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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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is still standing. >> rescue efforts in southern california where several people were trapd by heavy rain -- trapped by heavy rain and flash flood lg. >> the hottest high-tech trend. now the drones are the target of thieves. welcome to the 4:00 on 2, i'm arnold. >> the shoek has shifted enough, as well as the cloud this is the area to give us a better view of the devastation. >> middle town right noi, over the neighborhoods were thousands of people fled from the flames. you see it, the smoke there, the fire active. >> when we were down there yesterday, during this newscast, we saw that devastation up close. never got a chance to really look at it from the aerials. it is impressive. you can kind of see, almost like when a tornado tears through a town and touches down, and you see the line that goes through
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from sky fox's vantage point. you can't see it here. but earlier, i saw just that, that live of den station. >> you can see also, we talked about this, yesterday, mike, it was hit or miss, blocks of devastations. sky fox is showing you. you'll see homes that were untouched. >> yeah. this is from the community of cob, and one of the resorts there, which was ho burt's resort in cob. thats was founded in 1985 and recently renovated. it is gone now, in fact, posted a picture of the ribbon cutting just last summer. now, row after row, you can see many of the homes destroyed. on your left, right, a few homes there that weren't touched. you can see also fire retardant, that may have played a role in that. >> families returned, john, just briefly to check on their homes, the pets left behind. they had 15 minutes. >>reporter: we accompany a
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mother and her teenage daughter to the girl's home where there was mostly good news. the home is still there, and they were able to collect one of two cats. now, the whole ordeal has been overwhelming, as the mother has said. it started in a line at kelseyville high school, where they waited for an escort. five escort teams running as quickly as they could, but that meant that some people got there at 7:00 a.m. and had to wait until noon to head out. she and her mother who live in clear lake, had a short 15 minutes to see the cats. the animals were elusive, it took time no catch snow flake. they couldn't catch the cat called sunset, so they left food and water behind. >> i'm just hoping that everything, that all of my friends' houses are okay and they're going to be okay. yeah, all my friends out down there. >> it's goon.
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>> just emotionally draining, we didn't know the house existing, now we know the house is here, and the neighbors house is here, all of these houses are here. it seemed like everybody was saying that everything is gone. but it is weird how, you know, certain spots, the houses are gone. >> coming up at 5:00, we'll have much more on people returning to their hopes, including a couple who returned to this house. what used to be a house. and they were searching for some important items which they did the find. back to you. >> one thing that we discussed yesterday, while we were out there, those people who still have their homes, their homes were spared, look at the constant reminder that they have right next door. look at what's left of their town. >>reporter: yeah, you know, again, just like yesterday, we're standing in a situation, this home totally burned down, this home totally burned down, across the street, homes standing just as they were the day before the fire even started. so it's a really bizarre situation and one that is really, i'll tell you, it's so much aut being up here, so
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hard to get used to. just in fact, even the smell. it's a smell that you will never forget if you've been in a wildfire, and in fact, a wildfire that's burned up cars and trucks, and all kinds of metal items and plastic, one of those smells that sticks with you. one i'd be happy never to smell again. we know that especially given our drought and given the conditions out here, in wooded areas, this is the kind of thing that we're going to see more and more in the future, especially going into really the hottest part of the year, the worst summer months, late september, early october, mid october. we know we're going the see this kind of thing more john, let me ask you about the power situation. when we left last night from middletown, pg&e were trying to restore power to businesses in the downtown area. any news about power being restored today to anywhere in that area? >>reporter: you know, again, today, the pg&e crews are really scrambling, you can seeshgs if you look across the street here, that's 29 going north, you see the vehicles, and all of those blue vehicles over there, that's
