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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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returning to find their homes gone. we'll have the latest on the huge wildfire that's burping dangerously -- burning dangerously out of control. good morning, thank you for waking up with us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. we begin with the fire in lake county. cooler weather is helping get control of the blaze. it has burped 62,000-acres and 10% cop takenned. -- contained. one person has died and four firefighters have been hurt. today all public schools will be closed. some evacuated from their homes will be able to get their pets.
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they will only have gene minutes to -- 15 minutes to pick up to feet or get their pets or livestock. >> people say they are sure priced more -- purr priced more people were not hurt or killed. >> that was a sweet perfect house, the springs at the end and the water going by. >> this was the home of barbara mcwilliams, a retired school teacher, whose body was found in the ashes. >> she had a lot of gums, she traveled a lot. she needed help, but firefighters can't enter the
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neighborhood. the head of cal fire complained too many people stayed and needed rescue making it harder to get to those who couldn't evacuate. >> we had law enforcement and firefighters going house to house pulling people out and getting them to safety. >> my house is over the hill. >> mcwilliams neighbor expects her place is gone, since this enclave has a dozen standing. >> how'd that house survive, i didn't know what to expect, the stories were it was decimated. >> barbara mcwilliams mailbox is marked with red tape. >> that was a beautiful spot. the house over the creek. >> a deck over the creek. the house sat at the end of a narrow area making escape difficult. it was a well tended home, a
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refuge purchased last year. she didn't know many people yet. >> she hadn't been here that long, he was not part of the community association. >> anderson springing is off limb its because of trees falling and power lines down. the resort in cobbs has been destroyed. the resorts president is dedicated to rebuilding it. over the years it's hosted celebrities and governors. it has been undergoing renovations when the fire hit. the devastation has taken a toll on firefighters, a cal fire union said eight firefighters have lost their homes in the past several days.
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one battalion chief cal duncan. another firefighters lost his home in the cobb fire as he was fighting the butte fire. governor brown is applauding the firefighters. >> when you are in that position, it's obviously scary stuff, takes a lot of courage, and these fires will take lives and cause injuries, we have to do the best we can, we're in a battle with nature, that nature is more powerful than we are. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency in lake county and gold country and freed up more money for cal fire. it's 4:04, we want to check in with steve. i had to use my windshield wipers this morning. >> tomorrow we'll get rain.
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>> here. they get a break with the weather, what a drop compared to the weekend. low clouds in place. our system is moving out, there's another on the way. morning closss -- clouds, windy at times. 60s and 70s. the system flying out of the picture. 60s on some of the temps, he'll up by the clouds, due west at oak l.a.p.d. due west at -- oakland. there goes the first system. here comes the second one. that will be in wednesday afternoon, evening. staying cool, afternoon sun, we're in between systems. mr. sal. >> good morning steve.
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there's not much going on, photograph is looking good -- traffic is looking good. this is the main commute. the bay bridge looks good. no major problems and no problems as you drive on any of the bridges across the bay. this commute is looking good past the oakland coliseum. 880 to hayward looking good. 580 is off to a decent start. 4:o six, let's go back to the desk. >> a story of a flashflood in a town on the utah-arizona border killing eight people. five others are missing. most of the people living in the town are members of the warren jeffs secretary. all of the victims are women
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and children. authorities call a discuss persian -- suspicious fire. when police and fire arrived several cars were on fire and the fire was spreading. some people living in apartments were temporarily evacuated. san jose will consider taking a step to raising the minimum wage. they could race the minimum wage to $15 an hour. they will vote on whether to hire a consultant. other snips that have expressed interest are sunnyvale and campbell.
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the berkeley city council. consider a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $19 an hour. the proposal calls for bumping the minimum wage to $13 and followed by additional increases in subsequent year. santa clara will vote on increasing the year round emergency shelter beds. right now there's 130 bed as available. they want to provide more places for homeless to sleep, especially if there's a wet winter. time 4:08. we're one day away from the next big presidential debate. we'll look at who's ahead in the polls and to growing concern for hillary clinton. >> do you have what it takes to
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be the last "american idol." you might, go to cow pal as. -- palace. >> you're looking at highway 4, a decent start. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. one says 10 -- system has moved out and another is moving in.
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. welcome back. a surging bernie sanders and dominating donald trump are the big headlines in the race for the white house. this comes during what could be a pivotal week for the g.o.p. >> good morning, the second republican debate is tomorrow night. all these candidates are gearing up for that. what we're seeing on the campaign trail donald trump is going to walk on the stage as the guy to beat. donald trump supporters in dallas willing to brave big crowds to bask in this improbable campaign. with trump going on illegal immigration and his rise in the polls. >> now it's time to really
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start, because this is going to happen, i'm telling you, i'm not going anywhere. >> vermont bernie sanders drew his own crowd, after appearing at liberty university, an attempt to widen out his appeal. >> there's other issues out there that are of enormous consequence to our country and to the entire world that may be, just maybe we could not disagree on. >> the democratic frontrunner welcomes the competition for sanders but there must and worry about sanders. >> i really like what bernie
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says. i'm struggling. that under scores a challenge for hillary clinton, the fact that she's losing support among women. the second republican debate is tomorrow, the candidates will be in simi valley. one of the candidates is not getting a warm welcome from the lieutenant governor. >> this week california will be hosting a republican debate. that means donald trump will pay us a visit. it's the perfect time to show his immigration plan. >> he released an online ad attacking tri s -- trumps immigration.
