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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> you have just stepped into the veterinarian classroom. come stop down here. we are waiting for you.
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>> firefighters make some progress overnight containing the massive valley fire. how the weather conditions this morning though might help them fight this fire on two fronts. >> it was a little worse than this. but this is like katrina all
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over again. >> help for the valley fire pours in. >> mornings on two continues. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to the 9:00 a.m. hour of mornings on two. a couple of horses have appears to have survived the valley fire. this is what people are worried about. so many were forced to leave their neighborhoods leaving behind here you see here horses, other livestock, pets behind as they fled for their own lives. those part-time will be escorted back into their neighborhoods today alongside sheriffs deputies. they have 15 minutes to take of their animals and then they will be escorted out. we have alex savidge there. thank you very much for staying with us. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark.
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our coverage of the fire continues now. we have a reporter at the command center. >> first, the weather is so important to this fire. let's talk to steve paulson. it was so hot, but we are seeing such a change. >> my goodness yes. a lot has changed as you know. i have good news on that front as well. there will be some measurable rain. we had humid windy conditions out of the southeast. that all contributed to it. humidity 80, 90%. we had 40s and 50s for lows this morning. there is still a component of a westerly breeze, but nothing like we saw over the weekend, southeast about 35 that really fueled it. mostly sunny today. another system is approaching them. looks like that system will
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usher in some rain. looks like we will see some rain. more later. this morning, there are more firefighters on the front line than ever before. >> ktvu fox 2 news' allie rasmus at the command center. you have been there all morning. you say the fire crews hope the weather will help them fight the flames that have devastated many neighborhoods. >> reporter: that is what they were hoping. the weather conditions were pretty good overnight. this morning take a look. mostly clear skies. they are hoping that will help them get helicopters and aircraft up in the air. we are at the command center for the valley fire at the lake county fairgrounds. really quick, what you are looking at out here live are some of the fire crews coming back from the front lines of the fire. so, there's about 2300 firefighters fighting this fire. 500 more than yesterday. and, the first crews, they work
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in 12 and 24 hour shifts. the trucks are coming back from the front lines. meanwhile this morning, we have video to though you from half an hour ago. they were gearing up, getting in their trucks. there are 2800 firefighters fighting the valley fire. they have their briefing at 7:00 this morning to go over their plan to tackle this fire. when that wrapped up, they were on their way. again, they work 12 and 24 hour shift rotations. the valley fire grew by a couple of thousand acres and scorched 67,000 acres. the containment line is north of hidden valley lake. over a thousand structures burned. we don't have any new numbers on that, but the weather helped firefighters overnight. it was cooler and humid. and today, they have blue skies. no fog, that is also going to help them fight this fire from the air.
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>> that first night, the second night we had, we had smoke hampering the efforts. now we have a clear morning. hopefully, we can get the aircraft up working directly with the crews on the ground. >> reporter: and cal fire says they have eight helicopters, three air tankers. the only downside with the clear skies is without any cloud cover, it could increase the temperature later today. but they are hoping their ability to fight this fire from the air will help them with that. again, what you see now, the fire trucks you see pulling into the mostly empty lot are some of the crews coming back from the front line. my colleague alex savidge is at the epicenter showing us what things look like. and people are starting to pick up the pieces or at least coming to check on their animals. >> reporter: right, later on today, a lot of people will be returning here to the fire zone to check on their pets and animals left behind as they
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basically ran for their lives as the fire closed in. let me show you. these were the horses left behind as this fire closed in. you can only imagine what the horses went through. all around the corral, you see scorched earth here, we are at the animal rescue here on big canyon road in middletown. and i just got off the phone a few minutes ago with the owner of this rescue. she told me that on saturday afternoon, she didn't have a trailer for these horses and the burros. she was forced to leave them here as the fire closed in on her rescue. yesterday, we took some video. we happened to be dropping by. we took video of some caring workers who took a few moments to give water and apples to the horses. there is no telling how long they went without getting fed and watered. once we posted that video online, there was unbelievable outpouring for the community. many offering to care for the
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horses. five horses and two burros. i put it on my facebook page. that the where the owner of this animal rescue facility saw the video. she saw it online and said she was in tears when she watched the video and realized her horses had survived the fire. >> i was crying. i thought they were dead. i couldn't get through to anybody. and ... i called everybody i could possibly think of that were not from there. so i don't have a lot of connections. and so, i just kept persistent and i got ahold of cal fire and the sheriff's department and asked if somebody could go out there. >> reporter: and, quinn tells me that apparently someone may have picked up a few of the animals and possibly taken them somewhere. but, she is still trying to
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sort it all out and figure out where the horses have been taken to. but, some of them are still here at the rescue this morning. she is trying to figure out where they are. she is hoping to be escorted by sheriffs deputies into the fire zone later on today to pick up the animals and obviously check and see how they are doing. she told me she greatly appreciates the pg&e workers who stopped the feed the animals and other neighbors who were caring for the horses while she was evacuated. by the way, as we bring you back out here to a live picture, this is the home where quinn was living right next to the rescue operation that she was running up here in middletown. as you can well see, like so many other homes in this area, it was leveled by the fire. she has no home to come home to. but she was grateful that her horses survived this fire. we will send it back to you. >> incredible pictures alex savidge. thank you. time is now 9:09.
