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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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just a few minutes ago flying over the areas in the path of the valley fire. for the first time since the flames started marching through the community ins lake county we are get -- communities in lake county we are getting a look. you can see it there. some victims are allowed to return home. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville. the latest tonight on the valley fire. cal fire says it has grown to 67,000 acres but containment is up to 15%. and at least 585 homes have been destroyed for hundreds of other structures are lost. thousands of buildings are threatened. the death toll remains at one, a 72-year-old disabled woman who was unable to escape and many people are still missing. minutes ago a spokesperson told us crews tell us the fire is still very active. >> we have a spot fire that is
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taking place. 100 acres in size. we are hoping we can corral it to head this way. >> our live team coverage begins ktvu's john sasaki in middletown. you were there as some people returned home for the first time since the fire? >> reporter: yeah. we were here parked in front of the trucks by chance. 90 minutes ago the couple who lives here returned for the first time since the fire tore through the neighborhood. they returned to the place where they raised their three children, which is now adjust pile of ash. they knew the house was gone because they saw it on social media and tv. returning to see it in person was emotional for the couple. they came back to shift through the rubble. >> we took some papers.
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important stuff. pictures, papers. sheriffs told me i have to leave. thank god i left. i left the house. it burned down. yeah. oh, well. stuff. >> reporter: with the help of firefighters they found a collection of coins, that is one bright spot under this dark cloud. >> you say there was another interesting find as well? >> reporter: yeah. i talked to cal fire, they told me that just down the street, 175, where the apartment complex was, a crew was putting out hot spots and they were moving stuff and they found a kitten. it is going to be okay. >> what is it like being up there? you were saying about how over powering the smell is. >> reporter: yeah. you know, i know you have been in these situations, it is not just the smell of a wildfire,
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that is a distinct smell, smell, the trees and the brush, in the middle of this, it smells, not like death, nobody died here, but it smells like the death of the homes. the cars that burned, the trucks that burned. you know how hot it was when things are just melted into the ground. there is stuff like that all over the place. it is a distinct smell. it is one you just don't want to smell. >> the pictures are something you never forget. john sasaki in middletown, thank you. our chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. there is good news? >> great news. it started yesterday with a cool down and increased humidities and now rain in the forecast. it couldn't be better. there is wind up there but the humidities are high. you see the system. it is september and this looks like october.
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that is great news. looks like we will see showers in the fire zone into the next 24-36 hours. current conditions, humidity 38%. that is not huge. you don't have a lot of observing points. 38-40% humidity. winds are there. look at the temperatures. 60s. today a transition day. wet weather day tomorrow. this is rain totals. if this verifies you are looking at a quarter inch or more in the fire zone. that is huge. this is for wednesday night. and thursday morning. mainly wednesday afternoon and evening. hopefully this transpires. good news if that goes as it appears it will.
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>> thank you very much. worry is growing tonight for friends and family of people who haven't been seen since the fire hit. ktvu's christien kafton is live now at an evacuation center which is also a gathering place for those desperate to find their loved ones. >> reporter: that's right. a news conference, the grand stand over there. it will get underway any minute. we are hoping to get an update on how many people are missing. folks trying to find their missing loved ones. you can see the board here. notes, people looking for their loved ones. we caught up with a family, they are hoping he made it through the fire safe and sound. >> the valley fire left a path of destruction. authorities confirmed one death so far and are telling us they are in the process of finding out how many people are
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unaccounted for. one is lin. he was at his home in anderson creek as the flames approached. >> the last phone call i said please leave. he said -- i could hear his voice getting scared. she said -- i don't know if i could leave now. he couldn't see flames. he was starting to sense something. >> reporter: she has seen video of where her house stood. it is now burned. she hoping her husband made it to safety. >> one of the things we talked about in that last phone call was make sure you stay in touch with me. he said he would. if he got out and he is near a phone, i know he would call me. >> reporter: inside the evacuation center at the fairgrounds this board is a popular stop. she lost her home in the fire but she scouring the boards hoping to help neighbors who are looking for missing family
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members. >> just trying to find if there is anybody i know. >> reporter: the board is just one tool. the red cross is referring people to he said in the confusion it could be easy to lose contact. >> if the fire broke out and people went different directions, they may not see each other for a week. >> reporter: the first and most important step friends and family of the missing can do is to contact the dispatch center at lake county sheriff's office and let them know the person sun accounted for. >> the hope is perhaps they are just in different areas. thank you very much. as we showed you, today the smoke cleared out for us to get a aerial view of the damage.
