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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you heard steve the cooler weather is helping firefighters get more containment on the fire. we continue to bring you live team coverage this morning. steve is here. he will be talking more about the current weather conditions. let's start with ktvu allie rasmus. you're at the fire command center in lake county. good morning, ali. >> reporter: good morning dave. we're at the lake county fairgrounds. even though it's 30 miles away from where this fire is happening. all together there are 1800 firefighters from around the state and different parts of the country helping out with this fire. this is the line for breakfast. you can give you a little tour, a walk over to the dining room where everyone will be picking up their food. now the cooler weather, higher
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humidity, those factors have helped firefighters make more progress fighting the valley fire. it did grow to 62,000 acres. but the fire is now 10% contained. the fire has destroyed 585 homes but it's believed to destroyed even more. close to 1,000 other structures in the area. another 9,000 homes are still threatened. cal fire chief explained why it's too early for those to return to their homes. >> fires can turn around and burn back through the same area they have already burned through which can threaten existing structures that previously survived. >> reporter: 23,000 people in lake county have been displaced by this fire. evacuation orders are still in effect for several lake county towns and areas in nearby highway 29, 53, and 175. last night cal fire officials issued an advisory for parts of
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napa county, hope valley. back out here live, you are taking a look at dining room at lake port. about 1800 firefighters are on the front lines trying to get a handle on this fire. so far they have made some progress containing it. they have a 10% containment. i want to say 36 hours ago it was zero percent so at least they have a little -- at 7:00 this morning all the firefighters men and women will be gathering for a briefing to go over their plan fighting the valley fire today. >> all right allie rasmus thank you for the update. >> some of the firefighters have lost their homes as well. the valley fire has create maryland heartbreaking scenes. people sifting through rubble. we talked to one man when he returned to his devastated neighborhood. >> that had to be 25 years ago i lived in that house.
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and right on there on the corner was a big two story house. and there was another house over there. some friends of ours lived in it. >> that is heartbreaking. not just your own home but your whole neighborhood. he has lived in the area for 40 years. firefighters still doing damage assessments to neighborhoods that were burned. >> that leads us to steve paulson. he is talking about weather for them. weather for us. you have a lot of big weather stories. >> i really think they will get rain tomorrow. measurable amounts tomorrow. it will help a lot. it's cool there. that is the good news. temperatures came way down thankfully. the breeze is still there but it's more out of the west. we have a lot of low clouds and drizzle here. numerous reports of drizzle. measurable amounts san francisco at .03. and maybe where you live as well. let's take a look at the
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conditions. west wind gusting to 19. a cool 51 degrees. so good news higher humidity that helps. a breeze out of the west helps and alsos very cool conditions. it looks like no precip today but tomorrow there will be partly sunny and breezy and 70s on the high side. we have low clouds in place. this is from drew sage. he says it was just running down by the berkeley marie that. is that actually drizzle? you are darn right it is. 50s and 60s on the temps. after the low clouds give way we'll have a sunny, partly sunny day. westerly breeze in place. one system moving out. heavy rain down in l.a. if you're having travel plans down there today. sure loosening like rain north bay tomorrow. looking like it drizzle this morning. 60s and 70s on the temps.
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>> do you think it will get that way again any time soon? >> it could get warm by sunday and monday but not that hot. >> we are looking at a commute that will be tough now. we've had a couple of different things going on. mccarthur maze the traffic at the bay bridge spreads around the mccarthur maze. already a 25 minute delay. if you are just sitting there in traffic and waiting to get past the metering lights, you will be creeping along pretty slowly there getting on to the bridge. that is why yesterday we did a story about how crowded bart is. a lot of people are using bart to get around things like this. especially in and out of the city. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge which could be an alternate breeze. we have a little bit of slow traffic. southbound 880 we had an accident near wynn ton and also at tenth son. the traffic is very slow beginning at 238. it gets better after you make it out of hayward.
