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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  September 13, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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firefighters hurt, hundreds evacuated as another fire sweeps through lake county. live team coverage next. >> and damage caused by the butte fire. dozens of homes have been wiped out. >> and oakland's pride festival begins in a few hours. a look at the colorful celebration in downtown oakland. welcome to mornings on 2, i'm claudine wong. >> i'm ross palombo.
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we learned the valley fire is 40,000 acres, still burning out of control. containment zero percent. four firefighters have been hurt, homes destroyed and thousands of people forced to evacuate. >> we have been in contact with emergency crews throughout the night. they say the valley fire is running wild. the official size has grown, officials say a low estimate is 40,000 acres. again to containment at this time. parts of middletown, it's now in flames. no specific word on the numbers of homes and businesses destroyed. >> you can see flames engulfing dozens of homes, at least that's with a we've heard through the night. we talked to evacuees a little while ago. >> the barn unfortunately burnt down, it was built in our family in the 1800s. they locked their shop. they are hoping to save their home.
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>> several communities have evacuation orders now including cobb counties, hidden valley lakes and middletown as well as people living along highway 29. all the way to the outskirts of calistoga in napa county. it's a 30-mile stretch, home to 8,000 people. it began before 1:30 yesterday afternoon and quickly exploded. >> we've mentioned there have been injuries but four firefighters among those injured, in stable condition this morning. they suffered severe burns in the valley fire. a captain and three firefighter had 4e79 helicoptered into the fire zone. they were equipped with hand tools and were frying to protect structures when something went wrong. >> it's something we don't want. we try to learn from these things to try to prevent them from happening in the future. and possibly killing other firefighters. >> the four firefighters were airlifted to the burn university at uc davis medical center in sacramento with
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second degree burns. they were in full protective gear when they were injured. now cal fire opened an investigation to find out exactly what happened. >> we'll keep an eye on progress and hope they recover quickly. of course it's the drought conditions that everyone is talking about, the high temperatures and winds pushing all of this, so we're watching the weather cosily. and hoping it may help. the weather may help because we believe there's going to be a little precipitation in the area, maybe temperatures a little lower. our weather authority rosemary orozco has been tracking this and joins us with the latest from that area. >> yesterday it was hot, yesterday it was gusty. we could see from the footage from yesterday winds were blowing. this morning things calmed down, cooled down like you said. we've received a little rain in the area. less than a 10th inch but still helping, this is the current condition in and around the fire. as you can see from different areas we have the winds, generally lighter, from 5 to 15 miles per hour. still relatively mild out
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there. 70 degrees at knoxville creek. 76 hawkeye. well into the 90s yesterday and relative humidity dropped to 15% so. very critical. the gusts were near 40 in areas. so definitely an improvement in the overnight hours. i do expect the winds are going to pick up again. here's a look at the forecasted models. we get into the 8:00 hour still coming from the north northwest. but we will have more of a variable wind through the morning hours. as we get into noontime things shift around a little. so if you're in any area near the fire, depending on which way the wind is blowing you may get the smoke. as we get into the afternoon i think the winds will pick back up anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour expected. notice you're coming from the west and southwest, it's going to push the smoke away from areas near to the sonoma as well as the napa county area. in the meanwhile we're going to have the winds pretty much variable through the morning hours, picking up in the afternoon. it's going to be another warm day.
