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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 4, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at a student sleeping in school, and when the teacher sees -- >> he gets irate. >> now get the story behind the world class flipout going mega viral. a fisherman on a jet ski makes a catch. starting to pull that aboard. see the shocked visitor who takes his lurching to go? >> this is how it used to be for me. i was depressed. >> simple things became hard after an accident left jordan partially paralyzed. >> one of the biggest challenges is that she wants to be able to still do her makeup. >> now see the remarkable
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transformation of one tough lady and a jelly wean in a jewjelly in a jewelry box. the moment mom discovers what it really means [ screams ] it happens to every college student, you get to class, you were up late doing your homework, of course, and you're sleeping in class. >> is that what we were doing? >> in college, i don't remember staying up late doing homework. >> that's what happened to this student in this class. somebody starts rolling on the video, they start teasing him with a pen, poking at his ear. when the teacher notices that his student is sleeping, he gets irate. so mad, and it is going to shock you what he does. [ yelling ] >> woo! >> oh, no, awesome. >> the fire extinguisher there
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are very bad chemicals. >> this is chemistry class and he knows better. this guy must have gotten in trouble with this. >> everyone else in the classroom is shocked obviously. the teacher continues to scream. class is over. >> no kidding. >> all the kids are like this can't be happening right now. yes! i didn't even have to pull the fire ex-tongue wisher. >> luckily he fell asleep before the pop quiz. the video ends and all of the students are rushing out the door. obviously people are completely shocked that this happened and you're going to be shocked, too, when you learn that this is a fake. >> prank. >> ugh. >> oh. good one. >> it's a really good one. yes, this is apparently a multimedia class in the netherlands and obviously a really good project. i'm sure the kids aced it. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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this guy fishing off the coast of the big island in hawaii, kind of cool, he's got a real nice setup here fishing off of a personal watercraft and he's actually hooked a fish already. but watch what pops out of the water right about here. >> hello. >> a dolphin? >> looks luke a dolphin, but it looks awfully big to be a dolphin. hmm, what else is under the water there? he's continuing to work with the fish that he's hooked. pulls out the big old gaff now because he needs to haul the fish aboard but again, what do you see out there? >> oh, hello. >> is that a whale? >> what did a shark come and get its free food? >> who knows what that is? once he grabs his catch of the day. >> he needs a bigger personal watercraft. >> oh! >> thank you very much, i'll take that. it's actually identified as a false killer whale, in the dolphin family, and it apparently loves mahi mahi.
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[ laughter ] >> what are you going to do, you lost. >> it isn't until you see him pop up one more time and i like to think that false killer whale is laughing just like this guy. who is laughing now, pal? brian burgess is hiding in the bushes because he's already called 911 because of a man he spotted in the street here in k keene, new hampshire. this man he spotted everything is not well with him. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> enough! >> this man is naked. >> i am so sick and tired [ bleep ] people -- >> this man is going on some kind of rant, but it's not really clear what he's angry at, because what he's saying doesn't make any lot of sense. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]! >> it's not very long after that police show up. >> how many [ bleep ] are you going to get me? i don't give a [ bleep ]! >> this is a dangerous situation
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for this guy and the police. the police don't know what this guy possibly may be on, if he's got any kind of mental issues, they got to treat this really gently. >> you're absolutely right and they do. the first officer gets out, engages with the guy. another officer drives up in an suv and they get him against the hood and the man is still being argumentative. the good thing is they took care of the situation because he was in the neighborhood or maybe kids and as parents of kids you don't want a naked guy running around. >> so disrespectful you [ bleep ]! >> that's when police kind of have to jostle and push him into the back of that cruiser. once they got him into the cruiser, he was taken into police custody. he was cited for indecent exposure but police told "right this minute" they did not request a toxicology report but they suspected either it could be something mental or it could be something related to elicit drugs.
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stop the presses, everyone. >> hey there, this vehicle is for sale. >> this f150 is for sale! that's right. >> it has 300,000 miles, a little bit more than that, it has plenty of room for another 300,000. >> 300,000? >> it's been around many of the blocks of the world, 300,000. >> we got this custom bumper. >> it has a bumper. >> this toolbox. >> a toolbox isn't bad. >> the brakes need macguyver. the oil pump is on its way out. >> you about it's all about how it starts up, the beautiful noise it makes. any time. >> you'll need a battery. >> this is put together by chris murphy, a virginia radio personality who goes by the name of dan mason. how much do you reckon? >> 20 bucks. >> $500. >> 500 bucks.
