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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. get out of the roadway. >> freeways blocked, businesses damaged, the late night protests in oakland sparked by a deadly police shooting. what we've learned about the deadly shooting inside a business and the search for suspects in oakland. we are live in oakland because as we've been reporting, some businesses are now boarded up. these are live pictures. you can see that this morning. this is after protests ask reaction to a the -- and reaction to a deadly police shooting. alex savage is out there, showing us more of the vandalism and also some of the heated confrontations that happened during the night. something that happened during protests where innocent people were trying to get something done or get to where they need to go. it got very heated and emotional last night. thank you for joining us, thursday, august 13th.
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i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. checking your weather and traffic, weather wise, you'll feel a difference today. yeah. there are a lot of 50s today, 40s yet. it's much warmer, 10, 12 degrees for some. bigger fog bank and warmer ocean temps, allowing for rather mild conditions on the coast and inland. there are a few upper 40s in lake county, i don't want to exclude them, but for the most it's in the 60s. napa a running 10 degrees warmer. low clouds helping. there is a bad image in there. i'll have to get rid of that. low clouds and very warm temps, 61, 63, 64, and 66. and if you didn't hear the, the monterey buoy soared to 69 yesterday, are the warmest ever recorded. the low is moving, enhancing the fog bank, giving an onshore push. tomorrow we start to warm it up,
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but there is more fog 678980s through the inlt i don't remember -- 80s through the interior, 70s around the bay. steve, good morning to you. let's go to 580 eastbound at hash on way coming away from the richmond bridge. traffic is going to be busy because of a crash here. several crashes apparently caused by debris, chp at one point had had to run a traffic break. let's go to live pictures now. traffic is going to be busy as you come up to the toll plaza. lights are on, 50 minute delay. another live pick you are of 238 -- picture of 237 in milpitas, did not affect westbound heading to highway 101. thank you, sal. following developing news in san jose where a man was killed in a business park early this
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morning. fox 2 joins us now and says investigators don't have a motive yet for this killing. >>reporter: no, they don't. homicide detectives were there, but they have left the scene and they are trying to put this case together. you can see we're here in a business park. this is in the area of lundy, close to brow ka. we have seen crime scene investigators in and out of this building here, the 1800 block of lundy. it's a two-story building. what we know is just before 1 a.m. this morning, someone in the office called 911 because they found a man shot inside this office building. when officers arrived, they found that person, immediately rushed that person to the hospital. it was a man. we're told that he was reportedly shot in the ribs. he died there at the hospital. in the meantime, police have
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core doend off this business park, so it's unlikely that it's going to open today as long as police are here. and we also do want you show you this area. this is very unusual, not too much criminal activity happens here. one of the questions we have for police is was this random or targeted. it seems like the sus ekts we've been told -- suspects we've been told by police, it's at least one person or more that ended up being involved in this shooting. however, they do not have anybody in custody. there are no reports of arrests. but we're going to stay on top of it to try to get more information. so all we know now is one person shot inside this office building. it was an adult male. we don't have an identity yet and police are in the preliminary stages of investigation. >> thank you. we'll check back in a bit. a deadly officer-involved shooting last night in oakland
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sparked a violent protest. it began yesterday afternoon. police spotted a car believed to be connected to an armed robbery. they chased the suspect to west oakland where he crashed. police say he then tried to car jack someone else's car, but police got there soon after and he ran away. three police officers tracked him down a block away. >> the suspect advanced towards the officers while holding a pistol in his hand. officers then discharged their firearms, striking the suspect. >> oakland police recovered this stolen gun at the scene. it was loaded but the suspect had not fired it. one man who asked us not to identify them told us he heard all the commotion. >> i was doing my work and heard three shots and i ran out to go see who it was and there was a
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bunch of cops outside, gentleman on the ground. >> one of the officers gai that suspect emergency -- gave that suspect emergency aid, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have not told us his name, but demonstrators told us he was 24-year-old joe bart. alex savage out there this morning. you see the damage. show us some of what happened out there. >> reporter: there is some damage left behind after the protest, dave. we're in front of the starbucks here at city center in downtown oakland. as you can see, plywood is up on some windows as they were smashgd around. you can see -- smashed out. you can see the store still open for business. this was the scene from just a few hours ago, vandals smashed several windows during this protest. this particular store is at the intersection of 14th and clay, or close by, i should say. there were about 100 people or
