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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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killed the news crew in virginia and turns out he grew up in the bay area. he even worked at kpix in the 1990s. when he started working on air he change said his name to -- changed his name to bryce williams. he sent a manifesto to abc news. >> vester flanagan shot and killed his former colleagues, wdbj7 reporter alison parker and wdbj7 photographer adam ward. they worked on the morning news together. they were just out doing their job interviewing a local official for a story outside of virginia. 6:45 a.m. this morning local time, vester flanagan fired 15 shots during live television, killing the two and injuring this woman they were interviewing. not only did this happen on live television the gunman recorded it on his cell phone. ktvu's eric rasmussen with a look at what happened in the
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moments before and after that shooting. >> reporter: we learned at that video, it is so disturbing we chose not to show it here. vester flanagan even made his own recording of the shooting and his words reveal what many consider a twisted motivation. >> reporter: wdbj7 reporter alison parker and wdbj7 photographer adam ward never saw him coming. their camera caught an image of the man who shot them. police say it was a former reporter vester flanagan known on tv as bryce williams fired from the tv station two years ago. he took social media posting the video of the attack and complained about the people he just killed. they think he headed to the airport where he switched out his car for a car he rented. 4 hours later a trooper
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identified the vehicle on i-66. minutes later vester flanagan crashed and shot himself. >> obvious that there was dis-- he was disturbed in some way, it would appear things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: more evidence of thatane manifesto he fax -- that ma manifesto he faxed to abc, said he was the victim of discrimination at work for being a gay black man. he fired vester flanagan because he was difficult to work with. >> he was looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to. he -- and -- venchially after
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many -- venchially after many incidents -- eventually after many incidents we dismissed him. >> reporter: now, also injured in the shooting was the woman they were interviewing at the time, she was shot in the back and is in stable condition after surgery today. >> you mentioned, we are not showing the video but we have seen it, what struck me was how calmly he walked up, you see him pointing the gun and he puts it down, looks like he was waiting for the camera to pan over to the reporter and the woman she was interviewing before he shot her so it would be captured on live tv. >> reporter: aside from the shooting itself, that was maybe the most chilling part of the video. you hear him mumble a word and he took his time before the shooting started. you know, we watch a lot of videos that are tough to watch and make tough decisions, this was one of the toughest to
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watch. >> it was interesting, he was standing right there for maybe 15, 20 seconds and they never noticed him, never looked over. >> reporter: that's right. they were clearly oblivious to it. i have been out on the field, when you are in that zone and interviewing somebody, that is what you are focused on, especially in an area we are hearing that was not an area where they felt they should be on guard. >> 15 shots in 10 seconds, two people dead. thank you. the shooter vester flanagan has a social media history. and posted updates throughout the shooting -- the morning. we found his page that details a work history in and out of television. incrowd florida and -- including florida and georgia and pg&e in san jose and bank of america in san francisco. on his facebook page he posted several videos of his time as a
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reporter. including this one here. he was at a gun range. the street where vester flanagan used to live was anything but quiet today. that is where we find ktvu's noelle walker, you have been talking to stunned neighbors out there today. >> reporter: yeah. the media is here. in fact, there is activity behind me. wonder figure the family has come home. the family owns several homes here on this street. they are well known and well liked but few people knew there was a son until today. >> reporter: this middle class neighborhood woke up stunned. >> sad all over. you know? just really, really, really sad. >> reporter: vester flanagan the man who shot and killed a reporter and photographer in virginia used to live here in this house. he lives here now and still gets mail for vester flanagan. >> for a person like that, you know, to be -- used to live
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here, disgrace. disgrace. >> he is a soft spoken person. >> reporter: he was his neighbor for three years. shocked to hear vester flanagan seemed to have anger issues, ready to explode. >> i didn't say any ang -- i didn't see any anger issues. >> reporter: he grew up in this home in oakland. >> this is totally out of his character. >> reporter: a neighborhood remembers a very different person than the one he saw on the news today. >> never seen it coming. you couldn't tell me that he did that. i can't believe it. i will never believe it but it happened. >> reporter: he got a radio tv degree in 1993. he interned and worked at cbs station kpix. a former anger issued this statement saying he was just a young eager kid out of school
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and like so many others interns he just wanted to be on tv and do a good job. well now he is on tv but in the worse possible way, my condolences condolences to all effected by this tragedy. no one answers the door at the home, his father was a football player at humboldt state and a former green bay packer, a fixture in the neighborhood. >> like the grandfather of the block. a huge security blanket for us. >> reporter: now his family is grieving too. >> if i see him i will just go give him a big hug. >> that was noelle walker reporting. this afternoon the family released a statement saying it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our condolences condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward and we are praying for the recovery of vikki gardener.
