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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 11, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. cops corner a prisoner who tried to escape. >> shaw shank redemption style. >> how he got in and out of that hole. tourists on a scenic bluff, the moment they knew it was going to go. >> you feel no remorse for that. >> i would kill him again. >> a chilling interview in a riveting new show that proves some of the most intriguing stories are real. now the hosts and the creator of "crime watch daily" reveal why this say game changer. >> there is' no show out there with actual crime fighters chasing wad guys down the
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street. plus your chance to win a new ipad mini with today's buzzword and a video looks at how hard it is to tell the difference between -- >> a female booty and a male booty. >> how we found out it's harder than it looks. no this isn't someone stuck in a well in china, texas or quicksand in africa. this is somebody trying to escape a prison shawsharng redemption style. >> is somebody standing there with a camera waiting for this guy to pop out? >> yes, because the authorities are onto this guy. according to local media reports the prisoner was noticed by prison guards outside of the prison, and this guy got stuck in a hole. he was this close to freedom. >> going to need a bigger hole,
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dude. >> gayle, is he digging out through a tunnel? >> he was digging a tunnel with another inmates. two inmates dug their way out of the cell and by the way, somebody said that the prisoner confirmed to military officials because they are asking him questions while he's there, you can hear it. it's in portuguese because this is in brazil. he said he was in cell one in pavilion four which was recently renovated. >> the other guy happened to get away but not for very long because they called the military police and the national guard out and they found him in a forest near the jail. andy dufresne would be disappointed at this attempt. there are pictures of the guys after they were captured, there they are with their prison knits on waiting to go back. >> this was newly renovated? i wonder who the contractor was. >> typically when you see a cat,
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their tail, you know the cat's irritated, back off, leave it alone. when you're in the krueger national park and come across a lion, it's kind of hard to resist the urge to get too close. in this vehicle sounds like we have two guys and they report that another 4x4 full of tourists pulled up and almost ruined the experience for everybody here. the 4x4 kept creeping closer and closer and closer, you see the lion there keeping a keen eye on what's going on and what's approaching. just a little juke, that's it, close enough, that's all the lion needs to do to get these people to back off. now the guys inside the car are kind of funny, but i don't think the american people needed to hear this.
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>> road rager in, ever, ever leads to anything good, and i have two pretty terrible examples of it. this first one is video from russia and you see this white volkswagen as it's trying to get through traffic and turn left onto the lanes on the other side, and as that driver slows down there's another car that's coming and ends up clipping that other vehicle. >> i think it's fair to say this was just an accident. >> yep. >> but it wasn't. >> of course not. >> because the driver of the other vehicle gets out of that car, comes over, starts attacking the driver of the white van with an axe. eventually the man drives a with a and the driver with the white vehicle is taken to the hospital with injuries to his hands and wrist. that suspect ended up getting away, police are looking for him. this road rage incident is ridiculous and uncalled for.
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>> you [ bleep ]! >> oh! the thing is, the car in front was waiting for this other car to go straight before they could turn left. what do you want them to do? you can't cut in front of the oncoming traffic. >> the driver in front was going slower for those reasons. the driver in the suv was impatient, decides they'll gun it, go around the driver but the driver hits the curb, takes down the other speed sign and ends up stranded there. [ bleep ]. it's giveaway time, giving you a chance to win a brand new ipad mini. to enter you need friday's buzzword, be at least 18 years old. the buzzword coming up in a bit. this sis a video for you,
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geological erosion. the gradual wearing down of land by water or air over years, decades, centuries, eons. it's not often captured on video. but somebody -- >> calm down. >> a bit of england fell off. there have been reports of rocks falling, mini slides and cracks appearing in the cliff. they block off the walkway for good reason. in a matter of seconds a huge chunk of the country just goes forever. starts with a little bit of a fall but then bye! >> oh my gosh! that's an entire chunk. >> i can't believe you didn't worn me. it's devastating. >> no, it's part of the process of the earth's movement and its formation. how is that good? >> it breaks into little and smaller rocks. they said there were a number of people around for that moment. he just so happened to have his
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camera rolling. it's going crazy viral but it's spectacular footage. >> no one ever gets to see it. >> in a few million years it will be a beautiful beach. it's the new crime show you'll definitely want to watch. >> this really is chilling. >> the host of "crime watch daily" gives us the scoop on digging deep. >> that really rocked me. and why playtime with the kids is about to go downhill. >> uh-oh. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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there's a brand new nationally syndicated show called crime watch daily that follows some of the wildest true stories out there. the show launches monday, september 14th and it's a game changer. listen to this. >> what makes a mother do the unthinkable? >> the story of michelle blair, the detroit mom who is accused of killing two of her four children. she admits to doing it.