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if you get on at union city and get down to fremont, that traffic up the road is acting as a natural barrier. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news out of houston, texas. these are live pictures right now of a school bus crash. now police are reporting at least one person has been killed. this crash involving a school bus and three other cars. again in houston, texas. we do not know if the person who was killed was on the bus or in one of the cars but our fox sister station in houston reports at least four students on the bus and the bus driver were all taken to the hospital. the bus was on its way to a high school. we'll have updates on this story throughout the morning. >> time is 6:06. back to our coverage of the valley fire. we are finding out more about the woman that was killed in
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the fire. barbara mcwilliams she was a retired schoolteacher. she just bought her house last year. she had multiple sclerosis she could not evacuate on her own. >> we had individuals walking down streets after their homes had burned, after their cars had burned and no place to go. >> the head of cal fire says too many people stayed behind. then they needed to be rescued but it was hard for rescuers to get to them. the devastation is also taking a toll on firefighters. at least eight firefighters have lost their own homes over the past several days. one of them is cal fire battalion chief paul duncan. his home burned to the ground while he was out fighting the fire in cob. another firefighter lost his home in the cob area as he was fighting the butte fire that is burning in gold country. some of the people who evacuated from their homes will be able to return but it's just for a very short time today to
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get their pets. now they will only have about 15 minutes to pick up or feed their pets or livestock. sheriffs deputies will not escort animals to home in active burn areas. some of the animals that were abandoned they are getting help from organized rescue groups right now. volunteers are taking food and water to area where is pets and livestock might be hiding. the rescuers say the animals are mostly scared and hungry so they can't count on the animals being happy to seem them. even when the animals growl, they say their work is very gratifying. >> it's a great thing. every house we finish it's like yeah it's a celebration. >> some of these animals like this horse were hurt. he was hurt jumping over a fence to escape the flames.
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rescuers say they will be looking for injured and distressed animals again today and for as long as people are forced to stay out of that fire zone. many people who were able to take their animals when they evacuate red looking for places where they can stay with their animals. the ranch is a private ranch with a campground. it has opened its door to people and pets. horses, goats, and other livestock included. the manager say there is are still cabins and space available available. stable space as well and room for recreational vehicles. >> we have the space available to take these people on for the horses, for the people, whatever we can do to help out the community. you never know when you will be in the same situation. >> he says he's not the only one reaching out to help. stacks of food, clothing, water, and gift cards have all been dropped off there at this ranch. he says every time he comes to the main room, someone else is bringing something in to help
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the fire victims. we're going to continue to have coverage of the valley fire throughout mornings on 2. on our website you can find details on the areas evacuated and also the road closures still in place near the fire. there is also information on how you can help the victims. time 16:09. the secretary of homeland security is making two speeches in the bay area today. at 6:00 p.m. he will be speaking at the uc berkeley international house about threats to the homeland. advance tickets to the berkeley event are sold out. but there is still tickets available for that noontime talk. san jose will debate taking a big step toward raising its minimum wage again. they could raise to $15 an hour. the city council will vote on whether to pay a consultant to study how a pay hike raise would effect the region.
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right now the minimum wage is $0.30 an hour. other cities that have pressed interest are sunnyvale and campbell. the berkeley city if to if they are recommending the increase take effect by the year 2020. that proposal calls for bumping the minimum wage next year to $13. it would be followed by additional increases over the subsequent years. time is 6:11. thousands of people in san francisco are getting ready for dream force. coming up at 6:30 we'll have a live report from the moscone center. >> but up next a republican candidates for president they are preparing for another big debate. this time right here in california and one imparticular not getting a warm welcome from lieutenant governor gavin newsom.
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developing story. deadly flash floods in a town on the border of utah and arizona. at least eight people were killed, five others are
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missing. cars were washed away. most of the people living in the town they are members of the warren jeffs polygamist sect. all of the victims are women and children. three people we know of have survived. the floods followed heavy rains that flood in nearby canyons sending waves of water barrels through the streets. the next republican presidential debate is tomorrow and donald trump is holding his spot as the gop candidate to beat. he campaigned in dallas. which he says must end. trump also went on the attack over what he calls incompetent washington leadership and his own rise in the poll. >> now it's time to really start. because this is going to happen. i'm telling you. i'm not going anywhere. >> meantime democrat bernie sanders also drew a large crowd last night in virginia. the first democratic debate between sanders and democratic
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front runner hillary clinton is set for october 13th in las vegas. as we mentioned the next republican debate is tomorrow and in southern california. donald trump is not getting a warm welcome from gavin newsom. >> that means donald trump will be paying a visit. it's a perfect time to show you the truth behind his immigration ideas and how they will hurt all of us. >> newsom who is planning to run for governor in 2018 released an online ad attacking trump's stand on illegal immigration. the ad argues that trump's promise the call along the board sore not feasible and deporting all undocumented immigrants would be bad for the economy. time is 6:16. let's get you out the door. sal, have you fixed everything? >> we're trying. one of the things about the commutes now, even people say we didn't get a break during the summer, we kind of did.