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so marching through the streets of oakland. buildings we saw spray painted with ant eye police graffiti. a small group broke away and vandalized businesses. there were also posts on social media that appeared to show a group of protestors burning a confederate flag in the middle of the street at one point. some moved to the freeway off ramps near 980 and 880. and they used a number of items to block the off ramps including cinder blocks and guardrail to block cars trying to get through, leading to a heated confrontation. >> 15-year-old daughter is at the airport waiting for us. >> hey, black lives matter, man. >> i need to pick up somebody at the airport, man. >> hey, black lives matter, man. >> a man got out of the car and
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moved some of the items. he was trying to get out to the airport and pick up his daughter. many people frustrated. a short time after that confrontation took place, police officers in riot gear arrived and were able to clear a path. not a whole lot of damage. these are the only wipd owes we found -- windows we found broken out and graffiti up the street. time is 6:08. the demonstration in oakland underscores continuing tension between some people in the community and the oakland police. we talked to people who live near that scene of the police shooting who say they're angry that another young man has been killed. they're demanding open and thorough investigation of the shooting. some of the residents say they fear the people who were sworn to protect and serve the public. >> we scared more of the law than we are the people out here
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on the streets. and that's sad. oakland's police chief describes police department as relatively progressive. wants to be as transparent as possible and there will be a thorough investigation of that shooting. >> we are trying to be responsible to what's going on, what the national conversation is about policing. the police department here has taken steps over the last couple years to reduce the number of officer involved shootings. >> they range from one to seven years of shooting. it was captured by police body cameras, but no word on when or if that video will be released. fast moving jerusalem fire now in napa county, threatened 50 homes and hundreds ordered out of the area. others warned, but not force the to leave. the fire has already burned more than 20,000 acres. it's only 16% contained, but
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that is up from just 6% contain many yesterday. one coordinator says sometimes it appears there is fire everywhere. >> we have fire to our east on the eastern side here and also on the western side. there is a lot of un burned fuel here and up hereby the dozer lines. >> the dc the 10 tanker plane -- the dc-10 tanker plane was called in to protect property along the ridge lines. firefighters say the flames are moving deeper into the back country, making it difficult to contain the fire. if the weather doesn't change, they hope to have it 100% early next week. but steve is talking about hotter weather, so we'll see how that affects the fire. 6:10. still ahead, san francisco made an arrest in an armed robbery that involved a k tv ushgs news crew.
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how they tracked down a suspect and who they're searching for this morning. police searching for a woman who ended up in the water off the bay bridge. the bizarre details we've learned about this story. traffic is going to be busy in a couple spots. san mateo bridge, a little bit of traffic approaching the span. lows much warmer this morning, low clouds, warm ocean temps, but what the water temps? we'll have that and more coming up.
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about water temps? we'll have that and more coming up. . in a rack, a truck -- in iraq, a truck bombing killed six people, injured 100 more. happened in a crowded market in a shiite neighborhood. islamic state group is claiming responsibility for that attack. former fremont elementary school teacher accused of child molestation is in jail after 14 years on the run. he was arrested in los angeles after a tip to the fbi. he'd been wanted by fremont police for the alleged sexual abuse of two students 14 years ago. transferred to alameda county this week for his arraignment. arrested a teenager believed
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to have broken into an apartment and sexually assaulted a girl in her bedroom. it happened while the girl's mother was asleep in the same apartment. the 17-year-old cut open a window screen to get into the girl's room. police linked him to five burglaries in alameda. it was surveillance video from an attempted burglary at the roadway inn that was key to his arrest. people who know him recognized him immediately. it was probably under presh that he the turned him -- pressure that he turned himself in to police. the california highway patrol says it is continuing to search for the woman who jumped off the bay bridge yesterday. she was driving a stolen car when she crashed on the eastbound side of the bridge near the toll plaza. >> i know the vehicle she was driving was confirmed to be stolen, reported several weeks
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ago out of los angeles through lapd. she fell about 70 feet from the bridge and that fall was survivable. we told you yesterday several drivers reported seeing a woman who was soaking wet in a long black dress near the toll plaza. now a truck driver said that he gave a ride to a woman who matches that description. investigators have identified her. they are only saying she is in her 20s and from the east bay. 6:16. researchers want to know why baby beavers are dying. three of four baby beavers born this year in the creek died unexpectedly. no one knows were. and a fourth older dead beaver was spotted floating in the water this week. that beaver is going to be studied. in they hope to find out what is killing these beavers. veterinarians ruled out the drought and also algae related toxins out there.
