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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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-- exhausted and trying to make sense of her death and to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else. >> reporter: they stood hand and hand, emotional but strong. >> we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. because the system failed our sister. >> filing a claim against san francisco sheriff's department, the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement department. >> two months since the death of kate steinle there has been no change in the status quo. >> reporter: july 1, 32-year- old kate steinle was shot and killed on peer 14. >> she fell she said help me, dad. that is my bed time story.
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>> reporter: now the family says it is empowered by kate's words and they want to make sure officials who released the suspect from jail, juan francisco lopez-sanchez are held accountable. >> we need a law. >> the claim alleges it was the lack of over sight of several agencies that led to the murder. first had sheriff for issuing memo to staff forbidding staff to contact u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. >> in this case a sheriff who issued an order that made himself the king, judge and jury and somebody who directly violated federal law. >> reporter: today's claim is against i.c.e. also for not properly deporting sanchez. he says the gun was stolen from a ranger's car loaded. inside a backpack and in view.
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they said they extended their sympathies to the family for its loss. back to you. >> hard breaking listening to the family talk. what happens next here? >> reporter: well, you know, right now we know that kate's law is stalled so that is something the family has been waiting for. at this point, this is a claim, the first stepane lawsuit. -- step in a lawsuit. it is a different with regards to state and federal. federal six months, state 45 days. if they don't answer to the claim then the lawsuit will be filed and we are confident that that indeed will happen. >> tara moriarty in san francisco, thank you. two weeks from today supervisors will debate changing the rules when dealing with immigration officials. till now they have not
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cooperated with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. the county rejected the idea of cooperation two times already. yesterday the county held a hearing to discuss notifying i.c.e. when the most serious offenders are about to leave their custody. other counties made similar changes following kate steinle's death. coming up at 5:30 p.m. we talk to an attorney who describes what it chances are the family will succeed in the lawsuit. he also offers an opinion about why claims against the government rarely succeed. wall street and another steep down turn today on concerns about china's economy. the dow is down 469 to 16,058. the nasdaq is down 140 to 4,636. the s&p is down 58 to 1,913. [ bell ] >> the new york stock exchange closing bell signaled the
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signaled the turbulence wasn't over. a weak report in china triggered the drop. it might take a while for the marks to recover and move higher again. many are looking towards friday's job reports as an indicator of the economy and whether the fed will raise interest rates. san francisco police investigating two of their own tonight. one following allegations of sexual assault, the other under investigation for tipping that officer off that a report was filed. new at 5:00 p.m. ktvu's christien kafton in san francisco at police headquarters with a pair of search warrants that offer details into the investigation. >> reporter: yeah. we had new developments in the last 3, 4 minutes. the chef walked into the building here, he commented on the investigation, says he was made aware of it, they are running a transparent investigation. the search warrants we obtained. one details a sexual assault, the other investigation into an officer accused of tipping the
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initial officer off. we have the names of both officers involved in the investigation but at this point we are not releasing them because neither officer has been charged with a crime. >> reporter: the warrants say the events began august 2. an officer in san francisco went out with a woman. they went back to her homic drank and then went to her -- home and drank and then went to the bedroom. she said no, i don't tell i don't want to but the officer persisted. she said he sexually assaulted her three times. the affidavit says the woman says the officer texted her the following day. you want to see the new mission impossible movie tomorrow? she responded that wasn't something i can get over. please, leave me alone. investigators say when they learned about the accusation they contacted one of the officer's superiors. they found that superior officer notified the accused of officer that his name came up
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with sexual assault investigation. the officer interfered with the investigation, by lying to the offenses investigating and contacting the suspect officer. this could have assisted the officer in destroying of the evidence in the investigation. we learned this afternoon that both of the police officers are still on duty but on restricted duty at this point. no word on when or if any charges will be filed in the investigation. >> all right. thank you. police on the university of california at berkeley campus are investigating a sexual assault there. ktvu's john sasaki is live. this is especially unnerving because of where it happened. >> reporter: it is indeed. that incident happened this morning in a library on campus. >> reporter: the business of learning is in full swing at burke but some students -- at university of california at
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berkeley but some students learned of a scary incident. >> we don't have this rape culture in our home universities. >> the latest incident happened after 12:30 a.m. at a library. police said the victim didn't say what happened, who did it or give any description of the attacker or which library it happened. >> i feel like i can't go out at night. yeah, just -- sad. you don't think you should feel like that but you do. library, in a place of, like, academics. unsettling. >> reporter: police put out an e-mail warning to the campus community. statistically the early part of the year is when crimes often happen. there were several robberies last week. >> anywhere you go now feels like it is just dangerous. i mean, people just can't control themselves.