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for areas around the fire. meanwhile look at the satellite and radar. you can see we had a -- sprinkles move through and you can see over portions of the lake county area we have a little rain continuing to fall here. in is moving out. we're going to have this through the morning hours. as we get into the second part of the morning and afternoon we'll be drying out. we have just a weak disturbance riding through california. and again leaving us with damp conditions, for some this morning. a few isolated sprinkles. temperature because of the cloud cover actually a little warmer. look at the numbers. 66 walnut creek. 61 oakland. 58 san francisco. low 60s napa, santa rosa. down along the peninsula 64 redwood city and 64 in the south bay of san jose. with mostly cloudy skies. but as we get into the second part of the day the clouds are going to begin to clear out and for the afternoon we have partly cloudy skies, mild to warm weather in the forecast. 60s here along the coastline, 70s, 80s in and around the bay, for inland cities 80s, a few
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low 90s the farther inland you go. it's going to be a hot day in the central valley where 100s are expected there again. temperatures will continue on the cool-to-mild side as we get into the business week. even some rain in the north bay by wednesday. a look at the exfended forecast coming up. we're going to keep watching the wind conditions. firefighters saying that's what actually caused this fire to explode yesterday afternoon, now at 40,000 acres. >> we're going to continue our breaking news coverage now with allie rasmus who is live at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga, which is an evacuation center for the thousands of people seeking safety. request -- can you tell us the situation? >> reporter: a little precipitation was experienced on the drive here, we had to turn on our windshield wipers, a few sprinkles, not a downpour but hopefully it will help firefighters. at the evacuation center
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normally this place would be completely empty but i'm look around and seeing more than 100 cars, a lot of rvs and mobile homes people brought and a lot of tents pitched here. a lot of folks walking around talking to each other asking what they are going to do next, talking about what they've heard. the communities that were evacuated overnight were -- include cobb, hidden valley lake as well as middletown. also other folks along highway 29, overall there's a 30-mile stretch evacuated by the evacuations home to 8,000 people. the fire started 1:30 yesterday afternoon, grew from a few dozen acres quickly, now more than 40,000 acres burned. much of that fire growth happened overnight. the fire made its way through middletown overnight. a lot of folks at this evacuation center are from that area. firefighters said they are going to wait until the sun comes up to send some aircraft
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overhead and get a better assessment of how much the valley fire has impacted. but according to a fire spokesperson i talked to this morning who is at the command center, he said just a rough estimate after driving through middletown last night after the fire swept through, he estimates about half of the town has been impacted by this fire. we don't have an official number yet, or official number of how many people evacuated but i can tell you just looking around here at the napa county fairgrounds incal stone stowinga, i see at least a couple of hundred cars and mobile homes. >> we know you just arrived there but firefighters said they had a lot of difficulty -- it was very unusual, they spent time just getting people out of the town. they were doing that instead of
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fighting the fire at first. have you gotten a sense from the people there why they waited so long? did they not think it was going to come their way? did it come faster than they thought? >> i think it caught a lot of people by surprise how quickly the fire grew. you're right, in talking to the lieutenant, representative out here and giving us information about the valley fire overnight, he says one of the lake county sheriffs' deputies suffered minor injuries overnight, helping with the evacuations. he got trapped for a little bit. again he said injures were minor, he was trying to get me more information about the extent of the sheriffs's deputy's injuries but certainly it was a challenge, a big challenge to get everyone out overnight. and looking around, people didn't have time, looks like, to pack up much of anything. i'm seeing a lot of folks in their pajamas and sweatshirts. looks like they left at the spur of the moment. >> i think, sounds like it's been continually developing and
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taken everyone off guard. i wonder, i imagine throughout the day, i know we're going to get more information as they give us the latest numbers but your best advice for folks because i'm sure people want to give donations, i'm sure there's going to be more evacuations, more people headed that way, in terms of when you look at the capacity, the fairgrounds are actually a good place because they have so much space, your best advice for folks as this morning goes along. >> reporter: my best advice for people? >> does it look like there's plenty of room? i know you're going to talk to folks throughout the morning. are you seeing a lot of activity there? and for folks to head on there? >> reporter: yeah. i think -- obviously the best advice, this advice -- law enforcement or fire officials can give you, when you're told to be ready -- and when these evacuations happen usually there's a little bit of -- some sort of warning ahead of
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time. the evacuation isn't imminent, you sometimes firefighters in -- and car fire is able to give folks a heads up, cal fire, you don't have to evacuate now but get your stuff in order in case you have to. the best advice is to heetd the warning, be prepared. last check in talking with the lieutenant he said that the fire is now through the town of middletown and it's going uphill in a southeastern direction. not in the immediate path of any new residences yet. so i don't believe there have been any new evacuations as of this morning but certainly the people who live in the town of middletown, i think they are very anxious to find out how much of the town has been affected. >> we were getting early reports that about 500 people evacuated there to the napa county fairground. we understand the red cross actually has enough supplies and the facilities are big enough for about 800 people but
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as you say maybe as many as 8,000 people are going to have to be evacuated from that area. any sense from the red cross or fire authorities where these people will all go this morning? >> reporter: i believe there are some other evacuation areas that -- haven't -- if they have not opened them yet i'm sure they are in the planning stages to try to figure out what they are going to do with all these people, but i can tell you -- all can i tell you is what i see here in calistoga. if they have capacity for up to 800 people here, there's not that many folks here just yet. >> ok, thank you so much. i know you'll be chatting with folks out there and we'll check back in with you for an update coming up. let's talk about cal fire. they are dispatching as many crews as possible to fight the fire. it's a battle on the ground and in the air. stay tuned because we're going to talk live with cal fire in a few minutes.