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all pge and, that's where they're staging. trying to get the power back on. as you saw, especially mike, when you were out on 175, you saw the lines down. we were driving there and we still saw a lot of the lines down as well. so certainly that whole area out at 175, they are going to be without power for a long time. we saw some businesses with power here. one of the little shopping centers or the grocery stores in town, they had power. and the gas stations just right over there, it's a chevron station here at the corner. that has some power as well. so there is some power. but certainly not much, and the stoplights are still out as well. >> i believe, john, that was the chevron station that we stopped by yesterday and he told us he has a special generator from pg&e and that was the reason yesterday, while he was open. john live in lake county, thanks, john. this is the third major wildfire in lake county this summer. let's take a look at the map now, from cal fire. the valley fire right there is
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the orange area, below clear lake and to the west, the black striped area is where the rocky and jerusalem fires burned earlier this year. >> a big amount of land. homes, businesses, affected by this wildfire this season. we've got now thousands, we've seen them, they're hunkered down at the nap fa pa county fairgrounds, they're hoping to go back to home for good. >> standing by and before we get to him. christian, if you can hang with us quick. 67,000 acres, 57% contained. 1 death, fighting the structure. i moon, it's amazing, christian to think about when i was there, 585 homes, all the people that live there, were able to escape with the exception of one person. how fast that fire moved, but i know you've been working christian, these reports that people are missing. from the area. any new news on those who have
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been reported missing? >>reporter: yeah, mike, when you start doing the numbers, when you look at 587 homes, 587 at least 587 individuals, more than likely a lot more than that, right, because they're all families, trying to leave. we're at the evacuation center here at the fairgrounds and take a look. this is the low tech approach that folks have taken here, you can see people looking for people. this board filled with notes, people looking for loved ones, still missing. people trying to get in contact with people. as a matter of fact, rafael, come over here, a lady just came in the last 30 seconds or so, as you were talking to john and put up this note saying i lean ho bart, please call harold moody and a number there. people are trying to get in contact. one of the things we've been following up on today is people, that one fatality that has been confirmed but a number of missing people out there. one of the people that folks are looking for is leonard neft. we do have a photo of leonard
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here, we might have that at the station, too, the last time the family saw him was saturday. that was saturday at about 2:00 in the afternoon. i spoke with leonard's wife early yerl this afternoon, she tell s me that she was trying to tell him to get out, she says it's the last conversation she had with him. she sounded like he was -- he sound like he was getting scared. no one has heard from him. folks are hopes that len neft and others got to safety tlchlt are a number of vaks wags centers -- vak wags centers. a very chaotic situation. at this point, authors are hoping that they get in contact with them to let them know who is unaccounted for. that's kind of the key here is letting the authorities know who is accounted for and who is not accounted for, so they know who to start searching for. >> the authorities want to know when someone is not accounted for, how come the authorities are not telling you and telling all of the media exactly the number of people who have been reported missing? can we put an exact number thoon
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report? >>reporter: yeah, i've been in contact with the lieutenant from lake county, who is in charge of that. he said that they're in the process of obtaining that information. so i think that because this a dynamic or a fluid situation, with people being found, people being reported missing, at this point, it's unclear on exactly how many people are missing and i think they really want to be careful when they put those numbers out, they know who is accounted for and who is not accounted for. >> going -- the cars, checking vehicles, checking cars, seeing if someone was in their home, possibly deceased. so as soon -- there's a lot to do right now, christian? >> exactly right, that's one of the things tt len neft's wife told me, he was driving a toyota corolla. the make and the model of the car. she wants the authorities to check all of the vehicles to see if they can find his vehicle. they say that might be a clue as to where len may have headed out where where some of these other individuals may have headed out
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as well. a lot of these people were trying to evacuate, they might have rcas associated with them and the hope is that if they start -- if authorities can track down the vehicle, they might get a clue as to where the people are. >> all right. christian, live for us there this afternoon. thank you w. that, let's send it over to rosemary orozco. the low clouds disappearing today. >> yes, we had drier conditions throughout today. still favorable, the only issue i see, the winds look to be breezy out there this there than yesterday. the relative humidity good. low to mid to upper 60s out there right now. the winds are primarily from the west and southwest, so pushing that smoke away from sonoma and the clear lake area. and the winds from 15-25 miles per hour at this time. i want to talk about tomorrow for a moment, because we have an early season storm moving into the area.
