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campuses. cal has been under investigation by the department of education after complaints filed by sexual assault victims. that leads back to the lesson they have been learning. >> the stuff they have been telling us, keeping safe and stuff, i never heard them mention let's destroy rape culture. more of the protecting victims and stuff. which is really important but we really need to concentrate -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: officials told me students are required to take a seminar and an online course about rape and consent. if they don't registration is held up. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. homicide detectives in san jose are searching searching for clues following a deadly stabbing last night before 10:00 p.m. police say people walking on a trail found the man with stab
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wounds. the man appeared to be a transient in his 30s. no word on what led up to the stabbing. the debate over san jose's housing crisis which is considered among the worse in the country intensified today. to give you an idea how bad it is, over the last 5 years rents have gone up 54%. ktvu's azenith smith is live in san jose city hall where the city counsel looking to tighten rent increases. >> reporter: frag, the city of san jose has -- frank, the city of san jose has a history of being the most expensive to live in san francisco. >> we have everything labeled. organized. >> reporter: walking into the apartment gives you an idea on what it is like renting in san jose. a three bedroom apartment
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shared by 7 people. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: one lives here in the living room. >> we feel trapped. i feel like really trapped knowing even after i graduate we will have to live like this. >> reporter: she lives pay check to pay check. she received a letter from the property manager saying rent is going up 8%. her story is similar to dozens of people who packed city hall tuesday. >> the reality that we face. that is commonly known. that is across the gamut. >> reporter: back in 2010 the average part rent was $1,400 a month. now in 2000 again it is $2,200
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-- 2015, it is $2,200 a month. the city is looking to adjust the rent ordinance from 1979. provisions, include lower the maximum rent increase. right now it is 8% and giving just cause for an eviction and a no discrimination rule for section 8 vouchers. >> we merely just squeezed these people out of business, what is going to replace it? more high cost housing? >> the worry not being able to maintain properties if rents lowers. she fears she will soon be priced out. another thing the city counsel reviewing, the policy only applies to apartments built
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before 1979. frank? >> the apartment where they are sharing it, any idea what they pay per month? >> reporter: they share a room, except for the one room that is in the living room. they pay roughly 500 to $900 a month and they think they are lucky given the rent in san jose. you have to imagine 5 people share one bath room and it is very tight living quarters. >> thank you. azenith smith in san jose, thank you. the family of kate steinle, the woman shot two months ago at san francisco's peer 14 announced plans today to sue local and federal officials. authorities say kate steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant. ktvu's tara moriarty has details on the family's decision. >> reporter: they stood hand
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and hand on the steps of city hall, emotional but strong. >> we are here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis because the system failed our sister. >> reporter: the family filing a claim against san francisco sheriff's department, the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement department. >> two months since the death of kate steinle there has been no change. >> reporter: july 1 kate steinle was shot ask killed on peer 14 -- and killed on peer 14. >> she said help me, dad. that is my bed time story every night. >> reporter: now the family says it is empowered by kate's words and they want to make sure officials who released the
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suspect from jail, undocumented immigrant and felon juan francisco lopez-sanchez are held accountable. . >> we need a law -- >> the claim alleges it was the lack of over sight of several agencies that lead to the murder. first the sheriff for forbidding deputies to contact u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. >> a unique sheriff who issued an order that made himself the king, judge and jury and somebody who violated federal law. >> reporter: today's claim is also against i.c.e. for not keeping sanchez out of the country. >> the failure to respond and make any changes says to me that what was done oo kate was okay -- to kate was okay. she was collateral damage. >> reporter: while sex discrimination san francisco
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sheriff's department, the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement saturday -- while sex discrimination san francisco sheriff's department, the bureau of land management and the immigration and customs enforcement department wouldn't comment they expressed their deepened condolences. burning incent may have sparked a house fire in san jose about 5:15 a.m. this morning. smoke alarms woke the family up. . >> i smelled smoke and heard the fire. smoke detector go off and i immediately woke my sister up, we got to go. i didn't grab anything. not even my cell phone. >> firefighters believe the fire was accidental and it was contained to the garage but there is smoke and water damage inside. the red cross is helping the family. california could become the first state in the country to
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ban elephant handlers from using bull hooks. it cleared the senate yesterday and now heads to the governor's desk. if signed it will ban the hooks and baseball bats or any other device designed to inflict harm for the purpose of training. the zoo stopped using bull hooks but other zoos and circumstances oppose the bill saying those bull hooks are humane if used correctly. a bill that guarantees equal pay for women is waiting for a signature. the senate approved the bill yesterday. in addition to equal pay it imposes a ban on retaliation against women who ask about other people's salaries. the governor will sign the bill when it gets to his desk. on wall street a major sell off sent the dow plunging almost 470 points.