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organized rescue groups are helping pets. dogs, cats, goats, pigs. some of the animals left behind when their owners fled the flames. volunteers are taking food and water to the animals. they are mostly scared and they are hungry so you can't count on the animals being happy to see them. but even when they are growling at them and trying to run away, their work is gratifying. >> every place we get is one more animal that is going to see it through another day. every house we finish, yay, it's a celebration. >> throws in a yay there. some of the animals like this horse here was hurt. he was hurt jumping over a fence trying to get away from the fire. rescuers will be looking for more injured and distressed animals. for as long as people are forced to stay out of the fire zone. now, pg&e is busy. they have more than 200 workers fanned out across the fire zone making repairs and trying to get the power back on.
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the valley fire has burned hundreds of power poles and power lines. pg&e established a staging area out of middletown school for the army of people and materials. the damage is so widespread, a spokesman says a lot of it will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. pg&e says more than 7200 customers have lost their power. on our website,, we posted a list of ways you can help fire victims. you there find it with all of our coverage on the front of the home page. time is 9:11. today, san jose is taking a big step toward raising the minimum wage again. it could raise it to $15 an hour. today, the san jose city council will vote on whether to pay a consultant to study how a pay raise would affect the region. now it is 10.30 an hour. other cities expressing interest in coordinating a regional minimal wage are
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sunnyvale and campbell. to the east bay where the berkeley council is going to meet to introduce a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $19 an hour. they are recommending it take effect by 20.20. they want to bump it to $13 an hour next year followed by additional increases over the coming yearing. new safety banners will be unveiled in san francisco at market to remind people to slow down. they read slow down, i live here. supervisor jane kim posted these pictures to her facebook page. she will be at the unveiling to talk about what will be done to eliminate pedestrian death ins the city. the time is 9:12. if you get an urge to grab a glass of wine or beer, you can head to taco bell? a big announcement about a new addition here in the bay area. >> big name ceos , celebrities,
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and a cruise ship. that is what you will find at san francisco's largest tech conference that kicks off today. we will tell you what to expect at dreamforce and how an underserved group is being helped here. hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving
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and a place to enjoy it together.