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so we start here tomorrow morning, at about 10:00 o'clock or sor, cloud cover, over that valley fire area. as we get into the afternoon, i'm going to slide you into 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 o'clock, behave widespread light rain falling over portions of the north bay. and the lake county area. and that could definitely prove to be beneficial, now the one thing about this system, going to bring the rain, also going to bring the win. if i put us into a futurecast model that shows us tomorrow, as we get into the second part of the morning and into the afternoon, gusting picking up anywhere from 20-25, maybe even 30 miles per hour. so the winds definitely could be an issue, we know, it helps to fan the flames, we know it could start new fires. but again, we're hoping this system tomorrow will bring some of that beneficial rain. i'll send it back to you. thank you. cal fire reporting some progress against the butte fire. another fire that we're following. >> it's grown very slowly, only about 150 more acres compared to yesterday. even a small puddle just kind of
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one sign of that progress, rosemary talking about some rain, some rain there in those two counties. cal fire is reporting containment is up 37%. now mandatory vak evacuations have been lifted. more fire retardant drops today. >> the retardant is going to hold this moisture and all of the fuels that are down there and give those firefighters a chance to be able to get in there, cut that underbrush, get their lines made and really give us a good break in this fire. >> meanwhile, pg&e crews are working on replacing the power poles and lines that were destroyed or even damaged by the fire. but they're certainly not out of the wood where is yet. cal fire still estimating some 6400 homes, they are still threatened by the boout fire. >> 9,000 homes still threatened just by the valley fire. i wanted to throw that in as well. >> has complete coverage of the cal fire, how you can help, you'll find it
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there when you click on the top story of the home page. and raw video from the fire lines on the ktvu channel there on youtube. thousands of dollars in drones, just stolen, it took less than two minutes, we're going to have the surveillance video, which shows you how it happened, and why police are concerned about this theft being a part of something much bigger. . outside our doors this afternoon, increasing clouds, ahead of the system that will bring us wet weather, even to portions of the bay area. i'll have a look at that, what you can expect and when i expect it will arrive. >> another look outside, that is the -- sluggish, as we start to begin the evening commute. on this tuesday. 4 on 2 will be right back.
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hewlett-packard plans to trim the company. the base company said today that it's separating the technology services group from its personal computer and printer operation, the new company will be hewlett-packard enterprise. hp plans to lay off 25-30,000 employees as part of the spin-off process, the company hopes to cut 3 billion dollars in annual costs. police are looking for two men who broke into a santa clara drone store and made off with $5,000 worth of items and investigators are wondering if this crime is part of a bigger theft ring. surveillance video taken from the business drones plus yesterday morning, shows the two burglars come into the store through a small window, you see
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that the corner of the building, the two men are masked, they are seen quickly moving through store, grabbing items. they eventually slipped back through the corner window, they take off. the store manager today says he is not surprised that his business was targeted. >> they're expecting it. it happened in our city twice in the last five weeks. two days before here, in can vooufr, they tried -- vancouver, they tried to break in the store. it's been -- an ongoing thing. >> ongoing, but the store manager tells us he doesn't believe that yesterday's theft was a part of a bigger crime ring. he says he thinks drones are becoming increasingly popular, making them an easy target for thieves to steal and they can resell it at a good profit. police are wondering about any connections because stores have been broken into. you heard him, las vegas and even into vancouver.
