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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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today. we'll explain -- coming up in a live report. >> reporter: we're standing by, three hours and counting until apple's special event. we'll have details for you -- coming up. 7:00 on this gorgeous wednesday. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, gasia, wants to play in refreshing water. >> i think she'll have a lot of company today. >> won't be alone. >> maybe slight cooling near the coast. the fog is just a little bit too far offshore right now. near the mendocino coast. but not here. tomorrow, i think it will make it. for many, bayside and inland, it will start off on the cool side. compared to june 21st, we have two hours and 25 minutes more of night. that helps. but the heat advisory is out. 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., we'll continue
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that for. 53 for some. napa is in there. santa rosa trying to get a westerly delta breeze but i don't think it will make it. we'll see. after about 2:00, 3:00, that breeze might kick in. inland, it won't matter. it will be 90s around the bay. 100 inland. temperatures there, i mean really -- really, really hot. when it's that hot, especially down toward san jose, a school district in the south bay is ending class early because of the-- because of the heat. janine de la vega is live. you are still wearing a coat. it must not be that bad yet. >> reporter: no, it isn't. i didn't check the temperature in san jose but there's still a coolness in the air. classes here -- i'm here at
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branham high school. students won't be here long. school gets out at noon. district officials are worried about how the heat will affect the kids here. the superintendent at the campbell union school district decided to call for emergency days at the eight high school campuses. the district has schools in san jose and campbell but less than half of the classrooms have air conditioning. the district posted notices and sent e-mail alerts that school will let out at noon for most of the schools. at others, it will be 11:30 a.m., the district superintendent said it can be hard to learn when temperatures get in the mid-90s. >> we hope to have air conditioning in all of the classes, but in the meantime we need to be safe. >> reporter: the district is canceling most outdoor activities and moving them inside such as football practice.
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they will walk through plays in the cafeteria. classes are shortened tomorrow as well. they will reassess friday. a high is expected in san jose to be 99 and all of the community centers here in the city will be the designated cooling centers and they 0 open for people -- they are open for people who don't have ac and don't have relief. back to you. >> thank you. sal is busy. you are watching your commute. everybody behaving for you? >> well, yes. sort of. better than yesterday. >> that's good. >> we look for improvement. i try to be on the positive side. i will show you the traffic is gonna be busy as you drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 33 minutes. if you are driving down to the maze, you will notice the slow traffic waiting for you, you will be waiting there for 30 minutes with your books on tape or whatever you do in the car
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there. maybe side a of led zeppelin. traffic will be busy. so bring whatever and be patient. no major problems in the commute and east bay but there is a lot of slow traffic on highway 4. we'll look at highway 4. southbound 680 is backed up from 242 to 24 and 24 is slow especially in la fayette. we do have a new crash reported. southbound 880 at thornton avenue. the crash is reportedly blocking one of the lanes here and traffic is already slow. it already has been slow. this is actually gonna be worse for that commute on 880 out of hayward. back to you. site see slow traffic around the civic center. apple is getting ready for a launched event at the bill graham auditorium. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: a lot of speculation about what's in
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store. a big event here. take a look. bill graham aud -- auditorium. you can see the signage there. we're bringing you team coverage. if you take look over there, you might be able to see tom vacar, he's in the media check- in line. check in is around 8:00. a little bit further to the right, you might be able to see the door that apple organizers have been coming in and out of all morning. expected to follow the developments very closely. we've been watching as organizers have been going in and out of the door. as always, apple very tight- lipped about what the new developments are. that only fuels speculation and excitement about apple fans. the iphone 6 hs 6-s and plus is expected to be unveiled.
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this will allow more features. even new colors for the company's best-selling device. on the ipad front, there's been a lot of speculation about a pro. a larger version of the tablet. the hope is to reinvigorate the market which has fallen for six straight quarters. another device, apple include be siri on the device, allowing it to run ios software and use apple pv for gaming, tech watchers say apple is the one to watch for an indication about where the market is going. we've been talking about how a lot of -- a lot of speculation about what's going on out here today and where things might go. we've been trying to find out our -- ourselves. we asked siri. there may be new responses. we'll ask her again. can you give me a hint about what's going on today?
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>> sorry. i missed the meeting because i was busy reminding 3 million people to call their moms. >> she's very carrying. >> reporter: yes. you can't blame her, right? >> right. >> reporter: we'll be on scene. we showed ud tom vacar -- showed ud tom vacar -- showed you tom vacar. he will be on scene as well. the san jose fire department is looking into three small grass fires that happened near 280. the fires broke out last night near winchester and moorepark avenue. there was some concern for nearby structures. arson investigators are looking into the fires. rescue crews searched for a person reported trapped in an underground structure in san jose but never found anything anyone -- anyone. fire crews were called to yerba
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buena road near highway 101. the reported victim was never located. well, now we're hearing from the passengers on that plane that caught fire yesterday in las vegas. a british airways jet was engulfed in smoke. it was getting ready to take off for london. an engine caught fire. the las vegas review journal says 13 of the 172 people on board went to the hospital. >> all of a sudden you heard a boom and it took the plane and it was -- i thought it was a tire blowing out. then you heard another one and the plane shopped. >> a journalist on board said a couple of the passengers had cuts and bruises from sliding out of the chute. >> passengers not hurt were put up in local hotels. the ntsb as well as the faa, they are investigating the cause of that fire. a bail hearing is set for the 18th for three santa clara county correctional deputies accused of killing an inmate.
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the 28-year-old, the 27-year- old and another 28-year-old were formally charged yesterday with murder for the beating death of michael tyree. the deputies postponed entering their pleas. documents heard the inmate scream, i'm sorry. stop. >> he's not doing well at all. he's in custody. he's law enforcement. he's used to being on the other side of the bars. >> those supposed to protect michael did not. instead, they killed him. >> >> court documents indicate before he was beaten, the deputies hit another inmate in the head and twisted his arm. new developments in the attacks high school football scandal in san antonio, school officials say the referee tackled by two of the high school players may have used racial slurs during the game.
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the video from the game shows one player tackling and knocking down the referee. another player jumps on him. those two players have been suspended from school. they are facing a disciplinary hearing. the assistant coach was put on leave for allegedly telling the two students they should retaliate. the school district plans to file a complaint about the racial slur allegations. the lawyer for the referee said his client is being falsely accused. balls more city -- baltimore city leaders approved a $6.4 million settlement in the death of freddie gray. he died in april from a severe spinal cord injury while in a police van. now, under the settlement, the city accepts all liability but does not admit wrong doing by
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the officers. this sparked a lot of protests and riots earlier this year. freddie gray was arrested april 12th for allegedly possessing an illegal switchblade. do you ever drive in the carpool lane even though you are all alone in the car? you may not be alone. also, thousands of college students' personal information is at risk. up next, the major data breach. it involves eight california state university campuses. we're looking at a commute here where traffic is gonna be superbusy. but now the south bay is trying to get a little bit more attention. we'll tell you more about this. mother nature is getting a lot of attention. that's in the form of hot temperatures. they will be very hot inland. what about the coast, any cooling? it's close. we'll take a look at it.
