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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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coming together to help animals that could not be evacuated. mornings on 2 continues. thank you so much for joining us. tuesday morning, september 15th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we continue with the valley fire burning out of control in lake county at this time. i want to show you a map of where the fire has burned so far. the valley fire is the orange area you see there below clear lake. the black stride area that is where the rocky and jerusalem fires burned earlier this year. the valley fire is 62,000 acres. it is already as large as those two fires combined. alex savidge is joining us now. where is this fire headed and the latest efforts to get it all contained.
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you >> reporter: you can see a number of different brush rigs. they are pretty much from all over the state. a lot of reveurs from across the state dedicated on fighting this valley fire. cooler weather and higher humidity. those two factors did help firefighters grow this fire. the fire is 10% contained. cal fire and emergency officials are getting a clearer picture of the extent of the damage. the fire has destroyed 585 homes. the total number destroyed is higher than that. another 9,000 homes are still threatened. a cal fire chief talked about where the fire is head next and why it's such a difficult thing to try to predict. >> relative to the initial start of this fire, it's
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relatively stable right now. however there is a lot of hot spots. we only have 10% containment around the perimeter and our efforts are working hard add trying to contain a higher percentage of containment. >> reporter: 23,000 people in lake county have been displaced by this fire. many are staying at the evacuation centers that have been set up in kelseyville and the napa county fairgrounds. there are evacuation orders still in effect. near highway 29 and 175. obviously people are not allowed to go back in just yet. cal fire officials issued an evacuation advisory for parts of napa county. the communities of pope, valley, and angwin. that is just an advisory. keep your stuff ready. the essential items you want to take.
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dave. >> allie rasmus, thank you. we are learning more about the woman that was killed in the fire. barbara mcwilliams was a retired schoolteacher and neighbors say she just bought the house last year and she lived alone. she had multiple sclerosis. she could not leave on her open. sheriffs deputies were called to help her but they could not enter because the neighborhood was already engulfed in flames. >> we had neighbors walking down their streets that had no place to go. >> now the head of cal fire says too many people stayed behind even when there were evacuation orders they then had to be rescued which made it harder for rescuers to get to them. at least eight firefighters have lost their own home. one is cal fire battalion chief
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paul duncan. another firefighter lost his home in the cob area as he was fighting the butte fire out in the gold country. a historic resort in cob has been destroyed by the fire. it burned to the ground over the weekend. the resorts president says he is dedicated to rebuilding it. over the years they have hosted celebrities and california governors. it had under going renovations to restore its historic charm when the fire hit. other animals are getting help from organized rescue groups, dogs, cats, goats, and pigs are some of the animals left behind. volunteers are taking food and water to where pets and livestock might be hiding. the animals are mostly scared and hungry so you can't count on them being happy to see you.
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>> every place we get is one more an million that will see it through. >> some of the animals like this horse here they are hurt. he was hurt jumping a fence trying to get away from the flames. rescuer says they will be looking for injured and distressed animals again today and for as long as people are forced to stay out of that fire zone. a lot of people who were able to take their animals when they evacuated. they are look for place where is they and their animals can stay. the r ranch by the lake is a private ranch. it has a campground. it has opened its doors to people and their pets and horses. there are still cabin and stable space and room for recreational vehicles. it's all on a first come first serve basis and volunteers have been bringing food, water, and clothes to help the fire victims. >> brian was just here. he said people came up to him. not just crying and emotional about their loss, but just of
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the overwhelming support they have seen. all the donations have come in. he said people are so grateful for all the help. >> firefighters getting help. >> a lot of help. we have heavy rain in los angeles. flash flood watch out. >> in what area flood watch? >> ventura county. i just saw it come across. but they've had an inch of rain in l.a.. normal for september is .24. >> go figure. >> any way. you can make what you will of that. we have a system that has moved out but it's producing rain up in the central sierra. we have drizzle here. and there is going to be plenty going around. already observer michael polanski believe .03.