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the sacramento fire department has released dramatic video here, take a look. efforts to say save a property in middletown, the department the posted this footage on their facebook page, crews working to save a home. early sunday morning. you can see in this video here, firefighters, they break through a fence and they put the hose lines on the burning debris. just all around that home. >> and go ahead and take a look at this. here's a photo of the house taken a few hours later. the fire burned touch the porch. but the home itself was saved. a lot of brave men and women from a number of different fire agencies out there battling that fire and hats off to them, as well as the aerial attack, as well, the fire retardant lines on many communities yesterday, where homes appeared to have been saved because of the drops as well. >> yeah, let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco, talking to cal fire out there, yesterday, they talked about the cooler temperature, a gift for sure, but the winds, that's what made it tricky, out there yesterday, what's the story today? >> yeah, you know, a little breezy out there today and i think tomorrow, the winds are
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even going to be stronger. and we'll talk about why here in just a moment. giving you a live look outside our door, again, we had partly cloudy skies, early on. take a look now, mostly cloudy skies as we look toward the west, san francisco there in the backdrop. storm tracker 2, a few have up above; you can see how widespread the clouds are into the central bay. you have to get into the south bay, still a little bit of sunshine out there. these clouds again ahead of a system that will bring us some rain. if i back it up just a little bit, system dropping out of the gulf of alaska, keeping us cool and damp. and going to keep us a little breezy at times. there's the concern, again, especially when we're talking about the valley fire. so as we get into your afternoon and into your evening hours for tonight, we'll continue with the mix of the sun and the clouds. as we get into the overnight hours, we will be partly to mostly cloudy. wi wake up tomorrow morning, we do have clouds, drizzle out there. but that rain line, is still over the northwest corner of california. as we get through the morning
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hours, a little bit of drizzle over the north bay and the lake county area. but it's into the afternoon when that rain line finally shifts in, and so the rain for tomorrow going to favor the north bay. at least for most of the day. we're here at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. notice the central and south bay. still mainly dry. in fact, going to take the entire day, because now we're here into wednesday night, and we finally begin to see this line move through. it's really late wednesday evening, before it moves through the central and south bay. this could change over the next 24 hours, but this is what we're looking at now. it falls apart the farther south it goes. over the north bay, the better area to get that rain. we may all see a little bit of light rain and drizzle as we get going thursday morning and that's about it. we'll be drying out on thursday. so in a nutshell for you here, it's going to be cloudy, it will be cool, rain will develop, especially over the north bay for tomorrow. anywhere from a 10th of an inch to half inch. is what we may see over portions of the north bay. meanwhile, the central bay, less than that, a few 100ths, and over the south bay, we may pick
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up just traces. it will be breezy at times, anywhere from 20-30 miles per hour, the gusts could be. ahead of the front and behind it as well. you can see at this hour, the winds have actually picked up as well. gusting to 31 miles per hour in -- gusting to 23 in concord. walnut creek. 71 in mountain view, upper 60, low 70s for the north bay. in the overnight hour, widespread 50s around the bay, 59 in oakland. 55 mountain view, 56 for concord, low 50s in areas around santa rosa. tomorrow, widespread 60s to mid 70, upper 70s for the inland communities, but with a mix of partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, and those scattered showers definitely a possibility over the north bay for most of the day. the extended forecast here with you weekend always in view. cool and damp for wednesday,
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drying out on thursday, temperatures rebounding on friday and back into warm weather. thousands of migrants trying to cross through europe, could actually face criminal charges now. the rules being put in place at some borders and the sticking points as the european leaders work toward a solution.
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a second republican debate is setd for desh set for
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tomorrow night. ben carson is gaining support in race for the white house. a new poll out from cbs news, and the new york times put donald trump the n the lead with 27%, up from 24% during the last poll by cbs in the times. but the big story here appears to be ben carson at 23%, compared to the last poll at 6%. campaign watchers say carson is making gains with voters because like trump, he is a political outsider, attracting republicans who like his anti-establishment views and the socially conservative positions. european union officials are struggling to come to a consensus with the immigrants. more complicated in hungary where the government is imposing stricter laws on them. fox news senior foreign affairs correspondent craig -- explains. >>reporter: the migrant crisis
4:26 pm
growing more chaotic. blocking the main road, between the countries, threatening to refuse food and water until they're allowed to cross. hungary declaring a state of emergency in two southern counties, that move allows for the army to be deployed if approved by parliament. >> it is about defending the border, the capability of police and the military has to be reenforced. >>reporter: new border laws going into effect today. the stricter rules making it an a o fence to cross the fence. arrests are being made. >> if an illegal migrant does have to comply with basic principles and procedures. >>reporter: failing monday to come to an agreement on a quota system to distribute migrants to states. a u.n. spokesperson expressing disagreement. >> urgent agreement is noted without further delay to address the needs, as is bold action,
4:27 pm
based on a system of solidarity from all member states. >>reporter: it remains tense here, but the situation is more dangerous at sea. several killed, including children. more than 200 were rescued. hungarian officials are saying they will not accept any asylum seekers from serbia because they deem that country safe. basically, applying the letter of the law to a very human situation. near the hungary-serbia border, fox news. deadly flash floods have claimed 9 lives and 5 people are still missing, the latest on the search for the survivors and why this community is vulnerable to the flood waters. >> and residents escorted in for 15 minutes at a time, including this woman who was relieved to see her house standing, but also because of a very precious item inside.