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7:13. the personal information of some 80,000 california state university students has been exposed after a data breach at eight campuses. the breach affects students who took the sexual violence prevention course required by state law. passwords, log-in names, e-mail addresses, relationship status and genders were exposed. happening today, president obama will highlight his efforts to make community college more accessible. the president and jill biden had headed to michigan for a visit at a local community college this afternoon. legislation to make two years of community college free is stalling. president obama is expected to announce a plan led by jill
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biden that will highlight the existing free program. ben car sen made a campaign -- carson made a campaign stop in san francisco. he appeared at the commonwealth club and answered questions about his positions on several issues like on abortion. he flatly opposes it. on illegal immy fration immigration, he wants to seal the borders and wants a guest worker program here. >> we have an unreasonable taxation system. we need a system that encourages entrepreneurial risk taking. >> i think he offered a lot of good points and i thought he handled himself very, very well. >> ben carson is running second in the polls behind donald trump. he's picked up momentum since
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that first debate. well, hillary clinton is admitting she made a mistake by using her personal e-mail account while secretary of state. she apologized for the confusion surrounding the account during an appearance on the ellen show. >> i should have used two different accounts. i made a mistake and i am sorry for all of the confusion that has ensued. i take responsibility for that. i'm now trying to be as transparent as i can. >> hillary clinton has been forced to defend herself about how she handled sensitive government information. the fbi is examining her personal e-mail server to see if any information, including classified information, was mishandled. another candidate is jumping into the race. john mcafee, well, he filed a saint of candidacy with the -- statement of candidacy with the
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federal election and created his own party called the cyber party. he said his private motivation to get into the race was the government's problems with security and surveillance. he will officially announce his run this afternoon. 7:17. it's the courtroom sketch of tom brady that caused quite a stir on social media. the day we saw this, the unflattering image that has been printed on mugs, t-shirts, even onesies for babies. now the attorney representing the artist who created the sketch has sent four letters to companies trying to cash in on her image. the artist says she was surprised at all of the merchandise being sold when she googled his sketch t-shirts. she owns the rights to the sketch and has received a number of requests from people wanting to buy the drawings. sal is watching all of the commute. you are watching the south bay
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as well. >> 280, dave and gasia. kind of slow. this is the peak of the commute. as a matter of fact, the traffic has been slow and continues to be slow up to the valley. but if i put on the maps here, if i show you the maps, not only is 280 slow, but 85 is slow and so is 101 getting into the valley but the good thing about the south bay commutes, we haven't had anything major going on. there is a crash in fremont. traffic is backed up from san leandro. 580, i always mention it, although people who drive this know it will be slow. it's not that bad in dublin. but 680 is slow out of the pleasanton area. no problems on vasco road. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's 30, 35 minutes delay.
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bring your patients. if you can, take b.a.r.t. or use a carpool lane. those people get by quicker. let's go to steve and today's hot forecast. >> that's correct. it will start off on the cool side for some but warm up rapidly. no fog yet. it's mainly on the mendocino coast. it's still far offshore right at the golden gate about 2700 feet. it's about 80 degrees. that shows you the extremely warm air aloft. some of the higher elevations. it's about 75 to 82 degrees. 66 to start in san francisco. 82. 94, maybe a late breeze. maybe a late -- late breeze. 94 to 106 on some of the temperatures. cool lows. there are low 50s. a lot of 60s. it won't take long. most locations are rubbing about one to five diggs warmer
7:20 am
than -- degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. trying to kick in a west delta breeze. only 6. sfo, it was west at 6. now it's gron calm but hayward and oakland both showing signs of an easterly breeze. 34 in truckee. 61 in monterey. only 1 degree cooler in sacramento. the fog is trying. but right on the mendocino coast, it might work its way in. ocean beach had a west wind. now it's just turned easterly. that will put the break brakes -- brakes on the fog. we are keeping an eye on hurricane linda. there are signs the moisture will move up from the south. it will probably be friday night, saturday sunday. i don't think we'll get rain out of it. we'll get the clouds. that will cool us down as we
7:21 am
head into the weekend. that should take care of the heat. until then, the next couple of days 100. 90s around the bay. it's really hot for many. i guess the only good news, the highs won't stay there. but still, these are record- setting temperatures on some of these. i mean, it's just -- if we had a strong east wind, i tell you, it would be hotter. that's the one consolation. fog will be back shallow on the coast. they will cool down. a couple of more days, then it will be gone. >> we can do this. >> thank you. >> an amid all of the heat, we're seeing a fire engine broke down on the way to a call. >> minutes count. if we get there a minute before the other engine. that's why we tried. >> boy, did they try. we talk about the length firefighters went to to reach a
7:22 am
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there are calls for city leaders to set up new
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protections for renters. members of the mountain view tenants coalition held a rally yesterday saying high rents are pushing people out of the area. some of them want city council to impose a rent increase moratorium. >> we are jeopardizing -- [inaudible] this morning if you are looking for a job, chipotle is preparing to hire thousands of people this morning. they aim to hire 4,000 new workers in one day. yep. between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m., every chipotle restaurant in the u.s. will hold open interviews for 60 job applicants. most of the positions will be entry level crew jobs, taking orders and preparing food.
7:26 am
chain restaurants in new york city may soon have to add a new warning to the menus. the board of help is set to vote on new rules that would require restaurants to put a salt shaker emblem next to items with more than the recommended amount daily. if approved, new york would be the first city in the u.s. with such a requirement. new york has already banned transfats from meals. the california state legislature has approved a measure that bans microbeads that are found in toothpastes and facial scrubs. environmentalists say the beads pollute waterways and harm marine life. it's been five months since a musician was shot and killed
7:27 am
in front of a bar. new information that may lead to his killer. and this community will mark five years since that deadly gas pipeline explosion in this neighborhood. we'll tell you how far this community has come, the recovery process that's underway and the work that's left to be done. we'ring looing at this commute -- we're looking at this commute. traffic is gonna be busy and also the bridges. sunny, warm to hot. the fog is working its way to the coast. we'll see if it's close and if it will cool down. ♪
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7:39. good morning. we're live in san bruno in the neighborhood where a pg&e gas line exploded five years ago today. eight people died and dozens of homes were destroy. you see on the right side of your screen, a home is still under construction in that neighborhood that was just devastated by the blast five years ago. in two minutes we'll bring back alex savidge with a look at how the neighborhood is recovering and more of what still needs to be done there in the crestmoore neighborhood. good morning, again. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i've dave clark. let's talk about hot weather. >> yes. >> and traffic. steve paulson has the forecast. unless you on the mendocino coast, i think you are in for a
7:31 am
hot day. tomorrow i think the fog will be back. it's trying. there is too much of an easterly breeze. all it takes is the direction. really warm, you get about a couple thousand feet up, it's about 75,le 2 degrees -- 75, 82 degrees. the heat inversion kicks in at 11:00. you are going to the as game, it doesn't get much better. it will be warm, sunny. it will be warm and hot for at least one maybe two more days inland with these 100s. friday will be the transition day. we'll see if that holds. i think the fog will play into a cooler forecast. won't take lock to warm up. there is a hint of a westerly breeze. mendocino coast north. look at that. after that, it's trying but boy it will be right down there, right on the deck.
