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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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authorities are getting ready to let people return to their homes. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news -- ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. officials confirm the bodies of two more people have been discovered in the vale fire -- valley fire. this comes in addition to the death of barbara mcwilliams. containment is 35%. and elementary school will reopen tomorrow with similarity attendance for those -- voluntary attendance for those effected by the fire. >> the danger is not over but some people rulowed to go home -- people are allowed to go home. ktvu's tom vacar, most people think the worse is over but they are still very concerned. he ktvu ipad app is ready to download. you can watch ktvu channel 2 news live, traffic, bay area weathe r and video of breaking news, anytime, anywhere. very concern -- the ktvu ipad app is ready to download.
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you can watch ktvu channel 2 news live, traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news, anytime, anywhere. they are very -- >> reporter: they are very concerned. some things started reigniting and that is a big issue, which is why they will be slow letting people back in. the first of thousands being allowed -- are being allowed back in. it is not just to comdate those evacuees but police want more eyes on the ground looking for luters. . >> people are luting in the areas. our best defense is not patrols, the best defense is getting people back home. >> reporter: while the rain helped the rains are now gone and hot weather will be back tomorrow and throughout the weekend. because of that cal fire has 3600 firefighters on the lines. a thousand more than yesterday. >> a lot of the oak trees are
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out there, they are burnt out. it will take hire temperatures, which we are expecting to spark those trees off and then we could be off to the races again. >> reporter: that battle continues. the bodies of two men were found where they lived. the sheriff's office issued a statement saying it presumes the victims are bruce, the other is presumed to be a 69- year-old. a former newspaper reporter and business man. this week officials found the body of barbara mcwilliams, a retired teacher but the search for more fatalities continues to go on. >> we have a couple more confirmed missing people that we suspect will become victims and we are running into situation wheres things require a -- situation wheres things
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require a second look. officers and deputies and firefighters are seeing things that are indicative of people that may thought have made it. >> reporter: take a look. these are homes that had fire above them. they are still in the evacuation area and that is ripe for luters, of which four of those folks have been arrested by police and they are now -- and there are now pending charges. as they let more people back in there will be more eyes. some of the areas are not air is because if you get winds and embers you could have fire all over again. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i don't know if you had a chances to drive through downtown middletown but i know a lot of the buildings down there survived. what is it like downtown? are businesses back open? are people downtown? >> reporter: slowly but surely. there were some people who didn't leave and several stores
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are open because they need to service the people coming back and the firefighters and the police officers and all the other support staff. meningy stores are open -- many stores are own as well as cobb. the idea is to get them back on. i can tell you some of the stop lights are operating again in middletown. many places have open signs but they are not open because when they evacuated they just shut the door and left. there are businesses open. this is starting to get back to normal. and in a few days, a few weeks most of the people will be back. >> so far to go with all the homes destroyed. tom vacar, thank you. a man identified today as the second person killed in the butte fire burning in amador and calaveras counties. the latest figures show the
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fire consumed 71,000 acres. it is 41% contained. today we learned a man was the second victim to die in the fire. he was a composer and a music teamer. the first victim was a 65-year- old. the butte fire destroyed 250 homes. 6400 others are still being threatened. there is no word on an exact cause but pg&e said it is looking into the possibility the fire was sparked by a tree that came in contact walive wire. -- with a live wire. tomorrow the three santa jail deputies will gebefore a judge. will go observe a judge. prosecutors say they have evidence that suggest a history of violence among the guards. ktvu's azenith smith tells us what one guard admitted. >> reporter: papers miled at
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the courthouse -- filed at the courthouse revealed disturbing evidence in the case of three jail deputies killing middletown. they lay out assaults on inmates including one minutes before middletown's attack. -- before michael tyree's attacking. a month prior a series of texts@,. [ indiscernible ] another text, i love 6a, no cameras. he responds no way, i slapped a guy yesterday. he said or else what. i slammed him. he wrote i told them i bet your parents never spanked you but i will. >> when you see the text messages, that means this was
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planned. >> reporter: he agrees with the district attorney's office to keep the guards in jail because they pose a flight risk. >> the best thing for the community is to keep them away till the trial is over. locked up. under key and under watch. >> reporter: torns for the three -- attorneys for the three argue they should be able to submit bail. a wife writes they have an 11- month-old with health issues and he is said to have rud up inmates on three -- roughed up up -- azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. . the couple at the center of a kidnapping case took the first step in filing a lawsuit against the city. ktvu fox 2 news reporter henry lee with more on this.