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>> no, it's going for -- >> $10,000? $9,000? $15,000, no. 999.99. >> this is the part where the video also goes into austin wells territory. >> 999.99, 999.99, 999.99, rosebud. >> okay, so how much is this again? i don't know if i got that number. >> 999.99. >> 999.99. >> 999.99. >> 999.99. >> 999.99. >> 999.99. >> rosebud. >> when you've got an abandoned psychiatric hospital in your neighborhood, what do you do? >> stay away from it. >> why curiosity quickly makes their world go dark. >> whoa! plus this puppy is jumping on the band wagon. >> that iphone 6 is not for calling, not for cooling. >> see how technology will
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whiten more just by brushing.
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you've got an abandoned psychiatric hospital in your neighborhood, what do you do? >> stay away from it. >> no, you explore it. that's what these yuck kids are up to, they hop the fence and headed on in to the king's park psychiatric center in new york. >> you never know what you'll find in these things. >> in a case like this your best friend is your flashlight. your only source of comfort in this dark abandoned creepy old building. >> wow, and even though it's daylight it's so freaking dark in there. >> watch this part right here. they're coming down in stairs from the attic, building 93, when suddenly -- >> whoa! >> was that one of their flashlights that just busted? >> you're right. that's what they claim it was, in fact the guy said he was holding his flashlight, it blew up like you see right here. >> he even claims that he was
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injured by it. saying that he only suffered a small cut to his left hand because he was wearing a glove but he got minor burns from the sparks you saw to his face and hair. >> this is the part of the movie where black people in the theaters say "get outta there!" >> that is freaky. >> the dplof was the savior in that video, preventing serious injury to the guy's hands. the glove in this video providing nothing more than just good humor. see that dangly blue thing? >> this is why it takes so long for the car to come back from service. the guys are doing stuff like this with your truck. this video is going to inspire you to do the things you think you can't do. >> this is a time i play a video i have questions about my hands. truth is, i can't move them, open them or close them. >> the video starts off with a shot of jordan's hand.
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she was left in a wheelchair e after she had an accident a year ago. she's tetraplegc, basically no use of her arms. >> i was depressed. for years i would struggle. my arms were weak and i didn't know how to use what seemed like useless hands. >> she wants to still do her makeup. >> i wanted the world to still see jordan even though i became a tetraplegic. being a girl in the wheelchair wasn't my plan so i didn't want people to see just the chair. >> persistence paid off. >> each day i learn more, each day my blending improved and each day my eye liner becomes less of a challenge. >> she in the last ten years figured out how to do her makeup exactly the way she wanted improving a little bit at a time. >> there are so many struggles in my life. i can't dress myself or do my
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own hair so to be able to do my own makeup is my thing. >> it's like the accident stole so much from her. this was her determination to bring that one thing back. >> it's like contouring and highlighting. >> in darkness there is always light. that is the same as life. no matter what hardship you're going through, know that even in the darkest times, there will always be a light shining bright per >> not only is she beautiful but she is also full of life. >> we only have one life, so love the life that you live. plastic bags, a lot of communities want to ban them, they say it's bad for the environment, bad for animals, they get caught up in them but this dog is turning the table. mom is using that bag to carry her baby. >> ots' a doggy bag. >> it is a doggy bag, basically, oli, yes, you're right. >> that's just adorable. it's the dog equivalent of a stroller, taking the kid out for a walk, show them around, get them tired and go home and have a nap.