7:32 am
tonigh , tomorrow, could be a late breeze. for inland, in the 90s to 100s. all right, sal. slow traffic. anything new to report? we have a lot of slow traffic. if you look at the macarthur maze, you can tell this is no ordinary backup. it's backed up kind of spilling over in the eastshore freeway. if you take all of it together, it could take you a couple of hours to get to the city. let's see you are starting in hercules. you have to deal with the slow traffic on 80 and a robust backup at the toll plaza and macarthur maze. the traffic is not moving that well. this little section here about 40 minutes. that's about how long it will take you to get onto the span. we're also looking at some of the east commutes. i'm looking at concord to walnut creek. 24, my goodness. very slow. we had a minor crash near the
7:33 am
caldecott tunnel. nothing major but vo slow traffic on -- but very slow traffic on highway 4. i don't want to forget the nimitz freeway, which is a mess. a lot of minor accidents along the way between hayward and fremont. back to the desk. >> thank you. five years ago today, it was a day hard to forget. a massive pipeline explosion in san bruno left eight people dead, destroyed about 40 homes in the san bruno neighborhood. well, later today, there will be a special ceremony remembering the lives lost in this explosion. alex savidge joining us live. you are there in san bruno this morning. and a lot of the rebuilding is still going on, alex. >> reporter: absolutely, dave. good morning to you. some people moved out of this neighborhood after that blast five years ago. many others they stay put and five years out from that explosion here in the crestmoore neighborhood in san bruno. the recovery still is underway.
7:34 am
i want you to take a look here at this house that we're standing in front of. this is a home that's almost finished here. it's almost more than one of a dozen properties that's still vacant. some neighbors are frustratthe -- frustrated by the slow pace of the rebuilding. always homes are being constructed by one developer and some say that could be slowing things down a little i- - a little bit. it was five years ago today when the crestmoore neighborhood turned into an infernal when a 350-inch gas transmission line burst into flames and the fire destroyed 38 homes and left eight people dead. one man who was here and survived the explosion has rebuilt his home. but he told us he has found it difficult to move on. >> we survive, we don't feel
7:35 am
anything. we are okay. >> reporter: and while the rebuilding has continued, the city of san francisco has continued to go after pg&e over the issue of pipeline safety and the company's cozy ties with the california public utilities commission both before and after the blast. pg&e was fined $1.6 billion and also faces a criminal trial next year. by the way, pg&e also is paying to rebuild much of this area. that includes work that will be done to repave the roads here, mutt in new sidewalks, also build a new neighborhood park but all of that work is not going to be finished, according to the mayor in san bruno, until about spring of 2017. so a long way to go until this neighborhood looks the way it did before that explosion five years ago and also we want to let everybody know there will be the remembrance ceremony. members of the community, city leaders will be here at 6:00
7:36 am
tonight at the blast site for the ceremony, dave. >> all right. alex savidge in san bruno. thank you. we'll talk to you later. a hear something set for -- a hearing is set for raymond shab -- raymond chow. the chronicle says federal investigators spent tens of thousands of dollars at restaurants trying to entrap the defendant. across the bay, police have clues about a shooting involving a man that just finished up a show with his band. there was an argument nearby. someone opened fire. a stray bullet struck navarro. the family is still coming to grips with the loss.
7:37 am
>> last week, i came to the realization, he won't be there for the holidays. you try every day and you think it will be better next month. but i know that wherever he is, he's playing his music. >> police have released new images of what they are calling three persons of interest. investigators are looking for a silver four-door mercedes. all right. how far would you go to shave off minutes on your morning commute? a recent study shows more people are cheating. they are using the carpool lane illegally. brian flores joining us live in oakland? >> good morning. there wasn't any concrete statistics that showed how many people were using the carpool lane illegal. the numbers may be -- lane illegally. the numbers may be a sign of
7:38 am
our improving economy. in the south bay is where you will see many violaters. a new survey shows 41% were seen driving in the carpool lane this year alone. that's double from five years ago. other spots include highway 101 near whipple where 30% of solo drivers were caught cheating. that's up 5% from three years ago and the chp did a crackdown of carpool cheaters onle 80 -- on 880. drivers we spoke to noticed an increase in violaters also. >> it's pretty obvious. there's the signs. there's the lane markings and people seem to be -- hey, that doesn't apply to me attitude, which i think is unfortunate. that's no respect for others. >> reporter: now, the chp says it's on pace to give out 22,000
7:39 am
carpool citations. in all, nine bay area counties, that's also up from last year. tickets $491. now, caltrans attributes the trend with an improving economy and people apparently willing to take the risk of getting caught. the other thing, there's simply more cars on the road, more congestion as we've been reporting. guys, back to you. >> all right, brian flores. thank you. 7:39. i'm looking noord to this. happening today, we'll find out more about the events leading up to super bowl 50 which will be right here in the bay area. the ceo of the super bowl 50 committee will be joined by the nfl's senior vp of events to reveal to tell us what is expected. this is -- this all happens at
7:40 am
11:00 a.m. at justin herman plaza. this comes before a free concert of train and ellie gool. the gates open up at the plaza at 2:30. serena williams needs one more victory to get the chance to play for a calendar year grand slam. first she had to get past her older sister. it was the 27th time the two have faced each other. serena won the first set, venus won the second. cy -- serena won it. she will face the italian competitor tomorrow night. a government contractor with a south bay location announced it's slashing jobs. we'll tell you how many jobs are being eliminated at lockheed martin and which departments are affected. some 1500 refugees have come to the u.s. from syria so far this year.
7:41 am
the important briefing on how many more the u.s. will accept. we're looking at the south bay commute. in a little bit find out how long it's taking to get into the valley -- coming up. hot for many. there might be a little relief later today for parts of the coast but not inland. we'll have the toasty wednesday temps -- coming up next.