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>> the time is now 9:14. the tech world is coming to san francisco this morning where the dreamforce conference is underway. janine de la vega has been there all morning. >> reporter: there are crowds of people here. attenkeys came from all over the world to attend. there are 50,000 people registered for this conference, easily the largest that san
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francisco hosts. the hotels are packed. the restaurants are going to be busy. it is great for the local economy. there is so much that they put on the conference. they brought in a celebrity cruise ship called the dream boat and it is sold out. big name ceos are here. the ceo of salesforce, microsoft, youtube. they are also bringing in celebrities, actresses speaking on a variety of topics. each day has a theme. the theme is supporting the u.s. veterans today. to get more information on how salesforce and dreamforce is helping the cause. i'm joined by dan, a senior vice president with salesforce. how are veterans going to be helped at dreamforce? >> thank you very much for being here. along with the great crowd, we are focused on dreamforce giving back. we are on a goal to reach
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10,000 veterans. get them education, certification, and employment in the eco system. today, we have break out sessions all focused on training. we have some great events. we have 100 veterans who signed up for mentoring sessions where they will meet one on one with executives. dreamforce gives inspires and gives back and has fun. >> that's great. they were recruited and invited to come here for free in hopes of giving them a job? >> that's right. we have over 400 veterans here with passes hoping to get them inspired. we greated the vetforce community where veterans can really get inspired. >> thank you very much. dan streetman with sales force. >> reporter: as i mentioned, there is a theme for each day. there is a big philanthropic push. tomorrow, there is a huge book
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drive where they are encouraging attendees to bring a book that will get donated to bay area schools. a big concert thursday night with the foo fighters. and benefits go to the children's hospital. a lot of activities going on today besides the cloud computing software. >> and i'm sure for a lot of people who live and work in the area where you are, it is an inconvenience to have so many people, but the spotlight it puts on san francisco business and the generosity it creates is a positive for sure. >> reporter: absolutely, a little bit of an inconvenience. there are a lot of signs up. showing detours. so, if you don't need to be in this area. take an alternate route. >> okay, sneak into one of the concerts. thanks. taco bell is going to soon start selling alcohol at two of the restaurants including one in the bay area. here is a soft opening for the
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first restaurant in chicago. that location will sell beer, wine, and mixed drinks. later this month, a second restaurant will open upright near san francisco's at&t park. that location will only have beer and wine, but thaw will also unveil some new food items. time is now 9:18. the toll plaza, everybody behaving for you? >> reporter: no. >> i figured i would ask. >> reporter: dave, you should know better. actually, we are joking about it. but this community in the last fall season i guess, by the way, it is fall september 23 in case you are keeping score at home. it has really been slow. well into the 9:00 hour, we have a lot of slow traffic. it has been slow. 25 to 30 minutes before we actually get onto the span and get into san francisco. we also have some slow traffic of course on i-880 getting down
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to the san mateo bridge. it has been very slow this morning. we want to point out the traffic is also very slow trying to get into the valley. if you are driving to your job in the silicon valley, all the approaches are still slow. so you might as well hang out with us a little longer. this nice man steve is doing the weather. >> who came in? [ laughter ] a little loopy after five hours. thanks sal castaneda. we get some sun. clouds, drizzle. rain last night in oakland. and scary gary says we need more. we need more. we need more. [ laughter ] we are working on it. maybe tomorrow. but, north bay, no doubt about it, look at that. that is looking better and better. the question is will it make it south of san francisco and oakland? it is close. there will be increasing clouds. great news for the firefighters. humidity way up. lows 40s and 50s . clouds are
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increasing rand our system will be on the way. unbelievable rainfall in la. 1.59. just this morning. at lax. there are numerous records, 2.28 at the usc campus. this is more rain than they get in september on average, october, november, and only about a half inch from their december total on average. just amazing amount of rain. in fact, mr. clark? heading northbound, southbound on the 710. you don't think this will cause problems do you? >> it will cause major problems. >> traffic getted at florence. and they are done. they are done for the day. there are numerous reports of flooding coming in all over the place. one-and-a-half to two-and-a- half inches of rain will do that. 50s and 60s for the temps. it is a cool breeze.
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we will stay in the 60s today. here is a system out of the gulf of alaska that i do believe we will get it. it is coming in tomorrow. sometimes mother nature works out, sometimes it doesn't. 60s and 70s on the temps. rain in the north bay. the question is will it make it to peninsula east and south bay? i will deal with all of this tomorrow. looks better friday and saturday. northern california burning and southern california with more water than they can handle. the developing station near los angeles that steve talked about that has shut down freeways, flooded homes, and is leaving many people stranded. >> also up next, a republican candidate for president getting ready for another debate this time here in california. and one candidate in particular not getting a warm welcome from lieutenant governor gavin.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 9:24. the next republican presidential debate is tomorrow. donald trump is still the candidate to beat. he fired up a conservative crowd in dallas talking about illegal immigration and sanctuary cities which he says must end. trump also went on the attack over what he calls incompetent washington leadership. and he talked about his rise in the polls. >> now, it is time to really start because this is going to happen. i'm telling you. i'm not going anywhere. >> in the meantime, democratic senator bernie sanders also drew a big crowd in virginia. the first democratic debate against sanders and hillary clinton is set for october 13 in las vegas. >> as we mentioned the next republican debate will be tomorrow in southern california at the reagan library. donald trump is not getting a warm welcome from california's
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lieutenant governor gavin newsom. >> i'm gavin newsom and this week, california will be hosting a republican presidential debate. that means donald trump will be here. it is a perfect time to show you the truth behind his immigration ideas and how they will hurt all of us. >> newsom announced he is running for governor in 2018 released this online ad attacking trump's stance on illegal immigration. trump's plan for a wall along the border with mexico isn't feasible he says and deaborting all the undocument immigrants would be bad for the country. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban cold cnbc he gets asked everyday about running for president. he told the network, he would focus on economic issues if he did, but he didn't say if or when he might make a run for the white house. the time 9:26. the obama administration has a new website showing students
9:27 am
how much various colleges cost and how much graduates will make after they graduate. the college score card site is getting criticism. some wonder if the department of information should offer the same information that for profit groups have given for years. they offer the graduation rate and how much students would have to pay back. a florida officer, we are talking about an act of kindness that has him trying to find a young boy he met at a coffee shop. >> plus, quite a sight out there at monterrey bay. watch closely. a humpback whale jumping out of the water lands over two kayakers trying to get too close to see him. up next, why this video should serve as a warning. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes.