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five beavers live in the creek right now. overnight road crews installing signs on 680 in contra cost a county between walnut creek and san ramon. solo drivers can pay a toll and be allowed to drive in the carpool lane. expect price determined by how heavy traffic is on the freeway at that time. the system already in place on that freeway in a section. time is 6:17. speaking of traffic leads us to sal. kau take care of the -- can you take care of the folks at the toll plaza? >> i can. there are a couple things in the east bay that are causing trouble. 580 at harbor eastbound if you're coming away from the richmond bridge, there was a crash there. there is also a crash west 80 at carlson. these two accidents have slowed down especially from he will
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certify reet 0 out of the panole area. this whole thing that i'm outlining is very slow on the east shore freeway through richmond. that commute is going to be much slower. bay bridge toll plaza backed up 15 to 20 minutes. slowing on 680 southbound in spots. this is a look at the sonale grade. mission looks good, but the bottom of the hill in fremont, you'll see slowing. we have a lot of low clouds and much warmer lows, good 12, the 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 50s, 60s, warm ocean temps and also a bigger fog bank so the low clouds extended much farther inland and a lot more to go around than yet. parts of san mateo santa cruz coast were fog free, not the
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case. sent to me from annmarie, fire departments from san mateo, santa cruz and the rocky fire, that's an awesome picture. thanks, fellows and shout out to all those fire departments all over battling the fires. san jose 65, oakland 64, san rafael 63. napa airport ten degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. oakland 9, hayward seven, even santa rosa at five. enhances the fog bank here and boy did the water temps warm up. i don't want to say mr. bubble time, but it's pretty close. monterey buoy 69, warmest ocean temp recorded by that buoy since
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it began operation. bod eshgsdega bay -- bodeg ashgs a bay yesterday very warm. hawaii had had the warmest water temps since 1948, feeding tropical systems. we had guillermo last week, hilda is here now. look at the track. it dives southward, complete opposite of what guillermo did, which went northward and fell apart, giving us that lightning last week. a lot of cloud cover spinning in for some islands, but weakening. our low came out of the north, but finally moving. as it does, gives us a bigger fog bank. today is the transition day. that low kicks out, giving us
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slight cool down. 60s, 70s and 80s, high pressure says it's coming in for the weekend, warm to hot. morning clouds, nice to mild to warm, breezy for some once that cloud deck burns off. 60s, 70s and 80s. a few upper 80s, but a lot of low to mid-80s. mild at the coast. tomorrow start a little warmup and bigger warmup on the weekend. cooler next week. >> did you see any shooting stars? >> i did not, but i had reports from people that did. >> i was trying to see it. couldn't see it. >> too much low clouds. >> we were talking about this the other day. the best site was at the delta. >> you have to get away from city lights. >> tomorrow morning we might get another glimpse. >> today is the prime time, sunrise. >> thank you, steve. 6:21 is the time. it took a lot of nerve to pull off a theft a the an apple flagship store in palo alto.
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how thieves stole more than 20 i phones right in the middle of the day. what happened when the ceiling collapsed at a legendary nightclub. the famous stars who performed on that stage and what happened last night.