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things are much busier now on highway 24 for example we will start there. it will be busy early and there is just more volume there. even though we did have slow downs during the summer you can tell they are different here. it's not officially pal and it will be soon. this is where i think i have seen the biggest change. the backup is taking 30 minutes just to get on to the bridge. never mind crossing it. southbound 880 in hayward we had a couple of different crashes here. southbound is backed up out of san leandro. it does get better by the time you reach union city and dumbarton and san mateo bridge traffic is just moderate. 580 through livermore itself is not that bad getting over to castro valley. at 6:17 let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, thank you, sir. we have partly to mostly
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cloudies here this morning. but there are a few breaks in the clouds. it's mainly low clouds. the higher clouds will be on the increase tomorrow and it looks like a decent little system for the north bay to give some measurable amounts of rain. much better fire fighting conditions. the lows are very cool here. 50 at hawkeye. west, gusting to 19. knoxville creek 53. the cooler temps and the cloud cover are. and the rain tomorrow. it sure looks like rain will make it. it looks like a lot of this low cloud deck in place might cool auto. los angeles getting hammered. .93 so far of rain. .93. there is heavy rain being reported down there. and conditions are actually i mean culver city has 1.21. 50s and 60nd on our temps.
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everyone is pretty close here. and there is a no doubt about it breeze. west, southwest. west, southwest. west, southwest. west at oakland. even out to livermore. west at 13. 12 sfo. hayward northwest. 45 up in arcadia. there is rain down around fresno and yesterday's high speaking of, was 82-degrees in fresno. that was the coolest day since may 24th. now to bakersfield. there goes one system. central california, southern california that is the one we will focus on for tomorrow. it will increase clouds and give pretty good rain to the north coast again. how far south that rain makes it probably to san francisco and oakland. ly deal with that tomorrow. mostly cloudy in the morning. breezy to blustery. very fresh. staying cool. drizzle this morning. with 60s and 70s on the temps. very cool pattern here after last weeks heat and hot conditions and 100s not this week. cloudy.
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starting to cloud up on wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon evening it looks like that front will make it down. there will be measurable amounts. could be a quarter to a half an inch of rain. >> that is a decent amount of rain. >> it is. >> and for september. and you're talking about los angeles too. >> almost an inch of rain in l.a. today. >> that is a big deal. usually we see a little bit of rain by thanksgiving. i'm sorry which holiday. >> halloween. >> halloween. it is now 6:20. there is a new push to expand ferry service. the big increase in ridership between the east bay and san francisco and what is needed for further expansion. >> wait until you hear about
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the unique gym in oakland believed to be the first of its kind in measuring catering to the transgender community.
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and disneyland is ours!" my frightful fiends, "going down!" "boo!" screams don't miss the wicked fun of halloween time at the disneyland resort,
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dazzling brighter than ever during the diamond celebration! visit "trick or treat." welcome back to mornings on 2. santa clara county can decide to give more help to the
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homeless. the board of supervisors will vote on increasing the number of year round emergency shelter beds. right now there are 130 beds available but if approved that would jump to more than 700. supervisors want to provide more places for homeless people to sleep especially if we have a wet winter. >> they are an estimated 6500 homeless people in santa clara county. time is 6:24. a new report says more people are getting drunk on hand sanitizers. since 2010 there is a 400% increase to poison control centers about kids younger than 12 drinking hand sanitizer. this year alone there would have been 152 cases. officials compare hand sanitizers to vodka. it contains as much as 95% alcohol. and some link the increase to the packaging of hand sanitizers. officials say a lot of them have designs and fragrances that make them appealing to children.