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words caninous express the hurt we feel for the victims. >> the reporter and photographer were just starting their careers, alison parker and adam ward worked as a team at the cbs station wdbj7 in virginia. they grew up in virginia. adam-- the two were the kindest and nicest people at the station. they had something else in common, they were involved with co-workers. parker with the anchor man. they just moved in together. wanted to get married and ward was engaged to a producer. today was scheduled to be her last day at the station. in an interview, alison parker's father said my grief is unbearable. i don't know if there is anybody unthis world or another father who could be more proud
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of their daughter. he said i can't watch any news. all it would do is rip out my heart further than it already is. >> when the shooting happened most people found out on social media and played a role with how fast the gunman spread his message. coming up we talk about how social media changes the way criminals behave. we posted more photos on the ktvu facebook page. you can send condolences condolences there as well. now to other news. one of the most desired vacation spots but san francisco can come at a price. on the heels of a tourist shot over his camera, they are saying they are working to keep people safe. ktvu's cristina rendon is in san francisco with details about what's happening. >> reporter: it was two hours
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ago the supervisor and police chief spoke to us about what happened yesterday. they admit property crimes are an issue they are working to reduce. yesterday you saw it was a supervisor and police chief that was standing with the captain and an officer, the officer was crucial in finding the suspects responsible for the crimes. two residents shot a tourist from thailand while robbing him of his camera. we are told the officer staked his car out anticipating they would use the bridge to go to oakland and that is how they were able to be arrested. they say that is a robbery and aggravated assault. not a property crime.
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they admit a lot of property crimes are on the rise in the area and it is why they are working with different agencies to make sure that that issue is something that is reduced and they say they are working with the district attorney's office to make sure that violent and repeat offenders have punishments that fit their crime. they don't want to give people the impression they can come here and commit the crimes and get away with it. >> our message is to anybody thinking of doing this, don't do it. this is what is going to happen, we will have an officer waiting for you somewhere. we will have the team and the crime lab and they will find you. >> san francisco is a safe city. there is a reason why we are in the top 10 tourist degs ainations in the world. come -- designations in the world. come see san francisco. experience it for yourself.
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>> reporter: police say they are also working to increase staffing levels. by this time next year they hope to have 200 more officers on the streets. >> what about the victim? any update on his condition? >> reporter: we have an update. the police chief said he was in contact with the hospital and she expected to make a full recovery. he told us he served in the air force. he is expected to be okay and they want to make sure if he comes back to the city again he has a better experience the next time around. >> great news he will be okay. cristina rendon, thank you. cheers in the colorado courtroom, the sentence for the movie theater gunman that led to the outburst. >> new complaints about uber and other ride sharing companies. what they claim the ride sharing companies are doing illegally and how it could impact your ride to and from the airport. >> and stranded and we are there for the rescue. the happy ending as dogs and
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dead whale surfaced today in alameda, about 6:00 a.m. this morning lodged under a dock. researchers have been on the scene but haven't been able to identify the type of whale it is. it appears the whale may have been dragged into the bay by ship and floated in. stranded half way down a coast line cliff and this
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morning a crew airlifted the woman to safety. this started around 1:00 a.m. this morning when the woman, with a man, they decided to take their dog for a walk. then all four ended up half way down the cliff. ktvu was there for the rescue. you can see the coast guard there. hovering 300 feet above ground. the officer descends along the cliff there. the woman is being lifted to safety. this happened about 6 hours after the woman, the man and the two dogs fell. the man climbed back up and walked to a home to call for help. it is unclear why they decided to walk along the cliff. it was in the middle of the night. after the rescue the coast guard said the woman was treated at san francisco airport, she was taken to the hospital and she in stable condition. >> we had success with that.
