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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  September 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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7:00. today more valley fire evacuees will be taken back to their neighborhood. but just for a very short time. we just got new numbers about the fire into the newsroom. we'll pass those along as well as give you more information on the much-needed help firefighters may receive today. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." this is a tough way to start the day. this is what so many in middletown will see when they go back to their own neighborhoods. live pictures. you see blocks of homes reduced to ash by the valley fire. so far, we know one person has died but as more investigators are able to enter the burn zone
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that death toll could rise. you see the devastation stretches for blocks just by the very narrow look. take a look on the left side. what appears to be maybe a playground structure or a backyard swing set, appears to be somewhat okay. firefighters working on a possible cause for the valley fire. we'll bring alex savidge back to "mornings on 2." he will bring us the latest information from there. it's wednesday, september 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. we need to talk about weather and traffic. it will affect us all but especially the fire victims. steve, you moved outside? >> reporter: i'm up here. good news/bad news. maybe not bad news. i shouldn't say that. but i would not be surprised if about .50 or .75 falls in mendocino county, lake county. might be something they could use. our system is increasing clouds. we have light rain north bay.
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it's clear right here. but the heaviest rain by far will be from about santa rosa north. but our front will make it eventually all the way down to the south bay by tonight. it will weaken rapidly as it does. there could easy be .25 to .75. we're getting some -- what we call the prefrontal rain. the front looks pretty good. we're okay for the morning commute. the evening commute could be tricky. we haven't had rain in a long time. the roads will be slick. for those of you up in mendocino county, especially inlake county, i -- up in lake county, i would prepare for the rain. highs 50s and 60s. rain just about bodega bay, russian river north. we're okay for the morning commute unless you are up north. >> yes, thank you, steve. let's take a look at some
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of the pictures and look at the slow traffic commutes. him 80 westbound bay bridge still very crowded -- westbound 80 bay bridge still very crowded. also looking at slow traffic this morning on interstate 880 south out of hayward into fremont, northbound doesn't look so bad getting into oakland. we had a couple of different crashes on westbound highway 4 in the area of loveridge. this commute is terrible. it's worse than it normally is. as a result, some of the traffic going rest over the hill to concord looks better than it normally does because people are stuck in antioch. if you live in antioch and you are trying to get to highway 4, even getting on the freeway will be much slower than usual. 7:03. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. there is a new development to share in the valley fire. officials announced just minutes ago overnight the fire grew from 67,200 acres to now 70,000 acres burned.
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containment remains at 30% this morning. fire crews hope to achieve some real progress today. steve was just telling us they will get cooler temperatures, even rain. alex savidge live in middletown with a look at the firefight as it continues. >> reporter: good morning. this could turn out to be one of the most destructive fires in the history of california, according to calfire. it's easy to see how that could be the case. nearly 600 homes destroyed entire blocks like this one just wiped out as this fire raced into middletown over the weekend. it gave people very little time to try to escape the flames. we already know one woman has opinion killed by this fast- moving fire. the 72-year-old who was disabled was unable to make it out of her home in anderson springs. the lake county sheriff's deputy is now saying that the death toll related to this fire is likely to go up. at least four other people have been reported missing.
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that includes a 69-year-old man lenest neff, the retired newspaper reporter was last heard from on saturday. he also lives in the anderson springs area. accord together chronicle, his burned-out car was discovered last night along a road that he likely would have taken as he tried to escape the fire. now, his wife was not at home as the flames moved in on saturday. she called him up, though, and urged him to evacuate. >> the last phone call, i said, please leave. please leave. he said -- and i could hear his voice getting scared. and he said that -- he goes, i don't know if i can leave now. he couldn't see any flames but i was starting to sense something. >> reporter: and investigators are working to figure out what caused this destructive fire. we do know it started near a home in the community of cobb, which is west of middletown. that's where there is a burned tool shed on the property with
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a couple red gas cans nearby. now, yesterday, some evacuees were returned to their -- returned to their homes for the first time, escorted in for brief visits so they could check on pets and livestock. for some males, there was relief their homes were still -- for some, there was relief their homes were still standing. we talked a lot about how quickly people had to leave the fire and many had to leave their pets behind. someone left a pile of dog food. a little pile of cat food just in case there were any animals wandering through this rubble looking for a bite to eat. >> the small acts of kindness, they go a long way. have you seen any hand-written signs thanking the firefighters? i've seen those popping up on twitter. >> reporter: i've not seen that. i will tell you why, middletown is a ghost town for the most part. the people who are here are
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firefighters, pg&e workers, law enforcement, and us. >> right. right. okay. >> reporter: and a handful of people who stayed put. it's a handful of people. >> all right. 7:07. in less than 90 minutes from right now, some of the evacuees will be escorted back to their homes to check on their property and their pets. now, we talked to some of the 1,000 people at an evacuation center at the napa county fair grounds in calistoga. yesterday, some saw their property for the first time since they were forced to evacuate. the homes of many families were gone. it's a really tough time for this man here from anderson springs and his four children whose mother died in march from breast cancer. >> i think the loss of their mom earlier this year and watching her go down kind of -- i don't know -- prepared them for this kind of a tragedy.
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but i try to love them. >> there's also controversy and some strange feelings toward the red cross, believe it or not. a group of volunteers organizing donations, they were told to stop because the liability reasons. now, ktvu's allie rasmus is at the evacuation shelter. she will be back at 7:30. we're giving you a live report telling you how fire victims are still counting their blessings in the face of this tragedy. while most public schools in lake county will stay closed, a handful of school districts are reopening this morning. they are lakeport, upper lake union high, upper lake elementary, and lucerne. these school districts have more than 2600 of the county's 9100 public school students. we'll have much more coverage of the valley fire coming up at 7:30, including a live report from calistoga, where some more evacuees will get to go home, at least for a short time.
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tonight, the san francisco police commission is set to discuss the use of body cameras. it's a public meeting that starts at 5:30 at the korean- american community center. the city wants all of the officers to wear the body cameras attached to the front of their uniforms. tonight, the commission is expected to focus on whether or not police officers will be able to view the footage first before filing their report. the aclu said seeing the video first might affect how officers recall and record events. officials hope to have the policies hammered out by november. santa clara county supervisors voted in favor of the jail guards having the body cameras. this comes in response to the beating death of an inmate last month. three deputies were arrested on murder charges. the collision would re-- the commission would review how the jail staff is trained as well as how well mentally ill
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inmates are handled. richmond's office of neighborhood of safety was created in 2007 to try to bring down the homicide rate. it reaches out to young people believed to be connected to gun violence. the program pays them to stay out of trouble while receiving help for problems. 94% of participants were alive. 84% had not suffered a gun- related injury and others had not been arrested. hewlett-packard announced another round of major job cuts. pam cook in the studio now to tell us where those cuts are focused, pam, and how the markets are reacting. >> yeah, hewlett-packard says it will eliminate as many as 30,000 jobs. it's from the enterprise business. that's about 10% of the work force as the company gets ready to split in two. the division is set to happen
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in november. hp will handle the printer and pc side of the company. hewlett-packard enterprise will focus on business software and services. now, most of the 30,000 layoffs are expected to hit the enterprise side. they will save the company an estimated $2.7 billion. analysts say hp has struggled to be competitive in the world of cloud commuting and mobile applications and meg whitman said the cuts should eliminate the need for future corporate restructuring. they took the top job in 2011 and since then they've laid off workers. she said hp will be smaller and more focused than hp is today and we will have a broadant deep portfolio of -- broad and deep portfolio of business. tech stocks are up. hp's shares were up. right now, stocks up 4%. a lot of people always ask me,
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they are cutting jobs. why is the stock up? it's sad news for a lot of people but for investors and the business side, it's the company cutting costs and that means the bottom line goes up and the stock reacts positively to that. >> it's interesting to see how hp, sort of this really big ship, having to act in modern times. it's interesting to see how -- >> they are having to reinvent themselves to try to compete with all of the youngsters in the business. >> aren't we all, pam? [laughter] >> yes, we are. >> thank you. having rain in southern california. in ten minutes we'll get a good look at all of the damage caused by the flooding and mudslides there. the smelly mess left behind at a popular beach. it's round two. the presidential candidates facing off for another debate.