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a gym in oakland that caters to the gay and transgender community is believed to be the first of its kind in the country. the perfect side kick was created bay lesbian woman who said she never felt comfortable working out in a mainstream health club. it has made a name for itself by focusing on the specific needs of gay and transgender people. trainers go through sensitivity training. >> going to the gym was an awkward situation for me. whether i was i was in the weight room and guys were sizing me up or in the locker room girls are hiding. >> it's a community, it's a family. we take care of each other. we look out for each other. >> the perfect side kick has nearly 200 members and other gyms across the country have started similar programs. time is 6:25. a downtown palo alto hotel has a new owner. the palo alto weekly says larry ellison bought the epiphany
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hotel. it's an 86 room hotel. it opened in march of 2014. the silicon valley business journal says he paid more than $71 million for that hotel. it is 6:25. coming together to help people effected by the valley fire so many people effected but there are many efforts going more than 90 miles away from the devastation. >> plus returning home after the devastating valley fire. just a few hours from now some evacuees will be escorted back into the fire zone. we'll tell you who will be allowed to return and how long they will be staying. >> good morning. we are looking at slow traffic is that is building up in the east bay almost everywhere you look now the peak of the commute and from the east way to the south bay on 237. >> lots of reports of drizzle but there are breaks in the clouds but it's not going to cool or stay cool or warm up.
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. we are waiting to get an update from cal fire on the latest numbers. new numbers on the valley fire which is still burning in three counties. firefighters out there battling it trying to protect thousands of homes still in danger this morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 tuesday,
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september 13th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. we want to take a look at just how much has burned in the valley fire. that is the orange area you're seeing on the map just below clear lake. the black striped area is where the rocky and jerusalem fires burned earlier this year. it's difficult to predict where the valley fire will spread. for more on the devastation we want to check in with alex savidge. you're out in middletown where some people will be allowed to return home today but only for a very short time. >> these are going to be brief visits. less than 15 minutes and it will only be certain people that will be allowed here into the evacuation zone with an escort from the sheriffs office. that would be people whop either need to check on their pets, pick up their pets, or come and feed livestock that may have been left behind when people ran from the fire over the weekend. and those folks that return today for those brief visits they will be running to this.
6:31 am
what is a disaster zone. entire neighborhoods, entire streets just wiped out by this fire. this is jefferson court where we have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of days. the devastation is just unreal in this area. the lake county sheriffs office they will be doing the escorts starting later on today because obviously this is not a safe place for people to be at this point. and the escorts will begin at 10:00 this morning. that is when deputies will start taking people back to their homes to pick up livestock and pets that may have been left behind. there were a lot of animals that stayed behind from horses to sheep to those house pets and those animals as you can imagine many are in need of food and water. deputies will spend the day escorting people. they may have to do the same thing in the coming days as well. while evacuees evacuees are ready to return, much of this area sun livable. and pg&e will restore power to 7200 customers here. they have 200 workers spanned
6:32 am
out across area trying to repair broken lines and downed power poles. the damage to the system here, the power system is so wide spread that a spokesperson says much of it will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. >> the damage in this fire has been devastating and we have seen a major impact to our equipment. again we are in the process of assessing specifically what that impact is. but we do know that it is significant. >> reporter: there are hundreds of downed power poles. burned poles that are all over this area. middle town and some of the surrounding areas. many of those power poles still blocking roads up here. so you can imagine a lot more work needs to be done before it is safe for evacuees to return to this area for good. the good news though is that firefighters of course are gaining a bit of ground on the leading edges of the valley fire and they are getting some cooler temperatures up here in this area. a lot cooler this morning than it was yesterday.
6:33 am
so that certainly helps out the firefighters as well. and of course we heard steve talking about the chances for rain in the coming days. that is also good news as we look toward the fire fight situation. in terms of the evacwees they will get the -- evacuees they will get a brief visit into the evacuation zone. if they have life stock, if they have animals they need to check on at their home they will be able to come back for 15 minutes. check on everything and then they have to go return to the evacuation center. >> it will be so hard. >> alex, i can see as you speak the smoke coming out of your mouth so i can tell it's pretty chilly up there. >> yeah we were just commenting how cold it is. noticeably colder than it was for yesterday morning. there was a chill in the air. that's what firefighters want to see. >> definitely hopeful.
