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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 1, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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911. >> a car is crushed by a tree while -- >> that driver you can barely see him is still inside. >> how good samaritans and a will to survive got this guy out. >> i'm not going to move you too much. ♪ after a woman asks another passenger to turn down her music -- >> she was expecting something. >> why it probably wasn't this. >> are you [ bleep ] dumb? a handler shows no fear. >> he is pretty hands on. >> see if he can keep those hands during snack time. plus trying to squat 315 on a hoverboard and just in time for labor day --
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>> did you see this? >> the secret to skinning a watermelon. >> how do you -- i don't -- how do you do that? if you were north of the border over the weekend you may have been part of a huge storm that caught a lot of people off guard leaving half a million people without power. this footage was captured by stuart granger after an incident he saw on the highway. two cars driving aening lo, suddenly trees fall down and crush them and i mean crush them. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> you see here at beginning it doesn't look so bad from the back, as stewart gets up from the car and you see from the side just how far that car has been crushed. >> i don't know if i should try to get him out. >> get 911 here right away. >> i'm phoning 911 right now. >> okay, sorry. >> the driver you can barely see him is still inside. >> you can see his fingers sticking out of the door there. >> yikes. you see a guy putting a sweater through the window to keep the guy comfortable. stuart and the guy decide they have to try to get this guy out. >> don't move, bud. >> it ends and you see the roof
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and his head is basically to the side. there is a jump in the video where the guys manhandled that door open. >> oh, son of a -- >> you shouldn't be moving. >> he's got to get his head moved a bit man it's getting pressure on it. >> you see him maneuver himself to the side. >> at this point you don't know how severe his injuries could potentially be. >> everybody was worried but the driver wanted out. >> okay, okay. keep your head down on that, don't move now. don't move if you can. >> you can't blame the guy, he's pinned in there. if he feels like he can move. >> his decision. >> i would probably do the same thing in that predicament. >> that's your first instinct is survival. >> you shouldn't stand up, dude, you should sit down. >> eventually he comes out, all the guys are expressing concern, get him to sit down. this was actually explained by brian quinn, he's mappinger of park operations for the city of vancouver. he said typically the winds don't come until fall or winter when the trees defoaliated.
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the leaves acted like giant sails, that's why they were falling all over the place. [ bleep ] this was captured last friday morning. what could be stressing anybody out in melbourne, australia? watch this lady over here with the high pony tail does. >> can you turn the volume down? >> yes, i don't want to hear your music. that's what headphones are for. debris with that lady, turn it down. >> angry she's been asked to put the volume down -- >> are you [ bleep ] dumb? shut the [ bleep ] up. >> she starts squirting water directly on the people behind her. >> that was not the first time she was asked to turn it down. the camera is roll. she was expecting something. >> well it's not the first interaction she's having with some of the people in the train. it wasn't about the music earlier, though. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> turn it down. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> earlier before the video
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started recording, the woman was taking up two seats. she was in one, her purse was in the other. passenger wanted to sit, and according to reports, took her purse, put it on the floor and sat down, to which she reacted by apparently just like shoving her body against him and making it incredibly uncomfortable. >> it's the commute, man. everybody has to go through the commute. it's all about mutual respect and this person needs to learn that. >> i think this lady has some problems, the way she squirted water, ends up getting a bunch of other people wet who had nothing to do with the initial altercation. >> you're on public transportation. you have to share. you have to make way and turn the music down. it's not the 1980s with the ghetto blaster. get some beats by dre. >> the poster of the video decided to share this online, wanted to shame her a little bit for her pretty crummy behavior. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]
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we always give an extra just in case. >> if i was showing people around the florida everglades i'd give an alligator an extra foot or two. >> rob went on the airboat tours and this tour was given by a muskogee tribe alligator handler. i have to say he is pretty hands on for what i would call an apex predator. notice the treat he gives this alligator as well. do you see that? >> twinkie. >> i think it's a dinner roll. i don't think it's a twinkie and definitely not red meat. >> the black dots in his mouth, those are the senses, the tongue ends up being the, they don't see anything so once something hits the tongue. >> they definitely have a professional working relationship developed here. the alligator is quite respectful. he's like all right, next treat, please. >> he signed the contract, he knows what he's supposed to do. >> let me show you the ear, the small slit behind the eye.