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fire crews, keep in mind, this is not the only fire -- they are still scrambling to put out the butte fire. officials now have a better estimate on that one. this time yesterday morning officials say the butte fire destroyed 15 structures. now the total is being put at 137 buildings and that includes 86 homes. that fire has burned 65,000 acres. it's 15% contained. if you remember at this time yesterday morning it was at 10%. so they are making progress. all the smoke from the butte fire is affecting the air in other parts of the state as well. the hazy smoky skies creating poor air quality in the sacramento area. vendors at the folsom farmers market noticed fewer customers an are blaming that nasty smoke. >> it's horrible. it's supposed to be a nice blue sky and everything's real gray. i don't like it. >> you can definitely smell the smoke and it's sort of hazy. especially when the winds picks up you can smell it. i'm sure it's not great for
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health. >> the smoke can trigger respiratory conditions. can also cause watery and itchy eyes, can make you cough and make breathing difficult so keep it in mind. it's hard to describe exactly what firefighters are going through but yesterday we sent fox 2 reporter kristienka ftan out to get some training. he was joined by several leaders. showing him going into intense heat. you can see the room was filled with smoke and heavy plains. he then used his training to man one of the hoses to put the flames out. >> our goal is to try to get our city council members and city management and some of the dignitaries from our local area to come and experience what it is we do. >> firefighters also took leaders through emergency rescue techniques and walked flew freeing someone from a
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trapped car. organizers wanted to give those in charge of the budgets an idea of why firefighters request such expensive gear. this morning you don't need more proof than what we're seeing, they need it no matter the cost. when we come back we're not done -- we're going to continue our coverage of this valley fire. we're talking live with cal fire about the firefight. what has been happening overnight and of course the other fires that are still raging across our region. >> meanwhile, outside our doors, mostly cloudy skies, a few light scattered showers. what you can expect for your sunday and the workweek ahead coming up. >> you can get free music at fremont. ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". let's go to rose rose. we talk about the -- rosemary orozco. we talk about the fires and the firefighters, looking for a little break in the temperatures and wind? >> we want to be clear where this middletown is, it's below lower lake in calistoga. actually in the middle, so that is why it's called middletown. 100 miles north of san francisco? >> yes. we are, again looking at a break this morning. you said, claudine that yesterday we had very hot gusty winds, 40 mile-per-hour winds at times and this morning those winds have died down quite a bit. they will pick back up a little later but in the meanwhile the temperatures have come down. relative humidity up scattered showers reported. back at home here, we're experiencing some cloud cover, a few scattered showers. across the bay we have low clouds, that is the
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subtropical moisture continuing to stream through. and reports of a few light sprinkles. let's look at stormtracker 2 and we'll pick up on some of this. it's hit or miss, not all being picked up by radar but you can see light green out there. as i point to you the lake county area we've actually got a little more widespread, so this is actually some great news in and around middletown, in and around clear lake, st. helena into lake port. some of it actually hitting the ground. that is good news for the firefighters and for the residents of course. let's back up a little. the system right about in here is going to continue to travel over california. so for the next few hours we'll have the possibility of a few scattered showers, then as we get into the afternoon we're going to be clearing out and we'll have partly cloudy skies, mild to warm weather in the forecast for your afternoon. the winds are on shore in and around fairfield, a light one, 8 miles per hour. we'll look to areas of napa as well as the lake county area where the winds are 10 to 15 miles per hour. as i mentioned yesterday when
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that fire broke the winds picked up to about 40. so some improving whether there this morning. 58 degrees san francisco. low 60s oakland. 66 walnut creek. upper 60s in livermore with the clouds overhead. some of us are a little warmer than yesterday. 63 napa. as we get into the afternoon notice by 3:00, 4:00 we begin to clear out. we'll have the clouds at the coastline. mostly cloudy today, along the coast and partly cloudy for the rest of us. low 80s in the forecast for sonoma, 93 clear lake and that goes for the lake county area where the fires are burning so another warm day in store there. 76 oakland. 88 danville. into the south bay temperatures 81 san jose. 86 morgan hill. similar to yesterday. san bruno 69. san francisco, extended forecast showing continues continuing to cool off as we get into monday and tuesday. wednesday and thursday now calling for just partly cloudy skies but some models actually want to bring a little rain to areas of the north bay. we'll be watching that.
