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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 14, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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after some guys launch a smartphone into the stratosph e stratosphere, it was lost in space. >> but in a cool twist of fate -- >> see who finally found the video in a story of incredible coincidence. if you were on the motorcycle, you -- >> never would have seen it coming. >> if you can spot one weird road hazard. i heard that you were having a baby today and i thought maybe you guys would want to be on a game show. >> labor games is back on tlc. with this crazy concept -- >> you could win cash, luxury baby items, food. >> now host lisa arch puts the
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"rtm" family to the test. >> how much blood does a newborn baby have? >> say a pint. plus your shot at a new ipad mini. and a boyfriend has another big surprise on -- >> the same day he proposes. >> oh, my god! shut up! >> how the bride found out she was getting married that day. >> that's risky. how do you make the grand canyon look so teeny teeny. >> they're a long way away. >> like space away. >> a group of friends got a weather balloon. they planned this for several months. they created a 3d printed chassis to carry a couple of cameras and a cell phone. and they launched it just outside the grand canyon. so up and up and up it goes. it doesn't take long before the camera starts to capture some really need views.
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there it is. there's the grand canyon. as the sky turns from blue to black. here we are about an hour and a half into e the flight. nearing 100,000 feet when kapow there goes the balloon. it starts to tumble towards earth. 30 minutes of tumbling later, it crashes into the earth 30 miles from where they launched. here's the story. this flight happened back in 2013. the video was just posted. the guys never recovered their cameras and their cell phone. it was lost. the cell phone was supposed to reconnect with cell towers once it got close enough to the ground and send the gps coordinates back. they claim the coverage maps they plotted weren't accurate. a woman hiking in the desert who works for at&t happened to stumble upon the phone and their
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cameras, picked it up, took it into an at&t store. a few weeks later, their phone, their footage is now ready for youtube gold. this comes from the aisle of white. and honestly you never would have seen it coming. when he has to put in that insurance claim what happens, you wouldn't have thought of this. see if you can spot what happens. >> oh! >> yeah. you see it comes loose and then something else gets under the wheels of the bike. >> it's the roof rack holding the kayak goes right underneath his wheels. >> what bad luck. >> it's the first motorbike kayak accident i've seen. >> this second one i'm going to the resident motorbike riders to help me decide what's going on. >> i'm not an expert, but i think he hit the other car.
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>> yeah. >> he wasn't going very fast. i don't know. >> i think he was just surprised by that right-hand turn and how tight it was. >> i think he jammed it and then ended up. >> maybe he was going too fast for that turn. >> i agree with gayle. he hit a car. >> he does get back up on his feet, so it wasn't too bad. >> what's he doing right now? >> probably eating something he shouldn't be. >> probably. and your dog probably is eating something he shouldn't be. >> walter is probably asleep. but not diego. check him out. diego is on the hunt. he works in kenya with his team looking for poachers. poachers who are trying to get ahold of the last male northern white rhino on the planet. you hear shots fired and you see somebody on the run. that is a poacher. this is a training video. they're the ones that go out and patrol this area in kenya trying
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to protect that rino. in the last year, no rhinos have been killed because of this. there's diego. and watch his moves. >> get him, diego. >> this dog books it. watch him run up this cliff like it's nothing. >> nice work. >> you can see all the terrain he's running over to catch this guy. the guy he's chasing, his name is steven. he volunteered to help train diego for this video. they want people to go to their page and support the good boy diego campaign because they're trying to raise money to help support the efforts that they have to stop poaching of the white rhino. and there you see diego got his man. they don't show the video of how they cuffed him, but i'm pretty sure that's a sight to behold. >> good boy. >> good boy. hey, everybody. it's giveaway time. we're giving you a chance to win an ipad mini. to enter you need monday's
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buzzword, be 18 years old, and be a legal u.s. resident. >> that is coming up in just a bit. >> stay tuned, everyone, for the ipad mini giveaway. we've seen a lot of videos from the slow mo guys. >> but this one is a going to make you cringe in just a little bit. to meet up with the guys at taser international. but they're not just going to sit there and talk about tasers. they're going to test the tasers in slow mo. in 28,000 frames per second, to be exact. >> unbelievable. who's going to ride the lightning? >> this guy. >> so dan's going to be the victim. he's involved with these cameras. i'm thinking he volunteered for this. [ yelling ] >> oh, you got the full five seconds. >> you see that as soon as it
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hits, his chest muscles, everything's gone tight. >> we get to see it in slow motion. >> look at that. it's like a flying fish hook. >> oh, man. oh! >> it goes in. and watch his muscle immediately contracts. this one you have to lay down because the prongs are stuck in there and they have a barb in there that prevents them from sliding out. now he has to get them removed. we have that shot so i'm not going to show that to you. if you want to see it, head over to and click on tv show. a beautiful performance -- >> quickly takes a turn. >> when a stunt goes wrong. and a tlc game show unlike any other. see what happens when we take a push at it. >> let me get ready here and see if it makes it any easier. >> come on. >> okay.