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we'll break down what to expect and the big-named donors right here in the bay area. introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now.
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in the refugees crisis in europe, we're now getting word hungarian police have fired tear gas at hundreds of migrants breaking through the new fence that's at the border with serbia. what you see here are live pictures of the aftermath. you see a number of people running. we understand police apparently stopped the crowd. you can see some people throwing plastic water bottles. we see a picture of one man with his mouth and nose covered. i don't know if that's due to the tear gas but something we've seen in protests before. here's another person with his mouth and face covered. we're not able to get any reports of injuries at this point. this week, hungary closed the border and put up 200 miles of razor wire fencing. hungarian police have arrested more than 500 migrants as they
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are trying to deal with the surge of some 200,000 refugeeses this year. but again -- refugeeses this year -- refugees this year. doug luzader is live in washington, d.c. and has more on our next story about the presidential election. >> reporter: donald trump will be taking a -- taking attacks from all sides. it's tough to beat the visual. donald trump on the deck of the u.s.s. iowa outside of los angeles talking about national security
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and preparing to train his open guns on his fellow republicans tonight. >> we're doing something special. this is a movement we're going to make our country great again, believe me. >> reporter: trump did have to contend with nearby protesters who accused him of being a racist. tonight, he may have to fend off attacks from all sides. from ten other republican candidates and unlike the last gop debate, the main event is at the reagan valley and it will include carly fiorina who has been the subject of trump attacks but has fired back. and ben carson will be standing right next to trump. he's number two in the polls. he's been closing the gap. >> i don't think that my strategy will change at all. it will be -- it will be to tell the truth and to talk about, you know, my vision for american. >> maybe ben carson will surpass donald trump. i think that would be a very big deal. if donald trump is no longer the king of the hill seemingly
7:18 am
undentable by any attacks or any mistakes or outrageous thing that he says. >> reporter: and look for attacks from jeb bush. and for others like scott walker, it may be the final chance to make a mark in a still crowded field. this may be a pretty fiery debate for a couple of reasons. first of all, for some of these candidates, there's not much left to lose at this point. but the other factor here has to do with the way that the debate is being conducted. cnn, which is carrying out the debate, wants to have as much interaction as possible for the candidates to speak to each other and probably attack each other. back to you. >> thank you. so far this year, the san francisco bay area is the biggest source of campaign money in california for republican presidential candidates. the l. a. times says
7:19 am
republicans have collected $13.4 million here in the bay area. a study by "the times" found most donations have come from a handful of rich contributors in silicon valley, writing seven- figure checks to superpacs. larry ellison, he gave $3 million to a committee that supports florida senator, marco rubio. air india is trying to shed extra weight, if you will. they asked 125 of it flight attendants to -- of its flight attendants to lose a few pounds or get ready for an airport job. last year, the regulator mandated a body mass index for all cabin crew members. air india employs some 3,000 cabin crew members. >> why are you looking at me? >> i'm not looking at you. i'm not looking at anybody. what a tough thing to hear. [laughter] hey, sal, the bridges and
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roads, how are they doing? >> they are a little bit crowded. we're start with highway 4, antioch and pittsburg, very slow traffic there. that's because of an earlier accident that not only blocked lanes but had debris all over the place. finally the traffic is getting through. but it's way behind schedule. if you drive in antioch on pittsburg, there's slow traffic. bay bridge toll plaza, 25, 30- minute delay at the toll plaza. there are no problems on the actual bridge. as we look at the san mateo bridge, it looks like it's pretty solid all the way across from hayward to the peninsula, likewise for the dumbarton bridge which is becoming kind of brutal over the east palo alto, the commute. let's go to steve. sal, let's say this again, because somebody said why don't you guys mention this and we have. we haven't had rain in so long that the exhaust from the cars will make for a really slick highway later. >> exactly. now, it's only gonna be raining
7:21 am
in part of the bay area, right? >> well, by the evening commute, it could be more than just part. i mean, most. but the north bay is already getting light rain. we have the prefrontal rains. cazadero. i would not be surprised if .75 falls up into lake county, mendocino county. first light rain made it up to willits. we have to bait for the front -- wait for the front. the clouds are increasing. south of that we're all right. the front is back here. back here. we have wait for the cold air support. that's good. .25 to .75 for the north bay. probably mead county, lake county -- mendocino county, lake county. after that, the system as it moves south it runs away from the energy source. it will weaken.
7:22 am
the breeze will pick up. by the time everything is said and done, it may not make it until 4:00. north bay, no. they are in the soup, if you will. other areas will have increasing clouds. santa rosa, mendocino county, maybe around cloverdale. 49 kelseyville. they were down to 43 this morning. now, the clouds are coming in, breeze coming. 50, calistoga, had some 40s around healdsburg. it's going to be a chilly pattern. you get the cloud cover and the lows are in the 40s. that will keep temperatures on the cool side. 50s to near 60. not much of a wind yet. it's starting to turn south. that's a sign of the system beginning to move in. san jose southeast mountain view, southeast, hayward, same for sfo, livermore, south. i think you get the idea. that makes for a mild pattern in the morning for some. you have to wait until the system comes in. a rather chilly morning. our system will give us low
7:23 am
clouds and high cloud. north bay is already in on precip. the rain picks up later today. 60s and 70s. by about 4:00 to around 8:00 is when it starts to move from south. there will be a little bit of light rain. clearing, breezy on thursday. it does look warmer for the weekend. let me deal with that on friday. right now, my focus is on the rain. you know, if clearlake and middletown gets .75 of rain, that's good news. it will put the fire down but -- they need tarps, they might need rain gear. >> and the people camping on the ground -- >> yeah. a number of people arrested up in lake county where the fires are. coming up in ten minutes we'll talk about the crime they are accused of committing during the massive wildfire.
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flash flooding in utah has killed at least 16 people. four of them hikers in the zion national park. and three more hikers are still missing. authorities now say three women and nine children died when the two cars they were riding in were swept away by this flash flood in hildale. most of the residents of the town, they are members of warren jeff's polygamous sect. in long beach, all of the
7:27 am
coastal beaches are closed after a sewage spill. long beach officials say 250,000 gallons of sue an spilled into the -- sewage spilled into the storm system 33 miles upstream from long beach. the beaches will be closed until lab results come back confirming the water there is safe. and in san diego county, the rains flooded underground parking garages. look at this car. it's a lamborghini. and other cars submerged. rainfall was fueled by all of the moisture from the remnants of hurricane linda. the warriors are courting steve nash to join the organization as a part-time player development consultant. nash announced his retirement in march. sources say he's been lobbied aggressively. the coaches have worked closely with nash. they want nash to spend a few days every month with the team to work on stills with
7:28 am
individual players. you probably heard a lot of people comparing steph curry to steve nash. fiberoptic cables cut again. the reward being offered by at&t to catch whoever is behind the attacks in the past year. >> reporter: some evacuatees at the napa county fairgrounds may be able to go back to their homes for the first time since their fire. but there are restrictions on how who can and how long they can stay. we'll explain.