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wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2:00. it is 9:29. we have live picture of where victims of the valley fire are waiting to be escorted back into the evacuated areas. those residents will be allowed to go back to their communities for a little while. you see some of them right here. they will be able to go back with an escort in about 30 minutes. >> let's check in with brian flores. you have been talking with some of the victims. people forced to leave their homes in a matter of minutes. they are expecting a very difficult day. right brian? >> reporter: they are. good morning. we are here at lower lake high school where roughly about 200 people are gathered actually inside the new gymnasium here at the high school awaiting word on when they can return home to check on their pets and livestock. they will be leaving here in about 30 minutes from what we understand. sheriffs deputies at 10:00 this morning will start to take residents to their homes but really only to take care of any
9:31 am
livestock or pets left in the evacuation. there are things residents need to return. they need identification proving their residency. they have only 15 minutes to do what they need to do. more are expected to arrive before 10:00 this morning. one person who arrived around 7:00 thismorning started a signup sheet and there is a line forming inside the school's gym hoping they can be escorted back. there is bottled water for the evacuees. people are holding out hope, butexpecting the worse. >> they are my wife's cats. she gave them a good life. they got real scared with the planes an the smoke and everything. couldn't get them when it was time to evacuate. we had only 15 minutes to
9:32 am
gather our stuff and take off. >> and it looks like our street has been spared. right now, i'm optimistic. i have some wonderful neighbors. i'm sure if they are able to get in, they checked on my house as well. but we just hoping for the best. >> reporter: now, this is one of two locations. again, for residents living south of lower lake, hidden valley lake and cob, they will meet here at lower lake high school. crowds are gathering as we speak. they will be escorted at 10:00 this morning. for residents on the kelseyville side of cobb mountain off of bottlerock road and highway 175 or into clear lake rivera area will meet at the dirt parking lot at kelseyville high school. the sheriff's department will not be escorting people to anderson springs because crews are still battling fires out
9:33 am
there. they are also emphasizing that this is not a chance to escort people to gather personal items or medication. if you need medication, you need to contact your doctor or head to an emergency room for assistance there. guys, back to you. >> thanks brian flores. well, almost 600 homes are gone. thousands of people are still out of their homes staying at evacuation sites. many of them don't know if they have a home to go back to. >> we are learning more about the woman who lost her life in the valley fire. she was unable to get out of her house by herself. we are talking about what we learned from this tragic incident and it really is heart- breaking. this poor woman, 72 years old. physically compromised. very hard. >> reporter: it is heart- breaking. we watched as this fire grew so incredibly fast taking many people by surprise. that is one reason this woman lost her life. >> it was a sweet little
9:34 am
perfect house. >> reporter: now that little house and the rest of the neighborhood in anderson springs is gone and the body of 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams was found inside. we know she was a retired schoolteachers. neighbors say she just moved in last year. she had multiple sclerosis though and she lived alone. sheriffs deputies say they were called to help her, but they couldn't get near her house because it was already engulfed in flames. the head of cal fire says many people did not evacuate because they wanted to stay with their home or they just didn't think it was going to be this bad. and that also slowed down the rescue efforts and also, the fire fighting efforts. now, we have been talking about this all morning long. firefighters and law enforcement officers had to go door to door checking for people who then were trapped as this fire was quickly moving into the neighborhoods. and the reminder, have an evacuation plan. think about what you would take with you.