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good news though with the weather with temperature falling off in the days ahead. it's a tough time for cal fire, not only dealing with two enormous fires in northern california, four firefighting brothers in the hospital severely burned, injured fighting that valley fire. >> we're joined by daniel burland. fire chief. can you tell us more? >> it's been a destructive and fast-moving fire so far. all evening and afternoon our firefighters went in. unlike where we would normally work on containment our priority was life safety, getting people evacuated as soon as possible. in some cases residents only had seconds' notice to get out.
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we brought in firefighters from across the state. over 1,000 are on the front lines trying to get the residents not evacuated out of harm's way, trying to protect the home threatened and trying to stop this fast-moving fire. >> yesterday we talked about the butte fire and talked about how fortunate it was not growing by leaps and bounds overnight like the rocky fire. then the valley fire and it quadruples overnight. in terms of your ability to get in front of this, i know the firefighters are already stretched thin with so many fires that continued to burn. what is your outlook in terms of firefighting efforts? >> the challenge of getting in front of it, once crews get into an area to protect homes and try to stop the fire the fire would spot over that area, quarter mile, half-mile past and would just continue to take off. so crews would then have to reposition, again, get the residents out and attack the fire. that continued all night long as the fire continued to just
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spot ahead of itself. we are continuing, again, with a lot of crews, aircraft all afternoon trying to slow down this fire. but with the winds yesterday, that combined with the dry conditions really fanned the fire. right now the winds are significantly less than what we experienced yesterday. even a little bit of rainfall but we're still seeing the fire burn at an intensity we shouldn't be seeing overnight, in the early morning hours when the humidity is higher, temperatures down and lack of wind. that is because just like the other fires in lake county conditions are so dry that the fires are burning with such intensity and explosive rate that, really are unprecedented. >> what can you tell us about middletown itself? about 1,300 people live in the area. we understand dozens of homes have been destroyed. do you have more current information as the entire town hit on every side? >> we know there are areas including middletown that did receive heavy damage from this
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fire. this has been a very destructive fire. we know that this fire has been able to burn homes, burn buildings, hundreds of other buildings, were saved by firefighters overnight. as i mentioned we did our best to save as many as possible while still getting residents out of harm's way, but it's been a very challenging fire. it tons burn past us and getting into areas and communities and burning those homes before we can even get the resources into those areas. >> i want to talk quickly about the evacuations and what is ahead -- how much is left in the path of this fire? in terms of homes and residents? you talk about the people in middletown only getting seconds. where are we with that? >> residents in cobb where the fire started, they are the ones that only had seconds. after that in the early afternoon once we saw how fast the fire was burning a large area of lake county was put under mandatory evacuation and that allowed us time to get the residents out. many though didn't heed warnings and it added to challenges. right now there are evacuations all the way to napa county, all
7:25 am
the way into the estates area, and there's still a lot of areas we have evacuated. we have other communities for evacuation orders as well and other areas in the parts of napa county. our number one message to the residents, evacuate. once we go in when the fire gets there and we have to focus on saving people and getting them out of the homes, we're not able to stop the fire, we're not able to slow down the fire. that allows the fire to continue to grow. evacuate early if you're still in the affected area. >> any update on the four firefighters' second degree burns? are they still in the hospital? >> they are still at the uc davis medical center in sacramento. they are all in stable condition. they are with family and fellow firefighters from the crew. our thoughts and hearts go out to them now, they've made it clear to us they want us to keep our head in the game and make sure we save the residents of lake county, get them out of
7:26 am
harm's way but they are in stable condition this morning. >> daniel berlant, cal fire spokesman. thank you so much. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> we'll check in with him throughout the morning. coming up, a blast at a crowded restaurant killed dozens of people, injuries dozens more. >> what we're learning about the explosion in central india and who are authorities searching for now?