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7:43 am
emergency crews are at the scene of a bad crash in los angeles. a car slammed into a building and stopped deep inside of it. one person in the building was hurt and had to be rushed to the hospital. the driver ran from the scene. has not been found. a ekd -- the car also hit a
7:44 am
second building. the body of a missing san francisco man was found in the water near angel island. the 42-year-old man was reported missing monday morning after he, his wife and two friends spent the night on their boat. the sheriff's department and search crews searched for him. his body was found before noon yesterday. authorities don't know the exact cause of his death yet but they don't think foul play was involved. john kerry will brief lawmakers about how many syrian refugees will be allowed into your country. the owner of kapani restaurant says he came to the u.s. in the year 2000 as a political refugee. >> people suffer and their life
7:45 am
is gone. families are gone. thousands and thousands of people, they lost their families. >> we have families, we have friends. it's a heartbreaking time going on. >> he says his brother is at a refugee camp in turkey. he's sending pack these foe -- back these photos. president obama has secured enough votes among senate democrats too save his nuclear -- to save his nuclear deal with iran. donald trump is leading a rally at the capitol to protest the deal. house democrats gathered on the steps of the capitol yesterday to support the iran deal. democratic leaders say republicans haven't come up with a workable alternative to the deal which lifts sanctions
7:46 am
on iran. lawyers for kim davis the kentucky county correct who refused to issue same-sex licenses will return to work friday or monday. the federal judge ordered her jailed granted her release on the condition she not interfere as deputy clerks in her office issue marriage licenses to sake couples. her sign says she wants to take a couple of days off to spend with her family. firefighters were headed to a call for a map suffering cardiac arrest. he was having a heart attack when their fire engine broke down on highway 4. they wrernt too far away from the strip mall so they decided to run over there, carrying 60 pounds
7:47 am
of gear. >> we knew we could beat the other engine and time is of the essence, especially caurk arrest -- cardiac arrest. minutes count. >> they are heroes. they were able to beat the backup fire engine. they used a defibrillator on the man and a cpr machine. the man was taken to the hospital. incredible story. it's hot outside. also traffic is heating up as well let's go to sal. >> your commute may be worse some of them are not good. let's talk a look at 80 northbound. you will see the traffic is slow coming out of downtown san jose getting up to the valley. i will show you this commute on the maps. you can see. we saw this stretch. it stretches all the wait up here, 85 is slow all over the south bay.
7:48 am
we have slow traffic. even though it's not as severe as yesterday, it's slow. 580 at 680 still slow. 680 is the worse coming out of pleasanton heading down to fremont. 6080 from concord to walnut creek is backed up. highway 24 is horrible coming up to the oakland area. the richmond/san rafael bridge. 80 westbound, you get the feeling that every commute in the next few days. people have said september and october are the worst months for traffic. i tend to agree but i can't think of anything worse, everyone is wack to school -- back to school and back to work. steve, on my facebook pagary we talking about how -- page we're talking about how people in oakland and san francisco don't have air conditioning. that's why they get so grouch
7:49 am
-- grouchy. >> i'm getting similar comments. the fog is out there. it's just not here yet unless you are on the mendocino coast. not here. it's very warm. you get up around 1500 to 3,000 feet, you can find 75 to almost 80 degrees. 66, the low in san francisco. most of the wind direction has turned easterly again including ocean peach. although it's 5 degrees cooler at this time than it was yesterday. 94. that's 24 degrees above average. heat advisory is -- is out. it goes all the way down to monterey, salinas. 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. the nights cool down. i mean, for -- there were some low 50s for some. around ukiah, clearlake, 50 degrees. that helps. we turned that around, a 50-
7:50 am
degree difference on the lows and the highs. that's what we are seeing. most locations are oning 1 to 6 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. already? already. a little south breeze at concord. after that, there's not much. most locations are favoring an easterly breeze. 51 ukiah. that's cool. 61 monterey. fog. where is it right there? right there. tomorrow morning it will be on the coast. then we'll start to focus our attention to the south. hurricane linda will fall apart and some of that moisture will move over us over the weekend. we'll cloud it up. that may keep some of the heat inland for one more day until we can get the strong westerly breeze. a little change as as we head to the weekend.
7:51 am
90s bayside. 100 foss many away -- 100s for many away from the coast. the coast will cool off tomorrow. but inland temps will be rather toasty for the next couple days. if we had a strong breeze, it would be beyond record-setting. it's starting to warm up pretty quick. tomorrow looks like the fog. next week looks cooler. >> that's what they wanted to hear. >> hang in there. it was founded around leaub day weekend -- labor day weekend and now ebay wants to give back. when you can cash in on deep discounts. that's coming up at 8:00. he helped stop a gunman on
7:52 am
a train in france. d and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. and what's up with the cat? we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding.
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welcome back. 7:54. a pro suffer from -- pro surfer from santa cruz is recovering after breaking his neck after riding a wave on monday. he broke his neck in four places. he had a concussion also. he was paddling out and hit by a 25-foot wave that slammed into him off the coast of big sur.
7:55 am
weiss expected to make -- he's expected to make a full lee cover -- full recovery. the sacramento airman, the man who helped stop a potential terror attack, a gunman on a train in france, got a great surprise from one of his favorite basketball sars. >> i hear you are a big golden state warriors' fans. >> i am. >> we have a visitor who wanted to say hello. you see that gentleman right there? >> that gentleman in that car, that's klay thompson. he made a surprise appearance on the jimmy kimmel show last night surprising spencer stone. klay thompson gave stone a championship hat, a jersey, a hug. he also gave him a chevy camaro convertible. a parade will be held in sacramento this friday for stone and the two other men who helped stop the potential terror attack.
7:56 am
macy plans to close as many as 40 stores at the beginning of the year next year. it has not said which ones. a cupertino macy's was closed last march. well, the catholic church is joining with an east bay winemaker for a very unusual vintage. several years ago, the oakland archdiocese started to plant grapes at three east bay cemeteries including the catholic cemetery in hayward. when the vines started totake off, the church wondered what are they gonna do with the grapes. the winemakers now make hundreds of cases a year for the archdiocese. many are drawn not just of the quality. >> had a very emotional response for having grapes grown in the cemetery where their family was buried.
7:57 am
>> all proceeds go to support catholic charities. flee tickets will be available -- free tickets will be available for those who want to see the pope in philadelphia. the archdiocese says 10,000 tickets will be online at 4:00 this afternoon. an extra 10,000 will be online at 8:00 for the september 26th mass. amazon has been known to dabble in things like drone delivery services. now they are teaming up with restaurants. where the online retail giant is serving up plates. >> reporter: the 100-plus temperatures are prompting school officials in san jose to make changes to the school day today and tomorrow. we'll explain coming up in a live report. good morning. we're looking at the east pay commute. right now -- east bay commute. right now traffic is gonna be slow. we'll tell you where it is the
7:58 am
slowest coming up. looks pretty dashed slow there at highway 24. we do have hot temperatures. any cooling on the coast? it could be close. we'll tell you why -- coming up. ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> reporter: two hours and counting until apple abig announcement -- apple's big announcement. need a job? there's hiring going on. look -- why you only have a
8:01 am
couple of hours left to apply. "mornings on 2" starts at 8:00. we want to begin talking about how hot it's gonna be. >> inland temps will be reaching well over 100. a couple of spots in the south bay will definitely hit triple digits again today. we've been bringing in janine de la vega from san jose. we see now the sun has got to you, janine. it's warming up. >> reporter: oh, yeah. it got me. i wanted to take the jacket off. i could feel the sun. we've been speaking to a lot of students. school just started here at branham high school. a lot of the students are glad that the superintendent decided to make it a short day today and tomorrow. they say it's hard to concentrate when there's no air conditioning. all nine high schools in the campbell union school district have emergency minimum days today and tomorrow.