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50s and 60s. 57 sfo. low 60s for others. everyone is really close here. west, southwest 14 or due west. many locations santa rosa due west. sfo and also livermore. there is a strong signature of an on shore breeze. first system moving out. secondary system will be here on wednesday. you can see the low clouds filtering in. that will keep us on the cool side. there is los angeles. also long beach again. .93. l.a. reporting heavy rain. mostly cloudy, windy at times. we will get some afternoon sun but staying cool on the temps. 60s and 70s. sal. >> i just saw your tweet about the flooding. >> many people do go down to san francisco, oakland, fly down to l.a.. >> all right. right now here in the bay area we've only had drizzle as
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steve and i have been talking about. we are look at a commute that is getting busier. we are starting eastbound highway 4. we had a sig alert at eastbound bailey. now only the left lane is is closed. traffic will be slow as you drive by. this is the noncommute direction for most people. let's move along and take look at interstate 880. that traffic is moving well in both directions and stays that way into fremont. if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a little bit of crowding but for the most part it's a nice drive getting on to the bridge. at 5:08 let's go back to the desk. suspicious fire over night in don ford. someone called to report a fire just after midnight. there was also a report of two people running from a parked car in the same location. when police and fire arrive, several cars in the parking lot of an apartment complex were on fire. the fire was spreading to the carport and some people living in nearby apartments were
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temporarily evacuated until firefighters could put out that fire. today san jose will consider taking a big step toward raising its minimum wage again. it is one of the cities that could raise their minimum wages to $15 an hour. today the san jose city council will vote on whether to pay a consultant to study how -- [ inaudible ] right now the minimum wage in san jose is $10.30. others who expressed interest in a regional minimum wage is sunnyvale and campbell. the city's labor commission wants it to take effect in 2020. today santa clara county could provide more help from the homeless. the board of supervisors will
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vote on increasing the number of year round emergency shelter beds. right now there are 130 available beds. if approved, that would go up to more than 700. series want to provide more places for homeless people to sleep especially if we get that really wet winter. there are an estimated 6500 homeless in santa clara county. the berkeley city council will debate raising the age limit for buying tobacco products to 21. the proposed ordnance would ban the sale of e-cigarettes and related supplies to anyone under the age of 21. if this passes berkeley would join healdsburg, new york city, and other communities that have already raised that smoking age. stores that would sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21 would lose their license and would be fined. american idol is returning to the bay area today and it will be your last chance to audition for the show.
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>> not bad. >> not bad. >> auditions for the final season will take place at the cow palace in daly city this morning. lines have already started outside the venue. contestants will be let inside at about 8:30 this morning. we'll have live reports from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. right here on mornings on 2. the final season of american idol returns this january right here on ktvu channel 2. >> nice to have something to smile about this morning. we're still watching fires this morning. the valley fire is not the only major wild fire we are closely watching. coming up in 20 minutes we will take you to calveras county. that is where the number of homes destroyed by wild fires there keeps growing. >> cars washed away by fast moving flood waters. up next the death toll this morning and the continuing search for more victims. >> good morning. we are looking at the south bay
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commute. right now northbound 280 is off to a good start getting up to highway 17. we also have problems in the east bay. >> a lot of drizzle out there. there may be rain for us tomorrow afternoon and evening.
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we are following developing story of this deadly flash floods in a town on the border of utah and arizona. at least eight people were
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killed. five others are missing. several cars were washed away. now the fire chief says the victims are women and children. three people survived. most of the people living in the town they are members of the sect of warren jeps. floods followed heavy rains that sent waves of water just barreling through those streets. now to the refugee crisis in huron. the european union has failed -- arriving daly. hungarian authorities made their first arrest today under new strict border rules. three men believed to be from syria were the first arrested for illegally crossing from serbia into hungary. we are now hearing a total of 60 people have been arrested. hungary finished closing the last ban gap in the ten mile long 13-foot high barbed fire fence yesterday.
