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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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do continue to follow breaking news in lake and napa counties. so far the valley fire has burned 50,000 acres. it is still zero percent contained. cal fire confirms at least one person died in the fire. we do not know anymore details about that death. hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed. others damaged. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in lake and napa counties. the valley fire caught thousands of people by surprise. many of them were forced to evacuate with a few seconds notice. brian flores is in live now at the main evacuation center in calistoga. brian, you're checking in on how these people are doing. i know they are getting a lot of donations. we can't even imagine how that must feel. >> it's exhausting for many of them. this is the evacuation center for those that had to evacuate
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from the valley fire has been we've been talking about. while many are tired and weary, this community has come together to help out their neighbors. as we go to video now, an estimated 1,000 people are here at fairgrounds. many camped out in tents. others are slipping in motor homes. and others are use their car as shelter. they are simply awaiting word. one is their home still standing? and two, when will they be allowed to return to their neighborhoods? two questions we hope to have answer for later this morning. as we heard from alex savidge, it will be at least until tomorrow at the earliest before that can happen. of course we will keep you abreast if that changes. in the meantime people here are doing the best they can with what they have have. >> the whole street has been wiped out. i haven't seen for sure so that is what what i heard. the resort above us was burnt. we believe our house was gone.
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>> my dad worked hard for us to have that house. it's sad all of those memories are gone. >> the red cross says the shelter will remain open as need until evacuees are able to return home and maybe beyond that. several people are here at the napa valley. we did see people here talking amongst each other. perhaps sharing stories how they were able to escape. there is several donations. there are a couple piles over to my right. there is another pile over to my left. they consist of basic needs. things like water and food and toiletries. there is also to my left over here there is a lot of animal food for various animals. there is also a couple of cages if need to be. so there is a lot of goods here that are being used. they also brought in showers as
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well. certainly very tough on them trying to escape from the valley fire this weekend. pam, back to you. >> we heard which is something you might not think about, some people are bringing in toys and activities for the kids that had to evacuate. i know it's early and you just got out there. any sense of what they still need for those people that will be there for a awhile? >> you are right. we saw that yesterday in tommy carr's story. there was a couple families that had broughten toys. people are thinking bring in those toys or maybe children's book so that their kids are able to get by. in terms of what the needs are, it's still unclear what that is. i'm hearing the red cross is asking for cash donations at this point. they are very grateful for the donations but they are really hoping for cash donations at this point. just so it filters into what the red cross who are helping
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the evacuees out here. the money is going toward the if you can donate to the cross. pam, back to you. >> thank you, brian. time is 4:33. the valley fire burned so fast a lot of people had very little time to get out. >> it's the worst disaster i ever seen. >> many people just grabbed what they could. several people lost everything. ktvu noel walker shows us the damage and the complete discussion to homes. >> reporter: a drive through middle of town just a block off highway 59 this is what you see. home after home burned to the the ground. an apartment complex in ashes. this is not this in a remote area. this is the big city for here and here there is destruction. never you turn. >> reporter: doug pitman says
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this was reminiscent of the oakland hills fire. more like a fire storm. >> we had such severe winds both yesterday afternoon and last night which drove the fire from one side of the valley to the other. >> reporter: cal fire is still tallying the losses. more than 120 homes in hidden valley and the ranches alone. and that doesn't include entire blocks in middletown that the fire reduced tearable. >> is what is -- >> my chevy they are all burnt. >> reporter: gone. >> but they are all material. >> reporter: the possessions are all gone. >> this is serious. >> reporter: but the ties to home remain. >> there are so many people displaced and so many people out there crying. >> reporter: even when there is no home to come back to. >> it's going to take a long time to rebuild. >> reporter: and that was noel walker. wow.
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>> yeah. we remember from the oakland fire storm it's not just your one home, it's the whole neighborhood. you go back and there is nothing there. the good news is the weather is going to help out. check in with steve a little bit today. >> it will be much, much cooler. i have a lot of followers on twitter. and facebook and some of them were saying we have to go. and so -- >> they can't even talk to you. >> that was on sunday where i'm like oh my gosh. or they know somebody. it will be cooler. that is the good news. it was hot, it was windy over the weekend. and the ground, fuel moisture is just ripe. there is a little bit of rain to the north. maybe we can get some in there. wednesday and thursday lack like we -- the humidity 46%.
