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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 4, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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an unlucky suspect runs into -- zmt most hard core traffic cop on the planet. >> why the terminator's got nothing on this guy. dude wants a cell phone picture, but -- >> the buffalo is like okay, buddy, enough. >> see how he lets him know he's over it. her hit viral video turned hadder into a tv star on -- >> my big, fat, fabulous live on tlc. >> wit whitney tells us what is in store for season two and why people think she and this guy -- >> are meant to be together and fall in love and va babies. >> a look at --
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>> 100 years of lingerie. >> which decade gets a big thumbs down. >> looks like she pulled the curtains off the window and threw it around her head. >> when i was watching this video my mouth just dropped open. i've never seen a video like this one. this guy out of china may be the most hard core traffic cop on the planet. it all kicks off here, you see that red outline, basically pointing out a car that makes an illegal lane change and the traffic officer decides he wants to pull that car over. however, that car didn't want to stop. in the next shot you'll see what then happens. >> oh! >> you see this car tear through the shot with that traffic cop holding onto the front, but guys, this isn't the ohm footage we have. we have cctv footage from all over this city. this officer, i don't know how he did it, whether he was doing it with his bare hands with a terminator or baton, smashed
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this window to such a degree the car stopped and the drive got arrested. now it does say as well that he had no injuries, so either he's the terminator or he was using a baton. have you ever, ever seen anything like this as far as a traffic stop goes? it's incredible. >> no one makes an illegal lane change while i'm on watch. this is the stink and i hope it goes through the television or cyberspace, finds the guy in this video and smacks him right across the head for doing this! >> oh. >> are you kidding me? this guy finds a wild buffalo, it looks like he's out on a road trip, sees this as an opportunity to get real close with the cell phone. >> and how many pictures does that guy need? there's no way he'll get out of the way quick enough if the buffalo decides to charge. >> the buffalo is like okay, buddy, enough. >> the buffalo is being kind.
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he's like i could kill you, but i won't yet. >> this next video reads like the beginning of a really good funny joke. hawk walks into a bar -- >> what are you doing, bro? >> but it just basically gets stuck. >> sounds like one of your jokes. >> yes. there is literally a hawk inside? >> how did that happen? >> a hawk walks into a bar -- [ bleep ]. >> difficult bird to try and wrappingle with those sharp lawlaw claws. >> these guys take cushion, come on, little hawk, come on. >> whoa, whoa [ bleep ]! >> did they ever get it out? >> yeah! well the cushions worked. there you go.
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people driving down the roads, the light's green, everything is okay until -- >> why would do you that? why did that person do that? >> you get such an incredible look at that drufr's face as well when they realize they've, uh-oh. >> the people with the dash cam did not mention distraction, nobody was ticketed in this incident. >> well the good thing is that all the equipment did its job and it doesn't sound like anybody was severely injured. >> in this accident this family had four seconds, which they could have possibly been involved. they're in colorado headed to the mesa verde national park for a fmly trip. >> they see a trailer and accident and all three cars involved, but i want to you listen to mom and listen to the kids in the back seat. [ bleep [ bleep ]
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[ bleep ] >> two. >> i heard something today. >> i like how the mom swears, the little kid goes i'll repeat that. she says oh shoot. 11 was called, it took 30 minutes to arrive because this was a rural area where they were. they had to shut down the highway for two hours while they investigated and cleaned this whole thing up. >> the good news is that there were no fatalities in this incident but boy, it looked pretty nasty. the suburban status wars are heating up. it's not all about the kind of car you drive. it's now about the kind of stroller you're pushing. >> this is true. >> 4x4 capabilities. >> oh for goodness sakes. >> technology, customize -- >> what are you pushing if you're a dude? >> whoever, i think this is all about the baby here. this is the brand new letot stroller. >> holographic generator.
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>> yes. >> and bubbles. >> yes! >> le tot, no other stroller can compare, but don't just take our word for it. i'd give le tot a standing ovation, if if i could stand. >> it's not real, but i want it to be real. is it real? >> i went to >> it's an ultimate troll job if it's not real, it's amazing. >> oli it is the ultimate patrol site. you go to the graphic it points out features but them it blows up and read this. >> oh, come on! >> are you kidding? this is all about a wireless plan service? >> yep, total wireless, it's a european cell phone company, very, very clever ad, a nice way to get you hooked in and say oops, sorry, we're not selling you that, we're selling you this. >> the other side is i won't
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have any more kids now. the rally car is way out of control. >> but it's okay because they have that small soft plastic orange barrier in the way so everyone was safe. >> see how it ends, next. it's the movie trailer that starts like this and ends like that. >> whoa, i might check this movie out. >> see what all the hing about minute."