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>> reporter: sexual assault has been more common on college campuses than anyone would like. cal has been under investigation after complaints filed by sexual assault victims and that leads back to the lesson the students have been learning from friends. >> the stuff they have been telling us, keeping off and stuff, i -- safe and stuff. never heard them mention let's see destroy rape culture. men more of protecting victims -- been more of protecting victims. we need concentrate -- [ talking at the same time ] >> exactly. >> reporter: officials told me that now students are required to attend an in person seminar and an online course that includes information about rape and consent. if they don't registration will be held up. >> thank you. university of california at berkeley added two more staff members to support survivors of sexual assault.
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they will provide medical, legal and academic resources and are available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone. an official goes against the supreme court. a cling kentucky has -- clerk in kentucky refused to issue emergencies to gay couples saying -- marriage license to gay couples. saying she is working under god's authority. . >> reporter: kim davis refuses to issue same nexmarriage licenses -- sex marriage licenses. they have been summoned by a judge for a hearing. >> reporter: refusing to give out any marriage licenses after the supreme court legalized gay unions in june. a judge ordering her to issue
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them. a ruling up held by an appeals court. >> i pay your salary. [ talking at the same time ] [ chanting ] >> reporter: her decision is sparking protest as well as. a group of demonstrators calling for her to do her job and others voice their support for her choice. >> we are not going to stand before the supreme court, we will stand before the supreme god. >> reporter: she is refusing to regyne and she can't be -- resign and she can't be fired. in chicago, fox news. the battle between santa clara county and a construction company with the county releasing a video. a construction worker being blasted out of a man hole. seconds early a co-worker tells
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him to step out. a line ruptured. the worker escaped serious injury. officials say this happened last year at the construction work at the new valley medical center facility. they are trying to end their contract with turner construction because the county says there have been safety problems and delays with that project. a massive man hunt is underway north of chicago after a deputy is shot and killed. the focus of the search and details about what led up to the shooting and changes for inmates, the people outside of prison that this could effect the most. we talk to families about the change coming to california prisons. >> and efforts to halt the perez of measles after a cal student contracts the virus. concerns that others have been exposed. >> temperatures dropped off today. i will let you know what you can expect in terms of drizzle and lower day time highs.
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san francisco supervisor is speaking out about the homeless situation saying it is the worse it has been in years. he wrote a post responding to the mayor' call to get the homeless off the streets before super bowl 50. today he talked to us about the challenges. >> distinguish between homelessness and street behavior and help the homeless. give people access to services and at the same time send a message that certain kind of behaviors on the treats are not acceptable. enforcing the law is important. we have laws on the books and they are there for a reason. the voters adopted them. the board adopted them and they need to be enforced.
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i am glad the mayor has indicated he is moving forward with an approach to get people off the streets. if it takes the super bowl as a trigger to have that happen, that is great. >> in addition to the enforcement of laws the city needs to have places for people to go along with more mental health services. university of california at berkeley diagnosed with measles may have spread the viilous on public trans-- virus on public transportation. >> reporter: students are opening up an important e-mail this morning, a warning about a student who come down with the measles. he was happy to see the alert but tells us he is certain he has been vaccinated. >> i feel confident that i am safe. but i am sure that other people around here have no idea. >> reporter: the student in question tested positive for
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the measles yesterday and was immediately isolated at home. but before that they attended classes all of last week and road an a.c. transit bus from berkeley to richmond where they went shopping at a ranch 99 market. we talked with passengers who also take the 25a line. >> that was numen that i take -- my number that i take, yeah. why did he go to school that day? >> reporter: measles is a contagious virus that could live in the air for two hours and that means any number of students and faculty could have been exposed. officials in berkeley identified a hand full of people who are most at risk of becoming sick. those who came in close contact with the students during the time they were contagious are now being tested to see if they are immune to the measles.
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there have been no other confirmed cases. >> the message is check your immunization status. >> reporter: the symptoms of the measles include fever, runny nose, coughing and a rash that starts on the face or the neck and spreads to the body. if someone is exposed it could take one to 3 weeks for that person to so symptoms. alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. more than 30 million people are expected to hit the roads this weekend and aaa says gas prices will be the lowest in 11 years. the price for regular fell by 12 cents a gallon nationwide over the past week. in the bay area prices dropped 30 connects over the past month -- cents over the past month. east san jose, $2.62 a gallon.