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welcome back, to the four on 2. let's track the statewide fire fight, that's what we've been doing here. you're looking at a dozen active wildfires burning in california. this is the cal fire's map here, and you cannot only see the number of fires burning, but those red patches there, around some of the flames, show just how massive some of these wildfires are. let's go outside, one of the largest and fiercest fire fights happening now is in lake county, sty fox is overhead in middle l
4:31 pm
town and shows us some of the damage caused by the valley fire. entire neighborhoods overrun by flames. over the weekend. consuming close to 600 homes and leaving thousands of people waiting to return, and some actually had the chance today. they only had 15 minutes, though, that's all they had to get to their homes, find their pets there, feed the their livestock, and also, grab any personal items. evacuees got their first look at what's left of their neighborhoods, some learned today if their house was still standing. residents were escorted in and out of the fire zone in 15 minutes intervals. >> i am so happy. i thought i'd lost my wedding ring for good. i thought i'd never see the pictures of my parents again and my grandparents. my kids. i'm so happy. >> that's just one of the many stories out there today. patty buffing on the, she grabbed some of her personal item, and of course, she had to head back out to the shelter.
4:32 pm
let's turn now the boout fire, the damp -- butte fire. they're at 71,000 acres burned. cal fire says 166 homes are gone. plus some 125 other structures. pg&e crews were out there, like they were in middletown, trying to fix the downed power lines and also the poles. let's check in now with cal fire, public information officer, scott mclane joins us now. can you bring us up to date on the valley fire? >> well, as you know, earlier, we sent out a news release with the fire being 67,000 acres -- 15% containment. up from 10% the day before. the night before. right now, however, down in the lower section here, we do have a spot fire that's taking place, approximately 100 acres in size. and we're hoping that we can corral it this way. you're correct adz far as the sheriff's office helping escort
4:33 pm
folks in the areas of the fire down to 29 corridor, through hidden valley and middletown as well. but with this right now, we've got some activity, you see how cool it is. the humiditys have risen, however, the wind that we're feeling right now, negates that coolness, and that high humidity. so we can't be complacent. making sure that everybody is aware to keep their heads on a swivel. >> definitely have to be a letter. what area -- alert. what area is that. where is the fire now? which sway it moving? >> right now, as i said, that spot fire, has taken off here, the casino is a good land mark for an example down here in this area. quite a bit of activity, we continue to have quite a bit of activity up in the north end of the fire as well. you can see the black line here, that's a good containment line right here. and the rest of the lines are pretty much red. we expect to see some improvement on that later on this evening. >> and let's talk about the residents that are in the
4:34 pm
shelter, they got to go back today. do we have any idea when they'll be able to go back again for a longer period or just too soon to tell right now? >> it's really too soon to tell. we need to make sure they're safe when they go back in. and the other point is we don't want to have to reevacuate them, if you will and they don't want to be evacuated for a second time. we need to make sure that that fire is kept in check, that they can return to the homes and stay there and be safe. we need to mitigate all of the hazards that are around the homes such as trees that could topple, power leans which pg&e is really getting into, making sure that the area gets taken care of and various other things that come with the fires. >> the crews are on stretched thin there, the butte fire as well. what are the basic numbers for that? can you remind of us where we stand with the butte fire? >> the butte fire has over 4,000 personnel, i was on that fire for the first e, oh, probably three days and sent down to the
4:35 pm
rough fire and back up to this incident. that fire is at 37% conned as you said. -- contained as you said. they are starting to send us resources, aircraft we're good on. pretty much all of the other equipment we're good on. we continue to get resources that mitigate this situation. there is, however, another fire in butte county, the lumpkin fire, that has started to ramp up. it's over 800 possibly 1,000 acres in size right now. >> okay. and that one is called the lumpkin fire? >> correct. okay. >> you guys are certainly busy, we thank you for all that you're doing, scott mclean with cal fire, thanks again. ktvu, we have complete coverage there of the valley fire, including the laid latest on the evacuations, how can help. donate to red cross. you'll find it all when you click on the top page, ktvu voik. you can also watch raw video from the fire lines on the ktvu channel, that's on youtube. well, firefighters had to rescue three people and dog