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some people going to the movies can be a life changing experience. this is life changing for a completely different reason. kelar and her buddies let's go along. it's a dramatic trailer. the new lunenense, guys going through the forecast, then -- >> don't pull the trigger. >> that's the one. >> dramatically cuts to black and something familiar happens. >> i knew that necklace. what a coincidence.
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wait a minute. >> this is when stuff gets a bit real because she recognizes those voices. >> oh my goodness, is that her dad? >> yes. the unidentified guy asking the other unidentified guy for the hand in marriage of this unidentified woman, who could it be? >> i love her with all my heart and always have. she's beautiful, loving, caring, just like to ask for your blessing. >> they're spelling out t plus k with the heart and she's like. ♪ i know what's going on that's travis right there, he answers the phone, picks up the ring, picks up the keys and a box, jumps in his truck and then pulls up outside. >> my goodness! where she is right now. >> she realizes what's going on, the lights come up a little bit, travis walks in, gets down on one knee and says -- >> kyla michelle matthews, will you marry me? >> yes. >> oh! >> that's a sweet one. really well produced in the
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beginning. let's hope they live a long and happy married life. rally racing has a huge worldwide following. lots of people like watching the racing because of the action involved but it's an odd thing because it's the only form of racing that i can think of where human beings form the barricades. watch this latvian race car get off course and come barreling through a group of pedestrians. people knocked down, parts of the car are laying all over the ground. this looks bad. >> it's okay because they have that small soft plastic orange barrier in a way so earn was safe. >> that stopped the vehicle in its tracks. >> oddly enough you're kind of right. despite how bad this looks one person suffered minor injuries, everybody was able to get out of the way if it you watch it ag n again, so it's busting through that orange fence.
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this guy gets knocked down. he is okay. the guy over there picks up his bike, surprisingly, yes. >> it looks a lot worse than that. >> oh, yes. it could have been significantly worse as well. but now it's just a really cool rally telling story. >> people need to know that's part of the risk of going to watch the races and you can't stand in dangerous areas. >> you have to be smart about it. i think everybody's going to love this video, put together by, featuring 100 years of lingerie. we start in 1915, that covers up more than some things girls wear to school nowadays. >> yes, that is true. in 1925, things got a little feminine, a little silky, pearly. >> that's lingerie? >> it's an outfit. >> in 1935, you've got the seductive siren. >> that's a big change between the '20s and the '30s right there. >> this is when we really shed that victorian influence.
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>> and i think this is where things are starting to get very lacy, very sexy under the dresses. >> oh the comb. >> and the garter belt inspirati inspiration. >> the kony bra had to be inspired by world war ii somehow, the battle guns, something or other, right? >> i like the 1950s because you've got these cool, frilly underwear with the flowy top, very comfortable. 1965, you're really getting rebellious, you've got the sexy vixen with the big hair. >> that's exactly what taylor swift wears on stage now. >> that is. >> right. >> in the '70s we got long and lean. >> that's a good look for you, christian, 85, that's what we want. >> everything went haywire in the '80s. >> in the '90s starting to wear chokers and the lacy retroinspired bustiers. and here we go into 2005, you've got glam girlie.
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>> that's one of the things a lazy husband bought for his wife on valentine's day. >> what about now 2015? >> looks awful, like she pulled the curtains off the window and threw it around her head. >> this model is showing us this 2015 nightgown lingerie, and you see the models are representing you've got one girl who is an amputee showing us this cool sleeping down, this other one showing us that really cool nighty but she's plus size and the video finishes up with famous model rain dove. it's real or fake for labor day. >> holy cow! >> wait a minute. is this real? >> play along, next "right this minute." this little guy shows how shopping is done and wins. >> oh, my gosh, he's so cute. >> i know! >> this dude is a pro skateboarder. >> what? oh, yeah, come on. >> blow this is guy down. see his l "right this minute."