8:02 am
less than half of the classrooms have air conditioning. the district posted noticed and sent e-mail alerts to parents that school will let out at noon for most of the schools. at others, it will be out at 11:30 a.m. district officials are concerned about students from suffering from heat stroke. >> we were doing three laps around the track and i think he was dehydrated. that's a big issue. >> reporter: what happened? >> he fainted on the track. he was fine. he just had to drink a lot of water. >> -- >> i almost fell asleep twice in history. >> reporter: the schools affected are branham, lee, delmar, prospect, westmont and three alternative high schools.
8:03 am
the district is canceling most outdoor activities and moving them inside such as football practice. instead, the players are gonna walk through the plays in the cafeteria. classes are also shortened tomorrow as well. but district officials are gonna reassess friday. now, students have told me that teachers have been using fans in their classrooms and one teacher actually sells cold water in the classroom. i asked her what's going on? she said no, no, the money goes back to the schools. they get a lot of business because the students -- they don't bridge enough water and they want more so they can hydrate. gasia, dave? >> yeah. >> it's a health concern, too, so it's wise to do it. thank you. let's bring our weather expert in. you know steve paulson knows everything. >> absolutely. he can tell us when the heat is gonna break.
8:04 am
i know people -- not all but most. i'm working on it, folks. it just came across from noah, january through 8th, the warmest ever. i mean -- except for may below average. every month has been above and some have been way above like august. we had a cool down and now we're in the heat. this is from jim carroll. two more days of this relentless heat. please turn it off. [laughter] >> as if i can wave a magic wand. if i could, i would. already 70 in fairfield. 7 in brentwood -- 70 in brentwood. mountain view is in there, hayward is in there. we're heading out quick. i think you get the idea. the fog is trying.
8:05 am
mendocino coast northward but for everyone else there might be a late breeze on the coast. we will see cloud cover from the remains of hurricane linda. today sunnyside up and it's hot. i told you, man, it's hot. 100s for many. how many ways can i say hot? we're having a nice chat on my facebook page. here's something i've heard. you keep all of the shades down. at night, you open up all of thed withs and you let all of the cold air in and you trap it inside the hughes. that's what one guy said. i do that myself. people come up with stuff. >> it does work this time of year. >> oh, okay. good, because it gets cold at night. join us on social media. i know steve has been getting a lot of action on twitter.
8:06 am
weather action. get your mind -- westbound 80 as you head out toward the macarthur maze. look at this number i'm circling on the screen. 56 minutes from the carquinez bridge. traffic will be slow when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. it has been a very slow commute. in the east bay, we have a lot of slow traffic on southbound 680 as you drive down to the 24 interchange and 24 is very slow. we've had a couple of different accidents. 80 is slow. but 880 from san leandro to an earlier accident near thornton is slow. it's one of those days where everyone is back. it will take a couple of weeks for everyone to adjust to the traffic patterns. back to the desk. lock hide martin just announce -- lockheed martin just announced it will cut 500 jobs. the jobs will be cut, they will be in i.t.
8:07 am
and global solutions. now, lockheed martin says it's adjusting to changing government priorities. we don't know if the campus in sunnyvale will see any job cuts. shares for lockheed martin have been up since the announcement was made. >> all morning we've been trying to check in with siri. about the apple announcement. hsiri wasn't -- siri wasn't saying much. >> christien kafton has more. >> reporter: a lot of speculation about what the big announcements will be here. we can tell you the big thing going on, they are starting to let people in. let's show you the line. this is emee -- this is employee registration. bill graham auditorium, a lot of folks on their way in.
8:08 am
apple watchers also gonna be very keyed in and watching this event very closely today. some of the big possibilities, apple phones, iphones, possibly, the revees of -- release of iphone 6-plus or -- excuse me. the 6-discuss plus or the 6-s phone which would be -- the 6 s plus or the 66-s phone which would be a forced touch technology. that's where it allows you to touch the screen and by touching the screen you can unlock various features. another possibility is a new ipad pro. that's one of the ideas that would come out of this. possibly more, tad to businesses -- more targeted to businesses. the idea to try to recover from
8:09 am
slumping sales. another possibility, apple tv, that's the other big idea is whether apple tv will be getting a big update. if apple tv gets the update, the speculation it would include siri and it could be used for gaming and then use that software and you would be able to use it for your iphone and ipad. this is the media check-in area. >> gasia, you were talking about siri. we've been asking her -- i've been hearing she will be getting closer to giving interhads about what we might see. let's try it one her time. siri, can you give us a hint about what's going to happen today? >> sorry. i missed that because i was busy telling 3 million people why the chicken crossed the
8:10 am
road. [laughter] >> reporter: we're only two hours out at this point. i was hoping -- >> a lot of people are watching today's event. they want to see if what's unveiled is enough for us hanging onto the older model of the iphone or -- >> reporter: i was talking with one of the people and he's a media -- a media/tech guy. he said he expects the update on the apple tv, the forced touch technology. he said that will be a big change for the iphone. he says the developers are the ones that are gonna go crazy with the technology. he said it will unlock a whole host of features. >> before you go, how hot is it where you are standing right now, the weather? >> reporter: i don't know if tu have noticed -- if you have
8:11 am
noticed. i took off my jacket. the sun up out here in san francisco, you can expect it will be getting pretty warm. >> all right. try to stay cool and thank you. the san jose fire department is investigating three small grass fires. fortunately, the flames did not spread. although nearby structures were threatened. we're told arson investigators are looking into the cause of the fires. rescue crews search for the for a person -- searched for a person reported to be trapped in an underground structure but didn't find anyone. they called off the search about 10:15 last night and that reported missing person or trapped person was never found. the 12th street b.a.r.t. station in oakland is back open
8:12 am
after a death on the tracks there. authorities say a train hit a man about 9:30 last night. police don't suspect foul play. the station was shut down for about half an hour. b.a.r.t. provided a bus bridge for passengers but the incident caused major delays between west oakland and fremont. a bail hearing is set for the 18th of this month for three correctional deputies accused of killing an inmate. the 28-year-old and 27-year- olds were charged with murder for the beating death of michael tyree took two weeks ago. court documents indicate while they searched his cell, other inmates heard him screaming, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. stop. stop. a lawyer for one of the deputies says he's innocent. >> he's not doing well at all.