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the firefighters who attacked a fire on a british airways plane in las vegas will be recognized for their flawless emergency response. 53 firefighters were called out a week ago when that plane caught fire on a london bound plane. the fire was contained within minutes. only minor injuries were reported. mostly cuts, scrapes, and bruises from the emergency slides. authorities are still investigating though the exact cause of that fire. your time is 5:16. the next republican debate is tomorrow. donald trump is holding his spot as the republican candidate to beat. trump campaigned in dallas. he really pumped up a conservative crowd talking about illegal immigration and sanctuary cities which he says has to end. donald trump went on the attack over what he calls incompetent washington leadership and his own rise in the polls. >> now it's time to really start. because this is going to happen. i'm telling you, i'm not going
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anywhere. >> in the meantime democrat bernie sanders attracted a big crowd last night in virginia. the first democratic debate against sanders and hillary clinton is set for october 13th in las vegas. the republican presidential candidates will be coming here to california tomorrow for their debate at the reagan presidential library. one of those candidates donald trump is not getting a warm welcome from lieutenant governor gavin newsom. >> i'm gavin newsom and this week california will be hosting a republican presidential debate. and that means donald trump is paying us a visit. >> gavin newsom who is is ing to run for governor in 2018 released an online ad this one here attacking donald trump's position on illegal immigration. that ad argues that trump's promise wall along the border is not feasible.
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and that deporting all undocumented immigrants would be bad for the economy. it is 5:17. we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. right now all the construction that is out there should be picked up. >> it is gone. we are looking okay when it comes to that department. let's go outside and take a look at what we have though. as you can see traffic is going to be getting a little busier at the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco. there are no major problems on the span or for that matter from san francisco to oakland. we are also looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge. that looks all right getting over to the peninsula and the dumbarton bridge off to a good start. eastbound highway 4 coming up on bailey they are still clearing an accident. westbound traffic is not effected. it slowed through antioch as you drive west. the rest of contra costa county doesn't look too bad. if you are looking on the nimitz freeway, it is looking
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good. at 5:18 hello steve. >> hello sal. >> you watch any of that 49er game? >> i did. i watched the first half. >> they looked better than i thought they would i've got to be honest. >> a buddy of mine said the same thing. you watch th will be better than people are saying. >> the bar was set pretty low but yes. >> you know what i mean. the defense is very good. we do have a lot going on. we have some drizzle and it's the wettest day of the year in los angeles. all reporting heavy rain. heavy rain. where is our rain? well, we have drizzle. we'll have rain north bay tomorrow afternoon and evening. so far there will be really good rain on the north coast. people forget there was pretty good rain in crescent city. we do have a lot of low clouds
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which place. 50s and 60s on your temps. west at concord. west at santa rosa. west, southwest fairfield. concord. hayward. even san jose northwest. there goes our system producing rain. and down in southern california. that is the one we will be waiting for. in the meantime plenty of low clouds. measurable drizzle and already .93. flash flood advisory is out. wettest day of the year in los angeles. normal september precip is .24. they already have .93. mostly cloudy. windy at times. a fresh breeze so staying cool. drizzle here in the mornings. 60s and also 70s on the temps. and tomorrow we will cloud it up. there will be rain in the north bay. it looked like measurable amounts will make it.
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south of san francisco and oakland. it may not be more than drizzle or very, very light. but then it will clear out of here. thursday the weekend looks warmer. we'll ease into that. >> thank you. time is 5:20. new dangers surrounding the hand sanitizer. very disturbing trend it's landing more kids in the emergency room.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a 99- year-old woman from san diego who died after eating salmonella tainted cucumbers. according to television station knsd mil dread died august 17th. the centers for disease control says more than 340 people from 30 states have become sick during that outbreak. at least one other death is also blamed on the cucumbers. a san diego produce company issued a recall. a new report says more children are getting drunk on hand sanitizers. since 2010 there has been a 400% rise in calls to poison control centers about children younger than 12 drinking hand sanitizer. this year alone there have been 152 cases. officials compare hand sanitizer to vodka. it contains as much as 95% alcohol. some are linking that increase to the packaging of hand sanitizers. officials say many of them have
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designs and fragrances that make them more appealing to children. target shoppers may soon be able to get their groceries online. the store is testing a new delivery option. target is teaming up with online grocery delivery service instacart. right now the service is being offered in minneapolis. target says shoppers can order groceries and have them delivered in as little as an hour. if the test works, target plans to expand it to other markets. amazon, walmart, google they are also expanding their grocery delivery services. online grocery shopping is an almost $11 billion business here in the u.s.. universal studios signed a deal to build a hollywood theme park in beijing. the new park will be operated by four companies that are owned by the chinese government. the project which also includes a hotel and could eventually expand to include a water park has been in the works for the past 13 years. the first phase of it expected to open in 2019.
