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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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investigators are reviewing video from an officer's body camera after the deadly shooting of a carjacking suspect. tracking the predictions for el nino, could be as
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>> that is what the current
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evidence is suggesting. >> reporter: she hopes people take time familiarize themselves with the facts and evidence whale they engage in the conversation about justice. the question is whether or not police will release the video. a question we have been asking officers about all day. whether or not they will release the footage from the cameras the officers were wearing. we don't have an answer to at this point but we hope to have a answer later on today. >> seems that that would answer many questions. three different videos. we have seen officer involved shooting across the country, you got to wonder why it wouldn't be if that will be the case. >> reporter: right. the mayor did say she believes transparency is the best policy and that is something the police chief said yesterday. they want to be committed to transparency but they said they have to respect the rights of due process and that is what they are trying to balance. >> let's talk about the mayor. she came out in may, said no more night time protests. you can be on it sidewalks, you can't be on the streets. the goal, to stall the
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vandalism, and last night, dozens of people on the streets, causing damage, graffiti. people can't get to and from. did the mayor address why one person was sited and released, why more weren't taken into custody and sited? >> reporter: she said there has never been a ban on night time protests, never a curfew banning the protests. she said people can protest at night but when it comes to the protests, the city is better utilizing the existing policy to make sure people are safe. we asked her about the vandalism, about people blocking the off ramps, she said that window does bother me. i don't want to see one window broken. we will tin to make sure people, property and the public can safely assemble and everyone is protected. she did
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el nino el nino can deliver. in 1998 san francisco, the rainfall totals very
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the largest ever caught on video. sharing it on instagram. you can look for it on ktvu. sky fox 2 is over the livermore outlets. you can see traffic is moving along. this mall is expanding with dozens of new stores opening and it is attracting new crowds there. we will be right back.
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you probably familiar with san francisco pride events held each summer. across the bay inch oakland -- in oakland they are gearing up for their own gay pride and festival. joining us now co-chair. every summer the is a big to do about san francisco pride, fun weekend. let's talk about oakland and
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get into the focus of family. >> so oakland pride was started in 2009. created as an event, and we knew that oakland was set -- was different than san francisco. we wanted to highlight the differences. we are one of the most diverse cities in the country. you see that in our pride celebration. one of the most important key parts is the fact that we have the largest population of gays and lesbians families +++raisin children. raising children. afome to our pride festival the best kids area you have ever seen, you see moms and pops of all different nationalities, celebrating oakland pride together. >> reporter: why is that so important to focus on the
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family and have the kids there. >> celebrate that. and oakland pride being able we are enlargest population raising gays and lesbians -- largest population raising lgbt families. >> reporter: oakland has a new mayor. i want to get your opinion, if you could put your mark on a report card, how is the mayor's relationship with the administration? >> i just read an article. i can say from personal experience that she does have one of the most supportive administrations i have seen so far. and since she has been on counsel she has been a champion
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for oakland pride and for the lgbt community. you can see that in her administration choices. she is putting diversity at the forefront, reflecting oakland in the leadership that she is appointing. >> the parade, september 13. say someone wants to participate, can they still get in? >> absolutely. still have time to register. we encourage people to register. they would go to to register. and they can be a vendor or just participate in the festival and fun. we are expanding the kids area to three times the size. adding rides. once they pay admission they could get on rides, paint faces, have are a great time. >> reporter: getting crowded? >> getting crowded. every year we see 10-20% increase. we are anticipating that this year as well. >> thank you for coming in. wishing you the best on
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september lane. 1030 -- 13. 10:30 a.m. you can find out more, go to as well and look for web links on the home page. over to mark and keba arnold. >> thank you. here with mark tamayo. feels nice out there now. we know the warm up is tomorrow? >> begins tomorrow. we are on stand by now. >> we like stand by. feels nice. >> temperatures not too hot, not too cold. comfortable. get ready. you will notice a change tomorrow across the bay area. especially near the bay and for the inland sections. lots of sunshine right now. live camera towards san francisco bay. patchy fog. patchy coastal fog. san jose on track to reach, let's see, lower 80s tomorrow. eventually on track to reach the 90s into your bay area weekend. right now live storm tracker 2, look at this. a circulation in the pacific.