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>> reporter: the couple at the center of the case filed a claim today against the city saying the police department damaged their reputation and caused them emotional distress when they were branded as hoaxsters in their abduction. denise huskins says she was kidnapped from her home. police searched for her. she turned up hundreds of miles away in southern california and the police soon held a news conference accusing her and her boyfriend of ark straiting the whole thing -- of orchestrating the whole thing. the police did in fact issue apology letters to the couple. we apologize and regret comments made by the police department during the initial kidnapping investigation. while the calls were based on our mind -- these comments were based on our findings at the
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time they were harsh and offensive. >> . >> law enforcement officers place a verbal tattoo on someone and says you are a hoaxster, you madged a crime. -- imagined a crime, the law hopefully will provide compensation for that person. >> reporter: police and officials declined to comment today. they have six months to respond to the claim. if it is rejected they will file a lawsuit. >> take us back. what was it like, when you were receiving the e-mails from a person saying they were the suspect, what was that like for you? >> reporter: pretty bizarre to get the e-mails at all hours of the day and night, long e-mails from someone purporting to be the kidnapper, saying it is ridiculous she is not believed, that the police are thinking she made it up. i am getting all this
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information, not sure if i am being played. >> the details of the case sounds like it belongs in a movie. what do we know about them? how are they doing? >> reporter: we have learned today that denise huskins finished her internship at kaiser, aaron quinn is still with kaiser. doing the best they can. trying to piece their lives together. >> henry lee, thank you. san francisco firefighters going above and good b yond to -- and beyond to help victims of the valley fire. what they are doing for the kids. >> i froze. >> from breaking up a plot on a french train to the white house, the big day for three northern california heroes. a man hoping to open a gun shop denied. why she claiming he and -- he is claiming he and his business
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are being singled out. >> showers yesterday. fog returning. and 93 we warm up. fire -- and now we are warming up. fire danger and the second couple days. ♪ it's the final countdown!
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a small business owner is consider filing a lawsuit against daly city. he says he is being singled out because he wants to open a store that would repair and sell guns. ktvu's cristina rendon explains why he feels he is treated unfairly. >> reporter: for months he has been renovating this space. envisioning it as the future spot of his gun repair shop. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: but it didn't make
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sense to these woman who gathered signatures in opposition of the store. [ indiscernible ] >> i cannot sport this at this time. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this week counsel members voted to deny him a use permit. now he is considering suing the city. >> everyone on the staff of the city to my knowledge was behind us. >> reporter: what happened? >> politics. >> reporter: he delayed the vet on the use permit last month to give the city time to research the store and the owner but he says big box stores weren't required to get a use permit. >> i think that is unfair. >> reporter: attorneys for the nra called the requirement unlawful. still he went above and beyond to meet the conditions,
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installing security measures, blacked out windows, motion sensors and cameras. >> cameras in the front, the back. metal doors. >> reporter: at the scattered storms meeting he spoke -- at the city counsel meeting he spoke out. by a 3-2 vote he was denied. >> we support those three people that did vote against. >> reporter: ktvu made attempts to contact the three counsel members. two feel he was treated unfairly. one released a statement saying by voting to deny is not different than what the clerk of kentucky is doing. there is no legal basis. >> i have a wife, i have kids. i am -- you know, i need to
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take care of them. it is hard. >> reporter: he is working with attorneys to figure out their next move. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. the white house welcomed the three californians responsible for stopping a mass shooting on a paris bound train last month. >> because of their courage, quick thinking, teammate work, it is fair to say a lot of people were saved. >> the three men from the sacramento area worked with a man to restrain a gunman who opened fire on board a train. their efforts led to world wide recognition. the french president thanked them for their quick thinking. that is the highest honor in the country. president obama said they
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showed the best of american character to the whirl. >> a moment -- world. >> a moment in time i froze. looked at him for a second. >> cool guy. >> after the meeting they made a trip to the pentagon for an award ceremony. there they honored spencer stone, alek skarlatos, and anthony sadler. >> something when you think about what they did and how they put their lives -- they could have been killed. we want to go to napa. a town hall meeting just started at the calistoga fairgrounds. thousands of people up there have been evacuated as a result of the valley fire. we are going to listen in here. >> napa county fairgrounds
