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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 15, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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it's easy, with bath fitter. don't wait! call today, or learn more at a train barrelling down the tracks is on a collision course with a woman -- >> a on a mobility scooter. >> what happens when she loses control and heroes take charge? the fair's supposed to be a fun place, so -- >> why is there a riot about to happen? >> how the ring of fire ride became a powder keg. get ready for the streeties. an award show celebrating -- >> the best youtube videos and creators behind them. >> now the streamies host tells how you can get your voice heard. >> it's very interactive.
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plus the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and a guy wants to move a snapping turtle along, so -- >> he gets a stick. >> why he really shouldn't have. it was a very lucky day for these unfortunate people in these two videos. this first one from brisbane, australia. you won't believe what happens moments before the train pulls in. you see a woman on a mobility scooter is backing out of the elevator when she loses control of it. and watch what happens when we get a second angle from inside the station. check this out. >> oh, no. >> she loses control of the scooter. people jump out of the way just in time but also jump right over to help this passenger. >> oh, it's going to go on the tracks. >> that was close. >> the wheels were starting to go. that's insane. >> the timing could not have
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been any more perfect. no injuries, but authorities are trying to encourage people that use any mobility scooter or device to make sure that they're tuned up and calibrated so things like this don't happen. nobody was injured in this other incident. this was in china. vehicles have to stop, pay the fee, then keep going. there were two vehicles at this toll booth here waiting to pay when a truck comes out of nowhere -- >> holy! whoa, that's close. >> apparently that truck lost its brakes or had issue we the brakes, ended up ramming into ramming into one vehicle which rammed into the other vehicle. completely shocking. amazingly nobody was injured in this incident either. going to the fair. it's like the best kind of fun family day out. but if you were heading down to the delta fair in memphis, tennessee, over the weekend, maybe to ride the ring of fire, i don't think anyone could have
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predicted just how heated it would get. right from the get go, tempers are boiling over as this group of people are approaching, they're throwing verbal insults. they're kicking at the fencing. you can see the guy behind it is trying to keep people back. it's crazy. >> the fair's supposed to be a fun place. why is there a riot about to happen? >> apparently this is what's going on. see the gentleman in the white t-shirt and long hair? antonio butler, he's out of shape because he wasn't let on the ring of fire. but apparently the line was full. the line is moving a bit too slow. antonio decides he's going to get involved. at this point it's the ride operator versus about everybody in the group. antonio in the head lock. but people are throwing sucker punches from left and right. he starts throwing punches himself trying to defend himself.
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>> if the ride is full, there's nowhere for you to sit. you can sit on the track but you're going to get hurt. >> how terrifying if you're standing there and you have family members trapped on that ride and you can't get to them, you can't help them. there are other small children around. this is awful. >> this video was uploaded to facebook. hit millions of views, of course, because people are like you gayle. so confused as to why this situation happened in the first place. now, there will be some consequences. local reports actually said everyone involved in the fight was escorted off the premises. my favorite part of our work. >> sweet little lucy there in the custody of the wildlife foundation in e the u can rk. >> there you see simon cowell. when it was brought in -- >> she's got a mirror down there so they can see what they are and be all right. very cute.
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>> but now it's time to release it back into the wild. >> little goose, you can see other dpees. >> usually when they release the gosling, it's a beautiful thing. but this time something dramatic happens. >> don't bully him or you'll get crossed. >> oh, no. it's not welcome on that pond. swans are very territorial. this one is like i don't know who you are, i don't care where you are, you have to go. >> and simon's like let's have a talk face-to-face. >> hey. come here. now, look. come here. come here. behave yourself. don't do that. >> simon just talks to it. >> come here. >> they underestimate the power of british nagging. >> this snapping turtle, kind of the same attitude as the swan. a guy walks out of his house and sees this in the driveway.
