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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 22, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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a fight outside a bar leads to something in a zebra-striped unicorn. at her mother's grave -- >> this is what the camera caught. >> see who got busted with all the flowers. a baby deer is confused. >> and separated from its mom. >> i've got a deer in the back seat. >> how a good samaritan got her back home. plus, the ride that's a scream. >> ah! and it's time to chop with
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chris who turns wood into -- >> incredible works of art. >> he was making in this video that led to a surprise delivery for us. >> i've got a very rare sighting. you guys got to look at this freeze frame of a video and oh, no, that's not rare as all. two dudes squaring off outside a bar in hoboken, new jersey, ready to bro fight? not rare at all. but the moments that follow here are rarer than a zebra-striped unicorn. watch this. >> oh, no way! >> the double knockout. the people that posted this video say two punches were thrown simultaneously. one by each fighter. those two punches landed, knocking each dude out. to the ground. stone cold. now, right here they try and pick up mr. shirtless and say come on, bro, look, you knocked him out. you win. but he immediately is all wobbly and the little unicorn knees and
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falls back down to the sidewalk. this video was posted on fab by cotchery boettcher. according to rory, he works in hoboken. we believe this fight happened near that bar out in the street. witnesses in the comments say that both guys did eventually get to their feet, shake it off and walked away. >> it's a best-care sese scenar. both were winners, both were losers. just go on. >> it's the perfect fight. you have words. you don't even throw a punch and you walk away. >> there's no loser, there's no winner. you both look like badasses. >> and idiots. >> it's like the freeze frame from the very end of "rocky 3." >> ding ding here because they both go down now. she lost her mother and since then, they've been bringing the gravesite of her mother some flowers. they've also noticed that those flowers constantly, for the last few months, kept going missing.
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so she set up a hidden camera. and this is what the camera caught. a woman tearing the flowers right out of the ground, throwing them in a box and then just running away. >> wait a minute. why just that headstone? there's a bunch of flowers at e one right to thet >> that's one of the biggest questions that marge is trying to answer. she doesn't know who this woman is. she doesn't know why she's doing this. and police are now looking for her trying to figure out what the heck is up? >> that is really bizarre. >> now, for this next video, this guy, concealing his identity, carefully walks into this patio. now, he knows that the camera is there. so as you can see, he's trying to conceal his face. not only that, he does also set off the alarm. and you can actually see in the video that at some point, he tries to cover his ears because it is a very loud alarm, apparently. still that does not deter him.
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and even though he's unable to break in through the door, he walks off, only to come back with a brick to break the window. that works. he is able to get inside the house and make away with some items that he was able to get his hands on. cronin is throwing caution to the wind in this animal rescue because he's going to transport a wild animal. now, you shouldn't do that without permission. he said he did have permission from a local cop, but notice this fawn. as you can see here from this picture. >> hi. >> i just love that. >> i need help. >> this is a fawn rescue in martha's vineyard which some would just say is vacation, but for phil, this is a rescue he said that this poor little fawn was clipped by a car, injured. it was disoriented, confused, had some minor injuries and separated from its mom. >> come here. come on. >> there he is in the car. >> that's like "tommy boy."
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the deer's just looking around. >> oh, my gosh! it's like a dog back there that can't sit still. >> all right. take it easy. come on. >> it walks away. it doesn't come back. and he says it went back to nestle near where he found it. but it was reunited with mom. eventually. mom did show up, though. all is well that ends well. now, this guy is executing a bee rescue. >> probably dehydrated. >> when i got here, i got honey in my hands, then i grabbed this bee. >> i thought they eat honey. >> they do eat honey, but remember, honey is something -- it's like regurgitated and rehydrated and regurgitated, so basically honey is bee spit or vomit, whichever you want to call it. >> and it's delicious. >> it is. >> drink it away. >> this is bee's honey from -- what is this, appalachian honey, actually. >> it's my favorite. >> there we go. nice. >> someone is rescuing a bee. it's pretty cool. but at the same time, why?