5:26 am
this will be universals third theme park in asia. it already has parks in singaporean in japan. if you love whitney houston pay attention. next year there will be a hologram tour in whitney's honor. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> that is from the movie the bodyguard. hole gap usa is working on a 3d moving image of whitney houston and hopes to launch a tour of it next year. whitney's family is supporting it. they say it's great for her fans to see a reinvention of one of the most celebrated female singers and artists in history. time is 5:26. it is one of the biggest conferences in the bay area and up next the unique accommodations for this years dream force conference. >> plus later on this morning
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some of the people who evacuated their homes because of the devastating valley fire they will be returning for just a brief period of time. we'll tell you when those people will be escorted back to their homes and what they are likely to find when they get there. >> good morning. at the mccarthur maze we can see traffic is looking pretty good coming up to the bay bridge. this could be a pretty decent opportunity for you to get there before the rest of the crowd does. >> lots of drizzle. locally we are waiting for rain but that won't be until tomorrow's system. we talk about a cooler pattern. we'll see how long this is in place.
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good morning to you. welcome back. tuesday, september 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. cooler weather definitely helping firefighters get control of the huge wild fire burning in lake county. the valley fire is still burning and it has burned 62,000 acres. it's only about 10% contained at this point. cal fire says 585 homes have burned but another 9,000 are threatened. one person has died. four firefighters have been hurt trying to fight that fire and all lake county public schools will be evacuated today. alex savidge is joining us now from middletown again to talk about the specific reason a certain group of people alex will be allowed to return. >> reporter: right. later on this morning certain
5:31 am
people will be allowed to return to the evacuation zone where we have been the last couple of days. and they will be escorted in here by lake county sheriffs deputies. and sad to say but you know for a lot of people, they will not have much to come home to. this is what entire streets look like here in middletown and in many of the surrounding community. so people may return home today and get a better sense of what the losses they have suffered have been as a result of this fire. starting at 10:00 this morning, deputies will start taking people back to their homes and those people will specifically be coming to pick up livestock and pets that were left behind during the fire. there were a lot of animals that stayed behind from horses to sheep to house pets. and now those animals are in need of food and water. deputies will be escorting people back here today. as many return, many will find their homes, their
5:32 am
neighborhoods have been destroyed. for the handful of people who did stay put during the fire, they are overwhelmed by what they went through. >> it was just run for your life. run for your life. >> home is burnt down right around us but we helped save some people's houses. >> reporter: while of course evacuees at those evacuation centers are ready to return, much of middletown and the surrounding area is unlivable at this point. first off there is no power here. pg&e is still working to restore power to more than 7200 customer. they have about 200 pg&e workers all over the fire zone trying to repair broken power lines, repair downed power poles of which there are hundreds and many still blocking roads. really wide spread damage done to the power system here. they will be bringing in some large portable generators later on today to try to begin the
5:33 am
process of restoring power to this area. again this areareally unlivable. entire streets wiped out by the fire. but later on today some of the folks who were forced to run from their homes as this fire closed in over the weekend, they will be returning for a short amount of time with that escort from the sheriffs office. again that will all get under way at 10:00 this morning. >> oh gosh going to be such an emotional event for those people. alex, have you heard, i know this will be for a short time. i know you and ali both showed us neighborhoods where some houses were completely intact. have you heard at all when those people will be able to go back to their homes? >> we haven't heard from the sheriffs office the long-term plan about when people can come back and stay opinion really what it sounds like they will be doing starting today and for the next couple of days are these temporary visits. to come back. see what your home looks like. come grab the pets, feed the
5:34 am
animals if you need to feed the animals. if your home is intact grab what you can. the whole area sun livable. until they get the infrastructure restored. until they get the power turned back on in this area. >> all right still dangerous. all right, thank you alex. time is 5:33. firefighters slowly gaining some ground now in that other major wild fire in northern california. the butte fire is now 35% contained. it has burned more than 71,000 acres in amador and caliber vas -- calveras counties. the fire started last wednesday. hundreds of people are camping at the jack dzonkha jack dzonkha see know -- jackson casino. hundreds of animals have been evacuated as well. some of them they are being cared for at the amador county fairgrounds.