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anyone traveling across the bay this weekend keep in mind the transbay tube will he ball three shut down. they will be completing maintenance work. riders are encouraged to take alternate transportation. they will increase service over the holiday weekend. the shut down will start when b.a.r.t. stops regular service friday night and reopens tuesday morning. our chief meteorologist bill martin. the weather. doesn't seem as muggy as it has been. >> no, it is not. >> there were days, really -- >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> couple weeks it was humid. we talked about it. today so much different. a nice, cool moist flow. cooler today by 8, 10 degrees. more fall like. feels like fall out there. here is something you don't see all the time. a hurricane which is now cross
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the date line. a typhoon. all the same thing. here is another hurricane. working its way towards hawaii. right now the one most close to hawaii, it is aicalitygory one hurricane. -- it is a category one hurricane. the pacific lit up with tropical weather activity which is what you expect in a el nino year. here is is a national look. last night on live on -- on the 10:00 p.m. news we were talking about this area. phoenix was on fine with monsoonal moisture. coming from the gulf of california. thunderstormserupting. heavy -- thunderstorms erupting. heavy, heavy rain in arizona. towards louisiana. you see tropical disturbances there. that is it. easy travel day nationwide tomorrow. this system dropped our temperatures. this is a good looking weather system. we had one last week too.
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coming from the north. chiseling away at the summer pattern and setting us up with a early wet season. what we are hoping for. the hurricanes i showed you, they will get up into the atmosphere, it will go around the top and that moisture, all that humidity, the moisture from the hurricanes coming around from the jet stream. we will get rain. there is more out there. that is what we are watching. that is long range stuff. we have a nice day tomorrow. just like today. 83 fairfield. 84 concord. nice looking day. cooler out there. more mild. just felt, you see, minus 7 in napa. minus 5 in concord. felt better out there. the 5 day. 80 clear lake. highs for tomorrow. like today. things will be different on
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thursday. in the meantime tomorrow like today. very pleasant. five-day forecast, upper 70s, low 80s. friday you warm back up again. we will get more specific with more city temperatures and maybe the chance for drizzle. the weather systems knocking down the fires. millions of acres on fire in the western united states right now and the pattern is helpful to firefighters. >> thank you. a foot chase leads to a shooting and achieved ends up being -- and a sheriff's deputy ends up being killed. the man hunt north of chicago. >> new at 6:00 p.m. san francisco isn't the only seat with sky rocketing rents, a proposal aimed at keeping san jose residents from being squeezed out and california could become the first state in the country to ban a training tool for elephants that many
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people consider to be inhumane.
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5:25 pm
foot. when back up officers arrived they discovered him with gun shot wounds. he died at the hospital. police are searching near the wisconsin boarder. many schools in the area were on lock down as police search for the killers. >> our community is having a very difficult time. in the coming days it will be more difficult as we remember him as a police officer, a father and a member of our community. >> the slain officer was a 32 year veteran of the force and a married father of four. rangers in yosemite are stepping up their search for a hiker missing for three weeks. the 39-year-old never returned from a day hike on august 11th august 11th. rangers are asking anyone who hiked in the area between the 11 11th and the 15th or anyone who knows anything to please give them a call. the shooting death of a woman along san francisco's water front sparked a debate over immigration policies.