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>> the person that set this up has a fantastic sense of humor. that was brilliant. >> i think a human was involved in that. >> yes. >> this one, pretty cute, too, this is darcy vader pug puppy. the iphone 6 not for falling calling for googling. it's a dog toy. she wants to play. >> is it intended for dogs? >> when he taps there was a paw print. >> i think this is a dog app. i think this was made to entertain your dog. >> now you have to share the iphone not just with the kids but with the bloody dog as well. he has a passion for hitting the waves, but as much as he loves surfing, he loves mom. he may have lost his wisdom teeth but he's no dummy. >> he's doing something that's really, really great. and gold diver emily rydell is back. >> this time she has got a whole crew of women. >> find out what she's trying to prove in this new season. >> the ladies i talked to werem
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to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis™. a stressful day deserves a restful night. what's up, bro? sometimes doesn't matter what's going on in your life. surfing's priority. >> can you see me, cody? >> cody's got the old wisdom teeth pulled in this moment, looks like he's doped up so mom has camera out. >> let's go surfin', man. >> i just want to go surf right now, ha, ha. >> as much as he loves surfing he loves mom. >> i love you, mom. you're the best mom in the world. ever. you take me surfing, you, you pay for it, you pay for my gas, you pay for everything. >> he's actually doing something that's really, really great, complimenting the mom and it's real. >> well there's a key moment coming up here, he says pay for
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everything, even college. mom is like watd, what? >> my friends, my college. >> coda you're paying for your own college. >> no, i'm not no, i'm not paying for my college. >> cody couldn't quite understand the concept of what he's been through so mom asked him, like what happened? >> cody, do you know what happened to you? >> yeah, i was surfing and then i crashed and now i'm sitting in a car. >> no, cody, do you know what happened to your mouth? >> i think i hit it on the coral reef. >> it's not a far-fetched story. >> i could go on and on listening to cody. he's a funny dude. in the end, no matter what, he still really loves mom. >> the other one over there. yes. >> okay, that's good. i love you, mama. one of our favorite gold divers is back, emily rydell
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from discovery tv show, this time she's got a whole crew of women. >> hello everybody. >> turns out she went was able through our own organization to get a mining permit, she wasn't able so to go and seek out the help of someone you've seen on the show before, zeke, her ex-boy trend. >> ouch. >> when he saw his labor force he was a little less than thrilled. >> nice to meet you. >> they're not just any women. they're all very experienced. one of them is even a master diver, one of them has been fishing her entire life, so the question is, what does zeke think he can do with this crew? >> i don't want to like try to discount anyone's experience, but like, the dredging department of diving is just kind of like its own animal. >> everybody has experience but not exactly with that. this is life or death he's talking about. >> yes, but your gender shouldn't have anything to do with your risk level, right?
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>> no. >> well you can only imagine that the drama skyrocketed into the season of the bering sea gold, to tell us mo are about it, emily via skype "right this minute." welcome to the show! [ applause ] so what was it like working with zeke and all of these women trying to mine some gold? >> i think having three women and zeke brought a new dynamic that i wasn't prepared for. in temz of tenacity and drive women are equal to men but women are very different. it was challenging. >> did you put this team together because they're the best team for the job or are you also making a statement with very, very capable people? >> the ladies were capable, i believe, and finding the people for this job is never really about your experience. it's about who you are as a person, are you tenacious, are you driven, are you tough? if you're those things you have potential and that's all you really need is potential. >> was it hard to convince the women to join new this venture? >> no, i was amazed at the sp s
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response i got. it was inspiring. lot of women contacted me and i spoke with them and they were like oh, i might not make money but i'll be looking for gold? sounds great, sign me up. i was like wow, this is awesome. they realize it was dominated by a bunch of duds and i think they wanted to get their foot in the door, too. >> any rekindling of love between you and zeke? >> zeke is -- no. >> the season premieres this friday september 4th at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the discovery channel. he's about to -- >> retrieve a gem. sea genesis mega drive console. >> see the real jewel that comes out of this.ative, very clever. breathtaking peppermint... rich dark chocolate... york peppermint pattie. get the sensation.
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>> cat just can't let go. [ meow ] ♪ there comes a time in a man's life when he has to trek up the stairs, and meet that lengthy journey into the attic. because that man has to retrieve a gem that's within hiding there collecting dust for many, many,
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many years. his sea genesis mega drive console. >> oh. >> haven't seen one of those in a long time. >> i don't remember that at all. >> really? >> no. >> it's time to pass it on to his child. >> oh, look at it. isn't it great? >> so now they have to start setting up their players and player one is going to be dad and baby. now they need player two, where is player two? >> oh, wait a minute. >> player two is still loading. >> oh! >> that is a great reveal. >> that's creative, very clever. >> well done. >> it's so good. >> so the video is over, we don't get to see them play? >> i wanted to see it. >> that's not the only surprising baby announcement. this woman has just received a gift, it's her birthday, but she's a little confused as to why the present is what it is. [ laughter ] >> she grabs the thing and says
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you bought me a bean? it's a little jelly bieb and she's cracking up, she's like why would you buy me a jelly bean. >> that's the size of your grandchild. >> what?! are you pregnant?! [ screams ] >> and suddenly it all makes perfect sense. >> the grandma dance. we see it a lot on this show when there's a pregnancy revealed. >> super cute. congratulations to everybody. >> thanks for spending time with us today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute."
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have you been watching everyday? wendy is calling someone at home to give away big money as our spring cha ching continues. now, here's wendy! >> thank you.


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