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investors pulled back worried about the strength of the global economy after china announced the manufacturing sector -- [ indiscernible ] today's declines were sharp. the dow is down 469 to 16,058. 3% of its value. the nasdaq is down 140 to 4,636. the s&p is down 58 to 1,913. new research out of ucla finds more elderly californians are living in poverty. 300,000 are officially poor by federal standards. that number rises to -- number rises to a million people who you account for people who have higher incomes but spend much on sky rocketing housing costs. lawmakers say it is time to raise the sales tax rate on diesel fuel to help pay for
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transportation projects. they are urging colleagues to pass two bills. one would raise the sales tax and the other would allocate more cap and trade revenue for programs. it is part of a special session to determine how road and highway repairs will be funded. >> hasn't been increased since 1990. that is something that should be able to be absorbed into the economy. these funds will be poured back into the economy. >> several republican lawmakers say they have no interest in raising taxes. they want to use existing money to repair roads. democrats say it would provide $600 million a year. san francisco police investigating two of their own. the allegations of sexual assault that have two officers under investigation and hillary
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clinton heading back to the bay area, details on her schedule. >> and tracking the cool down that you are noticing right now. the details on what your wednesday will look like.
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. san francisco police are investigating two of their own tonight. one following allegations of sexual assault, the other for tipping off the officer that a report had been filed. ktvu's christien kafton is live at san francisco police headquarters with search warrants that offers details into the investigation. >> reporter: this afternoon we spoke with the chief of police, he is aware of the investigation and he says the department is running a transparent investigation. talked about the search warrants. we got a hold of the search
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warrants. they offer details. one officer accused of sexual assault. the other officer accused of tipping him off. we know both officer's names but we are not using them because neither has been charged at this point. the search warrants say it began august 2. an officer went out with a woman. they went back to her home, drank and went to her bedroom. the officer initiated sexual contacted with her and she resisted but the officer persisted. she says he sexually assaulted her three times that night. the affidavit says the woman says the officer texted her the following day. you want to see the new mission impossible movie tomorrow? she responded that wasn't something i can get over. leave me alone. he responded okay. sorry. investigators say when they learned about the accusations they contacted one of the
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officer's superiors. they found that superior officer notified the officer that his name come up in the course of a sexual assault investigation. investigators say it is my belief the superior officer intentionally interfered with a sexual assault investigation. both by lying to the officers investigating and by contacting the suspect officer. the actions could have assisted the accused of officer in destroying of evidence in the investigation. tonight the chief commented on both investigations. >> i don't want to hear any of my officers engaging in any misconduct on or off duty. again we take it serious. we initiated an investigation. and if it proves to be as was alleged that will be that. >> reporter: this afternoon the chief told us both officers are
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on restricted duty. no time line obhow long -- on how long the investigation will last. >> thank you very much for the latest. yosemite rangers stepped up their search for a hiker missing for three weeks. he never return from a day -- from a day hike on august 11. anyone who hiked in the area between the 11th and the 15 or who knows something to call police. berkeley's public library director is resigning. he came under criticism as the library started removing books. 39,000 books were weeded out since january. last month supporters and officials rallied to call attention to the issue. there were also claims he gave misleading information on how many books were tossed. he teld the job less than a
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year. berkeley -- held the job less than a year. berkeley is the most expensive college city in the nation. an average home in berkeley is $850,000. the list looked at 300 college cities where each town had 5,000 student residents making up 20% of the population. indiana, was ranked the least expensive. with an average home growing $78,000. the hillary clinton campaign released details on her fundraising trip to the bay area. she will arrive in the bay area september 28 and stay for three days. she is scheduled to attend fundraisers at private homes in san francisco, saratoga, bell dear and orinda. ticket prices start at $2,700 a piece. another sign of california's drought. water levels so low at fulsome
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lake that water release into the american river will be cut in half. this video was taken today. it is the primary water source for sacramento. water levels are dropping as the drought continues. they hope to keep water storage at a safe level. >> those pictures are astounding. especially when you see before  and after. no comparison. >> my question is how are they not at historic lows. four years of drought. amazing -- [ talking at the same time ] weir coming into the -- we are coming into the wet season now. hopefully the reservoirs will be used for flood control. 84 degrees today in santa rosa. temperatures cool to mild