5:26 pm
today the family started a legal battle against local and federal agencies. coming up next, we look at another bay area family who went after the governmentane similar case. -- government in a similar case. >> how many times have you said google it? the changes being made next time you want to find out something. first
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back now to our top story. the family of kate steinle taking the first step towards filing a lawsuit against the san francisco sheriff's department, the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement department. the family says the system failed them. and that there has been no accountability for the killing of their daughter on peer 14. the family has a long battle ahead and this isn't the first time a family chose to take on the government for a similar reason. in 2008 they were shot and killed in san francisco by an illegal immigrant. it was a case of mistaken identity. the surviving family members filed suit. in 2011 a court through out their lawsuit. ktvu's cristina rendon now with what the family can expect as their claim moves forward. >> reporter: today the family filed the claims against san francisco sheriff's department,
5:30 pm
the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement department and this will be an uphill battle for the family but one they say is worth fighting if it brings change. >> if you think this can't happen to you, think again. >> the family of kate steinle took the first step towards suing for her death. he says there is no doubt she would be alive if the killer, juan francisco lopez-sanchez had been deported but the hard part will be proving they are at fault. >> the question is going to be are we going to hold governments responsible for what he did? >> reporter: he says it is difficult to sue the government because they have a lot of protections. they are immune from discretionary decisions, such as the decision of the sheriff to release him without notifying i.c.e. >> they also have to prove the
5:31 pm
entities are not immune from prosecution because if we were to hold governments libel every time someone was released and committed a crime, you could bankrupt governments. >> reporter: he says if the case goes to court it means they get to ask officials tough questions but it may not mean the family will be awarded money. still the attorney for the family says hitting the government in their pocket book is the best way to get people's attention. >> if this case makes its way to a jury you will see sanctuary city pay attention because it is the money judgments that sometimes cause change. if the family wins you will see changes occur right away. >> reporter: change is exactly what they want to make sure the
5:32 pm
system doesn't fail another victim. the city has 45 days to respond to the family's claim. if it is denied they can then move forward with the lawsuit. >> there is already a precedent set, what happened in that case? >> reporter: that case was thrown out the city didn't violate laws by keeping an undocumented immigrant in the country before he killed them. the attorney spoke with us and this is what he said. >> both of those laws, what we couldn't show was that the purpose of the laws included protecting citizens from dangerous people. >> reporter: the outcome of that case could effect how a judge sees their lawsuit and claims. >> thank you. oakland police are investigating a witness report of a kidnapping.
5:33 pm
it took place in the 8100 block of sterling drive after 10:00 p.m. last mouth. a witness said a -- night. a witness said someone grabbed a woman and put her into the trunk of a car. >> we haven't received reports of anyone missing. that doesn't mean this person is okay or this situation ended up working itself out. >> the victim is described as african american and wearing a halter top. the suspect a black male, if you have information you are asked to give police a call. a bill that seeks to guarantee equal pay for women is now on the governor's desk. the state senate approved the bill yesterday. it prohibits employers from paying unequal wages and imposes a ban on retaliation against women.
5:34 pm
one of the governor's top advisers tweeted the governor planned to sign the bill when it reached his desk. in sacramento a committee held a hearing today on the controversial right to die legislation. they heard from those for and against the bill. it would allow tampa international terminally ill -- terminally ill patients request to end their lives. brittany maynard who moved to oregon so that she could take advantage of that state's right to die law and end her suffering from brain cancer. >> there are certain diseases that produce horrific effects. there is no glory in suffering a prolonged death. if that is not what the individual wants. >> one of the authors said there are guarantees to prevent someone from being coerced into taking their live. before a patient could get the medication they would have to complete several steps
5:35 pm
including a signed statement and a private visit with a doctor. police arrested a 77-year- old man expected of sexual assaulting a wild. he was arrested saturday for an incident that curred august 8 -- that occurred august 8 inside a rest room at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon. they released a photo and a sketch that led to the arrest. the help from the public was crucial in solving the case. a teenager has admitted he started a fire that damaged two schools in the santa cruz mountains. the fire damaged the elementary school and a middle school. the 17-yield boy said he and friends gone to the school to smoke marijuana on sunday night. they say they lit a card bord balk on fire to stay -- cardboard box on fire to stay warm. they put the ashes into a trash
5:36 pm
can. students were back in class today. they are over looked and forgotten and for their families today's news is a big deal. >> i can't wait to give him a hug. >> the changes made in california prisons that will chut use of a tactic that some equate with torture. >> a website used by millions of people every day. the new look to google's home page. mmmmmm yoplait! ♪ oh! good news everybody! there is now 25% less sugar in yoplait original. say "adieu" to that sugar. because it still tastes good ahhhh
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the director of berkeley's public library is resigning in one week. he come under fire over how they got rid of thousands of books. since january 39,000 books were weeded out. last month opponents and officials rallied outside the library. some said he made misleading statements. he said he is leaving with a heavy heart. google's clean website design underwent a face lift today. perhaps you saw this. animation of the old logo being erased and the new one being created. the same mix of colors but now has different typeface. two more law makers are throwing their support behind
5:40 pm
president obama's iran's nuclear deal. they agreed to back the deal today. supporters are now just one vote shy of the 34 needed to keep the pact alive and hand the president a major victory. republicans oppose the deal which aims to curve iran's nuclear deal in exchange for relief for economic sanctions. many hillary clinton's e- mails show the routine of being secretary of state. but one e-mail from her aid only contained the top line fyi. at one point someone didn't know she was using a private account. one shows her frustration. another she asked for help learning how to use her new ipad ask one about a possible presidential bid. smoke in the east bay hills this afternoon. details about where the fire
5:41 pm
was burning and the effort to put it out. >> and coming up next, the state agrees to change a controversial tactic that has left prisoners without human contact for years. >> and your temperatures came off a few degrees today. fog at the coast. mild and cool again tomorrow -- mild and cool again tomorrow. but there is a warm up. i will let you know how that plays into your week.
