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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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collapse in berkeley. >> %wand the nation takes a o pause and remember those killed in 0hthe september 11 11 attacks 14 years ago yau evacuations just ordered for wildfire explodes k7:wto 50,000 achessers. the four ah:on 2 -- acres. pnow. >> p8÷welcome to the four on 2 this friday. i am keba arnold. >> i k0édam mike mibach. governor jerry brown issued a state of emergency for amador and calaveras counties. a wildfire burning in w>the foothills i,g5l.of the sierras exploded. the butte fire started afternoon and burn q said 50,000 acres. ,000 h issued for residents in the town of san andreas. 6 homes have been destroyed. the winds are making this a cp"ñ tough fire battle.
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just 10% contained. a reporter out of sacramento joining us on the phone now. ñk&cjj(qwo miles from the fire lines. describe what it is like out there. i w firefighters are describing this fire as explosive and "se is. zhave s today. to give you an idea how upqzfas the fire is moving. the ñbutte fire grew by 20,00 acres in the past few hours 6(3 since we have ÷jvfbeen here. it vom,is now 50,000 acres. ranchl"áioff highway 49 in calaveras county. ÷mq]aby s ñat all direct right now. the hot weather not happen. cal fire told me they have more resources on the way right now. and just so you know, crews look forward to the sunset as temperatures cool -- an upper
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hand when qatemperatures cool off, 8ljunfortunately they ,wdo expect that tonight. 6,000 structures are threatened. they are warning residents of the san andreas area to be ready to evacuate just in case. >> last night cqooit was 10% contained. seemed like cal fire was happy n:ñprogress. today? it exploded. what was it? like wind. i mean, the wind is going ñrçne single direction. we were on one of the side streets in the community and firefighters were facing one direction and then a minute later facing another direction. trying to put psbvñout flames i9 directions. i ;qmthinked at sgdíthe is one biggest -- i think b÷that is om of the biggest challenges. typically they are able to get a handle on it and say the fire is moving north, it is #very swit up.
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>> we are looking at two images. one of video and sky fox 2 up in the air. we see the > +çsmoke you were describing. chance pqt residents? had i did. i talked #cp1to a resident. an 84-year-old man. he was hospitalized, extremely sad. trying to put out flames at his home. trying to help out firefighters. we spoke to his daughter who just said he íeheá=would do any for his home. bq9q2/nhis dream home two years ago. it is ni1z -%really sad. ñ here. >ere. evacuated. people are not here. we are the .y1only ones yh$her besides firefighters. >> for viewers who are not familiar with where you are, the town of =wxñsan andreas, ca you explain where you are?
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>> this fire is between béñ we >2zs"utwo counties. i am not sure how far we are from san francisco. but i can tell yzu hours from sacramento. where &ñ hour from sacramento. then, you know, driving around the fire, to kyagive you an id is 2 or 3 o'n4hours. it is a very large fire. 50,000 acres have burned. 20,000 bj)acres just mq]vwithi last few hours. >> all right. from fox 40 out of sacramento, hat. thank you. >> thank you. go meteorologist kéerrosemary oroz the winds she felt today. stronger today. >> shifting winds. earlier they were coming from the north and now we are qcsee
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northwest. and as she ro=oned ÷é> thank you. country. the nation's leaders joined lx friends c(ñ:8qpsr&y in b3,000 innoce people who lost their lives september oñ11, 14 years ago.
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. twin towers and victims were ohonored at the pentagon where a flag was hung on the side of the building struck by flight 77. president obama observed a z% moment of silence at the white hoñ'iabefore meeting with service members at fort meade. >> we do not forget those who are fallen. we are in n spired by -- are survivors. the gw [ 7w07music ] k
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station's -- lowered each station's flag and w/someone re all 343 names rr]of the firefighters who died. the bay area is them to r$mon kurban rescue units. california task force and head to the world trade center and it did. the team is sponsored by the fire protection district. the chief joins me live now to talk about his experience. >> how ,phóiícare you doing? >> excellent. cp.5j9times i have been aske where were hn3cyou, what was yof direction, i don't want to start there, i want to start on[ your reaction. not when the planes hit. as soon as they hit i know the firefighterst)$#çñ¡troon the wo trade center -- ran up to the world trade center, i am k@;about your when you saw the towers vhcomeu down. . >> it was a matter of when we would t6-end up there or somew
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else. >bfpthreat w risks. would other targets be ejhit. i was in contact with a company tha#kúñasked me if they could destroy our dna samples. we weren't sure if we were coming home. my ñ4[preaction was, you are an at what you see, it is mwtime you have a job to do. wen got on scene there, did you take a second to pause and take a step back and unawas it as as you %(iñgot boots on the gro you went right at it? >> it is game on when you get to there or the oklahoma ;qci bombing, we have been to =a lo of different places. uniques on the work -- you focus on the ;6glwork.