5:35 am
>> oh gosh. that is going to be hard for a lot of people. 5:34 is the time right now. as we've been talking about some relief with the weather. >> big time relief. 70s on temps. they will get measurable rain tomorrow afternoon, evening. >> that is good. >> so a lot of good news on the way. there is even good news yesterday with the temperatures cooling down and a few sprinkles but i mean more likely rain. we have a lot of drizzle here and a record in southern california. it is raining heavy down in southern california. and jim on the weather channel just posted it out at lax 1.93 and falling. also note the 70-degree dew point temperatures. talk about rain and humidity. that is unbelievably tropical. for us we are looking far little bit of clearing here but breezy and on the cool side. staying in the 70s for temperatures and we will increase the clouds tomorrow
5:36 am
and mendocino county and lake county looking good. we have drizzle this morning. there is plenty to go around. 50s and 60s. 57 sfo. half-moon bay is in there. santa rosa is in there. everyone is pretty close. west, southwest. west, southwest. it's an honor breeze west 16 at livermore. west at hayward. also star. >> by the way the high in fresno. there is our developing system. probably down to the north bay and tackle some of the rainfall and how far south it makes it tomorrow. 60s and 70s on your temps today. a breezy cool day on the extended outlook we'll have warmer weather on the way for the weekend. steve, good morning to you. we are looking at the crowd getting to the bay bridge this morning. we will start at the mccarthur
5:37 am
maze and also the east shore freeway. 19 minutes. that is about what it should take to drive. when you get to the toll plaza, the metering lights have just been switched on and traffic is backing up now. it's a 10-15 minute delay before you make it on to the span. there are no major problems on the bridge but it's getting crowded earlier and earlier. just a little adjustment now. we are also looking at a commute here as you drive on the highway 4 commute eastbound highway 4. still slow approaching bailey because of a crash that is clearing near bailey eastbound. but westbound is not effected as you drive in the east bay you can see traffic is just okay here. 580 is a little bit slow. tracy getting into livermore but it's just moderate over to 680. let's go back to the desk. today san francisco's biggest tech conference gets around way. it's so big that a cruise ship was brought in to host the
5:38 am
attenkeys. janine de la vega is in san diego with the event. >> reporter: it sure is a huge, huge conference. we're here at the moscone center and this is the headquarters for the dream force conference. now a lot of the traffic is expected here today. it's so big it's taking up three convention halls here and part of howard street is closed. >> we gather from every corner of the globe. >> reporter: here's a promotional video for dream force which is sale forces annual tech conference that is expected to attract 150,000 people. attendees from around the world learn the latest in cloud computing and attend a variety of break out sessions with prominent speakers. there will also be celebrities helping lead sessions like actress patricia arquette who will be talking about women in
5:39 am
leadership and equality. the convention is running for the next four days and howard street has been closed to make way for an outdoor area called dream park. a lot of activity. there are signs detouring people around here. if you don't needs to be in this area, try to avoid this area. pam. >> i know very popular. i guess 10 million people can join online so you can always sit and enjoy it from home or the office. tomorrow is a new safety banners will be unvailed in san francisco's south of market area reminding drivers slow down. some of the signs were already on lamp post. they read slow down, i live
5:40 am
here. supervisor jane kim who represents the south of market area posted these photos on her facebook page. she will be at tomorrow's unvailing to talk about reducing pedestrian deaths in the city. with ferry ridership booming now, there is a new push to expand service between the east bay and san francisco. about if t million people take the bay ferry every year. there are already plans to add two new boats and open a brand new ferry terminal in richmond in 2018. however, further expansion requires more money. transportation officials are also working with companies in silicon valley to develop some other water transit services. today will be the second commute with new changes to bart service designed to ease over crowding. ten extra trains were put into service on the pittsburgh bay point line for the morning and evening commutes for the first time it happened yesterday. some trains have limited
5:41 am
service. bart says passengers at the bypass station will have to wait an extra five minutes for their train. >> service change is trying to squeeze the very last drop out of this current fleet. >> bart has also added trains on its tram between the oakland airport and coliseum. they are now running every six minutes instead of every 10-20 minutes. san francisco supervisor scott weiner will introduce a new bill that could help put more affordable housing in the city. the measure would speed up the process of approving. mayor lee and mark ferrell will introduce another bill that will increase levels for those that could afford affordable housing. changing bodies and changing lives. coming up in our next half hour
5:42 am
a very unique gym in oakland to be the very first of its kind in america. it caters to the transgender community. >> bay area businesses pitching in to collect items for the valley fire victims. >> we are look at a commute that is a little bit slow in some areas. >> lots of drizzle out there this morning. measurable amounts. not only from san francisco but all the way up to the santa cruz mountains. we'll have a cool tuesday forecast for you.