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people -- [ indiscernible ] [ cheers and applause ] >> napa county emergency management team helped us out here. thank you, guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> of course, as the mayor said we ever hundreds and hundreds of volunteers coming in every day to help the relief efforts here. we couldn't do this without them. thank you guys so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> adjust quick note about dinner. i know some of you are concerned about the meals. we have a special meal being cooked today. because of the pledge of the meeting they will -- length of the meeting they will continue to cook -- [ indiscernible ] >> is that better? [ cheers and applause ] >> i am going to -- [
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indiscernible ] >> dinner will be served from 5:30 p.m. to whenever you are done eating. [ cheers and applause ] >> the red cross services that are being provided here i wanted to assure you won't stop when everyone returns home. we know people from napa county returned home today and we will hear more about lake county in a bit. when you return red cross will be there. don't think when this shuts down red cross goes away. we will continue to go in the areas and help all those people that need help. we will be here for the long haul, okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> animal care on site is amazing. [ indiscernible ] plug for the petaluma people that are here. [ cheers and applause ] >> they are behind us.
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they are managing that every day. if you have animal or animal needs or supplies that are needed, they might have them. okay? red cross will be here, thank you for your time and good luck. >> this is going on right now at the fairgrounds in calistoga. talking about all of the volunteers and how they made a difference and how the red cross is there now and always going to be there, even when they go back to their homes in lake county. that fairgrounds turned into a tent city. probably a thousand or more people there who have been evacuated from the valley fire, living in tents. that is all they have. >> we talked to tom vacar, talked about long term plans. they can't stay there forever, people have no other place to go. now they are looking forward, what is next.
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>> they have boothsset up as well -- boths set up as well to -- booths set up as well to talk about insurance. long road ahead. we will monitor that. we will keep you mosted if you learn more -- posted if we learn more information. our chief meteorologist bill martin, yesterday we were talking about rain and today is warmer. >> today is warmer and it will continue to warm into the weekend. which raises the fire concerns again. fire danger is coming back up but not before we got the showers yesterday. that was great. talk about a lifesaver. the showers on the fires in northern california we saw half inch, 3/4 inch where the fire zone is. that helps firefighters out. puts the fire down. that helped. now we heat up. fog along the coast.
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we are heating up. high pressure is coming back in. fog, the coastal fog, valley fog too, fair weather pattern. the high pressure building back in. the high pressure, as you see here, will increase the temperatures over yesterday and over today and tomorrow. 12 degrees warmer in fairfield. 17 degrees warmer in santa rosa. 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures continue to warm. it will get warm around here into your bay area saturday and sunday. we start off tomorrow temperatures back into the 80s on friday. lots of 70s around the bay. mid-60s coast side. check out the computer model. temperatures. fog tries to establish itself. see it there? morning hours. patchy coastal fog.
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90s back inland. we might see mid-80s and upper 80s. couple low 90s as well. 87 vacaville. 87 fairfield. air quality gets sketchy. you see in the five-day forecast, warmer tomorrow. warmer saturday. sunday temperatures peak. that is when it will be at the warmest. in 48 hours how fall like did it feel immediately? not fall yet. yesterday, day before that, after the record heat. last week 105 degrees inland. record heat. the last two days, boom, feels like fall. almost there. a week away. officials fall. huer is the five-day forecast -- here is the five-day forecast. the warming. and then sunday, the hottest day, maybe 100. upper 90s. fire danger comes up. and then temperatures drop next week. not to freak out. the fire danger comes up
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because it is summer. or end of summer and it is dry. we dodged a bullet. that deal -- that rain we got yesterday, massive on the fire zone. >> for most of us it seemed like the worse was over. cal fire is concerned here that the embers could reignite. >> they have a big containment line. if it goes to 99 on sunday, everything dries out again. they have a lot of area to worry about. if the wind blows -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. after months of debate a vote in the senate on the iran's nuclear deal, a look at what happened when the senate tried to block the deal for a third time. >> coming up, new at 6:00 p.m. new developments in a hospital construction project as the county takes the battle to court. the lawsuit just filed today. and one county getting a boost
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to clear a back log of thousands of untested rape kits. the program making it possible.