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hack eye 61. humidity 53% there. not much of a breeze yet but that could pick up easily. the forecast does call for cooler conditions but the breeze will also pick upstarting off 50s and 60s. there will be some 70s. maybe very, very low 80s. i would think 70s with cloudy conditions and temperatures will drop about 25 degrees. there is the system. it's producing what looks like light rain near fort bragg. i'm going to get some of this down here to the cooler temps will help. it's just the wind. we'll see if that stays a little bit calmer than it was. from just to from for at travis. so is aye clouds. more clouds to the north, more
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sun to the@but comer. all right here is sal. we do have highway 29 closed in many areas. highway 29 at 175 is closed. you can see the purple is when you see purple on these maps, that means the road is completely closed here and obviously unless you perhaps are resident of the area, we do not advise you to be up there. there is a lot of closures in this area. highway 29 also near highway 20. we have a lot, even the roads that are not closed you will see delays because of fire equipment moving in and out. please give yourself plenty of time. highway 29 at 175 is the main closure. 4:38 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. another destructive wild fire continues to rage in the i
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era foothills. it has if. at least 86 homes have been destroyed. 6400 structures remain threatened at this point. the flames have forced thousands from their homes with mandatory evacuation orders in place for many areas. more than 4100 firefighters are battling that fire out in the gold country. the local casino has opened its doors for evacuees. >> we started turning hotel rooms into dormitories by putting more cots in a hotel room. >> we can't thank ranch rio for all the stuff they have done. >> donations like diapers and toiletries are pulling into the average average -- this photo was actuallied out by the national weather service. it shows both fires very
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visible as well as a thick layer of smoke. time is 4:39. if you ride bart, you may notice some changes this morning. that is because bart is taking steps to ease crowded trains. starting today bart will put more cars into service for the morning commute heading into san francisco. and some of the routes will have longer trains. bart recently added some limited service or express trains on the pittsburgh bay point line. those trains do not stop at every station. firefighters rescued dozens of kayakers over the weekend. the marin county fire department posted this video on its facebook page. 54 kayakers were arrested saturday night. it took about three hours to get everybody out of the water. two people needed medical treatment for hyperthermia. most of the kayakers were part of a tour. they were searching for a sea life out there. authorities say everyone did
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have a life jacket. the bicyclist who's accused of attacking a zip car and its driver during last months critical mass ride in san francisco he's due to be in court today. police say that ian is the man seen in this video hitting the car with a bicycle lock. he faces four felony charges. right now he is free on $90,000 bail. the judge expects to formerly charge him and have him enter a plea today. it is 4:41. we continue to follow our top story this morning. the valley fire continues to burn out of control at this point. more than 400 homes are destroyed. others damaged. at least one person killed in that fire and coming up in 20 minutes we'll have a report from the fire lines in lake county. a disturbing crime in southern california. what officials at an animal shelter discovered after the shelter was broken into over the weekend. >> good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that is so far
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uneventful in the bay area as we look at the east shore freeway. traffic is building up on the way to oakland. >> finally a change in our weather to cooler not hotter. it's been a long stretch of hot weather but we do have good news on the cooler front for the firefighters. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:44. we are still following breaking news in lake and napa county. look at these pictures. so far the valley fire has burned 50,000-acre. it is still zero percent contained. cal fair confirming one person has died but we don't know how that person died. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in lake and
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napa county. ktvu has team coverage. we'll bring you live reports throughout mornings on 2. river side police are looking for the person that broke into an animal shelter. the police say that when a shelter employer arrived to work yesterday morning, he noticed dozens of kennels were open and animals roaming free. two small dogs were found dead on the property. a german shepard was hit by a car about a mile away. at least 12 more animals are still missing. no visible signs of foul play into the dog's death. the body of a missing four- year-old boy from san diego has been found near mission bay beach. wesley was missing. reported on saturday and 15 hours before his body was found. police say a witness report seen him walk off with a man at mission bay park before he disappeared. yesterday harbor patrol used a sonar boat and found the boy's body at the bottom of the bay. time is 4:45.
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a small child in oakley expected to survive a hit and run accident over the weekend. it happened near o'hara saturday evening. the contra costa times reports the three-year-old was hit after darting into the street at 7:30. police are not saying if it was a boy or girl. authorities say the child was conscious when an emergency helicopter arrived. that child was taken to the hospital in oakland. police in phoenix have arrested three teenagers for shooting at cars with a slingshot but the incidents are not related to a string of freeway shootings which has left that entire community on edge. police say the 18-year-olds admitted they fired at several cars and pedestrians with a slingshot. investigators say the suspects were inspired by the recent wave of vehicle shootings in
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phoenix. >> don't kid yourself what the kids were doing last night were absolutely lethal. if you break out a windshield with a rock and grabs a steering wheel and jerks it and turns it the wrong way or has a collision, you end up with death again. >> the search goes on for the person or persons responsible for those shootings on interstate 10 which have injured at least one person. >> very scary. 4:47 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. sal. >> good morning, pam, dave. we're looking at the bay area commute this traffic report. right now we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well as you drive through the bay area. there are no major problems on highway 24 from walnut creek to oakland and the traffic is also moving along realtively well as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a little bit of a delay but nothing major here.