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how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life! welcome back to mornings on 2. people all over the bay area they are coming together to help the residents effected by
5:45 am
the valley fire. customers stopping by sift cup cakes and dessert bar in san francisco they dropped off donations for the victims. now this family run business opened its doors to accept small nonparishable donations like baby clothing at its five locations. even the shops popular red velvet cup cakes took a backseat after a sweet gesture by a customer in santa rosa. >> she was a pregnant woman. she came in with all of her baby shower gifts bundled together. she said this is from my shower but they need this more than i do at this time. >> you can see in this picture the woman donated stuffed an ma'ams, books, and children clothing. and she is not alone. aaa's napa office dropped off 50 blue sleeping bags to the red cross in calistoga. they plan to donate more than 1100 blankets and 750 flashlights today. and our channel 2 website we
5:46 am
posted ways how you can help the fire victims. you can find it with all of our coverage on the front of our home page. a mississippi college instructor wanted in the shooting death of two people are dead. shannon lamb was found dead there from a self-inflicted -- now authorities say they won't speculate yet on a motive. some who knew the suspect say they believe the two victims were having an affair. the shooting set off a tense lockdown and left the campus shaken. >> we is lost -- and we are grieving on this campus. >> kansas l light vigil -- candle light vigil is scheduled for this evening. the parents of a santa clara county boy that was hit and killed by a car has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against
5:47 am
the driver. the driver was never charged. now the district attorney's office says it was unable to determine who was at fault. but the family says it believes that the driver violated california's three feet for safety law. it maintains driver -- it requires drivers to maintain three feet safety law for drivers who pass a bicyclist. we've had a couple of issues. dave and pam, good morning to you. let's take a look at highway 4 we will start there and the eastbound highway 4 there was a crash at bailey. a couple of people were taken to the hospital. westbound highway 4 will be a little bit slow. you can see the traffic on highway 4 westbound just looks normal as you drive up to concord. we also have a look at the bay
5:48 am
bridge. the metering lights went on just after 5:30 and it's backed up to the mccarthur maze. those metering lights usually signify a 15-20 minute delay at the outset of this commute. we have a new crash on the nimitz freeway. southbound 880 at tenth son road and we already have slow traffic. southbound from at least wynn ton. it looks like it's backed up beyond that and this is a bad start for this freeway. san mateo bridge is not bad heading over to the peninsula. it's 5:48 let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, thank you, sir. a lot of drizzle out there. berkeley i know some reports coming in from there and jack london square around oakland. even santa cruz mountains getting reports as well. the higher clouds have moved off but producing rain up in the central sierra. up north mendocino county and lake county. cooler pattern. partly sunny skies but breezy and staying on the cool side. increasing clouds tomorrow.