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. this was a frightening experience for concert-goers after a ceiling collapsed at a nightclub in minneapolis. one person capturing this collapse on cellphone video. you can see that in the distance. 30 by 30 section of the ceiling gave way during the concert last night. three people hurt. firefighters are inspecting the building trying to figure out how that collapse happened. first avenue is one of the most well known clubs in the united states. the past performers include tina turner, u2 and prince. 11-year-old boy in trouble with police after he was pulled over for reckless driving in washington. he's 11. the boy found a hide a key for this subaru and used it to go for a joyride. officers saw him driving erratically and running red
6:26 am
lights. he called for backup and a patrol car cut him off. he could face car theft charges. coast guard cutter stratton and crew back home in alameda after a very successful missional sea where they seized more than a billion dollars worth of cocaine from drug smuggers. patrolled the pacific ocean for 144 days. the cocaine was being smuggled on a semi submersible in one raid. the crew seized so much cocaine by the end of the mission, it almost filled the flight deck. >> we're very proud, of course, and we have a great crew on here. i think everybody is real happen why i to know that we were -- happy to know that we were able to take that much rock cocaine off the market and make this work. we know the drug cartels feel this. we know they do.
6:27 am
>> there were a lot of happy reunions on the dock in alameda. the crew is going to be home for a couple months so the ship can get needed maintenance, then they'll be heading back out to sea. 6:26. uproar at the berkeley public library. thousands of books are thrown away every year. coming up, the justification from the library director. 30 additional stores, hundreds of shoppers and possibly a little extra traffic you might have to think about on 580. the livermore outlets or expending. what shoppers can expect and what city leaders say about economic boost. people are driving toward marin, you'll see it still looks pretty good approaching the richmond bridge. getting reports from mendocino county and lake county that the perseid meteor shower
6:28 am
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. good morning to you. thank you for joining us thursday, august 13th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve is talking about a little cooler today. >> yeah. >> well, we're starting off warmer, but about the same, but then warmup starts tomorrow. >> yeah. >> it's going to get hot out here. >> we're going to get it. >> yes, sir. >> yes, sir? >> going to be hot on the back 40. some clearing, but a lot more low clouds than yesterday. it feels warmer to me this morning, it is. 5 to 12 degrees warmer. warm ocean temps. also a bigger fog bank, as the low is finally making it's move.
6:31 am
its enhancing that fog bank. 50s, upper to 60s. anywhere from two to ten degrees warmer. that's our system. beginning to take the move towards the east. as it does, enhances the fog bank, give us temperatures that end up with the water temps is a warm, mild on the coast, 60s and 70s. with all the warm ocean temps, not cooling off anytime soon. more on this tropical storm heading towards the hawaiian islands. looking at a commute where traffic is busy. one spot in the east bay is getting lot of use and that would be 80 westbound. there was an earlier hit-and-run crash on the shoulder. big rig hit one of the guardrails there and apparently it's an injury accident, although not affecting traffic
6:32 am
so much on southbound 680. let's moef to live pictures -- move to live pictures. bay bridge backed up for about 20 minutes before you make it on to the span. 280 northbound, san jose out of downtown, looks like getting up to highway 17. 6:31, let's go back to the desk. still following developing news from san jose about an early morning homicide. live at a business park in the northern part of san jose where that shooting occurred. >> reporter: dave, right now crime scene investigators are inside this two story building that you see behind me. this is in a business park in the barrett a area of north -- bare he is a area of north san jose, they have it roped off so investigators can gather evidence. a person called 911 just before 10 a.m. to short that a man was shot in this building near browkaw. the victim was reportedly shot
6:33 am
in the chest, taken to the hospital where he died a short time after. detectives are interviewing witnesses. unclear how many people were inside the building at that hour, but we're told police are looking for one or more suspects. we don't have any suspect descriptions. this is an unusual location for a deadlying to happen. it's a -- deadly shooting to happen. it's a quiet industrial park. this is one of those things where police are going to have to look to see if this was a targeted attack, very strange to happen. they haven't confirmed that yet, but that's a question we're waiting to get an answer to. surveillance camera is mounted here on this two-story building where this homicide happened, is it's most likely that detectives are going to be seeing if that surveillance camera captured any video of the suspects leaving. we're not sure if they left on foot or in a car. so a lot of questions still need
6:34 am
to be answered here on this crime scene. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 6:33. man convicted of taking part in notorious escape at san quentin was killed yesterday. body of hugo pinell was found yesterday following the riots. about 100 inmates were involved in the riots. pepper sprays and warning shots were used. pinell was serving two life sentence z, convicted of rape in san francisco in '64. he also killed a prison guard in sole dad state prison. and he and five other inmates took part in an escape attempt at san quentin that ended in six people dying. 22 i phones were stolen