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that is the great thing. great to see a successful rescue like this. >> when firefighters tried to hike towards the woman the dogs went into protective mode. one dog made it down alone. both dogs were rescued. firefighters confirm where the rescue happened today. the same spot where a man was killed last year after falling down the same cliff. british airways is getting ready to launch new surface mineta international airport. they announced they will begin service between san jose and london. they will make one daily round trip flight using its new boeing dreamliner. it will give the community more options when it comes to getting to the uk and europe quickly and easily. >> a continued -- [ indiscernible ] >> convinced us it is the right
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move to make. >> they service to london will begin may 4. tickets go on sale tomorrow. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin, tracking changes out there. >> the cloud cover. you noticed it today. humidity increased too. warm and humidity, it is stuffy and muggy. tomorrow too, more clouds. temperatures into the 90s, uppernotomies. we have low and 90 -- upper 90s. we have low and mid-90s now. you can see the boats coming in and out. beautiful shot. you see the bay bridge. not a lot of fog. little fog. here is the system i am tracking. this system pretty significant for this time of year. i mean, look at it. looks good, right? is it going to bring rain? maybe something friday night, saturday. the main impact is the
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increased moisture. all the moisture is coming in from the subtropicals, all the tropical -- subtropics, all the tropical moisture. that moisture feeds into the forecast over the next couple days. the humidity, you will notice it. 94 right now in fairfield. 95 livermore. highs tomorrow just like these. feels hotter to me. 92 walnut creek. humidity 60%. which is higher than you expect. that is from all that -- that subtropical stuff. santa rosa the big warm up. 10 degrees warmer today than yesterday at this time. the over night lows upper 50s. 62 antioch. tonight will be, like, feels hot, even though it may not be
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that hot. but humidity makes it feel uncomfortable. high pressure warms us up tomorrow. tomorrow is like today. the warmer spots could reach upper 90s. right? humidity. most will be where we were today. that marks a change. this weather system drops closer to us and trends temperatures down a few degrees. the five-day forecast then with the bay area weekends in view. the subtropical moisture. humidity. not bad for firefighters. they appreciate that. the slight chance for a shower which, boy, i tell you, i am routing it on, looks like northern california thing. what i take away from this, that system is breaking the pattern up. things get stagnant in the summer months. now it is dropping in,chi away at the high and -- chipping away at the high and could mean rain down the road.
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>> that would be great. >> sometimes you get it way up there -- we are looking at rain in august. that is pretty good. >> thank you. a story of love and the power of social media used for good. how a man used his truck and a sign to get his wife a kidney developments and the man accused of killing a woman on a peer in san francisco, the testimony that suggest the victim was not the target. >> and how governor jerry brown put an end to the exit exam problem that could have kept several high school grads from going to college.
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colorado movie theater shooter james holmes will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge sentenced him to 12 life sentences without the possibility of patrol. he opened fire inside a movie theater three years ago. before his sentence was hand down the judge called james holmes an angry quitter who gave up on life and turned his hatred into murder. >> the defendant senseless, horrific heinous acts have needlessly impacted thousands of people, thousands of people. as one of the victims put it, he took life from hundreds or thousands who are still breathing. >> james holmes showed little
5:25 pm
emotion. after his sentencing cheers broke out in the courtroom. colorado man took matters into his own hands and he and his wife waited for a kidney donor and it paid off. his sign on his truck says his wife got a donor. the sign went viral online. today he and his wife met the young man who donated his kidney. >> just relief. it was, you know, such a challenge trying to find someone. >> why not? yeah. anyone can do it. and saving someone's life you can't put a price or reason on that. >> he said it was such a joy to see she doesn't need dialysis and she healthy now. he has new sign asking for a donor for a woman named kelsey. >> that attitude from the guy
5:26 pm
who donated, fantastic. [ talking at the same time ] coming up here, the stock market bounces backane huge way today. why there is still more volatility ahead. >> cab drivers rally in san francisco, claiming ride sharing companies are violating the law at san francisco international airport. >> and we examine the role social media played in the killing of a tv news crew in virginia, how fast the shooter was able to spread his message. you're a parent. we're both busy people. so pick up my new hand prepared $20 family fill up meal. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking) it's finger lickin' good.