6:34 am
that leads -- this morning -- >> that is colder than what i'm say seeing. there were upper 40s and 50s. they will get rain tomorrow. one of my weather observers ann marie just said what alex said. they got out but she says i get to go back today to see if my house is there and the animals. 15 minutes. that's what they get. they escort them in and out. >> did she have pet there is? >> she had animal there is. livestock. they're in santa rosa. >> we wish them all well. >> she and james web. two people in santa rosa. we wish them all the best. we do have a pretty significant change. a lot of drizzle here this morning but mainly areas of low clouds. we have another front on the way. but boy i will tell you, there
6:35 am
is 40s and 50s up there. the humidity is way up and temperatures are quite cool. 50 in hawkeye. west at 19. humidity 90 to 100%. tomorrow does look like rain will make it to the north. southern quality getting hammered. l.a. has had an inch of rain this morning. flash flood watches are out and even urban and small stream flood advisory for orange county. it does look like a decent rain producer north.
6:36 am
>> there is one spot. and we've had just a number of crashes. southbound 880 between san leandro. now getting down to the san mateo bridge is going to be a chore. after that it's a little bit better get into fremont. let's move to livermore and westbound 580 traffic is moderate. driving from tracy to livermore. out to some live pictures we go. this is a look at the mccarthur maze. it's backed up around the corner. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza this is a big delay. this is a 30 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. and this commute keeps getting crowded every single day.
6:37 am
let's go back to the desk. back to our valley fire conch. about 1,000 evacuees are now staying in tents or rv's at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. they are getting meals, clothing, and other supplies because of the kindness of strangers. and an army of volunteers. ma have lost homes and jobs. >> i haven't been back there. i'm not sure i want to see it. >> 9 .5 years. and now i don't have a house, i don't have a job. nothing. >> there was a problem yesterday when a sewer line backed up into one of the shelter buildings. people all over the bay area are coming together to
6:38 am
help the victims of the valley fire. san francisco customers at sift cup cakes and dessert bar they were dropping off donations. this family run business is accepting small nonperishable donations like baby clothing at its five locations. on our channel 2 website at we have posted a list of ways you can help victims. >> firefighters are slowly gaining ground on the major wild fire. cal fire says the butte fire is now 35% contained. it is burned more than 71,000 acres in gold countries. 166 homes have been destroyed in that fire. 6400 more homes are threatened. the fire started last wednesday and hundreds of people are camping at the jackson casino. some know they have lost everything. others haven't heard if their homes are still standing.
6:39 am
>> yust get through it. just get through it. >> hundreds of animals have been evacuated and they are being cared for at the amador county fairgrounds. we just got an update on the valley fire just minutes ago into our newsroom. the new numbers 67,000-acres have now burned. that is according to cal fire. it is up in containment a little bit. up 15% contained now from 10% last night. yesterday we were told 585 homes have been destroyed. but that number is expected to go up. in other news the biggest tech concert will get wander a. so many people are expected that a cruise ship will act as a hotel for them. janine de la vega is joining us lifer to talk about the -- is joining us live to talk about
6:40 am
big event, the big names, and what is on the schedule. >> reporter: right now it's the calm before the storm. we're here in front of the moscone center. this is the headquarters for the dream force conference. there is a lot of detour signs and this is going to be huge. >> we gather from every corner of the globe. >> reporter: that is a video from sales force. a tech company that puts on the dream force conference. it has gotten bigger and bigger each year. 150,000 people from around the world are expected to attend the conference that features the latest in cloud computing. but it's so much more. there are a ton of workshops and break out sessions featuring big names. the ceo of youtube and microsoft will be here and there are celebrity speakers.
6:41 am
all the activities have hay tracted a record number of people so sales force decided to bring in a celebrity cruise ship to house them since the hotels are packed. the ship has been dubbed the dream boat and it is sold out. howard street is closed between third and fourth street. >> janine de la vega, thank you. time 16:41. ferry ridership booming there is a new push to expand service between the east bay and san francisco. about 2 million people ride the bay ferry every year. that is up more than 50% from three years ago. there are already plans to add two new boats and open a brand new ferry terminal in 2018. but more expansion requires more money. transportation officials are also working with companies in silicon valley to develop some other water transit services.