9:35 am
think about your neighbors, maybe people who might need help. often people ask us oh gosh, why do you cover so many horrible stories? this is one of the reasons why. we all learn from this. we learn wow, do i have a proper plan in place? what would i grab? maybe you keep those things handy. and think of the people around you who might need help. someone with some little kids or grandma watching kids. >> this could be after an earthquake, this could be after the floods in los angeles we are seeing. it is always good to have that plan. >> right. >> and pam, i told you, i have covered wild fires, several. and a wild fire is the one time i thought i would not make it out of a story. it moves so fast, it is so ferocious. i really thought i was dead that day. >> reporter: right now, in particular with the drought conditions, it is so dry and so many areas that is quickly going to fuel a fire. and then also, we have been talking about floods. if we get a big el niño winter rain, all these fire areas, all the fires in lake county, we are going to see a lot of
9:36 am
flooding. a lot of mud slides. a lot of things could be happening. good reminders for all of us. just a heart-breaking story. >> thanks pam. the time is 9:35. we have an update on the other big fire we are following. the butte fire. cal fire says it is now 37% contained. it has burned through more than 71,000 acres in amador and calaveras county. 6400 homes are in danger. the butte fire started last wednesday. hundreds of people are camping knowing they have lost everything. others have not heard anything at all about whether their homes are still standing. >> we will just get through it. be better aware of what is going on. if it is worse than they are making it out toe be. there are a lot of people with no homes and no place to go. >> hundreds of animals have also been evacuated and they are being cared for at the
9:37 am
amador county fairgrounds. this leads us to our wester forecast. and steve, how the weather is going to help and also being able to have planes flying and choppers. >> today, they will get a break for a while. the clouds will be increasing, but there are some areas of sun. but the rain will make it there tomorrow. they will get measurable rain. humidity was very high, 80, 90, 100%. it is coming down now, but the temps were really cool. they are going to stay in the 70s and there are a lot of high clouds on the way. look at the temperatures, 50s . it is cool. calistoga, windsor, these are very cool temperatures compared to last weekend. here come it is next system and it is already barreling into the northern part of the state bringing rain. some really good rain. hum bolt, mendocino county. lake county. it will make it to the north bay. but i want to deal with this tomorrow. what they are dealing with is mind-numbing how much rain they have had today. an inch-and-a-half to two inches of rain. it is now finally clearing the
9:38 am
la area. but from ocean side to san diego, they have all sorts of problems. the 710 is closed. i see reports on twitter. it is a standstill and it is a river. they are going to have major issues there. we are getting a lot of reports of that. 50s , 60s on our temps. it was very warm last week, now temperatures are significantly cooler and they will stay here a couple of days. decent little breezes in place not only for the coast bay, but inland. there goes our system. here comes the next one coming in tomorrow. and you can actually see some of that rain on our futurecast. it does make it to the north bay, but won't be until tomorrow afternoon and evening. here you go at the north bay tomorrow at 3:00. ukiah, clear lake. i think it will make it to marin county, maybe a little south. this will be tomorrow. low clouds, sun, windy at times. the morning drizzle looks like it is over. 60s and 70s in the temperatures. we increase the clouds
9:39 am
tomorrow. we are seeing cloud cover, drizzle, and some rain will clear it out thursday. good news for the firefighters. >> thank you steve. we are following developing news. we are following flooding in southern california. incredible video coming in for people in the area. we know the city of belle, the 710 is shut down in both directions. some people, this is more rain than they have seen in several years. this was tweeted out by jack, #what a waste. the la river just flooded. other pictures, here at angel stadium. this person writes holy smokes, there is water in the san ana river. that is a first. she is concerned about people living under the bridges there. one more picture to share with you, the morning commute just inching along. this one came from instagram two hours in the car, 20 miles
9:40 am
from work. #runningoutofmusic, #70free we know is shut down in belle in both directions because of all the water. we have more video to share with you showing firefighters in the middle of a swift water rescue earlier this morning. take a look as rescuers grab a person and a dog clinging to a tree in cypress park. police are searching for two more possible victims. the national weather service has issued a flood advisory for parts of los angeles county where more than an inch of rain has fallen today already. >> that is incredible. time is 9:40. a sheriffs deputy in florida says he was touched by a little boy who showed him love and kindness at a donut shop. deputy donny jackson was at a dunkin donuts when the boy's dad said he wanted to pay for the man's breakfast. he was caught off guard. >> i smiled and declined and