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the u.s. military is using syrian airspace to fight isis and at the same time russia is also sending troops and equipment to syria. that means the chance of the u.s. and russian military encountering each other on the battlefield is increasing by the day. on friday russia's foreign minister urged washington to not send more military in, to avoid any "unintended incidents" but there's a problem, russia supports the syrian president al-assad and the u.s. of course doesn't. russia claims they are simply sending more equipment in to help assad fight isis. president obama though is still urging them to stop. >> we are going to be engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that is doomed to failure. this is going to be a long discussion that we'll be having with the russians but it is not going to prevent us from continuing to go after isil
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very hard. >> later this month both president obama and russian president putin will be at the u.n. general assembly in new york. at this point they have no plans to meet in person. in central india at least 90 people are dead and more than 100 others injured after a powerful explosion at a restaurant. authorities say a cooking gas grill blew up igniting explosives that had been illegally stored in a room next to the restaurant. it was and with people eating breakfast -- packed with people eating breakfast when the blast happened. police are now looking for a mining contractor who is accused of illegally storing the detonators. the refugee crisis, over the past week germany took in more than 40,000 people who are trying to escape from war and poverty in their homeland. more than 12,000 arrived in munich yesterday alone. several german officials say the country is reaching its limit on how many more my grants it can handle. yesterday there were rallies across europe with tens of
7:31 am
thousands of people supporting the refugees and migrants. >> there are many people, please do something, germany, please. >> hungary took in about 150,000 refugees and migrants so far but the country is reportedly planning to shut down its bored they were week. we're continuing to follow breaking news from the valley fire. evacuations are still underway as the fire continues to spread. we've got crews on the ground and in the air, team coverage coming up. >> in a couple of hours the streets fill for a festival and parade. when we come back.
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your time 7:33. here's some of the top stories we're following. the valley fire now burned 40,000 acres.
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quadrupled overnight. containment zero. officials tell allie rasmus that half of the community of middletown was damaged by that fire. four firefighters are also hospitalized after surgery second degree burns. moments ago cal fire told us they are in stable condition. evacuation orders are in effect in several neighborhoods. in a few moments we'll talk live to the reporter at the evacuation center. the butte fire is still burning. however, there is progress there. containment overnight from 15% to 20%. the oakland pride festival kicking off at 10:30 on broadway and 14th street. what you need to know if you're heading out there. first we want to check with rosemary orozco. >> the winds have come down in the meanwhile, humidity is up. you talked with the fire chief
7:35 am
a little while ago, even a few scattered showers outside now, that is great news. we'll look at the current conditions before moving to the local forecast. look at what is happening outside our doors as we get out and about. a few cloudy skies, sprinkles over the bay area and lake county area where we have the mostly cloudy skies. here's a look at the conditions. still relatively mild, low to mid to even upper 70s but yesterday in this area, in the 90s, winds from 5 to 15 miles per hour now, yesterday gusting to near 40. it's an improvement. another warm day is expected there. again for the second half of the day the winds are expected to pick up again. storm storm 2 is picking up a little rain. do you have this? send me a picture.