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today. 85 livermore. nice looking day. feels fall like. you see the high clouds. those clouds representing the low that is coming down from the north. the area up here. they will thicken up as the low gets closer. perhaps produce drizzle. this is the low. the system is producing showers in the fire zones. it will produce drizzle along the coast. a chance for that on your bay area wednesday. the fog, pushing into the bay now. a lot in san francisco. sunset district. richmond district. temperatures cooler now than they were yesterday at this time. minus 8 fairfield. minus 5 livermore. highs tomorrow similar. maybe cooler. the forecast model, the fog. highs tomorrow. just like today. cool. right? 90s. a few showing up in sacramento. marysville. most of the numbers tomorrow will be in the 80s. we will see most of our
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temperatures upper 70s. hot spots low 80s. what happens is the low gets closer. you know the drill. as it gets closer it produces the opportunity for drizzle. tomorrow like today. 80 clear lake tomorrow. 80 santa rosa. these look like fall september. we don't call fall till we get into the equinox. san francisco, pacifica tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s. the five-day forecast like that. nice pattern for the firefighters. cal fire. folks worried about the high fire danger. we are in the heart of fire season right now. it is nice the pattern developed. it is very helpful. something interesting i saw today. some of the smoke from the
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fires actually making it out into the atlantic ocean. off the atlantic coast. >> kidding? >> no. the west is on fire. >> yeah. so many of them. >> thank you. anyone traveling across the bay this labor day weekend, b.a.r.t.'s transbay tube will be shut down. crews will complete maintenance work. riders are encouraged to take alternate transportation. they will increase service over the holiday weekend. the shut down starts when b.a.r.t. stops regular service late friday night and then it resumes tuesday morning. colin kaepernick not having his best pre-season but today he fold 49er fans don't worry and jim harbaugh back in the news in michigan and mark is up next with sports. ow to the news room, keba arnold is here with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m.
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>> we are looking ahead to labor day weekend. good news for gas prices for the people who are expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend. we will talk numbers. also pro fighter says yes, to a u.s. service man agreeing to be his date at the marine corps ball. e are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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you may have notice a change if you did a google search today. an animation of the old logo being erased and the new one being drawn. google last tweaked it in 2013.
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they announced a restructuring under a new company called alphabet. >> hard to imagine life without google. mark is here now with sports. a crucial year for colin kaepernick. >> google it. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we have giants and dodgers tonight but 49 football, it has not been the most productive pre-season. the games don't count or anything but you have to be worried about colin kaepernick and the offense. he is ranked 102 out of 111 nfl quarterbacks in the pre-season. already sacked three times, 5- 13 passing. the line, yep, when asked, he doesn't seem all that concerned. >> well, there is a lot of good things that are happening and you don't know for a reason. we keep everything in house.
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we are working to make sure we are ready. >> first game, college football ready to start on fox 2 thursday night. coach jim harbaugh ready to make his debut with michigan. they will be facing utah. he is not going to let the public or the press know who his starting quarterback is. he says the player himself knows, but he is not telling anybody. sound familiar? he has his supporters, though. >> day in, day out, he is bringing the energy. non-stop. long days, 12, 13 hour days. he is in the building longer than that. you never see him slumping. always enthusiastic. bringing the energy. >> mean time rutgers final day of practice, they had dance off, offense against defense for all the ice cream they could eat. have a look and a listen. [ music ]
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>> 280-pound defensive lineman. he is your winner. doing the truffle shuffle. >> that was pretty good. >> awesome. >> see you later. bye-bye.
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hey! we got a package from my dad. no air holes in the box. that's a good sign. lily loved having that chicken. one more time than she realized. listen, i just got an e-mail from our wedding singer. he has a small request. another one? since when does the wedding singer send us requests? well, no, he just wants to change a few songs in your medley to avoid overlap with the stuff that he's performing. well, i hope it's none of my showstoppers. oh, they're all showstoppers. [ chuckling ] oh, you're too kind. oh, my gosh, it's us. for our wedding cake. couldn't you just die? i really think i could. my dad made this. he's a world-class soap carver. you know, once, when i was a kid, i cussed, and my mom washed my mouth out with the leaning tower of pisa. she still blames herself to this day. oh, i would have nixed that wedding topper immediately,


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