6:35 am
right from the flagship store. employees say four young people came into the store, grabbed the phones, which were all on display. >> the phone is tethered to a desk and the suspects physically ripped the phone off the tether and then made away with them. >> the stolen i phones have an estimated value of $16,000. police say there is surveillance video of the thieves but that it does not clearly show any identifying information for us to pass along to you. time is 6:35. hundreds of people expected to head to livermore today, the outlet mall out there is expanding to include dozens of new stores. alley rasmussen out there early this morning to show us what you can expect. >>reporter: good morning. you can see and probably hear last minute construction and finishing touches they're putting out here. the food court area and bloomingdale's, directly to the
6:36 am
east is all part of this brand new expansion, 30 additional stores and later this year adding another 20 additional stores. today the grand opening, some of the luxury detailers, ver sach see, jimmy choo. that makes this the largest outdoor outlet mall in the entire state out here in livermore. when this place first opened back in november 2012, it created traffic headaches off 580 in livermore. shoppers poured into the new mall and backed up traffic on to the freeway. police will have a had heavy press even -- police will have a heavy presence in the area, to keep an eye on the parking lot. car burglaries can be a problem. one thing that changed since it
6:37 am
first opened, the name. it's now called the san francisco premium outlets instead of livermore. they did that in order to attract the attention of a more international shopping crowd. and international shoppers come here. last year 7 million people came to shop at this outlet mall, people from 50 different count streez, china, malaysia, japan, came out here. 50 different countries every month, shoppers out here. so people are touting this as providing an economic boost. they say it's going to provide additional $800,000 in sales tax revenue every year. not only a shopper's dream with all the extra retailers, city officials are happy about it too. >> i know you're woeshging, but you'll -- working, but you'll check things out for yourself too, right? >> well, they don't open for a
6:38 am
couple lowers, so my wallet is -- hours, so my wallet is safe. arrested one, searching for two more in connection with an armed robbery of two tv news crews including our colleagues. >>reporter: sorry. there was an incident out here. care a was reporting live from peer 14 on the morning after the kate steinle killing. a man with a gun stole two news cameras, tripod and pistol whipped a photographer. our news crew was able to give a description of the get away car. >> within a week, we were able to identify a black 7 series bmw that we believed was a possible suspect vehicle. >> police tracked down the suspected driver, reputed gang member, with the help of other
6:39 am
law enforcement agencies, san francisco police captured jones at a motel 6 in fremont, this is not a crime worth committing. >> we're trying to report on news and what's going on in the community for the community and it's frankly pretty offensive that we come under attack. >> michael jones has pled not guilty to the charges that include robbery and aggravated assault. he's due back in court in september. police say they're confident they'll be able to arrest the other suspects. new developments this morning in a series of huge explosions in northern china. now, china's state-run television is reporting that the death toll has risen to fooi 0 people -- 50 people and more than 700 hurt, 71 in very serious condition. take a look at this incredible video. the initial explosion happened at a warehouse that reportedly stored dangerous materials. chinese news agency says 12 firefighters were killed, massive fire balls lit up the
6:40 am
sky. people who live nearby say they thought it was an earthquake. destroyed buildings and shattered windows miles away. not clear what caused it. fire that destroyed a grocery store in san leandro is investigated as arson. start 2:30 at marina market in marina. we showed you that fire live monday morning. the family-owned market destroyed. four other businesses damaged. investigators have determined that that fire was deliberately set. anyone who may have seen anything is urged to contact the police department. less than two months ago that the supreme court declared gay marriage legal in all 50 states. coming up in 20 minutes, the latest legal debate and why a kentucky office is turning away
6:41 am
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. the patriots quarterback tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell are due back in court next week. the nfl is asking the judge to
6:44 am
declare that its four game suspension of brady was properly carried out. the players union is counter suing. the judge has signaled that he wants the parties to reach a quick settlement. however, overshadowing all of this -- we've seen it. an artist's rendering of tom brady. some say it looks nothing like the handsome quarterback. ryan joins us now -- people are having -- the courtroom artist seems offended. >> she z. i feel bad for her. there it is. kind of looking like that. but the memes that people are doing is hilarious. who would have thought, guys, that the sketch would go viral, but it certainly has. i'm sure you've already seen it. the sketch has people asking is that really tom brady.