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vikki gardener
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back to our top story, a tv news crew shot and killed while conducting a live interview. the gunman killed the reporter and photographer. the official they were interviewing was also wounded. the gunman was a disgruntled former employee who had been fired two years ago. the general manager confirmed the firing. >> after many incidents of his anger coming to the for, he dismissed him. and he did not take that well. we had to call the police to escort him from the building. >> wdbj7 reporter alison parker and wdbj7 photographer adam ward were both killed. the two worked together on the morning news. adam ward's fiance was in the control room at the time of the
5:30 pm
shooting, she is a producer there. while his camera was rolling, vester flanagan fired 15 shots. vester flanagan grew up in the bay area. he used the name bryce williams during the time as a tv reporter. after killing the crew he posted video on facebook and later killed himself as police were closing in. >> the suspect from this incident, the shooting, died at fairfax in northern virginia as a result of a self-inflicted wound. the shooter had sued the television station 15 years ago for racial discrimination. that station denied the allegation. the lawsuit was dismissed and he filmed the shooting as it happened and posted it on social media. along with comments about the victims. ktvu's john sasaki talked to
5:31 pm
experts today and he is in the news room now. seems this gunman wanted this to go viral. and he wanted the notoriety. >> reporter: this was an attack intended to be as high profile as possible, happened on live tv and social media. >> reporter: like most journalists bryce williams had a big presence on social media but none of his posts was like this tweet, he said i filmed the shooting. >> he planned this. you know? and he did for a maximum effect, which was on tv and with the social media. >> reporter: he says social media wasn't a cause of the shooting. >> people when they -- when they kill themselves they will sometimes leave suicidal notes that are very negative. you know? in a way at getting back at
5:32 pm
someone for a grudge. >> reporter: it did help spread the message with lightning speed. >> having, you know, facebook or twitter or any media, kind of amplifies the effect. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney says social media has changed the way criminals behave. >> whatever someone may have wanted to do, commit a crime or do anything along those lines without social media in the past, is being done with social media in the fabric of who we are as people. >> reporter: bryce williams posted video that he shot of the quiltings facebook. facebook -- killings to facebook. facebook shut down the page. because there can be information there for investigators a search warrant could be necessary. >> it is about law enforcement being able to do everything they can oo preserve -- to
5:33 pm
preserve evidence. that is no difference across the board. >> reporter: because of the nature of the killings, there could be copy cats and we should use great caution. >> is he talking about why the killer may have done this? >> reporter: he said from his estimation across the country, he said there could be delusional thinking that helped lead to what happened this morning. >> john sasaki, thank you. president obama is sending condolences condolences -- condolences to the families. he expressed sympathy on behalf of the obama administration and urged congress to enact legislation to tighten gun control. he said the shooting is another example of gun violence that is all too common across the country. >> and congress could take those steps in a way that would
5:34 pm
not infringe on the constitutional rights of law- abiding americans. >> president obama called the failure to pass gun reform the greatest frustration of his presidency and he is vowing to keep pushing for reform. on our coverage continues. we will be posting updates as we get them on the front page. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail tonight. she was in iowa while her rifles are all across the country. >> reporter: hillary clinton use her first appearance in iowa after returning from vacation to call for expanding opportunities for rural communities. she is endorsed by agricultural secretary. >> i believe a strong america depends on strong rural communities. >> reporter: jeb bush called for government reform. >> people do not believe their
5:35 pm
government works for them but that doesn't mean it can't be the way it should be. we have to win the election so we can fix it. >> anybody here love liberty? >> reporter: in seattle, rand paul called for a strong defense of the bill of rights. >> what we need to do is bring liberty back together. economic liberty and personal liberty. >> donald trump is taking heat for booting a tv anchor from a press conference after he tried to ask questions about immigration but he continues to enjoy strong support. >> people are attracted to that regardless of who it is he is attacking. >> reporter: though he might not be hillary clinton's biggest threat, vice president joe biden could be. he is still considering a campaign of his own. ahead tonight, a northern california home coming fit for
5:36 pm
a hero. >> overwhelming for me. i didn't expect all this to happen. >> the latest honor for a college student who helped foil a possible terrorist attack. >> another big move on wall street but this him to markets went higher. the surge that lead to the third largest point gain in history.
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we have developing news right now. a fire that is burning at a plaza in santa clara, it is burning three different buildings. the fire is not far from the express way. you can see firefighters dumping a lot of water on this. looks like the three buildings suffered quite a bit of damage as a result of the fire. the call came in as two explosions. we don't know exactly what caused the fire but again there were explosions that were heard. you can see that there are evacuations in the neighborhood. roads have been closed. stay away if you are in the area because there will be traffic problems as a result. no injuries that we heard of as yet. we will keep you posted. again a fire burning in santa clara, burning three different
5:40 pm
buildings. as we get more information we will bring it to you. stock markets refounded today after sustaining losses over the past six days. the market started up today and with a surge the dow is up 619 to 16,285. the nasdaq is up 191 to 4,697. the s&p is up 72 to 1,940. those moves translate to gains of 4%. ] bell ] [ cheers and applause ] >> the closing bell brought relief but analyst warn there may be more volatility. china's economy is unknown. a fed rate hike together. next month may be too soon to raise rates. while stocks rose, oil prices did not. dropped to $38 a barrel.
