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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 5, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends
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on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. >> it's a shot these three guys didn't see coming. it's crazy. a fishing trip, but that looks like a cat in the water. >> it is a cat. >> are you serious? >> a fisherman found two wet fur balls. >> a ninja thief shadow answer unsuspecting shopper. >> the talking bird is fighting with the dog.
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how he's ruffling feathers with a few choice words. and how to keep a girlfriend in the dark. >> this is greg. this is the guy i was with last night. >> you guys are diabolical. >> there are all kinds of precautions you can take when driving a vehicle. safety precautions. but these three guys just didn't see coming. they get inside their vehicle, o in the passengers seat, one in the driver's seat, one in the back. the guy in the back is either playing with a lighter or about to light a cigarette when this happens. >> did this really happen? this is real? >> the entire interior of the car flashes over and catches these three young men on fire. you hear the screams. they quickly jump out of the vehicle.
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the translations we've been able to gather from this are a little spotty, but what we understand is there was some sort of leak, some sort of flammable gas leak inside the vehicle and the articles written about this video, they were warning don't store cans in your cars in hot weather. use this video to create awareness to not store those types of things in your car. there are some reports online where the kids may have been using butane to try to get high. and the kid in the backseat when he tried to light a cigarette, caused an explosion. >> there's different densities, stuff like that, which is why it seemed to be only up here. >> now as awful as those screams sound, we understand that these boys are going to be just fine. we found one of the boy's instagram pages where he posted a picture about this incident. you can see he's gom burns on his arm and to his face.
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but he's going to be okay and so are the other guys opinion. >> cat fishing can be one of the newest things in the u.s. one is to lure someone on line with a fictional character. or just going out to fish. and here's the new third one. >> you're not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat. >> a cat? >> it is a cat. are you serious? >> i am serious. >> oh, my god, my heart is just melting. so cute. >> i knew you would love it. it is adorable. >> oh, there's more. >> just sort of out there in the land. it's a bit lost and they saw humans and said okay, those ones, let's adopt them. >> one of the guys did have a theory about how one may have gotten there. it's pretty sad and i hope it's not what happened. >> some jackass probably put them out here. >> after you see this video, you can't help but love these guys.
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they did something so often. >> you're a kitten rescuing man. >> i think nick is going to need some tissues. >> so sad, they're so cute. i love cats. >> i just say good on these guys for rescuing these two kittens. >> that's major street credit. hi, everybody. welcome to the show. >> our hero! >> the first question is what happened to the kittens, what did you guys do? >> we found them a good home. they'll be good. we'll get them all their shots and updated on everything. >> what was the reaction when you got home with a couple kittens. >> we got a bunch of looks, that's for sure.
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>> what do you tell your buddies about the fish story? >> we heard a splash and just kept on jumps. a few minutes later, we saw something swimming in the water. we noticed it was a cat and i said brandon, you've got to record this. >> what were the cats like when you got them on the boat? were they exhausted? >> they looked terrorized but once they got on the boat, those were the two most loving kittens ini've ever seen in my life. we didn't take them home as soon as we got them. we kept on fishing and they seemed to enjoy every minute of it. they played with us the whole time. >> you got two cats. did you catch two cat fish? >> we only caught one fish that morning. >> that's all right. you got two kittens. kind of evens out. >> it made my day. >> braise .. that's the word i want to use but it just doesn't do skbrus to
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the two skriems you're going to see. the first one comes out of germany. you're seeing a 74-year-old pensioner who's about to be robbed. you see this young guy coming. he's already looking a bit shifty. she starts looking, he's just hiding in her blind spot. he's got his hand all the way in her bag. decides to go back, gets a little worried, so nen he does this, she turns around and watch this. just buries it in her back. pulls out her wallet. she was almost completely unaware that he was ever there. he is gone. >> you need eyes in the back of your head. >> this next one is from vancouver from a drone store. you've got cctv and a story behind us. a guy said he's been locked out of his car, his dog was inside and he needed to borrow the
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phone. as he's talk on the phone and she's doing work, he ever so casually find her wallet, keeps glancing over at her to see if she's noticing. then opens it up, kind of rifles it through it and casually slips it into his pocket. she didn't notice until the end of the day when she tore the place apart, looking for the wall wallet. the worst part being about this as well, inside the wallet was her ethiopian passport, a really difficult passport to replace. >> hoping someone recognizes him and shames him for being such a disgusting person. >> bradley martin is one heck of a fitness monster. now you've got guys really into fitness, but they're also into challenging each other to do different things. in this case, this is what he was challenged to do. >> this right here is the hardest thing right now . what do you want to do?