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and that is an area of low pressure and that will be moving out of town, to the north, beginning tomorrow. as that leaves we will have warmer temperatures to talk about. not much in the way of significant cloud cover. coastal fog. current numbers, 80s towards concord, walnut creek and livermore. san jose 79. san francisco downtown 69 degrees. and our friends in santa rosa 81. today we will call it mild. warmer side. we will warm up friday and saturday. so warm to hot numbers again. livermore 100 degrees on saturday. san francisco upper 70s. santa rosa 98 degrees. san jose in the lower 90s. sunday could be a touch warmer inland. i think we will have more of an onshore breeze sunday. with that we will shave off a few degrees coast side. tomorrow talking about football. you can see the raiders playing the rams. clear skies. temperatures will be in the
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upper 60s with winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour. here is the forecast. the area of low pressure off shore. scooting to the north. that will be the track tomorrow. for tomorrow fog near the coast. clear skies for the afternoon hours. 60s there. inland neighborhoods the 80s. tomorrow warming trend begins. here is the temperature range into saturday. sunday will be the hottest day inland this weekend. our forecast model. fog. waking up to gray near the coast and the bay shoreline, 7:00 a.m. and then you can see increasing sunshine throughout the afternoon. warmest locs 90 degrees -- locations 90 degrees by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. cooler in the mid-6060s -- mid- 60s near the shorelines. 80s fairfield, vacaville. rim of the bay, upper 70s.
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san jose 82. gilroy 90. and san francisco 74 degrees. with clear skies for the afternoon hours. your five-day forecast, we bridge in triple digits saturday for the hottest locations in the bay area. the change on sunday brings us cooling for the coast. might bump up inland and more fooling we are expecting temperatures to drop off monday and tuesday of next week. i remember as a kid in the bay area summer felt cool and chilly, and time to go back to school gets hot -- [ talking at the same time ] >> typical -- [ talking at the same time ] >> nice time at the beaches. >> very nice. especially saturday. a student was supposed to intern for facebook but this website right here cost him the job. we will tell you what he figured out about facebook's messenger app.
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harvard student lost out on an internship at facebook because he uncovered a flaw. it lets facebook messenger users pinpoint the location of users they are talking through. he created it. he approached the idea as a public service. he tells the media in boston that after the website launched in may he got a call from
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facebook. he was supposed to start there but facebook says his offer is rescinded because he violated the terms of service. facebook has since released a fix for the law. more women are joining the law force. pam cook explains in today's money business. >> reporter: women broke through the ceiling in the tech sector but there are still many obstacles. i sat down with a woman who is leading women in technology about the challenges, the benefits of having woman in technology and the companies that are female friendly. >> they have a person at pandora who is about connecting with the community in the east bay. the concept of a job in the technology space changing. >> reporter: you don't have to be an engineer or a techwiz.
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they also need people in marketing, sales, design and accounting. she is head of strategy for a non-profit that helps women with networking, negotiating salary and the challenges women face when they break through. >> a wonderful thing to do. it is lonely. and we hadn't found a network of women to talk to about all of the issues we needed to deal with the same way guys do when they have beers or play golf. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she encourages women to rock their femimity. >> what women bring to the table is a different experience to make sure what you are building is something that works for everybody or at least the market that you are going after. >> she gives examples of the apple watch that at first didn't have health monitoring for women's issues and a
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presentation on wearable technology. >> they are whether l block. they are not -- they are all black and they are not cute. >> reporter: she says women bring a very important character. >> a leadership trait that is starting to emerge in the work place today. especially when i think about the younger generations. it may also be the driving force behind the changes in taking time off to start a family. companies announced extended paid leave for both parents. >> thank you. while some students are already back in school, other families are still getting ready. today we are taking four minutes during the four to talk about the key conversations parents should have about social media. the difficulttomic of -- difficult topic of sexing and what parents need to know.
