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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 16, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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new video from burning mansur fass and then goes straight down when -- >> the gopro falls off the drone. >> see what happens when it's picked up and get the real story of what's shaking here. a brave guy investigates after tenants heard -- >> something up above. >> the discovery not for scaredy cats. >> go find out what that is up there. no, actually. nah. the crowd's going wild for a young super athlete. >> he finished the entire mile in 14 minutes. >> now meet the 10-year-old always up for the challenge. >> when he heard there was a
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race, he was willing to do it. >> plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and rtm favorite and wingsuit legend jeb corliss joins us in the flesh. our first-ever guest host helping us break down viral videos like this wingsuit selfie. >> some super geniuses got together and decided let's combine the two. >> why that is one scary idea. >> oh, geez! >> sounds like she's enjoying herself. >> yes, having a good time. >> let's head on over to burning man and get really high. into the air with a gopro mounted on a drone. this thing flying up overhead. what a great place to fly a drone. the gopro falls off the drone, goes plummeting down right into the festivities down below. just gets kicked around. and then boom. what do you think? >> the real party starts because
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now all of these people are going to start taking selfie. >> of course you're going to take it right into that dance fest going on, and off they go. >> you parachuted into this mad max dance party. it's interesting that the camera didn't, like, not only not break, but you actually see it impact, not even skip, then someone walks over, picks it up and smoothly just goes through and transitions. it's almost like it's planned with an indedestructible camera. >> are you questioning this? >> no. no, i think it's valid, but it's just amazing that a camera can survive an impact like that from that altitude and it didn't hit someone. >> terry uploaded this video on his youtube channel. what's that name? >> we've had other videos that looked legit but this is a big toil setup. you were on to something. >> sneaky. >> you were on to something, mr.
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corli corliss. this video, as believable as it is -- >> that looked real. >> i would like to see the behind the scenes. although what doesn't make sense is how does a gopro come off a drone? a retirement village was served in australia because they were hearing the pitter patter of something up above. so she called sunshine coast. they evacuate. snakes and other critters from conspicuous places in people's homes. >> did you say australia? >> yes. >> worst job in the world. go find out what that is up there. no, actually. nah. >> all evil animals on earth, everything's poisonous. everything wants to kill you. >> he's going up there. you see that right there? >> it's a monitor lizard. >> it is a lace monitor. richie's, like, let me crawl over and get this little creature. once he grabs him, you can hear what the people living there heard when it starts walking across the ceiling.
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>> that's how ghost stories come up. >> a freaking monitor. >> once they put it in a tub, they're going to take it and release it. before they do that, they want to give it some water because it's been up in that hot attic for quite a while. >> you can tell he's australian. >> yeah, finally the lizard's, like, you know what? thanks for the water. crawled over the bowl. >> gone. >> what cracks me up is they don't like it. >> that's a little tree, buddy. you picked the wrong tree. >> this animal went wild in the er in brazil. >> is he having a child? is this labor and delivery? >> he's having what you call a conniption fit over a rat. there is a rat in the er in this hospital in brazil. a nurse is shooting the video. she wouldn't give her name, but a clerk at the hospital talked to local media. she says they're having a rat
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epidemic. of course, the ministry of health was talked to about this. and they said oh, it's an isolated incident. >> well, guys, you know, online, selfies are very, very popular. >> yeah. >> also, wingsuits have become very, very popular. >> no. >> yes. and some super geniuses got together and decided let's combine the two. oh, i should probably mention that when you do a selfie like this, it's very dangerous. okay, that's pretty gnarly, right? one wingsuit pilot buzzes over her head probably five feet above it. but i think they wanted to go a little bit further. and instead of one wingsuit pilot, actually 15 fly over. >> did you hear how that sounded? that wasn't even a jet engine. >> the wind is very extreme. the wind actually starts moving the ground around her. watch as it continues how much more frightening it gets because they consecutively get closer.