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this footage from russia, you can see a couple of aerial gymnasts and within a few seconds with the strength they've got they take to the air and start soaring above the crowd. beautiful performance. it seems so effortless by them. it's a beautiful moment, but it quickly takes a turn. as they start the position -- >> my gosh. did he drop her? >> she just slipped from his hands. the thing is, they're almost 30 feet high at this point. you see she just kind of loses her grip. there's a photo as well from this russian website. you can see she was on the floor being treated. she may have fractured her spine. >> people train so hard for so long, one little misstep.
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>> and they aren't wearing harnesses. you see all thee does a slip her hands through a loop. you know, just in case. then she's holding on with her trent. >> my gosh. it's so difficult to watch. because you do go to the shows for that reason. because it is so dangerous. they most of the time pull it off seamlessly. but this is the risk they take. there's a danger to it. >> everyone hoping far speedy recovery. >> imagine you go to the hospital, you and your husband are going to have a baby. and then a tv host walks in with a camera and asks you this -- >> i heard that you were having a baby today and i thought maybe you guys would want to be on a game show. >> yeah. perfect timing. >> this is a real labor and delivery hospital in pomona, california. and to tell us all about it, we
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have the host via skype. welcome to the show, lisa. my first question is, how hard is it to convince these parents to participate when somebody's in labor? >> when you're in labor, you're starving, you're bored, you've had every conversation you're going to have with your partner and your mom about names and future and all that stuff. and the thought of somebody coming in and you getting, like, a 45 minute to an hour break and winning some prizes, i'm telling you, it's so much easier than i thought it was going to be to get these people to agree. there were people that gave birth within an hour after the show, but there were people that didn't give birth for quite a few hours a. so labor's long. >> what was your reaction when you first heard about the premise of this show? >> i immediately said i will not host that show. after meeting them, i was on board. they were right. it's the sweetest show and these
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couples are so into it. are you up for a little trivia? >> we are. >> what is the only organ to be developed before birth? is it the inner ear? the retina? tongue? or nasal cavity. >> the retina. >> inner here. >> retina. >> tongue. >> it's the inner ear. >> my guess is because people are letting their babies listen to mozart. >> want another one? >> sure. >> let me get ready here. see if it makes it any easier. >> you guys are in the zone. >> you're good. come on. come on. >> okay. what's the question? >> all right. how much blood does a newborn baby generally have? a pint, a liter, a cup, or a gallon? >> a pint. say a pint. >> i say a cup.
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>> i'm going with a pint as well. >> i'm going to go with a cup. >> the ladies got it. it's a cup. >> you did this to me! >> new episodes of labor games begin tuesday at 8:00/7:00 central on tlc. it's time for some real or fake. starting with insane balancing strength. and proof that the real gumby does exist. >> wow. >> watch and decide. ebaums world is next. pl't miss your chance to get your hands on an ipad mini. the buzzword is coming your way. (it's alive... it's alive!) make your halloween come to life. twizzlerize your tricks and treats with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! being free from dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue targets dandruff, wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue. freedom from dandruff. it's monday and you know that means it's time for real or fake with ebaums world. >> what's it going to be this week? real or fake?