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that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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what is better than this? >> how did you arrange this? >> they deserve this. breakfast is about to be put on the table. crews working hard to fix the firefighters breakfast this morning. bacon sizzling. i hope there's eggs and french toast and grits and oatmeal. they are working so hard. thousands of firefighters on the valley fire. i'm sorry. this is for the evacuees. they also deserve this. we're talking about people who have been camping in tents. they've been staying in tents in calistoga. >> it's cold. >> this is a good breakfast for them. i hope it brings them comfort as well as nourishment. these are live pictures as the evacuate es are go -- evacuees
7:32 am
are gonna be fed. >> that's the way to start the day. we're going to steve. >> it is cold up there. a lot of 40s and now the cloud cover is beginning to move in. we have plenty of sun around but to the north things are change but the front is still on its way. the path, though, takes it here not until late morning, early afternoon for most of the north bay. and for everyone else by this afternoon and evening. it will take a while. we'll had reports of very -- we've had reports of very light rain. 4/100ths in cazadero. a little development takes place, kind of slows it down. throughout the north bay,
7:33 am
increase ing clouds. there will be some -- increasing clouds. there will be some rain. the main front doesn't arrive until 4:00, 5:00. very cold this morning upper 40s, had low 40s for a while. upper 40s and 50s. we have mainly 50s around. looks good for most of the day. morning commute, should be just fine unless you are up north of the then the -- unless you are up north. then the breeze picks up. here is the system moving in. that will lead to increasing clouds and rain later, sal. rain later. >> and that could be rain in oakland and san jose. >> oakland, yes. >> livermore. >> yes. it will be a rough afternoon commute. we're looking at a commute that's not so good now as we start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. it's jam packed. this is the new normal, if you
7:34 am
are at the end of the line trying to get into san francisco. there are no major problems getting into the city on the bridge. we're looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. those bridges have been slow. we haven't been talking about them a lot because there haven't been a lot of accidents. one of the slowest commutes is highway 4. gonna scroll up to it. there was a early crash. if you are an antioch driver, getting on the road, the crash is gone but the slow traffic is there. we're looking at 280 in downtown san jose, getting up to highway 17. that's very slow. now back to the desk. firefighters are making progress in the fight against the valley fire. here is a new update. 70,000 acres have burned. it is 30% contained. 585 homes have been destroyed. 13,000 people were evacuated. now, ktvu fox 2's allie rasmus
7:35 am
is at one of the centers in calistoga. some of the evacuees will be escorted back to their homes but there's some limitations on them, right? >> reporter: yes. we'll tell you the details about that in a second. first, i want to point out we're at the napa fairgrounds in calistoga. this is where 1,000 people are who had to flee the valley fire. right now, volunteers with the red cross are hard at work making breakfast. they are cooking 500 meals here at this food station. there is another one on the other side of the campground where they are making breakfast for 500 additional folks. they've cooked 60 pounds of bacon so far. if we turn the camera here, the eggs. 10 gallons of eggs they will start to put on the griddle. there are restrictions on who will be able to go back to their homes today, briefly. some of the folks here staying
7:36 am
here at the napa county fairgrounds will be escorted by the lake can county sheriff -- lake county sheriffs to their homes for 15-minute periods. that's all they get. really, the focus for people going back to their homes to be escorted there is so they can go tend to their animals, give some food or water to some of their pets or horses that they may have had to leave behind. after that, they have to return around and go back. i had a chance this morning to speak with a young man who has been staying here in calistoga for the last four days at this evacuation center. he had a chance to go back to his home yesterday. he discovered it did not survive the fire. but he says he didn't feel totally defeated because something he saw in the rubble that did survive brought a smile to his face. >> i had been rebuilding and working on it since i was 16 years old. i was at a loss for words when i saw it still sitting there. i just jumped on it and started hugging it and loving my car. >> reporter: do you think you can drive it again? >> i'm pretty sure it will start right up.
7:37 am
i felt like i beat the fire for a second, until you see your home. when you see you have one thing left, it brings you joy. >> reporter: richard said he couldn't help but take a photo of himself smiling, sitting on the hood of his '66 mustang when he discovered the car was still standing, even though the fire came right up to it. he said the car was a birthday gift and has a lot of sentimental value. i asked richard, now that he's seen the house, i asked him what advice would he give to some of the other vk es who might -- evacuees who might be heading back to their homes to be faced with the same terrible site. he said all you can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. he said if there's one item that you find in the rubble, hold onto that and find some joy and happiness in that. back to you guys. >> that makes sense. all right. thank you. we'll talk to you later.
7:38 am
a 26-year-old man was arrested by the lake county sheriff's office on suspicions of looting home that survived the fire. deputies say royster ling moore was acting nervous when they found him in a car. they say he had a backpack with tools often used by burglars. he also had a broken bb gun that looked bike a be semi- automatic handgun -- that looked like a semi-automatic handgun. pg&e is donating $250,000 and says it will match donations by the employees up to an $100,000. perhaps the easy way to make a personal donation is by texting redcross to 90999. that let you make a $10 donation right on your phone. we've posted a long list of ways to help the victims. you will find that list along with all of our fire coverage right there on our home page.
7:39 am
and we're getting some positive news on the other massive fire that's burning here in northern california. a short time ago, calfire said containment of the butte fire went up overnight from 40% to now 45% containment. the fire also isn't getting any bigger. the size is still 71,780 acres. at&t offering a $250,000 reward to catch the vandals who have been out there cutting fiberoptic cables. usa today reports two cables were cut in livermore monday night. in the past year, there have been more than a dozen cases of fiberoptic cables being cut in northern california. the fbi says whoever is cutting these lines, they are getting in through manhole covers. earlier this month, at&t said someone stealing copper knocked out the internet and cell phone service in mendocino and humboldt county. at&t is working with law enforcement to investigate these incidents. the city of san francisco plans to set up a permanent
7:40 am
memorial for kate steinle. she was killed on pier 14 in july. the city plans to install a bench and a kell member rative -- commemorative plaque. the plaque will read, what of is good for your soul, do that. it's what she posted on her facebook page the day she died. the suspect is being charged with murder in her death. the steinle family has filed legal claims against the san francisco sheriff's department as well as two other federal agencies over the killing. happening right now, the federal resoish is meeting and -- reserve is meeting and an announcement is expected tomorrow on whether interest rates will be raised. janet yellen said the meeting would focus on the most economic reports that includes this morning's consumer price index report, which showed prices were down 1/10 of a percent in august. that's an indication that inflation is not a major concern. the fed has held the key rate to nearly zero has not raised
7:41 am
the rate in nine years. we checked in with washington reporter, gave us a preview what to expect when the gop candidates go toe to toe in the second debate. coming up at 8:00, we'll go to simi valley and get a look at what the stage will look like. the san francisco public library calls the biggest book sale on the west coast. up next, a live report on this big event. we'll talk about what it's happening. and right now, the bridges, not looking so great. all of them have slow traffic on them, including the san mateo bridge. we'll give you that bridge roundup when we come back. some rain is on the way. most will have to wait until this evening or tonight before it arrives but it's getting closer. we'll take a look for the north bay and also lake county.
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if you live a good look like i do, you will want to go one of the biggest fund-raisers for the san francisco labor. it kicks off in a few years -- in a few hours. >> janine de la vega is live at fort mason. the public will be invited to find books that are really, really big bargains. >> reporter: everyone inside is $3 -- everything inside is $3 or left. you can choose from more than 500,000 books, dvds, cds, it's mind-boggling how much is in here. this event is being put on by the friends of the san francisco public library and this benefits programs. these books were collected from estate sales, businesses, publishers and donors from across the bay area. all of the books are sorted
7:45 am
into a hundred different categories. when you come, give yourself a lot of time to hunt. they have shopping carts because if you get some hardbacks and stock up on the paperbacks it can get heavy to carry around. as i mentioned, everything is $3 and less today but if you wait until sunday, everything is $1. that's quite a deal. admission is free. the event is from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., i've had a little bit of a chance to look and i already found one of my favorites. i know this is an older book. "she's come undone." $3. great deal. back to you. >> thank you. it will probably take a long time for a cleveland, indians employee to get over a mistake he made last night when the team hosted the -- hosted the royals. >> high drive deep left field. it's a home run.