4:36 pm
stranded in a los angeles river. the valley park. rescue irs say the people either lived near the river or nearby when the waters quickly rose. one person was taken to the hospital. and is expected to recover. this comes as crews continue to search for people swept away by flash flooding at the utah-arizona border, 12 people have died in the flooding. today, heavy equipment was brought in to clear the dirt and debris, with wr the flood waters moved through overnight. it happened in hildale, the home base of the polygamy mormon group. the sect does not watch tv or use the internet and residents in the area say community members often just come out and watch the creeks flow, during the heavy rain. chief meteorologist bill martin joining me now to talk about the systems. i've got to read you this urgent that krosed in the viewers. heavy rain sent flash floods cruising through a narrow slot
4:37 pm
canyon in southern utah zion national park, killing 3 people, and leaving 4 others missing, another incident. >> that is what's happening. >> just being reported. i by the ap there. the rescuers, waiting for the water levels to drop before they can go in the canyon and search for those missing people. >> the first thing that comes to mind was monsoonal moisture, that's what it is. >> it is monsoonal moisture, but it is late for that, i feel like. >> what's happened is, we're talking about this el any owe. -- el nino. all that happened today. >> more in the pacific than the atlantic. >> this is hurricane linda. just an air mass, moved in. i've got to back up the radar. let's go back to this morning. southern california, now, mike, this is -- >> tuesday, 2:00 a.m.. >> yeah, this is tuesday, 2:00 a.m., this is moisture coming in from hurricane linda. also being helped along by hurricane -- which is now coming up over and driving this trough
4:38 pm
further south. so is you are seeing all of these impacts, sort of an el nino situation. here we go, look at the rain. l.a. just getting hammered. >> all of l.a.. >> manhattan beach. >> in the core of this rain area, the core of it, is often 2 inches an hour, 3 inches an hour, moving through quickly, but it's coming down heavy at times. now, let's go out and see what's going on out in the colorado-utah border. the current images, i want to show you, colorado city is right around the area we're talking about. coming in close, i want to look at the topography here. backing it up to yesterday. hildale in here, mike. >> that's where we were talking about. 12 people. >> look at the rain here. it was raining two miles to the north of these folks, that's why they didn't have a lot of warning. the rain -- >> they're going, this isn't that bad. and all of a sudden, coming down the basin. >> coming down the basin. look at this funnel. 2 inches, that's not much rain, but when it flairs out by hildale, drainage from this side, drainage from that side.
4:39 pm
that's what happened. backing up some rain, and i'll show you what happened here. kick on the radar real quick here. and you'll see the systems as they moved through. about 1:00 o'clock yesterday, let's get to 1:00 o'clock, there we are so is. hildale, watch at how quickly it happens. nothing, nothing, to noe big deal. rain, heavy rain, 11:00 o'clock, coming up on midnight, over the middle of the night and then they get a little break, and then they get hammered again. this is so -- it's an area that got hit with not a massive amount of rain, it's just the way the funneling worked. and you know nz the desert, that's the kind of thing you can get in. a lot of times these flash floods impact people. they seem to be a o curing way away from the rain event. they may not be under the rain cloud and all of a sudden, this water comes down the river. >> this rainy season, coming in a month or two, does this mean anything, you think? >> i think it does. we've been talking, l.a., another example of it. el nino injects our storm,
4:40 pm
storms on steroids, this deal that went through l.a., it dropped 2 inches of rain, because of all of the moisture coming from the pacific is latent. it is so warm. that's how el nino is. it puts more fuel in the atmosphere. every rain event that comes our way is going to have some game. >> those flood waters come out of nowhere. >> yeah, l.a. stuff, even more impressive because that's -- you know, this is only 2 inches of rain. these people are used to the monsoonal moisture. the arizona event, more about topography, than the weather. >> it wasn't raining on top of them. >> 2 or 3 inches of rain, they got slotted into is a naturally spot. it is an indication, i think, of the pacific storm activity, hurricane, tropical storm,, as we get closer to winter and i showed you how it changed the jet stream and dropped it down, that's huge. the jet stream is reaching down. it indicates that we could easily have a very wet winter around here. so we'll see. >> thanks, bill. appreciate it.