5:41 pm
reports of gas demand falling. gas prices nationwide average $2.56 a gallon. that is the lowest since 2004. a man is facing charges after authorities say they found 225 pounds of marijuana in his car. this is a picture of all that marijuana stuffed into the back of a police vehicle. it was packed in vacuum sealed bags. a police officer says all of that marijuana was hidden in a subaru driven by the 31-year- old. he stopped for speeding yesterday. the officer found marijuana and then found it. he was booked on charges of possession and transportation of marijuana for sale. the way to get around the bay area. coming up -- next, why urb and
5:42 pm
lift had cab drivers protesting. >> hurricane katrina hit three years ago -- hit 10 years ago this week, and tracking subtropical moisture, what you can expect in the next 24 hours.
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cab drivers rallied today saying uber drivers are violating airport rules about picking up passengers. ktvu's tom vacar was at the airport and the rally and found out what is going on here. >> reporter: at san francisco international airport we saw more ubers than lyfts than cabs. the san francisco taxi cab workers called reporters to the steps of city hall to complain about ride sharing companies. cabbies say the video shows their not weight in cell phone lots till pinged by a rider requesting service but are cruising roads causing congestion. cabbies say drivers sometimes illegally look for riders to flag them down. >> airports should not be renewing their purples because they are not -- permits because they are not following had rules.
5:46 pm
-- the rules. >> reporter: they want them marked with non-removable logos, fully vetted. cabbies want cars inspected as cabs are. >> the number at thesator increasing -- airport the airport is increasing. . >> reporter: passengers we met say poor taxi cab service and high prices drove them to tncs. >> i don't have to hear about how the cab driver can't use my credit card. >> convenience. clean car. you know what you are getting into. there is a possibility where you know the driver. and course of action if something goes wrong.
5:47 pm
>> we needed something better. this is it. >> reporter: cabs are aware that even if they get more controls put on, cab companies themselves must change or fade away. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the los angeles city counsel gave the ride sharing companies the green light at lax. los angeles is the largest city in the country to allow them to operate along side countries. they still need to get permits at lax. researchers learned a lot about hurricanes since hurricane katrina hit 10 years ago. forecasters are forecasting one of the lowest hurricane
5:48 pm
seasons. he says hurricane katrina proved that water front properties should be miles from the water. >> if you can create a buffer between the hurricane and the population even if it is only relatively small in terms of miles, healthy marshes south of new orleans, that can really put the breaks on a hurricane. >> hurricane katrina claimed more than 1800 lives and caused more than $15 billion in damage in new orleans and mississippi. more on the developing news we told you about, fire that is burning in santa clara at the plaza. we are getting word a car ran into a gas line and broke the gas line. that explains the explosions
5:49 pm
people heard. three buildings are engulfed here. judging from the pictures here, it looks like they are pretty much gone as a result of the fire. as we get more information we will bring it to you. near the expressway in santa clara. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. as we get closer to the end of the week we see changes coming? >> definitely. you may have noticed it today. increasing clouds. humidity went up. big time. warm out there. these were the highs. increase the humidity and it feels hot, right? our weather -- especially inland, our humidities are 12, 18%, you are dealing with 50, 60% humidity. 96 degrees with humidities seems really hot. with humidity things feel hotter, you get moisture, there is more moisture in the air,
5:50 pm
your skill cools, right? by evaporating the sweat and it is cool. expansion cools. moisture evaporates. the sweat. when it is humid it is hard for the moisture to evaporate. a lot of the moisture doesn't leave your skin and so you stay hot. and feel clammy. you knew that. if there is so much humidity in the air you can't swept because the atmosphere is too wet. the fog and low clouds cleared from the coast. you will see the sunset tonight. and you will see fog return tomorrow morning. not that aggressive. like this morning. it was there and then went away. 94 fairfield. tonight inland bay valleys with the humidity, it will feel icky. nice. that is why people love it out here. atlanta, florida, louisiana, this time of year the humidities are high. that is why it feels like it
5:51 pm
feels. out here because of our climate in the central valley, dryness, things don't get that humid. ocean temperature has lot to do with it too. ocean temperature, 59 degrees, doesn't evaporate as readily because it is cooler. high pressure, there it is. building this way. temperatures warm up more tomorrow. it will feel warmer tomorrow because of the humidity. and then after that temperatures trend is down. towards the weekend. this low-pressure system, can is the one that will bring us -- which is the one that will bring us a chance of a shower. i hope. mainly drizzle. north county, the fire areas, ton of fires burning, might bring them rain. fingers crossed for that. 90 degrees milpitas tomorrow. warmer than it was today. there is the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in