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republicans failed to scutthal iran's nuclear deal for -- scuttle the iran's nuclear deal, handing president obama a victory. more from the nation's capital.
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>> republican lawmakers scramled in vein to try to stop the agreement. the senate failed to muster up enough votes to block the iran's nuclear deal. >> not agreed to. >> the final tally 56-42 against the agreement gave president obama the iran's nuclear deal he worked so hard to secure. earlier in the day democrats blocked an effort by republicans to stop the iran's nuclear deal. gop lawmakers tried tying it to the release of american prisoners held by iran. that move also fell short of the 60 votes needed to move forward. >> the democrats chosen to deny the senate a final vote on the president's deal. >> reporter: for the summer republicans vowed to drum up
5:29 pm
enough support to stop the iran's nuclear deal. the gop leadership could only persuade 4 democrats to their side. republicans maintain they never got the proper paper work. meanwhile the deal will go into effect next month. joel wad-mind, fox news. the death hole from the 8.3 magnitude earthquake gone up to 11. the earthquake hit off the northern coast and triggered a small tsunami. the quake led to tsunami warnings in california and hawaii. in california there was a slight ocean surge. harbors and beaches in the los angeles area saw water levels surge half a foot. no reports of damage and the advisory for california has been canceled. the candidates hit the talk
5:30 pm
shows to talk about their performances. >> we will keep working hard. people know that i have the leadership skills to be president of the united states. i believe in a strong foreign policy that will keep us safe and economic policy that will lift people up. >> 23 million viewers watched the debate, making it the most watched program in cnn history. carly fiorina impressed many with a strong performance. this time he was a part of the main debate. she used last night to introduce her self to the american people. >> what i am finding is, if people hear me, see me, understand who i am they are supportive. so i was pleased with last night. >> another name marco rubio, he chose not to run for reelection to the senate and said he would
5:31 pm
focus on his presidential campaign. he pushed back against donald trump and his lack of experience on national security. >> our next president could face a global threat. our enemies aren't going to take a two week period and wait for the president to catch up. they will do what they will do so we have a right to expect to be ready. >> the next debate is at the university of colorado on october 28. a section of the old bay bridge needs to be taken down immediately. the way it may come down. >> and 7 years ago a 23-year- old man was gunned down during a robbery attempt. homies family has not -- how his family has not lost home. >> five days with 10,000 people out of their homes. many at the fairgrounds. next a look at every day life inside what people have named a
5:32 pm
tent city.
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5 days since the valley fire forced the evacuation of 17,000 people from their homes in lake county. since then many have been camping out at the fairgrounds. ktvu's john sasaki tells us
5:35 pm
everyone is trying to make the best of a bad situation. >> reporter: music from above is here for people in this pop up city. >> coming together as a community to try to make it through this. >> reporter: on this day people are making any move they can to keep their minds occupied. >> playing bord games -- board games. >> reporter: playing football. playing with each other's hair. they have had two different experiences with the fire. one lost her home, the other didn't. >> cool because we get to meet other people that have the same problem. >> reporter: does it make it seem easier? >> yeah. sucks knowing my house is there and i can't go back home. >> i know they will make it. i know my house is okay. we will welcome people to stay at our house. i am going to help everybody.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: while much of the activity is dedicated to living life as normally as possible, much is aimed at health and wellness. massage, hair cutters. >> for free. it is cool because i feel really good. >> reporter: she had a difficult time. she lost her home and her husband had a heart attack. >> he had a heart attack but he is doing good. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we lost everything. nothing left. >> reporter: she was having stress vanquished after her parents lost her home. even volunteers need a break. which is why he was getting acupuncture. >> once they talk for a while, within way or another they are