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being called the land mark settlement. california agreed to over haul its use of long term solitary confinement. the settlement could mean thousands of prisoners will no longer be serving in isolation. ktvu's rob roth spoke with a former inmate who spent 5 years in solitary. >> reporter: after years of protests family members of inmates in solitary confinement stood outside. she says her son has been in solitary confinement for 14 years. >> can't wait to give him a hug. >> reporter: he anyhows about solitary con-- he knows about solitary confinement.
5:45 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: did you feel like you were going crazy? >> i was going crazy. >> reporter: the settlement agreed to curve its use of solitary confinement. prisons can no longer keep gang members in prolonged isolation. advocates compared it to torture. the settlement could mean half of the 3,000 inmates will be moved to small high security units where they could receive phone calls and contact visits and educational programs. >> we will still look at conditions. but it does help to improve conditions. >> reporter: it has been used to prevent inmate on inmate killings and to protect officers. the union hasn't returned our calls for comment. advocates say they expect the settlement will have ripple effects, other states will be
5:46 pm
following california's lead. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the los angeles city counsel paveed the way for the city to become the u.s. contender for the 2024 summer olympics after boston's bid collapsed. los angeles has already hosted the olympics twice, in 1932 and 1984. the city selection kicks off a long competition. the list includes rome, paris and germany. the olympic committee will pick the city in 2017. water levels are so low that folsom lake that water released into the american river will be cut in half. it is the primary water source for sacramento. water levels are dropping to historic lows because of the drought. now officials are hoping to keep water storage at a safe level by reducing the water flow. a grass fire burned very close to homes in the oakland
5:47 pm
hills this afternoon. it broke out after 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. you can see where it burned just below to the street below. no homes were damaged. no word at this point on how it started. a check in now with our chief meteorologist bill martin to find out about the weather conditions. anytime we talk about a fire here in the bay area, we are concerned about those weather conditions. >> it is huge. this is the fire season. the heart of it now. that means we are always on high alert. you saw they knocked the fire down quickly. this pattern is confusing to the firefighters. -- conducive to the firefighters. >> what does el nino do? it is just warm water down here. right? the warm water, it allows hurricanes to form, more hurricanes than we have seen in a while in the pacific ocean. right now i have three big ones. looking at two of them right
5:48 pm
here. over here, and another tropical disturbance, right there. how does it play in? even though we are still in the summer -- technically summer,  all the storm activity gets up into the up atmosphere. that is what el nino does. this is gallons of moisture as water vapor in the pacific and that is what el nino does. if our jet stream coincide with all the moisture in the atmosphere, if it keeps coming, game on for rain. certainly on the west coast. right now, tracking the fog along the coast. i know you know that, but that is all el nino is. warm water -- has to be at the equator. then it gets in the atmosphere and starts coming north as hurricanes. what is interesting about hurricanes, they are trying to balance out the heat at the equator. gets too much heat and it has
5:49 pm
to go somewhere. so it sends hurricanes north and the heat goes north. balances out. heat inengine. balances out the temperature -- engine. balances out the temperature. >> fog. fog at golden gate bridge. fog lingthers next couple mornings. like -- lingers the next couple mornings. like it has been. cooler. we notice that. winds blowing. gusty winds at times today. the winds will gust in fairfield at 25. picking up more tonight. breezy in san jose, 13 might remind. airport 23 miles per hour out of the -- 13 miles per hour, airport 23 miles per hour out of the west. the weather system to had north -- to the north, the low- pressure system, as it gets closer it throws up clouds.