8:13 am
he's in custody. he's law enforcement. >> those who were supposed to protect michael did not. instead, they killed him. >> court documents indicate just before michael was beaten, the deputies reportedly hit another inmate in the head and twisted his arm. santa clara county sheriff lori smith released a state saying while no one can bring michael back to his family, we can ensure those responsible for the murder are brought to justice. today marks five years since the deadly explosion in san bruno. we'll take a look back at that city as they get ready to remember the pipeline explosion that just devastated the crestmoore neighborhood. if you are one of those meme who like a -- people who like a deal, listen up. why ebay is rolling out deals for you. we're looking at a commute that's very slow.
8:14 am
kind of like yesterday. slightly better. there's still huge delays coming in. aguess we'll have to deal with hot weather. that's what we'll have for most today. when will it cool off? there's hints for the coast. we'll take a look at it. blam
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
markets are up but we've seep them fall this morning -- seen them naul this morning -- fall this morning. now, the dow jones is still in the positive from thisser mooing but only -- this morning but only up 37 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 reflecting a similar big opening and then a drop. >> yeah. talking about stocks. shares of yahoo! dropping over questions of the spinoff with alibaba. the irs said it would not grant tax status for the stake in alibaba. investors are worried that the values of the shares have plunged along with the asian markets. apple responded to a recent request by saying the i-message
8:18 am
system is protected to protect users' privacy. the government wants the key to decipher data and the justice department says it may try to fight apple in court. we're less than two hours away from apple's big event but we're already hearing that a popular apis coming to tv -- app is coming to tv. >> people would be able to watch live streams on their televisions. not just their phones. the website reports there's no official launch date but it may be previewed at the apple event we're all waiting for this morning in san francisco. ebay is rolling out 20 days of deals including election tropics as well as -- electronics as well as $20 deals. they will be items priced at a
8:19 am
flat 20 bucks. tomorrow, ebay will hold a two- day event sum -- event summit. amazon is getting into the restaurant delivery service. they will start food delivery service up in seattle. this is all part of prime now. it offers one-hour delivery. prime now is an additional service. it's included in the 99-dollar per year prescription. no word when the restaurant delivery is coming here to the bay area. big news. for a sonoma county craft brewer, lineky nin announced it -- heinekin announced they are partnering. >> this new partnership will allowing them to use the network to expand into more
8:20 am
global markets. 8:19. let's see if we need to get you out the door. let's go to sal. >> after this week, you might be able to use a beer to take the edge off. this commute has been terrible. the bay bridge. that traffic is gonna be busy as you drive into san francisco but it's not only the backup here. it's the backup getting there on 80 and 580. that's what really makes it tough. it has been one of those day -- one of those weeks. i think it will go on for a couple of weeks. let's go take out -- let's take a look at the traffic. as we look at 880 heading south, it's slow out of near marina boulevard. a solid line of traffic all the wait down to mill meet tis.
8:21 am
580s -- milpitas. 580 has cleared up. as i drag the map over to the contra costa area, it's solid on 680 from highway 4 to 24 which has been very slow to the caldecott. almost everywhere is slow. once you start to the realize that the traffic patterns have changed, you might want to make other plans like b.a.r.t.. let's go to steve. >> sal, someone tweeted me and said i'm the mike rowe of weather. >> that's a compliment. very talented man. thank you. we have clear skies. today will be hot. i believe a west wind will kick in later on. it's trying t was showing signs that the golden gate and ocean beach had a wind direction of west.
8:22 am
they have both turned easterly. that tells you it will be hot in the city. mark said steve, what is your favorite outside temperature? about 75 to 80. but at night, i like it mild to warm. but about 75 to 80 is my comfort zone. dave, what about you? >> about the same. >> danette in south lake tahoe watching "mornings on 2," it's a gorgeous morning. it will be warm up here. i would say 85. very warm. san francisco also warm. 66 to start, although there are many 67 os. 82 -- 60s and 70s. possible records for some today. the heat advisory is out. 11 1:00 a.m. to 7 -- 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. brentwood, 70. disregard the 80 in palo alto. some of the high elevations are
8:23 am
75 to 80. very warm air aloft. there is a north wind at santa rosa. there's the fog. but unless the wind turns westerly, the golden gate or ocean beach, i don't see how it can make is. it does look like some rereef tomorrow -- relief tomorrow. once linda falls apart, it might drift up in this direction, that would be over the weekend, keep an eye on that for you. combination of clouds on the menu. highs today will be hot. really hot. 90s, 100s for many. even around the bay. the ocean temps did cool off. that will help the fog. if today isn't the hottest day, i think it will be for the coast and the bay and tomorrow, they will start to cool off. it might take another day until we get the inland areas. everyone cools off over the weekend. >> today will be hot. >> yes, sir. >> yes. >> that's your forecast. >> there you go.
8:24 am
>> thank you. starbucks trying something new serving wine and beer at some of its shops but there is a backlash. in the next half-hour, what some are saying about what starbucks is doing and the effects on teenagers. looking for a job? one popular restaurant is looking to put thousands of people to work asap. i will tell you what you need to do to work at chipotle. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
8:25 am
hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you!
8:26 am
♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:27 am
there could be an extra line near your chipotle. the company is on a hiring police. they want to fill 4,000 jobs today because it says we're growing quickly. it even says it promoted 10,000 employees to management positions. the highing blitz started -- hiring police started 20 minutes ago. it runs until 11:00 a.m. if you are interested go to we've put a registration link right under our "mornings on 2" tab. take a look at this picture. it was posted on the chicago police department's facebook page. here is the story behind it. sergeant was eating alone when he saw a homeless man looking in the garbage. tapped on the glass and asked if he was hungry, the man nodded yeah-- nodded yes. he came in and the sergeant
8:28 am
bought him food. the sergeant is set to retire soon. >> wow. the fastest-growing car insurance company, they also want to hire more people, in 35 minutes from now, geico is launching an online job fair. so you will be abe to connect with recruiters, check out job openings and customer service, sales, claims and information technology. we posted a ktvu news link on the job fair on the "mornings on 2" page. look under web lidges at -- lidges at -- links at of we're watching the heat. and have you ever seen a solo driver use the carpool lane? well, you are not the only one. a new study and why it's increasing in the bay area -- when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:29 am
notice how this breakfast burrito starts with the basic tortilla, but then inside... it's stuffed with tender, juicy, sliced steak. whoa whoa...slow down...what? i said steak. in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up. this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito. boom. jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender, juicy steak, scrambled eggs, and creamy sriracha sauce, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. lookin' for a basic burrito? this ain't it.
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8:31 am
♪ >> oh, on a wednesday morning, you have to do some led zeppelin. >> this will wake you up. >> a live shot outside across the bay area. it's hot, hot, hot. it will get even hotter, too. just wanted to ease you in with a little led zeppelin here on "mornings on "mornings on 2" moat -- here on "mornings on
8:32 am
2." steve, how does the forecast look? >> it will be hot. i think fog is back. today we start off, had a few low 50s. it won't take long to start warming up. temperatures, the breeze, there were signs of a westerly in parts of the city. heat advisory, 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. temperatures will be way above. maybe record setting, already 75 in brentwood. 60s, 70s for many here. i think that's probably warmer than san ramon. 57. some are old. had some low 50s. they will start to turn around pretty fast. not much of a delta breeze. the fog is trying. it will be here tomorrow morning. i think you will get a west wind. maybe in the city. but not before it hitth the 90s. tropical clouds might be delay playing into the weather from the remains of hurricane linda. it's sunny and hot.