7:46 am
deep. >> 2-0. [ cheers ] >> that's fireworks you here. usually, they don't go off when the visiting team hits a home run. this poor guy, he's in charge of pushing the button to set off the fireworks. >> mortified. >> obviously, embarrassed. aned royals beat the in -- and the royals beat the indians 2- 0. >> if this is fourth grade, i would say we need a do-over. or it's opposite day. remember pulling that? >> dave, one of our behind the scenes people probably said, he was asleep and heard the crowd noise. >> my goodness. >> we all make mistakes.
7:47 am
>> yes, we do. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. need some patience and humor. gonna be a 30, 40-minute delay at the toll plaza. no problem getting on the bridge. but it will take you a while to get on the bridge. we're also looking at the san mateo bridge and also go -- also gonna look at the bridge. it's slow all the way across to san mateo. if we put up the maps, you can see how slow it is on the dumbarton bridge bridge. southbound 880 another adventure between hayward and fremont. a lot of slow traffic heading south. if i scroll to the south bay, every single freeway here has a lot of red in it. i would like to say this is a one-time event but all of the freeways have been very, very slow to start off. 7:47. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. sunny for some. increasing clouds already. we've had light rain ahead of the system.
7:48 am
4/100ths in cazadero. drizzle, light precip. rain son the -- rain is on the way. this evening for everyone else. cloerwy loves -- chloe loves clouds. it was cold this morning. many lows in the 40 and cloudy in clearlake. rain expected. high today expected of only 64. had a report of rain in lakeport. this is not the front. this is ahead of it. there's still some, mendocino county, lake county. would not be surprised if .75 fell. far less as you move south. the front is back here. a little bit of cold air support as well. so far can't find much in the way of rain. only a couple 1/100ths for a few. it will stack up. if you are in humboldt county, increasing clouds in the north bay. fg, though -- everything, though, kind of waiting on the system to move in. kelseyville was down to 43 this
7:49 am
morning. calistoga was 48. now, 51. it was cold this morning. 50s to near 60 for some. a little cool. san jose is only 54. palo alto, 53. it's cooler. south wind, south wind. it will turn south. north at napa airport. that will turn southerly. 34 in truckee. 47 u tiia -- ukiah. 56 in monterey. there's the system as it takes shape. there will be high pressure building in but in advance of that, increasing clouds. clouds will be on the move here. rain will develop in the north bay and then for everybody by this evening. so the morning commute is okay. the evening commute may not be. morning fog, some sun, 60s and 70s on the temps, way below average for this time of year. it looks like we'll get a wild swing by the weekend. in the mean tame, .75 of rain around -- meantime, .75 of rain around the area. rain is the focus for this
7:50 am
evening. let's go back to developing news from the hungarian border. the situation has intensified. moments after police fired more tear gas, hundreds of migrants breaking through the fence there. these are live pictures and we're seeing something we didn't see a couple of minutes ago. look at that thick, black smoke rising in the very back of this picture. it doesn't appear to be tear gas. it looks to me like something could be on fire. this is the first scene we showed you. a couple of minutes ago, the street was clear except for a handful of people. now the street is packed. this is a different angle. you see people around on the left side, people with their mouths and noses covered. i was just looking on twitter. i did see a couple of pictures of men carrying away children who appeared to be affected by the tear gas. the children looked like they were maybe 6, 7 years old covering their mouth and eyes.
7:51 am
this all comes after this week in which hungary closed the border and put up about 200 miles of razor wire fence. police have arrested more than 500 migrants as they are trying to deal with a surge of 200 refugees this year. but these are live pictures coming to us from the border where the new fence was just put up. clearly, the situation is intensify, we'll stay on top of this and bring you more of what's happening in hungary. still ahead -- spying on your private messages. that's what twitter is accused of doing and a lawsuit has been filed in san francisco because of it. that's coming up four a 8 -- for you at 8:00. changes coming to facebook. we'll talk about a future that gives you more option when it comes to liking someone's status.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." 7:54. a video has gone file showing a fight out-- viral showing a fight outside of levi stadium after the football game between the 49ers and vikings. this may be hard to watch. it begins a vikings fan on the ground being hit by a man in a black shirt and then he's kicked by a 49ers' fan wearing a jerry rice jersey. the security guard tries to break it up. you can hear people screaming at the man to stop fighting. santa clara police started to investigate but not until we called to get more information about that fight. >> the video helps us
7:55 am
tremendously. obviously, you can see the video and see what happened. it's not really open to interpretation. >> police want anyone who saw the fight or knows more about those people on that video to call them. they say they are already talking with that minnesota vikings' fan. there was another big fight last year caught on camera inside a levi stadium bathroom. one man was seriously hurt. two others were sent to prison. in this case, police say they haven't received any reports of serious injuries. the walnut creek city council ended the meeting late last night without making a decision on whether or not a homeless shelter that wants permission to set up the national guard amie will so -- army will do so. they are specifying conditions about 30 homeless people from the trinitity to sleep in the armory. many who live in the area are opposed plan. in the end, the council decided
7:56 am
to have the trinity center and the staff work out the language of the agreement. leap is selling its last two buses. they were designed to compete with muni's stockton line. it was shut down in may by the state for operating without a permit. the examiner reports leap filed for bankruptcy in july saying it had as much as $500,000 in debt. it also reports leap transit made under $21,000 this year. facebook is about to add a new feature where you will get another way to respond to a post instead of just liking it. mark zuckerberg announced a new dislike button is coming. he wasn't clear on the exact wording of the button, instead oflike it might -- instead of dislike it might say sorry or emphasize. if you are talking about something difficult or
7:57 am
emotional, it might be easier to show. more after this. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
new this morning, firefighters have slowed the growth of that massive valley fire. the new numbers out this morning, 70,000 acres burned. that means the fire grew by 2800 acres just overnight. this morning containment is still at 30%. >> this is a dramatic difference from the tens of thousands of acres it was growing by over the weekend. but it will still take days before they really get a firm handle on the fire.
8:00 am
>> people are starting to assess the damage. we know at least 585 homes are gone. >> alex savidge, you are live in middletown. there's still a lot of work for the firefighters. >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of work to get this fire fully under control. the wet weather, we've seen some sprinkles here the last half-hour. that certainly will help. calfire is still assessing the damage, trying to tally up all of the holes lost year. nearly 600 homes -- homes lost year. nearly 600 -- 600 homes. david chu said this will likely rank one of the top five worst wildfires. >> yes. >> for california. >> yes. >> we have inspection teams gathering the information. unfortunatelying the number will be -- unfortunately, the number will be high for the homes lost. >> reporter: when do you think people will be able to return if they have a place to live?
