out several of the windows at
5:33 am
this store near the intersection of 13th and clay. there were about bun 00 people or -- 100 people or so who marched, angry over the deadly police shooting that happened in the afternoon. and there was a small group that broke away from the main protest last night and began to vandalize some businesses including this one. there were several social media posts that appear to show protestors burning a confederate flag in the middle of the street at one point. now, some demonstrators blocked freeway off ramps from 980 and 880 downtown. they used a number of items to block the roadway there and that led to a heated confrontation. >> 15-year-old daughter is at the airport waiting for us. >> black lives matter, man. >> i need to pick up somebody at the airport. >> hey, black lives matter. are they killing you? they're killing us. >> a camera was there as a man hopped out of his car trying to
5:34 am
remove items that were left in the roadway, including a cinderblock and roadway rail. he was trying to get to the airport to pick up his daughter. like many other drivers, he was frustrated as traffic backed up there near the freeway. a few minutes after that confrontation, police officers in riot gear arrived at the scene so they could clear a path for those cars to make their way through. again, a couple businesses vandalized, including this starbucks store where the windows will need to be repaired. fire that destroyed a grocery store in san leandro earlier this week is being investigated as arson. it started at 2:30 monday morning in marina market. these are the video we showed you as we reported that live here on mornings on 2, monday morning. the family-owned market was destroyed. four other businesses damaged. investigators say the fire burned quickly and was very hot,
5:35 am
indicating it may have been deliberately set. >> over the last two days in reviewing security video, evidence from the scene and talking to witnesses, have deemed this to be an arson. >> so far police not made an arrest, asking anyone with information to police call san leandro police. san francisco police arrested one person, still searching for two more in connection with an armed robbery last month of two tv news crews, including our colleagues. we remember that day well. karen was reporting live from peer 14 after the indicate steinle killing when a man ran up, stole two news cameras and pistol whipped a photographer. our news crew was able to give
5:36 am
investigators a description of the get away car. >> within a week we were able to identify a black seven series bmw that we believed was a possible suspect vehicle. >> police tracked down the suspected driver, reputed gang member, 23-year-old michael jones of san francisco. through the help of other police law enforcement agencies, san francisco police captured jones at a motel 6 in fremont. >> this is not a crime worth committing. >> basically we're trying to report on news and what's going on in the community for the community and it's frankly pretty offensive that we come under attack. >> jones pled guilty to the charges, including robbery and aggravated assault. he's due back in court in september. police are confident they'll be able to capture the other suspects. a medical helicopter flying a patient to a hospital almost crashed into a drone right near
5:37 am
the fresno-yosemite national airport. the faa spokesman said the remote control drone came within 15 to 20 feet from colliding with that helicopter. the faa says near misses between drones and aircraft is growing. berkeley people are angry with books being discarded. 39,000 weeded out since january. dozens of librarians and the city council rallied. library director jeff scott first said only about 2,000 books were discarded. >> come to realize that that information wasn't accurate, so i'm researching that to find out more information to see how many items were deleted and getting the title list. >> just because something hasn't been taken out for a few years doesn't mean it isn't valuable.