9:41 am
his apartments are like no, he really insists. >> reporter: jackson took a picture with the boy. he wrote a message on the back of it and said thank you. he says he wants to link up with that young man again to thank him in person. well, it was an exciting thrilling sight for whale watchers but a real close call for two kayakers in the monterrey bay. >> oh! >> i got him. i got him on video. >> can you imagine that? over you? a whale watcher captured this video saturday. a humpback whale jumping out of the water knocking over two kayakers that tried to get too close to him. the kayakers were not hurt. scientists with the national marine sanctuary says whales can weigh up to 80,000 tons. the kayak company have canceled their whale-watching tour for
9:42 am
the foreseeable future. we know the bay area is the epicenter of the food boom. but so many people here in the bay area limit what is considered a food desert meaning what they don't have access to fresh produce and other nourishing foods. up next, celebrity chef tyler florence is in the studio talking about how you can help change that. >> hundreds of people are here at the cal palace in daily city for their shot at being the next american idol. we will introduce you to some of this year's competitors. and, we will also tell you if you missed this audition, how you can still get in on time. are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school
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and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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>> there is is a campaign under way by naked juice and whole. way to help people who live in food deserts. this means you don't have this on your counter. fresh healthy affordable food. we have a map here showing how many people in our area live in food deserts. those are the green areas marked all around the bay. areas close to the east bay, san leandro. san francisco, daly city, oakland. san francisco itself has some 58,000 people living miles away from fresh healthy food. that works out to about one in every 14 people. joining me now with more on the campaign that san francisco is advocating for. chef florence. >> so good to see you. >> i love your mission. i really do. >> thank you very much. i think, you know, cooking in
9:46 am
the kitchen starts with nutrition and it starts with a better selection of produce. there are almost 58,000 people in the bay area that live in what is considered food deserts right? that is calculated by how many people live close to a grocery store right? and there are areas in the bay area where there is one grocery store for 20,000 people. so you can imagine how much produce is not there and how many opportunities that families could possibly have to do the right thing and really get some great nutrition on the table. that is why i'm partnering up with naked juice and wholesome way. we are starting a campaign where naked juice will donate 10 pounds of produce for every selfie you take. everybody likes to take selfies. so if you grab a piece of fresh produce and take a selfie of yourself, tag a friend if you want to. but tag it drink good do good. for each one, naked juice will
9:47 am
donate 10 pounds of produce to wholesome way. it is a fantastic organization. they address food deserts from coast to coast, specifically here in the bay area. i'm their point person here in the bay area. >> reporter: and you live in marin. you live here. i have to say, marin, san francisco, we are talking local, organic. we are embarrassed with riches when it comes to food. but then, is it hard for you to square there are some people who don't have a grocery store to buy a banana? an apple? >> there are a lot of really amazing farmers that produce a lot of produce here. a lot of it is shipped out of state. and a lot of it is, you know, sent to farmers markets in prestigious zip codes. >> an $8 tomato. >> it is a really delicious tomato, but it doesn't hit every neighborhood. that is why if you want to think about being a part of a community, you have to think
9:48 am
about every. that is why i like wholesome wave and naked juice. i mean, we have it in our house everyday. our kid love it. it is about getting the micronutrients into your body. >> what do you is a to those parents? cutting this down to what i can put in my son's lunchbox, this is a 15 minute process. they say it is easier to grab a bag of chips or throw a bar in the lunch which i see a lot of these days. what is your best advice to that? >> i think juicing is starting to make a lot of sense to a lot of people. you can actually get a compounded amount of micronutrients into your body with one sip. so a lot of people don't have a juicer or it is a mess to them where they can buy a great juice product and look at the back of it and balance that out with a healthy diet. you could have a really great nutritional partner in the kitchen. that is what i love about it.