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it's a snapping turtle that looks like a relic from a prehistoric era. he gets a stick and the rest explains itself. >> that's not what i was expecting at all. >> i was waiting for the stick to break. not for it to jump at his face. >> oh, my gosh. steph from alabama will be watching us on her brand new flat screen tv. because she's our latest winner in the ipad mini giveaway. >> keep watching and you could be a winner too. all you need to be is a legal u.s. resident and at least 18 years old. >> the buzz word is coming up. >> keep watching for the ipad mini giveaway. two of the culturally hot things to do these days, selfies and drifting. both very popular. put them together, though, and you got a problem. this guy apparently in lebanon, this is after some sort of motor
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sport event. he's drifting in his viper. he's whipping it around, and dude gets drifted. >> it would be a great selfie though. >> looked like the guy was in control. i don't think he expected that guy to be standing right there or maybe he was trying to give him a really good picture and drift as close as possible. but just whips him around. according to reports, the guy was not seriously injured. >> did he get the selfie? >> i was looking at instagram, i didn't see is guy upside down with a viper in the background? what do you buy when you buy a $177,000 mercedes and it keeps breaking down on you? this man is the owner of that mercedes and he's turning it into a putting green. >> this is the definition of more money than sense. >> the story goes he took the car back to the dealership multiple times and reported it
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just stopping on him. he demanded a new car. the dealership said they couldn't find anything wrong with it so they weren't going to give him a new car. and so he pulled up in front of the dealership and went all tiger woods on the thing. >> mercedes needs to make good on that. >> once the media heard about it and saw that video, they called tiger up and said you mind taking a few more swings? >> everyone's hearing about his mercedes not working. and these guys were the ones that did it so mission success. he's working on a 40-day challenge. >> he wants to redefine how society deals with failure. >> but she what he does to overcome fear. and these guys are out on a boat ride and encounter -- >> the orcas. >> that's a perfect shot.
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working on a 40-day challenge for the last two years. >> well, he's failing. >> i think, you know, it's open for interpretation. these 40-day challenges. in his latest video -- >> this challenge has been set by tom wheatley and it is to get people to take a picture of me and moments before they take a picture, to rip off. >> it is the ultimate test of vulnerability. >> i should have done some pressups. >> he's asking people to take a photo of him as if he were a tourist. he says he's very uncomfortable doing this because he doesn't like the idea of posing topless on the street. >> i agree with him on that. i would be uncomfortable on the street too. >> what's the goal of this 40-day challenge?
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>> he wants to redefine how society deals with failure. >> there are so many issues that people have in just five minutes watch the tv it's miracle this and miracle that. so i can see the point. because you ask a strange tore take their shirt off. just happened to be on a boat. you might have a whale of a story. >> what are you talking about? >> off the coast of san diego around five miles out, not a whole lot to see out there accept those big old killers. the orcas. those things look like giant oreo cookies. >> only you would compare it to an oreo cookie. >> these guys are being followed, they claim by this pod of orcas. they say 20 to 30. they try to put the camera under
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the water. the guy's afraid he might get his arm bit off. >> oh, dude! >> that's a perfect shot. >> it looks like they're wake surfing behind the boat. only about 20 feet boat, it's not large. the guys seemed nervous about the encounter but for the most part they loved it. >> we've got to go. go go go go go go go. it was andy warhol who said in the future anyone will be world famous for 15 minutes. who would have thunk just how right and how wrong he would be. with the invention of the internet and cameras, people can be famous for far more than 15 minutes. this is why the streamies were invented. >> are you ready? >> an award show that celebrates the best in youtube, online video and the creators behind them. and it's coming to vh1. the fifth annual streamies.