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>> [ bleep ]. >> sounds like she's enjoying herself. >> yeah, she's having a good time. >> oh! >> that one was very close. >> wow! >> they're actually doing this not just to get a selfie and just to show how awesome it is to watch wingsuit pilots fly over someone on the ground, but they're doing it for a project called which is basically base jumping for charity. they're doing these things to create viral videos to help people this third-world countries deal with social issues. >> have you flown this line? >> i have never flown this line, but 15 of these guys are my close friends. >> what makes it so dangerous? because she is out of the way. >> she's out of the way, but if a wingsuit pilot miscalculated, they could impact her. and you can see the fear in her. it's not a perceived danger. it's a very real danger because these pilots are coming at very low altitudes and very high speeds. and if they miscalculate, she's in just as much danger as they are. >> most people try to look beautiful. all of hers are --
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it's giveaway time, and jeb is going to help me give away today's ipad mini. >> okay. to enter, you'll need wednesday's buzz word. you need to be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by for rtm ipad mini-giveaway. i have a little daily motivation for all of you in the form of this amazing video. this is in pennsylvania. there's a one-mile race going on. >> go, logan! go, buddy! go, logan! >> oh, wow! >> and that's 10-year-old logan taylor. he was born with cerebral palsy. he's usually in a wheelchair, but every once in a while, he'll use this walker to participate in a variety of activities. he wanted to run the market street mile. and you know what? you're going to be shocked when
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you learn that he finished the entire mile in 14:16. >> he's more of a sprinter because he was going quick. >> he was motoring. his legs were going like crazy. >> that's so awesome. >> now, this race is all in support of the local university for scholarships for their track and field team. i know we have a ton of questions, and we want to meet this little guy. so joining us via skype right this minute, we have logan and his dad. welcome to the show, guys. >> hey! [ applause ] >> is logan always this happy? he looks like he's a really happy boy. >> seems like permanently stoked and excited, which is cool. >> go, logan! go, buddy! >> can you tell us a little bit more about his personality? >> logan is very outgoing. sometimes he can be a little shy. and he loves sports and any kind of sports activity. so when he heard there was a race, he was willing to do it.
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>> go, logan! >> logan, i have a question for you now. you ran one mile in this race. do you think you could run maybe a 5k, which is 3.1 miles? >> no, you don't think you could run a 5k? i think you could. >> i definitely think you could. >> logan has done 4 1/2 for a therapy ride for their charity fund. >> there you go. that's more than 5k. >> hey, logan, what's your favorite sport? what would you like to play next? >> hockey. >> oh. >> hockey, nice. >> is it because of the fighting? >> yes. >> there we go. >> that's what i like best about it, too. keep kicking butt, logan. >> bye, logan! >> thanks, buddy! >> go, logan! not only is he an extreme athlete, but now he's got a few
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role. >> i was consulted for the winged suit flying sequences, and i have cameos in the movie as well. >> stay tuned as he breaks it down for the movie "point break." and a sandwich like no other. >> it takes six months to make and costs $1500. >> find out the mind-blowing process next. >> wow!
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closed captioning provided by -- 's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ extreme sports are beautifully coming together in this film, "point break." which is a remake of the 1991 "point break" with patrick swayze and keanu reeves. this time it's a new cast, lou, ray winstone and edgar ramides. it is jam packed with stunts. you have surfing. you have snowboarding. >> we also have an "rtm" host. >> i can't get anything past you guys. yes, you did notice jeb corliss. he were participated as a consu, right? >> i was a consultant and i have
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cameos in the movie as well. >> oh, cool. >> that already makes me feel better about this remake because the first one so classic because they showed it all. now they do too much tv. i'm thinking if you're involved, then it's got to be real. >> what's ha erickson wanted, that this time around they did stunts for real. they wanted to bring in laird hamilton as the big wave surfer and the climbers are all the best climbers in the world, snowborders, the best, and they put together one of the greatest winged suit flying sequences i've ever seen. >> so neat to see this now transition to the big screen and just wow audiences like that. >> when you're making a movie that has a cult following, you're going to have to do it justice. when this hits the big screen, i think people are going to sit back and go, wow! >> so when does the movie come out? >> it's going to be christmas. christmas this year. all right, jeb. you may not know this about
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kristi ann, but she loves her a summit. kristi ann, i've got a sandwich for you that may be too much for you because it makes six months to make and costs $1500. >> take something as simple as a sandwich, make everything from scratch itself. that's what i'm going to try and do. >> this is from the how to make everything channel. you're going to be eating the sandwich. you need salt. where else, the ocean. boil that water, ee vab rate, you're left behind salt. >> wow. >> home make your pickles, milk a cow. make the cheese. makes a huge mess. make the honey. where's it from? >> bees. >> exactly. puts on the bee outfit, goes and gets himself some honey, makes himself some butter. then there's the bread. you've got to make that bread from scratch. step 14. chicken. you've got to go get yourself a chicken. and then step 15, six months later, assemble the sandwich.