8:01 am
>> we wish we had an answer for that. there's so much work that is still being done here. there is a lot of hot spots that are still being worked on. there are utility companies still restoring power. until the infrastructure is back in place and the safety issues with those hot spots and falling trees are out of harm's way, it's just still too dangerous to let people back. >> reporter: let's talk about how this fire may have started. you've narrowed down the point of origin to a piece of property in cobb where it started in a shed. how do you figure out what started this devastating fire? >> we have very good investigators that have had a lot of experience and training. we do these kinds of investigations for any large fire. we know that that is going to be an anxious announcement for people to want to see. but we have to express the fact that it takes time for the investigators to find out exactly what that cause is. we have to allow them the time to definitively go through and
8:02 am
rule out probabilities before they rush to an assumption. they have to prove exactly what the cause is before they will make an announcement. that takes time. >> reporter: one woman has already lost her life in this fire, 72-year-old woman, disabled, unable to get out of her home because, as we know, this fire exploded in sides very quickly. >> -- in size very quickly. >> right. >> reporter: they had very little time to escape. there are a lot of of people missing. how likely is it that the death toll will go up? >> we hope it doesn't. we're going to assist with the sheriff's office in doing a thorough search. that's ecuring now -- occurring now. we'll continue going through the areas. there are still inaccessible areas where power poles and trees are blocking roadways and driveways. those are being cleared out. so we have crews that can get back in and check those things out. >> reporter: as you said, there's no word on when people will be able to get back into this area. we know a lot of people came
8:03 am
for the brief visits yesterday. the visits continue today, correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: sheriff deputies, they will be escorting people back into the fire zone or continuing to escort people into the fire zone today and those are folks who want to check on their pets, see if their pets are still anywhere near their homes or check on livestock, horses and other animals left behind as people ran for their lives from this fire. they will do the escorts today but again, those are brief visits, 15 minutes and still the big question, the million- dollar question is how long it will be before evacuees will be allowed back into this area on a permanent basis. >> can you ask david, have they talked to the person who lives in the home next to the shed that is believed to be the origin for the valley fire? >> reporter: do you know, chief, has the person who lives in the home where this fire originated, were they home at the time and -- and has that person been talked to? >> i actually don't know the
8:04 am
answer to that. that's a good question. but i'm sure whether they were home or not, they are definitely gonna be -- have a conversation with the investigators. they need to learn all they can to help them determine what the cause was. >> reporter: but as you point out, there's gonna be no rushing to judgment here? >> no. >> reporter: despite the devastating nature of the fire, you can't rush to judgment. >> it wouldn't be fair to anybody to jump to conclusions and make assumptions because people are anxious to hear an answer. they have to hear what answer is. >> reporter: david chu appreciate you. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: back to you guys. >> thank you, alex. in about a half-hour from right now -- you heard alex -- some of the evacuate es will be -- evacuees will be escorted back to their holes. they will only -- back to their homes. they will only have 15 minutes. they want to make sure that the dogs, cats and live stock are safe. the areas we're talking about
8:05 am
are south of lower lake, communities include hidden valley lake and middletown. areas like anderson, cobb and loch lomond are still offlimits. individuals and companies are coming to the help of fire victims. pg&e is donating $250,000. they say they will match donations by the employees up to an additional $100,000. galo winery is donating $100,000 to the red cross. that will help provide food, shelter and recovery support. you can make a donation by text redcross, all one word, to 90999. that will help you make a $10 donation to the red cross. we'll continue our coverage of the valley fire all morning long. allie rasmus is where evacuees are gathering right now. very soon they will be allowed back into the neighbors to see what's left. we'll check in with her at around 8:350 this morning -- 8:30 this morning. firefighters may be getting
8:06 am
much-needed relief. >> that's rhine. steve paulson goes upstairs. let's talk about what's happening about an hour and a half north of us. >> reporter: we were -- i'm up here with sid. we were here at 7:00. it was sunny, calm. in one hour things have changed. we have increasing clouds. the breeze has cranked up. it's a south wind coming up the estuary. the clouds are starting to increase. there are a few sunbreaks. there's been light rain up in the north bay. it's just a prefrontal system. this will bring decent rain. by that i mean maybe .50 to .75. that would be at the valley fire itself, also up in mendocino county. most of this system will start to weaken as it arrives at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 for the evening commute. it will weaken considerably. there's some of that light rain -- had reports of light rain in lakeport, ukiah, willits. a couple reports around
8:07 am
grayton, cazadero. it's started. the front is offshore and will start to work its way in late morning, early afternoon. for everyone, 6:00, 8:00 tonight. rain is on the way. you will see it right there. it's on its way. but i think for the valley fire, i would not be surprised -- this will put down the fire. that's for sure, if they do indeed get .75. but i think that's something to scene an eye on -- to keep an eye on. sal, things have changed. it's kind of cold up here now. it's weird because -- i'm not sure that people know how to deal with the rain. i'm not sure that people have brought rain stuff to work. but they will have to according to the forecast. the drive won't be good. i can already tell you that just from years of experience doing this very same job. this is highway 24 in dry conditions. it's very slow. the entire morning commute has been very slow. if you are driving anywhere this afternoon, it could be a
8:08 am
really bad drive for you. try to get their early and try to get on the road as early as possible if -- possible if you are on a schedule. 30, 40-minute delay at the toll plaza. the silicon valley commute is very, very slow. 101 is backed up from blossom hill road all the way up into palo alto. southbound 101 has been slow and the dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge, still very slow getting over to the peninsula. i cannot do a traffic report without mentioning highway 4. i even got people who are on highway 4 in the local area or near highway 4 saying what's going on? earlier accidents have messed things up. give yourself extra time. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow developing news from the sesh -- from the serbian/hungarian border. you are looking at live pictures. you see the situation is much the same as it was when we
8:09 am
first looked at this -- when we looked at it a few minutes ago. a lot of people here in the street. you see a little bit of what may appear to be smoke rising in the center. about ten minutes ago, we saw thick, black smoke rising from the scene. serbia is calling on hungary for help with this desperate situation. this week, hungary closed the border and put up fire wednesday -- wire fencing. another view at the same scene, you see armored vehicles. i was looking at twitter earlier and i did see a couple of pictures of men carrying children away from the scene where the tear gas was put out and children are feeling the effects. >> very, very tense situation. still ahead, in a couple of minutes, some of the valley fire victims will be able too see their homes for the first
8:10 am
time since their -- will be able to see their homes for the first time since the fire started. we'll take you live and show you how the -- how the evacuees are holding up. it's a big night for the race for the white house. we'll get a preview of the gop presidential debate, straight from the reagan library. hey! let me help with that. [ music playing ] oh, thank you! [ laughing ] [ music continues ]
8:11 am
introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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8:13 am
welcome back. turning now to the race for the white house. we're getting ready to see republican candidates take the stage for a second time. this time in california. >> sandra endo is live in simi valley with what's happening there already this morning. hi, sandra. >> reporter: hi there. it's very exdpitting -- exciting. they are gearing up for the second showdown. the gop candidates will be squaring off in just a matter of hours here at the reagan library in simi valley. now, what is important to note, that whatever happens here tonight could shape the narrative going forward. he's a lot of people will be looking for ideas, personalty and attacks. the candidates in this field need to break out of the box, gain traction against donald trump. they say the front-runner himself needs to remain trumpesque and make any major mistakes during this debate. but clearly anything could happen on the stage here
8:14 am
tonight and we have to also keep in mind that retired neurosurgen ben carson is gaining some ground on trump. national polls show he's trailing just by a little bit against trump. it will be interesting to see the dynamics there as well as trump facing off against carly fiorina, who almost didn't make it on the main stage to the debate tonight. she made it just barely. and they've been mixing it up, those two. we'll be watching for what kind of sparks fly on the stake -- on the stage tonight. there will be the preliminary round, that kicks off at 3:00. the main round goes at 5:00. that's when we could expect some fireworks here in simi valley. reporting live, i'm san dro endo-- sandra endo, back to you. >> thank you. let's get you on the roads right now. the bridges and the roads, how are they holding up?