5:50 pm
all about moisture in the atmosphere. tomorrow like today. temperatures 80 vacaville. 79 fairfield. 78 walnut creek. 79 brentwood. for those areas, upper 70s, low 80s, tops, that is cool. then cool like temperature wise. along the coast, 60s. the five-day forecast, there it is. wednesday, thursday, little change. temperatures ramp back up into the bay area weekend. low 90s. when we talk about el nino, that is what we are talking about. once it gets into the atmosphere it rides north. that is what it is doing. that is what the hurricanes are. if it keeps going into november and december, good stuff. means rain. snow levels high. we need rain. this pattern couldn't come at a better time. >> is this a good indicator we
5:51 pm
will have a good el nino year -- [ talking at the same time ] >> yes. is that rain going to come south -- los angeles could get hammered. where is the moisture going to go? it will be wet. southern california, northern california? a lot going on. encouraging. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. his latest move to amake the lathric church more inclusive. what the pope wrote about abortions. and new at 6:00 p.m. details on hillary clinton's visit to the bay area, where she will be and how much it will cost to see her. and beefing up public transit in california, the push to increase transportation options and how lawmakers say they plan to pay for it. ♪
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the news photographer who was shot and killed last week in virginia was layed to rest today. the funeral for adam ward was held this afternoon. last night hundreds of people attended a visitation at his former high school. ward and alison parker on the left were shot and killed by a
5:55 pm
former co-workers during a live report last wednesday. no plans have been announced for alison parker yet. yahoo ceo marissa mayer is pregnant. she said she and her husband are expecting twins. she plans to work during her pregnancy and take a short family leave like she did three years ago. back then she only took two weeks off which was criticized by some. however yahoo did expand its family leave a few months later. bikers in central california are coming to the aid of a boy who was bullied at school. he knows about helping others. he was a firefighter. escorting him on the back of the bike was a moment he will never forget. >> he got on and got a hold of me, it was a death grip and then he eased up and stuff.
5:56 pm
i knew that it was the highlight of his year, if not his life. >> his relatives say they are thankful to the organization for its time and support. big move by the catholic catholic church. pope francis says priests will be allowed to forgive women who had abortions. ktvu's keba arnold with more on the message. >> reporter: the pope's announcement came in a letter published today. the pope says he met women who bear the scar of an agonizing decision. the church views abortion as a brazen sin. it granted forgiveness for having abortion in the hands of a bishop. now pope francis made it possible for women to by-pass this process by allowing all
5:57 pm
priests to grant absolution. this will take place from december 8 to november 20 of next year. the change prompted positive reaction. >> the pope's decision oo grant all priests around the world the power to grant absolution to a woman who had an abortion and repence it, is another sign of how seriously he takes the power of god to forgive and the power of god to heal people who come to him seeking mercy. >> i hope that this pope will continue to do those things who make the church more attractive for many people. >> reporter: in a statement after the pope's letter the vatican said forgiveness of the sin does not condone abortion. here in the united states many
5:58 pm
bishops allowed priest to absolve women. the pope's announcement to grant forgiveness will continue as some believe to carve out his legacies a one of -- legacy as one of forgiveness and tolerance. keba arnold, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. sexual assault inside a campus library. good evening, i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. the report of a sexual assault has students on edge tonight. ktvu's john sasaki reports, this is the latest in a string of crimes reported on campus as the new year gets underway. >> the business of learning is in full swing at university of california at berkeley but some students say they have been learning about a scary attitude at cal. >> we are exchange students.
5:59 pm
we don't have this rape culture in our home universities. >> reporter: it happened 12:30 a.m. at a library. the victim didn't say what happened, who did or give a description of the attacker or which library she was in. >> i feel like i can't go out at night now. yeah, it is just -- sort of sad. really scary. a library, in a place of amdemics. -- academics. >> reporter: police put out this warning. statistically the early part of the year is when crimes often happen. there were several robberies of students at cal last week. >> anywhere you go now feels like it is just dangerous. people can't control themselves. >> reporter: sexual assault has been more common on college
6:00 pm
campuses. cal has been under investigation by the department of education after complaints filed by sexual assault victims. that leads back to the lesson they have been learning. >> the stuff they have been telling us, keeping safe and stuff, i never heard them mention let's destroy rape culture. more of the protecting victims and stuff. which is really important but we really need to concentrate -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: officials told me students are required to take a seminar and an online course about rape and consent. if they don't registration is held up. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. homicide detectives in san jose are searching searching for clues following a deadly stabbing last night before 10:00 p.m. police say people walking on a trail found the man with


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