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>> how did you conceivably sleep at night next to your murdered children in a deep freezer? >> i slept well. >> and you feel no remorse for that? >> i would kill them again. >> this really is chilling. >> they even did an investigative piece on uber, the popular ride sharing service. >> it use a criminal check system that only goes back seven years. all of this legal under ride sharing laws. >> tell us a little bit more about this brand new show, we've got the host matt do an joining us right this minute via skip. talk about how big the crime watch daily operation is and how you go is are working with the local station. >> we're going to be breaking the format in so many ways, really fast, really edgy. you touch with our affiliate station just under 200 affiliate stations across america which will give us unparalleled rates when it comes to covering crime in small towns, and then taking those small town stories and
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blowing them up into national coverage. we have the best investigative crime team in the country to bring us stories that will make a real difference in many people's lives. >> matt you have one of the creators of crime watch. bring her in. >> with this is my boss so hopefully i'm saying all the right things. >> lisa you're the mastermind behind extra tv. what made you want to get involved in crime? >> a giant void in daytime tp. we decided to take a stab at this and literally came up with an amazing show with probably one of the best hosts i've ever worked with in my career. >> how did you pick matt to host a show like this? it's a lot of responsibility for something like this? >> we looked all over america, looking for david muir meets john walsh and there wasn't a single reporter out there with matt's kre deppials. there's no show out there with actual crime fighters chasing bad guys down the street with
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the victim in toe where they can confront the person that has done it. >> how is matt able to do host the show and be on the road? >> i'm going to first of all keep him single, so he will have no life other than to do this show. >> how does that question go from how does he host and report to just how single i am? >> well i mean the ladies on the show single or not? ? yes. >> so lisa you have a big day coming up monday. what can we expect? >> actually that's back to matt, we just sent him to indiana to do a door knock with jared the subway pitch man. this was while he was on his way to interview the whistleblower. >> the whom who brought him down and his ex-director charged with
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horrific crimes against children. >> we're not just going after criminals we are going after scammers. this is good old-fashioned crime tv. we haven't seen it on tv for a long time. >> thinking we miss you want to talk about? >> again he's single. >> ha, ha. one of the greatest feelings when you know your parents are having fun with you, and then they sometimes give you gold like this. here's mom rolling down the hill with the kids. >> uh-oh, uh-oh. >> mom can't stop. mom? >> you think it's over, no. >> oh my gosh. >> what is she practicing to be a stunt woman? >> those last two rolls i think are because she's propping laughing so hard she can't physically get herself into the position to stop. >> like a crash test tummy, legs and arms going everywhere. >> like a doll going down the hill. that one was good but this one is better.
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here is mom on a trach lean. >> no, no. >> i reckon she's going to slam half in, half out. >> she expecting to jump back out, because that's got going to happen. >> when you so he how she jumps therein lies the rub. >> no! ha, ha! >> she got one foot on theening when she fails. >> she chickened out, didn't commit. >> had she stuck to her guns it would have been a win. >> thanks, mom, for all that gold. dumping the foreign exchange student and the awkwardness starts. >> come on, he's really handsome. >> see how it ends next "right this minute." still to come a homeless dog needs a helping hand. >> this dog tangled with the porcupine and the porcupine won. >> see the rescue who has him feeling good as new. plus friday's buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini. myths out there about a reverse mortgage so i want you to know the facts.