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through facebook, twitter, instagram. you can see in and over the areas of lake county we actually have quite a bit of green. that is beneficial for the firefighters and residents this morning. putting it in motion and dropping back a little this system right in here helping to bring us this. this moisture, again, being brought in, as a result of what we had left over from what was a former hurricane linda. so that is kind of interesting there. the subtropical clouds and that moisture going to be with us again today. going to be partly cloudy as we get into the afternoon. we're not going to see the rain the entire day. a few scattered showers this morning. drying out for the second half of the day. and temperatures warming going to feel a little muggy again in spots. 66 degrees now walnut creek. 63 napa. 58 san francisco. low 60s mountainview as well as san jose. shifting in and along the peninsula 63 menlo park. 63 belmont and 63 palo alto. as we get into the afternoon we have some nice weather coming our way. we'll have the afternoon highs and look at the workweek ahead
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coming up. we're continuing to follow breaking news, a 40,000 acre fire burning out of control around middletown in lake county >> allie rasmus is live in the fairgrounds in calistoga, which is an evacuation center for hundreds of people. can you tell us more? >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with the red cross shelter manager. she gave me more information. she said the shelter at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga opened at 11:45 last night and she said people have been coming in, in a steady stream ever since. right now, there's anywhere between 200 to 500 people out here and if i can describe to you what the fairgrounds is like there's big grassy area that is normally totally empty and there's at least 100 cars as well as some mobile homes and rvs, people pitched tents. some people are staying out in the green area, just camped out in the green area with their
7:38 am
pets and maybe sleeping in their cars and in their rvs. there's a separate area that, an indoor area where they've got more than 100 cops lined up. a -- cots lined up. a number of people spent the night in that area. there's not an exact county there yet. officials hope to get a more official tally when they start serving breakfast which is sometime in the next hour. i spoke with someone with calistoga heights athletic booster, she said last night they put out the call on facebook and social media to bring in volunteers. at least a dozen people with the booster club handing out coffee, oatmeal and snacks to people who pretty much spent the entire night out here.
7:39 am
this fire 40,000 acres, swept through the town of middletown last night and we don't have an exact measurement of the damage just yet. a lot of the folks here are waiting to find out how much damage it caused through middletown. but the shelter manager says they've asked cal fire as soon as they are able to come out here and brief the people. a lot of people at this evacuation center are from the town of middletown. they will come to brief them and give them an idea of the extent of the damage. there's video of homes and structures in middletown burning and being affected by the fire overnight. that that's what a lot of folks are waiting for overnight. did their building survive or not. >> what is the mood of the people now? it's always intense when the fire happens. usually when it's this kind of brush fire we have a little time, we see it coming. this one the winds kicked up so
7:40 am
quickly, they had such difficulty getting people out of the area, this morning, is that what people are talking? that they had seconds to get out? >> reporter: yes, i would say there's was a general sense of disbelief and confusion. just 24 hours this fire hadn't even spread yet and then spread quickly from 1:30 on. we talked to some people that said they don't have cell phones. didn't have time to bring them or they -- one gentleman didn't even have one. he says i don't even know how to call my family, and call my extended family and friends and let them know i'm ok. the red cross shelter manager said we're working on that, trying to get it figured out so things are happening here quickly. and i think right now the focus is get everyone here, get everyone fed, remember they don't even have an official count of how many folks are here yet because so many people came overnight. >> we know you're on top of it. we'll check back in with you in
7:41 am
a few moments. thank you. >> there are so many fires burning across the state. this is lake county, stretching down into also the napa area. you're talking about, 40 miles north of napa but this is a big wide area. you see 101 on the screen, in between the i-5 and 101. when you talk about how far it stretches closer to our region, when we talk to cal fire moments too or, a few minutes ago they were saying it's going down to the lake bariesa region which goes into napa county, which gets closer to us. we're seeing the impact from this, air quality and anything you're talking about really is affecting the folks here in the bay area as well. >> that lake you're seeing there, i believe is lower lake, calistoga is just below the flames. that is middletown in the center. that is in fact why it's called
7:42 am