6:45 am
that sketch was drawn by courtroom artist jane. she's never really been the topic of conversation, but she's done them before. the sketch is reaching new social media heights. some of the headlights i head and and other media outlets, this courtroom sketch of tom brady will haunt your dreams. another person wrote it looked like tom brady's face melted. and i saw a tweet who said it looks like a mix between frankenstein and kevin bacon. she doesn't use social media so she didn't understand the backlash, but apologized to brady's fans. >> i might have had a better shot of doing a better job, but when you work small, it's hard to get details with pass tells. >> i have an easier time doing a quick sketch of somebody not so
6:46 am
good looking. >> she stands by her sketch, guys. she said it was challenging to draw brady because he seemed to be looking down at his cellphone. here are some of the memes that people have created. one of the brady bunch. tom brady was the youngest one in curls. >> that's a good one. >> no you didn't. >> tom brady as michael jackson's thriller. >> stop it. >> that's pretty good. >> here's one of brady yoda, may the force be with all of you. and tom brady phoning home in the basket. when i first saw these, guys, i was dying laughing in the newsroom. i mean, people were like be quiet, i'm trying to work. but i can't help it. there are plenty more. we posted the best on our website,, swelts our facebook page. >> have you come across any
6:47 am
reaction from tom brady himself? >> no, i haven't, i haven't either. >> i'm sure he's dealing with everything else. >> he has a little bit to prepare for you. >> when i see this kind of thing on social media, i think wow there are a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands. >> very creative and take the time to make us laugh. >> it is what it is. >> thank you for sharing that, ryan. time is 6:47. let's check in with dasia. >> san francisco closed the case in the police shooting of alejandro nieto. he died in a hail of bullets. the shooting that prompted a number of protests against police brutality. getting weighed before you get on an airplane? wait a minute. which airline is now weighing passengers before they board and what they're doing with that
6:48 am
information and how they say really it's all in the name of safety. see you in just a few when i join you guys for mornings on 2. >> it's scary enough for me when they weigh my suitcase because i get dangerously close to the 50 pounds. >> right. and you and i on tv, i don't need people snapping a shot of how much i weigh. >> and i'll tell you, pam, it's not going to say pam cook, 130 pounds, it's going to say female, 130 pounds. >> okay. but still. >> still. >> okay. thanks. let's check traffic. >> a very slim sal. >> dave, i don't know about that. but it is what it is. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have. we have slow traffic out there, unfortunately on this thursday. i was hoping for a lighter commute, but a lot of slow traffic on westbound 24 in
6:49 am
lafayette here. it's crowded. no accidents reported, just a little heavier than normal. the at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up for a 20-minute delay. bay shore exit, there is a big rig that hit a wall there and it's going to be there for a bit. it's a sig alert because they think it's going to be there for a while, not affecting southbound 680 or 780 approaching the bridge. let's go to steve in the weather center. bigger fog bank and milder lows compared to yesterday. we have a lot of 60s this morning. warm ocean temps. cool shot there, cool looking, but not cool out. one of my favorites is kenny the heat, looks like that courtroom reporter, one of her pictures of kenny the heat. >> i love that guy.