8:33 am
90s to 100s for many. 80s and 90s. like the led zeppelin there. >> almost like they will trying to -- they are trying to please me with that music selection. this commute, i'm shaking my head. smh. it's very slow. we have a new crash. i'm gonna go through the cameras. 880 northbound and southbound, the traffic will be slow from san leandro all the way to downtown oakland. southbound 80 looks okay. but it's shing in san leandro -- slowing in san leandro down to fremont us ba of earlier issues. the toll plaza, it's been an hour for some to get to the commute. there is a brand-new accident reported northbound 101 at san antonio road in the palo alto area. this crash is reportedly involving a motorcyclist down, northbound 101 at san antonio.
8:34 am
traffic slow. you are hearing this, still at home, might want to reconfigure if you can, take transit because 101 has just gone to really bad. back toot -- back to the desk. there will be a ceremony of remembrance in san bruno marking five years to the day marking the gas pipeline explosion there. >> nine people were killed. 40 homes were destroyed. alex savidge with how many of those homes are still being rebuilt. >> reporter: good morning. five years out. this neighborhood clearly is still recovering. we're standing in front of a home that is very nearly finished. but this is one of more than a dozen properties still under construction or still vacant five years after the explosion. a number of neighbors have grown frustrated with the slow pace of the rebuilding effort. the remaining homes are being constructed by one developer. some believe that may be slowing things down a little
8:35 am
bit. the city argues that's the best way to make sure the work is done right. a 30-inch pg&e gas transmission line burst into flames. the massive fire that resulted destroyed 38 homes and left eight people dead. while the rebuilding has continued, the city of san bruno has continued to go after pg&e over issues of pipeline safety and the company's cozy dies with the california public utilities commission before and after the blast. >> slowly but surely we found out a process of the collusion that was ongoing for many years. >> reporter: pg&e was fined $1.6 billion for that pipeline explosion and it also faces a criminal trial next year. by the way, pg&e is paying to rebuild much of this neighborhood. roads are being repaved. sidewalks are being put in.
8:36 am
there is a new neighborhood park being built. the mayor said that work won't likely wrap up until the spring of 2016. members of the -- spring of 2017. members of the community will be coming together for a remembrance ceremony at the site of the blast. back to you. >> thank you. here is a question. how far would you go to save minutes off your morning commute. a study shows many are willing to cheat by using the carpool lane. >> brian flores has more and there weren't many numbers behind what many suspected was a big problem. >> reporter: good morning. we're live here in berkeley above the eastshore freeway. this is university avenue overpass. ever see like the people sitting okay the lawn chairs. got the bright orange vests or the fluorescent vests, those
8:37 am
are people counting violaters. we don't have any concrete statistics until now and some may see these numbers as surprising but some may see it as a positive sign in terms of our economy. this new survey shows an average of 41% of solo drivers were seen in the carpool lanes in santa clara county this year. solo drivers. that's nearly double from five years ago. other trouble spots include, for example, highway 101 near whipple road in redwood city where 30% were caught cheating. that's up 5% three years ago. recently the chp did a crackdown of carpool cheaters on 880 andthy issued more than 300 tickets in a matter of hours. but really bay area drivers are seeing this everywhere. one of my twitter followers has seen this a lot on 2380 from san jose to palo alto. and many we talked with who follow the rules say this is
8:38 am
just frustrating. >> i get a little frustrated. i commute with my three girls. i have the right-of-way for carpool and they slow down. they are trying to get back over. this does imed by the flow of -- it does impede the flow of traffic. >> reporter: the chp is on pace to give out traffic citations, up from last year. the tickets, it is $491 if you are caught. now, a couple of reasons if you look at the statistics. caltrans attributes the trend to a possibly improving economy with more people driving to their jobs and apparently willing to take the risk. others say it's just the fact that there are more cars and more congestion on bay area freeways but it is still frustrating for a lot of bay area drivers especially in this hot weather. be patient out there. be good to each other on the freeways. be nice. but it's frustrating for a lot
8:39 am
of bay area drivers who see this quite a bit. back to you. >> just last week, the chp actually put out a warning to drivers cheating and using the carpool lane because people are using fake babies, essentially putting dolls in the baby seats. the chp actually said don't use a fake baby to worm your way into that lane when you don't belong there. >> yeah, and this has been going on for several years. but just be aware, knoll the rules if you can. i -- follow the rules if you can. i know it's frustrating for the commuters. they say it all of the time. >> all right. thank you. 8:39. uc berkeley police arrested a 74-year-old man for allegedly trying to videotape a man in
8:40 am
the bathroom. a man was under the stall with a cell phone. the victim yelled. officers arrived and arrested richard anderson on suspicion of invasion of privacy. in fairfield, police are warning about an attempted kidnapping. a man called out to the girl and grabbed her and tried to pull her toward a nearby creek. the teen was able to break free. the attacker ran away. she told police she had seen the same man in suisun on sunday. she was walking with friends when the man tried to luller with had with -- tried to lure her with alcohol. police in oakland releasing new clues about the shooting death of a young musician in april. the 26-year-old was bringing his musical equipment out of the bar, after finishing a show, and there was an argument.
8:41 am
someone started to shoot. a stray bullet hit and killed navares. five months after his death, his family is still filled with grief. >> last week i came toot realization he won't be there for the holiday -- i came to the real i station he wasn't be there for the -- realization he won't be there for the hoyle -- for the holidays. >> oakland police released video of a third person of interest in the case. investigators are looking for a silver four-door mercedes s 430 or s 500 from the years 2001 to 2006. a reward of $37,000 is being offered. the body of a missing san francisco man was found in the water near angel island. he was reported missing monday
8:42 am
morning. crews from marin county search and rescue, u.s. coast guard and the marin county sheriff's department all searched for him. his moddy was found before -- body was found before noon. police don't think foul play was involved. a hearing is set to begin in less than an hour in the criminal case against raymond chow. he and some other 20 defendants are accused of organized crime activities, including racketeering, money lawn dering -- laundering. 8:42. australia now going after isis in syria. australia will launch airstrikes against targets inside syria within days adding to the bombing runs it's been conducting in iraq since last year. >> there can be no stability and no end to the persecution
8:43 am
and suffering in the middle east until this is ultimate lit des -- ultimately destroyed. that's what the armed forces are doing in iraq and we need to do it in syria. >> australia will take in 12,000 refgy few gee -- refugees. that's in addition to the annual intake of more than 13,000. he's a doctor who is promoting himself as a washington outsider. the bay area visit of a republican presidential candidate ben carson. the positions on illegal immigration, abortion and tax reform. it's a local wine with divine intervex. the wine are grapes grown by the oakland archdiocese. it's pretty slow out there. it's one of those things where you will have to be patient. here we are in marin county where southbound 101 is slow from novato to central san rafael. it will be hot. no way around that.