middletown. it's between the two, about 100 miles north of san francisco, that town has been around about 144 years. in that area. population of 1,300. there's the twin pine casino in that area, the harbin hot springs in the area as well. all those are historic, everyone knows that area, it's a vacation destination, people commute from there because of the high cost of housing here all the way into san francisco. so, everyone knows this area, really a big tragedy, we'll keep an eye on this for you of course, stick with fox 2 for continuing coverage on this story throughout the morning. coming up in about 10 minutes we're going to check in live with cal fire again for an update on the firefight, this morning. meanwhile a second fire in northern california continues to burn, incal veryas county -- calaveras county, containment 20%. it also grew at the same time
7:43 am
though. flames there destroyed 86 homes and they are still threatening another 6,000. district attorneys in alameda and contra costa counties -- we're going to switch gears a little -- because they are going to have access to part of a $79 million pledge to break down the backlog of untested rape kits nationwide. the u.s. justice department and new york city's district attorney are behind this unprecedented grant. >> this new initiative is making it possible to test 70,000 kits in some cases have been collecting dust for years. >> this comprehensive review will help to bring to justice thousands of perpetrators who have assaulted thousands of victims. these victims who have had to wait for this turn of the technical wheel. >> the funds are going to be divided among 43 jurisdictions in 27 states. other news we're following
7:44 am
-- the streets of oakland will be filled today for the sixth annual oakland pride parade. the event kicks off 10:30 this morning on broadway and 14th street. the festival will start about 11:00, and if you're in the mood to grab a bite before you head over to the parade you can head over to the california nurses association on franklin street for the third annual east bay stonewall oakland pride breakfast. kaiser permanentay is also hosting a breakfast at the golden state warriors practice facility on broadway. two trees outside of a house in oakland are taking on a new life as art. the aging trees were pushed into the sidewalk and sewer lines so the homeowner had to cut them down and turn them into sculptures. a sculptor coughed stumps to make them look like the homeowner's cat and dog. people driving by have been stopping to admire the art. >> numerous people have stopped and shown a lot of appreciation
7:45 am
for the effort, and they really like what they see. so it's been great. it's been a great response. >> the homeowner says he wanted to add something whimsical to the neighborhood and it looks like he did just that. time now 7:44. as the pope prepares for his visit to the u.s. retailers are getting ready too but there's one souvenir making some people shake their heads. why they say it's just too much. >> it didn't take long, why some say what may be the left fight of floyd mayweather's career wasn't that much fun to watch. >> it's time for our "pet of the day." that is little "rory," a 1-year- old pitbull mix. a little timied but doing well in his foster home. a little afraid of men but warms up quickly when he knows they won't hurt him. he's up for adoption in petaluma. go to for more information on this little dog.
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good morning. happy sunday to you. live look outside where we do have mostly cloudy skies, just a little bit of a golden hue. what a beautiful start to the day. a few isolated showers falling from that sky. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the morning hours and into the afternoon coming up. pope francis is scheduled to arrive in the u.s. in nine days and retailers are hoping to profit from his visit. local souvenir and gift shop owners in philadelphia are stocking shelves with something
7:49 am
for everyone, products include traditional items like mugs, t- shirts or key chains but there are also some unusual items including a pope francis bobblehead. that has some people shaking their heads. >> it makes him seem like a cartoon. having a bobblehead of the pope. i codo get that it people buy it at a souvenir. >> $40 a pop, a pope, a pop. >> too much. >> the pope may actually laugh at that. during his weeklong trip to america pope francis will give an address to the united nations, speak to a joint session of congress and lead a mass in philadelphia. time now 7:49. we did see a little bit of rain this morning. actually when i got out to my car it was wet. the street wasn't wet and i was confused. what is happening? >> we've got green on the screen this morning. especially over portions of, like the north bay and lake
7:50 am
county area. that is good news. we have damp whether there. though temperatures dropped off, relative humidity is up and that is actually going to continue as we get to the morning hours. as we get into the second half of the day the clouds are going to part some, scattered showers are going away. and we'll be warm and muggy once again. isn't that a beautiful shot? we have clouds just spilling over the hills there. in addition to low clouds, again that subtropical moisture moisture still with us. here's storm tracker 2, we can see where some of the rain is falling, up from areas over clear lake through middletown through st. helena. light scattered showers falling there. temperatures this morning because of the cloud cover warmer. 64 napa. 59 san francisco. low 60s livermore, hayward and san jose. afternoon highs today low 80s, napa, petaluma. st. helena, up80s. in the east bay 76 oakland.