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>> wow! >> no, six months later you're dead. >> well, you're going to be really hungry. >> 15 steps, 6 months of preparation, $1500. how good we think the sandwich is going to be? >> it's not bad. >> it's not bad! yay! a street race between american muscle and japanese import. >> a 350-z pulls up next to you. a dodge challenger. >> but see what happens when things take an unexpected turn. >> oh! plus, the wednesday buzz word for a shot to win an ipad now, let's talk about lancaster. classic caramel reimagined into buttery rich creams. so surprisingly soft, they melt in your mouth, while you sit back and say, "wow." lancaster,caramel reimagined. allergy medicine that may make scthem drowsy? only children's claritin provides non-drowsy
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dodge. however, he quickly sees the cherries and berries. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> that's right. entrapment. >> oh, that's awesome. >> at the light, he's going, hi. >> bust. >> wow! >> that's great. >> but at the next light, the officer pulls back up and said, no ticket. do you want to race again? and the guy was, like, no, thanks. the guy running down the street clearly aware that the police are chasing him. this is in poland. up onto the sidewalk, merely missing a pedestrian. he came upon a police checkpoint. he just didn't want to stop. police are catching up to this car as he gets into traffic. another in the way. police there are slamming into the side, spinning that car out. and now it takes a few seconds for these guys to bust out the window and drag this guy out.
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police found a 30-year-old man behind the wheel. and according to reports, they did a breathalyzer. he passed. of ththink of your favorite whether it's a perfume ad, clothing, whatever. think of it. imagine now that same ad with just regular people. not those hot, perfectly sculpted models. >> models suck. >> how to tell right now? >> i do not smell good. >> my feet stink. >> there is so much smoke and mirrors. the amount of stuff that goes into the lighting, the hair, the outfits, the makeup. >> the photoshop. they don't even look like that. >> being naked and people walking around. but at the same time, it starts to get empowering after a while. like you can see, like, my scars and stuff, but i kind of like that. like yeah, we all have scars. >> i'm going to say this. >> they're real human beings.
2:53 pm
that's what a real person looks like. >> my dad is indian and my mom is white. kids would tell me i was adopted. this experience really allowed me to embrace my skin color. >> we are about to recreate some ads. >> i'm not putting on a bra and panties. >> this is so lame. all right. >> irresistible. >> quite simple, jeb, it's just -- mouth open. >> hold on. >> close your eyes. open your mouth. >> i thought her eyes were open. >> they're closed. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you need the buzz word, you need to be 18 and a legal u.s. resident. >> and then head on over to, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz
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word. it is lesson. >> so get on over to click on the win ipad button. enter wednesday's buzz word, lesson, l-e-s-s-o-n. >> and one day later this week, we're going to have a bonus giveaway. we'll also be giving away a flat-screen tv, so tune in and good luck, everyone. a prankster decides to put together a social experiment. >> thank you, man. appreciate it so much. i like that team. >> when a blind panhandler is no longer blind -- >> calm down, dude.
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>> look at that. panhandlers. to some we can't help but see them, but there are others that can't but ignore them. jack vail has pointed out there's more than one particular kind of panhandler it's very easy to ignore. >> recently i saw a blind man panhandling. what struck me is how many people don't acknowledge him. >> he's going to put together one of his experiments. the great thing about jack is he always likes to put a little comedy twist in there. >> thank you, man. appreciate it. thank you so much. i like that team. >> wait, wait. sorry. what did you just say? >> my hat? >> no, no, no. i just like hockey. >> you don't want to insult the guy. >> or you give him the benefit of the doubt. or maybe he's only legally blind
2:57 pm
which means he can still see some. >> or you think he's ripping you off. he's not blind at all. he's just trying to get sympathy. >> thank you so much. appreciate that, redhead. are you a photographer? >> kind of. >> my son has a similar camera. >> camera. hang on. >> but wait. >> can i ask why you have a cane and glasses? >> oh, i'm blind. >> so -- okay. >> what -- what? >> okay. well, i hope your eyes get better. >> i think she realizes he's not blind. >> a lot of people look angry that he was faking. >> and the anger does appear. >> [ bleep ]. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! dude, dude, calm down, dude. >> quickly jack pulls off the glasses before he gets punched in the face and lets the guy off the hook. this is the example that he's talking about. about how it's too easy to ignore. >> is there someone there? >> he doesn't say anything. so jack decides to sit down.
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>> that dude could have said hello. >> it isn't just the experiment, but at the same time, it's a lot of fun. thanks for spending time with us today. we'll see you next time on "right this minute." are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: so if you think you have heard the worst 9/11 scams, you haven't. you have not by any stretch because this is going to shock you. there is a guy names steve rannazzisi who is on the leigh. he is an actor. charles: by the way, he is a very funny guy. personally, i love "the league," it's a hysterical show. i have loved him on it for years. what he confessed about 9/11 has made me rethink at least what i think about steve. harvey: we're first going to let you hear what he


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