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in the quiet atpmoment when we it evacuate was the first time i got to take a look around, out there by myself and then it hits you. how big it is. what happened. and you know, you have a healthal moment -- mental moment, you know, you don't want to stay there because you have to " 5ge people alive, but, yeah, it is >> when you got to ç!4x%zwork, us about what you were able to accomplish while you ede were there. >> i think the things we are proud of is the ability within 24 hours after we arrived to put together a backup capability for the city rescue. we had an interesting mission, they had no $t@÷capability that available. we were o /óé" w(q
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the rescue, what was working, what was left of it, or if there was another incident we would be there to handle that. we were told there were additional risks and threats being made, llaçeven the a0yre at the 8ázsite. specifically with car bombs. it was very ream when that 457 -- b??kevkrñreal when that ha the rescues -- syslthat ÷#?u$( >> when you hear something like that, i mean, what do you tell x the guys? you are the leader. >> well, you ;yxcknow, 1á@ev÷ knew the deal. you don't leave home with everybody giving dna swabs thinking ú4you may not come bac to do. nobody knew what was going to happen next. we were confronted with what we had to do xq÷÷1:"land then qr73
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the pile itself. you have to push back a lot of emotion. looking @mpmat the eyes of the york city firefighters, (]polic officers, port authority hs officers, it was a3nñ difficult. you could see that very raw emotion in their eyes. they were still working. they were the heroes. firefighters. qthose people we knew. i knew. you had that. you kxl'nhad people holding up signs that said we love you. you know, we knew that what we were seeing, the devastation, ñ-ybeing found alive, those people that we were finding didn't look like the pictures we were seeing. it is conflicting. and, you know, people wanted toa build us up fl÷vas heroes. that is ntough %lu;too. you rescued no one. we did é/qa job.
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it was an important job. everybody is proud that they ?÷ñ were there. takes a long l> thank you ukfor your servic not =tm'only for yourself but the men and women as part of that team, chief. thank you for taking the time to spend with us on this a.ñm afternoon. >> thank you for having me. hopefully no one ever forgets. >> exactly. >> thank coming up after the break for the first time we are hearing from a ÷z4>survivor of deadly berkeley balcony collapse. why he says he lvzo1mguilty. and aldon smith back on g!dca b area football team. how soon can we expect to see the former 49er jm3@actually ñ
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all right. told you about the butte fire exploding. back in the bay area we had a fire spark up in marin county. this is one of our traffic :tin wzefon smoke along ].c/chighway 101. in the san rafael area. marin county fire is on scene. looks like they are getting a handle on that but traffic sluggish as folks head home and the fire along the highway. we are 3k hearing from one the survivors in fgízthe berkel balcony g1dqcollapse. six people were killed. 7 critically injured. many students from airlineland. 2 news azenith smith
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is -- ireland, ktvu fox 2 newses a smith s has "tñwbmore. -- azenith smith has more. >> reporter: he had progressed tremendously. he was 'having these vents to talk about his -- these events ñ to talk about his progress, all smiles. let's show you video of him earlier ç,'iewtoday. was óñ÷ fractures, and dislocated his elbow. 7 surgeries later,
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>> to our friends, we miss you. we will always miss you. we will never forget you. someday i will look forward to seeing you again. >> reporter: another survivor showed up for 9support. city inspectors said the balcony k9jáe1fmywas rotted by damage. and i checked, "wsgcriminal investigation is still ongoing. he says he isn't paying attention to that. he is focused on his recovery and hopes to head back home soon. next week. he is looking forward to a good breakfast and he wants zíto spe ihfamilies who lost loved ones. >> so good to see b>7him and th she ÷gtçrecovering. azenith smith live, thank ñ$;h >> powerful. let's t>éñmove 5zve soover rosemary. i could not see the golden gate çthis
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afternoon i sbcould see it. enit will be back into the over night hours and @jñ8tomor morning. in addition c(jñoo low clouds and high ÷3(level clouds. -- level clouds. tropical moisture bringing maybe a thunderstorm? let's talk about the headline today. temperatures are down by several degrees along the coast. around the bay. another hot one inland. first and the heat is still on inland. 105 in livermore. into tomorrow, and saturday, a more 90s in areas like concord as ]:well as walnut creek an fairfield. the last hot, hot day np[%for inland cities. around the bay, 76 oakland. 73 san francisco.