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>> kids today have it way better than we had it. perfect example is here. this zbid any trip to any store that has toys for parents. >> this is the one i want! >> i have to be honest this kid just an absolute angel about it, just excited. >> christmas and his birthday will never get here quick enough. >> exactly. >> other toys that are cool. >> oh my gosh, he's so cute. >> i know, that's exactly what everybody is saying, even the mom is like how do you say no to this kid. >> this is so awesome. i want them all, they're just so cool. >> i love that he's not asking for this stuff. he's just admiring the amazing toys that he's coming across. >> we can't buy everything but it's cool. >> his whole mind is blown but mom adds she didn't buy him anything and he was fine with it. >> isn't she lucky? >> another thing that kids there got his mind blowing technology. watch the millenials trying to
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figure out a walkman. >> no! >> it's brilliant. >> this video is almost two minutes long. >> i think it involves something with the ribbon. you pull on the ribbon. >> they're like no, no! >> i'm having a moment right now and it's kind of freaking me out because older people when i was young used to say this is making me feel old. i never got it. i had walkmans with cassettes. >> yeah! i did it! >> in the end they finally figure it out, put the headlones on, press play and they start enjoying but i love that video, hilarious. when you think of red bull, do you think of these guys flinging themselves off cliffs, going high speed, doing all kinds of awesome stuff. no difference with this guy here, a red bull athlete and pro skateboarder but he goes about
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things slightly differently. nothing slow this is guy down. when he was 11 years old he had a tragic accident, him and some of his friends were playing around a train. >> oh. >> he fell, lost both his legs but he believes that was really what changed his life, when he really discovered skateboarding, what freed him to just live life and live it in a way that he believes he could influence others. >> and he's so full of life. look at that smile, too, as he is skateboarding. >> once he discovered this skateboard, too, he never went back to a wheelchair. he does not use a wheelchair. he gets around strictly by the skateboard. he's not the first guy in the world like this to become a great skateboarder. he has his own inspiration. this man. >> on four wheels he gets to be faster than those of us on two legs and he's using that to his advantage. >> gets around using the
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skateboard and obviously now making a living because he went pro when he was 23. he is sponsored by a brazilian brand name chronic. >> wow. >> the guy just loves hitting tricks. >> wow. look at all the skateboards he has. that's a kid's dream. >> like a warehouse of skateboards. >> think how inspirational this video is to other young kids who may have had similar accidents and to see there really is the sky is the limit. her dancing videos spread like wildfire and in turn -- >> landed her a tv show. that tv show? "my big fat fabulous life" on tlc. >> to find out more about her adventures in the upcoming season whitney gives you the scoop. >> running is a loose term. power walking. stumbling, falling, crawling breathtaking peppermint... rich dark chocolate...
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[ speaking in foreign language ] . >> what about you? puppy doesn't like its reflection. ♪ >> there's no one there. come here. you're so cute. >> one of the things i love to discover on "right this minute" is whitney thor.
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she became a viral legend because of her fat girl dancing video. she wanted to inspire people who were big like her to get out there and to move. this landed her a tv show. "my big fat fabulous live" on tlc. >> it's time for season two. this season some new things happen in whitney's life. number one, she's moving out of the house. >> we're moving out. ♪ we're moving up >> she's moving in with someone. >> she's going to find romance this season. we can grill her about it on "right this minute" via skype. welcome to the show, whitney. >> hey, hey, hey. >> tell us about this man that you're moving in with. that's the first thing we want to know. >> well i'm moving in with buddy and i this that i anyone who saw season one will be happy about that because i probably hear about 17 times an hour from complete strangers that buddy and i are meant to be together and fall in love and have babies. >> so what is it going to happen with you and buddy? >> you know, i can't really -- i
9:27 am
couldn't tell you. that would be a season two -- i could go get buddy in the other room but i think he's watching tv so i don't want to bug him. >> one of the reasons you're doing this is because you gained 200 pounds after a polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis. how has your story helped women who have had the same thing happen to them? >> this is actually really awesome. september is pos month. i went to the medical department and they had an influx of women coming in getting tested for ptos and they first became aware of it watching "my big fat fabulous life." that's probably something i'm the most proud of. >> so much of your work is dedicated to empowering women to get rid of body shaming. do you still struggle with your change after the diagnosis? >> i honestly do not remember the last time i looked in the mirror and thought anything bad about my appearance. i still struggle because of my
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weight and a lot of that we talk about in season two and i embark on some challenges i could never thought i could accomplish. running a 5 k. running is a loose term, power walking, stumbling, crawling might be better. i did do a 5k and i'm proud of myself. >> back-to-back episodes wednesday, september 5, 9:00/8:00 central on tlc. ♪ thanks for spending time with us today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." this is the dawn of an old day.
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talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at a student sleeping in school, and when the teacher sees -- >> he gets irate. >> now get the story behind the world class flipout going mega viral. a fisherman on a jet ski makes a catch. starting to pull that aboard. see the shocked visitor who takes his lurching to go? >> this is how it used to be for me. i was depressed. >> simple things became hard after an accident left jordan partially paralyzed. >> one of the biggest challenges is that she wants to be able to still do her makeup. >> now see


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