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we flew over cobb where the fire started. it is a small community with a population of 1700 people. the pictures from there are heart breaking. >> reporter: looks like any other golf course till you take a closer look. a neighborhood decimated. only one house on nelson court remains standing. this is all that is left of the resort and spa. it was founded in 1885. they posted this picture of the ribbon cutting last summer. a few streets away more destruction. all of these homes are now gone. among the ruins we could see red fire retardant and that saved some of the homes. everyone of these white splotches is a home reduced to
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ash. on some streets, some of the homes were spared. and while it may seem like the fire left the area, the hills around cobb are still smoldering. signs the threat is far from over. >> there is some good news from cobb. the business district appears to have survived with a post office, the fire station and the elementary school. >> the valley fire is the third major fire to break out in the lake county area in three months. look now at this map from cal fire. the area you see in the red is the active valley fire and the gray areas mark the locations of the rocky and jerusalem fires. the fires burned 161,000 acres. since july. that is larger than the cities of san francisco and san jose combind. stay with ktvu fox 2 news for
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more -- combined. stay with ktvu fox 2 news for more on the fires. there is another massive fire in california. the butte fire. it burned 71,000 acres. cal fire says the progress has slowed. right now the fire is 37% contained. it is burning in amador and calaveras counties and destroyed 166 homes. we get the latest now. >> reporter: it has been 7 days since the butte fire broke out. most of the people gathered at this road block in san andreas has been evacuated for the last 5 days. they live just outside mountain ranch. >> we would like to know if our home is still standing. >> it is terrible. -- it is sterile. >> we sleep but we don't rest. you get up in the morning and you feel like you have been up all night. >> reporter: they have been
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staying at a hotel. but nearby jack has been sleeping in his truck along with his dogs. >> the earthquake in san francisco, the big earthquake, it was nothing compared to this. i was hear them save the water and the tree was still burning. >> reporter: the people live in calaveras county where the butte fire is still burning. one of many things to be grateful for, cooler temperatures and cloud cover. the best news here today is this: this is not smoke in the sky but clouds. everyone grateful for the cooler temperatures. as for the evacuees, they are not dealing with as much flames as they were but cal fire tells us there are a lot of crews working on the ground and there are downed power lines. they are waiting to send that
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work before they let more people go back home. ktvu fox 2 news. within a month this store gets hit by thieves. why the manager wasn't surprised and the concerns over security. >> later, a whale of a tale near the coast. we will talk to a kayaker who came to the rescue after a close call. >> first one of the bay bay area's most prominent companies eliminating jobs. hall of fame plans to -- hewlett-packard plans to cut 10% of the work force. >> and a break for firefighters. rain in the bay area forecast.
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hewlett-packard announced today it is eliminating 30,000 jobs as part of its restructuring. hewlett-packard is based in palo alto. hewlett-packard is working to restructure the company. the lay offs work out to 10% of the work force ovately hundred thousand and they are part of a -- of 300,000. the cuts represents hewlett- packard -- [ indiscernible ] now to the 49ers big win over the vikings and the players today giving praise to their first year head coach. joe fonzi here now. couldn't ask for a better start. >> yeah. if you are going to start out, let's see start out with a win. the last two teams to get the season going. before last night he was already the winningest coach in 49er history.