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north bay. 93 santa rosa. cooled off. a look 2povfrom the last 24 hou hayward down by 10. down by 4 in ,ómoakland. concord and livermore down by a few degrees. tough to tell when it is just that hot. winds are onshore and qmblow through the weekend. hrough tonight and tomorrow. right now ó(7lfairfield 16 mile per hour. y+ to 30 miles per hour before we live storm tracker 2, clouds (w off the coast, they are back. high level clouds streaming it in from the south. remnants of linda there. moves through our area. that will be z÷ñ+evhus for the weekend. while temperatures are coming down, could feel muggier around ñthe weekend. ñt+and into the afternoon. we h:r 60s and 70s around )iye
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coast and bay. 80s inland. red pushing further inland. 80s in eñ@the forecast. and low $4w]90s expected. tomorrow morning we start out with 50s and low 60s. 62 degrees for oakland. 61 bhkñsan rafael. south bay, low 60s morgan hill and san jose. afternoon highs, partly cloudy ÷wqtfor k> t/ano 100s. right? for ua%athe first time. >> yes.
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former texas .ágovernor ric perry dropping out of the presidential race. he made the announcement todayige st. louis. he said we have a tremendous field, the 5io2"(mévñ,zin a ge party is in good hands. this was ñññbhis second bid. rning just 4% support. after the break, sports director mark ibanez will be here to talk about the raiders signing of aldon smith and how soon we could expect to see him pay. >> and the p@dñmayor of lafayetç will be here to talk dygabou© lawsuit against the city.
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today the raiders introduced a new member of the team. former fm49er linebacker aldow smith is now a raider. the free agent was signed to jp one year deal. and ímbçcomes on the same day the district attorney filed three misdemeanor charges against aldon smith stepping from his dui last month. we are joined by sports director mark ibanez to talk about the 6l>÷new addition. hearing the chatter on 'rq[(rp& media. what are they thinking, great move. >> yeah. x(how íhñyou feel about dlo; it. those who followed the raiders q know they used to make, you
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know, this their habit. signing players who had a history of problems. they havengáthdbdone it in ,bía years. today aldon smith wearing his .÷ familiar number 99. but white and black. quickly ñññlooks like a mv%sjz 5 arrests in 4 4lgyears. possibility. good. getting him to sign. known him for 3"?÷a long time. as you look at the video when he was a pass rushing h=cforcem with the 49ers. in his career. folks today aasked azhand shokohi and his teammates -- ws teammates if he would get ekveterans on the team. t
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really. he is a grown man. whatever he has to deal with i (÷sure he will deal r@with it. i am not a babysitter f,fand i don't think anybody expects anybody to be his babysitter. we expect him to just work hard. >> reporter: [ pq÷g;winaudiblep question ébk] >> right beside me. my eyes aren't that bad. she good. i know he has been working out. n the field. excited. >> all right. that is justin tuck. known k>ñaldon smith since hig school. same agent. they have a relationship. they said justin tuck went to management, i vouch for him. he íñyn't admit that. >> raiders 22 sacks last year. that
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>> people say how can you sign a guy like aldon smith -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it is a gamble. if aldon smith lu4"was any le this. this guy is a superb football player. a 50 for attacking -- gift for attacking quarterbacks. if he personal life in order -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he could 9h,:>=be suspended. you heard charles woodson -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am not going to be a babysitter -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. ere interested in him. ere interested in the 49ers are happy the didn't wind up with them -- [ talking at the same time ] >> just win, baby. [ talking at the same time ] still ahead b2sa h@éhwildf fresno is @aqlthreatening a grob
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of sequoia 0xhstrees and firefighters go door to door telling neighbors to get yout, you have to evacuate. are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world.