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that's how they recognize us by the way is their hearing. >> he makes that clicking noise, he says that's how they recognize him and he's not done messing with this thing. here is the ear demonstration, once again he gets very hands-on. >> butter my buns and call me a biscuit. >> pretty much. >> this alligator is trained. >> this video by gary grayson in the archipelago in england, absolutely fun. this atlantic gray seal thinks it's a dog. like many animals it wants a belly rub. >> look at that. >> and that's exactly why you go diving, to have these amazing interactions with the sea life. >> that's a riot. >> oli, would you like to see that seal smile? >> you bet. >> that is a smile, at the end of the video he's like i'll swim off.
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another seal is behind him at his feet, it's like hey, that's my turn. british columbia, police had set up a checkpoint looking to capture some impaired drivers. they caught one all right. >> hands up right now! >> you hear the screams of police, put your hands up, but you also hear -- the big chevy v8 engine still revving, still running in front of that truck, a police car, behind the truck another police car. just as the camera moves you hear the first crunch. >> get the [ muted ] out of the car now. >> they try to get the driver under control. the truck is stalled, but not for among. for long, and this driver does not want to get caught. at this point it's a deadly weapon this guy has. right there you see the pepper spray being dumped inside the cab. that doesn't work.
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>> he's crunching the heck out of the cop car. >> the crazy thing is how far of a getaway is it going to be? they've seen his face and the make of the truck. >> stop! >> ye! >> the guy smashds his way out of this barricade and takes off down the road. police caught up with the man a short way down the road. the car flipped, he's still inside and held police at bay with an axe inside the vehicle. the standoff lasted for hours. one of the firefighters called to the scene knew the guy, was able to talk him down and get him under control. they believe that mental health factors may have played a large roll in this scenario. no charges have been levied yet against the guy but they are expected as the investigation continues. atm and a stick of dynamite. >> he'll blow up the cash
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machine and possibly the cash in it as well. >> sounds right, see it next. tearing it up and legal to do. >> you know when you are so stressed out you need that release, where? >> stick around to find out on "right this minute." and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke, a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive.
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the "rtm" videos app. now you can watch videos while you wait, it's the cure for boredom. download it now. >> catarina's carnivale and lots of crime as well. cctv, you see the guy run up to an atm, start hammering at it with the long pole. he's trying to open up a hole. he not so he can take the money out, so he can do this, a stick of dynamite he stuck in that atm. clearly watching too much butch cassidy and the sundance kid because -- >> he'll blow up the atm machine and possibly the cash as well. >> the destruction is enormous.
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behind the smoke he comes running up and collects whatever was left of what's inside. police are looking for this guy. they found a gang the other day that had all kinds of tnt. they think these guys have been working their way across town. >> did he get any money? >> if he did it's probably very smoky and a bit burnt. we move on to our second video, a carjacking in broad daylight. this guy comes up and then just out of nowhere starts purging the window, trying to get them to open the door. the 64-year-old female driver eventually gets the door open, yarngz her out of her seat belt and then throws her to the ground. apparently that actually broke her leg. you can see a passenger get out who then runs over to assist that person. we didn't see it in the video but the story continues, he stole that car, drove for another couple, crashed that car and stole that car. he was eventually caught up with and charges will be brought. our final video, three times worse that be that one it all
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happened in just two minutes at this intersection. again we're on a traffic camera here. one guy comes running up, pointing what looks like to be a gun. this guy on the left-hand side is also helping him out. once they get the car stopped, three guys get there, open the doors, open the boot, take everything off. another car turned up, target of opportunity, they rob that car and the one behind it, three cars, two minutes. people have been talking about this neighborhood is notorious section. the people that live in there trying to do something to fix it but just shocking. bradley martin is one heck of a fitness monster. of course you've got guys that are really into fitness but also into challenging each other to do different things. in this case this is what he was challenged to do. >> this is the hardest [ bleep ] thing right now. i almost [ bleep ] fell and what
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do you want to do? he's been challenged to get on the hoverboard and squat with 315 pounds of weight. >> is that hover board designed to hold that much weight? >> well, we are about to find out, because watch. he gets under the weight bar. he stands up. >> no way. >> goes down once. >> whoa! >> and not ohm that, he manages to stay on the hoverboard, continues to balance it a little bit. goes down again. stands right back up, and then goes down for a third time! >> i got to give it up for the hoverboard. looks like it's still working. that's' lot of weight for that thing to handle. >> it sounds like the board ended up cracking a little bit. in the end, four squats with 315 pounds on that thing. >> [ bleep ]. >> this is at a big festival in denmark. this guy decided he's going to balance an entire picnic table with the side benches on his face. at the very beginning of the video you see him balancing that