5:38 am
this is a research community. >> books that were rarely checked out meet the criteria for being discarded. tom brady and roger goodell due back to court next week. the nfl is asking the judge to declare that its four game suspension of brady in the week of the underinflated ball scandal in the afc championship game was properly carried out. the players oun i don't know is counter -- union is counter suing. the judge wants the parties to reach a quick settlement. overshadowing is an artist's rendering of tom brady in court. brian flores is here now with just how this sketch is going viral. >> yeah. it's tough to not laugh about this. it's not so much the artist's rendering, it's the meme that was brought up. if you thought the scandal was over the top, this sketch takes
5:39 am
the cake. cameras are not allowed in the courtroom, so a lot is dependent on the courtroom sketches. but this one in particular has people asking is that tom brady? people made fun of this such as, this will haunt your dreams. another media outlet said -- >> that's pretty extreme. >> tom brady's courtroom sketch is hilarious lyly horrible. his face melted. jane didn't understand the backlash against her drawing. >> i may not have made him look as handsome as he really is, and i apologize to the fans, but do a better job yourself. go ahead and practice your sketching and see how well you do. >> some colts fans are drawing right now. >> jones says it was challenging to draw brady because he seemed to be looking down at his
5:40 am
cellphone all the time. as you know, people are making fun of the memes of the sketch of tom brady. i've got to say i was laughing pretty hard when i was looking at some of those. >> it had to make you chuckle. >> it doesn't look like him, really. it's surprising how much attention -- >> but the memes are funny. well, colon capper nick, another quarterback, there have been reports that before smith was arrested, the two men fought during a practice, possibly over a woman. there are claims that smith even spashd kapernick's new car. he says they're embarrassing and ill lodge cl. >> anyone that believes that and
5:41 am
goes about that reporting that is just -- doesn't have the best integrity in my mind. >> colin says he wishes the best for smith and knows that the 49ers will miss him. the raiders get back on the field tomorrow night playing the rams. quarterback derek car rr has more options this season and former 49er michael crab tree. he's with the raiders now. you can watch the game here, it begins at 7:00 tomorrow night. >> can is i'm sporting my raiders blank ie. >> do you know who sent me this? >> jim plunk et's wife. if you're up and watching this, mrs. plunk et, thank you so much. remember when we did that story
5:42 am
of women being colder in the workplace than men, she saw the story and thought i would be cold. >> it's super comfy and i don't want to take it off. thank you for accepting it. >> it looks great on you. -- thank you for sending it. >> it looks great on you. >> thank you. right in time for football season. beavers in alhambra creek are dying. coming up, what's being ruled out as the experts look for answers. >> they've become very popular. they are the new dog. >> they get so excited by the thought of food that they faint on the spot. >> no. >> up next the fainting of goats fresno that are bringing in visitors. on the commute now, highway 24 westbound coming up to the the tunnel looks pretty good. no major problems on the way. if you've enjoyed our current pattern, you might want
5:43 am
to enjoy today. temperatures will be warming up this weekend, we'll show you how much.
5:44 am
5:45 am
u.s. attorney for northern california is stepping down from her post. she loves her job, but is leaving because it will end anyway when a new president is appointed. surprises 131 lawyers in oakland, san francisco and san jose who handle federal prosecution. incoming presidents usually replace all of the country's 93 u.s. attorneys. former president jimmy carter has been diagnosed with cancer. he released a statement saying that earlier this month to remove a small mass on his liver
5:46 am
revealed the cancer. the statement says it has spread, but no specifics. he plans to undergo treatment in atlanta. chelsea manning, the former army private sentenced to 35 years in prison is now threatened with solitary confinement for breaking prison rules. the transgender army private who used to be known as bradley manning is in fort 11 even worth, kansas. she had a copy of vanity fair magazine with caitlyn jenner on the cover and an expired tube of toothpaste. hearing is scheduled for august 18th. could get solitary confinement. locate april transgender in -- local transgender inmate is free today. due to hear a request for funded
5:47 am
sex reassignment surgery, yesterday, michelle was released from mule creek state prison. amen's facility east of sacramento. this ends the attempt to have the state pay for that surgery. was incarcerated for fatally shooting a man in a bar and served 30 years in in jail. people are flocking to fresno county to get a glimpse of fainting goats. well, the goats are at aspen acres farm. they get all wound up and fall down at meal time. the excitement of eating causes them to faint, which is i guess typical behavior for this kind of goat. they stiffen their legs so they don't take a spill. >> usually it's when they jump up on to a table or something and they fall over backwards and
5:48 am
faint. >> it's hilarious. >> i guess they do not get hurt. the goats are becoming popular pets. i with ill say they have supposedly fainting goats by the guyser in calastoga. my daughters and i were there had and supposedly they faint. but we didn't get them to faint. they didn't faint in front of us. but these goats, i guess, faint. >> it's very interesting. i think i would enjoy seeing that. >> we got a little chuckle out of you. >> that's right. unexpected. good morning, everybody. happy thursday to you. let's call up todd and take a look at these commutes. we have a couple gliches as usual. 80 westbound, the traffic is moving well now. eastbound 58 outcoming away from marin, they're running a traffic break because some sort of debris is making cars either