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traffic is moving along okay getting into san francisco. i want to remind you that we do have a normal commute today. as you can see. we have a crash now with a car that is damaged. westbound 580 at vasco road off ramp and traffic coming in already effected by this. if you drive from tracy to livermore, you will be behind schedule. you might want to get on the road a little bit earlier. 4:48 let's go to steve in the weather center. we do have a big change in our weather today. thankfully it's a cooler one and not a warmer one. i think we've had enough of that. temperatures will drop a good 20-25 degrees up to the north. 60s and 70s. the wind is mainly showing east, southeast. knoxville creek says northeast. we don't want any breeze but we will take a westerly breeze. 60s we will start off with. and then a temperature will
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really plunge later on so that is the good news. now again i doubt there is much with this but the system on wednesday into thursday looks much more impressive but at least the stage is set for a cooler pattern, increasing clouds. that is is a huge difference compared to where we have been. 50s and 60s on our temps. some areas running eight degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. as i said 1-8 but it will be a huge drop. the delta breeze has finally decided to come back. it's been gone for about a week. also the low clouds are on the move and higher clouds. 61 ukiah. here comes the first system. the low the captain that remains of hurricane linda will be punched inland over us. that will ramp up the wind and the breeze as well. and also start to usher in cooler air aloft. combination of these two means a big drop in our temps and increase in the low clouds and higher clouds and ramp up for
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that wind machine. so 70s on our temps. 60s and 70s. really tough up to the north. there could be occupier 60s. looks like a partly cloudy but at least it will be okay. it will be windy for the 49er game here. best system will be on wednesday into thursday. there will be rain up in the north bay but after that it looks like better weather. although i'm not convinced on it over the weekend. >> you think you will be able to measure anything? >> yes on wednesday and thursday. >> okay. >> all right. >> thanks, steve. 4:50 is the time right now. the world's biggest software conference starts tomorrow in san francisco. more than 150,000 people are expected to attend dream force at the moscone center from tomorrow through friday and more than 10 million people are expected to join online. this year sales force rented a giant cruise ship to house all the people attending the conference because it could not find enough hotel rooms. time is 4:50.
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it's a race against time. firefighters fighting that valley fire. coming up in ten minutes, you will see manufacture of the wide spread damage also information about how you can help the fire victims. >> but first customer information may be at risk. the online photo breach involving several big name stores.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:53. a county clerk in kentucky goes back to work today after being jailed for several days for not issuing licenses for gay couples. kim davis was released from jail last tuesday after being held in contempt for ignoring a court order. it's not clear what she plans to do today when she goes back to work. her deputies have been issuing licenses in her abs-- absence. as the preparations are under way for the pope's visit to the u.s. later this month, now we are hearing there has been at least one threat against the pope that was disrupted. it's not clear where that threat came from or if it was connected to one of the city three cities the pope will visit. washington, d.c., new york, and philadelphia. but especially in philadelphia where the pope is scheduled to speak at a huge outdoor
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facility, preparation is mandatory. >> he's a very passionate person. he likes to get out with the people. >> there is no such thing as 100% security. i think everyone knows that. he is not going to go do his pope thing because he's afraid. >> the pope arrives in washington, d.c. september 22nd. he will go to new york city after that and then wrap up his u.s. visit in philadelphia with a huge outdoor mass at independence mall september 22nd. the second largest drugstore chain in the u.s. says its credit card information may have been stolen. cvs has found its photo website has been hacked. the in store photo service was not compromised and no other kansas websites were hit. kansas has not said how many customers are effected but it does say it is notifying them.
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we are hearing rite aid and costco were effected. a u.s. senator is calling on drone makers to keep drones away from people they are not supposed to be. new york senator charles schumer says they need to install geoteching on drones. he also says the geofencing should keep all drones two miles from airports and prevent them from flying above 500 feet. google's self-driving car program has a new ceo and this signals this could be google's next big business. google announced that john will head the south driving car program. he's been the president of the online car shopping service since april of last year. before that he had management jobs at ford and hyundai. he is a stanford grad. he was one of the first
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engineers for numi. meantime one of google's research balloons crashed in a quiet neighborhood in chino. caused quite a stir out there. you're looking at that 50-foot balloon. it looks like a big plastic bag. the balloon belongs to project loon. it's part of a research project. that crash landing was definitely the talk of the town. >> i guess. coming up on our 5:00 hour, a big relief for bart riders. up next the service changes going into effect today that could make your commute a little bit more enjoyable. >> plus 400 homes at least burned at least one person killed, still no containment. up next we will go live to the fire lines of the valley fire. the conditions firefighters are dealing with right now in the evacuations under way.
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good morning. we are getting a look at the destruction left behind after the valley fire swept through middle town over the weekend destroying hundreds of homes. we'll tell you the information we just learned from cal firefighters about where this fire is thousand. good morning and welcome back it's monday, september
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14th i'm pam cook. tough day it is. >> it is. it's a busy morning. the fire continues to burn out of control in lake county as firefighters keep up the battle. some of the evacuees are posting videos like this online of what they see as they flee. this dramatic video posted on youtube shows one family escaping anderson springs. those intense flames coming from every direction as the family drives away as fast as they can. they are among hundreds of people that were forced to evacuate. so far 50,000-acres have burned. the fire is still zero percent contained. cal fire confirms at least one person has died in the fire but we don't know who it is or how they died. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in lake and napa counties. the valley fire started about 1:30 saturday afternoon


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