8:15 am
>> not that good, i'm afraid. it is going to be tough. let's take a look at some of these pictures starting off with highway 4 and that's because the traffic on highway 4 has now shifted. very slow in antioch and pittsburg. now it's slow pittsburg and baypoint and into concord. it's going to stay that way all the way into concord. 680 is a mess as you drive to highway 24. that whole area has been slow. if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see slow traffic there about a 25, 30-minute delay before you actually make it onto the span. one of the trends we've had is the nimitz freeway has been slow. now from 238 way past the coliseum. but 580 is slow almost all the way to the castro valley y. as you make your way to lakeshore, it will take you a while to get there. let's go to steve. a cold front is on the way. a what?
8:16 am
a cold front. not something we've had much talk about. we had a lot of 40s this morning. i can relate to this. this is jim who sent me this. i believe he's in san francisco. he said just an hour ago we had clear skies with epic colors. now sky is dark, not even an inch of blue. it changed fast. i noticed that as well. we were on the roof at 7:00. it was nice and sunny. now it's clouding up and the breeze has cranked up big time. i believe there will be decent amounts to the north bay, .25 to .75 of rain. a couple of projections around clearlake and middletown put about .50 plus there. i would expect that to come in later this morning, early this afternoon and for everyone else around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. for evening commute, keep that in mind. it could be a mess. the wind is already picking up. there could be pretty good gusts here later on coming up out of the south. had light rain ahead of that.
8:17 am
some reports around lakeport, also cazadero. grayton has had light rain. occidental a little bit. our system is back here. cold air support. how about that? jet stream digging in we hind that -- in behind that. our front will probably slow down. we will get some light rain ahead of that. but then the heavier rain moves in in the next couple of hours. for the morning commute we're okay. for the afternoon and evening commute, things could get dicey here. 51 seems popular. healdsburg is in there. kelseyville which made it down to 43. calistoga, 50s. some of this air is trapped. 50s and a few 60s but low, low 60s. the breeze is beginning to crank up out of the southeast ahead of the system here. storm direction if you will. it's not a storm. front direction. southeast oakland at 14. 45 in truckee.
8:18 am
49 ukiah. cold up there. 59 sacramento. there's the system. it will move in by this evening. tonight into tomorrow morning, then it will be out here. as it moves south, it will weaken but i think everybody is in on some light rain. 60s and 70s on the temps. some of these highs may be set by noon. fg will start to -- everything will start to fall apart as the system rolls in. you can feel the south wind kicking up. it looks like a warmup for the weekend. we'll focus on the rain for the north bay and lake county. >> absolutely. thank you, steve. >> any time. can i talk more about water? >> yes. >> something new to help you gauge how much water you are using of the it's -- using. it's called fluid. it's helped to understand when, where and how much water is used. the average human uses 80 to 100 gallons of water every day.
8:19 am
the founder says water bills break down usage in units instead of gallons. this device it wraps around, it snaps around a main water pipe in your house. it's connected to wi-fi. using ultrasonic technology, it sends pulses. that's how it measures water flowing through the pipe. tonight, the san francisco police commission is going to discuss the use of body cameras. it's a public meeting. it starts at 5:30 at the korean- american community center on buchanan street. the city wants all of its officers to wear the cameras. tonight, the collision is going to focus on -- commission is going to focus on whether or not police officers will be able to view the footage first before filing their police reports. the aclu said seeing video first might affect how officers recall or record events. they hope to have the policy figured out by november. santa clara county supervisors have voted in favor of equipping jail guards with body cameras. they also called for a commission to look into
8:20 am
problems in the jail. this comes in response to the beating death of an inmate last month. three deputies were arrested on murder charges. the commission would review how the staff is trained and held accountable. a controversial anti- violence program in richmond may be saving lives, also keeping young people out of jail. richmond's office of neighborhood safety was created in 200 to reduce the homicide -- in 2007 to reduce the homicide rate. it reaches out to young people believe to be connected this gun violence. the program pays them to stay out of trouble while receiving new strategies for dealing with problems. the recent study found that 94% of participants were alive. 84% had not suffered a gun- related injury and 79% had not been arrested since they you joined that -- since they joined that program. book lovers, get ready. the san francisco library is having a huge sale.
8:21 am
i love books and bargains. this is the place i should have been this morning. however, it was janine de la vega who drew the lucky straw this morning. she's live at the giant book sale and will talk about the deals you can get. but first, a major shakeup at hewlett-packard. the layoffs and this is gonna affect thousands of people. misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot
8:22 am
into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
8:23 am
female announcer: get sleep at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ twitter users are seeing that social media site for
8:24 am
allegedly reading private messages. the lawsuit claims twitter systematically read andaters messages -- andeight -- and alters messages. in a statement, twitter said, we believe the claims are meritless and we intent to fight them. major job cuts are coming to silicon valley. hewlett-packard announced another round of layoffs. pam cook is back with me to talk about where the cuts are coming from and how the markets are reacting today. >> pretty positively as terms of the markets. wile talk about that in a second. hewlett-packard announced it will eliminate 30,000 jobs from the enterprise business. now that's the spinoff of the company that it is creating. the division is set to happen in november. hp will handle the printer and pc side of the business. the business we're used to at hewlett-packard. hewlett-packard enterprise will focus on the software and
8:25 am
services. most of the 30,000 layoffs are expected to hit the enterprise side. we don't know how many jobs are here in the bay area. analysts very critical, claiming this may not be enough to stay competitive. hp has fallen behind in consumer technology, particularly in the area of cloud commuting and mobile applications. meg whitman said the cuts should eliminate the need for corporate restructuring. since she took the job, hp has laid off more than 50,000 workers. now, whitman says as a result of the latest cuts, hp will be smaller and more focused than hp is today and we will have a proud and deep portfolio of businesses. she also says the cuts over the last four years were focused on helping hp achieve a cost structure that's in line with the revenue trajectory and the new cuts will help expand the profit margin. the cuts will save an estimated
8:26 am
$2.7 billion. investors like that cost- cutting move. we've been watching the stock all morning. it was up 2% on the opening. i think when i left, you came in. it was 4%. now it's up 5%. other technology stocks are up on this news as well as investors looking at it as a positive sign when a company needs to cut costs, they do. >> and i hear the word "nimble" popping up. all of these companies talking about we can react quickly and twist and turn. >> analysts are skeptical, as i said, that this won't be enough. they think there are more cost cuts ahead for hp in particular. >> very hard. thank you, pam. 8:26. the survey of chief executive officers across the country shows they plan to hire fewer workers. they expect the us economy to grow -- the u.s. economy to grow and they are forecasting
8:27 am
that will mean a crop in the sales -- drop in sales. 32% predict decreasing employment in their u.s. locations. that's 6% more than during the summer months. looks like toys 'r' us is going to hire fewer holiday workers. they will hire about 5,000 fewer workers compared to last year. most jobs will also be part time. toys 'r' us will start to interview people for the jobses this month -- jobs this month. u.p.s. will hire as many as 95,000 employees to handle shipping and deliveries. that's about the same as last year. u.p.s. is offering both full and part halftime jobs that will run from november through january. you can apply online if you are interested. pretty important meeting that could affect what you pay for credit cards and mortgages. we'll talk about the conditions the federal reserve is considering as it decides whether to raise interest
8:28 am
rates. >> reporter: some evacuateees -- evacuees may have a chance to go back to their homes for the first time since the fire. but there are restrictions on who can and how long they can stay.