7:51 am
in the south bay, 81 san jose. 78 sunnyvale. for the peninsula, 74 san mateo. and san francisco mid to upper 60s. pacifica, temperatures falling off. even more than what we suspected a few days ago. a system will be dropping in for the pacific northwest, cooling us down, maybe even a few scattered showers in the forecast for wednesday. haven't put it on there yet but we'll be tracking it. >> wow, cooler temperatures and rain. >> good news. are you ready for some football? >> ready. >> they are waste nothing time showing off their newest player. >> snoop dogg is in town but not performing. instead of the stage he's headed to the football field. what? we'll explain.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
happening today -- it's the regular season opener for the oakland raiders and they are not wasting time unveiling their newest player. the nfl network reports that aldon smith is expected to play 20 snaps this afternoon against the cincinnati bengals. the niners were getting arrested for the fifth time in four years. kickoff at the coliseum is 1:25. raiders invited a group of
7:55 am
oakland school children to the game as part of the team's first and goal program which benefits local students. they will get lunch and will also get to meet former raiders. week one of the nfl season ends tomorrow night with a game between the niners and minnesota vikings. the niners will wear for the first time these new black uniforms. the stripes and names and numbers in red but the majority of the jerseys and pants are black. do you like it? even though the game is at levi stadium the niners are the home underdogs. vikings favored by two points. kickoff for this nationally televised game is 7:20 pacific time. the world series most valuable player, that guy, was just four outs away, so close last night. from another feet. going for a perfect game. >> left center field. >> from the first inning he was dominating against the padres. baumgartner had a total -- and
7:56 am
his bed for the perfect game -- bid for the perfect game fell a bit short. he gave up a single to pinch hitter melvin uptown. still mad bum's performance, memorable. >> it's awesome to get a chance to do something like. that we're here to win games and you can't lose sight of that. >> he missed that perfect game but did just win his 18th game of the season as the giants beat the padres 9-0. the as are trying to ruin playoff chances of contend efforts. they did that last night. muncie with the sliding catch. down 1-0 in the fifth, they took thelite when mark hit a three-run homer, as went on to beat the rangers 5-3, shawn nolan won his first game of his major league career. floyd mayweather says he's retiring from boxing
7:57 am
undefeated. he won the unanimous decision last night in vegas against his challenger andre berto but some boxing fans say they were not excited by the match. they say berto was no match for mayweather who landed three times for punches. by hanging up his gloves he ties the legendary mark set by rocky marciano, both men retired with a perfect 49-0 record. rapper snoop dogg made a stop in the east bay this weekend but not to perform to coach football. >> hey, hey, hey. give me that ball. >> snoop dogg coaches a youth football team from california and they faced off against the richmond steelers yesterday at kennedy high school. you may remember ktvu viewers were among donors who helped send them to the national championship in florida last fall. several people people attended the game but it was a disappointing loss. the richmond steelers lost to
7:58 am
snoop's team 51-0. time now 7:57. stay with us because we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of lake county where that out of control wildfire is forcing thousands to evacuate. we'll have team coverage when we come back. >> changes coming tomorrow morning for bart passengers. details on what you can expect coming up. >> outside our doors we are joined by mostly cloudy skies. a few isolated sprinkles as well. how long this is expected to last and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
7:59 am
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