5:49 am
crash into it or -- it's going to be a hazard. so chp is running a traffic break. again, eastbound 58 out just before harbor exit. it looks like that may be a temporary delay if you're coming in from marin on 580. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights are on and nothing out of the ordinary there, no problems. as we look at the rest of the east bay, again, the only thing there is the thing i mentioned in richmond. 680 looks good from concord to walnut creek. at 5:49, speaking of not bad, steve, what do you mean by that? >> hard to complain about this weather. >> yes. >> but if it gets much hotter, then i'll complain. >> well, you'll have a lot of company, because like when the traffic gets bad, people text you. >> they do. >> what the heck happened in 24 hours? we were in the 40s and 50s
5:50 am
yesterday. that's not the case today. mostly sunny. fog bank has ramped up because of the low, which has been sitting out there for a couple of days is finally looking like it's going to move. as it does, it's sending in had low clouds. and the -- in low clouds. half man bay was 53 -- half-moon bay yesterday was 53, today 63. temperatures are running a good three to ten degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. napa airport being one, oakland and hayward at eight degrees warmer. santa rosa four, sfo 5 degrees warmer. 56 after yesterday's 44, huge jump in the temp. combined with that are the warm ocean temps, 62 bow dag a --
5:51 am
bodega bay. monterey say balmy 66. the buoy soured to a record 69 degrees, the warmest sft, the warmest since 1967. sent this out on twitter yesterday to highlight it. it's incredibly warm all the way out into the pacific. the hawaii temperatures are around 81 to 84 degrees, the warmest since 1948. our low came out of the north, not the south, perfect ety impressive -- pretty impressive for this time of year, as it moves, it takes that fog bank and ramps it up. it kicks out, allowing high pressure to kick in. 60s, 70s and 80s today, but it
5:52 am
looks hot by the weekend. 90s to near 100, but only for about two days. next week looks cooler. morning clouds nice to warm. 80s through the interiors, 70s around the bay. starting to warm up tomorrow, then kick into warmer gear, if you will, over the weekend and cooler next week. >> you can feel it as you step out the door. >> you're talking 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. >> right. police sear seattle were chasing a really reckless driver, are coming up, the unusual suspect who took a joyride and how he ended up in that car. and water conservation efforts continue here in california. up next the new rules for your bathroom and how you can make money by making some changes.
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. shower heads sold in california will soon be more water efficient. shower heads will be limited to 1.8 gallons of water per minute starting in the year 2018. most shower heads release about two and a half gallons per minute right now. the new standards could save california 38 billion gallons over ten years. state department of water resources announced a toilet and
5:56 am
lawn rebate program, providing $100 rebate for any household willing to replace a water guz link toilet with a high efficiency one. people who replace their grass lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping get $100 credit as well. warrior play in a franchise record number of televise the games this season. this as 34 players are in las vegas vying for a spot on the olympic team. the warriors will play james and the cavaliers on christmas day in a rematch of the nba finals, open the season against the new orleans pelicans, now coached by former warriors assistant alvin gentry. >> should be fine opening night,
5:57 am
young, hungry pelicans team. then obviously the finals rematch christmas day, you always give the world what they want to see and that's a show. >> the opening night game is october 27th at oracle arena. warriors won 67 games on the way to first nba title in 40 years. soccer event, in the city promoting street soccer, usa national cup tournament many. held in civic center plaza this weekend, features four cohe had amateur adult teams. it's a sport for social change organization, uses soccer to improve health, education and job opportunities for at risk or homeless adults. getting details about a man killed this morning in san jose. our crew just getting to the scene of san jose 19th homicide
5:58 am
of the year. >> also, protestors block roads, break windows following a deadly police shooting. we're going to show you some of the damage in oakland this morning. feget up to 48 months thrinterest-free financingain, on tempur-pedic. save hundreds on beautyrest. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. aa chance to try somethinglook. different.
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. get out of the roadway. >> freeways blocked, businesses damaged, the late night protests in oakland sparked by a deadly police shooting. what we've learned about the deadly shooting inside a business and the search for suspects in oakland. we are live in oakland because as we've been reporting, some businesses are now boarded up. these are live pictures. you can see that this morning. this is after protests ask reaction to a the -- and reaction to a deadly police shooting. alex savage is out there, showing us more of the vandalism and also some of the heated confrontations that happened during the night. something that happened during protests where innocent people were trying to get something done or get to where they need to go. it got very heated and emotional last night. thank you for joining us,


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