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>> because they're so incredibly important to everything. quite frankly, in my opinion, every bee that could be rescued should be rescued. >> high five. high bee five. there he goes. >> there he goes. >> some serious man claws. i mean because he's a climber, i mean because of the way he climbs. >> oh! oh, i saw his man plums. oh, that was a full moon. >> yes. a bulls out climber literally. this brought to you by the guys at epic tv, as you can clearly see. >> why did he put the camera there? >> talk about no gear whatsoever. he's just got his own tackle with him. >> nothing at all. no chalk, no clothes. he does his solo ascent
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completely without anything, just his birthday suit. >> not even shoes. >> not a single thing. >> as crazy as it seems and as wild as it is, you have to respect his ability because clearly, he's doing a pretty amazing job. >> why does he climb naked? is he just an exhibitionist, or did one day he realize, these shorts are restricting my movement? >> he's trying to sort of take on this climb and take on this mountain the same way the animals have to do it out in the wild. animals don't have ropes. animals don't have backup or backpacks or anything like that. it's just him against the mountain. ♪ >> i'm thinking he just wants to even up the pants. that's my theory. i'm sticking to it. a woman throws a tantrum in
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the streets because her boyfriend dumped her via text. see the epic meltdown that just won't quit. >> do you think maybe her reaction to bad news might have led to the break-up? plus dad's got to take care of business. >> because his little girl just took care of her business. >> what happens when he gets his hands dirty. honey, i'm getting the band back together, and we're going out on tour. >> i'm totally comfortable with that. allergy medicine that may makeo scthem drowsy? only children's s clclararititin provides non-drowsy 2424 h houour r alallelergrgy yf anand d itit's's t thehe n e pediatrician recommended
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look at this woman, lying in the street in hong kong. screaming, crying, flailing and kicking around like a 6-year-old throwing a tantrum in a toy store. people standing around, looking at her, trying to help her out. she's flipping out. >> why? come on. i need to know why. >> reports say her boyfriend dumped her via text, and she lost her mind.
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[ screaming ] not for a few minutes but for about an hour, according to witnessesbystanders. this lady melted down on the sidewalk. >> so do you think maybe her reaction to bad news might have led to the break-up? >> yes. honey, we're out of milk. ah! like okay, i'm out. time out. i'm going home. >> some bystanders do manying to calm her down enough to get her to her feet. but you can see in the video she's stumbling away. they still couldn't help her. she collapsed again. >> these doing major yoga moves. didn't anybody ever tell her that tears and ice cream work just as well? >> paramedics had to come and retrieve this woman. >> is anyone else feeling really sorry -- not for her, for the guy? >> i'm afraid for the guy if he would have done this to her face. this is the safest way he could have done it. >> from other country. >> he was in norway and then
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sent the text. >> nick, it's time for you and me and take our man cards and throw them away temporarily because it's time for another video from chop with chris. the guy that goes out there using nothing but his talent and his hands to chop down trees, find bits of wood and create incredible works of art. as you can see here, he's found a pretty large piece. he's manhandling it all the way back to his house before he has to then attack it. as we know, no motors, no electricity, it's all done with him. >> it's fascinating to see him do what he does out of what looks like a rotten stump. >> turns out also, check this out, as he reveals what he's been working on. >> my favorite thing ever! >> he made it just for us.
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you can see how he did it. you see there he's cutting out all the words, cutting out our logo and then also signing it there at the bottom. not only do we get to see that, he actually left us a bit of a message as well at the end. >> i think it turned out great. what do you think? >> we love it! >> oh, my gosh! >> welcome. we have enjoyed your video. >> thank you. it's great to be here. >> where did you learn all this? is this a skill that was passed down from family members and you inherited the tools, or is this just all you? >> no, it was somewhat of a eureka moment. i watched a video of a guy making a bowl one time with just hand tools. i decided to make it randomly, and i made the ugliest bowl you've ever seen. then i started to do more complex projects. then i started to make videos, and here we are. >> how long did this take? >> about 12 hours. >> wow! >> so what's it like being the envy of other regular men? >> he talked a lot about his manhood issues so i thought i'd
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bring him this. like you, short in stature. you can touch it, but you can't play with it. >> where do you get all the tools? are they handmade tools? are they antiques? >> i go to flea market. like a lion sees a water buffalo. i get them for a dollar or 2 bucks. >> what's the oldest tool you've come across? >> probably 150 years old. that's well over 100 years old. >> how hard is it for you to stay away from the power tools? >> when you make the decision to not use any electrical power tools, it forces you to use your mind and body more. i've never been tempted. i think hard and try to find creative solutions. >> thank you so much for making the effort and this incredible piece. >> thank you very much. all right. let's do this. you ready?
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>> this very loving dad needs to take care of business because his little girl just took care of her business. mom's not around. >> is it fully loaded? >> it's fully loaded. and we're recording this because dad knew -- >> knew it would be a crappy job? >> yes, dad is recording this because he knew it was going to be a really crappy job that was going to turn into a very gaggy job. >> diaper's not even off and he's already bracing for the worst. >> the guy's got tattoos. he's willing to sit there for 10, 12 hours and have someone attack him with a needle. already he's feeling worried. ♪ >> he's turning all kinds of different colors. he's gagging, and it looks like he may actually have some sort of container that he's ready to vomit into. >> his gagging is actually making me gag.