5:49 am
it looks like measurable rain. speaking of measurable rain. l.a. had .93. culver city an inch and a quarter. normal l.a. rainfall for september is .24. they've already had an inch of rain today. wettest ever. and jim posted this out. i wanted to net gist in. .93 and counting. [ inaudible ] moisture in the air is really high. so it's tropical like. 50s and 60s on the temps for us. everyone is pretty close. westerly component. west at santa rosa. west hayward. west at livermore. the fresh on shore breeze rained down toward fresno right now. san joaquin valley. there is our system for wednesday. it will make it for north bay. i'm going to fine tune all of this tomorrow. mostly cloudy this morning with drizzle. with 60s and also 70s on our temps. and temperatures staying on the
5:50 am
cool side with increasing clouds coming in wednesday. it looks like rain to the north. not sure much will make it south of sfo and oakland. but we will keep an eye out on it and does look warmer as we go into the weekend. we'll focus on that rain for tomorrow. that looks like a decent system north. >> is pam going to see anymore rain drops? >> tomorrow, yes. 5:50 is the time now. nfl players practicing at san jose state university. and up next the dry run for february's super bowl at levi stadium.
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welcome back time is 5:52. this is the first viral videos. now the case of the dancing baby is going to trial. you may remember this video of a child dancing to the song by prince let's go crazy. back in 2008 universal music claimed that video violated its copyright. allowing the limited use of copyrighted work. the ninth circuit court of appeals says a jury will decide if that video violates those laws. fiat, chrysler recalling thousands of dodge darts because of a transition problem. it effects the 2013-2015 model
5:54 am
years with a dual dry clutch transition. the cars transmissions can suddenly shift into neutral. the engine stays on and the air bags and other safety features are not effected. effected customers will be notified. dealers will fix it for free. the latestiphone upgrade is -- the latest iphone upgrade is on track for record sales. apple says it expects to beat last years opening weekend record of 10 millionouts. one analyst prekicks apple sold 12-13 million iphones during the two day advance order frenzy. the 49ers are off to a 1-0 start after a victory over the minnesota vikings. wearing black uniforms for the first time. there was some early miscues for the niners. newcomer jared hayne missed his first punt return attempt
5:55 am
resulting in a lost fumble at mid field. but the vikings could not score on their insuing drive. the 49ers finally got on the board just before halftime. running back. carl tied with a spin move to get into the end zone for the ten yard score and he rushed for 168 yards and scored another touchdown in the fourth quarter in the 20-3 victory for the niners. this is the first regular season weekday game at levi stadium that did not fall on a holiday. the parking lots have multiple new exits. great america parkway is turned into a one way street after the game to get fans home earlier. there are also some transit options. >> we put on extra trains. we have ten extra trains for tonight in addition to our 28 trains that will be serving the commuter population. gallon a weekday night traffic -- >> on a weekday night traffic
5:56 am
is bad. >> 49ers will host another weekday game later in the season on a thursday. the football season just got started but excitement over super bowl 50 continues to build in the bay area. san jose state was chosen as a practice site for the big game. the baltimore ravens are testing it out this week ahead of their game against the raiders on sunday. players worked out yesterday side by side with student athletes. pretty exciting for san jose. by the way san jose state beat out the raiders and cal bears to host one of the super bowl teams. >> our facilities are located within a 63-acre large block. so the nfl was very particular about security and access into the facility. we can secure and close down the entire block. >> and the school just ever finished renovating. >> i want to go there. >> i know it looks nice. time is 5:56.
5:57 am
more and more firefighters heading to lake county to help fight the valley fire. the two factors helping them make progress against flames after thousandsover homes are still -- thousands of homes are still in danger. >> you never know what situation you can be in so help out the neighbors. >> private ranch in napa opening its doors to people who had to evacuate. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here that is getting busier. this is highway 24 heading up to the tunnel. we have a little bit of slowing. >> good news for firefighters and maybe even better news tomorrow. a couple systems on the way and cooler temps.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning and welcome back. we are getting an idea of destruction in the lake county. devastating. at least 580 homes have burned in the valley fire. 9,000 are still threatened this morning. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday morning september 15th i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark.
6:00 am
you heard steve the cooler weather is helping firefighters get more containment on the fire. we continue to bring you live team coverage this morning. steve is here. he will be talking more about the current weather conditions. let's start with ktvu allie rasmus. you're at the fire command center in lake county. good morning, ali. >> reporter: good morning dave. we're at the lake county fairgrounds. even though it's 30 miles away from where this fire is happening. all together there are 1800 firefighters from around the state and different parts of the country helping out with this fire. this is the line for breakfast. you can give you a little tour, a walk over to the dining room where everyone will be picking up their food. now the cooler


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