8:44 am
temperatures will be way above average. what about the fog? it's up north. we'll see if it can make it here by tonight or tomorrow.
8:45 am
8:46 am
republican presidential candidate ben carson was campaigning in san francisco.
8:47 am
the retired neurosurgeon answered questions about several issues on abortion, he flatly opposes it. on illegal immigration, he wants to seal the border but also offer a guest worker program for people already here. and he supports a flat tax and much lower corporate taxes. >> we have an unreasonable taxation system. we need a system that encourages entrepreneurial risk taking. >> i thought he covered a lot of good points about his standsed on many issues and i thought -- stands on many issues and i thought he handled himself very, very well. >> ben carson is running second behind donald trump. he's picked up momentum since that first debate. another gop presidential candidate is taking aim at hillary clinton and her e-mail policy. >> she's not been truthful.
8:48 am
now there's all of these investigations, fbi, justice department. she has serious problems. i think the lesson is you have to be transparent when you are running for office. >> this morning jeb bush appeared on fox and friends. he accused clinton of jeopardizing national security by having confidential information go through her private e-mail server. sobriety advocates in the north bay are criticizing starbucks's new policy about selling beer and wine. a group is unhappy that clol is being -- chool is -- alcohol is being served in the place that's free. there's no shortage of places to drink and starbucks should not be one of them. several years ago, the oakland archdiocese startingent plaing grapes at three east bay -- starting planting grapes at three east bay cemeteries.
8:49 am
when the vines started to take off, the church wondered what they are gonna do with the grapes. they asked a local winemaker to use them to make wayne -- wine. a lot of people are drawn to the wine not just because of the quality. >> they had a very emotional response to having gropes in the ceremony where their family was buried. >> all of the proceeds go to support catholic charities. let's check in with sal. >> if you have the luxe of waiting -- luxury of waiting around until tock, it does -- until 10:00, it does get better. highway 4 is getting better. what ends up having after a couple of weeks of all of this bad traffic, some people say
8:50 am
i'm not gonna take the car i'm gonna figure out another way and they get on b.a.r.t. it's running. highway 80 westbound, that's backed up for an hour. in san jose, traffic is okay. northbound 101 as you get up to the san antonio exit, there is a crash involving a motorcycle. they are clearing that but traffic is slow on 101 from southern san jose all the way up to palo alto. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sir. it will be hot here today. maybe inland all the way to friday. i think the coast starts a cooldown. it will be held in check and right down on the check. temperatures, 90s to 100s. we're already beginning to warm up. this came across twitter. eric blahic is a hurricane specialist. i think he's down in miramar
8:51 am
florida. he tracks the are hawaiian water temps. this right here. this is 86-degree water temp. 86. 84 surrounds most of the island. this is eastern caribbean temperatures, not hawaii. these are record setting. so again, just to the south 86- degree water temps. amazingly warm. muddy cat mike, plenty of fog up in coos bay, oregon. thank you for that. yes, there is fog. mendocino there's fog. carlos says please remind folks to hydrate. keepy pets inside -- keep your pets inside. i agree. your cat is probably lying on the kitchen floor going really or the dog as well? i've seen that look many times. heat advisory, 94 to 106. i'm not talking on the radio dial. 70, 75 for some already.
8:52 am
70 palo alto. mountain view is in there. oakland, 71. i mean it's just going to be hot today. north wind at santa rosa. there is a slight offshore breeze for a brief period of time, ocean beach and the golden gate bridge wind direction had turned westerly. it's gone back like this offshore. i don't think the fog will make it. maybe sonoma coast. it's close. it's so shallow, i doubt it does anything. warm to hot. the remains of hurricane linda looks like it wants to move up toward the weekend. we'll get the change by the weekend. but today and tomorrow at least inland it will be a cooker. 100 for many. 80s and 90s by the water's edge. a lot of 100s. a few feet away. if this isn't the hottest day -- i think the coast cools off tomorrow. i do. it's close to the fog. maybe get a sea breeze later
8:53 am
today. hot into the inand air -- inland areas areas-- inland areas. we'll cool off over the weekend. >> that's a bath. >> yes. >> all right, steve. football fans, getting ready for the start of the nfl season. in san francisco, the party begins soon. we'll tell you when you can see a free kickoff concert. babies who are talked to from the time they're born
8:54 am
are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing.
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your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh. we'll find out more about the events leading up to super bowl 50. the ceo of the super bowl 50 committee will be joined by the nfl senior vp of events to tell us what to expect. just as the nfl season officially kicks off. yeah, i see you, pal. it happens at 11:00 a.m. at justin herman plaza in san francisco. and tomorrow, there is a from concert featuring train from
8:56 am
san francisco and the singer ellie goulding. now the gates for the concert open up at the plaza tomorrow at 2:30. the courtroom sketch of tom brady that caused a stir on social media is back in the spotlight. the unflattering images are on mugsed a t-shirts and now an -- mugs and t-shirts and now an attorney representing the artist has sent cease and desist letters. the artist said she was surprised by all of the merchandise being sold out there. she owns the rights to the sketch and has rejected a number of offers to sell the drawing. tom brady confirms yes, that was a donald trump campaign cap in his locker. someone posted it. it's the red cap on the right side. he got it from robert kraft. trump said brady is a friend and a total winner.
8:57 am
we've found an animal just couldn't wait until the nfl season starts. >> a jackrabbit. >> we're not making this up. look at this. a fearless rabbit jumped on the field. this was at a canadian game. look at this. i have never seen a jump like that. it did a touchdown dance as well. >> acrobatic. [laughter] >> that's a good touchdown dance. let's take a look at the commute. very quickly. traffic at the toll plaza is slow. 880 traffic is very slow. both directions, really. if you are driving in the south bay, 101 is a mess from southern san jose. 100-degree temps may be hair raising but that's what we have today.
8:58 am
it will be hot. cooler by the coast. thanks for joining us. we're extending until 10:00. nunn in a few minute -- coming up in a few minutes, we're going through the 10:00 a.m. hour. more local news. we'll see you back here at noon.
8:59 am
9:00 am
it's a game called footsol. >> one player is -- >> ridiculously good. >> how showboating led to some very bad sportsmanship. armed robbers run into trouble and decide -- >> you know what? we need to go. >> how a store owner goes all james bond to save his stuff. constitution. you can't [ bleep ] with that. >> drink history is a hit on comedy central. shoet has inspired a bride and groom and -- >> they have been drinking. >> hello. i'm justin. >> and i'm jill. >> how they're re-enacting their love story and


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