8:29 am
8:30 am
time now is 8:30. we continue our coverage of the valley fire. >> yes. the damage from the valley fire has left a sobering spirit for a lot of people in lake, sonoma and napa counties. we're seeing a lot of people finding courage and hope, smiling through all they've been through. when you take a look at what's happening on social media, check out the hashtag valleyfire, you see a lot of photos, such as this one saying nothing makes me happier
8:31 am
witnessing the bond of love during a devastating period. let's switch pictures. i don't know if you can see it but that man is wearing a black outfit that says clergy on the back. he's been going around tent to tent and talking to people, helping them through this difficult time, helping them pitch the tent like, you know, kind of the hands-on stuff as well as the heart -- heart and mind thing. this one, they are singing, "this land is your land." >> they are the spoons -- >> the guitar. >> they are spreading hope. and this one, this is a place you've been, right, we're talking about frank family vineyards. they are delivering sweatshirts. >> really? handing out new, warm sweatshirts at the evacuation site. they want to help the neighbors, those who had to
8:32 am
flee flee-- flee their homes. the frank family is well known. >> at lot of hope coming from the valley fires. a lot of people are going to have a very brief chance to go back to their homes today. >> allie rasmus is there now. what's the spirit out there this morning? >> reporter: well, we've talked to a lot of people who are making the most of thing. a gentleman said if you had come up to me yesterday and asked me the questions or asked me to talk to you, i would tell you to go away. i was in a terrible mood but today he's come to terms with the fact his house is no longer there. he knows it's no longer there. others will get a chance, some for the first time to go back to their homes, lake county sheriff deputies are supposed to be escorting people to their homes now that the fire has passed through. that process is supposed to
8:33 am
happen at 8:30. it's 8:30 right now. here at the speedway, it's supposed to start at the speedway and i can show you right now, show you live there's nobody here at the speedway. we haven't seen seen any lake county sheriff's deputies out here so far. we've drive been on -- driven on either side. supposed to start at 8:30. so far we haven't seen anyone yet. but there are restrictions on who can go back to this homes and for how long. the lake county sheriff's department says this process is for people who want to go back and either retrieve or check on their animals that they had to leave behind when they fled the fire. it's not supposed to be for people who want to return for personal items or even medication. it's just for animals they left behind. there is also a limit how long people can stay. 15 minutes tops. then they have to be escorted back here to calistoga. we talked to a couple from
8:34 am
middletown. they already learned from a neighbor that their house did not su vibe. before they -- survive. before they fled, they let the three cats back. michael wants to go back and check on them but he doesn't want to see his destroyed property. he thinks it will be a lot of cause since he only has 15 minutes to find his cats. >> if we had a home standing, it might r more likely that the -- might be more likely. but they are fleeing the flames. >> reporter: in a half an hour, lake county sheriff deputies -- 8:30, right now is when lake county sheriff deputies are supposed to be starting this process of escorting people back to their homes in middletown and other areas. again, it's supposed to start here at the speedway. that's what we've been told by sheriffs. but we don't see anyone out here right now. but for folks who want to take advantage of this, they will
8:35 am
have to show proof of address and residence. this is really just for people who want to go back and check on their animals and their pets they left behind. not a chance for people to pick up personal belongings. we'll stay out here longer and find out where this is supposed to be happening. 8:30 is when it's supposed to happen. >> it's amazing how you described a little bit of distance and time between you and the immediate tragedy that change your mood and how you feel about it and how you react to others about it. >> reporter: right. like the gentleman i talked to this morning, he said time heals a lot of wounds. he said 24 hours ago, i was in no condition for you to talk to me. today it's a different story. you can see he even had a smile on his face when we were talking. >> good to hear. thank you. we know that several people have been arrested by the lake county sheriff's office accused of hooting homes. roy sterling moore was arrested
8:36 am
yesterday. he was acting nervous deputies say when they found him inside a car in cobb. they say he had a backpack with tools commonly used for burglaries as well as a broken bb gun that looked like a semi- automatic handgun. we're getting positive news on the other fire burning in northern california. a short time ago, calfire said containment of the butte fire went up overnight from 40% to 45%. the fire also isn't getting any better. the size is still 71,780 acres. here's something different -- we know individuals and companies are helping. sutter help is donating $300,000 for the relief efforts. that money will be shared by the red cross, mental health services and other local agencies. pg&e is donating $250,000 and says it's gonna match donations by its employees up to an extra $100,000. the galo winery donating $100,000 to the red cross. that money will provide food,
8:37 am
shelter and recovery support. you can also make a donation if you like. you can text red cross at 90999 to make a $10 donation. if you go to our website,, we have a long list of ways to help the victims. you can find that list and all of our fire coverage right there on the front page. 8:37. a very busy morning on "mornings on 2." >> weather is a big part of it. steve has your forecast. >> rain is on the way. not until about 5:00, 6:00. although the clouds are increasing, sun to the south. clouds to the north. we've had a little bit of rain. very light, a couple 1/100ths to 4/100ths. kind of intermittent. prefrontal stuff coming in. it looks like light rain around cloverdale, geyserville, upper lake. it's kind of scattered and light right now. a lot of cloud cover out ahead of it. it's a cool pattern. our front is back here.
8:38 am
has some cold air support. it's not going to arrive for many until the evening commute. so we made it through the morning just find except for a few areas to the north. there will be decent amounts. by that i mean .50 to .75 around ukiah. would not surprise me. even into marin county, i would think .25 and then napa county. after that it will tail off. it will fall apart as it moves to the peninsula and the south bay. that may not be are until about 7:00, 8:00. cloud cover is out ahead of it. that's back here. increasing clouds throughout the day. breezy to windy at times and temperatures will be held in check out of the southeast, out of the south, everything is turning into the storm direction. south-southeast, sfo is in there. hayward and livermore. that's a cool breeze for many. cloud cover on way. cloudy with rain developing in the north first and then for everyone by this evening. as it moves south it will weaken. 60s and 70s on our temps.
8:39 am
i will say it one more time, sal, that evening commute may be tough. >> you have to be very patient when you drive home from work with everybody else who is not as good of a driver as you are. i know this. it will be crowded. let's take a look at what we have. it's still dry as you come into the bay bridge toll plaza. it's about a 25, 035-minute delay before you make it on -- 35-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. we haven't had any major problems here. we're looking at slow traffic on 880 heading north. traffic is slow from 238. southbound 880 at 92 getting word of a new collision just came in a few moments ago as you head down to hayward. as a matter of fact, you look at the east bay, it's all lit up with red and red means slow traffic. it slows all the way down of there's one solid line. today there's no break. it's slow from oakland into san jose. and it's a brutal commute in the south bay as well.