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it shows it is not feasible. former governor arnold schwarzenegger will have a new phrase. he will say you're terminated. he will take over on celebrity apprentice. more kids are greating drunk on hand sanitizer. poison control centers have seen a 400% increase on calls younger than 12 drinking hand sanitizer. officials compare it to vodka containing 95% alcohol. some link the packaging with designs fragrances. the berkeley city council
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will consider a proposal to raise the age to buy tobacco products to 21. if passed berkeley will join other communities that have raised the smoking age. 150,000 people will attend the cloud software conference. they rented out a cruise ship. dream forth runs through friday. today is support for u.s. veterans. >> where are you staying, the ship. quiet so far?
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>> it is. >> okay. >> i'm practicing my ted baxter. >> yes it is. anyway. good morning, it's a good question, things are quiet. good morning brian, good morning pam. we're going to start with a look at highway 24 westbound. as i drive from the interchange to the caldecott couple of it looks nice. it's a nice drive. on interstate 80 it's a light commute with no problems. 4:17 let's go to steve. >> thanks sal. >> you're welcome steve. we have a lot of drizzle. it's a sign not only today but tomorrow. we get a pattern change. the system yesterday has moved
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off in the sierra. low clouds left behind and a breeze underneath this. we get the drizzle. water temps have moved off. the trend looks to be on the cooler side. 50s and 60s the morning trifecta. san francisco, sfo and half moon bay. temperature about the same, running cooler for some, warmer for others. west, south west, gusts up to 35. due west, livermore avenue airport, sfo. south of san jose, nothing unusual. flat in arcadia, cooler than truckee. there goes our first system. we get a little bit of a break. the low clouds are in place.
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the next system sweeps in tomorrow afternoon and evening. looks like a better opportunity for measurable rain for the north. here comes the system for tomorrow, that will fizzle out. it looks like some rain could make it north. after that high pressure builds in and warmer temps. drizzle, morning coast and bay. temperature went from way above on the way below this week. it's going to stay cool. had to use a blanket last night. felt good. it will be warmer as we go to the weekend. the -- we could use the rain. >> you have a lot have people who tweet and give you weather reports. >> i don't think they are in
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that area. but they know someone who is. >> i think i heard from everybody. this is good. time is 4:19. whitney houston friends next year there will be a hologram tour in her honor. [singing] . >> hologram usa working on a 3 d image tour. the houston family say it's a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one of the most celebrated singers in history. the american a doll -- idol is in the bay area. >> the auditions will be at the
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cow palace this morning. contestants will be let in at about 8:30. we'll have live reports from 6- 10. the time season. you can believe we're saying that. the final season returns in january. >> probably there will be extra people out there. i think so. it will be fun to see the talent. a major milestone for a man in lafayette, what he accomplished in yosemite. the search for animals on the loose in lake county. how people are coming together to help animals that couldn't be evacuated.
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. many people forced in the home by the fire and the have time to get their animals to safety. pg&e workers discovered these animals still penned up. during a work break they brought them water and apples. other animals are getting help from organized rescue work. volunteers are taking food and water to areas where pets and livestock may be hiding.
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they are mostly scared and hungry, they can't count on animals and happy to see them. >> every place we get is one more animal that will see it through another day. it's a great thing, every house we finish, yeah. >> some of the animals are hurt, he was hurt jumping a fence to escape the flames. rescue will look for injured and distressed animals for as long as people are forced to stay out of the fire zone. many people are looking for places where they and animals can stay. the r ranch by the lake is a private ranch with a campground. the manager said there's cabins and stable place, it's on a first come first serve basis
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and volunteers have been bringing food, water and clothes for the fire victims. the european union failed to reach a agreement on a plan to share the refugees, the first arrest under new border rules that went into effect at midnight. three men believed to be from syria were the first to be arrested. a total of 60 people have been arrested. hungary finished closing the gap in the fence yesterday. a major milestone for a man from lafayette, he completed his 100th climb of el capitan. he reached the summit, he brought two first time climbers and said i do it with people who have not done it before to
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excellence their motion -- emotion. coming up, the number of homes destroyed by fire in calaveras county. the biggest challenge for crews battling the butte fire. later this morning, some of the evacuees forced from their home from the valley fire will return home, we'll tell you who'll be allowed back into the evacuation zone and what they are likely to find when they get here. we were going to show you the golden state bridge, but i found out about a crash on highway 4, eastbound, you can tell something is going oncoming up near the bart station, we'll tell you more coming up. we have drizzle coast and bay. more on that and how long the cool patter is in place.
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welcome back everybody to mornings on 2, tuesday september 13th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we have an update we will continue to follow. valley fire. cooler weather is helping the firefighters get some control of that huge wild fire but it is burning in lake county. the valley fire has burned 62,000 acres. it's only 10% contained. cal fire says 585 homes have burned. another 9,000 are still threatened. one person has died. four firefighters have been hurt. all lake county public schools will be closed again today. some of the people who have been evacuated from their homes will be allowed to return for just a short time today. ktvu alex savidge is joining us now again from middletown to tell us when sheriffs deputies will start escorting these evacuees. but again just for a short


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