6:42 am
>> the 49ers are off to a 1-0 start after the victory with the minnesota vikings. wearing black uniforms for the first time a lot of talk on social media about that. miss queues early though for the niners. newcomer jared hayne muffed his first punt return attempt. resulting in that lost fumble at mid field. the vikings could not score on their insuing drive. running back carlos hyde with a spin move to get in the end zone. he rushed for 168 yards. would score another touchdown in the fourth quarter. 49ers talked about proving the doubters wrong. >> they don't pay us to come here and fool around. we get paid to play football. people justin looking down on us saying we're the under dog. that adds fuel to the fire. >> the 49ers have a short week now. they will play the pittsburgh steeler on sunday morning.
6:43 am
we are still following the battle against the valley fire. we will take you live to the command post where firefighters are gathering right now. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you more about their strategy to contain those flames. these are the people that are going to be interviewing. we will be interviewing coming up. one of these people could be the next american idol.
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that recognizable music but this is it. your last chance to be the next american idol. the show is holding auditions for its farewell season. >> you should do it. >> american idol team has been going all over the country. right now it's the bay area's turn. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is live at the cow palace in daly city where perspective contestants are lined up and ready. you're ready too. >> i'm ready. i'm a little too old to be auditioning for american idol. behind me is the cow palace. we have the second group that has gone in. they are getting their wristbands and they will go in there and stand before the judges inshipping their little hearts out. joining me live is patrick lynn. he is the i'm going to get this wrong. the senior supervising
6:47 am
producer. >> you got it right. >> thank you. you've been here since season one. >> i've been to every single one of these. >> reporter: everyone wants to know what are you looking for? >> we are look for the wow factor. we are look for people that will make us go i want to see you again. and that is not exactly the easiest thing to fill because we have a lot of nerves today. we are looking for a super star. if that is you, you are in the right place. >> reporter: and you have to be between the ages of 15 and 28. >> yes. all the rules are on >> reporter: i'm going to ask you one more question. after this stage you get tired. come on. what happens after? >> after this we are going to come back tomorrow. probably with a lot less people and they are going to see the executive producers that are going to decide who is going to go in front of jenn and keith. >> i'd like to go before them.
6:48 am
thank you very much. have great morning. >> reporter: you can see these are some of the contestants that are going to be auditioning pretty soon here. who wants to sing for me? hey martin. who wants to sing? you guys can't be shy. you are going to be going in. who are you? >> alyssa. >> reporter: where are you from? >> tracy, california. >> reporter: what time did you have to get up to come here? >> 3:00 until the -- in the morning. >> reporter: i feel your pain. what are you singing? >> funny. ♪ funny how it all goes around if you lose your soul then you lose it all if you're at the top then brace for the fall surrounded by faces and no one to call funny how it all goes around ♪ >> reporter: that was great. i'm not going to tell you good luck, i'm going to tell you
6:49 am
break a leg. that means you will get in. we will be interviewing a lot of these folks. we will be able to go inside and show you where they audition. it's a little bit intimidating. it's pretty big if you have ever been inside the cow palace. coming up around 10:00, we will have a former idol winner. i'll give you a hint. season nine. back to you guys. >> okay. from bay area? >> reporter: i don't believe so. >> okay. >> reporter: but i could be wrong. >> all right. i think tara should be able to go in front of the judges just to see how you would do if we were young enough to do it. >> reporter: yeah. because i'm just slightly older than 28. i'm not going to lie. >> yeah. maybe they will let you sing. it would be fun to see how you would do.
6:50 am
all right. >> reporter: thanks, pam. 6:49 is the time. that means it's time for gasia. tell us what is coming up in our next hour. >> me, me, me, me. >> you've got it. >> i'm the last girl you want to see auditioning for american idol. i bet tara can do it. we'll see tara coming up a little bit later on. we'll talk about the fact you can get anything on amazon and you may get a trip to space. the battle of the billionaires when it comes to offering you the trip of a lifetime. >> and a thrilling site. a whale watcher caught this scene. you see a hump back whale just jumped out of the water. we doing it again. we are looping the video for you. knocks over two kayakers who are out in the water trying to get a better look at the animal. why this video as thrilling as it is should really serve as a warning. we'll see you in just a few.