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>> he's been challenged to get on that hover board and then squat with 315 pounds of weight. >> is that desooened to hold that much weight? >> well, we are about to find out. because watch. he gets under the weight bar. he stands up, goes down once, and not only that. he managed to stay on the hoverboard, continues to balance a little bit. goes down again, stands right back up and then goes down for a third time. >> i've got to give it up for the hoverboard. that's a lot of weight for that to handle.. >> sound like the board did end up cracking a little bit. >> he did four squats, 315 pounds on that thing. this is at a big festival in denmark. he decided he's going to balance
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a picnic table. he's got other guys ready to catch the table, just in case it falls. >> he actually manages to balance that thing on his face for a few seconds. and he catches it himself. >> i'm just imagining myself in this crowded festival, look for a place to sit. this jack wagon has a table on his face. put it down and have a beer. a gator handler shows no fear. see if he can keep those hands during snack time. plus a race team survives an enormous role. one of the biggest i ef ever seen. crash you've juts got to see.
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>> an enormous role ever, one of the biggest i've ever seen. top speed as well. within five seconds, there goes
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the driver. this was a guy, only met him four days before. i think that could have had something to do with this. this is, in fact, the sixth time he has wiped out of this rally in six starts. oh, yeah. go ahead and blame him. >> this is sort of the the banger racing. but theite not even racing actually. >> whoo! over he goes, a couple of roles. what lit the work he has done.
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>> the more roll you get, the better the score. >> this is like demolition der be i. >> if i was showing people around the florida everglades, i'd give an alligator an extra foot or two. this tour was given by a muskogee tribe alligator handler. he's pretty hands on. an notice the treat he gives this alligator as well. >> twinkie. >> i think it's a dinner roll. i don't think it's a twinkie and it's definitely not red meat. >> they don't see too good. >> they definitely have a professional working relationship develops here. >> alligator is quite respectful.
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all right, next treat, please. >> he signed the contract. he know what is he's supposed to do. . >> he makes that clicking noise. he says that's how they recognize him. and then he's not done messing. here's the ear demonstration. once again, he gets very hands on. >> now, this video shot by a video og fer, gary grayson in the archipelago in england absolutely fun, because this atlantic gray seal thinks it's is a dog. of course, like many animals, it wants a belly rub. and that's exactly why you go diving. to have these amazing interactions with the sea life. >> that's the spot. keep it up, man. >> would you like to see that
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steel smile? >> you bet. >> at the end of the video, just swim off. notice there's another seal behind him at his feet. and that seal is like hey, my turn.. >> some guys set out to find out if it's a total stranger this is great. if you can keep up with the code. >> plus, a little bookworm who hates when the story is over. still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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freedom from dandruff. you may need a little help aftfalling try new unisom sleepminis™ to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis™. a stressful day deserves a restful night. this is the part of the show where you have to cue your oohs and ahhs and oh, cute! >> okay. >> ohh. >> ahh. >> how cute! >> okay. this gorgeous baby here loves being read books. so much so that when the book reading ends, it's not good. >> the end. [ crying ] >> that's how you feel when you come to the end of a really good book. you don't want it to end. mom picks up the book and starts reading and baby stops crying.
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but then the reading stops again. >> the end. [ crying ] >> at the end of the video, you see it happens very often. >> this is what you want your child to do, like reading this much. >> but this will be the only kid in kindergarten who has a note that says do not let him go to the library. >> now in this next video, we see that these kids are about to find out what their sibling's gender is. >> what does that mean? >> it's a boy! >> they wanted a brother. >> you get another little sister. >> and this little guy, you are going to love because watch this. we got this one from our friends over at juke. he's going to help speed those corgies. but watch, it's amazing.
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they all know exactly where they need to go before they get their food and then the child then grabs the bowl also voila. . >> you just got each other's back. number one, bros before hos. the male equivalent of chicks before -- well, you know. >> so good to see you. if it's a total stranger will you still bros before hos. >> this is greg, the guy i was with last night. >> you were with him last night? >> yeah. how did you decide to go out? i was waiting for your call. >> i found him on facebook. >> and he's like dude! what are you doing? >> he's like i'm in portland and
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he's like me too! >> the guy in the multicolored backpack. he must do improv or something. because off the top of his head, his lies are cold. >> he just got out of the clink. >> yeah, we went to that bar. great bar. >> you know what, though, if that was my boy friend, i would be like you would have told me you had a friend that had that kind of backpack. you would tell each other that. >> then they tried to test how good liars they are. >> what's his name? tom? >> it would have been funny if they all got the name and they would have been like oh, yeah, that's totally right. >> you guys are diabolical.
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>> cat, epic fail.
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>> she decided hey, isle go to town and post a video of my dog. because her dog, let's just say caught in the act. >> caught in what act? that sounds like one. >> theog is in the bedroom and the dog is making a lot of noise. >> what are you doing? >> this doeberman pitcher named dukie in the bed where i'm thinking probably should be. >> are you howling? >> this look of guilt, it's like i'll just bear my teeth and put my head down and maybe she'll forgive me.
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>> sitting in bed, you're howling. >> what are you doing? >> was h ejust happy he got to lay in bed for once. >> i assume the act is making a lot of noise. >> what is that australian shepherd? >> this bird is fighting with the dog and not just fighting just watch.
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