8:40 am
you know, take a deep breath. if you have to drive your car, urknow what you are dealing with. back to the desk. >> thank you. let's take a look at money and business. we paid a little bit less for a variety of products in august. consumer prices slipped 1/10% last month. the first decline in seventh -- seven months. i the report that the federal reserve is going to consider today is starting a two-day policy meeting taking the numbers we just talked about into consideration here. the fed will decide whether they will boost interests. janet yellen says the decision will be -- will boost interest rates. janet says the decision will be based on employment levels and wage increases. a survey showed economists are split on whether or not the rate will go up. the announcement will come
8:41 am
tomorrow. the last fed rate increase was nine years ago. san francisco-based wells fargo has plans to help 500,000 hispanics become homeowners. it will loan $125 billion to the hispanic community during the next ten years. at the end of last year, 45% of hrblth households owned their homes compared to three quart -- hispanics owned their homes compared to three quarters of other individuals. the hispanic population will be the fastest growing group in the united states. wal greens is the latest -- wall greens is latest -- walgreens is teaming up with post mates to offer delivery for a flat rate fee of $4.99. 600 stores will provide the service. post mate already delivers for companies, including et --
8:42 am
etsy, starbucks and chip boat -- chipotle. fed-ex will raise their rate 5%. just in time for the holidays, the cost for oversized packages, they are going up, too. that charge takes effect november 2nd. apple is delaying the release of the new operating system for the apple watch. apple told the mashable website, we have found a bug in development of watch os-2. it's taking longer to fix than we expected. apple says the release will happen shortly. now, analysts say the main change in the operating system will be allowing third-party developers to access the watch hardware with their apps. raymond "shrimp boy" chow will face his own racketeering trial. initially, you will remember, he was set to be tried along with seven others. but those codefendants eterred
8:43 am
guilty pleas -- entered guilt qli pleas yesterday -- guilty pleas. his attorney asked for a separate trial saying the guilty pleas would jeopardize his right to a fair trial. the judge agreed. the dean of stanford university eight school of business is resigning because of a scandal involving an affair with a former professor's estranged wife. he plans to step down next summer. he will stay on the faculty. he started a relationship with the wife of professor james fills who is also a faculty member after the couple separated three years ago. fills was fired last year after the school says he took several leaves of absence and didn't come back to work. fills is suing stanford for wrongful termination. san jose police released a sketch of a homicide suspect
8:44 am
from killing -- from a killing last month. they've only identified him as latino, made to late 20s. he was wearing a red shirt and khaki color requested pants. the victim -- colored pants. the victim was found in the middle of lavon avenue near south sunset avenue on august 23rd. he had been shot at least once. he was pronounced dead there at the scene. if you have any information, call san jose police. 8:44. the would. who survived that on-air shooting in virginia is speaking out for the first time. she says her decision to play dead likely saved her life. vicki gardner was being interviewed when a former television station employee walked up and opened fire. reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were killed. the gunman later killed himself. gardner says she saw him out of the corner of her eye, then chaos. >> then i saw movement and
8:45 am
gunfire, lots and lots of gunfire. and, you know, from that point, it was -- it was very chaotic. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. and then it was quiet. it was early in the morning. >> she was shot in the back. a bullet narrowly missed her spine. she was just released from the hospital last week. >> what a story. 8:45. gasia, today is a big day for "mornings on 2." i know you have to get out of here, wheabs hey -- what's ahead? >> we're following up on the valley fire. evacuees are heading up in the neighborhood. we have harrison barnes. he's surprising some oakland elementary school students. i love his message. it's about staying in school, reading and being successful. and we had tara at the american
8:46 am
idol auditions yesterday. tara can sing. christien kafton, i don't know. he went to -- to one of those companies that helps your voice out. he is ing "-- he's singing" bad blood." we'll see how much the magicians could tune up his voice and the question could they make us into star singers. we'll try to get that answered. that's coming up at 9:00. i hope you join us for that. >> looking forward to it. 8:46. also coming up -- what san jose is studying when it comes to the cost of living and minimum wage. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco surrounded by thousands and thousands of used books. find out what all of these are doing here at fort mason and why you may want to come down here. we're still looking at a bridge commute that's not
8:47 am
optimal. it's getting better on your way to the peninsula. it looks like rain is on the way. not for a while but it's going to come in later today. we'll talk about that and some amounts in the north bay which could be decent. blant
8:48 am
8:49 am
welcome back to "mornings
8:50 am
on 2." i know you like a good bargain. today you can find a lot of them in san francisco at what's called the big book sale. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega, live at fort mason now. organizers call this the biggest book sale on the west coast. so what kind of bargains are they offering? >> reporter: oh, everything is $3 or less. and look what i found. charlotte's web. i mean, they have all sorts of books in here, over 500,000 books and right now, the volunteers are actually sorting out all of the different categories. there is about 100 different categories can of books, children's, fictions. but there's not just books. there are cds and dvds. i want to show you this. check this out, what i found. it's a record, 1973 earth wind and fire. a lot of gems you can find. to find out more about this sale that's put on by the
8:51 am
friends of the san francisco public library, we go to katherine. people line up for this. i mean, why is that? are there some gems you can find? >> there are a lot of hidden treasures. you never know what you are gonna find. a whole assortment. >> reporter: you were telling me last year, somebody found something that could be super valuable? >> he had an original dante found. you don't know what you will find. we price everything to sell, $3 or less. you can get real lucky in the sale. >> reporter: thank you so much, katherine, with friends of the san francisco public library. i want to mention the doors open at 10:00 a.m., lasts in the 6:00 a.m. if you wait until sunday, everything in here is a dollar. so that is quite a bargain and coming up in the 9:00 hour we'll tell you how you can win some prizes. you will hear more about that if you come down here -- if you listen in the 9:00 hour. but it's stuff that you don't
8:52 am
want to miss. >> all right, janine de la vega in san francisco. thank you. let's go to sal right now. check the roads. you are watching the toll plaza, sal. how does it look? >> it's very slow. we're looking a at the -- at the bridges. people who have to travel across the bridge, they have extra stress to their morning commute. we're starting with the toll plaza and cueing up up here for a 25 -- up here for a 25, 30- minute delay at the toll plaza. there are no major problems but there's waiting. we're looking at the san mateo bridge. this has become a little bit better but there's slow traffic waiting for you on the peninsula. the south bay is very, very slow. we don't have any breaks here. getting into the valley, if you have a job in sunnyvale, cupertino or palo alto, as you know, by now, it's gonna be slow. let's go to steve. >> that seems to have gotten worse by the day. >> it has. let's take a look. increasing clouds already. some sun. you are okay for the morning for most unless you are minutes north. it's -- points north.
8:53 am
it's cool out there. the breeze is out of the southeast. that's the front direction and looks to be decent amounts to the north. far less as we get to the south. a lot of this will fall apart as it moves from san francisco, concord, oakland south. but .25 to .75 would not shock me up in mendocino county, lake county. south of that, .25 to .50. the wind is already picking up. i expect that to see pretty good exwusts. the front has move -- gusts. the front has moved on. there's been very light rain. we could get some light rain. we're talking about the front. that will arrive for the evening commute. been light stuff ahead of this. been -- been a couple 1/100ths and a little bit into lake county. more than a little bit is on the way. this is what we're waiting for back here. that's the enhancement on the front. it's coming from the north bay.
8:54 am
by the time it arrives, it starts to move south. it will lose a lot of the oomph. 50s, 60s. cool morning for some. cold. some of that cold air will get trapped up in the north bay. southeast at 14. south at concord. and a very robust southerly breeze is beginning to work its way in. 45 up in truckee. snow level is 7500, 8,000. the system will weaken rapidly. 49 ukiah. cold up there. cloud cover on the way. heaviest rain will be to the north. far less to the south. morning low clouds. you can go from sunny to cloudy in 45 minutes. does it feel cool to cold. 60s to 70s on the temps. farther south, not much. there will be some okay rainfall to the north. and i think even around middletown, clearlake there could be .50 of rain. be prepared. that's good. that would put the fire down. be prepared for more than just a little bit of rain. >> all right, steve.
8:55 am
thank you. we'll take a break and be right back. what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero? with three authentic italian deli meats; spiced capicola, a cracked- pepper-seasoned mortadella and spicy genoa salami. enjoy it while it's here! subway. eat fresh.
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welcome back. the city of san jose is moving toward creating consensus for a county-bide wide -- county-wide minimum wage hike. this comes after a move by the santa clara city's association, they are studying the impact of a higher minimum wage on business and economic growth.
8:58 am
we'll give you a look at "mornings on 2," the 9. you can see our colleagues in the studio and we have a new addition to the ktvu team. we'll debut and we'll get political commentary ahead of the gop debate from san francisco chronic's debra sanders. that's all coming up next. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap.
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. firefighters making progress in the fight against the valley fire. we'll have the latest numbers from the front lines as more evacuees get their first look today at what, if anything, the fire left behind. >> and since 1994 he's covered breaking news, crime in the courts for the san francisco chronicle. now


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