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won the final game in 2010. but this time it is his team. the coach has done everything possible to deflect the attention away from him. there is no question she the guy -- he is the guy that players don't want to let down. hyde leading with the way with 168 yards rushing and two touchdowns. colin kaepernick looked to have worked hard to break old habits. it was far from perfect. but a team that was regarded by the media lightly got off with a win. colin kaepernick with praise for the coach. >> amazing. he has great confidence in his players, rallying us to make plays. he continues to tell us that and preach that. i think that is what givers this team energy -- gives this
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team energy, gives this team life. >> there is one goal, the goal is not to win the stat sheet. the goal is to win the game. you know, that is -- when i talk about the team, that is what i feel about these guys. >> the winningest head coach in 49er history is now 2-0. next up the steelers on the road. i said this before, you can't help routing for jim tomsula. he is a respectful guy. the kind of guy you hope that he does well. >> as grated great as it was for the 49ards -- as great as it was for the 49ers, the raiders, they got destroyed. >> it was too familiar a story. they giver us reasons to get excited, and then they layed an egg. hopefully things turn around for them. >> a lot of people talking
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about hyde. >> he had a little bit of a play in things. >> thank you. tracking the weather around here. cooling off. very fall like. not officially fall yet. officially not for a few days. clouds, nice day. good air quality. smoke in the atmosphere in the central valley as the fires continue to burn. this pattern is pretty useful and helpful in fighting the fires and it will become more helpful tomorrow. current numbers, i mean, this time of year you could be doing 90s easily. 80s around -- heck, last week, 105, 104. week later we are down 40 degrees in some places. that is good news. keep thinking fires. we are in the heart of fire
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season. what you see is clouds coming in from the north. the temperatures stay mild like today. and the clouds, something good. wednesday morning, rain. the green. wednesday morning, 6:00 a.m., showers, perhaps already showing up in the fire zone. and then wednesday, 2:00 p.m. game on. i guarantee you cal fire is so stoked that this moisture is situating itself. it continues to rain. quarter inch, half inch of rain in the fire zones. huge. huge. not only there. we could see showers around here. wednesday afternoon could be enough to slow your afternoon commute. tomorrow is one of those days, clouds, sprinkles.
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maybe wet roads. nothing massive. north of here, they will get much needed help. this pattern is helping out the fires. all the small fires continues to burn. big, big fire season. the shift is encouraging. right? it is. very encouraging. the five-day forecast, cool showers into your bay area wednesday. and then thursday a little bit warmer and the weekend warms up into the low 90s. >> it is encouraging. this is what -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i am -- i have been doing this a long time, not often in september you get temperatures in the 60s. humidity 80% with rain. encouraging. >> thank you. the head of homeland security makes a visit to the bay area. up next, how he took aim at a
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controversial policy in san francisco. >> and coming up later at tix p.m. we will hear from cal fire and get information on the -- 6:00 p.m. and we will hear from cal fire and get information on the valley fire and steve nash gets ready to join the golden state warriors. details coming up at 6:00 p.m. ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. in houston two students are dead, two injured after a crash sent their school bus off a
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freeway over pass. it was on its way to high school when a car swerved and struck the bus. the driver over correct and the bus crashed. the two students and the driver are hospitalized with serious injuries. but they are expected to survive. the driver of the vehicle that hit the bus is being questioned but no criminal charges have been filed. the director of the homeland security sin san francisco. he spoke today. he said the biggest threat that we are facing right now is a lone wolf attack by a home grown terrorist. during a question and answer portion, there he is, he was asked about sanction and kate steinle's killing. he said it is unacceptable for
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local officials not to cooperate with federal immigration. >> it is counter production to public safety to have this level of resistance to working with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. all of us in law enforcement, whether you are the sheriff, or thsecretary of homeland security should be -- the secretary of homeland security should be dedicated to public safety. >> he will be speaking at university of california at berkeley. he will outline new terror threats, cyber terrorism to isis to home grown terror groups. hungry declared a state of emergency and closing crosses to try stem the flow of migrants escaping middle east and afghanistan. 9,000 people crossed the boarder yesterday. double the previous record the day before. they block the main road
5:26 pm
between the countries demanding to be let in. yesterday they failed to come to an agreement on a quota system to distribute migrants. >> an agreement is needed to address the needs as is bold action based on a system of solidarity from all member states. >> today the leaders of australia and germany called for an emergency sum toot address the crisis -- sum toot address the crisis. -- summit to address the crisis. google plans to match-up to $5.5 million in donations. google is trying to spur more people to contribute to the cause. up next here, continuing coverage on the massive valley fire. and how it sim pacing schools in the -- how it is impacting schools in the area. >> they are learning a lot.