4:41 pm
back to you. all right, guys, thank you. emotional show of force today, the action these families want taken against the company paid to provide me cal care at the jail. -- medical care at the jail. >> looking live outside, rosemary will be back with a look at your forecast. cooler now, but is a warmup on the way? . >> let's go outside, checking your traffic, this is on 680 there, one side is kind of backed up there, mike. >> northbound direction, not looking good. but then again, this the middle of the workweek and we are back to work and back to school. four on 2 will be back in just a bit.
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[ chanting ] . >> an emotional show of force today in front of alameda county leaders over the death of an inmate at santa rita jail, the private healthcare company dropped the ball. >> it's a story 2 investigates, first exposed last month. ktvu in the newsroom with the latest plea from the normer inmates mother. >>reporter: she wants alameda county to cancel the contract with the insurance company, and today was the first chance to tell county supervisors about her son's story, face to face, about 40 supporters of mario martinez filled alameda county board chambers this morning. martinez died from an asthma attack at the jail in july.
4:45 pm
court orders to get him treated for nasal poll lups several months earlier, but martinez was still waiting on a procedure when he died. today, martinez's mother and others asked supervisors to revisit the county's contract with the insurance, the private for profit care provider at the jail. >> you people have the pow tore do something about them, and i am asking you as a grieving mother, to do that. >> we asked you to get rid of them. get rid of somebody who doesn't care about a safety net like you do, but rather they care about net gains. >> now, in previous statements, they have said mario martinez received, quote, medically appropriate and necessary care. just last week, protesters staged another rally outside of the company's regional offices, in alameda. now, this controversy is the latest. 2 investigates found the company has had contracts cancelled in at least five other states and has been p the target of hundreds of lawsuits around the
4:46 pm
country. so far, no comment from alameda county supervisors, about what they heard today. >> i was going to say, any dmrent the board of supervisors about when they would make a decision on whether or not to bring them back on? . >> it was a unique circumstance today, mike, was there no agenda item at this meeting related to them or mario martinez's death. the count supervisors informed these people speaking today that they would listen to what they had to say, they couldn't talk about it right now, we've been reaching out to them for comment and it's something we'll continue to do. >> and the sheriff also has voiced his support continuously for them, and wants them back, right. >> this is another issue, all connected to healthcare at the jail. that we've explored. alameda county sheriff has recommended that the county extend its contract with them several times over the last few years. those extensions didn't have to go out to a public bid, it's another bone of contention with brother pro testers that we heard from today. -- protesters that we heard from today. >> thank you. checking in now on our
4:47 pm
weather. definitely a big difference out there. just to see that it's still very similar today. >> right, exactly. >> the changes are coming. >> we started out partly cloudy, mild afternoon. but transitioning to a cooling down pattern. we're seeing the change. san francisco to the west, where the clouds have increased over the past couple of hours and will increase over the evening hours. the current temperatures, 71 degreess in santa rosa, low 70, livermore, walnut creek. still partly cloudy skies, but clouds coming your way. san jose. san francisco. mid to upper 60s along the east bayshore line, areas like oakland, and heyward. the winds on shore, and actually picking up this afternoon. 23 miles per hour reported in fairfield, in napa, concord, 15, but gusting to 23. gusting to 32. and oakland reporting now
4:48 pm
onshore breeze about 30 mile an hour gusts reported there. so as we get into the evening hours, the cloud cover will stream through, the onshore breeze will stay with us. could calm down just a little bit in the evening hours, and it will pick back in. a cooler pattern beginning to shift in to the bay area. in addition to cooler weather, we're going to have a breeze, we're also going o to have potential for rain. so i showed you in the last half hour, it's the north bay where we'll see this wet weather favors for most of wednesday, but by the second half of wednesday, into wednesday thiet night and thursday morning, all of us will be a possibility of a sprinkle. the accumulation and the potential time line, tomorrow morning, we have green over northern sections, include lake county, the north edge of napa koun, the valley fire is burning. but we don't have any accumulation. dry conditions, a little bit of drizzle, with the cloud cover out there. in the afternoon, we start to
4:49 pm