5:52 pm
view. a lot of humidity. we are not used to that. [ talking at the same time ] >> californians in the bay area, we are not used to the humidity. >> i know, i spent time in georgia. glad that it is over there. went from chance of showers to drizzle. [ talking at the same time ] >> sorry. you know, yeah, i think it will be light event. but it is encouraging. something dropping down. early for that to happen. >> feels like this will be a good winter. >> thank you. a home coming reserved for a hero. coming up next, hear from one of the men who took down a terrorist with 200 rounds of ammunition on a french train. >> and in minutes, new at 6:00 p.m. continuing coverage of the tragedy in virginia as broadcasters react to two journalists shot and killed on the air. >> i still want to do it. there will always be dangers. >> how some students tell us
5:53 pm
the tragedy impacted the way they see their future career.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
berkeley city leaders are trying to decide what to do with thousands of dollars taken in by the soda tax. it has been in effect since march and brought in $375,000.
5:56 pm
in may a commission recommended half of that go to the united school district for cooking and gardening programs and the remaining money for other programs to raise public awareness with the health risks associated with sugary drinks. the plant would take water from an aquifer. they argue they didn't get the permits to take the water. the company is taking water that would go to californians who are tying to -- trying to cope with the drought. crystal geyser declined to comment. some supervisors are in hot water for the number of times they wash their cars. according it the daily news, he had his car washed on average three times a week. he actually washed his car more frequently after governor jerry
5:57 pm
brown mandated deductions. no comment yet from the supervisor. one of the three young men from sacramento credited for stopping a potential terrorist attack on a train in france was greeted as a hero today. 23-year-old anthony sadler appeared with his father. he is grateful to be back home and touched by the welcome he received. >> after such a crazy few days feel goods to be back in sacramento, this is my home. and i am just glad to be back here to see everybody. overwhelming for me. i didn't expect all this to happen. but i appreciate you all for coming. good to be back home. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> he and his two friends
5:58 pm
tackled and disarmed man carrying 200 rounds of ammunition last week. authorities say the gunman had tied to islam and say he was planning on carrying out a terrorist attack on the train. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. tragedy today in virginia. seen and felt all over the world. two journalists shot and killed live on the air and the suspect was a former colleague with bay area ties. >> this terrible crime against two fine journalists, i can't tell you how much they were loved. >> a sad day today for their friends and family and journalists across the country. good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am keba arnold in for julie haener. 6:45 a.m. this morning outside of virginia. wdbj7 reporter -- wdbj7 reporter alison parker 24-years- old and wdbj7 photographer adam ward 27-years-old were shot and
5:59 pm
killed. the two worked together as team on the morning show. the general manager said they were the kindest and nicest people there at the station. there has been an outpouring of support following the shooting. the station posted these pictures on facebook showing a growing memorial outside their building. saying thank you for the calls, flowers, e-mails and messages of love and support. >> this comes as we are learning more about the gunman and his bay area connections. vester flanagan went by the name bryce williams. he was a former colleague of the victims with ties to oakland and san francisco, even worked at kpix channel 5 in the 1990s. in a manifesto to abc news he described himself as a human powder keg that was kateing to splo-- waiting to explode. we have team coverage beginning with ktvu's eric rasmussen with what led up to the tragedy. >> reporter: the job can take
6:00 pm
crews to scary locations but this wasn't one of them. they were in a safe area, interviewing the head of the cameber of calm -- cameber of commerce on wive -- chamber of commerce on live tv. >> reporter: this is what viewers saw before wdbj7 reporter alison parker and wdbj7 photographer adam ward were shot and killed. the video is so disturbing ktvu isn't showing it. the camera caught an image of the shooter, a former reporter, vester flanagan. known on tv as bryce williams, he was fired from the station in virginia more than two years ago. the shooting on live tv caught a veteran sheriff off guard. >> it stopped me in my tracks this morning. i was watching this morning's broadcast and couldn't understand what was happening myself. >>


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