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it's clearly obvious this dog tangled with a porcupine and the porcupine won. >> oh. >> the poor snout is like a pin cushion. >> they named this dog piney. >> that's adding insult to injury. come on! >> pinhead. >> this poor dog didn't have a name because this poor dog was homeless. >> oh. >> it had been in this condition for a few days. it couldn't eat, couldn't drink, couldn't walk. so finally it let a human get close to it. that woman brought that dog in to vet ranch. >> we're going to take him a andanand an anesthetize him and pull out the quills, all in his mouth, under his tongue. >> oh! >> gosh, that's got to feel like torture to this poor dog. >> look at the one that went through his paw. >> this is the pointy end so this one came in over here and went straight through it and now it's sticking out. >> you can see the doctor pull
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it out. there was also one in his nose. >> just a little bit of white sticking out. look how deep that was. >> ooh. there the dog has had all the quills removed. this poor little guy got some excellent treatment but dr. matt said this dog is not used to human contact. >> when i touch him, he jumps. >> he says he was real skittish around them. >> dogs like this go to the pound and they are quickly euthanized, because he's not outgoing. he's not really even friendly when he shows up. he was growling at us yesterday. >> but because he went to the vet ranch, they give him a new leash on life so to-to-speak. >> dr. matt is a superhero. >> he's awesome. justin and jillian's drunk history. >> it is the definition of a viral video. the wedding video heard round the world but they're not done
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yet. they've dropped another one. it's so cool it's the kind of wedding that it will be cool to say "i was there." anyway, i was there. justin is a professional magician marrying the beautiful jillian and they have their first dance. ♪ i put a spell on you >> to "i put a spell on you." ♪ stop the things you do >> she refuses and then it's just like a beautiful little dance around each other. you see he's the magician, gets behind her, hypnotized her, she falls back, he caps her, a kiss on the lips and she's back up. but they decide to flip it around. she wants to do a bit of hypnotizing of her own, clicks her fingers, he falls asleep, catches him, plants a kiss, but -- >> oh! >> it's awesome. she moves away, you see him just staying there like he's defying gravity. pictures of this have gone crazy
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viral. it's an awesome video, some would say magical as well. it's time to give away another ipad mini. to enter need the buzzword, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to, click "win ipad." >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both and enter every day. >> friday's buzzword is twin. >> get over to, click on the "win ipad and enter today's buzzword, twin. >> next week we'll give away a brand new flat screen tv so keep watching, good luck. people put their touch to the test in a cheeky experiment. >> nice. nice tone, nice texture. i'm going to go with agirl. >> but see what happens when we take a crack at it.>>, they're
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work for these guys. they have a motor but they also got skills. one-two step. ♪ do you guys think you could tell the difference between a female booty and a male booty if
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you were put to the test? blindfold blindfolded. >> okay and then what we're allowed to touch? ? sure. like these people in this video by distractify. >> nice tone and texture. i'll go with girl. >> first i wanted to say guy just because there's not very much i can like cup, but i want to say girl. i'm going to go guy. guy. >> girl. >> i feel like i'm watching like a booty check, like have you checked your booty this month? >> here are the expert booty grabbers and they're questionable booty grabbers. >> one gender doesn't do better than another in this. >> in this particular. >> oh no. >> and we already do have some volunteers lined up for you. >> really? >> you know i feel like i'm at a bachelorette party.
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bring on the booty. >> a good bum is like a fine wine. man? get in there and analyze. weird. >> it's the ten things but the moves are, i'm going with a guy. >> this is a very firm booty. i can see that this person does a lot of squats. it's very meaty. i'm going with boy. that's amazing. >> i think the giveaway is the dress and the panty size. >> tap it a little bit. >> that's a dude, too. very round, like a you ccouple peaches. i'm going with a girl. >> i love that you just described that person's booty as peaches. >> this person is flexing nicely. good butt. i'm going with female butt. oh. i really can't -- maybe it's a
9:28 am
guy? [ buzzer? . [. >> they're clenching, they're clempbling. i'm going with a female. >> female? [ buzzer ]. >> i'm tossing the coin, girl. female. >> uh-oh, lips are pursed. sorry, gayle. >> doesn't look like a man's bum. >> you didn't look at it, you felt it. >> all of us have touched each other's butts. that was fun. thanks for joining us today. see you on the next "right this minute." layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right! itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off.
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what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
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it's a dash cam video, but -- >> you've never seen one like this. >> why cops want to you watch it closely. brave vets race to help abanimal in trouble. >> somebody has thrown a spear at this poor elephant. >> how to undue the damage done by poachers. >> find your seat belt for me. >> what happens when you strap some grandmas in a lamborghini. why age is no barrier to sheer fear. plus the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and a daughter is about to


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