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>> the efforts underway at schools in lake county to get kids back into the classrooms. [ singing ] >> yeah. sing it. american idol, the final auditions in the bay area. >> and later developing news, flash flooding kills more people in the southwest. this time in a national park. great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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back now to our top story. the fire in lake county. sky fox 2 was over head and you can get a sense of how bad the fire was. house after house destroyed. 585 in all, although that figure could go even higher once crews can count all the effected houses. the valley fire burned 67,000 acres in all. right now it is still only 15% contained. schools in lake county were spared. however many students and teachers have lost their homes. because of that, because of the disaster, schools were closed again today. ktvu's tom vacar tells us what the plans are for when students
5:31 pm
can return to the classroom. >> reporter: that depends on when they can return to the place that hads been burned o-- that has been burned. >> reporter: with the school year, many parents don't know when and where their children will go to school. especially with so many homes destroyed. >> i am hoping the community can connect and come together and help everyone. you know? so -- i hope for that. >> i believe in creative ways of addressing education. it is an opportunity to do something differently. and for the children to have learning groups and school days to be shorter and for more independent study. >> reporter: he is lake county schools superintendent. >> schools will be opening
5:32 pm
tomorrow. and we are prepared to for any student that is doubled up in one of the communities orane shelter to -- or in a shelter to begin school tomorrow. . >> reporter: the fairgrounds in calistoga? >> working with the shelter and the school district to put together a plan to serve the kids that may be displaced into that community. >> i have been a big fan of life experiences. and they are getting a lot here. they are learning a lot here. and the books will wait. >> reporter: the schools in the fire area, middletown and cob suffered minor or no damage at all. >> it has to do with the district building codes and the materials they use. i can only attribute this to a miracle. >> reporter: they could open very quickly. >> we could have power by the end of the week. we are hoping so. we need power to bring our
5:33 pm
infrastructure back up and we need people. >> we start to establish a sense of normalcy again. for kids, that is getting back into school. >> it is what kids do for six hours a day. almost every kid. they come here and so friends, teachers, they know the community is still here and they will have a retene. and we -- routine. and we feed them. and we have counselors who will be here for them. >> reporter: with so many teachers and staff who lost their homes, all the distributes will do what it takes -- all the districts will do what it takes. in middletown alone two principals lost their homes, 20 teachers and staff members and that is just in one school district and plus the hundreds of homes that are now homeless. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:34 pm
>> for all the people there, how are they doing? are they doing okay? >> reporter: here is what happens. the first night it was like euphoria. we survived. the second night it was more somber. now people are into threalization -- the realization stage. many lost their homes and now they are in a situation, in a day or two,o, or three, there will barning -- two or three, there will be anger. >> tom vacar, thank you. the sacramento fire department released this video of efforts to save property in middletown. look at this. the video shows crews working to save a home sunday morning. you can see the firefighters
5:35 pm
breaking through a fence. now check this out. this is a picture of that house take an few hours later. you can see the fire burned up to the porch but remember how bad the fire was? look at this. the home was saved by the firefighters. well done. stay with ktvu fox 2 news for continuing coverage on the valley fire. we will have the latest on air and online. san jose officials are discussing a a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour. they are set to vote on whether to pay a consultant to study how it would effect the region. right now the minimum wage is $10.30. san jose one of the cities considering a raise. other cities showing interest are sunnyvale and campbell. wall street rallied today. the dow is up 228 to 16,599. the nasdaq is up 54 to 4,860. the s&p is up 25 to 1,978.