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learn more at
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they claim to be about renters riu¡and now the renters redtration launched a
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website -- launched a web side. the issue having affordable housing. today we are taking 4 minutes at 4:00 p.m. to take a look at cz>ythe hou crisis in the bay area ft[rand cris"hcity of bay area ft[rand lafayette. we are joined xby a member &oof the group. and lafayette mayor. thank you w(ñkqboth for being h let's start with you. your group is about providing a voice for !?ñrenters. and with what is happening in lafayette, they supported replacing it with 315 ]bñpeñ apartments. but now it / why the loss lawsuit and what "j do you ívñ&mthink will come fro lawsuit? >> sure. the san francisco bay area is in the middle u÷ssof a housing affordability crisis. kin the making. cities across california, vl=+ including lafayette refused to
4:32 pm
build their fair share of housing. our goal is to hold cities actable their késtate mandated ay again. do you say in that .qñr argument? wanting to have rentsers rights and protections and -- renters rights and protections and what is your argument? >> i appreciate the issue. housing availability. kids in their 20s. it is an @ey#issue. ir 20s. i understand that. but i think the homework "huyí to be done çpyqfirst before the lawsuit happens. the home work means assuming lafayette is not doing its a#>& share. that is not the ux1acase. the state requires us to -- they give us an allegation. these are the number ;h?aof un you need to allow for, and you have to provide u!ñwthe sites f
4:33 pm
the places. make sure the zoning is such housing. and we have done that. zuxgone beyond wha required. u housing. all affordable. a 72 unit assisted living project downtown. we are constructing 69 units next to 0ñb.a.r.t. ught to be. close to jobs and >> %x+7because they haven't be hitting their xe"xtargets. city of gl:úlafayette only permitted 10% for low income housing and moderate income h?m
4:34 pm
housing. moderately successful. that sounds like failure. why i applaud the effort at oning in th area, éóathey are still ham str by restrictive zoning rules that only :&jrpermit wjp not the necessary density downtown. t changing zoning requirements? >> we have been through our 2lç downtown specific plan. when they dime our nysw÷city co meeting they admit they haven't looked at. those wanted to lower the height. kept it for it was. we don't want high rises in lafayette. not the type of place we are. we have found ways of allowing the units to be built. in addition to what i mentioned
4:35 pm
2ñparking. which is optioned to a developer. we nn2/are doing all we .acan. we can't lñháhe housing. the targets are, you know, we have to allow wbjfor whatìédis possible. housing. [ talking at the zh5vsame time downtown. the site we are talking about is a mile and %&a b.a.r.t. closer to downtown than this spot. iú] >> is that a fair 4!iargument? ez'tsago back urto the lawsuit -- [ talking at the same time ] ,opqp&istic. the city gg5)of lafayette knows this. this deal they tried to strike 5 with the developmenter to buy half the land ?w'nnñat the site
4:36 pm
build the homes is because they the city manager refers to a & í:vwith lonn@r @&c% the plan is, any anyone who -- anyone who could afford to live - [ indiscernible =l] bgzthreat at bújçx&qkfit point or has a -- [ talking at the same time (m+ppég] 8]ñ same time ] talking k at the same time ] >> we started working on getting plaintiffs. lawsuit till after the city counsel >:cñ-- >> can this be #o ñresolved witb a lawsuit? is there a you could come up with? >> the 5original threat of a
4:37 pm
housing accountability act requires a denial before -- [ talking at the same time ] >> 0yfqhe decided to do a proje r%ñkslé we ever not denied anything. we were processing the project till he pulled back -- [ >> we are out of time. z=xand bri the 7p77bay area renters federation. 107 people killed and 230 injured when a %( s[crane topp the mecca in saudi arabia. turning the site iinto a deadly scene ro%( ulittered with debr that worshipers visit during a
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pilgrimage. they believe heavy rain and thunderstorms )6caused caused t crane to collapse. police are 9o÷questioning ñ ostr phoenix. over the last two weeks. authorities confirmed someone convenience store. the shootings left 1ñ[xmany dri on edge. he was driving when he says a bullet sliced into the seat behind him. aeclet this domestic terrorist win. i am not going to let this r9f÷ interfere with the way we do our daily business. hurt. htened fears. some drivers started avoiding using j#uthe highways.