pick up the accumulation over areas like santa rosa, 10th of an inch. 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon can and we don't see a -- whole lot going on over the central and south bay. in the overnight hours, it will continue to shift. and some of us, areas like redwood city, oakland, perhaps anywhere from 10th of an inch, maybe less than that. we'll continue to track it for you. we have an early season storm coming our way. wednesday, and into thursday. tomorrow, morning, we get out the door, temperatures in the 50s, 58 degrees for heyward, 55 for pacifica. 55 in mountain view, in addition to the damp weather, we will have winds ahead of the front as well as behind it. we do expect breezy conditions. so that to be aware of as well. upper 60s expected in san francisco. low 70s for heyward. in the south bay, temperatures ranging from 76 in san jose, to 73 -- 76 -- 74 expected for santa cruz. the extended forecast here, with
4:50 pm
the bay area weekend always in the view. the rain moving through, more than likely, hopefully beneficial for the firefighters and the residents there at the valley fire. but, again, the winds will be of concern. they are expected to pick up for tomorrow. thursday morning, we start with a possibility of a few scattered showers and warping up with temperatures back in the 90s for the inland cities saturday and sunday. >> back to upper, right? >> we seemed to have lost summer for a few days. >> that time of the year, right. >> summer or fall? >> a little built of borth. >> rosemary, thank you. an awe inspiring moment, a humpback whale reaches the surface off the central coast. but if you take a little bit closer, look at the kayakers, more on this story when the four on 2 returns.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
a look at the stories people are talking about on social media. a thrilling sight for whale watchers but a close call for a couple kayakers in the bay. >> i have got him on video. i got him on video. >> wow! >> the crews captured the video. it was on saturday. you see the whale jump out of the water and lands on two kayakers. they were not hurt. surprisingly they -- [ talking at the same time ] >> not hurt. they went to their tied help so they got into the guide boat. they are okay. scientists say whales can weigh
4:54 pm
up to 80,000 pounds and they could be unpredictable. >> enjoying the day, observing -- [ talking at the same time ] >> 8,000 pounds on top of you. >> exactly. a local news station is reporting the company canceled their whale watching tour for the time being. i spoke with a person out there, went to the rescue. he noticed it happened. no one reacted. he went to their aid. i will tell you about it coming up at 5:00 p.m. facebook. have you ever seen a status and wanted to respond but did not want to click the "like" button. >> maybe it was a sad story but you want to support it. facebook is finally going to offer an alternative. today mark zuckerberg said facebook is working on a
4:55 pm
dis"like" button but it will be different than what users want. >> it would let users express emotions that are not positive but it won't let you be negative. he said the goal is to express empathy because not every moment shared is a good one. they wanted to stay away from a format reddit has where you can vote up or down. >> a casual town hall. >> very casual. [ laughter ] from facebook to twitter. twitter tackling campaign fundraising. the way they are helping candidates connect with the voters.
4:56 pm
are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble.
4:57 pm
talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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your favorite candidate, twitter is teaming up with square to allow voters to make contributions on the platform. campaigns tweet out a link through square and supporters can click on the link and enter information before sending money. candidates are raising money through tweets but critics say the service likely won't help twitter's stock. >> won't move the needle on twitter. twitter needs a new ceo.
4:59 pm
ththway to -- the way is too go is facebook -- the way to go is facebook. >> twitter is searching for a permanent ceo. jack dorsey took over and many investors are calling for that move to become permanent and she the co-founder of twitter and square. over to heather and frank. quite the devastation in middletown. >> our coverage continues on the valley fire and tonight some people are finally being allowed to return. >> we are there as families get a look at the devastation and a heart breaking view from above where the fire started. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> video from sky fox 2 from
5:00 pm
just a few minutes ago flying over the areas in the path of the valley fire. for the first time since the flames started marching through the community ins lake county we are get -- communities in lake county we are getting a look. you can see it there. some victims are allowed to return home. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. the latest tonight on the valley fire. cal fire says it has grown to 67,000 acres but containment is up to 15%. and at least 585 homes have been destroyed for hundreds of other structures are lost. thousands of buildings are threatened. the death toll remains at one, a 72-year-old disabled woman who was unable to escape and many people are still missing. minutes ago a spokesperson told us crews tell us the fire is still very active. >> we have a spot


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