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you got to choose at home. we're on them. >> this first one -- >> fake. we've seen this thing before. >> what's real or fake about it? >> it's really happening and somebody caught it on camera. >> it's real but not really levitating or holding each other up. >> it's magic. i'm going with real magic. >> an illusion. >> i'm saying fake. >> yeah. i've been to quite a bit of those chinese shows and they do some amazing stuff but they usually move around. >> we're all saying it's fake in different words. >> okay, okay. i did research, found a video where somebody was out setting up a similar type situation. basically they fasten it all together and then the guys got a cloeg. one of the legs is very thin. almost looks like a pole or
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something because that's what it is. it is a pole. it's an elaborate fake, but definitely fake. >> all right. next video. >> i'm just confused. is that a sound happening nearby? did they dub it in? >> we're led to believe this sound is coming from the power lines. is it real or not? >> no. >> i mean all of us are old enough to remember dialup modem. we're experts on the subject. this is fake. >> this looks like they're carrying a pod. >> it's hard to watch. >> it's incredible. >> that must be an old broken arm. >> that was never treated and he
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learned how to live with it. i'm going with real. >> i'm going with real. >> this is a pretty insane -- >> the real gumby lives. >> i'm not good with this. when the body doesn't act right, i don't like it. this is real though. i can't argue with the clip. >> wow. i had a feeling you were going to shock us today. this is gnarly. >> how does he move his hand around? it's a working broken arm. it's amazing. >> yes. these were definitely gnarly. >> have a great week. it's very clear early on in this video from brazil that mother nature has cooked up quite the storm. >> wow. get away from those windows. >> that man capturing this video as the wind rips that part of the roof and starts knocking down trees at this home. you see that? right by the front walls, there's a man standing outside
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not seeking any protection. >> it's a weatherman doing a live report. everybody stay inside, it's very wind y i. >> residents report hail, heavy winds, rain. they can't confirm if there was a tornado in that area because they don't have the equipment in that particular part of town to verify that. but if you look at the damage, it's a pretty good assumption that a twister or something was in the area. >> that was over so quick too. >> i think that's why the assumption of a twister must be a good one. the destruction is so told. >> the sad thing is is there was destruction all over the place. there were walls at schools that were toppled. that was a truck that was turned over by the storm. you can see in this video, all the trees that are down. and look at that. those are brick walls that have come down. just an unbelievable amount of damage from this.
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here's another one where someone is in a car driving down a street and you can just see tree after tree, home after home. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzzword, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> then go to and enter the buzzword. >> so let's reveal monday's buzzword. it's "regular". >> so head on over to the website and click on the win ipad button and enter monday's buzzword. r-e-g-u-l-a-r. >> and later this week we'll have a bonus giveaway. we'll also be giving away a flat screen tv. so tune in and good luck, everybody. this dude does not play around. >> they're going to have their
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wedding the same day he proposes. >> oh. >> find out if his plan has a
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good catch. hey, baby. >> this handsome fella here is bo. her girlfriend tortori's been o vacation for a week. she's in a back yard. that's the back yard they're going to have their wedding in the same day he proposes. >> that's a surprise.
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>> that's risky, risky. >> i hope they talked about this at some point. >> you would hope. so there you see the moment that tori comes home, bo comes out to the front yard to meet >> he proposes to her. she does fortunately say yes. >> what? >> he says are you sure you want to marry me? and that's because she just learned she's getting married that day. >> so many surprises. will you marry me, will you marry me today, and guess what you're pregnant. what? >> not that part. >> that would have been impressive though. >> so her family is there. his family. >> i've never had a normal life. >> and check it out. before you know it they start doing her hair. she has a dress. >> i already had that. >> she's totally game as well. she's like, yeah, let's do this.
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>> clearly he knew his mrs. well. >> and watch this. their perfect, beautiful wedding on the fly. it's so nice. it's very simple but nice. >> he pulled off a great one. nice job. that's it. we'll see you next time on that's it. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: this is going to shock and possibly, very possibly really anger you. there was a wedding over the weekend, actually on 9/11 and the lead singer of devo, jerry casale, got married in santa monica at a very fancy restaurant called michael's. there was a 9/11 theme apparently for this wedding and some of the things that were


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