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inside union station. jppv the metro station and then ran inside. ráguard chased the man and shot gb::n7him when bzj@t a knife. union station a busy ñstation. investigators say the stabbing appear tdúl]55=to be related t domestic étfçdispute. ]>ahead, coming up, > we have a bay !çlwcool down underway. current u 3wr@current condition look add your -- look ]kktat yo weekend. outside. ber emeryville. the evening commute. the four on 2 is back in a bit.
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all right. the oakland pride parade is sunday. tens of thousands tens of thousands of people .az!are expected to join in on the festivities. you used to have this on labor day. not this year. trying to get the numbers up? is that the reason?
4:43 pm
b.a.r.t. closing the tube and one of our main forms of transportation was b.a.r.t. we wanted to make lbdsure we we accommodating for all people. >> last time we talked we were talking about ?yzzgetting (éd, participation in the parade, martiansership. where are you -- sponsorships? where are you at? >> with a partnership with kaiser, we have 300 people from9 them alone. seen pandora, oakland partners, sponsors are coming (y out. oakland is coming out. and neighboring cities are also joining our parade. >> like who? >> i believe -- city of berkeley and a couple other cities. >> the big 80 is, san francisco÷ -- big p?$dcity, san francisco you feel like you are in the shadow, has that been %=aa bat to separate yourself? >>udon't. once people come to pride they
4:44 pm
understand there is a bídiffere feel when you come to oakland pride. >> family, diversity. everyone is welcome. esbian, gay, bisexual a nd transgender, all are welcome. there is something for everybody. çgyou think san wiúffrancisco should reevaluate and be more family friendly, not that it isn't now, it could be a wild 8q party at times. a=lsnit is a wild party. each pride offers something and dif who is to say? they ó[xhave done something rig 2million people go to that pride. and they attract people from kn) around the world. ysee the div #dcommunity. >> now the parade gn>pis ukñ)
4:45 pm
why there? why 8non broadway? what is it about )eb"14th and broadway? that location has been attached to xqkrallies and riots. >> i think it is important to bring something to the area. it is in slsñfront of city hall brings that sense of the organic feel that everything works together and we are trying to bring that sense ofi÷ community to the steps of city hall. we want to make sure people feel welcome in government. there is a message there. >> okay. thank hi%%you very much. you coming in. wait. grand marshal. >> :kovwe have lua couple. a celebrity one. an amazing youth, wooq for youth radio. does a5uswork. and the ceo w%of kaiser oakland is "bxcoming. >> got it.
4:46 pm
f oakland pride. to 7:00 a"mlp.m. m. q!ei- sunday. thank you u÷ over to rosemary. hope for beautiful weather for the pride c%£lparade. let's see ;d÷hope so. for today we traded in the ñnvh but we have the humidity to >> temperatures coming down, coming up. it will fem>+'4ñmuggy. =0come our way. giving you a live look at blue : skies over the bay area at this moment. clouds dññy"÷rolled through ear and this will be through your owkwweekend. look at this. we have beautiful, beautiful sun rise and is&nsun sets with ñ these clouds. we 3'bcan expect that tomorrow morning. low clouds 6xfoff the coast l mid z!)and high level clouds. that is the tropical moisture that will make it ÷g saturday and
4:47 pm
the $ not as strong as 'knwe like toq to get the cool pacific air. that abg z!will help to bring temperatures down in addition si to the cloud cover. for today along the coast, around vvñhe bay, we cool off. another hot one. livermore, 105. ;/5r6+concord. i?creek. yesterday. 76 oakland. 64 half moon èjdtq zorth bay, t down by (cxy57 %( cdegrees in rosa. couple degrer4qin napa. 10 degrees close to the water, hayward and a few degrees of cooling inland today. you will get in on it dú'gaaeto that is good news. storm linda coming our way. that will continue saturday and sunday. the eñjkcooling got underway to the coast. úewe qiceget into saturday mor
4:48 pm
cooling. it will feel sticky saturday as well as sunday in addition oo high clouds. sprinkle or a thunderstorm. through future cast. what oqçvto expect saturday, no the cloud cover moving through. :(sunday more of same. low clouds off the coast. jij over the sierra. the fire burning. the buteg::::::4pfire and the ga fire. doesn't look like much. weekend. tomorrow morning low r %;60s. 60 degrees afternoon. clouds and fog. feeling better. instead of 105. 79 hayward.