5:37 pm
saying now i rebuild. i start over. >> the resiliency of the human spirit is amazing. >> reporter: john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco firefighters headed to the north bay to give comfort to the youngest fire victims. this morning we showed you the firefighters loading up 600 toys to deliver to families displaced by the valley fire. the program is known for its christmas toy drive. they also deliver toys to victims. they were headed to calistoga where they will get them into the hands of children. >> we can't put a roofover their head but we could put a -- roof over their head but we could put a toy into their kids
5:38 pm
hand. if you would like to help you could drop off a toy at any san francisco fire house. a peer is closer to being imploded. today they approved a caltrans plan to use a series of small explosions to implode one of the old bridge peers. but still as ktvu's noelle walker reports, it is not a done deal, not yet. >> reporter: in their room they listened to caltrans make its case to implode part of the old bay bridge. >> we should be able to remove the peer from the bay in 6 seconds. >> reporter: the friendation took longer than -- the presentation took longer than knocking down the peer would take. >> i want to make sure you
5:39 pm
understand the genesis of doing this was vomittal stewardship. >> reporter: they are prosing -- environmental stewardship. >> reporter: they are prosing a steel frame that pumps air, forming a barrier to cut the shock waves from 580 microblasts. it would not just be a demolition but a demonstration to see what is possible. >> if we do well, if we demonstrate we were successful, i am probably going to come back here real fast and say can i have a permit for all of them. >> reporter: no spoke during the public comment but one commissioner asked why the public should trust caltrans. >> what did you learn from what happened with the problem with the rods and how are you making sure something like that
5:40 pm
doesn't happen again? >> we do the extra, spend more money. >> reporter: in the end imploding the peer will save years of time, be $100 million cheaper and less harmful to marine life, though there will be impact on fish, they still need the u.s. army corps of engineers' approval and if they get that the date is november 7. in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. the family of a man who was killed 7 years ago is marbling a -- is making a plea for new leads. he was riding his bike home around 1:00 a.m. on september17, 2008 when he was shot and killed. police say it appears three men wanted to steal his bike and he tried to fight them off. his parents say they are hoping someone can help them get
5:41 pm
justice. >> it seems so wrong for someone so kind, so luving to have -- loving to have hended the way it -- to have ended the way it ended. >> he just got his first job and hoped to make movies someday. a $75,000 reward is offered for any information leading to an arrest. the federal reserve decides not to raise interest rates. why officials say it could still happen. >> another example of neighbors helping neighbors. a new school opened but it was missing one thing till now. what a small army of volunteers is in the process of building. >> and officials are warning people go out and get your flu shot. why this year's vaccine will be more effective than in year's past.
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. the flu season is on its way and doctors are reminding people it is time to get vac vaccinated. the centers for disease control and prevention says everyone 6 months or older should get a shot. last season was severe. seniors were hit hard with the highest rate of hospitalizations since the cdc started monitoring the flu. >> in a good year, flu will
5:45 pm
result in millions of cases of illness, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands or tens of thousands of deaths. >> the strain from last year's flu is included in the shot. the flu season runs from october through may but peaks from december to february. the federal reserve decided to leave interest rates unchanged. they have been near zero. the decision to wait was based on uncertainty and a lack of inflation. >> the unemployment rate declined. and over all labor market conditions continued to improve. inflation however continued to run belower. >> she added -- below. >> she added they could raise
5:46 pm
rates this year. on wall streets, the dow is down 65 to 16,674. the nasdaq is up 4 to 4,893. the s&p is down 5 to 1,990. a new charter school in the east bay opened. the problem is, they don't have a playground. what makes this story so nice is what happened next. >> and tracking the return of the heat. showers yesterday. cooler. but it is warming up. towards the weekend, what you can expect for your weekend.