5:36 pm
analysts differ on whether the fed will increase interest rates. it has been close to zero for 7 years. american idol hopefuls lined up for one last time hoping to get the tyket to -- ticket to hollywood. ktvu's tira m was there -- tara moriarty was there as folks came out to fulfill their dreams. [ singing ] [ singing ] >> reporter: they came from as far as illinois. [ singing ] >> reporter: some from right here in the bay area. [ singing ] >> i am going for my dreams. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hundreds of hopeful viking to be the next and last american idol. >> everybody wants to know what are you looking for? >> what they should know is we are looking for the wow factor. people that will make us go i
5:37 pm
want to see you again. [ singing ] [ singing ] [ singing ] >> i have been singing my entire life. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ singing ] >> reporter: she came from carson city, nevada. >> you have quite the posse here. >> yes, we do. big supportive team. yeah. >> i need a few more men to help out. [ laughter ] >> outnumbered. >> no one is going to win american wild today. so do watt -- american idol
5:38 pm
today. so do what you do. >> reporter: if they make it past this round and another, they will meet the judges here in october. [ singing ] >> reporter: if you didn't get the chance to audition live this is the last stop on the tour but you can audition online. the winner receiving a record deal and fame. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. southern california getting wet and wild weather. coming up, the heavy rain that caused this rescue in the los angeles river. >> caught on camera, thieves target a store that sells drones and why the owner says he is not surprised this happened. >> one day till the next big gop deidate. a look -- debate. a look at the preparations and what is different this time around.
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preparations are underway that reagan presidential library in seamy valley ahead of tomorrow's debate. the top 11 candidates will face- off. but this debate will be different. it calls for the candidates to challenge each other rather than having the moderator ask the questions. there is one topic they are
5:42 pm
likely to agree on. >> reporter: wednesday's debate is expected to focus on foreign policy, president obama's iran's nuclear deal. a deal opposed by all the candidates. >> we should have doubled the sanctions. let them wait for another month or two. >> reporter: republican candidates oppose the measure but will take different approaches. >> it is not clear expertise matters. >> reporter: but it may not translate to action in washington. >> reporter: less of an issue in the democratic race. with bernie sanders backing the agreement and former secretary of state hillary clinton taking responsibility for working on it. >> i put together the coalition that came up with the sanctions. >> reporter: the deadline for congress to vote down the
5:43 pm
measure is thursday. with the implications lasting into 2016. in washington, fox news. close call in monterey bay. >> the damage could have been catastrophic to the people. >> look at that. up next, that whale breaching and going on the two quakes. >> -- kayaks. >> and the press conference in san francisco. >> and the relief for firefighters in the north bay. showers coming your way. things are changing. i will have the specifics.
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some incouldable video of kayak -- incredible videos of kayaks here. they wanted to get a closer view and they did. they shot this video of a whale breaching and you see it there, comes down right on top of the kayakers. incredibly both are okay. ktvu's keba arnold talked with one kayaker and gins us now -- joins us now with the story. >> reporter: for the the last two years he spent 250 days out there kayaking but saturday was unlike any other day on the
5:47 pm
water. roger smith was out with five other kayakers when he saw a whale in a full breach. he saw it go up, come back down. and wasn't till the splash cleared he realized the whale landed on the kayakers or close. he says no one else was reacting to it so they kayaked over to them. they were in the water, their boat upside down. >> it is a lot to process. that is potentially a 40 on it animal. the damage could have been catastroph took the people -- catastrophic to the people. we had them swim over the guide boat. and we tried to drain the kayak which was a task in itself. the bow it damage to it so the
5:48 pm
whale did make contact with the boat. once i saw that, you start to realize how fortunate they were. >> reporter: a close call there. he says as they were trying to drain the boat and make sure they were okay another whale came up close and dove down near them. i asked him was there anything they should have been doing differently? >> whales, things like that, you can't anticipate a breach like that. it is like a lightning strike. the odds of getting hit by lightning are slim. you are more likely to get hit by a car. you haven't prepare for that particular incident. you just have to understand that the risk is out there. >> reporter: he says after it was over the man and the woman are from the urk can recollect.