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[ music ] all right. back to school time. while many ma'am families are st. stocking up on -- many families are stocking up, many are tackling difficult conversations to prepare their students for social life in school. we are taking four minutes to prepare families to discuss the difficult topic of sexing with their children.
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you are joined with a couple guests. >> we be ryan, one of our tech experts. we have careful, parenting eter with common sense media. we throw out the world sex a lot. what are we talking about? sexting. >> looking at sexually photos, material, text, sent through e- mail, text message or cell phone apps. that is usually what sixing is referred to. >> are kids -- sexting is referred to? >> kids are doing this? >> yes. 39% of kids said they received -- sent a six text message. 51% received or -- or 48% received sex message.
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>> why would they do something that seems so private to send a picture of yourself. why are kids doing this? >> they are doing it because they can. a lot of apps make it easy for kids to do it. which by-passing the -- [ indiscernible ] >> we are not living in a -- [ talking at the same time ] >> celebrities are sexing. kids see it. always on type of culture and kids are comfortable documenting their lives online. >> what are they risking? >> kids have a hard time thinking through the consequences. risking their reputation and prosecution. >> this is a dangerous thing to do. >> a lot of kids they rely on the technology. when you use their app, it is
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deleted anyway. there was a breach of a third party application that got breached and all those photos were taken and put up online. they are celebrities. if you look what happened with the icloud hack, celebrities are taking those photos and they are sharing them but as soon as they got hacked now they are everywhere. >> i lead to blog, parents who say but i monitor. i have the password to their accounts. is that enough? >> not really. there are certain apps that delete messages as they are sent so you can't look at their history and see what they are doing. they can also just use someone else's phone -- >> or create another account. easy to do it. [ talking at the same time ] >> it is essential to talk to
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your kids about good habits -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they have one account -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that is not unusual. multiple accounts. >> we say it is not the technology that makes kids bad, it is parents responsibility to talk to
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ground zero, the world trade center and rescued hundreds of people after hurricane katrina. today he is a bay area fire chief and he has seen it all. the 10th anniversary of hurricane had been -- hurricane katrina is approaching. a firefighter led a rescueeft that saved the -- rescue effort that saved the lives of hundreds of people. ktvu's ken wayne talked to him
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about the days after the storm and personal tragedy he suffered since that changed his life forever. >> reporter: 10 years ago he was in the middle of one of the biggest natural disasters in american history. >> living in a dead city every day it wore on us. all we saw was destruction. >> reporter: in september 2005 he caught up with him as he and his teams launched boats into a flooded neighborhood outside the french quarter. >> northeast of the french quarter. >> reporter: they had no idea what they were in for. >> this is the worse. >> never had a day like that. since then, i mean, it was the most unbelievable day. >> reporter: they rescued 502 people on that day. pulling men and women and children out by boat and handing them off to waiting
4:41 pm
helicopter crews. moving as fast as they could. >> what we did over there we will never do anywhere else. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he had been to the oklahoma city bombing, ground zero and the special shuttle crash in texas but never seen anything like this. [ indiscernible ] >> suddenly we are in new orleans and we are pulling people out out of attics, buildings. you know, people that would have died had we not found them. >> reporter: fema placed restrictions on media access. he ignored it. >> the day we were with you, we broke the rules that day. you weren't supposed to be with us on a boat. >> reporter: he thought the story was too important. what they didn't know then was that many of the people they
4:42 pm
rescued and got to dry land still had nowhere to go. >> thousands of people were put in staging areas with limited food, water, sanitation and shade sometimes or medical attention for people that were sick. >> reporter: people through things at his traversing the fema placards on -- truck after seeing the fema placards on their truck. >> they realized we are from california. and i have to tell you, it changedane second. people were telling us -- changed in a second. people were telling us they loved us. >> reporter: he learned why there was so much anger. >> we realized that everybody thought this disaster was a failure and yet we rescued our