6:50 am
>> vine hill near martinez, 66, relative humidity 63%, low marine layer. are you a weather man now, kenny? >> 60 on a lot of these temps, much, much warmer, one to 10 degrees warmer. valleja fogged in, no wind. don't need the warm up you're talking about. can't help you there. 5 to 6, even 9 warmer for oakland. the reason being the water temps came up and look at the fog bank, our system is finally moving and taking that fog bank, ramping it up. san francisco buoy 63, monterey 65, half-moon bay 63. they hit 69 yesterday, the warmest recorded since started operation in 1967. look at the warm water in the
6:51 am
pacific northwest and the hawaiian islands. the warmest water temps in hawaii since july 1948. tropical storm hilda running into ri sis tense now. heading -- resistance now. after that it takes a dive to the south, missing maui, kauai and oahu. system is moving, takes that fog bank and gives us more than yesterday, that's for sure. low on its way out, allowing high pressure to kick in. 60s, 70s, 80s today, but then that high says i've been working out and i'm coming in and it's going to get hot for about two days and then starts to cool down. morning clouds, a little breeze once that fog bank burns off. a lot more fog than we had. 80s through the interior, upper 70s and with the warm ocean temps, pretty mild on the coast as well. temperatures there 70s to 80s. looks like temperatures have
6:52 am
been kind of holding steady tore a few days. start a warmup on friday and then kick it into warmer gear on the weekend. >> we got it. >> you'll get it. >> we're gonna get it. >> that could be tough for fires. >> there has been good nurz on the jerusalem fire, 33% contained. >> but the weekend could be rough. >> yeah. 6:52. convicted national security leaker chelsea manning facing indefinite solitary con phoenixment. the items that -- confinement. the items reportedly found in her cell in a violate prison rules.
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that violate prison rules. . chelsea manning, the former army private sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking confidential documents is facing solitary confinement. she is formerly known as bradley manning currently in maximum security prison. manning's attorney says it includes a copy of vanity fair with caitlyn jenner on the cover and include medicine misuse for having an expired tube of toothpaste. now, a hearing is set for next
6:56 am
week. maximum penalty indefinite solitary confinement. former president jimmy carter has liver cancer and it's spreading. he's 90 years old, announced surgery frommerer in at this month revealed a cancer that spread to other parts of his body, but didn't say where. he'll undergo treatment in atlanta. librarians in berkeley upset about the books discarded. about 39,000 books weeded out sense january. yesterday there was a rally in front of the library and the director, jeff scott, said at first only 2,000 books were discarded. >> found out that's not accurate, so i'm researching that to find out how many were deleted. >> just because something hasn't been taken out for a few years doesn't mean it's not valuable.
6:57 am
this is a research community. >> books in poor condition and rarely checked out meet the criteria. protestors plan to rally, saying mike mcguirre wants to give certain wine growers unlimited amounts of water. the north bay senator supports a bill creating a separate irrigation district for grape growers in the russian district. but the senate wants both sides to come up with a solution. starts tonight at 6:30 in sanity rosa. christmas day rematch coming up is one of the highlights. cleveland cavaliers return to the oracle arena on christmas day. pelicans is who they face in the season opener.
6:58 am
the warriors play in a record 25 nationally televised game this upcoming season and that's because they're fun to watch. >> that are the champs. >> yep. still ahead, it was a wild night in downtown oakland. at least one business vandalized. trash cans set on fire. the police shooting that prompted the latest round of violent protests in oakland. and little baby animals dying in martinez. the answer scientists are seeking about the city's most beloved residents.
6:59 am
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>> reporter: we are live in san jose where a man was shot overnight at a business park. we'll tell you what we know so far about this homicide in north san jose. protesters block the roads and damage businesses. in the round of violent protests in oakland following a deadly officer-involved shooting there. "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00 on this thursday, august 13 secretary. good


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