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thing. this other guy ready to catch the table just in case it falls. he actually manages to balance that on his face for a few seconds and when it falls off he catches it himself. >> i imagine myself at the crowded festival looking for a place to sit and this jack wagon has a table on his face. put it down! i got to sit and have a beer! [ sirens [ i got a new drug, a prescription perhaps, for some of the anger in our world. >> why are you looking at me? >> range, gayle, maybe you can use some time in the rage room. ♪ >> i like this! >> i will pay you money to do this. >> oddly enough all the places in the world i think could use this, the canadians would be the
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last place i would put this. that's where this is, the ramg room is in toronto, canada, put together by a company called battle sport. what does it cost, you may be asking, 20 bucks gets you half an hour of therapy to go in and smash. you can add things, it's an ala carte menu, add extra chairs, plates or pictures, you can put in as much stuff as you'd like and go to town. >> that is why our canadian friends are so chilled. they've been doing this for years, just now letting us in on their secret. >> never thought of it that way, you're right. >> i like this idea. >> i do, too, and i think they should franchise. i'm going to open up a bunk of them. really cool idea. if you're ever in the toronto area look this place up. >> i love how they have a is more gas board, because there was a shocking glass in that video. >> looks like fun. bear versus hiker, a very
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civil sounding encounter. >> it's not your friend. it's a bear. it could kill you. >> see how it ends, next. that school bus is speeding right at that other school bus. it's called the steel wall bus crash. >> oh. it's a double decker bus now. >> when buses collide on "right this minute."
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you're supposed to look big and be very loud and say like, go away, bear! and scream and yell and scare them away. >> this woman does not get big and scare them off. she kind of engages them a little bit. >> this is amazing. >> she turns her back on this bear and watch what it does. it gets a little case of the i want to sample that. >> oh, gosh. >> oh, no, don't get crazy. >> i don't know how she didn't scream and run. >> don't be scared. >> pretty remarkable car crashes can be so scary and at the same time so entertaining. because you see so much of it at county fairs and small race tracks around the country. here comes an old school bus, look out, it's called the steel wall bus crash. ooh. >> it's a double decker bus now. >> a collective oh, yes! goes through the crowd.
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looks like a lot of fun that might in minnesota, now let's head over to this guy, doing some yard work in north carolina. he's got his big dodge truck strapped to this big old tree. he's going to pull it down. >> my money is on the tree. >> so perfectly set up. >> do you reckon this? no, yes. >> oh my gosh! are you kidding me? yes! >> classic video. >> oh, that is like a little punk. >> i didn't do it! >> i know, but still, you got so duped. >> didn't do it but you wish you thought of it. >> oh. >> ha, ha, ha, ha! it's the summer party trick with watermelon that will have
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your friends saying -- dpsh how did you, come on -- i don't -- i don't know how you cut that off. >> see how it's done on "right this minute." colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing.
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summer is almost over but there is still a chance for you to be the coolest dude at a summer kids party. mark rober is and he has this pretty amazing party trick using this quarter melon. >> what the heck? >> did you see that?
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>> how did you, come on -- how do you -- i don't -- i don't know how you cut that off. like how do you do that? >> when you are a a rocket scientist you figure out some brilliant drikz and look at all the kids around him. >> looks like a giant red jelly bean. >> all the kids are amazed, he's feeling good because of this cool, awesome trick. >> nevermind the watermelon, two cool watermelon helmets. >> only you, nick calderone would want. >> i'm on board. >> you have to start with two watermelons that are basically the same size, and you know exactly where this is going. you completely remove the skin off of one of the watermelons and use a scratch pad to get rid of the edges and smooth out the very blunt knife slices. >> like he's polishing marble. he's got to make it perfect. >> i know how this finishes, digs that out, sticks them
9:58 am
together and there is your trick. >> so simple and yet so brilliant. >> looks so cool. >> you put it all back together, cool it in the fridge of course and then take it oyour party and impresser. the cool thick is you can really get creative with it, mess with the size of the watermelon. >> is anybody else disapointed? >> i am. is thinking did he put a coat hanger through there and wiggle it around? >> no. like they say with magic tricks, okkam razor, the simplest expression is usually the truest one. thanks for spending time with us today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown.
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>> live from new york city it's the wendy williams show. what is said here may shock you. wendy breaks it down. and from the highly anticipated new drama, the fabulous taraji henson is here. plus get fitness tips for the new year from the insanity fitness guru, shaun t. now here's wendy!


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