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>> the video is just under three minutes long. that's how long is takes him. >> keep this one clean till mom gets home, yeah? >> his face right now, this freeze frame, is priceless. >> a new product for dog lovers. >> buddy. buddy is a fully integrated dog collar. >> see the perfect method to watch a dog the high-tech way. plus, let them eat birthday cake. just not this one.
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i smell as good as i looook.k. , isis t thahat t evevenen p? gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, f fre. ststayay c cooool!l! help m me.e. [[ m malale e ana] relief starts now. gogoldld b bonond d ra. two itctch-h-fifig medicines insstatantntlyly e summer itches. gogoldld b bonond.d. meet buddy, a fully integrated dog collar packed with wi-fi, bluetooth technology that's connecting humans to their dogs like never before. >> the folks at squeaker made
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over $200,000. i think if you're a dog lover, you'll want to give them some of that. they have come up with buddy. buddy is a fully integrated dog collar, and they need money for more development and for parts because buddy is a perfect way to watch your dog the high-tech way, especially at night. check this out. does it also have a gps feature so that if fido runs away, absolutely. >> you set up an area within the app. and if they happen to escape or get stolen, you'll get a notification on your phone so you can track them in realtime by gps. >> how about a light sensor that turns the color on and off and adjusts the brightness automatically to keep them nice and visible. >> that kind of looks like the dog. i have a question. how much? >> for the lower-end model, $180 u.s. for the buddy fit, you're talking about $240. but i say you can't beat that kind of peace of mind with your dog, especially if your dog has
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the wandering gene like mine. what i really love, this is a friend zone we can all get behind because in the friend zone, it lets you know if other dogs are nearby that have the buddy device on. >> it's like tinder as well. >> this is a working prototype. and we're ready to push squeaker to the next level, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. >> i think it is a good idea. >> the human race is capable of epic things. we've flown into space, built skyscrapers, cured disease. it's kind of strange that we're so capable of epic fails, too. >> one, two, three! whoo! >> what -- what happened? >> apparently a 40-foot cliff jump into a blue hole in ocho rios, jamaica. it's hard to tell if this person jumped or if there was a couple
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people up top trying to dispose of a body. because that person had no control over their entry into the water. >> oh, no! >> the sound is just -- >> oh! >> now, this next video, much sweeter. folks here singing "happy birthday." all gathered on the family deck out back. >> oh! >> come on! are you kidding me? way to go, daddy. >> well, this kid, i think, will have a distinctly woody flavor. everybody gets a chuckle. these guys are going on the ride of their lives. >> into this canyon. >> see why one takes it better than the other.
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♪ s sumummemer r dadaysys d dri, to, uh oh, those summer nights ♪ ♪ w welell l ohoh o oh h ♪ t telell l meme m morore,, tetellll m me more... ♪ twtwizizzlzlererizize e yoyourur susummmmerer fun with twizzlers. ththe e twtwisist t yoyou u '.
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the way around it. ♪ kangaroo just wants to help. ♪ >> ah! >> why would you want to scream like a baby like this guy? because you would be on something called the terror.
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if i rewind to the very beginning, he's already freaking out. as he starts hearing the sound of the metal gates closing, it starts getting worse. he starts hyperventilating. and now the ride begins when you see that the seats start tilting forward. >> i would love being the operator of that ride. >> you always say that. >> all day long and just be, like, boom! see ya! >> they hit the go button. they start falling down at about 100 miles an hour. >>i it's just so cool. >> the guy, before you know it, the one in the red shirt starts shaking as he grabs onto the harness. >> the universal sign is jesus help me. >> and according to the poster of the video, he starts crying right about here.
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>> he sounds like a teradactyl. >> on their website, they have a video that shows you exactly what this looks like and it's way down deep into the canyon once it lets go. watch. they start slowly bringing them back up. and you hear that girl that hit the go button crack up the whole time as they're coming up. >> best job ever. >> that's it. that's all. catch you on the next "right this minute."
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a girlfriend's revenge goes viral. but even if the video was staged -- he still put his manhood on the line. now we grill the cheating boyfriend about whether it's real or fake. >> it looks like maybe there's some padding in there. >> oh, that's all me. dash cam video show why -- >> you really have to pay attention. >> see the hits, near misses and the lucky survivor under that truck. ever thought of sending a message on a spud? >> no, not really. >> now the man behind the business idea shows how a potato gets the point across. >> it says "nick." and a lot of ladies wana


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