6:51 am
pam and dave. >> thank you. >> you and i war watching that vid -- you and i were watching that video. sal, have you seen that? >> i haven't but i saw it now. it's terrifying. >> it is. they survived though. >> that is good. >> that is a little too close. good morning, everybody. we are going to quickly run this down for you. it will be slow out there if you're trying to get out to the bay bridge. it's backed up beyond the mccarthur maze. the approaches will be slow. 880 as you drive through oakland looks okay. but then heading south as you drive through the fremont i'm sorry through the hayward area and san leandro it's very slow because of a rash of accidents. they have been moved but traffic is very low. let's go to steve. hold on there. i was looking north and south there are 40s for some lows up in lake county and mendocino
6:52 am
county. alex savidge we could see his breath. and it is raining heavy in l.a. right now. about an 1.5 inches of rain. they have flash flood warnings down there. what about rain here? maybe tomorrow. 40s. a lot of 40s. just saw some of the lows there. or low 50s. so this is good news. humidity is up there. 100% at hawkeye and 50 degrees they may be 49 by now. knoxville creek 53. humidity 87 and 90%. we do have good news. the wind is out of the west. we will take that over an east or southeast wind. low clouds in place. there are breaks in the clouds. it will be partly sunny, mostly sunny after everything is said and done. usc an inch and a half of rain. flash flood watches there. torrential rain down there. normally l.a. gets .24 for september. they've had over an inch of
6:53 am
rain today. 50s and 60s on your temps. most locations are running a little cooler here than 24 hours ago. about 2-3 degrees cooler. there is a decent breeze. we will get more sunshine today than yesterday. but it's staying on the cool side. west wind i expect that breeze to pick up. here comes our next system. this will sweep in tomorrow and bring rain to the north bay. drizzle this morning. 60s and 70s on the temps. sunny side up and hot. that is not the case here. cloud it up on wednesday. it looks like rain wednesday afternoon and evening. maybe for the evening commute. maybe and then we will clear it out thursday. the weekend does look warmer. >> for the evening commute tomorrow. that is good to know. people want to plan ahead for the morning and might make different commute options. >> it will probably be drizzle tomorrow morning. >> okay. time is 6:53.
6:54 am
following donald trump's lead. coming up in 20 minutes well known billionaire businessman who may also consider a run for the white house. great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. welcome back to mornings on 2. a mississippi college instructor who was wanted in the shooting deaths of two people is now dead. last night 45-year-old shannon lamb was found dead after he
6:57 am
apparently shot himself. he was suspected of killing his live in girlfriend and college professor at delta state university. authorities wouldn't speculate on a possible motive but some say the suspect believed the victims were having an affair. >> san francisco supervisor scott weiner will introduce a new bill today that could help put more affordable housing in the facility. it would speed up its process of approving projects which could take years. separately mayor ed lee and supervisor mark ferrell will introduce a new bill that would increase income levels of people who would qualify for affordable housing. time is 6:57. it was one of the first viral videos. now the case of that dancing baby is going to trial. you may remember the video of this child here dancing to the song of prince let's go crazy. back in 2008 universal music sued claiming that video violated its copyright. the woman who made the video says it falls under fair use
6:58 am
laws. allowing limited use of copyrighted work. the ninth circuit court of appeals will decide if that video violates those laws. time is 6:57. coming up next in our 7:00 hour, some of the victims of the valley fire will get a firsthand look of the damage of what is left of their homes. up next the effort happening in just a few hours to reunit the evacuees also with their pets.
6:59 am
7:00 am
♪ hundreds of homes have been destroyed. this morning, the race continues to save the homes still standing in the valley fire. an update on that destructive "mornings moat wildfire as moot -- destructive wildfire as "mornings on 2" continues. good morning. some people will be able to return to their neighborhoods today to see what's left of their homes. but they will only be allowed there for 15 minutes. at this point, we know more than 580 homes were destroyed.


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