9:49 am
we juice everyday. it is important to get the message across. just because you are not eating something doesn't mean you don't have to have great nutrition in your body all the time. that is what i love about them. it is real, we live in a society that, it is not always fair and equal. but i think it takes people to recognize that and do something about that. and that is what i love about this campaign. you want to drink good and look good. >> you don't have to go for the $2 avocado. you can get apples on sale for a dollar a pound. bananas. this stuff is much more accessible. we would love for you to take a selfie with it. i love this mission so much. you have fruit on the counter. before you put it in your son's lunchbox, take a picture with produce and tag a friend to do the same using the hash tag drinkgooddogood. 10 pounds of produce will be donated on your behalf. tyler, i know you live in marin
9:50 am
county. you are headed up to the valley fire to see what you can do. >> as a matter of fact, i'm driving up to the calistoga fairgrounds as soon as i'm done here to see what i can do. it is totally unplanned. i'm going to go visit the american red cross. i don't know what i will do. >> take all of this. >> there are firemen who need to eat. and there is an i enormous amount of people displaced. i can just not believe how out of control the fire has gotten so fast. i mean, it is just amazing. now, i'm a wine maker as well. that community is amazing. there are some hundred-year-old vines up there that are just, you know, not only that, but the loss of life and property. but it is sad to see that in our community. but it's a big deal. >> that is what is spurring you to action. tyler florence, thank you very much for coming in. we will take a produce selfie after this. >> you got it. >> thanks guys.
9:51 am
time is now 9:50. right now, thousands of people are lined up outside the cal palace in daly city for a shot at the last season of american idol. >> people are trying to make it through the first round so what is the talent like out there? >> reporter: the talent pool is really good this year. especially from san francisco. there's a lot of folks comeing from all over the nation. people are getting ready to go inside and begin the audition process. i have a couple of hopefuls over here. who are you and where are you from? >> aleah. >> reporter: give me two bars of what you got. ♪ listen to the song hear in my heart, a melody i sought, but can't complete. ♪ >> reporter: very good, i like
9:52 am
the purple hair too. that works. okay, and where are you from and what is your name? >> i'm megan from sacramento. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i will sing cheer leader. >> go ahead. ♪ oh, i think that i found myself a cheer leader. she is always right there when i need her. oh, i think that i found myself a cheer leader. she is always right there when i need her. ♪ >> reporter: that was really good. that was a song we have all heard, but a unique little twist. and we have somebody from the bay view. >> freddy g. >> reporter: go ahead freddy. ♪ i don't want another pretty face. i don't want just anyone to hold. i don't want my love to go to waste. i want you and you are beautiful. ♪ >> reporter: thanks freddy. that is so nice of you. break a leg all of you guys. if you are not able to get into the auditions, you can audition
9:53 am
online. so, that is a good thing. and leda wise is here, the winner from season nine. so we will meet him and show you that coming up at noon. and i did have a question. one of my friends, it is his anniversary today. he said that he would like to hear me sing as his present. soily do a little patsy cline. ready? >> give me some. come on tara moriarty. i'm ready. >> reporter: crazy, i'm crazy for feeling so lonely, i'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue! ♪ so there you go. all right? >> yay! [ applause ] >> reporter: i can't because i'm 29. i'm not 28. >> i am impressed. i am touched. you are my american idol.
9:54 am
thank you tara moriarty at the cal palace with the american idol auditions. thank you. time now 9:53. well, you can maybe see more of arnold schwarzenegger. >> i'll be back. >> a new project that may have him reconsidering that famous phrase.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> welcome back. the football season just got started by the excitement over superbowl 50 keeps building in
9:57 am
the south bay. san jose state was chosen as a practice site. the ravens are testing it this week ahead of their game against the raiders. they worked side by side with student athletes. san jose state beat out the raiders and cal bears to host a superbowl team. arnold schwarzenegger will have a new catch phrase next year. >> i'll be back. >> maybe not i'll be back. he will be saying you are terminated. schwarzenegger was picked to take over for donald trump on celebrity apprentice. well that's our show this morning. thank you for joining us. >> we will be back at noon. we have continuing coverage of the valley fire and the latest local headlines on the mobile app and on uela, lore. life is an ever-growing family and a place that grows with it.
9:58 am
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing sweetie.
10:00 am
life is loving nature. wait, where's the... i can't remember... and a place to grow it in. got it. live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. no chaser. >> now here's wendy. [ applause ] >> hello


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