4:43 pm
team over a thousand people. >> reporter: in 2007 he became chief of the menlow park fire district. he faced a new personal trag a ed. >> -- tragedy. >> i wake up in a pool of blood. i can't move. >> reporter: he fell off a 16- foot ladder while trimming bushes and broke his neck. he found himself shifting into first responder mode. >> doing the self-assessment. it wasn't a good feeling. what am i going to do? >> the 6'3" lifesaver is now in a wheelchair. he may never walk again. >> needing help, when you used to do everything, it is tough. it is a very humbling injury that -- it is -- it is not an
4:44 pm
easy life. >> reporter: one he is reminded of every time he hears a siren. >> a piece of me will never not be on that truck. >> reporter: he has new responsibilities and a new mission. >> making the community better, safer. that is what i do now every day. i love it. i am thankful to be here. >> reporter: he is applying the lessons he learned in men menlow park. [ indiscernible ] >> you may not want to know how they did. >> ken wayne joins us now. amazing story. this man here. what was it like, take us back 10 years ago, being in the trenches there during hurricane katrina, riding with him. >> we talked to him before he went to new orleans and we tried to set up with him. when we were driving into new orleans we had bad cell phone
4:45 pm
coverage. all i heard him say was saints practice field. jetted over there. couldn't get in. it was a fema compound. we see these red trucks that said california oes on it. i was thinking i could get with somebody who could tell me where he was, he was in the truck. he said get in. get in. we followed him. we went to the area where you saw that rescue take place. he was the guy who was a man of action. he said you should be with us. you need to document what is going on. >> no doubt a champion. i interviewed him a few time. never spent the time you did. what was it like for you doing this story with him on a personal note? >> we had to share the misery that was going on there. it was hot. it was humid. oppressive. there were no facilities whatsoever. no power, no water. streets flooded. it was horrible conditions there.
4:46 pm
and on top of that they had to work in that heat and try to get all these people out of there and save lives. to have him allow us to be with him on that against the fema rules that he broke, was just something else. we were in a mode of work that you rarely come across. >> being with him 10 years ago, and when you found out about his injury, what was your reaction? >> a punch in the stomach. i was so shocked at this injury. you see what kind of guy he was and now he is trying to deal with this and he is hoping he will be able to walk again. he is not giving up hope. >> thank you. appreciate it. with that, meteorologist mark tamayo. >> quick update on the weather we have been talking about. clear skies today. get ready for warmer temperatures into the weekend. right now on live storm tracker
4:47 pm
2 clear skies. live camera. still patchy fog. that fog will expand in coverage over the next few hours. we have been talking about the circulation off shore. since last weekend. the area of low pressure just stalling out there. it will be on the move into friday. with that we will bump up the numbers. here is a look right now. clear skies over a good portion of the bear. and temperatures -- bay area. and temperatures right now, san jose upper 70. livermore 84. san francisco 68. and lower 80s for santa rosa, napa and fairfield, 85 degrees. tonight partly cloudy skies. fair skies. a breeze. tomorrow will be warmer. and the weekend warming up. inland neighborhoods back up to 100 degrees. over night lows tomorrow morning, starting out friday morning in the upper 50s to 60 degrees. few mid-50s. the temperature break down.
4:48 pm
mid-60s immediate coast line. san francisco, across the bay, temperatures warming back up. temperatures tomorrow inland back up into the mid-80s. the warmest locations upper 80s to 90 degrees by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. livermore, the temperature time line, 7:00 a.m., 61 degrees. on track to reach the mid-80s during the afternoon hours. this system has been parked out there since monday. and it will be on the move. the coast tomorrow, morning fog. 60s out there. and inland neighborhoods back up into the 80s. into the weekend, the area of high pressure builds in and strengthens from the desert southwest. as a result here is the temperature range. 70s for the beaches. inland neighborhoods 100 degrees. sunday will be the hottest day inland. for the second half of the weekend, cooling near the immediate shoreline. shoreline tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., fog near the coast.