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okay. this is one of the best stories. volunteers come together in east oakland, building a playground at a school. ktvu's rob roth found the reward will be to see the children smile. >> reporter: when this new school opened in east oakland a few weeks ago something was missing. a playground. more than 100 volunteers are taking care of that. this woman doesn't have a child at the school, she just wanted to pitch in. >> to do something to contribute to the community, give back. >> the school is called the roses and concrete community school. these are some of the children who will get to climb on the
5:50 pm
new play structures and perform on a outdoor stage. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> the climbing wall. >> reporter: there will be maps of the united states and the world painted on the pavement. >> i am from los angeles, you hear a lot of things about -- there is a lot of negative, to see a school open up in the middle of oakland, but to see all the volunteers, it is a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: it is sponsored by they organized the volunteers and including this woman who wanted to do something for kids. >> you can't be stuck in a building all day, every day, that is not fun. today we are building fun. >> the volunteers expect this playground to be ready for action come monday. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:51 pm
tracking the warmth today. temperatures up 5-10 degrees over where they have been the last couple days. 80 fairfield. 80 antioch. warmer. that is the story. the warm up that heads our way. 79 concord. last week, right, 105, 104 degrees. middle of the week. last week. record heat. temperatures dropped but now we will work our way back up. fog is trying to reform. when you see coastal fog or valley fog, high pressure is getting ready to dominate. high pressure will build in. send the winds off shore. and that will warm us up. nice. 80 fairfield. 79 antioch. nice looking afternoon. friday, the week flew by again. boy, nice looking weekend too. warmest day on sunday.
5:52 pm
tomorrow morning's fog forecast, coastal fog. valley fog this morning, napa. valley fog maybe a chance tomorrow morning. coastal fog, patchy along the coast. highs tomorrow in the valleys, low 90s. tomorrow upper 80s. the hot spots. bay 70s. warmer on tomorrow, warm on saturday and sunday is the big day. temperatures in livermore 100. san francisco downtown, 85 degrees in san francisco. that is a big number for san francisco. clouds come in from the subtropics. look at the activity in the pacific. let's keep our eyes on it. any plug of the subtropical moisture could generate
5:53 pm
showers. feeling like fall. you can feel the el nino. a lot of the stuff is by- products of the warm pacific water. all the hurricanes in the pacific. lots of them. right? three in one time by the hawaii islands. all that moisture dissipates into the atmosphere. puts moisture into the atmosphere. when our storms fire off, october, november, september, that moisture is available. here is the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. hottest day is sunday. >> thank you. thousands of faithful looking forward to the pope visiting the united states. one stop will be ground zero. up next a look at his itinerary. >> and new at 6:00 p.m. a boy with autism at the center of a lawsuit. >> you are saying that an autistic child is creating a problem for a neighborhood.
5:54 pm
>> what the case could mean for other families with autistic children.
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space
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as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. the pope's u.s. izt is a -- visit is a week a way. he will visit the 9/11 memorial and museum. the pope will tour the facilities and lead a meeting for peace inside.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: pope francis made forgiveness a them to and he will bring the message with him to new york next week. >> just being in the museum, in the space of museum is a kind of spiritual experience. >> reporter: he will pay his respects to the victims and families and meet with leaders. leading a meeting for peace inside the museum. >> he will be brought in to the museum, come in to the space we are in right now, foundation hall. >> reporter: pope francis will be the first pope to visit the memorial. the director says the visit is a symbol of how far the city has come. >> we are humbled by the fact he asked specifically to come here. that he sees this place as
5:58 pm
sacred ground. that he understands the importance of what happened. >> reporter: a thousand members of the 9/11 community won a lottery to greet the pope. families of the victims say it sasign of support. -- is a sign of support. . >> in coming here he affirms that sense of possibility, the possibility for peace in the face of destruction and hatred. and it is that vision and that sense of inspiration and possibility that the museum is about. >> reporter: pope francis will arrive in washington september 22 after visiting cuba. in new york, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. deadly and destructive. and tonight we are learning more about the three people killed in the valley fire that
5:59 pm
is still burning. >> thousands of people displace await to return to their homes or what is left of their homes. >> i can't believe it. you think you can till you go by a place and you see it. >> tonight some progress to report. people are being let back into their neighborhoods that burned. i am keba arnold. >> i am frank somerville. live pictures of a town hall meeting that fairgrounds in calistoga. it started an hour ago. cal fire and officials helping with fire relief efforts available -- efforts are available to help out. we will listen in for a moment.
6:00 pm
[ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] [ cheers and applause ] >> snippet of the town hall meeting going on for an hour. at what is being called camp calistoga. a lot of people who have been displaced set up a tent city there. hopefully they are getting answers to all the questions they have tonight. there was sad news out of


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