5:49 pm
came -- uk, came up to them and were very thankful. developing news out of utah. heavy rain sent deadly flash floods through a national park. four people have been killed. and three other remain missing. 12 people were killed when floodwaters yesterday swept away two vehicles near the utah- arizona border. the down pours sent water into the streets, carrying women and children away. >> it looked like there was -- [ indiscernible ] >> it lifted the whole thing. lifted 10, 15 feet. >> marge officials say three made it out alive -- emergency officials say three made it out alive today. some of the people in the group are from california. but didn't have further details
5:50 pm
on their identities. following developing news out of southern california. heavy rain is leading to flooding and power outages today. three people and a dog were rescued after being trapped by water in the los angeles river. you see the rescuers at work. the record breaking storm brought 2 inches of rain to downtown los angeles. our chief meteorologist bill martin now, we are talking about getting rain up here. how unusual is that. >> pretty unusual. the reason is, you ever a lot of hurricane activity in the pacific. this is el nino produced. you have this moisture into the southern states, northern california, this moisture brings rain tomorrow, that is from hurricane -- from a hurricane. all this adding up. the high clouds ties back to a
5:51 pm
warm pacific which indicates we have an el nino this year and an indication we could get rain around here. the live cameras. the moisture. the next wave. that is what is going to bring us the showers. it will get to that. current temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. napa 38 miles per hour. that is significant. fairfield, 23. sfo, 29. less wind tomorrow. and rain comes in. all that is doing, that got set up, the low got set up. and then linda, hurricane
5:52 pm
linda, turned into a depression. it got pulled north. both of those system bringing us the flooding in u.s., in los angeles -- in utah, in los angeles, the rain here. all tied together. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, that is good. tomorrow afternoon, really good. if they get a quarter inch in the fire zone, that is massive. that will be containment like that. they probably will. most of the shower activity is north. quarter inch is on the high end. that is good. considering we are in the height of fire season. we have a ways to go. any rain will help. here is the five-day forecast. ramping up. warmer by the weekend, fire
5:53 pm
danger again. >> thank you. a store that sells drones in the south bay targeted by thieves. these guys want to get their hands on a very -- [ indiscernible ] >> more on the evidence that could help police lead to an arrest. >> coming up on the news at 6:00 p.m. demanding action after an inmate dies in jail. who they say dropped the ball. >> and an nba great -- [ audio difficulties ] >> what steve nash's new position is.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
caught on camera. thieves stealing drones. it is not the first time they have been targeted. ktvu's azenith smith has the story new at 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: in 90 seconds two thieves pop open a window and grab drones from the drones plus store. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this is the 4th break in for the chain in weeks. over the weekend in vancouver someone tried to break in with a car. last month in studio city
5:57 pm
several suspects stole thousands of dollars worth of drones. >> these guys want to get their hands on a very hot piece that everybody is talking about. the drones. they know the value. they know they sell very easily. >> reporter: rising concerns over security. >> drones are a frightening technology. >> reporter: he calls the thefts worrisome. drones could be used as weapons. >> i don't like drones in the hands of criminals. i can think of all kinds of ways to make mischief with a drone. >> reporter: they suspect they are opportunistic. they doesn't believe they are connected. the store supping security, putting all valuable drones, $6,000,ane fenced cage with two
5:58 pm
different lock -- in a fenced cage with two different locks. none of thesons have been caught. -- none of the suspects have been caught. they are doing everything they can, including installing new cameras to avoid being hit again. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco is playing the east a huge tech conference that kicked off today. the dream force conference gets bigger every year. 160,000 people are expected to hear the latest. some break out sessions features the ceos of youtube, microsoft and sales force. there will be celebrities speaking. there is even a concert on thursday night. >> we were talking about the concert. yesterday morning it was my job to go through all the parties.
5:59 pm
>> madness. complete madness. i have the privilege of going to several conventions, and this dwarfs all of them. you ever to walk everywhere. they do a great job of keeping everything kind of condensed. >> sales force broughtane celebrity -- brought in a celebrity crudes ship to house -- cruise ship to house some. it is already sold out. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. the fire fight against the deadly valley fire continues. today some homeowners saw what is left of their neighborhoods for the first time since they were evacuated. >> i saw all the houses they were gone. nothing here. i thought my house was gone.
6:00 pm
i came around the corner and my house is standing. my god. yes or no how it exist -- my god, i don't know how it exists. i was crying. i was numb. now i am thinking about my neighbors that lost their homes. my daughter lost her home. >> good evening. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. the latest on the valley fire. it burned 67,000 acres. firefighters have increased containment to 15%. still, though, 585 homes have been destroyed. and 9,000 more remain threatened. >> people were allowed 15 minutes to return to check on their animals and their homes. ktvu's john sasaki was with some when they found out whether their homes are gone or whether their homes have been spared. john is with us now. i


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