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actually going to be hosted by a couple of famous names from the interwebs as well. and a great comedian, actress, host. we actually have grace live. for those of our viewers at home, why don't you tell us about the streamies. >> they are an award show to celebrate all of the wonder and beauty and talent that the universe has to offer. >> everyone in this room creating content, you're inspiring. >> we get to celebrate people that you might never have heard of before but you should know now. >> anybody who's not, like, a pooty pie, do they have a chance? because those are the heavy hitters in the world of youtube. >> everyone has a chance. that's the beauty of the internet. there's no gate keeper. so everyone we're celebrating they're an independent creator that has built their brand from the ground up usually by themselves which is to be hugely
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commended in the entertainment industry. doesn't happen very often, but happens consistently online. >> what's the show going to look like? i assume it will be live streaming. >> it will be live on vh1 and also streaming online. it's going to be like the internet itself. very unpredictable. very fun. >> who's one of the biggest newcomers? >> it's hard to say because there's so many things that so many people are doing. snapper hero is one of the leaders of the pack with nominations. and i think the way that they've developed that series has been really innovative across snapchat. and it's something that other people haven't seen or done before. so i think that's kind of what's going to be the takeaway. >> people can actually vote as well for the stream yis. how do they do that? >> go online to put your vote in for entertainer of the year and show of the year. get your voice heard. it's interactive like the internet itself. >> just tweet the word vote, #streamies, and hash tag your
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this video is going to put a gigantic smile on your face. when you see the beauty that is nature. mother earth is just beautiful. this paraglider is flying over austria showing spectacular views. >> this angle makes me want to do this. i don't know why, but it does. >> you're seeing somebody suspended in mid-air. >> and you get so see what that looks like. what it would be like for you to actually be there. the paraglider gets close to mountains. you see some pedestrians, some mountains and other paragliders
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flying through the sky. now he's going right through the clouds. >> that's pretty cool. >> you're by yourself. it's completely quiet. i bet that's magic. >> this is "right this minute." i wouldn't show you a video of just a beautiful paragliding flight. >> i was hoping you would just for once. just to let us calm down a little. >> is it a proposal? >> they're pregnant. >> is it a boy or girl? >> no, guys. this is just a video of a paraglider enjoying a beautiful place. so yes, you can relax. you can come down. >> love it. daniella is the daughter of jason allen. he's a fan of "right this minute." he posted this on our facebook page. this is daniella trying oysters for the first time. and we all know that is an acquired taste. but she's going to try it. >> perfect food. she doesn't have teeth. >> it will slip right through. >> pour it into your mouth like that.
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slurp it in. chew it up. chew it up. chew it. chew it. chew it. >> he's telling her to chew it. she doesn't want to so she spits it back out. wait a minute, guys. she's not done. even though she spits it out. dad says finish it up. so she does. >> now, that's awesome. >> yummy, right? roger goodell needs to watch this football game because this is how you handle fouls in the nfl. the big brother if the back, that's abram, in the front that's jonathan. watch what happens. >> touchdown! >> unnecessary roughness, right? well, dad steps in. >> i feel like that's how they should do it in the nfl after a foul. >> say i'm sorry. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need
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the buzzword, be 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or -- >> [ phone ringing ] >> hello? hello? hi. sorry. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzzword. it's debate. >> so get over to, click the win ipad button and enter tuesday's word debate. d-e-b-a-t-e. >> and later this week we're going to have another bonus giveaway. on that day we'll give away another flat screen tv. tune in every day and good luck, everybody. they're revving up their engines getting ready -- >> about to do a drag race. i don't think either of them can count to three.
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>> find out
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>> great idea. make it. got this connected. enjoy them. the first one paramotoring. barry is trying to do something cool. he's trying to do is foot drag and it's going to be awesome. >> foot drag. >> or not. >> oh! oh! nice foot drag, but even better face plant. >> exactly.
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this next one not so much fast and furious. maybe fast and oblivious. i found these guys about to do a drag race. i don't think either of them could count to three. where. >> where you going? no, no. >> the guy comes back. they line up again. everybody gets ready. okay. we good? we good? you good? okay. on three. just pay attention. on three. no, i said three! come on! so then he comes back time and time again. they line up and every single time one of these muppets -- no! it's not time to start the race. the sixth time they try to start this drag race, they both just go on two. we have one more video. you're at a picnic. you've been drinking beer. what's the next logical step? beer jousting. because it's exactly what you think it is. >> oh, man.
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that dude took it square in the nose with a bunch of beer cans. >> the new sport of beer jousting, everybody. thanks for watching. catch us again on "right this thanks for watching. catch us again on "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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