4:49 pm
82 )=2xsan mateo. temperatures won't change towards the second part of the weekend. an increase in a chance ççfor moisture hitting the ground. açvjpv5ñ10%. slim to none. temperatures won't change into monday, tuesday, wednesday. but paó÷the focus is >> nice night at the ballpark. thank sd( .you. now to frank somerville live in the news room with the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. one of atc.the people who surv cóñ months ago in berkeley. øwill explain why he saysúrt feels guilty and why he waking mzxbup in the hospital. and at 6:00 p.m. two bay area police officers joking at lunch. what they didn't zá ífie::>bvkn were being videotaped.
4:50 pm
: cameras that has gone public. "and what could happen to the officers and being evacuated. 10% contained. area on m2qg thank you. after the $ ñbreak, crowded trains. the measures that they are expected to take as soon as next week.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
>> money woes ául'ñcould be for the vt(yferry to scale back r
4:53 pm
today the board met to ÷ótqtcon )the ferry. right now it makes 7 daily round trips. x÷q rising operating xf$ycosts and aging vessel. zañthe important. >> 2 i ride in and i -- i ride the my bike out at night i couldn't do that without the firry service. passengers a year. a rep says the company will not abandon passengers during the transition. of a take and also consider labor issues. crowded trains. starting on monday they plan to put more cars into service for
4:54 pm
the morning commute heading acsan francisco. have longer trains and they plan to add limited service trains on the thi shoes meant for ra> we have been proud of that. so everything in here whnnvwas vital. >> the organization +q9÷promote run oakland's races. it is now trying to replace the shoes before the fink y begin the running season next
4:55 pm
weekend. u$at is coming up after this.
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the fire near fresno is moving ])kp,çcloser to dressing homes. the rough fire -- fñresidential6 homes. the rough fire is threatening homes and now 98( b&authorities oor to door with v0ggmm
4:58 pm
mandatory evacuations. hfburned 1 -- 'it burned 110,000 acres. one woman says she 7bánot worri but she is preparing her horses just in case. p)=ñlong time ;éñto move horses. if flames are coming at you, hurried. >> that fire is hurried. z!ñin the 1÷9@k 5ú>+ are 3,000 years old. . sz[hñm6ssgrove. now to frank and heather. >> we begin withbreaking ,el[ne tonight. -- with breaking news, a wildfire exploded. tripled in size since last wgs night. >> the butte mfire is 50,000 acres and people in san andreas
4:59 pm
they can and get out and there are more evacuations across two different counties. starts now. >> good "9::8ñze7óqevening ever i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. the breaking news, gold country. the butte fire in amador and calaveras counties. are kvin its path. it burn 50,000 lmacres. it is only 10% contained. the fire blown up because of the winds. to úelñgive you a sense of how urgent things are, this is from cal fire, all residents in san andreas being placed on mandatory evacuations immediately due to the explosive #dfire conditions in the area. so far 6 homes )qhave been destroyed. there is a massive response kst fight the fire.
5:00 pm
1500 j;u!ñfirefighters are bat the flames and 7 air tankers and 26 helicopters. joining us now u=hgxon the phon nancy 80tfrom cal fire. are you there? >> i am here. how bad is >zñi=it up there? nasty, dangerous fire. aid earlier 6,000 homes were ñç m sure that >l)7ví is -oxk13yright now. what are the ny4=9mlike? bad. it is s it is dry. it is windy. the nkl[fuel out here, the vegetation is dense. over grown. and dry from the four years a5k drought. burning i can look out the


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