4:49 pm
around the bay to start out friday. increasing sunshine for the afternoon hours. the warmest locations, flirting with 90 degrees. tomorrow a few degrees warmer than today. we will look at the numbers. the break down for friday afternoon. santa rosa upper 80s. lots of 70s or mid-70s around the rim of the bay. inland near 90 degrees. san jose high of 82. fremont 80. and san francisco 74. shoreline, temperatures in the mid-60s. your five-day forecast, we will continue a heat up inland sunday. or saturday and sunday. triple digits there. around the bay, 80s. beaches in the 70s for saturday and sunday. fog in the morning. and cooler temperatures expected into next week for monday and tuesday. to connect we talked about el nino, with hurricane katrina, there has been an impact with hurricanes because of el nino. less activity in the atlantic this year but the pacific has
4:50 pm
been rooibos. a lot of action -- robust, a lot of action. a connection with el nino so far this year. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up, deflate-gate scandal. what has everyone's attention is this sketch here. not the hearing. we will explain when the four on 2 returns.
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time now to talk about stories on social media. of course, everyone loves a good marriage proposal. the one we are talking about today we want to show you, took place in maine. he got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend.
4:53 pm
take a look and see if you can spot who was there to witness it. >> got to look closely. [ talking at the same time ] >> it happened that bush family home. with not one but two presidents there. george w. bush and george h. w. bush as well as barbara bush. he has two prosthetic legs. his friends helped him to his knee. >> he was injured in 2012 while serving in afghanistan. he was visiting for an event honoring wounded veterans. george h. w. bush congratulated the couple on his twitter page. cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom where deflate-gate hearing is happening. any visual representation has to come from sketches. a judge heard arguments about accusations that new england
4:54 pm
patriots quarterback tom brady directed taf to under inflate footballs. tom brady -- to under inflate footballs. tom brady. one sketch lit up social media. >> look here. got to look. yeah. that is tom brady on the right. supposed to be. this is a sketch. many people are saying it looks nothing like tom brady. she said she has nasty e-mails over this but at least on social media they were more so making fun, having jokes about it and people are creating memes using the sketch and incorporating it into famous photos and moments. you can see yeta -- yeta there. -- yota there. now trending on twitter. school pictures of ktvu staff
4:55 pm
members. right now. >> keba arnold. back in -- [ talking at the same time ] >> few years ago. >> early 1980s. >> this is going viral. >> no it is not. >> this is going viral. that is the old fifth grade one there. >> adorable. >> cool stuff. all the ktvu staff there, compiling pictures. go to and our facebook page to check them out. straight ahead, surgery that only has been done three times before. take a look at the youngest patient to ever receive and recover from this heart surgery. the story when the four on 2 returns.
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the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 18 months old and has a heart surgery success story. it has only been done three times before and never on a toddler. she is happy. dancing and singing now. in june she went into cartiac arrest in front of her parents -- cardiac arrest in front of her parents. doctors found her heart rhythm was racing so fast it was off the charts and the bottom of her heart was taking over control. and beating too fast. medicine was not helping. so a team of doctors took her
4:59 pm
to surgery. >> put a tube inside of the heart, directly into the left side and through that tube they were able to deliver the catheter to where they needed it to go and able to stop it. >> it was touch and go. she flat lined three times. >> doctors say her prognosis is good for a long, healthy life ahead. over to ken and julie now. we are hearing from the oakland mayor in regards to the shooting. >> we are. we have new information about the officer involved shooting in oakland. >> we know all three oakland police officers were wearing body cameras and one witness explains why she thinks police had no choice but to open fire. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am ken wayne.
5:00 pm
>> i am julie haener. the mayor of oakland is talking about her reaction to yesterday's officer involved shooting and protests that followed. we spoke with a witness who said officers were justified. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us live from police headquarters with more on this story. >> reporter: we just heard from oakland police within the past hour. they will not be releasing video from the three body cameras the officers were wearing and they also are with holding the identity of the suspect who was shot and killed because they are still trying to identify his family. we can tell you the preliminary autopsy report shows the man died from gun shot wounds that entered the front part of his body. >> new day brought do you mean the spot where chaos played out on the streets wednesday afternoon. a witness wasn't surprised police opened fire on the suspect. >> if he dropped the gun


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